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Picking Pizza in the oven burning

Homemade pizza in the oven. 12 simple and delicious recipes

Pizza is a favorite gastronomic dish, which is a round open pie. Acute tomato sauce, meat products, solid cheese are necessarily used for it, favorite vegetables and exotic fruits are additionally used. This Italian delicacy has become a real fast food brand, since it is prepared almost instantly.

Before cooking pizza in the oven, you need to choose your set of products for filling, spices and sauces using your favorite combinations for the perfect family dish. In restaurant conditions, pizza is baked in a professional furnace, where the temperature rises to 300 degrees, allowing you to get the perfect dish.

At home, you can cook excellent pastries using a barbecue oven, in a oven on a baking sheet or on a special round granite stone. Before you bake the basis for pizza, the stone previously warms up to get the perfect treat for the whole family, but, most importantly, choose an interesting recipe from this collection.

Homemade pizza in the oven with sausage, cheese and tomatoes

No one will refuse a piece of ruddy and incredibly aromatic pizza, on the surface of which slices of sausages, tomatoes and cheese are laid out. At home, the delicacy is sociable and tastier than in the best pizzeria. Baking more piquant will become if you put on salami, a hunting sausage, your favorite boiled or raw.smoking sausage.

  • 200 g. flour;
  • 1 h. l. sugar;
  • ½ hours. l. salt;
  • 2 tbsp. l. vegetable refined oil;
  • 1 h. l. dry high.quality yeast;
  • 100 ml. warm water;
  • 200 g. servel;
  • 1 large tomato;
  • 2 tbsp. l. pizza sauce;
  • 50 g. hard cheese;
  • 100 g. Mozarella.

Tomatoes need to choose ripe, but elastic, thick.walled, so that they do not stand out a lot of juice and does not soak the base. The amount of wheat flour added depends on what size chicken eggs are used.

Dissolve in warm water sugar with yeast, mix and leave in heat for 10 minutes. Pour oil, salt and portioned flour.

Knead the elastic dough, cover with a towel and leave for 10-15 minutes. Roll it into a layer of medium thickness, sprinkling a little with flour.

Cut the tomatoes in half rings, chop the sausage with cubes, and grate hard cheese on a coarse grater. Lubricate the base for pizza sauce, put tomato slices and mozzarella.

Sprinkle sausages and cheese chips. Put for 15 minutes in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees.

If desired, the finished baking can be triggered finely chopped with parsley, basil or dill. If you want to get molten cheese chips, this product needs to be added to almost ready.made pizza. If you like the fried crust, the cheese is laid out immediately before placing a baking sheet in the oven.

Gorenje B 7585 E instruction manual

At the same time, the infrared heater Iventor operates. This mode is designed for baking meat grill and preparing large pieces of meat or poultry at the same level of the oven. It is also suitable for a disorder of dishes with the formation of crispy crust.

Ventilation heating of the lower heater

In this mode, the lower heater and fan heater at the same time work at the same time. Best of this mode is suitable for cooking pizza, as well as juicy.stove at 2 levels, fruit cakes made of yeast dough.

The fan on the back wall of the oven creates constant cycle of hot air around the prepaid dishes.This mode corresponds to baking meat and flour products at several levels.

In this mode, the air circulates without switching heaters. This mode is used for a geographical defrosting of products.

In this mode, the lower heater of the Iventor is simultaneously operating. It is mainly used for the preparation of licking from a low.rising yeast of the icon oprifting dough of vegetables and fruits. Establish the baking sheet of the valid guides, and do not use very high shapes, since heated air should also circulate overdue.

Only the heater is located below the bottom. Choose this mode if it is necessary for you to bake the dish from below (for example, baking flour products with fruit filling). But the temperature control button must be set the ongoing temperature.Lower heater. Aqua Clean can also be used to clean the oven. Read recommendations in the chapter “Care and maintenance”.

Equipment (grille, small and deep baking sheets) can be installed in the oven at 5 levels. The tables of the preparations describe separate levels.Please note that the level counting is made upward!The oven can be equipped with embossed, lattice or telescopic guides (depending on the model of the plate). There may be 2, 3 or 5.telescopic guides. For the lattice of the wire.offers and a baking sheet, it is necessary to always set up in the guides.

(depending on the model) Use the lattice as a stand for dishes, or for a disapprican directly on the grille.The small baking sheet is intended only to prepare baking.A deep baking sheet is designed for cooking and baking from yeast dough, as well as a bowl of dripping fat when cooking dishes on a lattice.

Description of the modes and functions of the oven Gorenje

Classic heating (from below)

Temperature. 200 ° C. Upper and lower heating elements evenly radiate heat. Traditional conditions for baking, meat stew. Cooking is possible only at the same level.

Heating from above

Temperature. 150 ° C. To bring to readiness, additional baking of the dish.

Heating from below

Temperature. 160 ° C. For additional baking from below.


Temperature. 240 ° C. The infraveter works, that is, the central element of the large grill. To fry small portions of meat, sausages, sandwiches, toasts.

Big grill

Temperature. 240 ° C. The upper and infranentifier are included. Heat from above is distributed over the entire surface of the baking sheet/grille. For small pieces of meat, steaks, screws, sausages, sandwiches and toasts.

Grill fan operation

Temperature. 170 ° C. Enviated the upper heating element, an infraveter and fan. To prepare large pieces of meat and poultry on grille, a delicious crispy crust is obtained. Can only be frying at the same level.

Heating the ventilation heating from below

Temperature-160-200 ° C. At the same time, the lower, ring heater around the fan and fan operate. Ideal for pizza, as well as juicy baking, fruit cakes from yeast or sand dough and cottage cheese cakes.

360 ° ventilation heating

Temperature-150-190 ° C. The annular heating element and fan are turned on. For cooking meat and fine baking at several levels (at 2 and 3).


Temperature-170-210 ° C. Enviated annular heater and fan. Constant circulation of hot air around the dish is created. In the course of preparation, energy consumption is optimized. Used for cooking meat and baking.

pizza, oven

Heating from below the fan operation

Temperature. 180 ° C. Lower heater and fan. For cooking low baking and canning vegetables and fruits. Use the first or second level of guides.


Only the fan works. For gradual thawing of foods (meat, fish, cakes, pies, pastries, loaf, buns, deep fruit fruits).

Wood Burning Pizza Oven Stove | Boutique Camping

Classic heating of the fan operation

At the same time, the lower and upper heating elements and the fan are included. For cooking any baking, defrosting products, drying vegetables and fruits. The best result is achieved when using one level. For two-level preparation, use the 2nd and 4th levels from below.

Aquaclean steam cleaning

Only the lower heating element works. Pour water into a deep baking sheet and put in the oven for 20-30 minutes.

Autoroast (auto producing meat)

Temperature-160-210 ° C. At the same time, the upper heating element, an infraveter and a ring around the fan operate. When preparing meat, the grille is installed on the 3rd level, and on the 2nd put a baking sheet for collecting fat. For frying in a baking sheet or grill-science, the second level of guides is used.

Pyrolytic cleaning

Temperature. up to 460 ° C. All heating elements work. The door is blocked during the program. All pollution on the walls of the oven, and on the baking sheet burn.

Fast heating of the oven

Up to 200 ° C is heated in just 6 minutes. The mode is not intended for cooking. After reaching the desired parameters, the function is disconnected.

how to clean a wood burning oven. come pulire il forno a legna

Heating dishes

Temperature-30-80 ° C. For heating plates, cups, serving dishes, lifting the dough, heating, cooking yogurt.

Maintaining the temperature Staywarm

Temperature-30-95 ° C. Duration. up to three hours.


A special program allows you to recuse the process of preserving vegetables for the winter. Glass jars with glass covers and rubber gaskets are used. It is impossible. with twisting and metal lids.

1 liter of heated water (about 70 ° C) is poured into a deep baking sheet and six tightly closed cans are placed. It is important that they do not touch each other and the walls of the oven. The baking sheet is placed at the 2nd level from below.

The process is completed when the liquid in banks boils (bubbles will appear). The duration of the program for different types of products is indicated in the instructions for models.

Autobake automatic preparation

AUTOBAKE contains more than 80 dishes recipes. You need to choose the quantity of the product, the degree of frying or baking and the completion time.

Several stages of Stepbake

In the oven Gorenje, you can program up to three sequential steps.

Recommendations for installing a kitchen slab

How to connect Gorenje gas stove

The connection to the main networks of gas devices is carried out only by employees of service services with appropriate permits. After the work is completed, an appropriate entry is made in the service book.

Gorenje plates are supplied with tuning for natural gas n or e (20 or 25 MBAR) or on liquefied gas (50 or 30 MBAR), this is indicated on the wool. If the network conditions do not correspond to the settings, then the specialist will reconfigure the device with the gas type used: he will replace the nozzles and adjust the costs of the consumption. Please note that after this valves and nozzles must be sealed and a piece of paper with new parameters is glued over the factory data.

On the right side there is a gas pipeline tube for connecting to a gas source with an external thread EN ISO 228-1 or EN 10226-1/-2, also included adapter for liquefied gas and non-metallic gasket (re-use is prohibited, permissible deformation-25%).

Connection is made using certified flexible rubber or metal hoses. In the first case, you can not lay the hose, as shown in the figure in position A so that it does not hurt from heating. You can place metal.

In order for lighting and electric lighting in the gas stove, you need to connect to the electric network. To do this, the cord is attached to the terminal box, which is located on the back of the device and should be closed after work.

After connection, the specialist checks all the burners, the work of gas control and electric lighting. Gas should burn with a blue-green flame.

Comparison with other methods

In addition to hydrolysis cleaning of ovens, there are also pyrolytic and catalytic. Each type of processing has its own characteristics:

Hydrolysis Catalytic Pyrolytic
Features of cleaning Dirt softens under the influence of steam Fats are split under the influence of catalysts that are located in the walls of the oven Pollution and fat turn into ashes under the influence of high temperatures
Temperature 90-100 C ° 140-250 C ° Up to 500 ° C
The frequency of application Several times a month, depending on the frequency of use of the oven After each cooking As needed
Electricity consumption Small Average High
Expendable materials Water Catalytic panels Not
The need to use household chemicals at the final stage of cleaning Required Required Not required
The cost of the oven Low Average High
Efficiency Softens pollution Effective for removing fresh pollution Eliminates both fresh and stuck pollution

The choice of a specific type of cleaning of the oven depends on the desires of the buyer. When choosing, it is worth considering the economic side of the issue: the cost of the oven and the cost of electricity, as well as the time for processing.

You asked: in what mode to cook pizza in the Gorenje electric oven?

Wings about 25-30 minutes at a temperature of 180-200 degrees. If the wings do not have time to bake from the inside, but at the same time begin to burn, then use the sleeve for baking. Place the product in it, tie it tightly and send it to the fraud for 40 minutes preheated to 180.

What mode is it better to bake in an electric oven?

Upper heating. simple and most often used mode

, which is available to many models. The dish is baked on top, which is perfect for pies, casseroles, loaf and other. Lower heating is the same popular and often found. Like the previous one, but the dish is baked from below.

How to bake in an electric oven correctly?

The form with pastries can not be put on the bottom of the oven

, only on a lattice or a baking sheet. Must be put on the guide of the cloth. The velectric oven is very dry air, so baking needs to be moistened. You can put the tank with water for the first half of the baking time.

How to put pizza in the oven?

warm up to 200 ° C and bake the food for 10 minutes to get excess moisture. Then the temperature is added to 240 ° C and holding inside until it is browned. Subtle dough and dry filling. The baking sheet immediately put the cloth. warmed up to a temperature of 230-240 ° C, and keep there no more than 15 minutes.

How much to bake pizza in the oven and at what temperature?

With dry filling, it is enough to pour into the impressive at 200 degrees for 15 minutes, provided that the dough is thin.Pizza on a traditional test will bake for 20-30 minutes. The product with juicy filling requires more time for cooking, since excess fluid should evaporate.

What is the oven mode for chicken with a crust?

on the bird it will be evenly fried from all sides, since it will not be in contact with anything. Another important nuance is temperature.Chicken chicken with crispycorochka usually turns out at a cooking temperature of 180-200 degrees.

What mode is it better to bake chicken with potatoes?

We lay out a barbed chicken on potatoes

Sentament in the oven and exhibit turbo grille at 180-200 degrees. (This is the upper level under the plane (electric shout)). As soon as the brown is well browned, we take it out of the oven.

In what mode to bake buns in the oven?

In the oven, mode convection at 180 ° C 20 minutes.

In what mode to bake potatoes in the oven?

at 180-200 degrees about 30-40 minutes.

That you can’t bake with convection?

passed freely, do not overload the. Leave the space between the baking sheets. Biscuits, sdoba, meringues, souffle should not bake confusion. They will burn and do not have time to rise.

Why doesn’t bake in an electric oven?

rather dry air, so you need to moisturize. You can put the tank with water on the first half of the time.gamble or sprinkle the grasping with water or warm milk. The form of an air cannot be placed on dredges. only on a lattice or a baking sheet.

What mode is it better to bake pies?

Finished products will be rosy and golden. If the oven has a mode

“Convection” is the most time to bake spigers on this mode. If not, then 85% of time to bake the “bottom” and 15% “top”.

pizza, oven

Pizza on a “raw” basis

Pizza based on the yeast dough that has not passed the primary heat treatment, all the more, you need to do it immediately on the parchment sheet. The petal is stretched as well as in the previous version: in the center about 3 mm, and along the sides. around 5 mm. Lubricate the prepared dough layer, evenly distribute the desired filling and sprinkle abundantly with chopped cheese.

In this case, the oven must also be heated together with the opponent, but to the maximum possible temperature. This is usually around 240-250 ºС. In a heated state, the oven should also be 20-30 minutes.

Prepared semi-finished product Send a bake for 8-15 minutes. Readiness can also be tracked by the appearance of appetizing golden crust. In this case, the baking time is more dependent on the working qualities of the plate: the better the oven holds heat, the less time it will take.

In general, pizza is an incredibly simple dish, and cooking it in a home oven is not so difficult. The main thing is to adapt to the features of your own plate. Then the base will be well baked and the filling will not dry out.

steps to the perfect homemade pizza from Eldar Kabirov

Flour. For pizza, it is best to use the Italian flour of soft varieties “0” or “00”. It is desirable that the protein content in flour is above 13% (read the package carefully). Although, of course, you can use production flour. although it usually contains no more than 12% of protein.

Water. The water for the dough should be cold so that while the dough is kneaded, it does not heat.

Yeast. Use fresh pressed yeast, at the rate of 0.1% of the mass of the finished dough. For example, for 425 g of flour, 250 ml of water, 14 g of salt and 30 ml of olive oil you will need 0.8 g of pressed yeast.

Sugar. In the pizza dough to add sugar to nothing. Yes, the yeast in the test first “work” with sugar, drawing it, but they are quite enough for the sugar that forms from the starch contained in flour.

Kneading the dough. Add a third of flour to cold water, stir. Then add yeast, mix. Then salt, mix again. Then. the remaining flour. Knead the dough until it becomes elastic and starts to grow from hands. Then add olive oil, knead a little. Form a ball, cover with a towel or film, leave on the table for 1-2 hours.

Pizza bake. Do not use a rolling pin. stretch the dough with your hands! L tam the prepared base for pizza olive oil, not reaching the edge of a couple of centimeters. Shit all the dough with your fingers except the side. Bake pizza in the oven at the lower level at a maximum heating temperature. If there is a special stone for pizza, use it. Bake the base until golden color, for example, like the color of a good croissant. Remove the base from the oven, apply the sauce. tomato or creamy. to your taste. Do it better on a spoon spiral. Swear the filling casually, the upper layer is cheese. And send to the oven, now to the average level, before baking cheese. Serve pizza at once.

pizza, oven

Pizza dough

This piquits test recipe. universal. The composition of the test itself. There is no easier: water, flour, salt, yeast. But to make the dough correctly, you must clearly observe the technology of its preparation, however, it is also simple: you will need time, patience and desire to prepare a real pizza at home.

Pizza Ortolan

Ortolana in the classic version. vegetable, vegetarian pizza. If you decide to cook it that way, then be sure to leave the basis of the filling. eggplant, tsukini and sweet pepper. So it is prepared in Naples, optionally, that is, if desired, adding tomatoes.

Pizza Kremlin star

Pizza Kremlin star both in shape and content. star. You might even say a star in diamonds. Truffli is called black almnomy almalls. True, for the preparation of this pizza, not the truffle itself is used, but its derivatives. Truffle pasta coupled with truffle oil. But the wonderful aroma and taste of this mushroom in pizza.Still guaranteed.

Pizza Neapolitan

Neapolitano is one of the most popular and well.known varieties of pizza. In homeland, in Naples, this pizza in a wooden stove is baked, we offer to do with a more familiar way. cook it in the oven. If you are charging classic recipes, add to the filling Neapolitans Mozarella and Parmesan.

Sweet pizza raspberry and masquearpone

To make sweet pizza, you can take the dough remaining from the preparation of ordinary pizza. Such pizza is good because you can cook it with any seasonal fruits or berries. And do not forget about the cheese: what kind of pizza without it? Mascarpone will be very good in sweet pizza, which also goes well with any berries perfectly.

Recipes are provided by Eldar Kairov, a co.owner of the pizzeria 22 centimeters.

Eldar Kabirov

Baking at home

For the Italian tradition, wood stoves are used, their special structure allows you to keep a very high temperature. How much pizza is prepared in such a stove? Only one and a half minutes.

The process of preparing the workpiece itself also takes little time. Especially if the ingredients are cut in advance. But it is unlikely that someone at home will find such a structure. Therefore, for themselves, your favorite dish is cooked in an ordinary electric stove.

These secrets will help you cook delicious pizza at home.

In the oven

How much pizza is prepared in the oven depends on its power and type of test. When setting the temperature in the furnace, it must be taken into account that the faster the dish will be, the more it will be like pizza. With prolonged cooking, it will turn out, soon, an open cake, and the filling will be overdried.

  • Before putting the workpiece in the oven, the stove should be heated.
  • Thin pizza on yeast dough is prepared at a temperature of 250 °, usually not longer than 10-15 minutes.
  • Fans of thick dough bake their culinary masterpieces a little longer. from 40 minutes. up to an hour. The temperature is set from 180 to 200 ° C.
  • Puff pastry is also taken for the base. for it you should not warm up the oven too much. Optimum temperature. 180 ° C.
  • So that the cheese is not burned, it must be added after the dough is almost ready.

In the microwave

There are frozen pizzas-semi-finals that can be quickly prepared. This usually takes no more than 10 minutes. To do this, you just need to get the blank from the packaging, place on a plate and start warming up. Usually choose a power of 800 watts. Less will not be enough for baking.

Can be prepared in the microwave and independently made pizza. Any filling is suitable. after all, a gentle method of baking is used. The dough is made according to any recipe, usually yeast. Instead, you can take a loaf chopped with pieces, buns, cakes.

There are several advantages in this method. the product does not burn, it is easy to remove, the dough is evenly baked in a short time. However, cooking in a microwave gives any products a kind of taste, somewhat fresh. Not everyone likes him, so many prefer to cook in the oven.

In this video. Easy recipe for making delicious pizza.

In a loaf of the Opel

Another non.standard method. With the help of a loaf, it will not be difficult to prepare the dough, as in a real pizzeria. Many devices have a special mode for this dish.

All that is necessary is to measure the necessary ingredients and fall asleep them into a container, set the program. Kneading will be completely performed by the machine. It takes 2 hours, after which the hostess receives the finished dough. You can use it for baking in a loaf of an Open or oven. Previously, the oven is heated to 200 ° C, the filling is cut. Cheese always rubs on a coarse grater. Parmesan is usually taken, but at home you can use any. The dish will be ready in 15-30 minutes. (depends on the model of the loaf).

In a pan

A fairly quick way, the secret of preparation is that not a yeast dough is taken, but a recipe is used in a haste:

The sauce (tomato paste or mayonnaise) is added on top, the filling is laid out. For example, salami, tomatoes and cheese. Cook on medium heat under the lid. Such pizza will be ready in 10 minutes.

Tips for professionals

So that the dough has a rosy crust, but does not make it possible, you need to choose the right thickness, the amount of filling, the baking temperature. For the first time it is better to abandon the use of puff pastry, which can quickly burn. It is better to use homemade yeast. The filling layer should be thick. then the base will be soft. Baking shape should be lubricated with oil. For sauce, ketchup is used in a mixture with mayonnaise (or without it).

Lay out the filling right before the shape will go to the oven. If it stands, then the dough will get wet and will be spoiled.

Professional pizzailo use not one variety of cheese, but a few. At least two, one of which is hard, the other is soft. Both types are rubbed on a grater, mixed in a separate container in a ratio of 50 by 50.

Pizza is a universal dish that both adults and children like. Any housewife can cook it. even if she does not know how to cook the dough, you can buy ready.made. It remains only to grind the ingredients, collect the dish and warm up the stove. The advantage of pizza is that for it you can use any fillings, but tomatoes and cheese will always remain the main ingredient.

Special upper and lower heat, hot air intense / cooking pizza. operating instructions Siemens HB 760.60

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is the most energy.saving type of heating. In this mode, heat is also evenly distributed above and under the baked product. Moisture evaporating when baked from dough and filling remains in

oven cabinet in the form of steam. Therefore, the product is not

Especially good are the products made of yeast dough, such as a loaf, buns, or

network. This type of heating is also excellent for products from custard dough, such as custard buns.

The fan installed in the rear wall distributes the heat from the ring heating

element evenly throughout the oven cabinet.

Using the “zoopic air” mode, you can cook a pie and pizza for two

levels. Round cookies and puff pastry can

bake at three levels. The required temperature of the oven is lower than in the “upper and lower heat” mode. You can purchase additional baking sheets in

specialized store.Zoom air air is perfect for

drying.Defrosting w: at a temperature of 20-60 ° C, you can defrost the dishes.

Hot air intense / cooking pizza

In this case, the lower heat and the ring heating element work.

This type of heating is perfect for

deep freezing products. Frozen pizza, potatoes or juicy strudel will turn out perfectly without preliminary warming up.

Bake in a loaf

On a yeast dough you get a lush pizza. The dough itself can also be prepared in a loaf of the Opel, when all the necessary ingredients for it are loaded in the form, the software mode “Dough” is installed. After 1 hour, the pizza dough in the loaf will be ready. This cooking option greatly simplifies the process, because at this time there is no attention and participation in the preparation of the test. Smart technique will do everything herself. During this time, you can choose the components for the filling and crush. Next, the dough is rolled out, the filling is added and sent to the oven. Bake 20 minutes with a mode of 180 degrees.

The dough with the filling fits in the shape of the multicooker. The button set the “baking” mode, manufacturing time. 40 minutes.After which the slow cooker automatically turns off, and the pizza remains inside for another 15-20 minutes. Total: 1 hour for cooking in a slow cooker.

How much oven in minutes?

Baking on a liquid basis. at what temperature?

Liquid dough both on kefir and mayonnaise for time is prepared 40 minutes. A prerequisite-heated to 180-200 degrees oven.

On puff without yeast and with them

By showing imagination, not only sweet products, but pizza can be prepared from puff pastry. Such a dish is prepared for 25-30 minutes. At the same time, both yeast and nonsense dough can be used. Everything is put in the oven and bakes at 180-200 degrees, until cooked.

Baking on the lavash

From Lavash, such a dish is prepared faster than the traditional version, however, it turns out no less tasty and in its own interesting. Pizza with this base is baked at 180-190 degrees only 12-15 minutes. As an indicator of readiness. molten cheese and ham covered with crisp. It likes quite similar to a dish with a puff base.

Summing up, it can be noted that baking products from puff pastry has its own characteristics, and it does not matter whether fresh or yeast was used. Also, during cooking, the size of the dish, the size of the products, and mainly, the change in the temperature regime of different types of ovens affects.



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