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Philips coffee machine exclamation point lights up

Philips Series 1200 EP1220 manual

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Oh, how I long wanted a coffee machine, but all the money was sorry.(And then suddenly appeared action 50% discount in MVideo apparently destiny) So, more than a year ago, this monster appeared in my kitchen and began to please his coffee)) What can we learn from the first thing we see, boxes: Okay, well, not a word in Russian) Go on

The manual is super detailed, in 3 languages.Quite a thick book, I will not tell it word for word, you have to sit there and figure it out for yourself. But it’s all written in quite some detail. You can figure it out. Front page. machine structure.

There is nothing else to press (( But you can twist the control dial. It is responsible for supplying hot water, foam milk, as well as adjusting the strength.There are also indicators that light up when something is wrong or the machine wants something.

  • Water level indicator
  • Indicator light for making two cups/memory
  • Scale indicator
  • Signal Indicator

There is a separate milk container, but I don’t use it. I just put a tube in the bottle with the milk.

The coffee machine has a great memory function. So it is only necessary to watch how everything is poured the first time. Hold down the button For an espresso for a long time, as soon as the coffee starts to pour, then wait for a comfortable volume and press the button again. Next time the machine will make the same volume! Your espresso is ready!

Problems and disadvantages encountered:- Noisy. There’s not even enough to say. If you wanted to surprise your beloved in the morning, not with this machine. Will wake up your sweetheart in 2 accounts.

-Sometimes the indicator light lights up that there is too much coffee grounds, although there is only one washer.

Conclusion: I recommend this coffee machine for home use. Coffee is simple but tasty. Everyone can change it to his own taste. Easy enough to use. Doesn’t take up much space and fits on the windowsill.

The exclamation mark is blinking rapidly (and the descale cycle is not activated)

Drain the hot water to fill the internal water circuit (it is empty). Drain the hot water until a stream of water flows from the panarello/steam outlet tube.

  • Fill the reservoir with water.
  • Place a container under the steam / hot water outlet tube or a panarello.
  • Turn the dial to the “PLAYING HOT WATER” position and wait a couple of minutes until water is constantly flowing from the steam outlet tube.
  • When the exclamation point starts blinking slowly, turn the dial back to the “GRAIN” position.
  • The coffee machine starts to heat up again. The exclamation point symbol will flash slowly.

The exclamation point symbol flashes rapidly (no descaling cycle activated though)

Empty the hot water to fill the internal water circuit (it is empty). Drain the hot water until a stream of water flows from the panarello/steam outlet tube.

  • Fill the reservoir with water.
  • Place a receptacle under the steam / hot water outlet or panarello.
  • Turn the dial to the “COOKING WATER” position and wait a couple of minutes until water flows continuously from the steam outlet tube.
  • When the exclamation point symbol flashes slowly, turn the dial back to the “GRAIN” position.
  • The machine is heating up again. The exclamation point symbol blinks slowly.

Download a manual for your Philips Saeco Xsmall (type HD8743 / HD8745 / HD8747) coffee machine in Russian

Look at page 36 of the annotation. there are indications of the indicators of the coffee maker. Your coffee beans aren’t finished by any chance? By the way, it is recommended to clean the grounds container only when the machine is on.

The green high button on my right side and the red exclamation mark is blinking rapidly.What’s wrong??

Water circuit is empty. Fill the water tank and load the circuit as described under “First Time Use”.

When we had this happen we tried the instructions but it did not work. We took it to the repair shop. It’s the same thing now. Maybe there is a problem?

I have the same problem, the red indicator with the exclamation point is flashing fast and fast. The coffee is still brewing fine, only I think the sound has changed and when I clean the water the jets are thinner

Maybe it’s limescale.You need to buy a descaler.

You have a full container of cake or the unit is not fully inserted

Same story for me. I cleaned the nozzles where the water comes from. But as the young man above wrote, he tried pressing 2 buttons when the machine was off to clear, but nothing poured. Cleans through hot water. incomprehensible. I put a filter (very expensive) did not see any difference. Try to clean the nozzles

Green light is on. normal. Reddish extinguish simply: take out a box with a cake, and if after release from the cake will be flaming, then remove the unit by pressing PUSH and wash. reddish light will be extinguished

Air clogs in the water heating circuits are not uncommon. Maria, what did the service said the last time? Repairers usually give a warranty of one to three months.

The same problem, I immediately blaze on the right top green button and a reddish rapidly blinking exclamation point symbol. I filled the circuit and poured the water three times and the steam is flowing, water is running, coffee is brewing but the red exclamation mark ! always flashes. No way to get limescale.special water without chlorine filter. What’s the problem?? Thanks

If you solved the problem, tell me how, similar situation, everything works but “!”The light is blinking fast.

Try removing the coffee-making block with the machine on and reinserting it

Philips 1200/2200 Maintenance

It worked the machine worked, thank you

Alexei, I drained a little water by turning the knob to hot water, something clicked and the light went out

If the red light flashes you need to descale.Tested.

On the right you will find your Philips Saeco Xsmall HD8743 manual. This service is absolutely free. If you have any questions about your product. Philips Saeco Xsmall HD8743. Please let us know at the bottom of the page.On the right you will find your Philips Saeco Xsmall HD8743 manual. This tutorial is completely free. If you have any questions about your Philips Saeco Xsmall HD8743 product, please let us know at the bottom of the page.

Most modern units are equipped with a touchscreen display. This way it is much easier to inform the owner about the error or malfunction. However, the messages on the screen are necessarily duplicated by the flashing lights in order to attract the consumer’s attention.

As a rule, the indication of models from different manufacturers. Delonghi, Philips, Saeco, Bosch, are very similar. This makes life much easier for the consumer. If you learn how to operate one coffee machine from the manual, it is easy to understand how to operate another model.

Red color is perceived very keenly, so that the red indicator is used by manufacturers to indicate a critical malfunction. If the red light on the coffee machine is constantly lit, then the problem is quite complicated, if it flashes, then most likely it is a problem of error operation.

When the signal lights up, a message appears on the screen or the button that is directly related to the impossible function is illuminated.

Review: Philips Saeco XSMALL. Only for the home. great coffee.

A year ago I bought a Philips Saeco Xsmall coffee machine. Why her?? Because it was in the low price range. I bought a coffee maker for my office, and I had a limited budget.

I would like to point out that this coffee machine is not intended for the office, but only for home use.

The machine has 1.5 liters of water in the water tank and in the bean hopper. you can fill up to 170-190 grams of coffee beans. It was not possible to check how many cups one refill of beans lasts, t. к. It depends on the grind setting. The degree of grind can only be adjusted when it is running, with a special key that comes with.

It’s possible to make two cups of coffee at the same time, t. к. the spout of your espresso machine has two blast chambers. There are espresso, double espresso, cappuccino options. You can manually program the desired amount of coffee into the cup.

The drip tray is very small and fills up quickly, t. к. The machine is in the office and many employees use it. Tray has an orange float, which signals the need to empty the tray. Because there are so many approaches to the machine, the employees do not keep track of it and water periodically spills out on top of the bedside table.

There is a multi-function handle above the spout. It has the following functions: brewing coffee, hot water, steam dispenser for cappuccino.

The coffee brewing unit is removable, which quite often needs to be washed under running water, which rarely happens within the walls of the office. irresponsible staff, which leads to frequent machine stoppages and breakdowns.

The door on the right side of the machine can be opened for cleaning the coffee grounds container; the door cannot be opened until the grounds container is removed. The door opens by a swinging method, which does not allow the machine to be placed in a narrow space. That’s why in the home with a small kitchen it is not convenient, because. because it takes up a lot of free space.

philips, coffee, machine, exclamation, point

With a large flow of people who want to drink coffee, the machine begins to swear by a red light (exclamation point), signaling that it is necessary to make decalcification (descale removal). At the first time with this signal it makes coffee properly, but then it stops and does not respond to any command when you press the buttons. Which also leads to a breakdown of the coffee machine.

Descaling this machine is a very long process and I would say mechanical, it is necessary to be on duty near it, following all its requirements according to the enclosed instructions.

And as a result, ignoring the proper cleaning and rules for using the machine, it broke after 12 months (warranty is over). She had the red exclamation point lit all the time, although the descaling was done. The motor was running when I pressed the brewing button, but the coffee millstone was jammed and there was no coffee delivery.

I decided to open it up and make a visual inspection. And, if possible, to repair it by ourselves.How ghastly it looks inside when it’s not taken care of properly. Removing the coffee brewing unit.

Unscrew the compartment where the coffee beans are poured.

Then we remove the body from the coffee machine and the millstones are accessible.

Clean up the dust and beans with a vacuum cleaner.

Remove the millstones from the machine, turning them by hand and at the same time cleaning them and releasing any jammed beans.When the millstones have a free run, put everything in place and close the hood of the machine. Rinse all available parts according to the instructions and install the rinsed coffee-making unit back.

Well, for the first time this cosmetic repair helped. We descaled the machine again, so that the exclamation point is gone and you can use it.We don’t know how long it will last in this mode. Probably we will need to call a professional repair shop if this kind of situation occurs frequently.Conclusion: only use the machine at home with a family of 2-3 people. Where it will be taken care of and it will delight the family with a cup of aromatic coffee in the morning for many years.

For Primea models Error 1 and 2. grinder blocked. Error 3 and 4. brewing mechanism is blocked. Error 5. Water circuit blocked. Error 6. Multivalve is blocked. Error 7. Cappuccinator valve blocked. Error 8 Powercomm. the electrical board is broken. Error 9 and 10. malfunction in the water heater sensor. Errors 11 and 12. steam heater sensor defective. Error 13. The water heater is broken. Error 14. steam heater malfunction.

Errors for Talea models Error 1. grinder blocked. Error 3. the brewing mechanism is blocked or the microswitch on the reducer, the reducer. Error 5. the water circuit is blocked. Error 10 SENSOR1 SHORT The water heater sensor is defective.


This chapter describes the most common problems you may encounter with your machine. If the following information does not help you to solve the problem, refer to. See the FAQ at www.Philips.com/support or contact the Philips Saeco hotline in your country. The contacts can be found in the warranty booklet provided separately or at www.Philips.See com/support.

The machine is not connected to an electrical power source.

Connect the appliance to the power supply.

Steam / hot water pipe opening blocked.

Use a needle to clean the hole in the steam / hot water drawer.Before you start this operation, make sure that the machine is switched off and has cooled down.

The Pannarello nozzle (if present) is dirty.

Coffee blend not suitable or coffee not freshly roasted, or very coarse grind.

Change the coffee mixture or adjust the ceramic grinder as described in the section “Adjusting the ceramic grinder”.

Machine is taking too long to heat up or the amount of water coming out of the steam/hot water spout is limited.

Coffee brewing unit is not in the correct position.

Switch on the appliance. Close the service door. The coffee brewing unit automatically returns to the correct position.

First remove the grounds container and then the coffee brewing unit.

Machine grinds coffee beans and no beverage comes out.

Clean the coffee pod (paragraph “Cleaning the coffee pod”).

Fill the water circuit (paragraph “Switching on for the first time”).

philips, coffee, machine, exclamation, point

Exceptional event that occurs when the machine automatically adjusts the dosage.

Prepare several espresso shots as described in “The Saeco Adapting System.

An exceptional event that occurs when the machine automatically adjusts the doses.

Prepare several espressos, as described in the paragraph “Saeco Adapting System.

Ceramic Coffee Grinder Set to Coarse Grinding.

Adjust the ceramic coffee grinder to a finer grind (see “The grind”). paragraph “Adjusting a coffee grinder with ceramic beanstalks”).



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