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Oven from wheel rims with their own hands

Air Vent Stove from Car Rims

Options for making an oven from rims with your own hands

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On cold winter days it is pleasant to remember the summer outdoor gatherings by the cauldron or at the bonfire with shashlyk. And if thanks to the barbecue meat can be cooked even in winter, the situation with the cauldron is different. In this case, you can not do without a special stove, which is also excellent for heating a small room.

To make a convenient and practical cauldron stove with your own hands, it is enough to take a few old wheel rims. On how exactly to make such a unit, in the article.

Making an oven from rims: step by step instructions

Buying a portable stove for the country or bath stove is an event that requires a serious amount of money. The task of a garden stove is not so great as to spend money on a factory-made product. It is much easier and cheaper to make an oven from rims. Waste car rims owners often throw away, they can be bought inexpensively in metal reception. To build an oven from rims with your own hands you will need skills with an angle grinder and a welding machine.

Useful Tips

Attention! All welding work must be carried out in accordance with safety rules, in protective clothing and mask. Do not touch the parts until they cool down.

Ovens and braziers from wheel rims: cool ideas for making their own hands

What is needed to keep warm and cook without gas and electricity? That’s right. make a fire. This is what our ancestors did, but for modern man safety and convenience is above all. To “secure” an open fire, stoves, braziers, and burzhuyki are used. It is difficult to imagine a country house without such attributes of recreation in nature.

You can buy prefabricated products, or you can take another way. to make your own out of what we have in the household.

Today we will talk about making stoves and grills from old tire rims.

What you need to know about wheels

Furnace on the exhaust. Made using car rims. Do not make these!

To make a stove from disks with their own hands, you need to know not only the advantages, but also the disadvantages of the source material and some, essential in this case, features of the construction of stoves. The disadvantage of special steel is that it is not rated for welding properties. Technology for the production of discs for wheels there are several, but welding for this, if used, it is very limited, followed by tempering (annealing) and flaw inspection of the seam. And of course, no car designer plans to have something welded to the wheels in the process of operation

A very important safety conclusion from this point of view follows: the exhaust gas furnace made of discs (cf. rice.), as well as long-burners and pyrolysis furnaces made of them, should not be made under any circumstances! Unless you really want some very unfortunate moment when boiling hot, possibly burning oil starts flowing through the crack in the weld or when chemically aggressive and highly toxic gases start escaping. And you can not extinguish these furnaces, they must burn out completely. You can only make a solid fuel flame furnace out of discs.

Note: welding seams for special applications that have not been properly quality-controlled are considered to be unreliable. Welded pressure vessels, fire vessels and vessels for chemically aggressive contents that have not undergone defectoscopy and after testing in the operating mode of use are a priori considered to be unusable. Every furnace meets at least two of the following conditions.

Nevertheless, it is quite possible to make a quite safe solid fuel stove from automobile discs on welding for non-residential premises (the summer house also belongs to them), if you observe the following. rules:

  • The weld must be of high visual quality, without any visible defects. cracks, spatters, bubbles, holes, blisters, etc. Fig. right;
  • Only two adjacent parts can be welded at a time!
  • After making each weld, welded parts shall be allowed to rest for dissolving residual internal stresses, approx. from 3 minutes for each kilogram of weight of joined parts. Practically. weld on, not earlier than when 3-4 cm from the end of the weld to the metal can be touched with your bare hand;
  • Finished oven after a day’s exposure to the same stresses is subjected to a test run, from 3 hours stationary and from an hour portable outdoor, at full power, t.е. with the choke (if there is one) or furnace/flue gas vent door fully open and the fuel loaded as much as possible.

During the test run, the furnace is annealed at the same time. Small welding defects detected, not more than 2 per weld, are eliminated after 24 hours, after which the furnace run with annealing is repeated.

DIY Car Rim BBQ �� Wood Stove made from Car Wheels!

Note: The modulus of thermal expansion of TKR of rims is considerably lower than that of structural steels. It is clear why, but this also must be kept in mind when making the stove, see. further.

Fire safety rules for the furnace arrangement of wheel rims

If a person decides to make a stove by himself, he should get acquainted with the rules of fire safety. This prevents accidents in the future.

The disc stove heats with infrared heat in operation. Therefore it is necessary to take care of shielding, otherwise infrared streams will not be converted into heat, the efficiency of such heating will be small. For this purpose, the body is surrounded with steel sheeting, which is mounted in such a way that the furnace body is 10 cm away from the floor and the sheeting.

When operating a homemade heating equipment, it is important to observe the following safety rules:

  • On the floor it is necessary to lay a steel plate or a reinforced concrete slab. This is done in such a way that the covering is larger than the diameter of the structure. Thanks to this simple procedure it will be possible to prevent embers from getting on the floor, which could cause a fire.
  • The flue pipe and the metal oven must not come into contact with flammable materials. For safety it is additionally recommended to use insulating pads.
  • It is strongly not recommended to use liquid kindling agents when kindling, because it may cause fire to escape from the firebox hole.
  • At the stage of manufacture of the heating equipment is important to take care that the furnace part of the structure overlooks the anteroom.

The following rule is not mandatory, but it provides additional safety when using the stove: the organization of wood hangers.

How to make a stove for a cauldron from wheel rims with their own hands, to solve this problem will help to know the basic steps of making this design:

    First we need to prepare the disks for welding. To do this, completely cut out the front side of the upper part. This is done for free passage and even heat distribution in the cooking area. Do the same work with the middle part of the future oven. Leave the bottom disk unchanged. To eliminate confusion, write the location of the parts with chalk on the parts.

Wheel Rim Stove Cooking. Fajita time! How to make flat bread

Example of a door (they can be made in different ways)

Almost finished construction, all that is left is to attach handles and deburring parts.

Other examples of different homemade custom stove designs from discs at

  • If you need to heat small non-residential areas, such as cottage or workshop. The use of high-quality rims will maximize the quality of the stove, as well as greatly simplify the manufacture.
  • If you want to arrange the main “fire” part of the stove without using expensive heat-resistant steel.
  • If you are going to use the stove for cooking. In this case, you have to make a cauldron stove from car rims.

Most often, automobile discs are used to create mobile (portable) outdoor and garden cooking stoves, as well as for the arrangement of a fire pit. The simplest version of the stove-fire from disks implies the use of a large mass and height of the side, which significantly improves the heat transfer performance and provides reliable protection against the effects of wind.


In order to make the cauldron stand made of car disks more convenient and practical to use, you need to take care of special features:

  • The legs can be used to add additional stability to the assembly. For their manufacture goes rolled section, which is cut to size. Billets are welded to the furnace sides or bottom and flanges. A tripod is the best option in terms of stability and economy.
  • A good solution would be to make a separate support for the cauldron from the rims of the car. Its advantage is that it is not rigidly connected to the main structure and can serve as a support for anything. With a support, the profiled bottom of the lower section acts as a grate. It will noticeably increase the traction and temperature of the vault.
  • Simplify the project, reduce labor intensity, save on materials, if you make the stove of two segments. In this case, the vault of the structure will become lower, which will negatively affect the heat dissipation. This is due to the fact that during combustion pyrolysis gases are emitted, their contribution to the overall heat production is decisive. If the vault is not high enough, they don’t have time to burn completely. The contact with the cold walls of the guard causes the soot to settle. Over time the inside of the roof will get caked. The heat output of the oven is noticeably reduced. Ignition of soot is not excluded.
  • Versatile design allows you to convert the cauldron stove into a barbecue and barbecue with minimal changes. Without unnecessary cuts, you can do without the ready-made holes on the surface of the product. they create several temperature zones. If the grill is installed on top, it combines the functions of the flame spreader and rasher. that allows you to cook roast beefs of different grilling level simultaneously. It is important to understand that a larger company will need a more solid oven, which can be made with the disks of a Gazelle. They don’t have to be welded together, which is a definite plus. With the functions of the weld will successfully cope heat-resistant adhesive on metal.
  • Good stoves are made with wheels placed horizontally. It is better to cut off their convex parts with an angle grinder. Welded together sections form a capacious thick-walled cavity with a complex surface. Such a bubbler will heat the room faster and cool longer. For making such a furnace it is better to use the wheel rims from trucks, they will provide enough volume of the furnace and increase the heat output. The efficiency of such devices is higher.

The area under the supports must exceed the parameters of the cauldron: the higher the ratio, the more stable the whole construction will be.

Comfortable stoves with mounted legs

You can install a grill and use it as a barbecue

The stoves heat better when the discs are placed horizontally



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