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Oven for sausage with their own hands

How to make an outdoor oven from a metal tub

If you have an old metal tub, we suggest you turn this scrap metal into a useful thing. an oven for cooking pizza and other dishes.

  • metal tub;
  • sheet metal;
  • refractory bricks;
  • kaolin wool;
  • clay mortar;
  • corrugated fittings;
  • round pipe for the chimney.

His personal experience in the manufacture of outdoor pizza oven shared with us by the author of YouTube channel Totally Handy. take note!

The main stages of the work

First you will need to cut the metal tub in half.

Then we welded a frame from a corner and installed on it the first half of the tub. Lay a sheet of metal on top of the heat-resistant sealant.

Place the other half of the tub on top of the sheet metal. Then we drill holes and fix both parts of the tub with bolts.

In the next step we drill a hole in the bottom of the tub and install the chimney.

We weld the grate from the armature and insert it into the bottom part of the furnace. Cover the base with fireproof or normal bricks.

Weld a sheet of metal to the front side of the furnace.

Insulate the upper part with kaolin wool or any other fireproof wool. Fix it with a wire.

Next we prepare the clay mortar and coat the top of the stove (over the wool).

After the clay dries, you decorate it with ceramic tiles, breaking it into small pieces beforehand.

Cut the doors in the front part and fix them with the hinges. Then we have to paint the “face” with heat-resistant paint.

Install the homemade oven at the site and you can start cooking pizza or other dishes.

An oven made of bricks

There are brick ovens, brick fireplaces and even brick walls.

Bricks are a universal material. It can be used to build a lot of things. For example, the oven, or should I say. the oven.

Today we will tell you how to make a brick oven with your own hands.

The author of the YouTube channel Good Creative Idea Dmkt shared with us his personal experience of building an oven from bricks.

The main stages of the work

First, we determine the place where we will build the oven.

Ideally it should be a flat area of concrete. Draw the contours of the oven on the base. Preparing bricks.

Lay the first two rows of bricks according to the markings. Pour sand inside and tamp it. make a sand cushion.

On top of the sandy cushion we lay a mortar made of cement and sand. Level it and lay the bricks.

The next step will be to make a compartment of the fuel chamber, inside which will be a metal box with coal.

Note: The rest of the oven is placed on a mortar made of cement, sand and clay.

We weld a frame of the necessary size from the angle and install it. Then we raise the brick rows to the necessary height.

Make a permanent brick “lid” on top.

Apply mortar on the surface and lay the tiles. Do not forget to leave a hole for the smoke to escape.

The frame of the door can be made from angle bars or profiled pipes.

From the outside cover the door with sheet metal, and from the inside fill the empty space with clay mortar. Weld the hinges and hang the door.

Inside the oven, a rack welded from rebar is installed.

It will also be necessary to make a plug to close the hole when the coals burn through in the chamber.

Finally we only need to make a thermometer and a metal box for coals.

In the oven, Homemade Sausage

Homemade sausage. It is a natural and insanely delicious product.

I love making home-made sausage, it is delicious and natural. And it’s not hard to make.

Today I will tell you how to cook real Ukrainian home-made sausage, which can not be compared with bought at the supermarket.

Delicious natural sausage can be made at home. See a simple recipe for homemade chicken sausage with pork and cheese. Now you can give a delicious sausage with cheese to your children and do not worry about their health. After all, you made this sausage with your own hands from natural and fresh products.

Incredibly delicious and nourishing dish called “Vedaray”. Potato sausage with bacon, which you can serve both with mayonnaise or sour cream, for lunch or dinner.

This recipe makes a very tasty liver sausage with a delicate texture. A great substitute for sausage for breakfast sandwiches that you can make at home.

beef liver, carrot, onion, lard, garlic, chicken egg, flour, salt, black pepper, vegetable oil

Sausage from chicken fillet and pork. A very tasty meat snack that you can make at home, in the oven.

These appetizing sausages are made from minced pork and potatoes. Ground pork is quite greasy, but the potatoes absorb the extra fat, so the sausages turn out soft and juicy. They are formed and baked in foil, which is very convenient. sausages from minced meat with potatoes are smooth and neat even without a special shell. Baking these sausages is also a good idea!

pork, potatoes, semolina, onions, vegetable oil, garlic powder, Italian herbs, salt, ground black pepper, water

If you like potatoes, then this recipe might interest you. Let’s prepare potato sausage with bacon in the oven. Potatoes go great with grilled bacon and onions. Thanks to the fried slices of bacon, the potato sausage turns out juicy, flavorful and quite filling.

Potatoes, bacon, onions, pork intestines, vegetable oil, coriander, salt, ground black pepper

I offer you a recipe for a very tasty and juicy sausage, which has a beautiful cut and rich flavor, as it uses several types of meat: chicken thighs, chicken breast, beef and cooked-smoked bacon. Cooked very quickly and easily.

Chicken thighs, chicken breast, beef, bacon, starch, salt, sugar, garlic powder, nutmeg, ground black pepper

There are a huge number of sausage recipes. I offer you my version of a delicious homemade sausage made of ground meat with mushroom stuffing. This sausage is always the first to disappear from the table!

minced meat, chicken, mushrooms, carrots, onions, eggs, milk, gelatin, vegetable oil, salt, spices

Add potatoes to the stuffing. and we have potato sausage. A very interesting recipe, and it turns out delicious! The Italians call this homemade recipe “potato salami. Simple products and nothing complicated to prepare, you should definitely try!

Potatoes, minced pork, garlic, nutmeg, ground cinnamon, coriander, black pepper, salt, butter

This recipe for homemade sausage is one of the easiest and most popular. The recipe for making homemade sausage is well known in peasant households. This recipe is also often referred to as Ukrainian homemade sausage recipe, Belarusian homemade, fried, baked, etc. п.

Original appetizer of spicy chorizo sausage, which has a special taste thanks to the Spanish paprika. Interesting combination of spiciness of chorizo and sweetness of raisins and apricots in the recipe.

dried apricots, raisins, olive oil, onions, sausage, salami, smoked ham, dry wine, walnuts, black pepper

barley grits, pearl barley, blood, water, bacon (speck, spike), fat, onions, marjoram, guts, pepper, salt, spices

Cevapcici. are small sausages of minced meat native to the Balkan Peninsula. Usually they are fried in a frying pan, but this recipe involves baking them in the oven. These little baked cevaps (kebabs) turn out mouthwatering and flavorful. These mini kebabs are easy to make and delicious to eat for lunch or dinner. try.

Construction of the device with your own hands

The main amount of work for a homemade sausage smoker is assembling the metal box in which the sausage will be cooked. Needed:

  • Metal sheets of the right size with a gap of 1-2 centimeters;
  • angle grinder “angle grinder”;
  • welding machine;
  • tape measure or centimeter tape;
  • carpenter’s corner;
  • rods of thin rebar.

Next, the following work is done:

  • The first metal sheet is divided into four parts using an angle grinder. It becomes the side walls of the future smokehouse.
  • Weld the two sides together at a 90-degree angle, using a carpenter’s angle. Repeat with the remaining sides, and then join the structure by welding the two “angles” together.
  • From the second sheet you cut the bottom and the lid of the smoker. Weld the bottom also to the box you’ve already made.
  • For the lid, from the second piece, cut four strips according to its size, which will become the edging. Join using a welding machine.
  • The result is an airtight box, tightly covered with a lid. Next, you weld two layers of blocks: the lower for placing the pan that collects the fat and the upper for placing the sausage.
  • From the leftover metal, finish the unit by welding two handles to carry the smoker and one to remove the lid.

This design is simple, easy to use and compact. Disadvantages of the device: manufacturing requires skill to work with metal, only hot smoking is used, small volume of the output product. For more serious volumes, stationary smokehouses are used.

How to make a smokehouse out of a barrel

For this solution will need a standard 200-liter barrel and all the same set of tools, but without the metal sheets. The procedure is as follows:

  • Cut off the upper part of the barrel.
  • Approximately in the middle is welded or secured in any other reliable way the stainless steel grid. It will serve to accommodate small pieces of meat.
  • On the top, close to the edge of the lid, two or three bars of rebar are welded. Hooks with sausage or large pieces of meat will be hung on them. Calculate the rods so that when smoking the products do not touch each other.
  • Align the lid to the size of the barrel. It should fit as tightly as possible.
  • At the bottom of the chamber you cut an opening for a chimney or firebox hatch. In the case of a smoker, its volume should be at least one-third of the entire smoke chamber.

The process of cooking sausage in a smokehouse made from a metal barrel. Products are hung on hooks.

This design is suitable for large amounts of meat, can be used for both cold and hot smoking. Disadvantages: difficult to transport, inconvenient for small volumes, high fuel consumption and heating time.

Making the firebox, hooks and pan

Any beautifully conceived smokehouse can be ruined by a high-mounted hearth or too uncomfortable grate hooks.

For cold smoking, you’ll need to assemble a small hearth stove: a place from which the smoke will be transferred to the smoking chamber through the chimney. The outlet of the chimney is directly above the fire so that as little smoke as possible is dispersed outward. Seal the transition between the chamber and the chimney as much as possible, this will help increase the draft.

It is important that the bottom of the smoking chamber and the outlet of the chimney were at the level, it will increase the draft due to the law of communicating vessels.

That’s why smokehouses are often raised to a small elevation: it makes it easier to control the fire for hot smoking, and it aligns with the hearth for cold smoking.

Stone or fire brick is the best material to use. Do not go overboard with the depth and narrowness of the firebox: in cold smoking you must periodically sweep out the ash. take care of that when you put the stove in.

Small parts are made of stainless steel or can be bought at your local hardware store. Barbecue grates that are installed on supports that are welded into the barrel are a good idea.

Attention! After each use of the device wash the grate, bars and the working chamber of soot and grease, clean the oven. This will protect the smoker from stale odor and leftover meat that can stick to it permanently, spoiling the taste and smell the next time you cook.

Useful Video

Check out this video, which shows the process of smoking sausage in a smokehouse made from a metal barrel.

When using a sausage smoker, there are a few peculiarities.

First, the sawdust when smoking should be spread evenly. This will make the smoking more qualitative.

Secondly, alder is most often used for fuel. The choice of wood is important. each species gives a different flavor to the food.

You can add fruits, berries, spices to the kindling to create flavor. Under no circumstances use coniferous species, as well as wet wood.

Third, you can not overheat the smoking chamber. In hot smoking maximum temperature. from 90 degrees at the beginning to 120 degrees in the middle of the process. Cooking time depends on the volume and the selected type of smoking (hot/cold), overheating the chamber will not speed up, but will spoil the meat.

After completing the smoking, the sausage should be left on the hooks for a while. Duration of cooking depends on the recipe, temperature, amount of sausage.

Home-made sausage “Tutyrma

I’ve been wanting to start making homemade sausages for a long time. When I was a kid, over 45 years ago, I helped my grandmother stuff homemade sausage. And here is a recipe I wanted to make myself. Tutyrma. a dish of Tatar cuisine, it’s homemade boiled sausage, but I decided to bake it immediately, I think it tastes better that way. In the preparation of using lamb, beef, horse meat or by-products (liver), as cereal additives: rice, buckwheat, millet, oatmeal. This sausage can be served as a hot second course or as a cold appetizer. Very handy for breakfast, snacks, or a picnic. For the recipe idea thanks to Venik.

Homemade pork sausage with chicken

This is my first such sausage. I didn’t expect to make it right the first time, so there are almost no step-by-step photos, but the result speaks for itself. Everything is very simple, but it is worth a little fuss. You can do without nitrite salt, adding only normal salt, but then there will not be such a color, taste will be a little different, and shelf life is slightly reduced. Here the choice is yours. Incredibly tasty sausage, and most importantly. meat.

Pork Chicken Thigh Salt Sugar Nutmeg White Pepper Orange Pepper Red Hot Garlic

Homemade Krakow sausage in the oven. Taste from the Soviet childhood

Sausage from the store has a very questionable composition. It’s stuffed with soy, dyes, thickeners, gristle, chicken and pork skins, and the lowest-grade meat. Against this background, it is best to prepare homemade sausage.


Pork and beef meat should be ground on a meat grinder 2 times along with a fatty pork brisket or bacon. In order for the fat to grind properly, it should be pre-frozen.

In a separate container are mixed spices according to the recipe, along with powdered milk. Important if using nitrite salt 0.5-0.6%, you don’t need regular kitchen salt anymore. The mixture is transferred to the minced meat and poured a glass of ice water. Then everything is mixed for 10 minutes with hands in gloves, so that the mass is less heated from palms. Ice water is an important condition for sausage stuffing that should not be neglected.

After ripening in the refrigerator, you need to fill the stuffing in the gut, using a special attachment on the meat grinder.

The result should be 7 sausage circles of 350-400 gr. They are tied with a thread in rings and pierced with a needle. Then the sausage should dry out a little, you can simply towel dry it.

You can cook the rings in a smokehouse, or in a regular oven on a rack greased with vegetable oil. When baking in the oven the temperature is set to 80-85 ° C. After an hour you need to put a saucer with water in the oven. Total time of baking the sausage at this temperature is 2.5-3 hours.

Then they are wiped with a towel and left to dry for 24-36 hours at room temperature. Ready sausage has a shelf life of 5-7 days. Some of the rings can be frozen and then taken out of the freezer as needed.

Cook’s tips and secrets

Recipe for homemade sausage baked in the oven

The recipe for home-made sausages is simple and easy. In terms of composition and quality, home-made sausage is superior to products brought from the store. It contains no harmful substances, dyes or preservatives. So if you support a healthy lifestyle, take this recipe to hand.

  • Meat (any kind). 1.8 kg
  • Fat. 0.3 kg (if the meat is fatty, do not add fat, if it is lean, double the fat)
  • Freshly ground black pepper. to taste
  • Sausage casing. 3 m
  • Garlic. 20 grams
  • Salt. 35 g

Preparation of homemade sausage baked in the oven:

  • Grind the meat and bacon in a meat grinder with a coarse grinder for 4 holes. If you do not have such a grid, slice it into small pieces.
  • Add to the shredded meat and bacon black pepper, garlic, salt.
  • Stir in the stuffing and proceed to stuff the sausage.
  • Cut the sausage casing into desired lengths, for example 1-1.5 meters.
  • Put sausage stuffing nozzle in meat grinder and oil it with vegetable oil. Then put the casing on the nozzle like a stocking and tie one edge in a knot.
  • Through the meat grinder turn the sausage stuffing, filling the casing. Repeatedly twist the guts a few times to form the length of the sausage.
  • When the casing is full, tie one end in a knot.
  • Next choose how you want to heat the sausage. It tastes best baked in the oven. So place it in the sleeve, pour 2 tbsp of the sausage casing into it.л. Cover with water and put it on a baking tray.
  • Place the sausage in a preheated oven to 180°C for 15 minutes. Then turn the heat down to 150° C and cook until lightly browned for another 20 minutes. Turn off the oven and leave the sausage for 10 minutes.
  • You can bake the sausage without the sleeve, then put it on a baking tray, pour some water on the bottom of the mold and bake at the same temperature.

Ingredients for “Ivanovskaya Homemade Sausage in the Oven”:

Cooking Time: 600 minutes

How to make French Baguettes at home

Nutritional and energy values:

Done dish
kcal 2754.1 kcal proteins 180.4 г fats.1 г carbohydrates 21.6 г
kcal393.4 kcal proteins25.8 г fats27.7 г carbs3.1 г
100 g dish
kcal194 kcal proteins12.7 г fats13.7 г carbohydrates1.5 г

Prepare 3 kinds of meat for mincing in a meat grinder. I will take 250 grams of beef, 250 grams of pork belly (you can substitute pork fat) and 750 grams of pork neck. Meat is washed and skinned. Then I cut it into cubes with sides of 3-4 centimeters. This is necessary for easy feeding of meat through the meat grinder receiver. Let the brisket or bacon frost in the freezer for 15 minutes. I minced all the meat through the meat grinder in a bowl.

If you like the sausage to have pieces of speck, then the brisket should be frozen stronger and cut with a sharp knife into 6 mm cubes. And add it to the already cooked minced meat of the two kinds of meat.

In the first step we have minced meat of three kinds of meat. Now I will prepare a mixture of salt and spices, which will flavor our sausage and give a spicy note. I weigh and measure 25 grams of nitrite salt (do not add regular salt). Then I measure half a teaspoon of ground black pepper, half a teaspoon of granulated garlic, half a teaspoon of sugar. I take 5 pips of allspice and grind it in a mortar. That’s about 1/4 teaspoon of powder. I’ll take 1/4 teaspoon cardamom. I measure 15 grams of powdered milk, about 4 teaspoons. I pour everything into a bowl. I have a disposable plastic cup. Then I carefully mix salt and spices until homogeneous.

The third step is to mix the mince with spices and ice (ice water). In a deep dish I place the minced meat and mix it with my hands until it becomes evenly massed. It is better to pour the spices gradually in small portions from the cup. You can add finely chopped ice in the amount of 130 ml at once. Its purpose is to maintain the temperature of the minced meat. To make it easier to work put on hands medical gloves. They protect the stuffing from hand microflora and do not let the stuffing quickly warm up to body temperature. Knead the sausage mass for about 10 minutes.

Step Four. I covered the resulting sausage mass with cling film. You can put a lid on it if you mix it in a pot. Then put the dish with the minced meat in the fridge for 8-10 hours. I usually cook in the evening and so the stuffing will spend in the fridge until the next day.

Step five. Now we fill the stuffing into the sausage casings. I used natural pork skins. Two meters are enough for this spread. First wash the casing with warm water and then soak it for 30 minutes in water at room temperature for softening. In my case I used a meat grinder with a sausage nozzle. It is better to have a helper here. One feeds the minced meat. The second one is already forming sausages in volume and size. Of critical importance: it is necessary to bleed the air from the sausage head before closing the casing. To do this, I squeezed some of the stuffing into a plate and cut it off at the spout of the nozzle. Then I tied a knot on the casing. The second point is the caution when feeding the minced meat into the meat grinder’s receiver. The minced meat from the refrigerator is very thick and needs to be handled quickly. Try to serve stuffing without air s. It is less work for you to bleed air from the casing

Sixth step. On the sausage casing may form small air bubbles that need to be pierced carefully with a needle. I formed sausages about 15 cm long and about 25 mm in diameter. Place the sausage on a rack and put it in an oven heated to 80-90 degrees

Seventh step. Bake the sausage in the oven for about 3 hours at 80-90 degrees. The temperature is written with a gap, as different models of ovens have different gradation in the possible temperatures controlled by the oven thermostat. After baking, the sausage will dry out a bit and look delicious.

Step eight. After baking, the sausage is ready to eat. But I let it cool and mature once more. For which I take it out on the balcony and cool it in the freezing winter air. You can continue this step by curing the sausage and adding more of its specific flavor, or stop and eat it like this. The sausage contains no preservatives. The casing is natural and therefore permeable. Shelf life of the sausage is no more than 7 days. If you need more, the sausage can be frozen or stored in a vacuum container

The sausage would be good as a cold snack for any holiday. The cut of the sausage is homogeneous. If you add frozen fat you can make a distinct “speck” on the cut. If smoked, you’ll be getting closer to “Krakow” both in color and flavor.

Sausage can be a great filling. For example, for a quick breakfast of eggs and sausage

Close up of a slice of sausage. I would be glad if anyone could use my recipe

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What it would look like?

Ivanovskaya homemade sausage in the oven

Cooking home-made sausage is considered a difficult and time-consuming business. In fact, the process of cooking the right recipe takes only 3 hours, plus time to stand stuffing in the fridge. Sausage baked simply in the oven. meat grinder and sausage nozzle. That’s the minimum. Useful in your work.

Nutritional and energy values:

Ready meal
kcal 6,633.4 kcal proteins 481.6 г fats 486.3 г carbohydrates 38.6 г
kcal132.7 kcal squirrels9.6 г fats9.7 г carbs0.8 г
100g dish
kcal199.8 kcal whites14.5 г fats14.6 г carbohydrates1.2 г

Pass the beef through a meat grinder with 8 mm grater;

Slice brisket into strips. freeze;

Crush the garlic with a garlic press and mix with the minced meat;

Mix dry ingredients in a dry bowl;

Add all the spices to the mince and stir thoroughly, gradually adding water, until all the free moisture is absorbed and the mince has a sticky consistency;

Chop the frozen brisket with a knife into small pieces, freeze it again in a bag, shaking the bag periodically so that the pieces freeze separately and become crumbly;

Add brisket to minced meat, distributing it evenly there;

Soak the egg whites in water for a few minutes to make them elastic;

Fill casings with minced meat tightly, without allowing air to enter, using a meat grinder or sausage syringe;

Tie the ends tightly, if there is air in some places, pierce the place with a needle (not too hard, no more than 3-5 piercings per loaf. );

Leave stuffed sausages in the refrigerator for 10-12 hours; Before cooking, hang the loaves at room temperature for 2-3 hours;

How to cook sausages in the oven

Place the sausage and roll on the rack of a baking tray, stick a temperature gauge in one of the sausages;

Raise temperature to 75-80 degrees for 3 to 4 hours;

Cook until temperature reaches the inside of the loaf. 69 degrees;

Cool the finished sausage quickly under a cold shower, wipe and hang out in a cool room for 8-10 hours minimum, then dry at 15-20 degrees (away from heat sources and drafts) for 5-7 days; Store the finished sausage in the refrigerator;

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What it will look like?

Delicious, flavorful, affordable! Protein casing used.

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I see that the recipe has been posted for a long time. Question: there’s no way to make it without nitrite salt? There is a struggle to reduce nitrites and nitrates in food, that’s why I’m asking. It keeps the color? It’s because of her sausage is stored? Have you tried not putting it?

No, you can’t have it without nitrite. Nitrite is ham, color and of course storage. Without nitrite, it would be a good, high-quality cutlet.

Hello. If I could ask you a few questions 1. Could you tell me the diameter of the white casing, so the sausage would be the same. how to explain, please., this phrase in more detail “For 3-4 hours, raise the temperature to 75-80 degrees; Cook until it reaches the temperature inside the loaf. 69 degrees” put the sausage on a rack at room temperature. I turn it on (I have 50 degrees in my oven) every half hour I have to raise the temperature by 5 degrees? Until it reaches 75-80 in 3 to 4 hours? and then reduce to 69? or how? please write more details 3. cool in the shower. that means running cold tap water over it? 4. can i replace fresh garlic with dried garlic and in what proportions should i take it?? 5. which parts of beef and pork are best to use? 6. “then dry at 15-20 degrees (away from heat sources and drafts) for 5-7 days” and in a normal apartment where such places are?) sorry if the questions seem silly to you. I have never made sausage before and I’m afraid of spoiling it.

I’m not Tatiana, but I’ll try to help you 1) diameter of this, I think 60mm 2) in the preparation of the sausage is three steps drying, roasting, cooking drying at 60g inside of 35 grams, raising the temperature to 90 degrees roasting, inside the loaf should be 50 degrees, and cooking at 80 degrees to cooking 69 degrees. You can not turn it up to 90 and cook at 80, 2 steps so it doesn’t go puffy. 3) Cool put in a bowl of ice water, but I do not do that, just take it out and cool in the refrigerator. 4) of course you can, I rarely cook with fresh, I put it by eye, about a tablespoon. 5) better suited blade, ham pork, beef any part of the meat. 6) Well, in summer you will hardly find such a place

Tanya once again thank you so much for the recipe. The sausage is wonderful and very tasty. Now I go to treat girlfriend, and then the rest of Happy New Year. Happiness and wishes come true.

It’s a real homemade one. It’s a lot of fun to make. And the result is very nice, especially when you look how beautifully hung five sticks of fragrant brown sausage

Tanya please advise me when making this sausage stuffing should not be heated above 12-16 degrees as in the sausages? Or there is no temperature limit here?

Fillet of chicken. it is a breast and a brisket. This is pork fat from the subcutaneous place with layers of meat. Here’s an example of a brisket. https://www.povarenok.ru/recipes/show/94855/?direct=1

And I have a stupid question. the sausage in this recipe looks like? Straight to sausage or stuffing in casings?

Pardon my curiosity, but aren’t you registered on the Yemkolbaska website? Do you post your recipes there?? Very similar technology.

Hello! Can you please tell me where to look for such protein shells?? But I really liked the recipe!

Took it to my cookbook. For the future) So far, too complicated for me. Started with curing meat, sausages still need to grow. But the recipe is amazing! Thank you!

The photo is impressive! The author as they say “respect and respect”! But for me it’s quite impossible to make this miracle come true. We live on a floor, it’s summer and I don’t have rooms with different temperatures. I have not heard about the sensor, I do not know where to get it. Ehh. drooled and walked away with a droopy head

Very tasty! Made with pork and brisket, casing. pork skull. “I’m a beginner, except for a meat grinder with one attachment and a skull, I have not acquired anything yet. But I have a feeling I’ll have to buy a syringe and casings of different caliber! Thank you for sharing your recipes with us!

How I love this sausage. I’ve seen so many recipes, but I was not impressed by the photos, so it seemed to be all wrong. Probably for nothing, but it’s a fact. But here I saw a photo and realized that this is exactly the one I want)))) I will try to make it, I’ll tell you about the taste results)))

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Juicy grilled sausages

Classic and very appetizing home grilled pork sausages can be served as an appetizer to beer or as a main dish with a hearty side dish.

Mince 600g of pork, season it with pepper, salt, coriander and your favorite spices, mix it well and leave it to rest. Fill the pre-prepared gut tightly with minced. First bake the sausages in the oven at 180 ° C for 10-15 minutes, and then send it to a heated grill pan with vegetable oil and fry for 5-7 minutes on each side. As a side dish the grilled vegetables. tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic. will suit perfectly.

Sausage in a glass

Amazingly, this sausage can be made in 15 minutes in the microwave. The sausage is tender and works well as a baby food.

Cut into small pieces 400g of chicken fillet and mix with seasoning. 0.5 tsp. л. salt, 0.5 tsp. л. sugar, 0.5 tsp. л. A pinch of black pepper, 2 cloves of minced garlic and 1 tsp. л. soy sauce. Stir everything well, and let the meat marinate for a bit. For baby sausage, the amount of hot spices should be reduced or replaced with something more neutral.

In the meantime, boil 50 grams of long-grain rice, making sure it cooks well.

Place chicken meat, cooled rice, add 150 ml of milk and 1 egg in a blender. Whisk until tender and smooth. Grease the sides and bottom of the bowl with oil and pour the filling, but not up to the sides. Use containers with thick sides only! For this amount of forcemeat you will have 3-4 cups in which in a quarter of an hour the appetizing sausages will “mature”.

Cook the snack in the microwave on full power for 15 minutes, after that don’t open the door for another 5 minutes. The sausages will “jump out” of the cups very easily, you will only have to slice them and serve. It’s delicious and unusual, especially with mashed potatoes and vegetables. And some hostesses make chicken sausage sandwiches and burgers for school snacks.

Homemade sausage is good for breakfast and usually doesn’t stay in the fridge. Cook it more often and with different additives!

And how can you not treat your loved ones after Lent with some of the meaty goodness? Basically, followers of, e.g., Bismarck can

I apologize at once for the delay in posting the recipe, but. work, sir! So I did it all at once, as promised to some of the girls, but with



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