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Oven and microwave cabinet

This option is the most popular among buyers, because all the details of the layout master takes into account in the process of making the kitchen. The main thing is to choose the technique in advance and give the exact data on the dimensions of the specialist.

Modern set without appliances. All outlets for appliances are laid out in advance. Next installation stage.

oven, microwave, cabinet

White and green kitchen with a cabinet to install the oven and microwave

Combination of beige color and wood texture in the corner kitchen. In the same cabinet, they placed a built-in oven and microwave on a separate shelf.

Microwave and oven in a cabinet in a corner kitchen

White minimalist kitchen. Microwave oven and oven are built into a high cabinet, closing the composition of the set.

Bright turquoise corner furniture. Independent oven set at a convenient height level.

Closing module ndash; cabinet for oven and microwave

Sleek interior with a minimum of detail. For such a kitchen, it is better to choose built-in appliances.

Corner kitchen cabinet with built-in oven and microwavebbsp;nbsp;onbsp;corner kitchen

Oven case with an oven located next to the cooking surface, so the cooking area is concentrated in one part, and there is a large working area.

Denim with oven and two compartments for storage

Materials for making

As for any kitchen furniture, the materials that are used in the manufacture of peninsulas, must be of high quality, resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. Experts strongly recommend that when buying or ordering furniture to pay close attention to the materials from which it is made, the mechanism of door opening, the choice of accessories, usually in stores is always available in catalogs with the necessary photos. In the manufacture use:

  • Natural wood is an expensive, reliable material, the quality is excellent, but care for it requires constant;
  • Fiberboard. the quality is almost as good as wood models, much cheaper and easier to use, with good care to last a long time, looks great on the fronts;
  • Woodchip stove. almost no different from the previous option, also budget-friendly in terms of costs;
  • Plastic. not the best material for the kitchen, not durable;
  • Metal. used for decoration of furniture in a particular style.

To finish the fronts use painting, polishing, laminating with thermal film, which adds durability of product. Recently, modern designers have been increasingly used in the decoration of cabinets glass doors, they look aesthetic, original and very beautiful. Especially the upper parts of the cabinets, where the dishes are displayed. To create a bold, unusual interior uses glass in different shades. To decorate the use of various slats, handles, “retro” style involves “artificial aging”. a special technology of facade treatment.

When choosing furniture, pay attention to the quality of materials and fittings, the items should not be chipped, scratched, doors should be easy to open, and drawers and shelves to pull out without effort.

A cabinet in the kitchen makes it more functional

Judging by the numerous photos, kitchen recesses always look stylish regardless of the interior design. They are considered a classic option. Every woman can appreciate the functionality and practicality of this piece of interior. Its main features and advantages include:

  • Functionality. In such a cabinet you can arrange a variety of products. It can hold pots, plates, pans, kettles or cups. Perfect for storing spices or appliances. You can build a microwave or refrigerator into it.
  • Rational organization of the room. The right model is distinguished by its ergonomic properties. Using such a product will provide a comfortable organization of the kitchen space Tall peninsula will take up little space in the kitchen. It can be placed in any suitable location depending on the layout and can be used for storing dishes or appliances.
  • Ability to customize. So you can get a product with specific parameters. A cabinet made to this order will cost more. However, this allows you to increase its functionality.
  • Universal purpose. The cabinet will perfectly complement the interior. It will help to decorate any kitchen, making it more functional.
  • Affordable price. You can find cabinets on sale at a reasonable price. Inexpensive cabinet will not harm the family budget.

Despite its small size, the kitchen basement floor cabinet for the kitchen can be used to store various items. Some housewives use it for perfumes or medicines. However, most often in such interior items are kept:

  • dishes;
  • Tablecloths, kitchen towels and other textiles;
  • Household chemicals, which are designed for cleaning the stove, washing dishes and other kitchen surfaces;
  • large appliances. it can be a dishwasher or a washing machine;
  • oven. it can be placed 1-1.5 meters from the floor;
  • Microwave and other small appliances.

A cabinet in the kitchen is considered a very functional piece of furniture

Storage systems for a broomstick

The most popular storage systems are:

  • Carousels. a combination of semi-circular shelves fixed on a vertical support. The system is equipped with rotating mechanisms allowing it to rotate around its axis. Flaps close flush, thanks to an angled cutout. To prevent anything from falling off the shelves during twisting, a special thin metal edge is provided;
  • Hinged shelves. allow multiple sections to rotate and synchronize simultaneously. To make the mechanism work, you just have to pull one shelf. The shelves can be metal or plastic in the form of a figure of eight. One shelf can take the weight of up to 15 kg;
  • Smartcorners are a retractable device. The inside of the doors is equipped with a mesh metal shelf with pull-out drawers. Mesh shelves hold up to 8 kg of weight, and interior shelves hold up to 25 kg. The shelves are fixed in such a way that they slide out gradually, similar to the cars in the train;
  • Drawers. give free access to items, saving kitchen space. Usually drawers are installed in small kitchens, because you can store vegetables, fruits, small appliances and other accessories in one drawer at the same time;

Peninsula cabinets: a wealth of choice

Due to the popularity of built-in appliances, the most popular type of kitchen cabinet today is a column. And this is understandable: the number of appliances in the modern kitchen is so great that a person is faced with the question of where to hide it.

Microwave oven, multicooker, combine, oven, dishwasher. and this is not a complete list. Floor-standing AHUs are the fast and optimum solution to this problem.

With their help, you can intelligently plan the kitchen space: and there will be more free space, and it is convenient for the hostess to cook when all the equipment is properly placed, and there is no feeling of clutter.

If you need to hide your fridge, use a tall cabinet with a door.

For apartments with small kitchens the corner cabinet is ideal to save precious centimeters.

White 60x213x57 Wood-fibre board, PVC foil Laminated chipboard Russia art. 10069636

For more information about availability and delivery time please contact the operator!

Delivery to the house entrance within MKAD (with total order up to 6000 ). 500 Free of charge for orders over 6000. Outside the Moscow Ring Road: up to 25 km. 30/km, from 25 km. 30/km. Inside the Third Ring Road. 1 490

Lift: Goods elevator. 450 Passenger elevator. 600 Manual lift to the 1st floor and up. 250 /storey. Hand lifting without elevator of total volume less than 1 (one) cubic meter (poufs, coffee tables, chairs, etc). 100.д. ). 100/storey. Unloading to a private home up to 30 meters from the car to the 1st floor. 450 Over 30 meters the price is negotiable. Lifting-up. 250 1 floor.

Gorenje Built In Oven and microwave oven IKEA METOD kitchen cabinet integrateion step-by-step guide.

Attention! The cost of lifting is indicated for one item of furniture. Items that were not included in the elevator, are lifted by hand for an extra fee. 200 /storey. (the price is indicated for lifting of one item. Example: a table-top, a wall panel over 2400 mm, a mattress, etc.д.)

Assembly: Assembling costs. 10% of the order amount. Cutting under the sink, hob in the worktop. 500 Arrival of the assembler within the MKAD (Moscow Ring Road). free of charge. Pickup beyond the Moscow Ring Road up to 10 km 300 From 10 km. Up to 20 km 600 From 20 km. up to 50 km 1000

You can order our delivery service in Moscow and Moscow region. To other cities of Russia delivery is made by means of transport carriers.

Types of cabinets for ovens and hobs

Furniture for built-in kitchen appliances are made as a separate element of a kitchen set or as a modular. The second option is created in the same style. You come to the store, and together with the manager you assemble your kitchen, like a child’s construction set. There are 4 types of such modules in total.


This type is often used as part of a kitchen set. They can be easily installed along the wall. Large selection of sizes allows you to arrange the whole wall or part of it. It can be completed with corner modules.

If the hob is mounted above the oven, the design of the cabinet may have a drawer above or below the oven.


This shape allows you to place the cooktop or oven in a corner of the kitchen. Manufactured in the form of a trapezoid or triangle (top view):

  • Floor corner cabinet. to install the hob;
  • Corner cabinet. can combine the oven, refrigerator, microwave, additional shelves.

Bowl cabinets

A column cabinet is a compact module for placing appliances on one of its shelves. Can accommodate several options at once, such as the oven and refrigerator, or a stand for the microwave and oven.

  • installation of kitchen appliances is at a level optimal in terms of height of the hostess;
  • Inaccessible to children;
  • will not have to bend over, which is important for the elderly.

Peninsulas in a small kitchen look very bulky, so the best option would be a floor version.


The island location of kitchen furniture can afford owners of large and spacious kitchens, with a total area of not less than 20 square meters. м. In this case, a straight cabinet is installed, which is convenient to approach from any side. Standard minimum dimensions. length 1 m 20 cm, width 0.6 m, height 0.85 m.

The main condition for placement. the distance between the “island” and other furniture is not less than 1 m, for the convenience of passage and cooking behind the hob.

Table-island can be used to create several zones at once. For example: a sink, a hob, a worktop Space underneath the worktop is designed for an oven, refrigerator and dishwasher.

Advantages and disadvantages under the cooktop

Placing the cabinet under the cooktop creates a common cooking area. Particularly relevant design to save space in the kitchen. An undoubted advantage is that this cabinet is suitable for a hostess of any height.

The disadvantage of this layout is that it operates in a bent position. You will have to constantly bow during cooking and cleaning the oven. If your woman has a bad back, you will be left without baked meals.

A cooling vent is located at the bottom of the cooktop. When placing the drawer on top, under the cooktop, there is a risk of blocking the system. If a piece of paper gets caught in this drawer, it is elementarily sucked in and the air flow is blocked.

Within walking distance of you, a cabinet furniture calculation service is placed.

Advantages and disadvantages of cabinet design

The location of the oven at chest level is a comfortable operation of the stove. The hostess enjoys cooking a lot of delicious food. She does not have to bend down to look into the cabinet. And it doesn’t take much effort to clean up.

Perhaps the only disadvantage, when the oven is located in a cabinet, is the difficulty of use for women of small stature. Again, when designing custom furniture, this problem is easily eliminated.

It is necessary to focus attention on strengthening the horizon, on which stands the oven. To do this, you need to screw two slats to the sides of the cabinet, under the supporting horizon. The oven has a decent weight, and without reinforcement there is a risk of collapse of the structure.

Oven cabinet dimensions and assembly diagram

The dimensions of the built-in oven remain the same. Therefore, designing a cabinet you can never go wrong. About 2 years ago, the hinges on the cabinet door were replaced. Now it doesn’t stick out from underneath when opened.

Before you a standard assembly diagram of a cabinet under the oven. Pay attention to the inner sidewalls, they are a must in the construction. they strengthen the horizon. The bottom and the horizon are 20 mm shorter than the sides to ventilate the cabinet. The drawer is not shown in the diagram.

Within walking distance of you, placed a service for the calculation of cabinet furniture.

Here is the standard drawing of assembling a cabinet with an oven. The structure also includes horizontal support brackets. The horizontals above the oven are 20 mm shorter in depth. For free air circulation.

709×578. 1 Rear panel into the groove

The scheme of assembling a cabinet without sides has a number of advantages over other options. No need for reinforcing strips, therefore the drawer is wider. A gap is added to the sides of the oven, and of course less material is used.

509×50. 2 Drawer front and back

Necessary ventilation

Particularly meticulous customers express dissatisfaction with the face gap between the countertop and the oven of 5-6 mm. This gap is necessary for the proper operation of the hob and the oven.

Not everyone knows that in cooking plates there is a cooling system, it is located at the bottom of the design. Through this gap circulates the necessary flow. Air enters through the distance between the plinth and the bottom of the cabinet, wraps around the back of the cabinet, and exits at the top.

The topic of electrical outlets for the oven, I expounded in detail in this article. In which told where and how to install outlets for the oven. Pointed out a frequent mistake. If you are planning to install a cabinet, you must read it.

The oven in the kitchen is one of the important elements and should be well thought about its location. So that in the future not to be sorry about your decision. I hope that my article will help you cope with this task.

If you need details on cabinet or built-in furniture. contact. We will definitely discuss the terms of cooperation and come to a consensus. For a modest percentage for my labor, I will prepare a detailed design for you within an assigned time frame.

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There are 5 main places to put a microwave in your kitchen:

  • It is convenient to place it in one of the compartments of a cabinet, a corner cabinet.
  • In the opening of a floor cabinet with a hinged door under a stove top desk.
  • One of the best solutions would be to put a microwave oven in a hinged cabinet.
  • Installing a recessed microwave in an integrated furniture column above the oven is also a good option.
  • Finally, you can hang the stove on brackets under the corner cabinet in the corner of the kitchen, although this is not directly related to the topic of the article.

Remember that the oven is a heat source, but it must be protected from high temperatures.

If you can not avoid the proximity of the oven, you must lay around the oven insulation in the form of asbestos sheet, mineral basalt board, mullite-silica board (Superisol) or a new environmentally friendly material based on silica (Supersil or Vermokulit). This also applies to the TV and refrigerator.



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