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Often the gas column bosch rotates

The flame in the Bosch gas column is not lit: search for the cause of the malfunction and repair recommendations

One of the highest quality gas columns is the Bosch column, but it can also fail like any mechanism, consider the main malfunctions of the Bosch gas columns.

Very often, the inability to connect to central hot water supply does not allow to provide your house or office with decent comfort. Fortunately, modern gas equipment allows you to create its own heating system. But even despite the fact that problems with gas columns happen less often than interruptions with central water supply, you must always be prepared for such a situation and detect in time for a breakdown.

The reasons

It is worth considering that the breakdowns can be of different nature. For example:

  • The flame did not light up (clicks, there is a spark, but or not no reaction to inclusion at all);
  • goes out immediately or by the incident of a short time (both with automatic and with manual ignition);
  • The fire goes out when trying to turn on water, strengthen the pressure or its weakening;
  • The flame is lit, the water is slightly warm, and then the column goes out;
  • The column claps, cracks, mini-explosions appear when turning on;
  • piezorodzhig does not work;
  • Pierge is constantly working, but when igniting the flame is extinct;
  • The automatic column does not burn, while the smell of gas is underway;
  • When opening the tap, the stem does not move.

The malfunctions of the column can be divided into breakdowns due to external factors, and a purely internal nature. The former are not related to the details within the unit itself and depend on additional details or exposure from the outside (for example, adding temperature).

External factors

  • The most common situation is the lack of traction in the chimney of the column. If you do not clean it, then it will clog with dust, dirt, and combustion products will not find a divert and will extinguish the burner. Then, when the security system is triggered, gas supply will be blocked.
  • An extraneous subject could accidentally be in the chimney.
  • At the unit, a battery or battery could simply be discharged. This type of malfunction exists only in the presence of ignition, which automatically acts on batteries.
  • If the device does not work, after the first installation or due to repair work with the water supply system, that is, there is a high probability that the fishing line for a hot water supply trimmer was simply connected to the wrong place.
  • Reduced water pressure. It is necessary to evaluate the water supply (it will be weakened, the water is poured with a thin stream). The ignition will stop working with weak pressure, so the reason is no longer in the column, but in water pipes. Although, it is likely that the filter installed in front of the column is clogged.
  • A faulty mixer adding too much cold water, so the water in the column itself heats up too much and extinguishes it.
  • Electronics. In modern columns there are a large number of control modules and sensors that control the work of the entire unit. Their malfunctions can lead to the fact that the gas will cease to ignite.

Internal breakdowns

  • Incorrectly configured water heater. Due to the change of seasons, the temperature of the water also changes, so the column must be adjusted, which is often forgotten to do.
  • The membrane on the water node failed. If the membrane for many years, then she could lose elasticity, crack, deform, cover with lime deposits.
  • Blocking filters or heat exchanger soot and drop.
  • The smell or main burner was clogged with dirt.
  • Problems with the gas output sensor.
  • Clapping or small explosions when trying to turn on equipment may occur due to insufficient thrust in ventilation or blockages of different parts of the water heater.

Problems with the faint and their elimination

Most often, the gas burns poorly and goes out due to the fact that the dozes in the litter are greatly clogged with soot and soot

The danger here lies in the fact that gas begins to accumulate in the litter, and sooner or later an explosion may occur. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to clean the smell.

When oxygen is not enough in the combustible mixture, the flame acquires a characteristic yellowish tint

Котел останавливает работу горелки в режиме ГВС что делать ☼ Варианты решения проблемы ☼ Bosch

Instead of blue. The problem lies in the hole clogged with mud, which is responsible for the supply of oxygen.

To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to unscrew and remove the smell. Since in various models of gas columns, for example, Junkers, Bosch or Neva, the fastening of the litters to the columns is arranged in different ways, it is impossible to give one general sequence of actions to remove the fabric. Look in the operating manual for your gas column, how best to do it, and then clean the dose and holes for supplying oxygen using thin wire.

The column fades after the ignition

If it was found that the column began to fade after the ignition, then it is worth paying attention to how this happens: there are any incomprehensible sounds at the same time, the litter will go out immediately after turning on or after some time. Frequent reason. improper operation of the device by users. When such a water heater is in working condition, it is strictly forbidden to open cold water to dilute the hot. This action is a dangerous violation of the rules of its use. It can cause a serious breakdown of the device. The temperature of the liquid is regulated exclusively by supplying gas.

Lack of traction in the hood

As a rule, a contaminated chimney leads to this. During operation, combustion products that settle in the form of soot on the walls fall into it. Therefore, the ventilation channel needs systematic (once a year) maintenance.

Check the presence of traction is simple: you need to bring the lit match to the hood. In the case of its adequate functioning, the flame must evade the exhaust track.

Often the absence of normal traction occurs when plastic windows are tightly closed into the room. they prevent the air flow. In the process of operation, the protective relay overheats, the security system is triggered and the device is disconnected.

Flame ionization malfunction

The fact that the problem is associated with the ionization sensor can be understood by the fact that the column goes out almost immediately. The fact is that it is in constant contact with the fire, in the process of which ions are produced. They, in turn, are responsible for the production of current. And if there are few ions, then the equipment will not turn on normally.

The main signs of a faulty sensor are as follows:

often, column, bosch
  • The burner lights up, but after a couple of seconds it goes out;
  • If then turn on the column again, then it will work a little longer;
  • burn the column will be normal after several in a row of inclusions;
  • This defect is manifested with a rare use of the device.

First you can try to solve the problem yourself. To do this, check the entire wiring connecting the sensor and control board. It is important to make sure that all contacts are working. After that, unscrew the screws, remove the lid and move the heating electrode closer to the center of the flame. This will extend the service life of the part. If these manipulations did not help, then it is better to contact professionals.

The problem in the membrane of the water node

The membrane should be made of elastic material. During operation, its properties are lost, it becomes stiff, cracks and scale appear on the surface. As a result, the part may deteriorate so much that the column will rot.

To eliminate this malfunction, you should examine the membrane and, if it is spoiled, replace.

Advice! At the same time, it is better to purchase a part of the silicone. it will last much longer.

The wick of the gas column rises. the reasons

How the gas column igniter works?

The smell can work out for some time after turning on the water, but it happens that it rowing immediately.

Let’s deal with the reasons for the equipment failure in these two cases. In general cases, the reasons for the equipment failure are in the following points:

Now consider the causes of the failures depending on the time of action.

Why does the smell go out immediately after turning on?

What to do if the litter goes out immediately after turning on?

The interruptions in the work are refused the gas supply mechanism. servomotor/magnetic valve. Node cleaning. temporary measure. A complete replacement of valves will solve the problem.

The reason lies, first of all, in increasing the permissible temperature regime. In this case, the protective plates of the bimetallic control sensor are repelled from each other, turning off the gas supply. Due to this, the column in dangerous mode will not work for more than a minute or two.

The wick goes out after a short time of operation of the column

Why does the smell go out after turning on

Fault elimination tips

Why the gas column does not light up? Waste operation of gas equipment begins with a competent choice of systems, since each manufacturer of gas states has its own “pain points”:

If troubles have begun, you need to act as follows:

The norms for maintenance of gas equipment require hardware testing of malfunctions, and the specialist must have admission to maintenance of networks.

Therefore, in the case of any problems with columns and boilers, home craftsmen services are not the best way out. Trust repairs only to employees of professional certified organizations for maintenance of gas networks and equipment.

Here you can watch a video on how to independently repair the igniter of the gas column:

Often encountered causes of unstable work of Bosch columns

If the Bosch gas column does not light up, you can try to solve the problem yourself. Find out why the column works unstable, you can very easily.

Does not light up

The reason may be insufficient pressure of water, for this, clean all the filters or check the pressure in the main highway, in which case install an additional pump.

The breath flame goes out

It is necessary to check security sensors, in which case connect them, or replace them.

He goes out when mixing

Perhaps the mixer filter clogged, in which case to clear it. Also, the flow of cold water can simply reduce the pressure of hot, for this it is necessary to configure the suitable temperature of hot water on the column.

Go out during work

It is possible to have an insufficient thrust, solve the problem of oxygen access to the burner, as well as seal the burner of the burner.

Possible other reasons

The main reasons why the Bosch column is not ignited are incorrectly tuning gas pressure. To do this, you need to make the necessary setting, and then the burner will burn stably.

Bosch gas column

For stable operation of the column, it makes sense to establish a filter on cold water, this is to prevent the wear of the membranes and clogging of the heat exchanger. also constantly clean the collector of combustion products and heat exchanger.

Important! And most importantly: use a column in normal operating modes. The Bosch column may not be ignited due to various blockages that should be prevented

Many apartments and residential buildings today use gas equipment for heating water. It makes it possible to get running water of a comfortable temperature at any time of the year. However, the current stereotype that “gas speakers in the house is unsafe” protects a large number of consumers from the purchase of HSV. But this is just a prejudice, and modern units have a high class of reliability and safety, and with proper operation they do not pose absolutely no danger to the household.

The problem of lack of hot water is relevant not only in remote villages and towns, suburban houses of the private sector, but also in apartments of apartment buildings. That is why water heaters remain in demand and are in demand.

However, like all technical means, malfunctions appear in gas columns with certain periods of use, which interfere with normal functioning. One of the most common problems is that the flame in the Bosch gas column does not ignite. In our article, we will consider the reasons that cause this problem in various types of gas columns and ways to eliminate them.

Bosch gas column

For stable operation of the column, it makes sense to establish a filter on cold water, this is to prevent the wear of the membranes and clogging of the heat exchanger. also constantly clean the collector of combustion products and heat exchanger.

Important! And most importantly: use a column in normal operating modes. The Bosch column may not be ignited due to various blockages that should be prevented

Many apartments and residential buildings today use gas equipment for heating water. It makes it possible to get running water of a comfortable temperature at any time of the year. However, the current stereotype that “gas speakers in the house is unsafe” protects a large number of consumers from the purchase of HSV. But this is just a prejudice, and modern units have a high class of reliability and safety, and with proper operation they do not pose absolutely no danger to the household.

Possible reasons

In the case of incorrectly attached pipes, the water heater protection system itself covers the supply of gas, which is why it does not turn on. The connection diagram of pipes is very simple:

The gas supply pipe is connected on the left, in the center there is a pipe that supplies cold water, and on the right is a pipe for hot water output.

It is also necessary to make sure that all the cranes of the gas supply of gas supply are in the open position. It may well be that after installing a new equipment, you just forgot to turn on one of them. All cranes with yellow handles should be open.

There is no or poor traction in the chimney.

The accumulated soot that has fallen into the chimney building garbage or other extraneous objects can prevent the removal of combustion products through the chimney, which creates a danger not only for health, but also for the life of residents.

The presence of traction in the chimney can easily be checked on your own. To do this, you just need to bring a burning match to the input hole. If her flame rushes in the direction of the hole, then the chimney works properly. Otherwise, you will have to look for the reason why there is no traction. As you can see, an ordinary match can help eliminate a dangerous malfunction and protect your households from carbon monoxide poisoning.

If there is no traction, make sure that there are no obstacles over the release of the ventilation shaft, for example, a satellite antenna. In this case, the problem is completely solved without seeking help to specialists.

If any external circumstances do not interfere with the correct operation of the chimney, then, definitely, you are dealing with its pollution. What to do in this situation? Of course, you can try to clean it yourself, but there is a possibility of damage to branches from neighboring apartments.

The most likely cause of the malfunction is the increased sensitivity of the thermal relay, the protection of which triggers from overheating, stops the gas supply and the column is dug out.

Causes of breakdowns and their elimination

Despite the simplicity of the design, unpretentiousness in operation, the flowing heater is not insured from breakdowns. If the vector gas column does not turn on, do not panic. There can be several reasons for the problem and most of them can be eliminated independently.

Problem #1. lack of traction in the column

Lack of traction suggests that combustion products cannot be quickly removed from the room. This is a danger to users, so the sensor turns off the gas column.

Sometimes the burner ignites, but immediately goes out. This can be when there is not enough air to burn gas-the flame goes out due to a lack of oxygen to maintain combustion.

In any case, first you need to check the thrust, bringing the burning match to a special hole on the case of the column. If the flame is directed inside, then the chimney works normally, combustion products will be quickly removed, and the cause of the malfunction in another. If the flame remains motionless, directed up or towards the user, then you should carefully inspect the chimney, clean it.

often, column, bosch

Together with the products of combustion, soot enters the air. She gradually settles on the walls of the chimney, narrowing his hole. As a result, traction disappears. The problem is solved by thorough purification of the chimney

Problem #2. difficulties with water pressure

Another reason due to which the household gas column of the vector of the brand is not lit is low pressure of cold water or its complete absence. Before you start a search for a solution to the problem, you need to make sure that cold water is supplied without interruptions, evaluate its pressure. With insufficient water pressure in the system, the solution of the issue may be the installation of the pump or replacement of old, clogged pipes.

If there are no problems with water supply, it is worth moving on to inspection of the column. The solution to the issue may be adjusting the water supply to the column. To do this, it is necessary to fully open the appropriate crane.

Another cause of insufficient water pressure in the column is the clogged filter. To examine it, it is necessary to block the supply of water and gas with valves, spin the nuts, rinse the net. If you can’t clean it, you will have to replace the filter.

It takes a few minutes to inspect the filter. However, in some cases, one washing is not enough, a complete replacement of the part is required

Problem #3. insufficient gas pressure

Sometimes gas pressure is not enough for the ignition of a running column, its normal operation. However, this problem cannot be solved on your own. You need to contact the gas service.

Problem #4. lack of ignition when turning on

The presence of an electric ignition system provides the comfort of the operation of the gas column, excludes the use of a wick that is constantly on. However, it is this element that can cause a malfunction of the device.

When opening the crane, an automatic ignition should work. This action is accompanied by a characteristic crack. If the ignition does not work or the spark is too weak to make the gas tanned, the column cannot connect. Replacing batteries will help to solve this problem.

For the uninterrupted operation of the flow water heater, batteries are needed. Когда элементы питания разряжаются, не срабатывает электророзжиг, колонка не включается

Problem #5. the presence of blockages in the tubes

Water, gas passes through the gas column of the vector during operation. Using filters allows you to clean them of unnecessary impurities. However, the presence of blockages can cause the device simply does not turn on.

However, the filter is not always capable of leading water to an ideal state. Soluble salts fall together with the liquid into the heater, settled on the walls of the heat exchanger. As a result, the patency of thin tubes is violated.

Experts eliminate the scale with specialized reagents. A home master can cope with it using a solution of citric acid or vinegar. To clean the heat exchanger, it is necessary to remove it, place it in a warm solution with the addition of vinegar. You can also use special purchased funds. “Chemistry” designed to clean heat exchangers.

It is better to entrust the elimination of the heat exchanger blockage to qualified masters, since the tubes are fragile and, in the absence of specialized skills, they are easy to damage

We spoke in detail about the cleaning and repair of the heat exchanger in the next article.

Reasons for attenuation after fire

If the gas column rogues or operates unstable, it is necessary to establish the cause of the malfunctions. For these purposes, you need to find out what provokes the occurrence of failures in the functioning of the device. Often the device does not turn on for:

  • the inclusion of the indicator that fixes the gas leak;
  • Difficulties with a chimney;
  • valve breakdown;
  • Fall clogs;
  • attenuation of the main burner;
  • too strong ventilation;
  • thermocouple opening;
  • Damage of the Automatic system.

Important! If the column smokes, turns off or does not ignite at all, it is possible to try to solve the problem yourself. However, it is optimal in such a situation to call a specialist.

Flame ionization sensor breakdown

When the device turns on and begins to go out, by 70% in this “wine” indicator of ionization. This component regularly contacts fire. Ions that are developed during combustion are pulled to the sensor and produce current. When there are enough ions, the device will work. When they are not enough, the column is turned off.

  • The wick goes out after a few seconds after settling;
  • During the re.launch, the column functions longer;
  • The device should be turned on several times and it will function normally;
  • difficulties arise only after a long break.

Important! It is required to conduct an inspection of the wiring passing from the part to the board. For this purpose, contacts are checked. Next, fixing screws are unscrewed, a heating electrode is placed in the hottest place of fire.

A similar technique extends the life of the indicator for years. When everything is normal with contacts and connecting, you need to replace the element.

Wear of the water knot membrane

The effective functioning of the device will depend on the serviceability of each node and the mechanism. The membrane in such a heater is one of the most important components, but after time there is a wear.

A flexible membrane will be at the base of the node, respond to changes in the pressure of the system. Когда откроется смеситель, элемент из резины под давлением выгнется и вытолкнет шток. He will launch a gas valve, as a result, fuel will enter the burner.

Important! With the intensive use of the membrane, the membrane will wear out. The rubber will stretch, be salted and damaged. As a result, the fuel will not go inside the burner: the device does not start or lights up, but immediately fades.

  • Gas and water pressure. The crane opens, you need to calculate how many liters will be spent per minute. There will be 2-3 liters within the norm. Gas supply can be recognized visually, looking at the fire.
  • The position of the fire. In devices with fittled ignition, the flame burns from the edge, has a height of at least 30-50 mm. If not, then the jerklers are checked for clogging. At the end of the cleaning, you need to look at the fire again. When the situation has not changed, difficulties in the diaphragm.
  • Roofing speakers should click while pressing the button. This means that the diaphragm works. When there are no sounds, probably the part is broken.
  • In a number of models, the stem that controls the functioning of the control unit helps to install a breakdown. The protective cover is removed and water opens. When the rod is immobilized, you need to replace the diaphragm.

When the breakdown is found, you need to choose the right interchangeable part.

The wick was clogged with dust

In products with a carrier, such an element is often clogged. The fire will become weak, a yellowish tint will appear. However, the change in the color of fire also indicates a lack of air in the gas.air mixture.

Bottom line. the column either does not set fire to the burner at all, or performs functions when a large volume of fuel arrives. In the last situation, a certain click is felt. To clean the element, 2 screwdrivers and a divorce key are required.

  • The housing is removed. the adjusting handles are pulled out, the bolts are unscrewed in the corners from the bottom, the lid is lifted and removed.
  • The rod sensor tube is unscrewed and the one that pulls up the fuel.
  • The screws are removed, the design is disassembled.
  • The nozzle is cleaned, the tee is blown, assembled.

Blocking is in the traction indicator, in view of which the litter begins to smoke. When dust and dirt are removed, the smell lights up with stable blue fire.

Important! When the column is cleaned, the device is somewhat noisy. The sound will be made by air absorbed through the gaps in the guide cover of the wick. It is possible to get rid of noise if you tighten the wick slightly with screws.

The reason for the extinguishing when releasing the button of the ignition

To know why the column can wander when the ignition button is released, you need to study its device. Provoke the extinguishing of fire of the burner is capable of discharge of nutritional elements. When the device has an auto-outlet from the generator or battery, the user will need to change them to new ones, by checking the “Launch/Disabling” button in advance.

Dissolled batteries also prevent the operation of the gas column. The problem is characteristic of foods with piezo. The key is kept at least 10 seconds.

Why does the column go out after turning on

There are several reasons for the attenuation. To determine the malfunction, you need to pay attention to the duration and intensity of burning flame. The following signs will help to identify the cause of the failures in the work: if the gas column turns on and immediately goes out, the breakdown is eliminated by the replacement of the servo, the electromagnetic valve or the flame ionization sensor. Repair work requires involving a specialist.

Another common malfunction is due to the fact that the flame does not fade right away, but after a few minutes of work. Finding out what is the cause of the malfunction should pay attention to the following features: the main reasons that the gas column goes out during operation: after eliminating the described violations related to air circulation in the room and the need for good thrust, as well as the replacement of the overheating sensor, the water heater will continue to function in regular mode. The column will cease to turn off regardless of the duration of the work.

Turns off in the “shower” mode. the reasons

The automatic column works as follows: when switching to a shower, the pressure in the hot water is reduced. With a slight pressure of water, the column is turned off. Installing a special pump that stabilizes the pressure in the water supply pipeline will help to solve the problem. You can additionally check the condition of the mixer. The burner can be disconnected due to accumulation of garbage in a shower watering can.

The instructions for the water heater indicate that it is extremely undesirable to dilute hot water supplied by a cold column. It is recommended to immediately set a comfortable heating temperature.The gas column goes out when it is turned on cold water due to the decreased pressure in the pipeline. Inside the water heater there is a protection system (water node) that prevents water overheating. With low water pressure, gas supply is turned off, the flame goes out of the flame.If this happens at normal pressure, it is necessary to change the gasket of the gearbox (water node). Membrane wear occurs due to prolonged operation of the water heater. The gasket may lose elasticity due to low water quality.You can solve the problem in two ways: proper operation of the water heater will help solve the problem associated with disconnecting when mixing hot and cold water.

Розпаковуємо газову колонку Bosch Therm 4000 S WTD 15 AME (7736502893)

Checking the electromagnetic valve of the column

If the help of the paper clip did not help, check if the electromagnetic valve works, which has a resistance of about 0.2 Ohms. Check it in the following way: supplied to the winding voltage with a capacity of 20-30 mV at a current of 100 mA. This mode is easily created by any finger battery or battery and a 100 m resistor. Bather the wick and remove the hand from the handle of gas adjustment. The wick must continue to burn. When the battery is turned off, the flame should dash. Ate these conditions are met, which means that the electromagnetic valve is working. Hence the conclusion: the thermocouple is broken. If you fail to find a short circuit or bad contacts with an external examination, then it is recommended to replace the thermocouple.

When buying a device, it is worth paying attention to the indicators of the minimum water pressure, which is required for the normal functioning of the device. Passport data must be compared with the pressure of the water pressure in the apartment.

For the column to work properly, it is necessary:

  • once a year or more often conduct preventive work;
  • Inspect the chimney a couple of times a year and clean it, if necessary;
  • clean the details from scale, soot;
  • Provide sufficient ventilation.

And don’t forget to change batteries in time.

What to do to prevent breakdowns?

In order to avoid such troubles, at least once a year the following actions must be taken:

  • engage in checking and cleaning the chimney;
  • replace nutrition elements in a timely manner;
  • clean the components of the device from soot and scale;
  • provide appropriate air circulation in the room.

Yes, there are many reasons why the gas column goes out. Maybe not all of them are described here. But in most cases, you can cope with trouble yourself. If indecision prevents you, then welcome to the service center.



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