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Non -standard air conditioning installation in the apartment in a glazed

how to install air conditioning in an apartment through a balcony

Comfortable conditions for living in the apartment are created by air conditioning. Its purchase does not solve all problems with air conditioning in the premises, since only the correct installation of climate technology ensures its effective operation.

When the model of the split system is selected, the external unit on the facade part of the house is considered a convenient option. Unfortunately, there are cases that this option is impossible, and only the installation on the balcony solves all the problems.

About air conditioners

Modern air conditioners are produced in different types.

The inside of the system is located anywhere in the room, it works silently and is controlled remotely.

The outer part of the system compresses the freon, and transfers it to the inside. Warm air from the condenser of the inner unit is inflated by the fan. The outer block is hung outside the room, it is very voluminous and works with noise.

Selecting a room for installing air conditioning

The installation of air conditioners in the main rooms is certainly desirable. Thus, you can maintain the desired temperature in those rooms where you are most often. At the same time, if necessary, coolness from the rooms, provided that the door will enter the corridor, and therefore you can create certain temperature conditions here. For example, before the arrival of guests, you can cool the whole apartment in this way. At the same time, this should not be done, there is no urgent need for it. Still, you bought air conditioning for a specific room and, cooling parallel to the corridor, it can exhaust its resource faster, since it is simply not designed for an additional area.

Some people still prefer to buy powerful equipment for installing it in the corridor. At the same time, they expect that the equipment will cool and all the rooms, since the air masses will dissipate the apartment. There is a deal of truth in it. Really the total temperature in the apartment will become lower. However, this method will not allow creating a fixed temperature in a certain room. At the same time, the corridor will be cold and can create certain health problems

Air conditioner corridor

Choosing a place for air conditioning in the kitchen

The biggest mistake that an inexperienced owner of the air conditioner can make is to install it over the gas stove. In this case, not only the air conditioner will have to be tight, because he will constantly get down from the desired mode of operation due to warm air masses near him. But even before it breaks, you will faced the problem of blowing the flame of fireproof with a powerful air flow emanating from the air conditioner.

Air conditioning in the kitchen

It is strictly not recommended to direct the stream of chilled air to the dining table or chairs. If you have a small kitchen, choose the most compact model. Perhaps the best choice will be a mobile air conditioner.

Requirements for the location of the air conditioner

The effectiveness and long.term service of the air conditioning service is affected by the place of its placement. There are some requirements for the installation of split equipment, which must be taken into account during installation work.

Basic installation rules:

  • Between the ceiling and the inner block, a hollow space should remain at least 15 cm high.
  • There should be a distance of at least 10 cm between the nearest vertical surface.
  • The internal block cannot be installed under shelves, cabinets and other vertical surfaces, as well as over devices that release heat.
  • Direct sunlight should not fall on the interior block of the split system.
  • A strong outrage of freon tubes connecting the external and internal block is not allowed.
  • It is advisable to choose a convenient place to install the air conditioner so that it is as accessible as possible for maintenance.
  • Try not to create a long route of communication systems between the internal and outdoor unit, which will require refueling by freon.
  • It is better to mount air conditioning at the repair work stage.
  • It is undesirable to install a cooling device opposite the entrance to the room.

Where is it better to install air conditioning in the apartment

It is very important to choose the right place to install the air conditioner in living space. He must create a pleasant coolness for living, without causing hypothermia with the development of colds. Consider different options for installing a split system in apartments.

One.room apartment

In a 1-room apartment, you can install a multisystem with two internal placement blocks and one external or several air conditioners with a separate installation in each room.

Another good option is the installation of a channel system using low.water equipment. The only nuance is a more expensive installation that has some features.

An economical option for a 1-room apartment is the installation of a wall split system, covering the entire area of ​​the interior with air flows. But it should be understood that in the room where the equipment will be installed, the temperature regime will always differ from the air temperature in other rooms.

Two-roomed flat

It is best to install air conditioning in two.room apartments in the largest room in the area. This will provide uniform distribution of chilled air through other rooms in the apartment.

Before choosing a place for installing the air conditioner in a 2-room apartment, carefully study the room placement plan. The best place for installation will be the room that is directly related to other rooms in the apartment. And also take into account the need to direct the air flows from the air conditioner to the doorways of adjacent rooms.

errors when installing and connecting the air conditioner in the apartment.

How to install and connect air conditioner yourself? Let’s be honest with ourselves and answer this question directly, even if we are talking about a low.power household version. no way.

If you do not have special equipment (roller, dynamometric keys, vacuum pump and much more), skills in working with them, then do this for the first time with your own hands, you will be unlikely to succeed.

As a result, after a certain period of time, you still have to call specialists and redo everything.

Why then this article? In order to inviting the installer or a team of air conditioners, you can independently control the quality of work in the process of their implementation, and be sure that your air conditioner will work for a long time and without any problems.

How does work begin? First of all, select a place for installing the air conditioner and mark the hole for laying interchange communications.

Next, proceed to the drilling of the through opening on the street. For this, a boat is used at least 800 mm long and with a diameter of 45mm.

For powerful air conditioners over 2.5 kW, a 80mm drill may be needed.

In order to avoid the formation of dust in the room, with an economical version, a plastic bag is hung under the place of drilling.

Professional installers have long been using a construction vacuum cleaner for this case.

However, with wet drilling strong concrete walls, no protection and vacuum cleaners will save you.

This hole after laying through it all communications is subsequently disconnected.

In this case, the condensate will be excreted unhindered, and the water will not accumulate and does not mold in the drainage.

It is not right. The fact is that when drilling in a pre.intended place, you can accidentally get to the reinforcement.

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As a result, the hole will have to be transferred. Because of which the air conditioner itself inside the room will shift a few centimeters.

This will create the maximum bias for trunk pipes, and will help to avoid oil entering the evaporator.

Put on the installation plate strictly in level.

In this case, the distance from the ceiling to the air conditioner should be at least 10cm. This provides a good fence of air and free installation-demonstration of the internal unit.

For reliable fixation, use high-quality dowel-grooves 640mm or 832mm.

Next, you can proceed to the installation of the outer unit. Mark the mounting points of the bracket.

Again, do not forget about the level.

A 12mm bror with a 12mm brown. Then fix the bracket dowel with nails 1280mm.

Fasten reliably, especially if the condo hangs from the side of the house where the passing part or sidewalks are located.

The distance from the rear wall of the outer block to the wall of the building should be at least 10-20cm. Although much here will depend on the performance of the fan.

Where to place an external block, under a window or side. a matter of aesthetics and ease of operation.

Many people do not like unnecessary meters of a dangling cable and the tubes hanging along the wall. In this case, the lateral location is selected.

Although competent installers and cable and a freonenth, they can lay it very beautifully. Much already depends on the level of professionalism of performers.

Air conditioning under the window is a little easier to serve than on the side. Especially if in a few years he has completely rusted bolts. In this case, you can’t do without a tower or climbing equipment at all.

When installing the block on the side of the window, it will not be superfluous to be safe. The order here is like that.

Raise the air conditioner to the windowsill. Pass the rope into a drilled hole, stretch it from the street and tie it behind the block.

The partner is insured by this rope air conditioning, and you install it on the brackets. Until the bolts are tightened, it is better not to uninstall the rope.

Upon completion of work on the installation of an external unit, proceed to the preparation and laying of inter.block communications.

For a standard air conditioner with a capacity of up to 2.5 kW, you will need the following materials:

Meet the required length of the freonomagistral, leaving the stock that will go to the ring behind the external unit.

With long lengths, the hydraulic loop creates additional resistance to Freon and only interferes with the operation of the air conditioner! Although some do it anyway, supposedly to reduce noise.

How to install air conditioning yourself

So as not to languish from the heat in the summer, and in the cold period to heat the rooms, you planned to purchase an inverter or ordinary split system. over, you want to put and connect it yourself in order to save on professional installation (which is not always the same).

Our publication has 2 tasks: to tell how to correctly install air conditioning with your own hands and analyze how it is advisable economically. Let’s go in the reverse order and first compare the costs with your own and custom.made installation, and for this we list.

Air conditioning on facade glazing

Currently, very often in construction architecture there is glazing of facades, in which the entire area of ​​the facade of the building is glass, fastened with an aluminum profile. This design of the structure implies some features of the location and installation of communications systems. The nuance of the installation of the air conditioner is not an exception, since any modern building should provide residents with comfortable conditions.

Even before the construction, in the design documentation, the developer must provide for the installation sites of air conditioners. It can be the boxes inside the building, located at the facade itself with a window on the street and doors for easy access to ventilation during maintenance.

And there may be special baskets protruding from the main surface of the facade of the building, where the compressor or the same external body of the split-spaces is placed, as in the “”. And then the installation of the air conditioner will no longer be difficult, and the appearance of the building will not be spoiled, since the described baskets will be in harmony with the general style of the house, because they are planned and made by the developer himself according to their project.

If an apartment building is built in a modern style of a completely glass fence, then such special devices must be in every apartment so that in the future the residents of the house do not have to solve a difficult task of installing the air conditioner. Such options for equipping the building with specialized equipment for the installation of the external parts of air conditioners provide an unchanging type of the entire structure, since the numerous and various hulls of split systems will be hidden behind the same shields.

Installation of air conditioning inside the balcony

If it so happened that the developer did not plan and saved on the installation of special “s”, then the possibility of installing the external body of the split system to the facade with continuous glazing becomes very difficult due to the design features of the building. Here the residents of such a house can only help the installation of the outer part of the air conditioner on the balcony.

At the same time, you will have to encounter some difficulties when operating the equipment installed in this way.

Since in this article we consider the completely glass walls of the building, it is natural that the balcony on which the split system compressor will be installed is completely closed. But in a closed space, negative consequences of the operation of this equipment may form. When operating the air conditioner, the system will quickly heat up and automatically turn off, since the compressor needs a continuous air flow.

Therefore, it is imperative to constantly keep the windows of the balcony open, and it is also necessary to have an opening sash opposite the equipment itself. During the installation of the split system on the balcony closed on all sides, it is necessary to ensure forced removal of hot air, as well as the acquisition of a more powerful air conditioner. This will require additional financial costs.

And another disadvantage of this system of installation of air conditioning products is that the sounds made by equipment will be heard in the room associated with the balcony.

But, despite all the above difficulties that you have to encounter when installing the air conditioner compressor in the balcony space, this method will solve the problem of mounting the split system in the presence of non-standard facades of the building from the glass, as well as when banning the management company or the owner of the house to change the appearance of the structure.

Examples of works by masters for installing air conditioners

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The installation of the air conditioner is not easy, it requires certain knowledge and skills. It is on the installation by 90% that the quality and life of the device depends. If errors are made during installation, then they will be much more difficult to fix them. For this reason, it is better to immediately contact a specialist who has special equipment and skill. The pro-pro service presents about 450 qualified masters who will install a split system or a classic mount at the highest level. Users who have already addressed professionals leave reviews on the site, they will help to decide on the choice of a mounter. If you are interested in how much the service costs, then it is quite dangerous to mount the upper part, so exclusively professionals do this. To exclude malfunctions in the system and ensure the effective productivity of the device, the outer unit is located strictly horizontally.

Basic Rules

Air conditioning is not a single block, as it was once. Window air conditioners are produced only in a very limited number. The principle of operation of the split-focus-heating the freon during its liquefaction and sharp cooling during evaporation. The heat in the outer block is blown away by the fan in the outer block on the street, and the cold with the second cooler in the inner, already in the room itself. It is impossible to hang an internal block closer than a decimeter to the ceiling. it will create an additional obstacle for the fastest and efficient cooling of air in the room.

You can not direct the flow of cold air to those places where people are often located. a sofa, a written or computer table, an interior door and another. You or your family members risk catching a cold, and sharp temperature changes weaken the body’s defenses.

By placing an internal block above the cabinet or in other places where a lot of dust is going, you risk breathing in this very dust every time when starting the device. The place for installing an internal unit should be easily accessible. for the purposes of lightweight and accelerated prevention or repair.

Where to install?

The external block of the split-focus cannot be placed on the wall of the building, which is an architectural-historical heritage. The owner of a high.rise building, a housing coat, can also a ban on the installation of any extraneous items, household appliances and electronics on the walls. Installation on the balcony with glazing (or without glazing). the only way out.

The outer installation, as well as the installation on the wall, can interfere with the neighbors. External blocks create a decent noise comparable to street-60-70 dB.

If one of the last floors is often exposed to a gusty/storm wind, then the air flow huddling in the front side of the block slows down the fan, which is why it may break prematurely.

Summer heat, solar ultraviolet radiation lead to premature shedding of insulation, cables and gaskets that are components of the device. Frequent rains, proximity of the house to the shore of the sea or ocean can lead to the iron casing and all steel parts and components of the outer block, including its suspensions, will rust through and roll around through. With a storm, excitement at sea lifts into the air the train of the smallest spray of salty water, which are carried by the wind in all directions.

The parapet may turn out to be, for example, near the poplar, which has grown up to the 7th floor and with its branches, when swinging in the wind, the outer block hurts. The autumn leaf fall causes the skidding of the leaves in the inside of the unit that close the technological slots and gaps. The heating main for the air conditioner, that is, the Freon circulation tube, should be the minimum possible length. The same applies to the water condensate removal node, which should not drain on the facade of the house, balconies or loggia of apartments located under your.

The parapet of an ordinary or stained glass balcony is exposed to parasitic vibrations, over time destroying the balcony. So that the whole structure does not collapse, additional brackets must have a damper (shock absorbers), in the simplest case, the layers of rubber.

On a glazed balcony, the installation of the air conditioner on the outside on the parapet is recommended. when the windows of a glazed balcony or window do not open. Make sure that the design of the suspended part of the balcony is quite reliable: the weight of the outer unit, depending on the power, reaches 60 kg.

When the outer block is installed on the outer wall of the house going on the balcony, make sure that the wall itself is quite strengthened. Despite its thickness and materials from which the supporting walls of the house are built, the wall can pass noise. It will require indoor wall sound insulation.

The drainage tube is installed in a place that allows not to drain the drops of water along the facade. The best way is to take this runoff to a home flower garden or sewer.

The mobile air conditioner needs only holes to supply fresh air into the outlet block and the output of the heated (worked out). The disadvantage is an increased noise level, as in the case of an old format window air conditioning.

Is it possible to install air conditioning on the balcony

Installing external blocks of split systems on the balcony is quite possible. These parts of the living space are the property of the owner of the apartment, which has the right to independently resolve this issue, without receiving permits from administrative bodies and owners of the LCD.

Advantages and disadvantages

The installation of the air conditioner on the balcony has undeniable advantages. Consider them.

  • The outer unit will not interfere with the neighbors;
  • Atmospheric precipitation and direct sunlight will not fall into the air conditioning, and the risks of mechanical damage to the module are also excluded;
  • free access to the internal systems of the unit, which will allow the most convenient to clean and other repair and preventive work;
  • the length of the highway is reduced;
  • Reduced costs for the installation of equipment due to the lack of the need for expensive high.rise work on fixing the block.

Air conditioning installation rules on the balcony/loggia

The installation of the air conditioner on the balcony and loggia does not have distinctive features from the installation performed on the facade of the building, but there are still some nuances on which the quality and efficiency of the climatic device will depend.

  • the balcony or loggia should not be glazed (recommended requirement);
  • the presence of free space for installing the unit, it should not be next to other objects that prevent free air circulation;
  • The height of the module is at least 10 cm from the ceiling surface or at least 30 cm from the floor (if the block is planned at a small height, closer to the floor surface).

You also need to think about where the condensate will drain. The best solution will be the installation of a gutter for the removal of liquid outside the balcony or to the sewer pipe.

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Photo installation of air conditioning on the balcony with glazing

Installation of an external air conditioner unit by industrial mountaineering in a specially designated place.



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