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Navien boiler does not gain the set temperature

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Lack of heating

The first thing is to clean the heat exchanger. At home it is customary to use citric acid, toilet bowl cleaners and special liquids (if available). Before you clean a gas boiler Navien, you need to dismantle the heat exchanger and pour a suitable solution into it. After a short pause, it is washed out with a large head of water.

Navien’s combi boiler can’t get to desired heat the thermostat is calling for. FIX

The same procedure should be performed with the heat exchanger of the hot water circuit, if you have problems with heating hot water. In the case of particular contamination, it is easier to install a new exchanger. To avoid scaling, it is recommended to get a system of cleaning and softening of tap water.

Possible causes

There are cases when you bought a new boiler, installed it and started using it. But it starts switching on and off by itself. Of course, it must regulate itself, but there should not be frequent shutdowns. In this case you need to understand the reason. That means that there is something wrong with it. If the device is frequently turned off and on, its service life is significantly reduced due to the wear and tear of the working parts. And, consequently, the boiler will fail.

There are several reasons for frequent switching off of the boiler. But if you do not understand gas boilers, it is better to address to the expert.

  • Boiler capacity is designed for a larger area than you have in the room.
  • Circulation pump is not installed correctly.
  • The boiler is not chosen correctly.
  • The thermostat in the room is absent. The boiler is regulated by the temperature of the heat carrier.
  • The temperature range is incorrectly specified.

The problem is not complicated, but sometimes it makes it necessary to replace the gas boiler.

Error 16 can occur if the three-way valve malfunctions. If there is a breakage, the boiler can not switch between DHW and HTW modes. But you can try to fix it yourself.

  • contamination of the system;
  • The microswitch is broken;
  • The motor is broken (low resistance, breakage, short circuit);
  • Destruction of gear wheels.

Only in the case of contamination of the system will be enough to clean it, so that the error 16 will disappear. In other cases, it is necessary to buy new parts.

For a clearer understanding of the situation, it is necessary to understand the principle of operation of the boiler. Two-circuit gas wall boilers such as Baxi or Ariston consist of several components. The gas part is responsible for burning the incoming fuel, the water part provides the supply of hot water from the heat exchangers in the heating system, the smoke removal part is responsible for removing the products of combustion outside the home.

Depending on user settings temperature sensors set the mode of water heating. A sensor on the return pipe turns the boiler off, depending on reaching the required temperature set for the return. However, the system pump does not stop working until the heat exchanger temperature has dropped.

This is to prevent the water in it from boiling. As soon as the coolant cools to the limit, the electronics will send a signal to turn on the water pumping and the gas valve. The whole process will start all over again. When you open the tap in the mixer in a two-circuit boiler, the flow sensor reacts and informs the electronics of the need to switch the three-way valve to DHW heating mode.

When the hot water tap is turned off, the heating mode is reversed. Some manufacturers provide heating of both heat exchangers at periodic switching.

The navyen boiler quickly reaches the temperature and turns off

Frequent actuation and shutdown of the heating boiler is a fairly common problem. It occurs in different models of boilers from different brands. The main thing is to detect and correct it in time. We suggest to see why the gas boiler frequently turns on and off and how to proceed if the unit doesn’t work correctly.

Failure. often the result of improper installation, failure to comply with the rules of operation. If you see that the equipment begins to randomly turn on / off with high frequency, you need to make a diagnosis and repair. Otherwise the service life of the equipment will be greatly reduced due to the rapid wear of parts.


The emergency stop with code 18 is characteristic for NAVIEN Atmo series boilers. The error is interesting because it is not specified in the instructions (in the table of errors) for most models and the user does not understand what to do. The meaning of the problem. in the overheating of the thermostat installed in the manifold of the smoke removal system: to prevent the penetration of carbon monoxide into the room automatic protection blocks the boiler Navien. Sensor control is different inertia, for its response to the problem takes time: measured in seconds and depends on the series of heating unit.

Troubleshooting and repair of boilers NAVIEN

Carried out the installation and installation of gas boiler Navien Ace 24k coaxial. I read in the manual, that when the air temperature is set, the water will heat to the temperature set in the mode of operation at the temperature of the heating element. Something does not work. I am doing it like this. I set the temperature of hot water to 65, for example, the boiler heats up to 65. Switching to air temperature control mode. The appliance begins to heat up to 80 and continues to do so until the air temperature reaches the desired temperature. What do I have to do? Or there are inaccuracies in the manual?

It’s not the boiler, it’s the remote control. Take the remote off the bracket, there is a sticker on the back, you have version v1.0, and you need v1.2 or v1.3.

Can anyone tell me what the problem is with the boiler? On the screen shows error 02. Checked the flowmeter, it works, the three-way valve also works. It feels like it is not opening the gas supply.

Check the overtemperature sensor and the pump. If the pump works, the heat transfer fluid circulates, the heat exchanger could be blocked.

I want to commission a wall mounted boiler Navien Deluxe 16K. Plan to do the start up by myself. Advise stages of these works. About adjusting the gas pressure is clear, there is a U-shaped liquid manometer, I will check. 1. The system should be filled to a pressure of 2-2.5 kgf/cm2? 2. I also read somewhere that the boiler circulating pump shaft should be turned with a screwdriver? 3. The air from the CO, in addition to the radiators, where and how to remove? 4. How can I get the unit to debug mode??

Check inlet gas pressure, put the boiler into debugging mode and adjust pressure min. and max. I have 0.6 bar when cold, when running to 1.2. 1.5 rises, I think more and does not need, not the pump, and the screw plug to unscrew and vent the pump when filled with air from the system (pump rotor I do not turn there is no slot for a screwdriver). The device has an automatic air vent, when the pump starts, the coolant circulates and will slowly expel all the air itself. debug mode dip switches: 1). 1 on the pump will start for 2 hours, and will run the coolant through the CO (drive air out of the system). 2). 1 off., 2 off. 3 on. Boiler switches to forced operation mode for min. We set the power min. gas pressure. 3). 1 off., 2 on. On 3 off the boiler switches to max mode. Set the gas pressure. 4). 1 turn off., 2 off. 3 Turn it off. we are happy that everything was done, the appliance is working as it should be. All manipulations with the DIP switches should be done with the boiler off.

Faulty boiler Navien Ice 24k. When error 02, one solution is to open the top plug on the boiler body. It helps so far. But how to make repairs? Check the gas pressure, expansion tank pumped up, coaxial chimney cleaned (without disassembling) blowing and wire cleaned. Now it works, I close the lid periodically (in a day or two). error 02 again.

Error 02. Insufficient water in the heating system or breakage of the circuit of the flow switch (only turbo). What does the upper plug on the boiler body have to do with this problem? Check CO flow sensor or clogged exchanger and filter.

In operation gas boiler Navien Deluxe 24k Turbo of the old version with a torsion bar. Works on 13K on the temperature of the coolant almost without stroking. 1. What work is included in the maintenance of the boiler? 2. The boiler has started to behave strangely. There are three reasons for this. When heating DHW mode “winter” heats water at a temperature of the remote control to 60 degrees, and the water temperature I decide the mixing of cold. Problems can occur when the water pressure is very low, then it can start overheating, but in general it held fine. Now even if I open a few hot water taps without mixing, the boiler gets up to 75-80 degrees, shuts off, temperature drops to 40-50, it turns on again. The cycle repeats. But at one point may start heating normally, t. е. The temperature starts to hold at 60 degrees. Is 100% not sure if the hot water must be turned off to interrupt the bug, to trigger the three-way valve. When heated for heating, a similar situation is observed. I put the coolant at 57 degrees, it heats it up to 57 and shuts down. It should stabilize at this temperature. Temperature drops to 52 degrees, the boiler turns on and the cycle repeats. Boiler almost always lights up from the 2nd time, started weeks 1.5-2 backwards. Tapped the 3-way valve in the morning, the unit on the heating seems to stand up fine. Yesterday I cleaned the filters in the CO. Adjusted the maximum gas, was too low. It seems to ignite on the first try. The overheating on the DHW is also easier, but one thing is very confusing. At 13K the minimum pressure should be 11mm of water column. I had already completely unscrewed the adjusting screw and the pressure was about 20mm. How in general to be with it and from what depends that there is no possibility to reduce the minimum pressure?

Electronics always have a chance to hang up. It works by temp. in the room and this winter there were two cases where it did not turn on at the bottom threshold. and it went down 2 grams. Also very often there is a different opening interval of gas valves.

Installed and connected a boiler Navien Ace 16K, more than 3 years in use. Error code 10 often appears. How to fix it?

Error 10 indicates that the heat exchanger inside the combustion chamber is clogged. It’s dirt, combustion products that clog the heat exchanger plates. After you clean it the error will disappear. But for the first time it is better to call a master.к. To clean it, you have to remove and disassemble the combustion chamber.

Guidance on the settings of the boiler Navien Deluxe 24k coaxial, on the remote control engineering mode. By pressing the buttons and. You can change the turn-on temperature I set it to 10, t. е. In theory, at a set temperature of 65 degrees after you turn off the boiler should turn on at 55 actual degrees, but it turns on at 41 degrees. What am I doing wrong? I have a remote like 1.30 so I think on the back is just a set of numbers and at the end of 130, and the controller board with 12 dips and two buttons to adjust the maximum gas pressure. I hope many malfunctions are due to adjusted gas pressure purely visually when set to min. power and to the max. I did not see much difference in the flame.

I tried it this way: I turned it on and the burner went out, then I turned it the other way, started the boiler a bit, and everything was fine. When you start it does not bang loudly and stop tapping at the moment of warming up. I made the adjustment myself after adjusting the serviceman, they had an electronic device. True, they set the dips according to the new manual, I think it’s 9kw I have (deluxe 13).

Faulty boiler Navien Ace Turbo 13k. Sometimes generates error 11. Water level sensor. It seems that he does not have this sensor?

Error 11. The automatic valve that fills the system with water is malfunctioning. There is no automatic valve for filling the WHS system with water in these models. The error can occur after three or more times in a row occurrence of error 02.

In operation wall mounted boiler Navien Ice Turbo 24. Works only for underfloor heating, two loops of 110m. I want to install an extra 2580 pump.Won’t the native pump block (slow down the flow)? It may be better to install a jumper instead of the original pump and connect the wires to the auxiliary pump. pump? Maybe you can advise how to connect an extra pump?

No two pumps in one line, either in parallel or with a splitter. I did it the easy way, through the hydrostring. Water divider in front of the manifold and the pump on the supply and no jumper.

We have been using a floor standing gas boiler Navien GA 35kn since last year, to date, no problems seen. But yesterday the boiler itself went out and writes error 03 (no gas supply), I took off the gas hose (yellow), the gas goes. In short, the gas comes to the boiler, and then silence. What could be the cause?

Error 03 can indicate several things: 1. No or low gas pressure. Check the gas line.stove. If the flame on the stove has not changed, you need to check the gas line to the boiler. It is better if it is done by gasmen with a gauge, measure the pressure, and check safely. If you do not know how to handle gas, it is better to call a master. 2. If there is nothing wrong with the gas, you need to look in the boiler either the gas valve (it could be clogged with debris) or the ignition transformer, which gives the spark. In any case, this work must again be done by a master. 3. If at some points the boiler still ignites, then there is nothing wrong with the transformer. You need to check the valve for dirt or gas pressure. Also check all the contacts, wires, that they have not departed. It’s hard to judge from a distance, but in principle it’s something like this.

Please advise on the adjustments of the gas boiler Navien Ase 16 turbo remote v1.3. I can not adjust the run out of the fan. Set it to 30 sec., Still 2 min. spins.

There are two parameters for the fan. Summer and winter, maybe you only change the summer one? You have a board with 12 DIP, possibly a mismatch with the remote, no reliable information, on boards with 10 DIP code 30010973A all changes and configurable. If the temperature of water in CO drops to 10 (according to the sensor in the boiler), the anti-freeze mode is triggered and the pump is turned on. Danger of condensate, which inevitably drips on the TO. I advise you to open the plastic plug on the boiler body at temperatures below 10-15.

Navien Deluxe 13k in operation for 4 years. A month ago it only starts after the third time and sometimes (about once a week) generates error 03. Cleaned the electrodes to no avail. Please advise in what direction to look for the cause.

First of all check the gas pressure. You can’t tell visually without a device, but at least how your gas stove burns. If the fire is good, it means that there is no problem with the gas. Next step is to look at the gas line to the boiler for contamination. You should also look at the gas valve, if there is a lot of dirt in the gas line, the inlet strainer (inside the valve) will be clogged. This work should preferably be done by a specialist, t.к. You can do something wrong. Also, remove the lid of the appliance and try to turn it on./ off. several times in this position. If the boiler ignites, you need to adjust it by air, because the air is the only thing that can ignite the boiler.к. The wrong proportion of air to gas is entering the appliance.

Troubleshooting Nawien Ace 24k turbine boiler. Recently there is a leak. Opened the lid, the primary heat exchanger was damaged. A little bit of flushing did not wait. So the question arose: Is there one option in the store, or are there good and there are “so-so” heat exchangers? And another question: what rubber, grease and other consumables immediately take, because I want to make an audit and replace the little things at once? The boiler is three years old, I installed it myself.

navien, boiler, does, gain, temperature

In my experience, if you saw a leak at the silicone ring connection, just one, then change them all, you will see that they have lost their shape, became oval in section. When replacing the heat exchanger, remove the copper and rubber rings from the old ring and put on the new one if the rings leak. Lubricate with silicone.

Installed in a heating system wall boiler Navien Deluxe 24 gives error 10. Why?

Error 10 means several signs: 1. Check the chimney, if it is clogged and the exhaust fumes can not come out normally, then the protection is triggered and goes error 10. 2. The air sensor on the burner fails. If the boiler is many years old, it is better to just replace it with a new one. 3. The burner fan works unstable. In this case also 10 error. 4. It is often possible not to change the air sensor by adding a silicone tube.

Faulty boiler Navien Ice 16K, error 02 is lit. Low water level in the heating system, the pressure of 2 atm. What can be the problem?

The fact that these models have no coolant pressure sensor, it has a coolant flow sensor, and if for some reason there is no circulation, for example: choked filter, closed tap, clogged heat exchanger, defective circulation pump, etc.п. the boiler perceives this as error 02.

Faults with boiler Navien Ace 16k Coaxial: The impeller collapsed, after replacement, noticed that the operation of DHW is some strange. The problem is this: 1. The first radiators are a little warm. Everything is clear. 3-way valve to be replaced. I will replace it in a few days. 2. After opening the hot water tap. The boiler ignites at full power, heats up to 40 quickly (no matter what temperature is set and hardly dependent on the speed of flow) and turns off, after a second it ignites again, burns at full for a few seconds, then turns off again. (Doesn’t the modulation work for DHW?). Figuring that confused the settings and the minimum gas pressure is too high spent setting of the water pressure gauge. Yes readings were slightly different from those in the fall, but this is due to the fact that after the winter gas workers may not have reduced pressure in the main line (private house, 600 meters to the gas distribution plant, in winter, all heated by gas). Corrected the settings for 16kW, the minimum pressure of 16mm, the maximum pressure of 43mm (H2O), after turning off the setting and switching to heating by the coolant. It was seen that the flame modulated within the set limits. However, after switching to DHW. Pressure went up to 80mm! (of course it was seen that the flame is maximum and heard.) While the resistor on the board forcibly reduced to 50mm H2O. Actually I want to ask: 1. The first radiator is heated when the DHW. 3-way valve to be replaced. 2. The DHW is poorly heated. 60 does not reach, never. Secondary heat exchanger to be replaced. 3. during operation on DHW. the flame instead of modulation and maintaining a set temperature “regulated” by periodic ignition to full power, it seems. (computer? primary heat exchanger?) 4. noise occurring again when closing the tap of the DHW during combustion, the noise is produced by the pump, it sounds like it is boiling water. When removing the hose from the boiler to the DHW line. the hose was clogged with something solid, lamellar (like scale). Could incomplete switching of the 3-way valve be the cause of all the other symptoms?

It is necessary to do a complete check of the boiler and replace the parts: Three-way valve. jamming due to destruction of tappet coating (clean the old one, rebuild it, put it in stock. may still work for some time). Replace secondary heat exchanger. may be clogged with solid fraction. (wash in citric and oxalic acid).

Installed and connected wall mounted boiler Navien Asse 24. Shows error code 03. At this moment it turns on, the flame lights up and then goes out after heating, then it cannot turn on, just clicks and that’s it. Replace the ignition sensor (no use). After several attempts to start it shows error 03. A year ago the master changed the pump, the signs were the same.

The pump has nothing to do with it! Error 03 indicates that the boiler cannot ignite again. The cause could be mainly clogged gas valve with dirt, dust. There is a small mesh inside, it protects from dirt. It accumulates there over time, you just have to clean it out. This is one. 2. If it is clean and the boiler behaves the same, it is not the ignition sensor that needs checking, but the ignition electrodes. They also need to be cleaned carefully. 3. You also need to look at the gas pressure. It should be normal. 4. If the pump does not work, error 02 is displayed. Also to determine whether it is whole, you can unscrew the plastic plug in the center of the pump, you will see the shaft, it rotates or not when you turn on the boiler. If it rotates. The pump has nothing to do with it.

In operation, a boiler Navien Deluxe 13K, the temperature of DHW is always 45 degrees, although the remote control is 30 degrees. The water flow is normal, the central water supply. Can you tell me what to do to reduce the temperature of DHW, too hot water? I think that the DHW is so warm because the water itself is not very cold flowing from a cold tap.

The DHW water is heated above the set temperature, that is, overheated only under three conditions: 1. At a given water flow rate, which is specified by the manufacturer as nominal for this boiler, but at an excessive gas pressure when the boiler operates in DHW mode. The gas valve is not set to the maximum gas pressure that the manufacturer specifies, that is, more gas arrives at the burner per unit time than is needed to heat the cold service water to a temperature selected by the user. Water-norm. Gas-full. 2. The opposite situation. The flow rate (flow rate) through the secondary heat exchanger of service (sanitary) water is less than the value that is considered nominal for this boiler, at a properly adjusted (regulated) maximum gas pressure. Water-little. Gas-norm. The primary cause could be any dirt that increases the flow resistance of the domestic hot water. water in the boiler. Water tap not completely open for domestic hot water. Clogged secondary heat exchanger, clogged filter, water pipes if already clogged. Low inlet pressure of cold service water. Anything that slows down the flow (flow rate). 3. 12. And water. little. And gas. a lot.

Recently purchased and installed a floor standing gas boiler Navien GA 35. Some questions came up: 1) what is the purpose of the HOV temperature controller (on the front panel), if the temperature is set by a remote control? 2) is it possible to reduce the output of the boiler, as I have not yet heated some rooms due to repairs? In wall hung boilers, as I understand it, there is such a function.

The boiler can work without remote control. This is when you need it. To make the boiler work this way, you need to short-circuit the contacts that connect the room remote control to the boiler. (usually orange). 2. Reduce power. there is no sense. If the heating area is less than the planned one, the gas consumption will simply be less in general. Reduce the temperature if you want to save on power, that’s all. I recommend using the mode on the remote control for heating in the radiators. But this is an individual decision, as it is convenient. Simply, with the air temperature mode, the boiler runs at maximum, switching off and on until it reaches the desired room temperature. This mode wears out the boiler more than the radiators.

Breakdown of a boiler NAVIEN Ice 13, shows error 02. What is the reason?

First, for error codes, see the boiler passport. There are transcripts there, some errors you can fix on your own. Secondly, 02 can indicate 2 reasons: a) low water level in the boiler b) poor circulation in the heating system. In this case, check the filters, clean them if possible. Or bleed the air from the batteries.

Installed a Navien Deluxe 20K boiler in the system today after the gas pressure dropped the furnace stopped heating water. After the pressure has stabilized the furnace when restarting gives error 03. The gas tap is blocked but it is in the open position what to do?

Error 03. This is a signal that the boiler for some reason can not ignite. There is not necessarily no gas, but this is the main reason. When starting the boiler during ignition a faint crackling sound can be heard for a few seconds? If yes, there is a spark, but there is not enough gas. Usually after the gas is given again, first comes the air. It does not light. On the gas stove, deflate this air until the gas stove ignites normally. Ideally, there are several things to check in error 03: the ignition transformer or the cleanliness of the gas valve.

In the work of a two-circuit gas boiler Navien Ace 24 kW. Lifetime. 2.5 years. Today I noticed that the hot water temperature does not reach 40 degrees, (set for maximum water heating). Although the water pressure, as before. A week ago the boiler didn’t work for heating. As a result, the temperature in the room dropped from 21 to 16 degrees. Restarting eliminated everything.

Remove the lid and check the boiler in hot water mode by turning on the tap with the mountain. water. In this case, the heating at this time does not work. Feel the heating pipe (metal parts). They should cool down quickly. If it suddenly works both heating and hot water at the same time, it means that the problem is in the 3-way valve. If everything is normal, it means that it is necessary to clean the main heat exchanger from the outside from debris and inside from scale and also check the plate heat exchanger for DHW from the heating side. During this period it could be clogged with the same limescale.

information on models of gas boilers: Features, operating functions, accessories, controls and adjustments, troubleshooting.

Why boiler Navien Ace does not heat hot water

Wall mounted boiler Navien Ace is the leader in sales in Russia. This title he deserved, thanks to its reliability and ease of installation. The manufacturer of this boiler is a Korean company Navien, which, thanks to the introduction of this model on the market, has become the seller of boilers number 1. in the Russian Federation.

Thanks to the modern case design, boilers Navien Ace perfectly look in any interior. But, as well as any other mechanism, the given boiler sometimes needs repair.

The most common complaint about this model. Boiler Navien Ace does not heat water.

This manifests itself in the following way: cold water flows into the boiler, but at the outlet of the boiler. Water is either the same temperature or slightly hotter than the inlet.

Of course, to use such hot water is the most uncomfortable, so the problem must be dealt with.

Since we very often hear a complaint about the gas boiler Navien Ice no hot water, we decided to tell you about the ways to solve this problem.

Traditionally. no one solution to the problem of no hot water.

For heating sanitary water in the boiler are responsible for three modules: a heat exchanger, which directly heats the water, hydro, which switches the boiler from heating mode to water heating mode, and the water flow sensor. Which understands that the boiler began to flow of cold water, and it needs to be heated.

In this article, we will describe these three nodes in detail, and list the actions that will help in case your gas boiler Navien Ais does not heat water.

There are several main causes of this malfunction.

In this case, the boiler enters the mode of heating water, but from the faucet hot water does not come.

If the heat exchanger is clogged, it is necessary to remove the heat exchanger and perform its cleaning. If you notice damage in the heat exchanger itself. It must be replaced.

Second cause. Three-way valve failure. In this case, as well as when the heat exchanger is clogged, when the boiler switches to DHW heating mode, Navien Ace does not heat hot water. It is necessary to produce replace the valve. The main sign of this breakdown is a drop in pressure in the system.

The third reason that Naveen Ice does not heat water. could be a broken water flow sensor. With this failure, the boiler can not detect the flow of water through it. In this regard, the boiler does not go into the mode of heating hot water, and remains in the heating mode.

And now let’s eliminate the faults in the boiler.

How to flush and / or replace the heat exchanger. You can read in another article. Also. In another article, we describe in detail, how to replace and maintain the three-way valve.

Here we will explain in detail how to replace or repair the boiler water flow sensor.

For any manipulation with the boiler, disconnect the boiler from the power supply before starting work.

To proceed to disassemble and determine the cause of the boiler failure, you must shut off the gas valve.

After that you need to close the flow and return cocks of the heating and water supply and drain the water from the boiler. To do this: remove the plug from the filter and drain all the coolant from the boiler.

Then, after removing the fasteners from the water fittings, take the make-up pipe aside and take out the hydro unit.

The cause of malfunction of the waterworks may be in the water flow sensor, namely the magnet, installed inside the waterworks, could be stuck or the rod went sideways and fell out of the water flow sensor.

In this regard, the boiler ceases to see the flow of water, as a consequence of which the boiler Navien Ice does not heat hot water. To solve this problem, you need to replace the hydraulic unit.

How to fix the problem with your own hands

Before you buy a boiler, calculate the correct capacity for your room volume. If the problem is a bad draft, you need to clean the chimney, clean the chamber where the air supply comes from, the furnace chamber itself. If these manipulations did not give results, install a draught regulator.

In case of poor operation due to fuel, you should first carefully study the instructions and clearly determine what exactly can heat your model. Buying a reserve for the heating period, first buy a small batch for a couple of days, and, having made sure of the quality, you can make a purchase for the season. If the reason is the volume of the chamber, make the charge incomplete.



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