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MSI Mystic Light Not Working? Try These 12 Fixes. MSI mystic light sync motherboards


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MSIRGB is an alternative to MSI Mystic Light for controlling motherboard LEDs 5050? LED strips. Unlike Mystic Light, there is no limitation to 7 fixed colours.

Aside from providing a GUI for quickly experimenting with different basic effects, it also provides a scripting interface to create more advanced effects like this one and to auto-run these effects on Windows startup.

Many thanks to nagisa/MSI-rgb which helped me start this project.

NOTE: MSIRGB is in bug-fix only-mode. No new features will be added, so don’t bother asking. Lua scripts already allow you to do whatever you might feel like doing, within the boundaries set by hardware limitations.

  • Check if your motherboard is supported here. If it is, you may proceed. If it isn’t, it’s possible the program won’t work with your motherboard. Other MSI motherboards may be supported despite not being listed. Non-MSI motherboards are not supported and MSIRGB will not run on those. I provide no warranty should your motherboard malfunction.
  • Make sure you’re running a 64-bit release of Windows 10.
  • Make sure you don’t have any anti-cheat enabled. Riot Vanguard and FACEIT Anti-Cheat are known to block MSIRGB from running.
  • Follow the instructions here to download install MSIRGB.

mystic, light, working, these

When you run MSIRGB, you will see this GUI. Here you can experiment with simple effects by changing hardware-implemented settings in your motherboard.

  • Colours: You can choose to change between 8 different colours. The order by which the motherboard switches between them is from left to right, and then right to left, as displayed. You can choose from 4096 different colours (4 bits per channel, hardware limited).
  • Invert channels: RGB values as displayed in the GUI are inverted when shown in the LEDs. This is a setting on the chip that apparently creates more vivid colours.
  • Step duration: This is the interval of time between each change of colour. Possible values are 0 to 511, inclusive.
  • Breathing mode: This is one of the two flashing modes supported by all the motherboards that MSIRGB targets. Breathing mode flashes from on to off and back again by gradually changing brightness. The speed of this effect cannot be changed.
  • Flashing mode: This other flashing mode flashes from on to off and back again instantly, and the speed of the effect can be changed to different preset values.
  • Scripts: Scripts allow you to leverage these hardware-implemented functions to create more advanced effects. While the functionality provided by the motherboard seems minimal, you can create some interesting effects with them. Currently MSIRGB has a few example effects you can download and try: the hue wheel effect, the strobe effect, the police lights effect, the heartbeat effect and the pumpkin effect. New effects are always welcome. Feel free to open a pull request if you’d like to contribute (I apologise in advance for being so nitpicky about code quality).

Scripting interface (for creating effects)

Learn more about how to create scripts and find the Lua API reference in the wiki.

  • Install VC Redist 2019 x64.
  • Download the latest release.
  • Unpack the archive from 2. into any folder.
  • Run MSIRGB.exe. It’ll ask you for administrator privileges. This is required to access the hardware.

This is not an exhaustive list of all motherboards supported by MSIRGB. There may be others not listed here that also work. It may also be the case that some of these aren’t actually supported. Running MSIRGB on an unsupported motherboard and ignoring the warning message on startup may lead to damage to your data or the motherboard. Do it at your own risk.

This repository is archived, therefore this list may be out-of-date. The following list was correct at the time of archival. motherboards may work.

  • B450I GAMING PLUS AC (works)
  • X470 GAMING PLUS (works)
  • X470 GAMING PRO (works)
  • X470 GAMING PRO MAX (works)
  • Z270 GAMING M7 (works)
  • B450 TOMAHAWK (works)
  • B450 TOMAHAWK MAX (works)
  • H370 GAMING PLUS (works)
  • B450M MORTAR (works)
  • B450M MORTAR TITANIUM (works)
  • B450M BAZOOKA PLUS (works)
  • B250M MORTAR (works)
  • B350M PRO-VDH (works)
  • B450M BAZOOKA V2 (works)
  • B450 GAMING PLUS (works)
  • B250M BAZOOKA (works)
  • Z270 GAMING M6 AC (works)
  • Z270 GAMING M5 (works)
  • B360M GAMING PLUS (works)
  • X370 GAMING PLUS (works)
  • B450-A PRO MAX (works)
  • B450M PRO-VDH MAX (works)
  • MPG Z390 GAMING PLUS (works)
  • B450 GAMING PLUS MAX (works)
  • B450M MORTAR MAX (works)
  • B450M PRO-VDH PLUS (works)
  • A320M GAMING PRO (works)
  • B365M PRO-VDH (works)
  • Z370 PC PRO (works)
  • B350 TOMAHAWK (works despite giving warning message on start)
  • B350 GAMING PLUS (works despite giving warning message on start)
  • B350 PC MATE (works despite giving warning message on start)
  • A320M BAZOOKA (works despite giving warning message on start)
  • B350M MORTAR ARTIC (works despite giving warning message on start)
  • B350 KRAIT GAMING (works despite giving warning message on start)
  • X370 KRAIT GAMING (works despite giving warning message on start)
  • B350M MORTAR (works despite giving warning message on start)
  • Z270 GAMING M3 (works despite giving warning message on start)
  • H270 GAMING PRO CARBON (works despite giving warning message on start)
  • B350M BAZOOKA (works despite giving warning message on start)
  • B250M GAMING PRO (works despite giving warning message on start)
  • B350 GAMING PRO CARBON (works despite giving warning message on start)
  • B350I PRO AC (untested, should work)
  • B350M GAMING PRO (untested, should work)
  • A320M GRENADE (untested, should work)
  • B450M PRO-VDH (untested, should work)
  • B450M BAZOOKA (untested, should work)
  • Z370 OC GAMING (untested, should work)
  • Z370 GAMING PLUS (untested, should work)
  • Z370M MORTAR (untested, should work)
  • Z370-A PRO (untested, should work)
  • Z370 GAMING PRO AC (untested, should work)
  • Z270 SLI PLUS (untested, should work)
  • Z270 KRAIT GAMING (untested, should work)
  • Z270 GAMING PRO (untested, should work)
  • Z270 TOMAHAWK (untested, should work)
  • H270 TOMAHAWK ARTIC (untested, should work)
  • Z299M-A PRO (untested, should work)
  • X299 RAIDER (untested, should work)
  • X399 GAMING PRO CARBON AC (untested, should work)
  • X399 SLI PLUS (untested, should work)
  • X299M GAMING PRO CARBON AC (untested, should work)
  • Z270 XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM (untested, should work)
  • H270 GAMING M3 (untested, should work)
  • B250M MORTAR ARTIC (untested, should work)
  • B250M PRO-VDH (untested, should work)
  • B250 PC MATE (untested, should work)
  • H270 PC MATE (untested, should work)
  • 7A78 (revision 1.x, untested, should work)
  • B250M BAZOOKA OPT BOOST (untested, should work)
  • H310M PRO-VL (untested, should work)
  • B360M MORTAR TITANIUM (untested, should work)
  • B360M PRO-VDH (untested, should work)
  • B360M BAZOOKA (untested, should work)
  • H310M PRO-VHL (untested, should work)
  • 7B30 (untested, should work)
  • B360I GAMING PRO AC (untested, should work)
  • MPG Z390I GAMING EDGE AC (untested, should work)
  • MAG Z390M MORTAR (untested, should work)
  • Z390-A PRO (untested, should work)
  • Z390 PLUS? / 7C22 (untested, should work)
  • 7C24 (untested, should work)
  • 7C01 (untested, should work)
  • B450A-PRO (untested, should work)
  • B450M GAMING PLUS (untested, should work)
  • B350M PRO-VDH (untested, should work)
  • X470 GAMING PLUS MAX (untested, should work)
  • Install Visual Studio 2019 with C desktop development tools, C# and WPF support. The project is currently set to use the Windows 10 SDK build 17663, but it should work with any other.
  • Open the solution (MSIRGB.sln)
  • Select debug/release target build.

The code is licensed under the ISC license. the same one that nagisa/MSI-rgb uses. You’re free to use, modify, redistribute and even use it in any commercial projects so long as you keep the copyright notice. Be aware that this means I provide no warranty whatsoever should your motherboard malfunction.


Alternative to MSI Mystic Light for controlling motherboard LEDs, without the fixed 7 colour limitation.

MSI Mystic Light Not Working? Try These 12 Fixes

MSI’s Mystic Light assists in customizing your favorite colors and effects on any compatible MSI RGB peripherals. Although this greatly improves the aesthetics of your gaming setup, this feature may malfunction or sometimes disappear from MSI Center or Dragon Center without any particular reason.

Generally, MSI Mystic may stop working due to conflicts in the MSI software itself. Or you may even experience these troubles due to compatibility, drivers, and hardware issues.

Often, users have complained that the changes they made in the MSI Mystic Light didn’t show up. over, problems like MSI software’s inability to detect the peripherals have also come up. Whatever the issue, this article covers some simple and effective ways to address MSI Mystic Light not working on your PC.

Why is MSI Mystic Light Not Working?

MSI Mystic Light may fail to change colors or effects on your PC case, RAM, graphics card, keyboard, mouse, and several other peripherals. Apart from just that, MSI Mystic Light is sometimes grayed out, or it just disappears from MSI software.

  • One or more devices are simply not compatible
  • Some in-built settings configurations are creating issues
  • Conflicts with applications infected with a virus
  • Outdated MSI software
  • Corrupted graphics card drivers
  • Conflicts with BIOS configuration
  • Corrupted MSI Center SDK tool

How to Solve MSI Mystic Light Not Working

Since there can be several possibilities why MSI Mystic Light isn’t working, you need to take several things into consideration. In this section, we will discuss each of them and try to fix the issues using some simple measures.

If these do not solve your problem, there may be vital errors within your system, or you’ve made some mistakes in the configuration. So, we recommend following each of the below methods one by one.

Check Compatibility

Whether you’re using an MSI DDR, SSD, CPU cooler, power supply, or any other peripheral, one or more might not sync with the Mystic Light feature. This is probably because they do not have a Mystic Light sync-supported motherboard.

So, the first method is to check whether your peripheral is compatible with the Mystic Light feature. To do so, you can directly visit the MSI website and check for all the compatible products.

Check Lighting Issues Within Software

If you’re new to MSI Center, you need to first install the Mystic Light feature before using it. So, if you’re unaware of this, here’s what you should do:

  • Launch MSI Center from Start Menu.
  • If you haven’t installed Mystic Light, you won’t find the Features tab.
    mystic, light, working, these

    To get it, navigate to Features Seticon.

  • Under Installed Items, find Mystic Light and click on the Install button.
    mystic, light, working, these
  • Next, restart the application, and you’ll notice the Feature tab available now.
  • Switch to this tab and select Mystic Light. Now, you should be able to use the feature.
    mystic, light, working, these

But if you had already installed the feature and you’re still unable to use MSI Center, it’s probably because the option is turned off. If so, all the profiles are grayed out, meaning you can’t reconfigure the lighting settings on an RGB keyboard, mouse, fans, motherboard, and more. So, it’s important that you toggle on the Mystic Light option:

mystic, light, working, these

  • Navigate to the Features tab Mystic Light.
  • Just above the profile menu, you’ll locate a toggle switch to enable the Mystic Light feature. Simply press the button, and you’ll be able to make the necessary RGB changes.

If you use Dragon Center, the same thing can happen to you. To enable Mystic Light, you’ll find the toggle switch on the right side of the application.

Try Switching Language

Surprisingly, several users have fixed their MSI Mystic Light module by just switching their language to English on MSI Center. This is probably because it is a new program and is still in the development phase. So, you may experience faults quite often without a specific reason.

Well, it’s pretty easy to configure the language option on MSI Center, and the below guide will help you regarding this:

  • Press the settings icon from the top corner of the window.
  • Under Settings, find the Language option and select English. If that’s already chosen, select any other language.

Uninstall Apps

Some apps may create conflicts with the MSI Mystic light feature. So, we recommend repairing such programs or uninstalling them completely.

Generally, this happens with new apps that are incompatible with your system. So, here’s a simple guide on how to remove such harmful applications from your PC:

    Press Windows R keys and run the following command: appwiz.cpl

Right-click on the application and choose Uninstall.

Update MSI Dragon Center or MSI Center

When the Dragon Center or MSI Center is outdated, most features, including the Mystic Light, may not function smoothly. Thus, you may encounter undesirable lighting issues with the RGB fan, motherboard, and other hardware components. So, in this section, we will guide you on how to update both Dragon Center and MSI Center.

MSI Center

After launching the application, follow the below guide:

  • Navigate to the Support tab and select Live Update.
  • Press the Scan option to search for any recent update.
  • Now, check the update file(s) and click on the Install button.
  • Once the installation is complete, restart MSI Center, and you should no longer have problems with the Mystic Light feature.
  • Finally, we recommend enabling the automatic update feature. To do so, open the app settings and toggle on the Always update option.
  • Dragon Center

    Updating the Dragon Center is quite similar to updating MSI Center. Here are the necessary steps you need to follow:

    mystic, light, working, these

    • Launch the application and choose the support icon from the left side of the window.
    • Now, select the Live Update tab and click on the Scan button.

    mystic, light, working, these

  • Wait until the scan is complete, and you’ll get a list of updates.
  • Check them and press the Install button.
  • Unblock the Application From Windows Defender Firewall

    The Windows Defender Firewall may sometimes treat MSI Center and Dragon Center as anti-spyware programs. For this reason, it blocks unauthorized access to prevent the computer from being affected by possible malware. Thus, you may even get an error message like, “MSI Center has stopped working.”

    If that’s the problem you’re facing, you may be unable to use the MSI Mystic Light. So, we recommend unblocking the MSI software manually:

      Launch the Windows Security application from Start Menu and go to Firewall network protection.

    Next, select Allow an app through firewall.

    mystic, light, working, these

  • Now, find MSI Center – Terminal Server or DragonCenter and tick both the Private and Public options. This opens the ports on the Windows firewall, allowing the application to communicate over a network.
  • Finally, press Ok, and now you should be able to launch MSI Center or Dragon Center normally.
  • Clean Boot Windows

    Clean Boot helps you determine possible faults due to drivers or startup apps. So, if you can’t use MSI Mystic Light even after performing a clean boot, there’s either a driver fault or a start-up app is messing with the MSI application.

    Follow the below guidelines to learn how to clean boot Windows and figure out the culprit:

    • Use Windows R to open the Run dialogue box. Here, run the below command: msconfig
    • Once the System Configuration window pops up, switch to the Services tab.
    • Then, check “Hide all Microsoft services.”
    • Next, select Disable all and hit Apply.
    • Now, move to the Startup tab and click on Open task manager.

    Right-click on each application and disable them. This will stop all apps from opening on startup.

    Reinstall Your Application

    If updating the drivers didn’t work, it’s time for you to reinstall MSI Center or Dragon Center. Generally, the SDK tools are responsible for creating problems in the Dragon Center, and your MSI Mystic Light feature may disappear without any reason. So, here’s what you should do to stop facing such errors:

    • From the Start Menu, open the Settings app and choose Apps from the left panel.
    • Next, go to Apps Features.
    • Now, search for MSI Center or Dragon Center, click on the kebab menu, and select Uninstall.
      mystic, light, working, these
    • Wait for the program to be removed from your computer.
    • Then, search for MSI Center SDK and uninstall it as well.
      mystic, light, working, these
    • Finally, download the setup file and complete the installation.
    • Now, launch the app, and you should see the MSI Mystic feature.

    Check Hardware Connections

    If you face lighting issues in your rig despite properly configuring MSI Mystic light settings, there are probably connection issues with your motherboard. So, we recommend checking if the connectors are properly inserted.

    Furthermore, you may also want to check hardware issues on other peripherals. For example, if there are faulty LED switches, your RGB keyboard may not light up.

    Configure RGB Lighting in BIOS

    If you’re using a different motherboard but have other MSI devices, you can still use the Mystic Light feature to configure lighting on them. However, the RGB settings in BIOS might conflict with the ones you have set using an MSI application. In such a case, you can disable and enable RGB in the BIOS. Here’s how you can do just that:

    • Restart your computer and before your system boots into Windows, use F2, Del, or a dedicated key to get into BIOS.
    • Next, navigate to Advanced Options and locate RGB LED Lighting.
    • Now, turn off both When system is in working state and When system is in sleep, hibernate states.
    • Save the changes and reboot your computer.
    • Again, get into your motherboard’s BIOS and reenable the aforementioned options.
    • Finally, restart your PC and launch either MSI Center or Dragon Center, whatever you’re using.
    • Now, you can start making changes to the RGB lights and effects.

    Update BIOS

    If your BIOS is outdated, there’s a high chance the BIOS RGB configuration and MSI Mystic Light settings may not sync. Thus, even if you make changes, the RGB effect remains the same as before or sometimes turns off. So, we suggest updating BIOS only if your system becomes unstable:

    • Go to your motherboard’s official site and download the latest update file.
    • Next, unzip the file and copy them into a USB device.
    • Now, restart your PC and enter BIOS using a dedicated key.
    • Then, search for EZ Flash, M-Flash, or Q-Flash. Generally, such options are available under the Tool menu.
    • Here, select the USB where you had copied the earlier content.
    • Now, follow the on-screen instructions and complete your BIOS update.
    • Once this is done, you can start using the MSI Mystic Light feature without interruptions.

    Switch From MSI Dragon Center to MSI Center

    If neither of the above fixes works on MSI Dragon Center, you should try using MSI Center. This is a new program launched by MSI to provide additional features and can solve your MSI Mystic Light issues as well.

    However, you need to uninstall the MSI Dragon Center completely as both these programs can’t run simultaneously. Although the user interface is slightly different, you shouldn’t find any major difficulties after switching to MSI Center.

    Bhishu Acharya is a technical content writer at TechNewsToday. He specializes in monitors, laptops, storage devices, and other peripherals. Apart from computer hardware, you can also find his how-to and troubleshooting articles on Windows, internet, security, and networking. Ever since getting his hands on a personal computer, Bhishu started exploring its internal components at just 10. His growing curiosity led him to undertake the Computer Science Information Technology degree and is just a year away from graduation. While balancing his study and work life for over four years, he has harnessed different sets of technical skills. With his expertise, he is now dedicated to helping netizens looking for hardware and software-related fixes. Today, Bhishu’s proficiency extends beyond computer hardware. In his spare time, he enjoys coding and learning new programming languages. You can contact him at bhishu@technewstoday.com


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    ASRock Polychrome RGB is designed to create cool personalized lighting for every user. Besides adjusting the color, area, lighting effect and pattern on the motherboard, you are able to do more with ASRock Polychrome SYNC function, let your memory, case, fan, cooler and other components sync together to create a marvelous and colorful lighting effect.

    The lighting effect vary by the product.


    You can see this logo on ASRock product that has a personalized RGB LED module and software included.


    If you see this logo, it means that this device can be synchronized with ASRock motherboard, or even other devices that support ASRock Polychrome SYNC.


    This device has been officially certified by ASRock, it can perform the perfect lighting effect without compatibility problems.


    In addition to the built-in RGB illumination, it also features onboard RGB headers and an addressable RGB header that allow motherboard to be connected to compatible LED devices such as strip, CPU fans, coolers, chassis and so on. Users may also synchronize RGB LED devices across the Polychrome RGB Sync-certified accessories to create their own unique lighting effects.

    Support Razer CHROMA

    ASRock Polychrome SYNC totally supports Razer Chroma effect. It provide a full-blown immersive gaming experience. From status cues to a flickering dungeon lamp, transform the way you play as you enjoy ambient in-game effects that react dynamically to every action and event.

    Tutorial on the Use of Lighting Control Software for the Four Major Motherboard Manufacturers

    Now that there is so many software for lighting control, which one should I choose? How do I use them? Currently, the four major motherboard manufacturers are leading in software integration and can control 90% of the lighting accessories on the market. Here’s the tutorial on how to use the software of four major motherboard manufacturers.

    mystic, light, working, these

    If you don’t have this software yet, please download it from this link: https://www.Asus.com/campaign/aura/jp/download.php

    This is version 1.07.79. From this version onwards you can fully control the lighting mode of the beautiful T-FORCE XTREEM ARGB memory.

    After opening the software, the top left corner shows devices that are currently detected and can be connected by the software. The white ones are currently connected. It will turn red and disconnect the device while clicking it.

    mystic, light, working, these

    The entire row on the left is a variety of lighting effects, please select your preferred lighting mode.

    mystic, light, working, these

    In the middle, you can select the same color for all lighting parts, or you can set the light by each area individually. If you want the same color, select “Single Color”, if you want to set it by yourself, select “By areas”.

    mystic, light, working, these

    Next, you can choose the location of the light on the motherboard or any light bead on the memory. It is completely self-customized, suitable for people who wants to create their own lighting style.

    mystic, light, working, these

    In the end are Color(1), Hue(2), Saturation and Brightness(3) adjustments. These are supported by almost every lighting control software.

    mystic, light, working, these

    Overall, Asus’s lighting control software is full of functions, with a wide selection of lighting effects, and the ability to control the color of each light bead. Highly recommended for those who have Asus motherboards

    Asus Aura might be integrated into “Armoury Crate” integration software along with other Asus motherboard related softwares in the future, which is the trend of motherboard manufacturers to meet the needs of gamers at this stage, but it is still in the transition period currently.

    The first thing you will see is “DRAGON CENTER(UWP VERSION)”, which is an integrated software that combines many MSI related softwares internally. If you are using the Windows 10 operating system, you need to download this integrated software, and then download Mystic Light within this software.

    mystic, light, working, these

    If you use operating system “below Windows 10” and your motherboard matches the motherboard model supported on this page, you will need to scroll down the page to find Mystic Light 3 software to control the lighting effect.

    mystic, light, working, these

    Next, follow the instructions while looking at the software: After click and open DRAGON CENTER, the internal software will be downloaded first. And when you officially enter, there is a row of software to choose from on the left side of the page, please click “Mystic Light”.

    mystic, light, working, these

    After entering the software, you will see the main screen which is the location to synchronize all the RGB and Mystic Light compatible accessories. Select the LED Style on the right and the whole system will run in the same lighting effect.

    mystic, light, working, these

    If you want to control T-FORCE memory individually, you can select the preferred mode and set the color by switching from the link-like logo above to the “DRAM”! Individual control not only has many effects, but you can also customize the color yourself, which can be very useful and gorgeous even when the whole system cannot be synchronized!

    Don’t forget to click Apply in the bottom right corner whether you are synchronizing the entire system or controlling the memory individually.

    mystic, light, working, these

    If you are using an MSI motherboard, get a set of T-FORCE memory and let the memory rock along with your PC!

    The download location of this software is relatively simple: https://www.gigabyte.com/MicroSite/512/download.html

    Just click the Download button as shown below.

    mystic, light, working, these

    After opening the software, you will see the motherboard’s lighting effect control screen. The upper left corner will automatically show the motherboard you are using.

    The screen is divided into three areas, first you have to choose which light you want to control in area 1, and then area 2, 3 will light up for operating. Area 2 is for selecting the effect, and area 3 is for selecting your preferred color, speed, brightness, etc. Remember to click APPLY after you finished selecting.

    mystic, light, working, these

    To operate the T-FORCE memory, first, click the memory logo under the motherboard on the left side, you will see a similar UI as the motherboard control screen, except that there is no light selection. The next steps are similar as well, including the adjustment for lighting effect, color, speed, and brightness.

    It is recommended to set the speed at about half to avoid too much speed or too bright for your eyes.

    mystic, light, working, these

    Please visit ASRock’s official website for software download. From Products pages, find the motherboard you are using, scroll down and click Support and then click Download. At the bottom you will see [Beta] ASRock Polychrome RGB, this is the latest version of the lighting control software.

    mystic, light, working, these

    Please notice that AMD and Intel platforms have different version numbers, so be sure to download the software under the correct motherboard model!

    Above is a screenshot of the Download page of the Z390 motherboard, and below is a screenshot of the X570 motherboard for reference.

    mystic, light, working, these

    The setup is also divided into synchronizing the entire system’s lighting effect, and setting the T-FORCE memory individually.

    Let’s take a look at how to synchronize the memory and motherboard:

    First, select the Onboard LED page, then click the DRAM logo on the bottom left.

    mystic, light, working, these

    After selecting the lighting effect synchronization of the DRAM and the motherboard, you can only select Style, which is the only major limitation of this software. But ASRock has all kinds of good looking styles built in, the auto adjustment is a great feature for gamers who want to save time.

    mystic, light, working, these
    mystic, light, working, these

    If you have more ideas about your own lighting style:

    Before switching to control memory individually, you need to click “DRAM” above again to unselect it, and then you can switch pages in the upper left corner! Please stop asking why “Component” can’t be clicked, it’s because the synchronization is not cancelled first!

    mystic, light, working, these

    After unselecting DRAM, click “Component” on the upper left to enter the page for controlling the memory individually. You can adjust the color, brightness, style, etc., and even turn off the light of the memory alone.

    mystic, light, working, these

    The functions of the lighting control software of the four motherboard manufacturers are very similar, and they are all very well integrated. You can control the motherboard, memory, SSD, keyboard, mouse and other accessories at the same time, without having to install a bunch of software to control them individually.

    mystic, light, working, these

    What options do I have if the XTREEM ARGB product has shown insufficient storage information?

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    • This privacy policy does not apply to related connected websites other than this website and does not apply to personnel not commissioned by this website or not in the management staff.
    • Personal information collection principles This website’s personal information collection of users complies with the specifications listed in Taiwan’s “Personal Information Protection Act”; without the user’s permission, we will not use the computer to collect the user’s personal information. We will use the following channels to collect the user’s personal information:
    • Customer service center: When you use e-mail to express opinions or ask questions to the contact unit listed on our customer service center related web pages, we need you to provide a correct e-mail address or contact information as a basis for us to reply to you.
    • Preferential offers download activities: When you participate in this website’s preferential offer download activities, under your approval, we will ask you to provide your basic information for statistical analysis.
    • Personal information application principles This website’s user personal information will be used for our company’s internal business purposes, including customer service and responding to requests…etc. This website might use this information to notify you of the newest information, services, and activities that you might be interested in. Without the user’s permission, this website will not use the information for other purposes.
    • Personal information’s application protection principles This company will completely save your personal information in our information storage system and use tight protection measures to prevent unauthorized personnel from getting in contact with it. This company’s personnel have gone through complete information privacy education, and fully understand that keeping user information confidential is our basic responsibility; any breach of confidentiality will be punished by related laws and the company’s internal regulations. To protect the integrity and safety of your personal information, the information management system that stores your personal information has received proper maintenance, and complies with related competent authority’s rigorous demands to guarantee that your personal information will not be improperly obtained or destroyed. If for business needs we need to outsource to a third party to provide the service, this company will also rigorously demand them to comply with the confidentiality obligations, and take the necessary checking procedures to make sure that they are followed.
    • Cookies application principles In order to provide personalized services, this website only uses cookies to help smoother operation of this website, and will not trace or save any actions you’ve performed outside of this website; please pay special attention that when you connect to other websites from this website, other websites might have different cookies policies and regulations, this website cannot control and is not responsible for these policies or regulations. When you visit other websites, you should also note their policy and regulations. Because the transfer of internet information cannot be guaranteed 100% safe, even if this website tries hard to protect the safety of the user’s information, under certain circumstances we will use the accepted standard SSL security system to guarantee the security of data transfer, but because the data transfer process also matters with your level of security for your online environment, we cannot confirm the guarantee the safety when the user sends or receives information to this website; the users must bear the risk of internet information transfer.
    • Privacy protection and information security protection policy changes This website will modify this policy irregularly to comply with the newest privacy protection specifications. When we need to make drastic changes to the regulation on using personal information, we will post a notice on our website to notify you of related items.
    • Privacy protection and information security protection policy query If you have any problems concerning our information privacy policy or the collecting, applying and updating of personal information, we welcome you to contact us.

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