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Microsoft Weekly (June 14): Windows Feature Experience Pack, Facial Recognition…

Microsoft Weekly (June 14): Windows Feature Experience Pack, Facial Recognition Tech, And

W e are enjoying the second weekend of June, and here’s our with the latest edition of our Microsoft news weekly roundup covering some hot topics. On a side note, the summer has also started to raise mercury levels.

So, for the latest Microsoft Weekly edition, we have got stuff like hackers exploiting Windows flaws, AI messing up a news story, new features in Microsoft Teams, and more.

Windows Feature Experience Pack

Windows 10 users have started to see mentions of the Windows Feature Experience Pack after installing the May 2020 Update. In Microsoft’s own words: “This Feature on Demand package includes features critical to Windows functionality.”

Although the name is known since last year, we don’t know much about what it would be used for. However, according to ZDNet, it might include a bundle of features and apps that would be updated separately from the main operating system, possibly via Microsoft Store.

For comparison, Google has implemented a similar feature for Android, where it pushes some software updates via Google Play.

This could be a step towards the final goal Microsoft is trying to achieve. The company has been working on separating the Windows Core OS components from the user interface and other stuff. The upcoming Windows 10X operating system is an example of this new approach.

Robot editor messes up a news story

Microsoft recently swapped many of its human editors at MSN with AI software, but the decision was quick to attract criticism. That’s because Microsoft’s robot editor couldn’t differentiate between two mixed-race women.

It published a story detailing the racism experiences shared by Little Mix member Jade Thirlwall but used the photo of her bandmate. Microsoft admitted its mistake and changed the photo after Thirlwall noticed it and expressed her frustration.

Windows 10 Bluetooth A2DP Sink

Windows 10 May 2020 Update has brought a useful audio feature that was last seen on Windows 7. It’s the support for Bluetooth A2DP Sink protocol that lets your PC act as Bluetooth speakers so you can stream audio from a smartphone or other device.

You can read our post on how to use the A2DP Sink on Windows 10.

Your Phone music controls

Speaking of audio, Microsoft has started rolling out the Your Phone app feature that lets you control Android audio apps via Windows 10. In other words, you can Play/Pause, and even change the songs without touching your smartphone.

The feature was announced back in April and was being tested by the insiders.

Microsoft stops selling facial recognition tech to police

Following the path of Amazon, Microsoft also announced that it would stop selling facial recognition tech to law enforcement. The move stems from the fact that AI software is bad at detecting dark-skinned humans. Also, there is a lack of strict laws governing the use of technology that puts users’ privacy and security at risk.

Following the announcement, the Acting Director of US Intelligence Richard Grenell tweeted that Microsoft should be banned from getting federal contracts as a consequence of not selling its tech to the police.

The situation heated up a little as US President Donald Trump retweeted Grenell’s tweet.

New features added to Microsoft Teams

If you use Microsoft Teams for making video calls, now you can have the expensive setup from the movie Parasite as your custom background. These custom backgrounds are available for download via Parasite’s handle and will work with other video conferencing apps as well.

Bringing more treats, Redmond has enabled features like Live Captions and the ability to schedule meetings for users of Microsoft Teams free version.

Furthermore, trying to bridge the gap, Microsoft has enabled interoperability between Teams and Skype. So, the users of both make have video call meetings with each other.

Eternal Darkness flaw being exploited in the wild

Microsoft patched a critical Windows 10 flaw in March, dubbed Eternal Darkness or SMBGhost, that exists in the SMB 3.1.1 (Server Message Block) protocol. After compromising the target machine, a hacker can perform remote code execution.

Now, months later, the CISA has warned that hackers are exploiting the Eternal Darkness flaw, and it’s advised to keep your system updated if you haven’t done so already.

So, folks, that’s it for the week. Sure, there might be something that I missed, so, if you have anything to add, drop your thoughts in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев down below.

What Is a Feature Pack?

Surely you know what a pop-up is. If you ever been on your computer doing important work and suddenly saw a pop-up for a software update, but have been busy so you decide to update later, this is the article you’ve been looking for.

What Is a Feature Pack

Let’s start by understanding what a Feature Pack is and why are the updates it usually holds important for you and your devices.

A feature pack is represented by a new product functionality that is being distributed outside the context of a product release and that is typically included in the next full product release.

The Feature Pack is widely used when discussing Microsoft’s products and usually contains updates that are containing fixes, enhancements, performance improvements and so on, with the Windows Feature Packs being basically cumulative updates released by Microsoft.

Now that we nailed down what is a Feature Pack, we can start to better understand why software updates are important?

The Importance of Feature Updates

Unfortunately, sometimes users don’t realize how important software updates really are until the software stops working completely or they lose important information.

First, off you should know that software updates are extremely important when it comes to stopping cyber threats.

Cyber threats can expose sensitive information and therefore put financial and personal information at risk. Not updating your software can lead to data leaks, exposing the personal information of clients to criminals,

A simple action as failing to press an update button on a piece of software can have serious consequences, so you should know that when it comes to IT security a lot is at risk.

If you have personal information about yourself, your financial information and that of your relatives and friends on the software you currently use then downloading updates is a must.

Simply put, it’s mandatory to make sure you’re applying available updates for operating systems and applications like plugins, browsers, desktop apps (which include both security and feature patches) therefore allowing for the fixing and improvement of the

The Latest Feature packs often come with not only security fixes but also with the latest features for the software as well, so not going for that new software update could mean you are not in the loop when it comes to important features that could make your life much easier.

The updates you receive are aimed at making your overall experience better and are able to improve your experience in the long run in order to ensure that you get the most from your technology.

Why Install a Feature Pack?

Let’s talk about why you should install a Feature Pack? Leaving aside all the updates and fun criteria you should make sure to install a feature pack, in order to not fall victim to cyber threats like malvertising, browser hijacking, or phishing attacks.

Malvertising, the malicious online advertising (malvertising) that has become a key driver for malware infections, and has exposed billions of Internet users to all types of malware and associated security risks.

Probably every Internet user in the world has seen an online ad at some point in his/her life, either in an email inbox, on social media, in Google search results, on websites, on a smartphone, in an app (either on the web or on a smartphone), without knowing if the website in question is unknowingly and unwillingly host malicious ads.

Malvertising is dangerous as it’s a tactic used by cybercriminals to inject malicious online ads into legitimate websites with the sole purpose to spread malware, leaving the door open for the attackers to hijack entire domains or leverage online ads distribution networks to bypass code checking and other security measures.

What is Windows Web Experience Pack and How to Update It?

Downloading and installing Windows operating system updates is a tedious and time-consuming operation. Microsoft has opted to try a new method for distributing updates independent of the operating system.

This is how the Windows Web Experience Pack came to be.

This new infrastructure using Windows Store (instead of Windows Update) facilitates the installation of these updates and substantially reduces the installation time.

Note: Due to their independence from the operating system, these upgrades provide more freedom for experimentation.

In the past several years, Microsoft has released a number of these services. First came Feature Experience packs for insider builds of Windows 10, then Online Experience Packs before we finally got Web Experience Packs. Now, we are seeing the same pattern for Windows 11.

Windows 11 will now push frequent and smaller updates in the form of Feature, Web, and Online service experience packs in order to give faster upgrades for certain features and settings.

Windows Web Experience Pack on Windows 11

These experience packs do not completely redesign the PC’s functions, but instead, update key settings.

Note: Microsoft utilizes the feature experience pack to offer a series of upgrades focused on Windows applications that are typically omitted from major releases. It can provide significant enhancements to numerous Windows components. In this way, the online service pack differs from the feature pack; its servicing regions are limited.

Unlike the feature pack, it concentrates on providing updates and enhancements for certain areas alone. Currently, the online service pack simply includes the new “Your Microsoft account” access point in the settings app. Over time, it may extend to encompass more areas.

The Mystery around the Web Experience Pack

Microsoft now offers this information for both packs. Curiously, though, Microsoft has said nothing about the pack-in issue. It should be obvious by now that its aim is to give upgrades to Windows programs and experiences.

However, the nature of this feature and its experience are unknown. At this time, it is merely conjectured that it will deliver enhancements to key web components used by Microsoft Store applications.

We only know for certain that it is responsible for Windows’ widgets. The Web Experience bundle is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

How to Update Maintain the Web Experience Pack

Now that we’ve established that the Windows Web Experience bundle is responsible for delivering Windows updates, let’s move on to upgrading it.

If you are unable to locate specific Windows features or are experiencing troubles with a widget, upgrading the Web Experience bundle could be of assistance.

Microsoft may not have revealed many details on the Windows Web Experience bundle. However, we are aware that we must maintain it up-to-date to ensure that all new Windows features function properly.

By updating this component, you will always have access to the most recent Windows features.

Update the Web Experience Pack Automatically

You do not need to constantly update the Windows Web Experience bundle to have access to the most recent features. Enabling automatic updates for all Microsoft Store applications enables automatic updates for the web experience bundle.

Since this new component is handled indirectly by the Windows Store, all you need to do is access the App Settings and ensure that App Updates are enabled:

  • Press Windows key R to open up a Run dialog box.
  • Next, type ‘ms-Windows-store:’ and press Ctrl Shift Enter to open the Microsoft Store with admin access.
  • At the User Account Control (UAC), click Yes to grant admin access.
  • From the main Microsoft Store menu, click on your account icon (top-right corner of the screen).
  • From the context menu that just appeared, click on App Settings.
  • Inside the App settings menu, make sure the App updates toggle is enabled. Note: If you are unable to modify this setting on your work computer and you are part of a shared network, your organization may have disabled this option. In this case, you can either contact the network administrator or go for the manual way as described previously.
  • Once you’ve enabled app updates, a simple restart should trigger the updating of the Web Experience Pack if a new version is available.

Update the Web Experience Pack Manually

If you’re on Windows 11, the Windows Web Experience pack should be already installed on your PC. If you’ve stopped this update purposefully or you’ve postponed it, there’s a way to install it immediately.

Here’s a quick guide on using the Microsoft Store to manually update the Web Experience Pack:

  • Press Windows key R to open up a Run dialog box.
  • Next, type ‘ms-Windows-store:’ and press Ctrl Shift Enter to open the Microsoft Store with admin access.
  • At the User Account Control (UAC), click Yes to grant admin access.
  • Inside the Microsoft Store, click on the Library icon from the bottom-left section of the screen.
  • Inside the Library tab, click on the Get Updates button in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Once the list has been refreshed, find the Windows Web Experience pack from the list of available updates. Note: If you can’t find it, you can access the Store link manually and click on Get to download the latest version. From the prompt that just appeared, click on Open.
  • From the dedicated listing Windows Web Experience Pack, click on Update and wait until the app is updated. Note: If the Update button is missing and the listing displays Open instead, it means that your version is already the latest.

Windows Web Experience Pack For Windows 11 Download

Do you want to have access to all the latest features and a smooth experience on Windows 11? Then you need to have Windows Web Experience Pack for Windows 11 Download, period!

If you visit the official Microsoft Store page there is not if any information regarding it. What we have found out is that it is only there to give you latest features and provide fixes for issues with Widgets.

What is Windows Web Experience Pack for Windows 11

It takes a lot of time to download and install updates on the Windows operating system. This is true and everybody knows this. Therefore, Microsoft has decided to give a try to process for delivering a few updates of the operating system independently. This is where Windows Web Experience Pack Windows 11 comes to play as an alternative method to push new updates.

Like this, it is easy to install the updates and also reduces the time to do so. Due to their independence from the operating system, it leaves in more room to experiment with such updates. Many updates have been given by the team over several years.

For quicker updates for few features and settings, It will push smaller and more regular updates that too in the form of web, features and online service experience packs.

Such packs are designed to only update particular settings on the system in spite of doing a complete overhaul of the features. Think of them as incremental updates.

Windows Web Experience Pack Vs. Windows Feature Experience Pack: What is the difference?

This was available from version 10 v2004 from the Microsoft store. It is in its early stages and as you get it on an earlier Windows version it does not show anything.

For now the UI and core update go hand in hand. Now as the team has been split the additional user interface changes might get rolled out with version 10 feature experience pack.

Since Microsoft has not yet clarified regarding this but what we see is that it is going to be a way to roll out updates for parts of the user interface. As this is a pack we need to see more applications and features made available. Like it might become possible to select not to install some of the core features such as Xbox and Xbox Game Bar as we do not use it at all. Other features like the snipping tool which are not used can be skipped. Another crazy idea is a customizable shell for the core operating system but it depends upon the device and the consumers.

It is going to back list of all the features available on-demand lists by Microsoft. The feature pack comes with Notes, PowerShell, Steps Recorder and Paint. They come pre-installed in version 10 2004, here what they are pinpointing is that Windows shall become more customizable and features shall not be forced anymore. If you somehow like an application that was the core of OS then it can be removed.

Windows Feature Experience Pack is used to deliver series of updates which FOCUS on Windows application that major updates usually skips. It is able to deliver broad improvements across different window areas. For those who do not know online service differs from feature pack in this aspect; it has a narrow servicing area. It has its FOCUS on delivering updates and improvements for particular areas. For now the online services pack includes new entry point for only the Microsoft account there in the settings application. It can be expected that it may expand to include other areas.

For these two packs it provides with all the information but no work regarding pack in question here. At this point this must have been cleared to you that that main purpose is to provide you with updates to certain application or experiences across Windows.

But it is unclear what feature or experience. At this point there are only speculations that it needs to provide improvements for few core web developments in OS which are used by the Microsoft store applications.

How to Download Windows Web Experience Pack on Windows 11 (5 Easy Steps)

Step #1: Launch Microsoft Store from “Windows Search”.

Step #2: Now search for “Windows Web Experience Pack for Windows 11“.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2. Windows Hello (Biometric Facial Recognition)

Step #3: You need to hit the “Get” button to download and install on Windows 11.

Step #4: Once this has been installed you need to restart the system for it to take effect. As it begins to work properly you shall see icon of widgets there on the taskbar.

Step #5: For post installation, you need to click on the widget’s icon present on the taskbar. The widgets should bring up a default set of web feeds and image galleries on the system.

Alternatively, you can click on the button below and it will open Microsoft Store with the page for the Web Experience Pack you are looking for.

Package Details:

Author:Microsoft Corporation

How to Keep Windows Web Experience Pack for Windows 11 in Latest Version

If you cannot find specific features which have been announced for Windows or are facing issues with widget then updating it might help.

  • Open “Microsoft Store”.
  • In the top search bar, type “Experience Pack” and Install the first option.
  • Head towards “my library”.
  • In the upper right corner, go to “get updates”.
  • After this you need to find “Windows web experience pack Windows 11”.

If you want to automate the above process, you can do so with the help of “automatic updates”.

  • Once done go to “Profile” in Microsoft Store.
  • After this choose “app settings”.
  • Be sure that the toggle for “updates” is turned “on”.

Windows Web Experience Pack Windows 11 Uninstall Procedure

If constant new features and releases aren’t your liking and are slowing down your computer, you can stop them. All you need to do is simply uninstall Windows Web Experience Pack Windows 11, here is how you can remove it:

  • First of all go to “Windows Search” and look for “PowerShell”.
  • Now launch it as Administrator.
  • Copy and paste the below command and hit “Enter”:

C:\Users\Paul winget uninstall “Windows web experience pack”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Windows Web Experience Pack Windows 11 needed for?

Windows Web Experience Pack Windows 11 is only a method of allowing and pushing latest Windows features to your device. It is also known to help fix any issues you may be experiencing with Widgets not working on your desktop.

Windows Web Experience Pack keeps using my location, is it safe?

Windows Web Experience Pack is an update and feature utility released by Microsoft and totally safe to have Installed. It occasionally checks your location to see if it can provide you with any region or country-specific updates.

FaceID for Windows?!? Windows Hello

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Windows Web Experience Pack has been a mysterious package for many online. Many don’t seem to understand or know the purpose for its existence or why it’s using their permissions such as location in the background. If you have been experiencing issues with Widgets not working or not receiving new features after updates, then Windows Web Experience Pack Download for Windows 11 will fix those for you!



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