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Mi robot vacuum mop p setup

The Vacuum Cleaner consists of the unit itself, the floor cleaner, and the charging station. Let’s take a closer look at each of them so you don’t get confused with the buttons and other items while you’re working with it.

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Vacuum cleaner device

Let’s start by looking at the top panel of the main unit. On top of the turret, there is a circular LED, two buttons to operate the vacuum cleaner and the turret. The ring LED informs about the level of charge (we will talk about it later). The top button (the power button) is responsible for turning on and starting the vacuum cleaner, with a short press to start cleaning and a long press to turn the unit on or off. The bottom button (home button) is designed to return the vacuum cleaner to the base. Although the robot returns to the base by itself, a short press of this button will help return it to the charging station manually. A long press on the button will start a partial cleaning cycle.There is a laser rangefinder in the tower, which is used to determine the position and build a map of the room. In addition to the rangefinder on the body is a number of other sensors, such as a sensor distance from the wall (located on the side) or a sensor height difference (are at the bottom of the unit). The lid at the top panel is hinged. When you open it, you will find a dust canister with a removable filter. Note that if you forget to put it back, your vacuum cleaner will refuse to work. Here is also the Wi-Fi LED and Reset LED, which we will talk about later.On the bottom of the cleaner you will see the main brush (orange and black in the photo). It is located in the center in a special recess and can be easily removed for cleaning. There’s also a small side brush and some wheels for full motion of the unit in any direction.On the side panel there are charging contacts for the vacuum cleaner from the charging station, ventilation holes and a loudspeaker. You may wonder why the housing is divided into two parts. This is because one of these parts is a buffer shock absorber, which softens the impact of the vacuum cleaner when it collides with obstacles. If you push on it, you will feel it move.

Dock device

The charging station has two oblong contact tracks on the front of the case that the vacuum cleaner’s contacts attach to, and a cover on the back.Under this cover is a small tool that you can use to clean the vacuum cleaner’s brushes. The docking station cord is also stowed here.

By installing the app, a person saves their time for other productive activities. Since the Mi home app is designed for remote control. Here are a few items to set up:

  • Install and download the Mi home app.
  • Select your region. Preferred. Europe, Singapore, America.
  • Create an account and log in.
  • Add your robot vacuum cleaner model to the app.
  • Hold down the Mi robot key. Wait a couple of seconds for the beep. This is a demonstration of a successful connection to Mi home.
  • On the display, click on your vacuum cleaner and the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Assign a standard place of residence of the technique. For example, a bedroom.

Now you can fully control the vacuum cleaner and make changes at will.

Read the step-by-step setup on the website:


To connect your Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to your iPhone or Android you need the Mi Home app. With which you can control the smart vacuum cleaner with your smartphone through a Wi-Fi network. Links to download from official resources (will open in a new tab):

We recommend to download via Wi-Fi, files weigh a lot, especially for iPhone and iPad.

Connect your smartphone to a Wi-Fi network on frequency 2.4 GHz. Go to the Mi Home app, log in or register (if this is the first time). Click the plus sign in the upper right corner

Mi Robot Vaccum-Mop P Setup/Installation configuration and connection with Mi Home App India

Before you connect the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Home app make sure it is charged, t.к. When you turn it on for the first time, it can update.

Now turn on the Bluetooth, and look for the device nearby. If you can’t find your device automatically for some reason, you can do it manually. On the My Appliances tab, select your model. If it’s not on the list, then change your region to China.

Next, the app asks you to reset by pressing 2 of the 2 buttons or the 2 outermost 3, depending on the model; wait for the voice signal in Chinese or English. That’s it, the Wi-Fi settings are reset.

Select your Wi-Fi network in the next tab, fine. The system will sync and update your smart vacuum cleaner. And then the settings to your liking.

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P : Unboxing and Complete Installation Tips


On the main application screen, in the center displays a map of the room made by the robot vacuum cleaner and its current location. At the top of the name of the vacuum cleaner and the current cleaning mode.

Information about the distance traveled, cleaning time range, battery level at the bottom of the screen.There you can also start or stop cleaning.

  • “Jump” button sends the robot to a specific location for unscheduled cleaning.
  • Button “Dock-Station” you send to the dock to charge.
  • The “Clean” button triggers a sequential cleanup.
  • The button “Zoned cleaning” you choose a specific area of the room you want to clean.

In the upper right corner there are three dots, they open the additional settings.

Additional settings

  • “Timer” you set the time interval within which you can clean automatically.
  • “Voice and volume” change the voice packets and volume of voice notifications.
  • “Cleaning mode” you choose the intensity of cleaning the room: quiet, turbo, balanced and turbo mode.
  • “Cleaning history” records cleaning information. The cleaning area, the beginning and the end of cleaning time.
  • “Remote control” manual control, if necessary or have fun.
  • “Save map mode” adding virtual walls.
  • “Carpet mode” especially for improved carpet cleaning.
  • “Mode DND (Do Not Disturb)” in the period you choose the vacuum cleaner will not perform cleaning and emit voice notifications.

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P Unboxing Setup and Quick REVIEW �� Dry and Wet mop modes!

Now you know how to connect a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner and all its functions.

Useful to know

  • Can be controlled by the voice assistant Alice.
  • If you can’t connect your Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to Wi-Fi in the document below are tips on how to solve this problem.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P (LDS) to your smartphone

Modern robot vacuum cleaners have a lot of functionality, which is provided through a proprietary app. Today we will tell you how to connect Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop and Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P to your gadget.

To connect you will need the proprietary app Mi Home, it can be downloaded from both the Play Market and the App Store.

Download the app, launch it and log in. Once in the app’s main menu, tap the icon in the upper right corner to add a new device.

You must now reset the Wi-Fi settings on the vacuum cleaner by pressing the power and home keys for 3 seconds, until you hear a beep. After resetting the Wi-Fi settings, the vacuum cleaner is automatically detected in the list of available devices for connection, you can also select it manually.

Next, enter the details of the Wi-Fi access point to which you want to connect the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner. Only 2.4 GHz is supported.

Now you need to wait a couple of seconds to connect.

Then the connected vacuum cleaner will prompt you to specify the location.

You can also share access with other Mi Home users.

Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P is connected to your smartphone and ready for further manipulation, for which you just need to click on the vacuum cleaner icon that appears in the main menu Mi Home.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P to your smartphone

The robot vacuum cleaner has already become a common home gadget. Xiaomi’s arsenal includes many models, recently introduced are Mi Robot Vacuum Mop and Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P How to connect the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaners to your smartphone.

The first step is to download Mi Home from the app store “Play Market” or AppStore.

Go to the downloaded software and go through the registration or authorization step. Once in the main menu, click on the plus icon to add the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner.

Next, you need to reset the Wi-Fi settings on Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P. To do this, hold the power and home keys simultaneously for 3 seconds until you hear a beep. Then the vacuum cleaner will appear in the app, where you can select it.

The next step is to specify the Wi-Fi access point. Note that the vacuum cleaner can only be connected to 2.4 GHz.

After a couple of seconds, the device will be connected.

Then you can select the room where the robot vacuum cleaner will be located.

If necessary, you can share access to the Xiaomi gadget with other users.

Click on its image in the main menu of the Mi Home to further work with the cleaner.

To change the English language to Russian, please refer to these instructions.

How to connect Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to your smartphone?

This connection and setup instructions for Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners, will work for most models of the manufacturer. How to connect the device to your smartphone and make it even easier to use, we will tell you on the example of the popular model of robotic vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Download and install the Mi Home program using the app store “Play Market”;

You need to turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS on your smartphone, and you need to charge the vacuum beforehand;

  • After a successful connection in the menu that appears it is necessary to specify the name and password of the Wi-Fi network;
  • When the synchronization of the devices is completed, the vacuum cleaner is reflected on the main desktop of the application;
  • After connecting to your smartphone, the Mi Home app offers a tutorial on how to use the robot vacuum cleaner, offering to watch clips:
  • In the app you can mark the main tasks for the smart vacuum cleaner (cleaning Clean or self-drive to the Dock base, if you need more functions, you should go to the “Settings” of the gadget (three horizontal dots in the upper right corner).

Item Scheduled cleaning is responsible for setting the timer and automatic cleaning on a specified day and hour.

Item Cleaning mode Allows you to select one of the four modes of cleaning. They are displayed in ascending order of power: from the night power to the most powerful and noisiest Full speed. When the vacuum cleaner is first plugged in, the cleaning mode is set to Balanced by default.

Item Care Reflects the degree of wear and tear on the vacuum cleaner’s components. Item Remote control Turns the robot vacuum cleaner into a remote-controlled machine. Here the device can deviate from the planned route and remove a certain section.

Setting up the Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaner: a step-by-step tuning

Modern robot-vacuum cleaners, such as Xiaomi Mi Robot, are quite independent and are ready to perform the duties assigned to them at once. But their full capabilities can be unleashed with some tweaking beforehand. CHIP tells you how to do everything step by step.

Connecting the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner 1s to your phone

Scan the QR code or go to the app store to download the Mi Home app.

To connect Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner 1s robotic vacuum cleaner to your phone, launch the app, register or log into an existing account, then click “add device” and follow the instructions on the screen.

Note. See. The section in the user manual on how to reset your Wi-Fi settings if your phone can’t connect to the device after several attempts.

Robot Vacuums


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