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Mechanical thermopote does not pump water

Mechanical thermopote does not pump water

If the thermopot is slowly pumping water or in general stops its supply, then this indicates a clogging or breakdown of certain parts. A more prolonged prerequisite is a violation of the pump. But you should not immediately receive a new thermalope, because first you need to study the temper of the task, and then you can try to remove it without the help of others.

In order to check the reason for the improper operation of the thermopot without the help of others, you should know its internal device. So, in fact, at least some thermopote consists of subsequent details:

Specifically the last component more often than others is a prerequisite for the lack of water supply.

In order to check the correctness of the operation of this mechanism, you just need to pour water into a thermal aggregate and experience it to pump it out. It also depends on the type of pump. To drive an automatic pump, it is quite easy to press the appropriate button on the control panel. And for pumping water using a cylindrical shape, it is necessary to burn at least 2-3 times on it.

If the water supply is not carried out or a narrow stream is observed, then there is a clogging or breakdown of the mechanism. You can try to disassemble the thermopot and remove the problem with your own hands.

A fundamental moment! Before starting the repair of a thermopot, it must be disconnected from the network, also drain all the water available water.

The device of thermopot

Thermopot is more difficult to repair than the restoration of the working capacity of the usual electric kettle. In addition to the heating element and the power button, there is a water temperature control device in the tank. It turns on heating and when it reaches a given level, it turns off the heater. This part works from the 220 V network.

The device of thermopot, the main parts and their purpose

In theory, boiling water and maintaining the temperature can one heating element. But, if the heating element is of small power, the water will be warming up for a long time. And if large, there will be a large electricity consumption. Therefore, they usually put a dual heater. more and less powerful. The first is used for heating, the second. to maintain temperature.

In theory, boiling water and maintaining the temperature can one heating element. But, if the heating element is of small power, the water will be warming up for a long time. And if large, there will be a large electricity consumption. Therefore, they usually put a dual heater. more and less powerful. The first is used for boiling, the second. to maintain temperature.

In addition, there is a pump that pumps water from the tank. If there is an electric pump, then usually low.power, with a power of 12 or 24 in direct current. Therefore, there is still a voltage converter and it can also be the cause of a breakdown of thermopot.

The reasons for the breakdown

From this video, you will find out what reasons for the breakdown have thermopotes. Recommended for viewing!

The main reasons why this unit may fail, as well as methods for their elimination:

  • The absence of an indication of a special thermopotist control panel does not turn on. It is necessary to check the integrity of all wires, as well as check the work of the thermal.guide and the protective switch.
  • The heat.boiling button of the thermopot does not execute the command and does not boil water when the first is turned on, as well as when the water is pouring into it. It is necessary to check the operation of the thermal switch located at the bottom of the tank.
  • Lack of operation of the device, in all modes. With this problem, an electrical circuit for forced boiling was actually out of order to break off, in fact, such parts as a relay by a transistor or rectifier.
  • Refusal to work a water supply lever. Most likely, the engine for supplying water or rectifier diodes on the engine power supply is not working. This is a list of the main fault failures that have a similar design.

Teapier Scheme. thermos.

The principal scheme of thermopot

In the continuation of the article on the repair of thermopot, we consider another scheme of the Elekta ClareSta EKT-2743 teapot.

The fundamental diagram of this teapot-termos in composition and purpose of electronic nodes does not differ from that model of thermopot, which was examined earlier.

The malfunctions of this thermopot and the causes of their occurrence are also similar.

The principal scheme of thermopot is reduced manually from the printed circuit board of the device, and, despite the re.check, there may be small flaws and errors.

The positional designations of radio components correspond to the numbering on the thermopot printed circuit board.

Elekta EKT-2743 thermopotist

The table contains parameters, labeling and nominal nominal for the elements depicted in the diagram.

Element Positional designation Marking/nominal/parameters
Diode D2. D9, D11 1N4007
Zener diode DW1
Zener diode DW2 1N4742A
The capacitor is electrolytic C2 470 μF. 35 volts.
The capacitor is electrolytic C3 220 μF. 25 volts.
The capacitor is electrolytic C5 470 μF. 25 volts.
The capacitor is electrolytic C6 4.7 μF. 50 volts.
Capacitor C1, C4 0.1 μF
Transistor Q1 2SC9014
Button SW1, SW2, SW3 250 volts, 1 ampere
Light-emitting diode LED1, LED2 for working voltage 3 volts
Relay K1 JVC-7F, 12 VDC-1za, Coil-12 VDC
Resistor R2 82 kom. ~ 0.5 watts
Resistor R3 68 kom. ~ 0.5 watts
Resistor R4 180 Ohm. ~ 2 watts
Resistor R5 150 Ohm. ~ 2 watts
Resistor R7 100 Ohm. ~ 1 watt
Resistor R8 5.1 kOhm. ~ 0.25 watts
Resistor R9 270 Ohm. ~ 2 watts
Resistor R10 10 kom. ~ 0.125 watts
Resistor R11 100 kom. ~ 0.125 watts
Resistor R12 10 Ohm. ~ 0.125 watts
Electric motor M1 DB. 2 (8. 12 V)
Thermal switch S1 KSD302 or KSD201 (~ 1050C. 1250C; 10A 250V)
Thermal switch S2 KSD302 or KSD201 (~ 930C. 1000C; 10A 250V)
Thermal subject F1 TF 1570C 10A 250V (Sheng Ping)

The main breakdown associated with the heater

Thermopotes have two frequently encountered types of breakdown:

In both cases, the heating element is to blame. The fact is that in thermopot it consists of two parts. The first is turned on when it is necessary to boil water, the second. to maintain a given temperature. Both parts are sealed in one building, so when one of them is released, you have to change the element entirely.

Replacing the heater thermopot

Ten for thermopotes has an unusual appearance. this is a metal ring made of metal strip several centimeters with three terminals in ceramic insulators (photo above). This type of heater is called tape heater. There are for different models, with different power. There are still different diameters. All data are indicated to the details.

Another feature: Ten for thermopot. In one case, two different heaters of different capacities are sealed. In general, power can be from 500-600 watts to several kilowatts; diameter from 140–150 mm to 160–170 mm. The diameter is indicated with the difference, since it can be adjusted by screed.

Ten ring is easy to find. As soon as you remove the bottom by looking at the side of the case, you can see the strip heater. His conclusions are also clearly visible. They are displayed to the contact platform, where they are fixed with nuts. Before you remove the heating element, sign the conclusions or take a photo. It will be necessary to collect exactly how it was and nothing can be confused.

For the belief that the heater is to blame, before shooting it, you need to check it. We take a regular multimeter and in the mode of resistance measurement, check the resistance of both heating elements. For this, one of the probes concerns the general conclusion (it is one, on the one hand). The second probe concerns the first output first, then the second.

Tarmopot repair: Ten conclusions and from appointment

If some heating element has burned out, the device will show a break. Then everything is simple. We loosen the nuts on the screeds until it turns out to remove the heater ring. Everything is installed in the reverse order. This part is simple, so there are no problems.

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How to do without a new heating

The option with the replacement of the heating element is logical and understandable. But at the cost, the new heater for thermopot is equal to half the price for a new device. There are options for restoring the heater without replacement. But this is for those who agree to apply non.standard solutions.

Ten was burned out-this means that the heating element broke off somewhere. One of the options to restore its performance is to disassemble the body of the heating element and combine (solder, twist, etc. D.) torn wiring. Then, if possible, fold the heater body and you can put a restored heater.

Do.it.yourself thermopot repair: scheme, thermos does not boil and does not pump water, thermal subject with your own hands

Repair of thermopot in 3 stages with your own hands

It is quite possible to fix a thermopot with your own hands, even without special knowledge by electrician, thermopot was invented very recently. After boiling water, the kettle keeps it hot not long. It is thermopotes that helps the temperature of the water to maintain for a long time. You can always drink tea, and do not boil it and wait. But, like any technical tool, thermal is out of order, and you have to repair it. How to do it with your own hands further in the article.

In ancient times, thermopot would be called a samovar, now it is affectionately called Potter. He can not only boil water, but also save it hot as a thermos. But when a Potter breakdown, it is not necessary to call the master, and carry it for repair. Work can be done independently. Before using each household appliance, you must familiarize yourself with the instructions. Understand how to use the subject correctly, and what will extend its use. For example, in thermopot, according to statistics, they often break: indicator panel, primary boiling key, secondary boiling, boiling function and water supply.

All these breakdowns occur due to the influence of high temperature on all elements of the device. For example, the body protecting the entire device should not heat up with boiling.

Thermopotes are very popular: Polaris, Vitek, Elenberg, Scarlett and Alice. The thermopotus scheme is light enough so that it is not a professional electrician who is not able to figure it out. But all the same, there is a scheme, and it is not recommended to climb into it without minimal preparation. Therefore, if thermopote does not boil water at all or does not perform the functions of the thermos, then first you need to explore its scheme and understand the principle of operation.

Before proceeding with the repair of thermopot, you should familiarize yourself with its scheme

  • All elements are located under the protective case;
  • The water tank is made of stainless steel;
  • Heating spirals are installed at the bottom;
  • The thermopot is heated by one spiral, the second supports the temperature of the water;
  • Thermopotes pumps water with a water pump.

The thermopot is as follows: after the filling of water into the thermal itself, the lid closes and the device turns on. One spiral begins to boil water. The heat.guide turns off the product as soon as the water reaches the desired temperature. Water cools to the desired temperature set by the user himself. The temperature itself is supported by the second heating element. The heat.guide recommend using Sheng Ping SPF 139 reusable action. Therefore, if there was a breakdown of a thermopot, then you will have to completely disassemble it, remove the cover with the button, check the heating element and install why it broke.

Products of different manufacturers have their own characteristics. For example, the Vitek device has a special button for a water set in a cup. This button is also called. pump or pump. With its help, you can dial hot water in a cup and do not burn yourself. The scheme of the system board of thermopot Vitek is called RSP22, it is available and easy to do it in special services.

If thermopot is constantly breaking, then it must be attributed to repairs or to deal with the problem yourself. It is better to start the teapot repair with the analysis of the case, remove the lower plastic part, and unscrew all the bolts. After that, access to all electronics opens. The electric component of the product is open to establish a malfunction. The fundamental importance is to repair the thermopot after a complete analysis. Having evaluated all the components with the view in the instructions, you can set the reasons for the breakdown. maybe a stainless steel tank has broken.

One of the frequent breakdowns of thermopot is a breakdown of the indicator panel

Reasons why thermopotes does not work:

  • The indicator panel does not turn off. There is a reverse, complete lack of operation of the device and indicator panel. In this case, you need to check all the wires and contacts. Check the boiling regulator.
  • The main inclusion does not work. Check all temperature switches and whether the electric circuit of the switch located at the bottom works correctly.
  • Water is heated, but do not boil. When boiling is turned on, thermopot is turned off and does not perform its main boiling function. In this case, the contact for the gap or completely the boiling part is checked.

If the thermopot does not warm due to a breakdown of 2 spirals, then it makes no sense to repair it. This will take a long time and a large amount of money. With many shortcomings, it is easier to take a new one, because the repair of the wiring and the tank in total will cost expensive.

Most importantly, check the settings on the control panel. Perhaps the boiling function is turned off, and the thermopot is turned on only in heating mode. Then it turns out that there is no malfunction, which means that the elimination of the broken part is not needed. The settings are in order, but the water does not boil. check the temperature sensor and heater. If the elements work poorly, then they must be replaced with new.

  • Remove the upper element. cover. After remove the ring fixing the internal tank with the body.
  • Remove all fastening elements. screws and bolts.
  • Remove the bottom of the thermopot.

Repair of a hand.pumped thermopot

Details: Repair of a hand.made thermopot of thermopot from a real master for Olenord.com.

Thermopote is a mixture of a teapot and thermos. To maintain a certain fluid temperature in the device, a heating function is provided. Despite the rather reliable design, the device fails over time, and the question arises: is it possible to repair a thermopot with your own hands?

Before starting to search for the causes that caused problems in the device, it is advisable to know a little about its device. Thermopote consists of a plastic or metal case, inside which there is a metal container for water. The device closes with a lid with controls located on it.

There are 2 heater in any thermopot: one for boiling water, and the second to maintain the desired temperature regime. To control the heating fluid to a certain value, a thermostat is installed in the device. The latter is 2 types.

  • Standed. is characterized by smooth adjustment of water temperature in the range from 60 to 100 degrees.
  • Steppe-adjusting the temperature regime on fixed temperature values, for example, as in the thermopot Vitek VT-1187 GY, SATURN ST-EK8032, as well as in the Mystery MTP-2403 apparatus

Thermopotes always have several heating modes at their disposal. The more modes, the more flexibly you can control the device.

But practice suggests that in most cases there are enough 3 modes to control the temperature indicators. In inexpensive models, such as Magnit RTP-013 and Magnit RTP-002, only 1 temperature regime is available, which only allows you to boil water.

The thermopot is also equipped with an electronic board (control module) and an electric pump (pump) for the supply of heated water from the container. To supply heated water into a cup, there are several modes: hand.made, auto.zero and outstick with a lever on a nose. Such filling functions are available, for example, in the Polaris PWP 4012D or Saturn ST-EK8034 News aggregate.

Most often the causes of breakdowns are the following details of the device:

Before repairing thermopotes with your own hands, you should turn it off from the network. After that, in order to “call” the wire of the apparatus by the tester, it must be disconnected. To do this, unscrew the screws on the bottom of the device and remove it. You will see the terminals to which the network cord is attached. Disconnect the cord and start “nickname” his tester. If the cord is in order, you can start further searching for a malfunction.

If you find that the button or all the keys does not work on the device, then the cause of the problem may be out of order. It is not recommended to repair it independently, since it is necessary to have certain knowledge in the radio electronics. It will be better if the service center is engaged in repairing the thermos kettle.

If after turning on the device it does not boil water, while all heating modes work, as well as automation, then these symptoms indicate that the heater may burn out or failed thermal. To find out, you need disassembling the unit.

Unscrew the printed circuit board and remove it to the side.

In different models of units, the type of heating elements may differ. Their location may also differ. But an algorithm for disassembling the device, in most cases, is similar. To familiarize yourself with how to change the heaters, you can watch the video.

If a thermal polling when trying to pour hot fluid into a cup does not pump water, then most likely the pump does not work, due to its failure. To get to the pump, you will need to disassemble the device in the way described in the way. After removing all parts of the bottom, you will see a pump.

If after eliminating all the contaminants the pump does not turn on, and there is no water supply, then the purchase of a new pump will be required, since these signs indicate the burning of the electric motor winding.

Sometimes a situation arises when thermopotes do not turn off and constantly boils water. Or vice versa: you flooded the water, the device warms it, but it turns off when the liquid does not boil yet. Why is this happening? This malfunction can occur when thermal switches are faulty. They can be found at the bottom and walls of the tank. For better contact with the surface, special thermal paste is used.

The thermal switch located at the bottom of the tank is attached to it with two screws. Sometimes the manufacturer, especially the Chinese, inflicts little thermal paste, which is why the thermorele begins to work incorrectly: the device can not turn off for a long time when boiling water.

To check the thermallane for performance, it is necessary to disconnect it from the tank body, and remove the wires from the terminals. In the normal state (without heating), the relay is in the “included” position. If you check it with a tester, then the device will show the resistance 0 ohm.

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Next, 2 wires should be connected to the switch and lower it into the water brought to a boil. Now measure the resistance again. If the device shows infinity, this means that the switch is disconnected, and it operates normally. If the sensor is not working, then you should purchase a new one and replace it. Regarding the replacement of the thermal switch, you can watch the following video.

Some breakdowns of the Terms teapot, which can be eliminated without involving a specialist, were considered above. In other cases, the unit should be attributed for repair to a specialized service center. But before you hand over the device for repair, ask how much it will cost you. Most often, from a financial point of view, the repair is not justified, since its cost will be within the price of a new thermal aggregate.

The thermopot has many advantages, however, as a simple kettle, it can sometimes break. To repair the Terms teapot with your own hands, you should imagine how it is arranged.

Search for breakdowns

Not always the reason for the inoperative state of the device is obvious. If there is no own experience in the repair of Potter, you will have to disassemble it and already find out on the spot what exactly failed and must be replaced.

mechanical, thermopote, does, pump

As mentioned earlier, almost all thermopots have the same structure. In practice, this means that you can adhere to the algorithm below. Before you start repairing a thermopot with your own hands, you need:

  • Remove the ring, after removing the latch.
  • Put aside the pallet.
  • Dismantle the pump, turning off all the tubes.
  • Remove the lid. This stage can be performed at the very beginning. Formally the cover in the repair process does not participate. But it is more convenient to work without it.
  • Dismantle the printed circuit board. She is simply pushed aside, so as not to accidentally damage.
  • Twist the screws located under the board.
  • Pull the bottom, including the pallet.
  • Remove the protective cover by unscrewing its holding screws.
  • Remove the heating element.

Then it remains to carefully examine the heater, thermostat, pump to clarify the problem.

Important information!

Assembly is carried out in the reverse order. In order not to forget anything, connect all the wires to the desired terminals, during the parsing of Potter, experts advise taking pictures of each stage.

mechanical, thermopote, does, pump

The principle of thermopot

To understand the causes of breakdowns and it is better to imagine how to repair a thermal, you should familiarize yourself with the principle of its work. First, the device boils water, like a regular kettle, and then the device control module comes into effect, which monitors the given minimum fluid temperature and, as soon as it drops below the norm, immediately turns on the repeated boiling. The thermopot uses the second heater to heated, which is always less powerful than the main one, since its functioning is very quick.

Due to the large dimensions and considerable weight of thermopot, a built-in pump is provided for boiling water into the cup. It can eat from electricity, like Marta products. Such a pump allows the possibility of configuring auto.zero through the control module. There is also a mechanical (manual) pump, like Magnit RTP-002, then the liquid is pumped into a mug manually through a special nose. Many models (for example: Vitek VT 1187 Gy, Saturn ST-EK8032, Mystery MTP-2403 and the Bravo TA-65 SK kettle) have both types of pumps.

In addition to the above details (control module, thermostat, two heating elements and pumps), the scheme without fail includes the thermostat (sometimes two, like the products of the company Maxwell and Scarlett) and thermal objector. Their main task is to prevent overheating and fire of the device. For the correct operation of the electric pump and control module, a power supply is provided with a lowering transformer.

Basically, all thermopots work according to one general scheme and vary only in the little things. For example, some models are equipped with a authorship timer. In budget options, there may be no low.power heater (as in products of Vitek and Magnit). But there are thermal pods (for example, the thermos Polaris PWP 4012D), which combine almost all the useful functions.



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