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Making an outdoor stove with your own hands

Making the simplest stove with their own hands (10 photos)

There are many options for stoves for dachas and houses. Some of them involve financial expenditures, others require direct hands. What about those who do not have money or skill? A simple brick stove, which even a “humanitarian” can build, will do the trick.

In this article we will consider two options. The first would suit those who want a more or less “decent” heating and cooking equipment. The second one is good for those readers who do not have any pretense for handicrafts or any kind of aesthetics of the result.

A simple brick stove

How to make a garden stove on a country site with your own hands

You can invite masters, who will engage in the construction of such a design, but the timing and price of the work may not suit you. We recommend to arm yourself with the necessary knowledge, tools and make this dacha attribute with your own hands.

There are several variants of garden stoves:

What do we want to get from the stove

Outdoor furnace construction solves a lot of simple routine tasks that seem incomprehensible and irrelevant to the urban man from the outside. With the help of an outdoor stove you can do everything: cook food for yourself and pets, do canning, bake a loaf and dry mushrooms, quickly heat water and, in the end, just burn some trash, old branches.

There are a great many options for garden, outdoor fires, barbecues and braziers, fireplaces and similar burzhuyka, tandyrs and smokestacks, stoves under the cauldron and cooking. All of them have their own purpose and their own features.

Below we will talk about the brick cooking stove as the most versatile. It is clear that it should be practical and functional, safe and durable, compact and quickly buildable, and with all that still low-cost.

Types of outdoor furnaces for cottages

Outdoor stoves come in various designs, differing in purpose.


This version of the stove is the easiest to perform and relatively unpretentious structure, which can be stoked with almost any material (from specially prepared coal to dead wood collected around the site).

How To Build a Outdoor Wood Stove High Performing Your Own. Beautiful and Unique

Among the features of such an appliance, in addition to the use of any furnace material, should be noted:

  • ease of masonry and the possibility of using in the construction of the battle;
  • relatively small size;
  • economical construction of the total number of whole bricks is about 200250 pieces;
  • unpretentiousness of construction to use in various weather conditions.

The standard scheme of such a stove looks as follows (from bottom to top):

  • ash drawer;
  • The flue duct;
  • furnace;
  • Cooking surface or stove is installed during installation, is made of metal, if necessary, mount the burners;
  • If desired, an additional worktop can be installed.

This design looks quite rough, but in terms of its size it is small. At the same time, the stove provides the possibility of cooking different types of food. The size, taking into account the height of the chimney is from 120 to 150 cm, the optimal height of the chimney is not more than 40 cm (this height is enough to ensure the quality of the draft).

An ash-pit and firebox are placed two or three brick rows above the foundation.

The size of the furnace is determined by the purpose of use of the furnace, as well as the efficiency factor (efficiency factor) built into the design.

With a cooking surface

This option is also one of the simplest designs. often such an oven is built on the basis of a stove-loader, which explains the relative unpretentiousness of the device and its small size.

Reference. Such a stove got its name from the rough and simple mechanism of masonry grubka or stove-grubka.

A key feature of the construction is the use of a hob or stove made of metal.

Depending on whether you intend to use the hob only for slow cooking or braising, or if you also intend to use an open flame, the design of the hob is different.

If the use of open fire is not planned, the metal plate will be one piece without additional openings-burners.

If an open fire is provided for use, then special holes are made in the stove, which will be closed with covers for the time of a slow fire or cooking with stewing.

Outdoor Multifunc Wood Stove | How To Building | DIY Pizza Oven Making

The dimensions of the stove vary according to the size of the cooking surface, its minimum values are 400 by 400 mm. The height is the same as for the pellet stove with a chimney of 120 to 150 cm.

The scheme of the construction is similar to the drawing of the furnace, with the obligatory addition of the cooking top, fixed above the furnace at the height of 45 brick rows.

With charcoal grill

This design is a complex structure, which is used not only for cooking in the brazier. The stove is often built as a multifunctional device with the attachment of a cooking surface, as well as the creation of a smoking chamber.

Such an oven has a large size, as it combines several devices for cooking. The height is determined by the number of rows, which ranges from 23 to 27 from the foundation (taking into account the chimney erected). The oven has a width of about 8990 cm, a length of about 140 cm and a total footprint of 12,600 cm2.

Among the features of the design should be noted the mandatory construction of a massive foundation, since the total weight of the entire structure is quite large.

Outdoor brick oven with charcoal grill. The device also includes a smoking chamber.

The layout is as follows:

  • An ash-pan with smoke channels;
  • Furnace, divided into two chambers by the flue tooth, the second works to divert excess smoke into the chimney;
  • chimney;
  • cooking surface (when creating a multifunctional design);
  • brazier;
  • grate is installed between the ash pan and the firebox.

In this kind of stove, a small modification of the chimney can be provided, thanks to which it creates a smoking chamber.

C barbecue

This type of stove is a simpler option than a device with a brazier. However, it is characterized by a feature that significantly complicates the construction procedure over the steel plate for cooking, it is necessary to erect an arch or other overlap, which can close the cooked product from the negative effects of weather conditions.

The dimensions of the structure. width about 90 cm, length about 180 cm, height (taking into account the chimney) 160 to 185 cm. Total number of rows is 27 in height.

It is not necessary to use fireclay bricks in the construction because there is no direct contact between the brick and the open flame.

The possibility of avoiding the use of refractory materials to reduce construction costs.

Scheme of the oven with a barbecue is as follows:

  • An ash pan;
  • Smoke channels and a chimney;
  • firebox with a grate
  • platform for the location of the cooked food;
  • A metal bar can be installed in the chimney to fix the smoked product (meat or fish);
  • over the cooking chamber is a protective arched vault.

If desired by the builder and the user of the oven in the device install an additional cooking surface, which complicates the design because of the need to create another smoke channel.

With oven

Ovens with an oven, built in the street, is one of the most complex options, the manufacture of which is best left to professionals. This is due to the fact that the oven is installed in the oven during the construction phase, and it is very rarely made of brick. The only option for the erection of such a structure made of brick can be the installation of a sealed metal door, which is quite difficult.

The size of the oven varies depending on what dimensions are laid out for the recessed oven.

General parameters can vary from 90 to 130 cm in width, from 130 to 190 cm in length and up to 200 cm in height (including the height of the chimney).

Scheme of the furnace will be different from others in that instead of an open space for cooking over the furnace is placed an oven or other chamber.

Stove for the street in the country (35 photos): making and application

All owners of dacha plots try to maximize the level of comfort when maintaining the land and garden. In this case, it is very often necessary to have such a device as an outdoor oven for dacha made of brick. It will not only give the site a certain appearance, but also help to solve some problems.

An amateur photo of a stove used in a summer kitchen

Material for the furnace

What to make an outdoor stove from? First of all, you will need to stock up on bricks and mortar, without them nothing will work, unless, of course, you decide to buy a ready-made stove. Brick is considered the most suitable material for such cases, because it has a very high heat conductivity. In general, masters of stove laying argue that it is best to use ceramic full-body brick.

Do not forget about the mortar, because it depends on it, how long you will enjoy the stove in the yard. Improperly prepared masonry mix can cause the furnace to crack, which not only results in poor draught, but can also lead to smoke.

Auxiliary equipment is purchased in specialized stores. If you want, you can make everything yourself, for this you will need sheets of steel of the required thickness. In order to build a stove in the street with their own hands will need the following materials: (See. Also: Stoves for the house with their own hands)

After this question is solved it is necessary to determine the type of masonry. For such constructions the method of half-brick and ribbing is used. The first option is suitable in the case when you need the device to warm up more strongly and after the end of heating, cool down longer. If the second method will be chosen, then the stove will need less time for heating, as a consequence it will be much faster to heat the room, but at the same time quickly cool down.

Build an outdoor wood stove from bricks and cement

Materials for building with your own hands

To build a stove in the street, you need to choose a material that has a number of qualities necessary to create a strong and durable structure. The fireplace must be resistant to high and low temperatures, moisture and ultraviolet.

There are the following options for choosing the material for construction:

  • Brick. Time Proven Method. Brick hearth looks great in any place. Its walls warm up quickly and retain heat for a long time. Heat-resistant products that can withstand temperatures of up to 1000 °C without damage are used. To protect the construction from moisture is used a special plaster or ceramic tiles. In order not to make a mistake in choosing cladding, you should carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Aerated concrete. The advantage of the blocks is their lightness and large size. No need to build a strong and expensive foundation. The disadvantage is the hygroscopic nature of aerated concrete. It must be insulated from both the outside and the inside.

When choosing the material, do not forget about its aesthetics, so that the finished structure organically fit into the surrounding landscape.

Russian stove on the street

In Russia, people have long used brick stoves. In the past, they were quite voluminous stationary structures for a house or bath. They were used for many purposes. In this article, we will consider where to apply such a device as an outdoor Russian stove made of bricks these days, how to use them, give tips that will be useful to you if you decide to build a Russian stove with your own hands, we will visually analyze all kinds of schemes and drawings, tell the features of masonry stove.

The phrase “Russian outdoor oven” refers to a massive heating structure made of brick with a fireplace, the main function of which is cooking, but it is also often used for heating large rooms.

Recommended types of building materials

The range of suitable refractory materials is small. Let’s consider the two main types in more detail.


The optimal solution. fireclay or refractory bricks. Withstands temperatures up to 1000 0 C. Such a stove will not need any decoration.

Red solid or ceramic bricks are suitable for facing. The second is much more expensive, but it will last longer. Preference should be given to M-250, M-500 grades.

Even at the stage of drawing up a scheme of construction you should consider the size of bricks. Produce 2 types:

This point should be reflected in the project. For example, for the construction of a Russian stove will need to buy from 2200 to 3500 pieces. Besides, the quality of the material determines the mortar consumption.

In order to save money it is allowed to use used bricks, but they should be thoroughly cleaned before masonry.

Aerated concrete

A cheaper heating material with a high level of thermal conductivity, resistant to temperature fluctuations, environmentally friendly. Convenient in processing, cutting. Several times lighter than ceramic bricks

Its significant drawback. fragility. On impact, it will crack or split. Hygroscopic, so it can start to crumble when freezing.

For the gas concrete stove, it is advisable to make a roof and additionally cover it with a coat of paint.



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