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Magnica coffee machine cleaning from scale

How to clean the coffee machine Delungi Magnikh?

Water supply node is not a tank, but a nozzle that is inserted instead. There are 2 micrics in this place, and until the right one clicks, the inscription will not disappear, and the water will not flow. The telescope is lubricated as necessary.

How the scale is formed in a coffee machine?

Water is the best solvent in the world, and interacting with minerals, it inevitably attracts their ions. Even the reverse osmosis filters mineralize water to give it a pleasant taste. With boiling, these ions fall out as a precipitate, and remain on the walls of the system through which water passes, to a greater extent. where the water boils.

There are many ions in water: these are chlorides, nitrates and magnesium, iron, potassium, and calcium sulfates. Calcias are the most, therefore, the process of plaque purification is called decalcination.

How to descale your De’Longhi Magnifica

Description of the coffee machine De’longhi Magnifica S Ecam 22.110.SB

A2. Handle of adjustment of the degree of grinding A3. Cup shelf A4. Container cover for grains A5. Roller coffee cover A6. Funnel for falling asleep of ground coffee A7. Container for grains A8. The main switch A9. Water tank A10. Bottom block A11. Hot block A12. Coffee distributor (adjusted in height) A13. Container for coffee grounds A14. Credid for condensate A15. Submit for cups A16. Water level indicator in the A17 drops for drops. Drops for drops A18. Kapuchino nozzle A19. Handle for steam/hot water

B1. Indicators B2. Button: to turn on or off the device b3. Button: for cooking 1 cup of espresso coffee. B4. Button: for preparing 2 cups of espresso coffee. B5. Button: for rinsing or decalcification. B6. PEC for choosing: Turn it to select the desired amount of coffee or the choice of cooking coffee from ground coffee b7. Steam supply button for cooking B8 milk.based drinks. Button: for preparing 1 cup of coffee espresso b9. Button: for preparing 2 cups of espresso coffee

Description of accessories (C) C1. Menzurka-suboser C2. Window C3 Dealcinator C3. Softening filter

Care for the device

It is necessary to regularly clean the Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine and remove the scale, otherwise the unit may break. The pump will make great noise during operation, the case will begin to leak, and the water circulation will be violated. Steam with scale particles will begin to stand out from the nozzle, and a preventive error information may appear on the display.

Coofemachine cleaning

The number of purges depends on water. If it is stiff, you need to remove the scale every month, provided that coffee is daily cooking daily. Medium stiffness. cleansing is carried out every 3 months, soft. once every six months.

Automatic models with a built.in cleaning system using sound signals notify the owner of the need to conduct a procedure. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Pour a cleaning remedy into the tank.
  • Add warm water.
  • Press the drink button.
  • Make two portions of coffee and pour them.

After that, the machine will launch the cleaning program. Rinse the removable parts under water and dry back before installation.

In a coffee machine without automatic cleaning, pour the diluted agent. You also need to first make 2 portions of the drink, then rinse the parts, run 3 cups and rinse the spare parts again with water.

Cleaning tools

Delonghi magnifica coffee houses should not be cleaned from the scale of the coffee machine using citric acid and other folk remedies. Use special certified drugs to remove scrap and coffee oils (resin).

Delonghi Ser 3018 Cleaning is sold in the form of a finished liquid. The drug is used for decalcination. One bottle is enough for 4 flushing.

How to descale your Delonghi super-automatic coffee machine ESAM 3000 Magnifica with descaler DIY

Delonghi dairy system is washing coffee maker channels and milk foaming. The contents are enough for 25 procedures.

Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine cleaning pills also gives a persistent result. They come in two varieties. to cleanse the scrap and eliminate oil deposits that are formed on the welding mechanism.

For the care and maintenance of Delonghi coffee machine, it is advisable to use funds from the same brand. When buying drugs of other manufacturers, read the information on the label. It should be written about the possibility of cleaning units of any brand and model.

Special cleaners for Delunga apparatuses

It is recommended to use branded cleaners to remove scale in Delunga coffee machines. They can be purchased on the Internet:

  • Delonghi anti.Nakipin “Eco Calc” for automatic coffee machines. The product contains natural components that allow you to carefully clean the device from scale. One bottle is enough for 5 purges.
  • Delonghi DLSC500. This is a universal composition that can be used to clean not only coffee machines, but also coffee makers.
  • Delonghi DLS200. The composition was designed specifically for washing coffee machines for scale. It is spilled in small plastic containers with a volume of 100 ml. One bag is enough for 1 cleaning cycle. In packaging. 2 containers,

The manufacturer warns that the use of other means to remove the scale can negatively affect the functionality of the device.

About how to remove the scale in the coffee machine of Delonga using a corporate cleanser will tell

Why clean the coffee machine from scale?

The composition of clean, tasty water includes certain minerals and trace elements: calcium, magnesium, glandular, potassium, chloride compounds. When heated, they form lime plaque, which falls into coffee with white flakes and makes it tasteless, and in the finale threatens with corrosion of internal elements. The surface of the scale is porous, and microorganisms and bacteria quickly begin to multiply in it.

The maximum plaque forms calcium dissolved in the aquatic environment, so the process of cleaning the coffee machine from scale is often called decalcination.

Determine what has come for cleaning the coffee machine from scale by the following signs:

  • The smell of coffee has changed, it has become unpleasant, musty;
  • Coffee is not strong enough or unharved;
  • Steam pressure decreased markedly;
  • The sound of a coffee machine has changed.

Some coffee machines have installed scheduled sensors of scale. A flashing red indicator or a message on the panel, the user informs that it is time to carry out decalcination.

The tips of professionals will help clean the best, and avoid difficulties:

coffee, machine, cleaning, scale
  • Neglect of the rules of care not only worsens the operation of the apparatus, but also harms health, since pathological microorganisms begin to develop in a favorable environment.
  • During the operation of a coffee machine, preference should be given to high.quality consumables. purified water, dry coffee, etc.D.
  • Regular filter change is necessary. For paper. after each use. Nylon serves up to a couple of months of regular operation.
coffee, machine, cleaning, scale

This section will tell about the methods and methods of removing scale in household appliances.

What purification products are suitable for Delonghi coffee machines?

The lineup of the manufacturer has more than 80 coffee machines of different types. An individual approach is applied to each apparatus. Therefore, to choose the right tool will help, first of all, the instruction. It gives general care recommendations that can be used as a prevention. If the following problems are observed in time, the following problems are observed in the machines of the scale:

coffee, machine, cleaning, scale
  • normal water circulation in the system is violated;
  • The pump emits uncharacteristic noise during operation;
  • the device case flows;
  • The display pops up the inscription on the breakdown, warning signals;
  • In the mode of discharge of steam from the nozzle, discharge appears in the form of pieces of scale.

High.quality cleaning of the scopies of the Delonghi coffee machine is carried out using a line of special tools. Presenting the top 3 of the best of them.

Delonghi Decalk

Is the leader of positive reviews. This is a tool that completely removes the scale and prevents its repeated formation. Its undeniable advantage consists in the sparing effect on the parts of the coffee machine and the extension of the service life of the apparatus.

Delonghi Ecodecalk

Safe alternative from scale. The drug is based on safe components that do not affect human health, do not leave unpleasant aftertaste with the subsequent preparation of the drink and are more effective compared to similar care products.

Delonghi ser 3018

If you do not like powders that need to be diluted in the right proportion, you can buy a finished liquid. Delonghi Ser 3018 remedy will perfectly cope with decalcination and will not leave unnecessary traces. One packaging with liquid is enough for 4 flushing. You will not have to doubt the result.

Another remedy for cleaning Delonghi coffee machine is scraping is Delonga and Nespresso tablets. Powdered agents, liquids and scrap removal tablets are suitable for Delonghi coffee machines from the Magnifica and Magnifica series. If you are tired of constant cleaning, you can solve the problem at a different level. A filter or a magnetic water converter will help you. These devices will reduce the level of stiffness and the coffee machine will not need to be often served.

Folk remedies for cleaning Delonghi coffee machines

Before using the recipes of the “home first.aid kit” it is important to remember that they will not replace professional decalcinators. Folk methods. only a temporary and partial solution to the problem.


This is a risky label cleaning in Delonghi coffee machines.

By vinegar, you can easily spoil the coffee maker, so the necessary condition when using this method is compliance with the instructions:

  • Prepare a solution in a ratio of 1 part of the essence for 2 parts of water.
  • Pour the mixture into the container of the coffee maker, include cleaning mode, and in its absence. “preparation of coffee”.
  • After disconnecting the device, 20 minutes are expected until the sediment is completely dissolved.
  • Wash the container, gain clean water and boil it inside the device. This stage is repeated again.

Instead of vinegar, it is better to use a more gentle cleaner for Delonghi coffee machine.

Lemon acid

Another analogue of professional tools for cleaning equipment. Some decalcinators include citric acid precisely.

Instructions for the use of such a folk remedy for removing scale in Delonghi coffee machines:

  • 50 g of funds (you can take 30 g, having previously looked at the thickness of the sediment) is diluted in 1 liter of warm water.
  • The mixture is poured into the reservoir to the Max mark.
  • If there is a cleaning function, they include it. In its absence, they wait 15 minutes, then the coffee cooking mode is launched.
  • Turn off the device, clean the reservoir from the residues of the solution, washing it.
  • Rinse with water, boiling it in the preparation mode of the drink without adding grains.

The article contains a detailed review of Delonghi coffee machine coffee machines. Instead of folk recipes, it is better to use the professional products of the manufacturer, which will not only remove the scale, but also extend the life of the device.



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