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Magnets on the fridge harmful or not

The Reasons Why You Can’t Put Magnets on the Fridge

If you are a parent, your refrigerator. It’s also your home art gallery, school calendar, bulletin board, and shopping list holder. In short, it’s the epicenter of the mess.

magnets, fridge, harmful

You might think it’s cute, but here’s the sad truth: You can wipe down the table, load every dirty dish in the dishwasher and stack pots and pans in cabinets, but if you have a refrigerator covered in magnets and paper, your kitchen is a mess.

According to the rules of Chinese art, you should not hang numerous decorative ornaments on the refrigerator door. Especially contraindicated are magnets with the image of human faces, animals. This is due to the fact that through them passes bad energy, which is transmitted to the products, and subsequently has a negative impact on human health. It is correct to hang images of fruits, vegetables, berries, and other products. Such images act even positively:

Such a version is popular among people who are feng shui enthusiasts. According to them, miniature decorations in large quantities have a negative impact on the aura of the home. To prevent this from happening, it is allowed to limit yourself to a few magnets on the fridge.

The Chinese believe that bad energy is transmitted to the food and affects people’s health

Scientists think that miniatures made of boron and neodymium damage electric appliances. This is most often the case with refrigeration appliances with electrical panels. But in practice, it is not so bad. Perhaps the only disadvantage is the possible scratches from the magnets on the surface of the refrigerator.

So that the door of the device is not damaged, it is unwise to hang ornaments on it. You can place the souvenirs on a special metal board, hanging it anywhere in the kitchen.

Danger to children

In the house where the baby grows up, everything is subordinated to his safety. hidden piercing objects, closed sockets. And here about the magnets on the fridge is often forgotten. Nevertheless, a certain danger lurks in them:

  • tiny souvenirs a child is likely to pull in his mouth and may even swallow;
  • heavy ones can fall on his head;
  • Ceramic ones will break, falling on the floor, and hurt by the shards.

Parents should not reassure themselves that souvenirs hang high. the magnet often peels off the souvenir, especially low-quality.

Myths about the harm of fridge magnets

The theory that magnets render the fridge unusable has a scientific basis. Magnetic fields can actually interfere with the operation of machinery. But there are several important points that adherents of this theory do not take into account. The magnetic induction vector (simplified, the magnetic field strength) of an ordinary decorative magnet is negligible. It is not enough to disrupt the work of such a massive apparatus as a refrigerator.

The black magnets that we attach to the refrigerator have a very weak field

But if you hang a couple of dozen magnets on the body of the equipment? That’s where the structure of the refrigerator itself comes in. All important parts are located closer to the back of the enclosure. The field of magnets attached to the door, the internal parts simply will not reach.

Most likely, the myth about the influence of magnets on the refrigerator appeared because of electromagnetic valves, which are present in the design of some models of equipment. This part regulates the temperature in the chambers and can actually be disrupted by the magnetic field. But the power of decorative magnets is not enough for such effects.

Another reason that keeps people from decorating the refrigerator to their taste is omens. It is considered that it is strictly forbidden to hang pictures of people, animals, and places on the door; they will allegedly transfer their negative energy to the food placed in the fridge. And the nature of the depicted person or the history of the place doesn’t even matter. According to those who adhere to this superstition, even a picture of Mother Teresa will spoil the energy of the food.

magnets, fridge, harmful

But the image of fruits and vegetables on magnets is welcomed by superstitions

Do magnets harm the health of the residents in the house?

An abundance of magnets, hanged on the door of the refrigerator, often negatively affects the condition of the human body. In particular, experts in the field of medicine strongly recommend to remove such ornaments from the kitchen those at whom in the house live small children. over, people with heart and vascular problems are advised to refrain from placing such decor. Also, their placement is not recommended in those homes where people with implanted pacemakers live, because the impact of magnetic waves has a negative effect on the work of this device.

Do magnets affect the operation of the refrigerator

If the souvenirs are placed on the sides of the device, when the heat exchanger is located in this part, it is theoretically possible to disturb the normal heat dissipation. In summer the side with magnets will be heated more, which will increase the compressor running time, whose action is aimed at cooling the chamber. All of this accelerates the wear and tear of the refrigerator, especially when the entire surface of the wall is filled with souvenirs.

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Despite the presence of information in the Internet about the dangers of magnets for the refrigerator operation, some experts claim that such judgments are made by people who are far from science. The size of the souvenirs is very small, the main mechanisms manufacturers place on the back, the walls and door are thick enough, so the magnetic field is not able to affect the technical parameters or change the quality of products.

People who believe in esotericism argue that there are magnets that categorically should not be kept at home:

Especially if they are negative images or cause unpleasant memories.

On the contrary, magnets in the form of vegetables, fruits and all other products have a beneficial effect on the energy. They attract abundance in the fridge. Quite safe and magnets presented by relatives and good friends or brought from resorts and keeping pleasant feelings and memories.

Esotericism allows you to glue and those magnets that reflect the essence of the owner, but here you must be careful: through such an object, a random or unkind person can learn too much about you, take your energy together with the jewelry, or even put an evil eye.

In any case, the magnets should not collect dust. they will have to be passed with a whisk from time to time. Otherwise, the collection of dirt, allergens and negative energy will be guaranteed.

Advantages of fridge magnets

First of all, they add personality to the household appliance, reminding you of those warm and lovely days you spent on vacation. They can also be functional. For example, hang a beer opener or a corkscrew on a magnet, and the necessary detail will always be at hand.

Now they sell a lot of magnets with notes, they’re great for when you need to make a grocery list before you go to the store. Or you can delight the family in the morning with cute notes and confessions.

magnets, fridge, harmful

Such accessories can cover a scratch or dent on the appliance door. But it’s not all good, there are times when they can do real harm to the refrigerator and the person.

Many people like to hang magnets on their refrigerator. It helps to decorate the interior of the kitchen and make it cozy. Not everyone knows that such a harmless action can cause damage to the refrigerator and put it out of operation. There are many reasons why refrigerator magnets are harmful.

You can not hang magnets on the fridge because it happens:

  • Penetration of magnetic fields inside the equipment (this has a negative influence on the foodstuffs, mainly in old style refrigerators)
  • damage to the coating (when magnets are moved or they fall down, scratches can appear);
  • appearance of dark spots after removing the magnets (as a result of fading of the fridge door itself);
  • corrosion on the fridge door (if you keep the magnets on the appliances for a long time).

Here’s why you can’t decorate your fridge with too many magnets. It is necessary to consider all the pros and cons before keeping such souvenirs on your appliances.



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