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Lidocaine as analgesic when hair removal

True and lies about anesthesia during shugaring

The issue of pain relief is one of the most important in shugaring. Even if everything is done right, some discomfort cannot be avoided, especially for the first time, especially in delicate areas. Folk ingenuity offers many interesting solutions, but not all of them are actually effective and even safe.

There are a huge number of painkillers of local action: ointments, creams, gels, sprays, etc.D. They all promise a quick noticeable result, ease of use and absolute harmlessness. This is partly true, external drugs can indeed be very effective, but only if lidocaine, bald or other anesthetics are present in their composition. In this case, the components act on the membranes of neurons in the upper layers of the skin, blocking the flow of nerve impulses, as a result of which the pain symptom decreases. However, these funds are not always safe. They can cause an allergic reaction in the client, so clarify the degree of tolerance of the components (especially lidocaine) in advance. The problem is that the client does not always know about the presence of allergies, which is why it is better to test the product on a small area of ​​the skin. You can also argue about the simplicity of application. In order for the anesthetic to act properly, you need to wait for its absorption by 2-3 mm. It takes from 60 to 120 minutes. The effect of occlusion will help a little to speed up the process. you can simply cover the area with cream (for example, ordinary cling film). It is worth saying about the price. These products can significantly increase the cost of sugar depilation.

Tablets and injections

Tablets. a good, but not the most popular option. Unlike the above drugs, they are analgesics, not anesthetics, and have a different principle of action. Tablets affect the entire body, and not on a specific area of ​​the skin. To a greater extent, it manifests itself in relaxing muscles, removing cramps. If you take a tablet 30-40 minutes before the procedure, then the pain from depilation will dull-this is true. However, its complete disappearance is a lie. It should also be remembered about possible adverse reactions (irritation of the gastric mucosa, etc.).

Injections are a wonderful and super.oid way of anesthesia, but Shugaring will then cost not 500, 2500, which will significantly affect the flow of customers. In addition, only a specialist with a medical education has the right to violate the integrity of the skin.

There is a belief that ice has an analgesic effect. It is not true. Sunction of the skin is caused by a sharp spasm of muscles and narrowing of the blood vessels. There is no effect on the nerve endings, so in this case we can only talk about a distracting maneuver. The client is cold, and the vector of his attention shifts this. This technique can even be considered as a advantage, but the shortcomings also need to be taken into account. The main thing is that when cooling the skin, the pores are narrowed, which is why it becomes much more difficult to remove hair.

Classification of funds

Anesthesia preparations are drugs that fully or partially reduce the sensitivity of the body of the body. Anesthesia is common (anesthesia) and local. For shugaring, wax hair removal and processing, the latest type is used by the epilator.

The feeling of numbness causes an active component of the product. most often it is lidocaine. It is part of most sprays, ointments, creams used in cosmetology and medicine. Often lidocaine causes severe allergies. in these cases it is better to use its analogues.

Anesthetics are recommended for people with a low pain threshold: if the pain from hair removal is so strong that it is impossible to finish the procedure.

Classification of anesthetics according to the method of application:

For hair removal and depilation, there are enough means from the first category.

They are available in the following formats:

Local anesthesia during bikini depilation is characterized by the current components, their concentration, and the cosmetic base. Sprays and gels. water.based products. Creams. on oil. Ointments are made on the basis of vegetable oils, animal fats, mineral oil or petroleum jelly. Plasters act as a mini-application.

Anesthetics for local use are used the same. The drug is applied locally on clean skin 10-120 minutes before the procedure. Exposure time depends on the product and sensitivity of the skin. In some cases, the skin is additionally covered with cling film. Before the epilation procedure, the product is removed by a napkin. by this moment the skin should be significantly numb.

Lidocaine and its analogues are used in simple surgical operations. Local anesthesia partially blocks the creation of nerve impulses. it is they who convey a sense of pain with nervous endings that permeate all the tissues of the body. Some means have menthol extract in the composition. thanks to the cooling effect, burning in the depilation zone is not so noticeable.

Some salons offer to make lidocaine injections before the procedure. this is not necessary. As a rule, the actions of the external anesthetic is enough for wax or sugar hair removal. With photo and laser hair removal, any skin damage is a contraindication for the procedure.

You can enhance the action of anesthetics using a bandage. At home, it can be made of food film. Occramlous (“locking”) layer contribute to better absorption of painkillers in the skin.

TOP-10 funds from a pharmacy

On sale, you can find special anesthesia for the bikini zone, means for shugarring all zones, general anesthetics for cosmetic procedures, medical local anesthesia. Cosmetics are distinguished by the presence of caring components in the composition: panthenol, aloe extract and chamomile, oil.

General anesthetics for cosmetic procedures can be used during tattoo seans, for permanent makeup, piercing, contour (injection) plastic. All these procedures are invasive. t.e. suggest punctures in the skin. For this reason, they have a strong anesthetic effect.

In addition, their composition contains antibacterial components that prevent inflammation and pushing of open wounds.

The most powerful anesthetics are medical. They are used during surgery. Can cause dryness and irritation of the skin. All listed categories of funds can be purchased in large pharmacies.

What to pay attention to when choosing a local anesthetic for depilation/hair removal:

  • Individual tolerance. Lidocaine allergies are manifested in the form of urticaria, fever, breathing problems, quinca thaw. In difficult cases, anaphylactic shock may occur. As a rule, an allergy to the substance will be learned in childhood.
  • Efficiency. Depending on the formula, the agent penetrates into the tissue to a depth of 1-4 mm.
  • The speed of exposure. Quick.acting drugs can be applied in the master’s office immediately before the procedure. Means that must be applied in advance can be inconvenient. However, they dull a sense of pain much more.
  • Texture. For sensitive skin, solutions are not recommended. as a rule, they contain alcohol. For dry skin prone to peeling, oil.based creams and ointments are suitable.

For consultation, you can contact a pharmacist, or a depilation wizard/removal. The specialist will advise the right tools, given the sensitivity of the skin and the tendency to allergic reactions. Below are the most popular anesthetics for the bikini zone. they are most often recommended by experienced masters.

The most popular analgesic. The cream is used for wax and sugar depilation, electric, laser and photoepilation. In 1 g of the drug, 25 mg of lidocaine and 25 mg of longocas are used. A mixture of components in a proportion of 1: 1 is recognized as the most effective.

Emla is applied to the procedure for 30-60 minutes (depending on the sensitivity of the skin). In two hours, anesthesia penetrates to a depth of 3 mm. In order for the effect to be more pronounced, the cream is covered with a film.

Produced in an iron tube of 5 g or 30 g. The price of a small tube: from 400 r. He will be enough for one bikini hair removal session. Contraindications: sensitivity to lidocaine or barley, atopic dermatitis.

Patch “Emla”

For one session, you can use no more than 3 plasters. Patchers have a small diameter and therefore can only be used in small, most sensitive skin areas.

The tool is a fabric.based applique saturated with an anesthetic solution. As in the case of cream, 1 g of impregnation accounts for 25 mg of lidocaine and 25 mg of a long.tank. The cost of packaging of two patcharies: from 600 r.

Active substance. novocaine. The composition also includes menthol and benzocaine. It does not have such a pronounced analgesic effect as Emla, but it works faster. The principle of action: due to menthol, the nerve endings are irritated, and the vessels are expanding. Thanks to this, the anesthetic begins to work instantly. An additional sensation of coolness facilitates the depilation procedure.

“Menovazin” is produced in the format of the solution. active substances are dissolved in 70% ethyl alcohol. Contraindications: violation of the integrity of the skin, inflammatory diseases in the selected skin area.

Also “menovazin” is sold in ointment format. It is less effective than the spray, since the oily base worsens the absorption of anesthetic components. The ointment is applied 20 minutes before hair removal. The film is not required.

Spray “Lidocaine”

Active substance. lidocaine. On sale you can find sprays from different manufacturers. The most effective is the Hungarian production tool. 38 g of spray contain 650 doses. Quick effect-the skin area is anesthetized 2-5 minutes after applying. The result persists from 30 minutes to an hour.

The anesthetic spray expands the vessels and partially blocks the generation of pulses in the nerve endings. as a result, pain impulses are transmitted along nerve fibers at times less. The spray is especially effective on the mucosa. With caution, use with injuries of mucous membranes or skin. Production spray cost. from 310 per 38 g.

Light Dep Cream

Local anesthesia for bikini depilation, armpits and legs zones. Is an analogue of the Emla cream. The cream has castor oil and moisturizes the skin of the bikini zone well. The anesthetic acts thanks to the Angestod complex, consisting of several painkillers.

How to use: apply a cotton pad on the skin with a thin layer, let it absorb. Apply another 1-2 layers on top and leave for 20-60 minutes. Next. wash off. for 15 ml. 5500. for a bank 300 ml.

Gel “Anestop”

Local anesthetic on a water-slylic base. Anesthesia is suitable for the skin of the zone of bikini and mucous membranes. The mixture of lidocaine and long.shaped, polysaccharides (retain moisture in the skin layers), triterpenary saponins (anti.inflammatory and decongestant effects).

The depth of action is up to 3 mm. It is necessary to apply on dry skin a thin layer 15-20 minutes before depilation, then remove with a damp cloth. Thanks to silicone, the dressing is not required. Valid for 60 minutes. Produced in a metal tube. Weight: 40 g.

Golden Rose solution

Local anesthesia for bikini depilation in lotion format. Contains gasoline alcohol that improves the absorption of anesthetic. Packaging: a bottle with a pipette. The solution of the solution lasts an hour. During the procedure, it is allowed to add a couple more drops to the skin.

Application: the solution is applied to the cotton pad so that it becomes wet. The disc from the disk must be fixed with cling film and left for 15-20 minutes. A 20 ml bottle costs 1300

Disadvantages and analogues of spray

This drug is actively recommended for anesthesia of both classic and deep bikini, as well as with a wide variety of other cosmetic procedures. However, he has a number of shortcomings that can negatively affect both the procedure and its results.

  • The risk of an allergic reaction. many drugs of this group of anesthetics (novocaine, prokain, lidocaine) are able to cause severe intolerance reactions up to anaphylactic shock.
  • The principle of “home application anesthesia”, followed by going to the salon for hair removal, is permissible in terms of painkillers of the skin of the legs, arms, abdomen, pubic. But when processing a deep bikini, moving without difficulty with cling film near intimate organs is quite difficult. Especially if you need to get to the salon by public transport.
  • The spray contains only water and the active substance itself without any auxiliary compounds that would facilitate the absorption of lidocaine. In this, the drug loses to some ointments and creams that have such auxiliary components.
  • The effectiveness of such anesthesia depends on the type of skin, the sensitivity of the body to the drug and a number of other factors. Therefore, when using lidocaine, it is impossible to predict the result with accuracy-for someone it will completely “turn off” sensitivity, and someone will only slightly reduce the acuteness of pain.

Analogues of the spray lidocaine are numerous ointments and creams, as well as some liquids (Emla, Menovazin). there is also an ointment with 10% lidocaine. In part, the ointment is more convenient, since they do not spread and they can be more dosed and evenly distributed on the surface of the skin. But in the case of their use, the method of application anesthesia is also often used, since it can provide adequate analgesia.

Another important disadvantage of the lidocaine spray is the presence of contraindications for its use. it should not be used for painkillers of epilation if there is:

How To Make Laser Hair Removal Treatments Less Painful | 10 Month Laser Hair Removal Update

  • Liver or kidney diseases.
  • Tendency to lower blood pressure.
  • Heart diseases (angina pectoris, artimia).
  • Allergic reactions to the components of the drug. With allergies to other types of anesthetics, you must definitely indicate this to the doctor.

During pregnancy, the use of this tool is possible only after the doctor’s resolution against the background of absolutely normal bearing a child. However, a woman in a position is unlikely to be able to perform a deep bikini or other painful cosmetic procedures to perform a woman in a position of cosmetologists.

Lidocaine cream

Anesthetic cream with lidocaine can be used in absolutely all areas of the skin, including the face.

In effectiveness the cream is in no way inferior to the spray, but it is more expensive at a price. The cream, unlike the spray, will not spread through the skin and not cause any problems when applying. In addition, this tool is economical, it is enough to apply the cream with a thin layer to the skin. An anesthesia cream for hair removal, like the spray, quickly dry out, so for greater efficiency it is necessary to use a bandage that holds moisture. Such a bandage among doctors is called occlusive, and it does not allow the cream and the spray to evaporate quickly, blocking the contact of the drug with air. The easiest type of occlusal bandage is a plastic film. The cream begins to act only after a few hours.

Lidocaine injections

As we have already said, it is not recommended to use lidocaine injections at home and in the absence of certain skills.

Nevertheless, this type of anesthesia is used quite often. Make injections with an insulin syringe with a very thin needle. The drug is administered under the skin to a depth of 2 mm, at a distance of 3 cm from each other. Initially, small tubercles are formed on the site, which over time pass. The main advantage of the injection method is the speed of exposure compared to cream and spray. But do not exceed the permissible dose, and it is better to conduct injections under the supervision of another person. It is also not recommended to conduct lidocaine injections on the mucous membrane of the labia labia. This procedure is quite unpleasant, but the choice always remains with you.

The main advantages of lidocaine preparations are the effectiveness of pain relief and ease of use. But, like any drug, Lidocaine has its own disadvantages that come down to its contraindications. In order not to harm health, before use, read the list of contraindications:

  • For children, pregnant and lactating, the use of lidocaine is not recommended.
  • Liver and kidney diseases
  • Diseases of the nervous system
  • Low pressure
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Allergic reactions.

As you can see the list is quite serious, so it is worth it to be seriously and deliberately treated with lidocaine. In addition, Lidocaine also has a large list of side effects, for example, migraine, vomiting, nausea and much more. There is a drug. a flat.shock that does not have such a list of “side effects”, its effect is slower, but no less effective. In any case, if these drugs cause fears, consult your doctor.


Anesthesia should not be carried out with lidocaine, if there is the following conditions:

  • Allergic manifestations in the past for this drug. If you use a tool with lidocaine for the first time, be sure to conduct an allergic test. Apply a small amount of the drug to the elbow fold, check the reaction. Lack of redness, itching suggests that there is no allergy;
  • migraine;
  • liver and kidneys;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Foreign products are not allowed to use in violations of the integrity of the skin, dermatitis;
  • Children up to twelve years of age;
  • Pregnancy: When conducting animal experiments, it was proved that lidocaine is able to penetrate through a hematoplacental barrier, but does not cause much harm to the fetus. Its use in pregnant women is accepted only if the need for treatment exceeds the estimated risks for the fetus;

Refrain from further use of the drug in case of occurrence:

  • nausea, vomiting;
  • allergies. from rhinitis to anaphylactic shock;
  • shortness of breath;
  • chills, dizziness, a sharp decrease in blood pressure;
  • weakness, drowsiness;
  • pain, redness, burning in the field of administration or applying the drug.

Before using an anesthetic tool, be sure to read the instructions.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of using lidocaine is the blocking of pain. In addition, anesthesia lasts long enough, about 2 hours. This tool helps reduce the sense of discomfort even with the most painful manipulations. Thanks to various forms of release, they can anesthetize the skin in different areas. For a bikini zone, a cream, spray or injections, for the face and armpits. a patch, for the legs, you can also use cream or spray.

Simple ways to use funds allow them to use them at home. In addition, these drugs are available in price.

Among the shortcomings are highlighted:

  • wide list of contraindications;
  • the inability to use funds during pregnancy;
  • quite often lidocaine causes allergic reactions. over, both in a mild form. urticaria, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and in severe. Quincke’s edema, anaphylactic shock;
  • To act in external funds, a lot of time should pass.

How the procedure goes

Unlike a classic bikini, when the hair is epilam along the line of panties, the deep bikini laser Lightsheer is a complete removal of hair in the intimate area. Increased sensitivity can occur on the verge of skin with the mucosa if hairs grow there.

Before the procedure, in a few hours, the client should take a shower and shave hair in the processed zone “Under zero”.

How to apply numbing cream so it WORKS!

  • Depending on the anatomical features of the structure of the client in the first sessions, the doctor processes the bikini zone only HS vacuum handle.
  • Then the remaining hairs removes with the second unique manipulator with the Contact cooling system Chilltip.
  • In rare cases, the cosmetologist uses only the ET handle since the start of the course.

Anesthesia when epilation of the bikini zone

The bikini epilation procedure on the Lightsheer Duet diode laser is painless, so anesthesia is usually not used. However, with each course of the course, the doctor increases the power of the laser. over, discomfort during intimate hair removal may increase. The unpleasant sensations must be immediately informed by the cosmetologist, discarding shyness. The doctor should clearly know what sensations the patient experiences, because the degree of sensitivity is different for everyone. And what anesthesia to use to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

For patients with sensitive skin in Epilaik clinics, the most careful attitude in the process of conducting intimate hair removal procedures is provided:

  • Using local cream anesthetics. Lidocaine cream or Emla is applied to the mucous membrane with a deep bikini for 5-10 minutes to relieve pain before the procedure. The drug is recommended for patients with sensitive or dark skin, especially in the bikini area, where the pigment is brighter and the hair is tougher than in other body zones.
  • The use of ice packages. refrigerants. inside which the gel is located. They are stored in the freezer. During the session, applied for 1-2 seconds, then perform a flash with a laser. So the procedure even in the most sensitive patients is much easier.
  • An instant decrease in unpleasant sensations when removing hair in the bikini area provides cryo vasation with a quick supply of cold air (about 5 0 s).

After 4-6 sessions, a smooth, velvety skin in the bikini area awaits you. And if to achieve this effect it is necessary to resort to anesthesia, trust the competence of the professionals of the EpiLIK clinic.

Do I need to endure pain?

For centuries it was believed that beauty demands victims. Now times have changed. suffering has ceased to be fashionable and have lost their value. Today is a trend in life for pleasure, and this applies to all aspects, including cosmetic procedures.

Painful manipulations were replaced by effective methods of exposure that did not cause unpleasant sensations. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that girls are increasingly prefer such methods by ancient. painful, not providing a long.term effect and have unpleasant side effects. From painful execution, epilation turned into a comfortable, relaxing procedure.

Laser hair removal is suitable for any zones, even the most sensitive. the upper lip, armpit, total bikini. During the procedure, only a small tingling area of ​​the treated area is felt, and light redness of the skin passes within a few hours. There are enough course of several sessions to forget about the annoying problem of excess hair growth for several years.

Your body deserves love and care. Give him effective, but non.traumatic procedures: come to the clinic for laser hair removal, and you will be surprised how pleasant the path to beauty can be.

Errors in the use of application anesthesia in hair removal

At the very beginning, you should specify 3 most common mistakes of application.

Incorrect selection of local anesthesia

Lidocaine spray for anesthesia is absolutely not suitable for the skin. This tool has proven itself for small dental and gynecological surgical manipulations, as it is perfectly absorbed. Do not count on any effect on the skin.

Insufficient application time

Even if you were not mistaken with the means and chose an anesthesia cream, but you were not helped by painful sensations, then most likely you kept it on the skin insufficient time.

Lack of occlusal bandage

An anesthetic cream should be applied under the film and only. Otherwise, the effect will not be different from zero.

Rules for applying application anesthesia: we painkille the bikini correctly.

Anesthesia of the bikini zone during hair removal is a rather simple manipulation that does not require much effort, however, compliance with several simple rules will help you squeeze the maximum capabilities of local anesthesia and greatly facilitate the procedure. Of course, you should not think that this method will completely beat off the sensitivity during the procedure, but the pain will be significantly diverse.

Anesthesia before epilation of the bikini zone begins with the dough for allergies. You must be completely confident in the absence of allergies to lidocaine. As a rule, people with intolerance to substance know about this, but if you are not sure, make a test test according to the instructions. Do not hope at all in this matter, since the consequences can be just terrible, up to anaphylactic shock and. Let’s not talk about sad.

Before applying an anesthetic cream, the skin must be degreased and dried.

The cream must be applied with a thick layer, especially carefully process the cream of the most sensitive areas.

On top of the cream, apply a film.

Application time should be from 1.5 to 2 hours (we are talking about creams with a concentration of lidocaine 5%) depending on your individual characteristics.

After that, go about your business before visiting the master of hair removal. Do not remove the cream yourself so as not to lose the effect of freezing ahead of time. The master will process and prepare the skin for the procedure.


Anesthetic creams are divided into several categories.

External (primary anesthesia), only on intact skin

Secondary anesthesia, it is recommended to apply them to already damaged skin.

In the country of production, funds and volume. Korean creams are very popular now, they are very effective and economical, but there are also many good effective means and American production. Below we will analyze in detail the most popular creams so that you can independently choose the drug more suitable for you.

Also, creams and gels can have a different base: water or oil. It must also be taken into account when selecting the drug for a specific procedure. To do this, pay attention to the composition, water is necessarily present in water.based products.

They do not leave a fat trace on the skin after use, so they provide a stronger grip on the surface, for example, during shugaring or hair depilation procedures.

The remnants of the cream are quickly and easily removed from the skin.

Moisturize the skin, suitable for the skin prone to oily.

The advantages of oil.based products:

In some cases, the duration of frost is slightly longer if the product has an oil base.

It is recommended to use dry skin prone to peeling.

TOP funds, according to cosmetologists.

It is recommended to consult a specialist before using any anesthetic, since almost all anesthetic creams have a list of contraindications. Most often, reviews about painkillers are insufficient to make a purchase decision. In any case, we will be useful to pay attention to the following components:

The presence of allergies or individual intolerance to the components of the product. Some components, in particular, lidocaine can cause strong allergic reactions. In this case, a patient with lidocaine intolerance should not use drugs, his. As a rule, if a person has any intolerance, then this can be found in childhood, and in adulthood it is already more careful.

Exposure time (cream speed). This information will come in handy to plan the time of the entire procedure, since external anesthetics are applied before the start of the procedure in 15-40 minutes, depending on the drug.

Cream texture. It can also affect the effectiveness of the procedure itself and the skin reaction to the drug. Usually determine the water or oil base by composition. Water.based products have water.

Next, we will analyze the top of the funds for cosmetic procedures, which have long been leaders in the effectiveness of exposure, and are widely known all over the world.

Coherent cooler gel 30g 9.6%

Local coolant. Very effective, has a gel texture, used for cosmetolgic injecting procedures, depilation, and other traumatic manipulations. Sold in tubes of 30g and 75g. Applied externally 15-40 minutes before the procedure under the film.

J-Cain 500g

Korean creamy painkillers that are sold in the volume of 500g are designed for primary surface anesthesia. Sold in blue and yellow banks. Today it is the most popular Korean skin freezing agents. It is very important to pay attention to the manufacturer and lidocaine in drugs. The yellow bank contains 10.56% of the active substance, the blue bank contains about 9.6%. In this case, the effects of these two products are equally effective. There are small differences in perception associated with the individual characteristics of the body. The cream is applied 15-25 minutes before the procedure under the film.

LightFrost Gel 30ml, 150ml, 400ml

A very effective product of production, suitable for painkillery of the skin when removing hair on the face, legs, armpits, intimate zone. It freezes the skin well, is sold in a large bottle with a dispenser, there are also mini versions of 30 and 150ml. 150ml also goes with a dispenser. The cream quickly affects the skin, creating a temporary feeling of frost. With the time of exposure from 20 minutes, he is able to freeze for more than 1 hour. There are contraindications, before use, read the instructions for use.

Cream Lite Deps Professional 300ml, 30ml

Lite Deps is the most famous skin anesthesia cream with a good reputation. It is often used by masters of all areas of cosmetology, as this is a universal cream and is suitable for almost any procedure, for women and men. It also refers to primary cooling creams, that is, it is applied to intact skin. 15-20 minutes after applying the cream, it is necessary to remove and start the procedure. Lite Department Professional is sold in 2 volumes. For cosmetology clinics, it is recommended to purchase 300 ml, it is much more profitable in the calculation for 1 procedure, the bottle goes with a dispenser, the cream is stored for a long time while maintaining cooling properties.


Korean cooling cream for sensitive skin. J-Pro is suitable for use in very delicate skin areas, as well as people with a low sensitivity threshold. The cream cools and relieves discomfort perfectly, it is used with or without a film, depending on the individual characteristics of the body. The cream is applied for 15-20 minutes externally. Suitable for mesotherapy, depilation, permanent makeup.

Cream Anestoderm 30ml, 300ml

The drug cosmetic soothing for external use. It is produced in this tool is a modified formula for a conventional light depot, the effect of the cream occurs already 15-20 minutes after application. It is also used on intact skin before the procedure. For better exposure to the cream, it is recommended to use the scrub and carefully cleanse the skin from the upper keratinized layer, for better penetration of the product. With proper use, the cream is able to anesthetize for several hours, this time is enough to comfortably carry out almost any cosmetic procedure. To use the cream, the film is used, it restrains the weathering of the cooling components, so the drug acts faster.

Let’s compare these funds in basic indicators

We decided to compare the above tools based on their advantages and disadvantages. I would like to note that the opinion indicated in the table. subjective and may differ from the experience of some masters, therefore, before using each tool, it is recommended to consult with a specialist. All data in the “price” line are relevant at the time of publication of the article. See the current for goods in the catalog or check by the phone number indicated on the site.



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