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LG washing machine what does ue mean

What to do when a fault or error code appears

Before answering the question “What to do when the LG washing machine error?”, let’s immediately clarify that the default errors and malfunctions of the washing machine automatic conditionally divided into two groups:

  • Errors of any action performed by the user himself, and minor breakdowns. Both can be fixed quickly with your own hands.
  • Serious breakdowns, in the case of which the repair would require special knowledge and skills (when carrying out repairs yourself) or a specialist from the ACM Technical Service Center.

Knowing the error codes of LG washing machine Direct drive and what is the reason (reason) for the appearance of this warning, with the help of the special table, in which the decoding of the code is specified, namely the name of the part, the unit of the device and several options for possible malfunction (error actions), you can evaluate and decide for yourself about the upcoming repair.

IE or 1E error? What does the LG washing machine error code mean??

As usual, you have turned on the LG washing machine, but suddenly an unknown code appears on the digital display screen, indicating that the washing is not allowed at the moment. You are at a loss? Let’s understand what a particular IE or 1E code signals on the display screen? Yes, the machine allowed to start the program, but does not respond, the water tank is not filled, or it begins to slowly draw water, but in fact, the drum does not spin, but the motor is fine.

washing, machine, does, mean

In an LG washing machine without a screen, the main and prewash indicators turn on and blink at the same time when this error occurs.

In what cases it is possible to eliminate on your own


Accompanying the PF error with the code LE indicates the presence of failures in the power supply. Even when eliminating errors by resetting the machine, it is better to take care to buy a stabilizer.

Deciphering the code and the reasons for its appearance

Usually after washing and rinsing the laundry, the washer empties the water and starts wringing out the laundry. But sometimes at this stage a failure occurs. Everything rotates, but the speed does not increase.

The washer can take a few tries to spin, if it fails, it slows down and the LG washing machine display shows UE.

Error UE in the LG washing machine means that at this stage in the drum imbalance occurs and because of this spin is not possible. In this case, it should be noted that the LG washing machine writes UE error in different cases differently, namely tsE and UE.

When it says UE with the first small letter, there is no need to interfere with LG. The machine itself tries to distribute the load along the axis of the drum evenly, drawing and releasing water. It is quite possible that she will succeed, and she will continue her work.

The UE code appears with the first capital letter at the end of the process, which means that the machine has failed and your help is needed.

This code may appear periodically in a perfectly serviceable washing machine, and although it requires attention, there is no cause for alarm.

And when we see these letters each time you start the washing machine, it means that there is something wrong with LG machine, and it is necessary to take some actions.

What does UE and uE error mean in LG washing machine? The Reasons

Your LG washing machine has finally finished rinsing, has quickly emptied the tank, but for some reason does not want to spin the cloths. The washer spins the drum as it usually does when rinsing or washing, but cannot get the spin speed up. After unsuccessful attempts to accelerate, it hangs, stops the drum and gives an error UE.

If your LG washing machine is not equipped with a screen, this error is indicated as follows:

washing, machine, does, mean

The code may appear after the end of any mode before the start of spinning or in between cycles. Before the information is displayed, the machine tries to gain momentum for 2-3 minutes to start the spin. If there is a defect in the equipment, all attempts will result in an error in the LG washing machine.

The abbreviation uE, where one letter is small and the other is large, means that the machine is trying to evenly distribute the items in the drum. For this various attempts are made, for example, to draw and drain the water.

If the result is unsatisfactory, a code consisting of two large letters appears, t. е. UE. This means that the LG brand washing machine is not able to fix the problem on its own, because. к. there is a physical malfunction of the mechanism. Notably, the older models only informed the user with a two capital letter error if the unit could not wring out the laundry.

UE error. what to do

If the washing machine writes error UE, then you need to consider several options for your actions, which directly depend on the cause:

  • There was a load of only one or two items. in this case, you need to add a few items of closet, and continue washing;
  • You have loaded one, but very bulky, large item. the drum can not evenly distribute the load, the error appears. you can reduce the number of revolutions on the spin or disable the function at all for a while;
  • Completely different types of laundry are being washed, each of which absorbs water differently and has different weight. load one type of laundry;
  • Bed linen is quite often the cause of the error UE. things are twisted, clogged, extremely unevenly distributed over the drum. remember that the total weight of such things should not be more than 2 kg. Also, set the spin speed to no more than 800 rpm;
  • To avoid overloading, carefully read the manual, which usually contains a table indicating the weight of the items.

What does UE error mean on an LG washing machine

To begin with, it is necessary to distinguish between Ue and uE errors on the LG washing machine. Error uE is lit in the LG machine for a single reason, and means that an unbalanced load has been detected and an attempt to correct the problem in automatic mode has failed. It is possible to solve this problem by yourself by adding water, so that the laundry is distributed more evenly over the drum.

Code with error Ue may occur regularly in LG machines, but it is not always an indication of its malfunction. Infrequent occurrence of errors just the opposite informs the owner of the normal operation of the unit. However, in the case of occurrence of this error in the process of spinning the laundry every time you wash it, it means that there is a high probability of LG washing machine breakage.

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What causes the malfunction?

An imbalance inside the drum happens if:

UE ERROR CODE LG FIX Washing Machine 2020

  • You overloaded the washer or underloaded it;
  • You have loaded different types of fabrics that absorb and give up water in different ways;
  • you have loaded bed textiles with small items.

If things in the drum will have different weights, such washing will not distribute evenly during spinning, and thus will get imbalance. And, as a consequence, on a Samsung washing machine is lit UE.

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