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LG washing machine OE error lights up

What does OE error mean??

Error OE says that the LG washing machine can not make the water drain in the appointed interval (as a rule, it is set 5-8 minutes). Error OE could arise as well because of the simplest violations, which you probably can eliminate with your own hands, and because of the serious breakdowns, which must be resolved by the intervention of a specialist.

First of all, it is necessary to drain the water by force, and unload the laundry.

Error code IE of LG washing machines

If when turning on the washing mode on the display of LG washing machine appears error form IE (1E), it indicates a lack of water supply. In most cases, this happens because of negligence: forgot to open the tap, through which the machine is connected. It is enough to turn the valve and washing will automatically continue in normal mode. What if the LG washing machine gives out an error IE, if the plumbing is all right, the faucet is also open? Why does this happen and how to fix the problem??

Error codes of LG washing machines

LG washing machines are in great demand among the Russians, because they offer a good level of quality of the Korean firm, combined with reasonable prices. Average life of a new LG machine before the first repair is about 3-5 years. A number of malfunctions don’t demand intervention of the master, for example, cleaning of a drain or an inlet filter. To determine the nature of the error, you must decipher the code on the LG display, ending with the English letter E (from the English “Error”). Models without display indicate breakage by blinking of several lamps at once.

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  • Drain strainer or sewer blockage.
  • Deformed drain hose.
  • Water pressure sensor problems.
  • Drain pump defective.
  • Check the drain strainer for blockages and jammed particles. If it is clogged. clean, rinse under running water, replace filter. Resume washing.
  • Check the drain hose for kinks, deformations, bends. If the hose is deformed, it would be better to replace it with a new one.
  • Make sure there is nothing wrong with the drain hose connection.
  • If these measures do not help, there is likely a problem with the water pressure sensor (pressostat) or the drain pump.
  • Stop the cycle, check that the laundry has not exceeded its admissible weight. The tank will have difficulty turning if the items are clumped together or if there are too many items.
  • Load the washer-dryer if there are too few items.

The washing machine does not start washing, no signal lock the hatch (it does not turn on)

  • Washing machine hatch door not closed.
  • Door lock does not work or the locking mechanism cannot tell the washer-dryer control board that the door is closed.
  • Machine door handle does not work.
  • Door lock wiring faulty.
  • Check door closure.
  • Check door handle for damage (often deformed due to wear and tear).
  • Check the door fuse: if it is inoperative, the mechanism must be replaced. Check door lock wiring

If washing is urgent. select a program that does not require heating water. Otherwise diagnose and repair LOS and components.

Machine doesn’t start, hatch won’t lock, machine may hum but drum doesn’t spin

  • Tachogenerator malfunction.
  • Control module failure.
  • The control unit for locking the door is defective.
  • Washing machine handle or lock does not work.
  • Cracks or tears in the rotor magnet.
  • Check if something is hindering the drum rotation (e.g. a foreign object).
  • Check the door handle and door fuse (they can often wear out).
  • Check if the hatch is closed correctly.

Automatic shutdown error. Washing machine suddenly stops working

  • Washing machine control unit malfunction.
  • The machine has received information about water in the sump (typical for models with Aquastop function such as LG F12B8WD8, LG TrueSteam F12U2HCS2).
  • The Aquastop system malfunction.
  • Disable the washing for 15-20 minutes, restart the program.
  • Inspect the water contact surfaces of the washer-dryer and the connection pipes.

Machine stopped the washing and stopped. The drum “jerks” (typical for LG washing machines with direct drive, for example LG FH2G6HDS2, LG F2M5HS6W)

  • There is an overload of laundry.
  • Electronic controller malfunction
  • Drive motor is defective.
  • Turn off the washer-dryer, remove some of the laundry to eliminate overloading.
  • If this does not help, the problem is in the controller or motor.

Prewash, main wash, synthetic, wool and comforter indicators are lit simultaneously for machines without a display

The washing machine tank is full of water, it stops washing, starts to drain and draw water.

  • Inlet valve failure.
  • Pressostat malfunction.
  • Control unit malfunction.
  • Wiring between programmer and pressostat defective.
  • Watch out for the quantity and quality of detergent, very high foaming can often be the cause.
  • Check the load of laundry, it may be too much. Remove the laundry, let the machine dry for about 24 hours.
  • Disconnect the machine for at least 20 minutes, this will give you the chance to fix the programmer failure.

Older, no display washing machines (LG Direct Drive F1088LD) have all sensors on and flashing

  • The inlet valve responsible for filling the washing machine’s tank may be defective.
  • Control board malfunction.
  • Water inlet valve wiring is faulty.
  • There is no water connection to the intake valve.
  • Check the water supply, perhaps the faucet is blocked, or in principle, the water in the water mains has been disconnected.
  • Check the water inlet hose for kinks, kinks and holes.
  • Check the water inlet valve.

The tank doesn’t fill or the water intake is too fast (within 4 minutes)

  • The water level sensor (pressostat) is defective
  • The water mains pressure is too low or too high
  • Turn off the machine and restart the washing process.
  • Check that the water intake valve is open enough and that the water can be fully supplied. (If there is high pressure in the mains all the time, you need to adjust the valve so that it is not over-pressurized).
  • If these measures have not helped, the malfunction is most likely due to the pressostat.

Washing machine stopped working (during any of the washing phases)

Power failure inside or in the power supply to the washer-dryer.

  • Check the correct connection of the SM: directly into the socket, not through the surge protector.
  • Check the continuity of the power cord.
  • If the above measures didn’t help, the most probable reason is a defect in the heating element, control module or wiring.

All temperature lights on washing machines without screen flash

The washing machine stopped at the washing stage, the hatch is cold, that is, it can not heat water.

  • The temperature sensor malfunction.
  • Dry sensor is defective (for LG F1296CD3, LG F2J6HG0W, LG F1496AD3).
  • Contact in the wiring between the heating element and the control module is missing.
  • The heating element itself is defective.
  • Turn off the washing machine for 10-20 minutes to eliminate the possible failure of the electronic module.
  • If you need to wash urgently, select a program that does not require heating water.

This error is characteristic for LG washing machines with direct drive (for example LG F2M5HS6W, LG FH2G6HDS2);

For machines with belt drive and three-phase silent motor

(For example LG FH2G6TD4, LG F2H9HS2W, LG F12B8WD8)

After starting the washing machine immediately drains the water. Drum does not rotate in any of the programs, neither rinse, nor wash, nor spin.

The washing machine motor shaft cannot rotate (Hall sensor/tachodiac malfunction)

  • Switch off the washing machine completely. Wait 10 to 15 minutes. Restart.
  • If these measures do not help, there is a problem with the motor or the tachometer.

Only valid for LG washing machines with child lock (e.g. LG F12B8WD8, LGFH2G6TD4, LG FH0M7WDS1)

The washer does not respond to button presses.

Find two adjacent buttons on the front panel (depending on the model of LG machine it can be different combinations of buttons). They (these two buttons) are always joined by two brackets, with a smiling lock between them. Pressing these two buttons at the same time unlocks the washing machine.

This is not an error. it is an information message from the washing machine

Washing machine recommends cleaning the drum. On new LG washing machines (e.g. FH0H3SD1) cleaning is suggested after every 30 washing cycles

Clean the washing machine tank.

Under the washing machine, as well as in the tray detects water, or water is not visible, but the machine still gives an error of water in the tray.

  • Tank or hoses are leaking.
  • The water leak sensor is defective.
  • Check the integrity of the drain and fill hoses: they must not be kinked, twisted or cracked.
  • Inspect the tank.
  • If everything is okay but the error does not go away, it may be due to a faulty water leak sensor.

Load sensing error, rare.

No detailed data available. Possible malfunction of the electronic module.

Error loading detection. Can occur when starting the washing machine for the first time.

OE error lights up on the screen of LG washing machine in the middle of washing. when the machine should switch to rinse mode. The code means that for some reason the water from the drum cannot be drained.

Sometimes OE error is described as “03”, reading the code as a numeric with the number “3” turned the other way around.

OE error does not occur immediately. first the machine tries to start the desired process several times and corrects the problem on its own. But if 5-6 attempts bring no result, the operation of the device stops, and the corresponding code appears on the screen.

OE error in LG washing machine

OE error LG washing machine usually appears at the most inopportune moment in the middle of the washing program. A drum full of laundry and soapy water, the machine freezes and the display shows two incomprehensible letters OE. In this article we will decipher the error with OE code, determine the causes of such error and suggest the ways to eliminate them.

Deciphering error codes on the LG washing machine display

Modern appliances are equipped with a panel that displays LG washing machine errors. ? The malfunction is given a number so that the consumer can determine whether he or she can fix the problem himself or herself, or whether it is necessary to call for help from a technician.

Eliminate the problem

It is necessary to begin with a small, but obligatory cleaning. LG washing machine accumulates rather large amount of dirt during a long time of operation. First in line is the garbage filter. There is nothing complicated about it, if you read the instruction manual beforehand.

After cleaning the filter it is necessary to restart the machine, and if the error occurs again, it is worth to deal with the problem. If the soapy water remains in place, you need to check for a clog between the siphon where the drain fits and, in fact, the filter of the washing machine.

Often the drain from the washer is not the siphon, and is inserted directly into the drain, in this case you must check this place. Especially often the clogs appear there.

Try to disconnect the drain hose from the machine and pass water through it, if it does not pass or does it with difficulty, then most likely there is a clog inside, which must be cleaned, for example, using a wire with a hook. If the hose is clean, you need to look further.

Many experts recommend listening to the operation of the drain pump. All machines from this manufacturer have a fairly noisy drain pump, and if the wash is over and it did not make a sound, then the problem is detected.

Faults can be hidden in the broken electric controller or water level control sensor. In either case, you will most likely need to seek help from a specialist. When testing the washer with your own hands you can “burn” all the contacts on the circuit board and power unit, which will lead to large financial expenses.

How to eliminate UE error on LG washing machine

Since the UE error in LG washing machines usually does not indicate a serious breakdown, you can fix it with your own hands. Most often it is necessary to drain the water in an emergency, redistribute the items and restart the spin.

How to eliminate overloading

If the error UE appeared because of too many things in the drum, to eliminate the failure is quite simple. Necessary:

  • Stop the washing machine and remove some of the laundry.
  • Manually place remaining items as evenly as possible.
  • Start the spin again.
  • At the end of the program, hang the laundry and put the second part of the clothes removed earlier into the machine.

In the future, you need to calculate the load on the washing machine in advance and do not allow the maximum figures to be exceeded. If the UE error appears too often, eventually the bearings and shock absorbers of the machine can fail.

How to correct the LG machine

UE failure can be caused by uneven installation of the washing machine. This would cause vibrations during the spin cycle, which would upset the balance and stop LG’s operation.

  • Use a spirit level to determine how much the device deviates from the horizontal.
  • Lift the machine and adjust the height of the feet.
  • In the absence of an adjustment system, place pieces of folded cardboard or heavy paper.
  • Check once again using a spirit level to see if the appliance is level.

On a soft linoleum floor, the machine‘s position can vary from time to time. Therefore, it is possible that you will have to level the appliance on a regular basis.

To prevent the LG machine from vibrating when washing, it can be built into the kitchen unit

How to cope with small loads

If there is too little stuff in the drum and the LG washing machine is flashing UE, you need to give the device a more serious load. Specifically:

  • Open the door of the washer-dryer.
  • Add some more clothes to the tank.
  • If there are no dirty clothes, add a couple of terry clean towels to the drum.

Error Code OE on LG Front Load Washer: How to Diagnose and Fix

Pre-wet the clothes before putting them in the machine. In this case, you can start the device immediately in spin mode.

Tip! If the machine reacts sensitively to insufficient items in the drum, it is better to wash urgently the laundry and light shirts by hand.

How to reach items of different fabrics when there is a UE error

UE icon on LG display may occur when trying to process heavy and light items at the same time. If the appliance cannot balance the load, you need to:

  • Open the drum and remove small and light items.
  • Run only heavy items in spin mode.
  • Send lightweight clothing to the machine separately.

If the items are small and thin, you can wring them out by hand. This will not run the device unnecessarily and will save energy.

Before repairing the machine, it is recommended to reset it by unplugging it from the mains. sometimes that is enough

What does error OE mean in LG washing machine and how to correct it

In LG washing machines, the OE error is almost the most common fault. When a malfunction occurs, the operation of the washing machine stops about halfway through the cycle. In this case, the laundry remains in the drum filled with water drain does not happen. On the electronic display the error code OE is lit, the indication of these symbols means that the LG has paused.



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