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reasons why the washing machine does not drain

You launched the wash, as usual, but noticed that it goes longer than it should be according to the program. Sometimes the reason is due to the fact that the washing machine slowly drains water. Small drain does several times: after washing, after rinsing, during an annex. And if every time the water leaves poorly, the working hours are growing.

note! We are talking about a situation where the water drains completely, but very slowly. If you are faced with the fact that the car was hanging with water in the tank, see the article why the washing machine does not drain water.

What is the cause of poor drain, this is a breakdown and a master is needed? In half of cases. no, the problem can be eliminated independently.

The washing machine drains water for a long time. when you can cope with the problem yourself

Council from the master! Clean the filter regularly. Then the machine will work longer without breakdowns of the pump and difficulties with the drain.

  • Blockage in sewage or siphon. often the washing machine is connected through the removal of the siphon, but there is also a direct entry into the sewer. The blockage can form both in a siphon and in the pipe. Most likely, you will notice that water does not leave the sink, this is already a signal, that you need a siphon cleaning. To accurately check the car for a blockage in the sewer, pull the end of the drain hose from the hole, lower it into a bucket or bath, turn on the drain program. If the water is pouring under good pressure, then the reason is in the suction of the sewer. Disassemble and clean the siphon or sewer. In hard.to.reach places, use special chemicals such as mole. With a lot of salmon in the pipe, use a plumbing cable. In extreme cases, invite plumbing.
  • Incorrect connection of the drain. The drain pump is designed for a certain length of the drain hose. The size of the factory. 1.5 m, it is recommended to lengthen the same segment, or put a new, but not more than 3.5 m. If you strongly lengthen the hose, the water will merge worse.Look at the instructions, it indicates the maximum length of the hose. Rearrange the equipment, if possible, closer to the entrance to the sewer or increase the pipe. In doubt how to do the right thing? Call the master

From the experience of the masters! In Bosch cars, you can lengthen up to 3.7 meters. In Zanussi, some models pump up to 8 m. But for most brands and models there is a limitation of 3.0-3.5 m. Too long hose not only slows down, but also quickly wear out the pump.

You checked everything on the list, but the washing machine still does not drain water? So the reason is malfunction. In this case, professional help is needed.

What can be done yourself

  • The drain filter clogged. It is located in the drain tract in front of the drain pump, delays the garbage and protects the pump from mechanical breakdowns of the impeller. Without regular cleaning, garbage accumulates and creates an obstacle to the water path. The pump cannot pump out water, which reaches it drop. Clean the filter regularly, at least several times a year. So you protect the pump and washing machine from unnecessary breakdowns, and protect yourself from unnecessary repair costs. The filter cleaning instructions are in the guide to your smell. It indicates where to find a filter node, how to clean, and with what frequency. If you have additional questions, you can ask them to our masters.
  • Blockage in a siphon or sewer pipe. The washing hose is connected to the siphon of the sink or directly to the sewage pipe through the removal. Siphon or pipe clogs over time. About the clogged siphon “sits” the water retention in the sink, the tech in the pipe will be less noticeable if only the washing machine “sits” on it. You can check that the reason is in the sewer, and not in the typewriter itself. To do this, before the laundry on an empty typewriter, you need to pull the hose out of the siphon or drive, lower it into the container and turn on the fast washing and draining. If the water will leave without delay, then the problem is in the sewage. Disassemble the siphon for its cleaning. To eliminate blockage in the pipe, use special products or use a plumbing cable.

Attention! If the car stopped on washing without lowering the water, before the repair you need to drain everything manually. How to do it correctly, read the article further.

Possible breakdowns

The reasons why the washing machine does not drain water can be a malfunction of the drain pump, press stratum, control module or plum plum cloak.

Drain pump. from 1500

The pump breaks due to garbage, which slipped through the filter and hit the impeller or wound up on the shaft. The pump motor is out of order or the impeller breaks. In the first case, the pump does not work at all, in the second. the damaged pump bursts, thunders, but the machine does not pump out water well, does not merge and freezes with water on washing or rinsing.

A faulty pump is changed to a new one, it cannot be repaired.

Blockage in a plum tract. from 1000

The water from the tank passes through the pipe, filter, pump, drain hose. Any section of the drain tract can clog. We have already examined the situation with the filter and pump. Small things that slipped out of the tank are most stuck in the pipe, and coins, metal objects, napkins and pieces of paper also accumulate. The blockage is assembled inside the pipe or at the junction of the snail to the tank. The hose is clogged with fabric residues, wool, paper trough from disposable scarves that fell into the pump.

The master will check the drain tract and eliminate the blockage. If a pump breakdown occurred due to garbage, it will have to be replaced with a new.

Press.start error. from 1500

Water can remain in the car due to a breakdown of the press-start, which controls the water level in the washing machine. This happens when a level sensor sticks in a “empty tank” position. The control module receives a message that there is no water and stops the drain.

The master will determine the cause of the failure and repair or replace the sensor.

Control unit. from 1800

SMA sometimes stops draining due to breakdown of the control unit. The reason for the refusal is the damage to the site responsible for managing the pump. Most often, radio components and paths are burned, sometimes the contacts of the wires to the pump are weakened.

The master will check the block and say what needs to be done: repairs of the board or replacement. In the case of repair, the burnt elements are restored, the paths of the microcircuit are fought.

Spare parts are not included in the price and are paid separately.

Possible malfunctions when the LG washing machine writes error 0e

Breakage, as evidenced by the decoding of the error, are associated with the drain. These are the drains of the drain most often fail.

Drainage pump. from 2000

The pump pumps water from the washing machine during the drain. If the pump is out of order, then the water does not merge at all, so the washing machine cannot continue the program and shows an error on the display.

The main reasons for the failure of the pump are mechanical damage to the impeller or malfunction of the pump engine. In the first case, the pump is buzzing, but the LG machine does not drain water, in the second. the grease freezes with water in the drum, the pump is not heard.

Pump breakdown is the most common reason for the error 0e in the LG washing machine. The details are not sold to the pump, so the pump is completely changed.

Blockage in the drain tract. from 1300

Pile from clothes, accessories of things, small objects of s (coins, matches, paper, etc.D.) Cut the drain. As a result, the water from the tank is drained poorly or does not leave at all, and the LG machine shows an error. The following plum nodes are clogged:

The master disassembles the car, sequentially checks the drains of the drain and reveals where the blockage happened. Then, cleans it and collects the washer back.

Management board. from 2300

Elements are out of order in the power pump control circuit: the simistor, resistors, relay or oxidize or burn out paths. Because of this, the drain does not turn on, and the LG washing machine writes error 0e. The most common causes of the module failure are voltage surges or moisture.

The master “nickows” all the elements and paths in the pump control circuit on the board and finds out faulty. Radio elements change to new ones, paths are finging. If the processor of the control unit burned out, the board is completely changed.

Pressostat (level sensor). from 2000

Pressostat measures the amount of water in the washing machine and transfers information to the control module. If during washing it is pierced in the “empty tank” position, the LG washing machine freezes with water, and an error 0e lights up on the display.

The breakdown of the level sensor is conditionally divided into three categories:

  • Non.varnishes of the hose. Pressostat is connected to the pressure chamber using a thin tube. She can fly, blocking or wiping from the vibrations of washing rooms. The master checks the hose along the entire length. If he flew away, puts him back on the press, if he clogs him, blows him out, if he was flickering, changes the tube to a new.
  • Problems with a pressure selection camera. Often clogged with a cape, villi from clothing falls into it. It is necessary to clean the pressure chamber to obtain the correct values ​​of the water level.
  • Sensor malfunction. It happens very rarely. In this case, the master completely changes the press to the new.

Electric wiring or contacts. from 1800

In our practice, there are regularly cases when the wiring of the drain pump grows from the vibrations of the washing machine or in private houses it is gnawed at rats or mice. The contacts of the pump are oxidized or burned.

When the wires are broken, they are twisted and placed in the tube of the heat shrink or the master completely replaces the train with the wires, in which there was a cliff. Contacts are cleaned and lost.

are indicated without details, if necessary, they are paid additionally

Faced with an error on the LG washing machine and cannot cope on your own? Call Vosh Men! We work by and areas, come within a day and make repairs at the house at the client. After repairing the washing machine, we give out a warranty card up to 2 years.

And if you are from another region, you can ask you a question of repairs in a question-answer. We will definitely answer it!

Harbingers of the upcoming breakdown of the washing machine

It is advisable to periodically pay attention to how the washing machine works and squeezes.

  • Increase in washing time, water from the hose is drained with a thin stream, the pump buzzes, squeezes the linen poorly. all these are signs that repair work will soon be required.
  • The LG washing machine drains water and buzzes during operation constantly or periodically. this is a certificate of clogging of the filter.
  • What does it mean when the LG washing machine drains water when washing and does not drain when rinsing underwear? A sign of violations of the programmable electronic device.
  • If the water remains, and the machine does not drain it, you need to turn off the car out of the outlet and turn it on again from the Except program. This reboot helps well.

Various problems when squeezing linen

We control the number of revolutions on which the machine squeezes. For things to look decent, served longer, there was no noise during work:

If you have something unnecessary, then you can squeeze it out for 2000 revolutions per minute, offered, for example, by the company Electolux.

Lingerie may not be squeezed enough during washing for the following reasons:

  • LG washing machine operates at low speeds. Reason. it is required to restart software.
  • The LG washing machine with a reduced engine power does not drain water, does not promote the drum, linen remains wet. it requires checking the brushes and motor winding.
  • During a breakdown of the tachogenerator, “glitches” appear, in which the drum rotates at the wrong speed: either too fast, then very slowly. As a result, the clothes can turn out to be poorly squeezed and completely wet.

If the LG washing machine constantly drains water, then the following breakdowns should be excluded:

  • Problems with the press, which are explained by scope, sediment, clogging.
  • The washing machine is connected incorrectly.
  • Input valve breakdown leads to the fact that the washing machine is constantly filled with water.

If the level of determination of the level breaks in household appliances, then the water will be poured constantly.

Why water is constantly flowing, but its amount in the typewriter does not increase? What to do? We must remember what procedures were performed after the last washing. The reason is very simple. You moved the machine or dropped the water drain hose.

Fix LG Washer No Power Issue

As shown in the photo, LG washing machine is beautiful, convenient in operation.

It is quite easy to deal with the causes of some malfunctions of draining water and squeezing linen. These reasons can be eliminated in the presence of special skills. If there is no particular confidence, it is better to contact the workshop.

Elimination of blockage and repairs of pump

To detect a blockage, you first need to open the base panel from the bottom on the front part and unscrew the drain filter. It is necessary to substitute some kind of container, because in the process the remaining water will pour out. After extracting, the part must be carefully cleaned of garbage and dirt that have been full during operation of the LG washing machine. Also, during washing, coins, paper clips, bones from women’s linen, buttons and other small elements come here. Most often they are causing a blockage.

The next thing that needs to be done is to inspect the drain hose, make sure that it does not overcome, then disconnect it, blow it up or, if a large accumulation of dirt is detected, clean the plumbing cable. Then return the hose to the same place and correctly install.

Next, you need to inspect the place where the drain hose is connected to the sewer. Make sure that there is no blockage at this point, if necessary, clean the siphon and pipes.

Now you need to inspect the internal nodes of the LG washing machine.

It is necessary to turn off the equipment from the network, water supply and sewage and move to a spacious place. Further actions are as follows:

  • Take out a cuvette for detergents.
  • Turn the LG washing machine to the left side.
  • Fill the clamps and remove the drain pipe coming from the water tank.
  • Remove the part, check for garbage, clean and rinse.
  • Disconnect the pump, unscrewing the holding fasteners.

The pump must be disassembled into two parts and inspect the impeller. Hair, threads, pieces of fabric are often wound on it. This complicates the rotation of the part and leads to the failure of the pump. If the impeller is clean and there are no extraneous elements on it, you need to check the pump using a multimeter.

The measuring device must be switched to the resistance control mode and install the probes on the pump contacts. If the number “0” or “1” appears on the display, the part should be replaced. A new drain pump is required to be bought strictly in accordance with the device model, you can do this in a service center or in a specialized store. Another option is to order a drain pump via the Internet. The new part must be installed instead of the damaged, then assemble the LG washing machine, connect to the network and communications and check the equipment by launching a test washing.


Damage to the water level sensor

Faulty press stratum ceases to submit the correct data to the control module. Therefore, the system does not drain water. Sensor performance is checked by a multimeter. A faulty part will have to be replaced.

At home, it will not work to reliably check the press start. But you must understand that this detail is extremely rarely broken.

Excess or blockage of the drain hose

Not only filters are clogged with different garbage, but also the hose for pumping out a spent liquid. As a result of this, water is not excreted by the system into the sewer.

The sleeve of the sleeve also prevents the movement of water. Check and straighten the hose along the entire length.

Zaror pipe

The pipe located between the tank and the pump is periodically clogged with small garbage. Quite often socks get stuck there.

To get to the pipe, you need to partially disassemble the SMA, and in some models put the machine on the side. Then, you need to remove the clamps from it and remove the clusters of the dirt.

Extraneous objects in the pump

The bathing machine is connected to the sewer system using elements such as:

If one of the parts of the system is clogged with garbage or extraneous objects, a violation in work will occur. Note that this happens very often. Therefore, cleaning should be carried out prophylactically constantly.

To do this, unscrew the cover of the pump snail. Then pull out the concentrator and rinse it under the pressure of water. Inspect the impeller and space around. Remove everything superfluous.

I work in the field of repair of household appliances. Extensive experience in restoring washing and dishwashers.

Quite often, toothpicks and pins get here. The pump, in almost all washing machines is located on the bottom right, with the exception of the Kandy brand. In the models of this company it is on the left.

Damage of the pump

This part may burn due to clogging the impeller with garbage. Difficulty rotation leads to a violation of the node. In this case, the user can hear a characteristic rumble.

It happens that the pump stopped draining water due to the resulting air cork. To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to blow the system

Sometimes the pump fails after lengthening the drain hose, without cope with increased load. Extraneous objects also shorten the period of operation.

I work in the field of repair of household appliances. Extensive experience in restoring washing and dishwashers.

Pumps are subject to repair in rare cases. Usually they are replaced with new details.

The sewage system was clogged or the drain siphon clogged

If you do not find the bends of the hose, proceed to the inspection of his joint with the sewer opening. It is worth cleaning the siphon, it is in it that garbage from the s of clothing often accumulates.

Program control unit is defective

The breakdown of the electronic module is a serious problem, it occurs for various reasons:

  • voltage surges on the network;
  • moisture hit the fee;
  • low.quality contact of contacts;
  • violation of the rules of operation of the device.

Only an experienced master will be able to repair the control unit. Do not try to figure it out yourself without special skills. Unqualified intervention will entail the need to replace the module, and this is a rather expensive detail.

The concentrator broke

The concentrator is sometimes called the pump filter. Not in all models it is equipped with a mesh blocking the passage of small garbage. The concentrator contributes to the formation of traction in the snail, as a result of which water is pumped out of the tank.

This plastic part wears out over time and becomes fragile from exposure to detergents from the water supply. In such a situation, a working pump works, but there is no traction.

Quite often there are situations when it is broken when twisting. This happens when foreign objects hit, or when the entire snail is acidified. This is usually the case due to filling the node.

The preventive cycle of washing without linen, but with citric acid at high temperature helps to solve the problem, and remove the part without damage.

I work in the field of repair of household appliances. Extensive experience in restoring washing and dishwashers.

Note that a concentrator is a cheap spare part, so you should not worry about a breakdown. And almost anyone can change.

Manifestations of the problem

Possible causes of poor push.ups and their correction

  • LG washing machine turned on low speeds. Restore the program. This should help.
  • The engine power has decreased. You need to check the brushes and motor winding.
  • The tachogenerator broke. The speed of rotation of the drum changes randomly. It is necessary to repair the tachogenerator.

The reasons why the LG washing machine does not drain water:

  • Between the tank of the washing machine and the pump there is a connecting pipe. He could clog with garbage.
  • An extraneous object was stuck in the pompom itself.
  • The filter of washing machine clogged with garbage.
  • The pump broke.
  • The sewage system was clogged or the drain siphon clogged.
  • There is a blockage in a plum hose.
  • Program control unit is defective.
  • Problem with a water drain sensor.

We listed only the main reasons why the LG washing machine stopped draining water. Other options are possible. The master can accurately determine the reason. We will figure out how to repair such a washing machine. Another extreme can be constant drainage of water.

Why is the washing machine constantly draining water?

  • Scale on a press stratum or its blockage;
  • Improper connection of the washing machine;
  • The input valve broke;
  • Problem with the sensor of determining the water level;
  • Leaks.

How to drain water from the LG washing machine?

If the water could not be lowered automatically, then let’s try to do it forcibly.

Attention! Before you drain the water, turn off the washing machine from the network, prepare the basins and rags.

To drain the water of the LG washing machine, if it breaks, we do the following:

  • Some washing machines can drain water urgently. Behind the panel in front next to the filter there is a pipe with a lid. Having unscrewed it, you need to slowly drain the water. If there is no such cover, then do not despair. There are other ways. But do not close the decorative hatch yet. It will come in handy for us.
  • If your washing machine is on the podium, then you can turn off the drain hose from the sewage system and lower it below the level of the machine (for example, to the toilet or pelvis). Water will go by gravity. If this does not happen, then your car in the hose has a valve from a leakage. Go to another method.
  • In front from the bottom of the LG washing machine is a filter. It accumulates garbage from washing. It is necessary to remove the panel (usually this is a square, about the purpose of which you did not think), slip a pallet under the filter and unscrew it a little counterclockwise. To facilitate the task, you can tilt the machine forward to the pelvis or another pallet.

Attention! Correctly with a plug. The pressure of water can knock it out and there will be a flood.

  • In addition, you can push the car and unscrew the back wall. There is a tube with a clamp under the drum. Removes it and disconnects the phone. This pipe could clog, so do not be surprised if the water does not immediately pour. Then clean it, be prepared for the flow of water.
  • If all these methods are not suitable for you, for any reason, then you can try to tilt the car back, then open the door and scoop up the water with a jar, bucket or something else.

Important! Do not try to open the door if it is blocked. You can break an automatic castle.

How to repair a machine after draining water

If you got rid of the water in the third way, then it makes sense to look into the front hatch to the filter and clean it. There you can find the reason for the breakdown and a bunch of things that have fallen up during washing things.

We offered this operation as a fourth way. If you prefer it not him, then remove the back cover. Unscrew the mounts of the drain knot. Removes the pipe. Remove the clamp. The water is already merged, so it may not be soaked very much. Then just put on the phone. There are thickenings and interference, then there is a blockage. We remove it and collect everything back.

If you checked the filter and the pipe, and did not find the blockage, then in the impeller of the pump. She is located right behind the filter. Some object could get into it, as a result, she jammed. Try to twist it. If this turned out without problems, and nothing fell out of it, then it is in order.

We remove the filter. Turn on the machine for squeezing mode. Shut on the impeller and take a look at whether it is spinning. We did not find foreign objects in it, recall. If it does not spin, then the problem remains in the motor.

We buy a new pump (pump) and change it as follows:

  • Remove the entire drain of the drain of the machine;
  • We reinforce the drain pump from this assembly;
  • Turn off all the wires from it;
  • Install a new pump and collect in the reverse sequence.

We figured out the prerequisites for the breakdowns of water drain, the reasons for this situation, methods of water descent and repair. Now you should not scare you if your home assistant suddenly refuses to drain the water.

Why the washing machine does not squeeze and does not merge?

The reasons why this malfunction occurs can be several. Below we consider them more details.

The reason for the drain plums was clogged

In this situation, the drain filter is involved, since it is he who is responsible for the efficiency of the pump, and due to its work, water circulation occurs.

In order to understand that the cause of the breakdown is a drain filter, you just need to check it. Most often, small objects, villi, husk from seeds or nuts, threads remain on it, which makes it difficult to drain water.

The node is placed in the front and lower part by the manufacturer precisely taking into account the solution of this problem independently. It is enough to twist the filter and rinse it thoroughly.

It must be borne in mind that in the process a certain amount of water will be on the floor. To avoid this enough to prepare a rag or some kind of container in advance.

There are times when the filter is “welded” due to high temperatures, but the problem is solved. The specialist will be able to help, as you need to disassemble the washing machine, and the part will have to be replaced.

Regular care for technology, increases its life.

The cause of the pump was out of order

In some machines, a weak link is a drain pump.

With a malfunction of the pump, the water does not pump out, it is impossible to turn on the “squeezing” function or the pumping speed is very low.

In this case, with an independent solution to the problem, you need to take into account the nuances, for example:

  • Bosch washing machines are equipped with a drain pump, which is located on the front part and to remove it, you need to unscrew the front panel;
  • The car of the Electrolux brand gets through the rear case.

How to check if the pump is working?

    Start checking the performance of the pump should be removed by the filter.

  • After that, you need to install the washing program on the “squeezing”.
  • Using the flashlight, just look into the filter hole and understand how serious the situation. There is a impeller.
  • First you need to understand whether it rotates well. To do this, it is enough to clean the impeller of garbage, since a trifle object can cause a breakdown.

In the case of free movement, you may need the help of a master who will diagnose a pump. If the option with the master disappears, then you need to understand that if the impeller does not rotate, then most likely the drain pump (pump) is out of order. We’ll have to replace it.

It will be necessary to remove the drain of the drain from the washing machine and unscrew the pump from it, carefully removing the wires. Put a new part in its place and complete the assembly of the machine with a test washing.

The reason was clogged with a pipe

If everything is in order with the filter, and the washing machine does not drain water, perhaps the problem is in the pipe.

Check if the pipe works.

    To get to it, you will have to unscrew the bolts for attaching the drain knots.

  • Next, the pipe itself gets and the fixing clamp is removed.
  • There is water in the pipe that needs to be drained.
  • With a slight compression, it will be clear whether it is clogged or not.
  • If you feel blockage, then you need to get rid of it.
  • After this simple procedure, the part returns to the place.

The reason does not turn on the “Excre” mode

With this problem, the machine refuses to completely drain the water.

The problem is most likely lurking in the improper installation of a drain hose or blockages of the sewer system and siphon. As a result of this, the water from the washing machine does not leave.

The most banal cause of the problem of draining water includes the problem with the drain hose.

  • It is necessary to check not twisting whether he will be extended.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the height of the excess, given the minimum value of 60 cm.
  • If the water from the washing machine is drained into the sewer, it is advisable to check the siphon for the presence of a blockage.

To verify the operability of the sewage system, you will need to get a hose and lower it in the bath. If the machine merges without problems, then the whole thing is in the sewage.

The cause of the electronics failed

In case of malfunction, for example, the control of the control unit, the machine does not receive the corresponding commands from the “brain” and therefore does not leave water.

Before drawing a conclusion about the malfunction of the electronics of the machine, you need to make sure that the washing is really included in this washing program.

If so, then the system may fail and it is enough to restart it. To do this, you need to turn off the outlet and re.enable. If it did not help, then the problem without the service center cannot be solved. This is a more complex malfunction, which, with unprofessional decision, is dangerous.

Independent repair

It is quite realistic to spin the drain hose or cope with the cleaning of the drain filter and the pump impeller. But, if there are doubts about the correctness of this solution to the problem with the washing machine, it is more advisable to contact the service center, where the issue will be resolved quickly and professionally.

This approach will allow your device to serve you for a long time without interruption.

How to prevent breakdown? Prevention

To avoid trouble during the operation of the washing machine, follow the small rules:

How to drain the water from the washer yourself?

If the automation does not work, and the water stops to merge on its own, you will have to get rid of it manually. However, before that it is better to figure out how to drain the liquid yourself. There are several methods that will help clean the waterfront from water:

  • Dismantling of the filter. To drain everything, you will have to carefully unscrew the filter, which is located in the lower part of the structure, and put a bowl under it. Then the washing machine leans carefully so that the water is carefully running through the hole where the filter was installed.
  • Cleaning the pipe. Sometimes the filter removal does not help and you have to clean the pipe responsible for eliminating the liquid. During the procedure, carefully remove all accumulated garbage, after which the water will gradually begin to go out.
  • Application of the hose. If the above methods have not helped, you will have to carefully lower the ordinary hose through which the water will merge into the tank.

Lg Washing Machine Smart Diagnosis | Machine Do Not Drain Water | Lg Washer Light Blinking Errors

Cars and the nuances of the repair in the absence of drain

Elji (LG)

In most cases, the machine ceases to drain the water due to the blockage of the filter and the pipe. The elimination of the malfunction is carried out according to the above scheme.

Bosch (Bosch)

  • Disconnect power
  • Check the filter and drain knot
  • View the pump
  • Make sure of the performance of the impeller
  • Check the wiring
  • Verify the serviceability of the electronic unit

Indesit (Indesit)

Indesit with features. If the water drain is not restored after cleaning the filter and hose, then the following nodes are required to check

To check the belt, you will need to dismantle the rear cover of the unit. Electronic module may also fail.

Plum malfunctions

Before moving on to checking the internal elements of the washing machine, the most frequent problem should be excluded, which can be handled without repair. the crash of the mode of operation. If the technique stopped in front of the push.up stage, then there was a failure in its program: just turn off the car out of the outlet, and then start it immediately from the squeezer mode ”. If such a simple test did not give results, then the problem is inside the car. The following options are possible here:

  • Drill filter malfunction. He often clogs, thereby not allowing the spent water to go out of the tank into the hose. The filter in LG machines is located in the right lower part of the case. It is easy to check it: open the filter cover and unscrew the part; Check the filter for various kinds of pollution; Clean the filter and tighten back.

Important! Before checking the filter, do not forget to completely empty the tank of the washing machine.

  • Clogging of the drain hose. Everything is also simple here: disconnect the hose, inspect its inner surfaces and blow.
  • Malfunction of the pump pump. In this case, first you need to partially disassemble the car in order to get to the pumping equipment. Then, unscrewing the pump, it is necessary to clean its wings from pile and threads. If the machine is used for more than 5 years, it may be necessary to replace the pump.

Advice. Sometimes the LG washing machine blocks the drain due to a malfunction of the electronics: the module does not give a signal about the need for drain, so the technique does not react in any way. In this case, only flashing or a complete replacement of the module fees will help, but it is better to entrust such work to professionals. without special knowledge, not to cope here.

Possessing spin

Low quality or even a complete lack of spin in LG machines can provoke the following problems:

  • Low speeds. in the case of a failure of the technique mode, it can reduce the number of revolutions per minute, so the linen even after the spin remains wet. Restarting the program will help here.
  • Engine breakdown. if the device is out of order, the seal will not be released. First of all, you need to check the brushes and windings of the motor-it is because of them that the device most often loses power, so it cannot qualitatively promote the drum to perform push-ups.
  • A tagger malfunction. as a result of a sensor failure, the machine does not gain the required number of revolutions and cannot provide an effective squeezer. Most often, the problem does not arise because of the sensor itself, but because of the fastener-it needs to be either twisted or replaced.
  • Weakening of the drum belt. if the belt is worn out, it weakens and begins to slip at loads, preventing the drum from spinning. Here the problem will only solve the replacement of the belt.

Advice. Problems with an annexation can be caused by plum faults, so do not be too lazy to check the hose, filter, and pump pump.

As you can see, if the LG washing machine has difficulties with a drain of water and squeezing linen, in most cases you can quite successfully solve them yourself. Even if it does not have experience in repairing such a technique. The main thing is to correctly diagnose a breakdown and understand the rules for its elimination.



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