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LG washing machine does not rotate the drum

For what reasons, the LG washing machine does not twist the drum

Household appliances of the LG brand are very reliable and comfortable. If you bought a genuine product, and not a fake, such units will serve a long time and reliably. And if you have chosen the LG washing machine, you can be sure that it will work for 6-8 years without complaints with faith and truth, and, as a rule, will serve much longer. But nothing forever. And good technique breaks over time. Today we will analyze the situation why the LG washing machine does not twist the drum. And we will tell you how to bring it back to life.

If the LG washing machine does not twist the drum. then before doing something, it is necessary to find out at what point the unit stopped washing and, based on this, look for a specific reason for its stop.

The drum stopped rotating during an annex. Checking it is simple. If there are no traces of powder on the linen and it is raw, then the problem is in the exalted.

The drum stopped rotating during washing. Things in the foam of washing powder? This is a sign that the unit stopped during washing. Try to crank it with your hand. Did not work out? So the drum jammed.

The drum rotates forcedly, but does not start the machine program. Here the cause of the breakdown should be sought in a malfunction of other household systems.

Now we understand the direction of searching for a malfunction and begin specific actions.

Reasons why the drum does not spin in the washing machine

Homemade washer can break down for several reasons. To find them, you need to determine at what stage there was a stop. Based on this, the issue of repair is being resolved. Several actions should be performed before independent diagnostics:

  • wait for the program stop (complete forcibly);
  • turn off the machine from the network;
  • drain the remaining water;
  • extract linen;
  • Remove the side (back) panel.

An extraneous subject

Torn clothes or forgotten things from s sometimes fall into the space between the drums and the tank where the heater stands. Everything that got there is lowered to the bottom, wound on the shaft (if flexible and long) or gets stuck between the walls. In this case, an obstacle is created, the drum stops.

If an extraneous item partially protrudes into the drum, then it can be extracted without disassembling the car. Otherwise, you have to remove the heater. In the opening opening, a flashlight should be shone to find a stop source. With the help of a wire hook, an object is removed.

The bearing was jammed

The stopping of the drum rotation may be due to wear of the support bearing. Depending on the design of the washing machine, these elements can be one or two. After prolonged operation, worn.out oil seals begin to pass water, corrosion occurs and the bearing jams. The problem is solved by the complete replacement of worn elements. To do this, you need to have certain skills or contact a repair workshop.

The belt drive flew or exploded

The transmission of rotation from the electric motor to the drum is carried out using belt transmission. The breakdown of the belt or slipping it from the pulleys violates the connection between the elements. In this case, the drum rotates freely with his hand, and the motor, when the voltage is supplied, buzzes. To fix you need to get to the engine and a large pulley. Clinical or clinic belts are used in washing machines. For installation, you need to loosen the engine mount, and achieve the coincidence of the grooves of the mating parts.

Engine breakdown

The electric motor is a rather reliable node, but it can stop. The main reasons for the refusal:

  • collector’s wear;
  • closing the turns of the winding;
  • a break in the winding of a stator or rotor;
  • Violation of voltage supply contacts.

The brushes of the electric motor collector are made of coal powder. To ensure good contact, they are pressed with special springs. In the process of work, the material of the brushes is abrasion, their length decreases. At some point, the size becomes minimal and the contact is violated. The malfunction is easily eliminated by the replacement of worn elements.

When the windings are closed, the drum can make movements without load, but during washing will work the network protection from a short circuit. The engine turned on will buzz, but not spin.

Break of winding or interruption in the power supply circuit also cause a stop and drum stop. The last reason for the refusal is the most harmless, as it is eliminated by the restoration of contacts. Everyone else will require the removal of the electric motor and its revision. In some cases, you will need repairs in specialized workshops or complete engine replacement.

Moneliness of the control module

The control module is the electronic “brain” washing. If he does not submit the appropriate commands, the unit will not work. Electronics fails for several reasons:

  • The parameters of the supply current have deviations from the permissible;
  • low.quality elements of electric circuits;
  • violation of contacts;
  • natural wear;
  • Program failure.

Initially, it is worth trying to reset the programs. In some models of washing machines, the function of self.testing is provided, having launched it, you can determine the cause of the problem. If the performance is not restored, it will take the removal and diagnosis of the electronic unit. To repair it, you need to have specialized knowledge.

The wings in the vertical washing machine opened

Occasionally, the stop of the drum of vertical washers occurs due to opening the bootable wings. Well, if the car stops right away. Otherwise, the heater is damaged, the walls of the tank and the wings themselves.

After stopping, you can try to scroll through the drum before the boot hatch. If it did not work, try to pick up or close the wires with a wire, sticking into the holes and highlighting with a flashlight. In extreme cases, you have to disassemble the tank, provided that it is collapsible.


All household washing machines are designed for a certain weight of loaded linen. Excess of this parameter leads to premature wear of the mechanical components of the unit. Many manufacturers took care of the durability of their washing rooms and installed special sensors in them, which, with improper loading, give out signals to stop. In this case, the corresponding error code is displayed on the display. Further launch is possible after removing excessive linen from the drum.

washing, machine, does, rotate, drum

Why the washing machine drum does not spin

The drum in the washing unit may cease to rotate both because of the breakdown and due to violation of the rules of operation of the equipment:

washing, machine, does, rotate, drum
  • The weight of the laundry loaded for washing exceeds the permissible. In this case, the washing machine will stop working. This situation is not uncommon for units of various brands. Zanussi, Samsung, Electrolux and others.
  • Things confused and lost in a lump caused the disbalance of the drum during an annex. The washing machine stops to avoid large overloads and vibrations.
  • An extraneous object inhibiting its rotation fell between the tank and the drum.
  • A voltage of 220 V suddenly disappeared in the power grid or its level became below the permissible.
  • The engine stopped due to wear of brushes, contact violations in cable joints or for other reasons.
  • The drive belt from the electric motor to the pulley of the drum flew or broke off.

Often the stopping of the drum is associated with violation of the rules of operation of the equipment

In addition to the above reasons, in situations where the drum stopped during the spin, there may be others:

  • SMA performs a delicate washing program or another, in which the output is not provided (staffing).
  • The blockage was formed in the pump filter, a drain pipe or in a drain hose. This problem is eliminated on its own.
  • The drain pump was out of order, the replacement of which can also be performed independently.
  • The water level sensor in the tank (Pressostat) is faulty. Perhaps the contact chain between the sensor and the controller is disturbed or the control module in the ECU does not work or does not work. Such a breakdown requires qualified diagnosis.

There can be a lot of reasons for stopping the drum, but most of them can be eliminated without resorting to the service of the master.

The pulley’s pulley weakened

The reason may be the weakened pulley of the drum, which happens with the order of updated machines. This repair is quite affordable for you: remove the back cover and tighten the pulley nut.

Symptoms: a creak and a high whistling sound, sometimes a crunch, a tight rotation of the drum or its complete jamming.

Such unpleasant sounds indicate problems with the drum bearing. In conditions of constant humidity and exposure to aggressive chemicals, a sealing oil seal often wears out, due to which water enters the bearing and leads to its corrosion.

Replacement of the bearing. laborious operation, and. Of course, it is best to seek help from qualified specialists.

Error codes

Before taking up the repair of the car with your own hands, it is necessary to clarify the cause of the malfunction. Understand that this or that detail has come out of the characteristic features.

The washing machine does not turn on

The reasons why the washing unit does not work after inclusion in the network, there may be several:

  • Low voltage. According to GOST, its value on the network should be 200V, 10% deviation is allowed. Accordingly, when the voltage drops, the LV washing room simply will not start work.
  • A socket, fork or power cord failed. To exclude this reason, it is enough to connect the device in another place and visually inspect the cable for insulation damage.
  • The control unit is faulty. If the board has failed, the machine will not start even in the absence of external damage. A specialist who should be called if all other causes of the malfunctions have been excluded to be diagnosed.

In some cases, the washing machine does not start the washing process, while burning indicators talk about the availability of power. There may also be several reasons:

  • The hatch is not closed through which the laundry is loaded.
  • The engine burned. In this case, the device can gain water, however, the drum will remain motionless.
  • There is no water, without which the device cannot start work.

Of course, before you panic, it is worth making sure that the device is included in the outlet and there is electricity in the room.

Does not get water

The reasons why the washing machine cannot gain water can be several:

  • Cut in the intake filter. It is very simple to determine the malfunction: it is enough to unscrew the feed hose and inspect the metal mesh at the input. Sand, dirt and other inclusions can score it. To eliminate the blockage, it is enough to clean the net with a brush and rinse. The malfunction is associated with the low quality of water supplied and is more common in those cars that have to work in private houses.
  • Low water pressure or its complete absence in the system. This can happen if the pipe completely or partially covers the crane. Sometimes low pressure is noted by owners of apartments on the upper floors (norm from 0.03 MPa to 0.6 MPa). In this case, the problem will have to be solved with the management company.
  • Faulty inlet valve.

Repair of LG washing machines for replacing the final valve is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • overlap water;
  • dismantle the feed hose;
  • unscrew the bolts on which the upper cover holds and remove it to gain access to internal components;
  • tighten the clamps and disconnect the terminals;
  • remove the valve and check the reels of the coil for the presence of resistance.

If there is resistance, then you can try to clean the valve yourself by removing the coils. If there is no resistance or the part is deformed, it is necessary to replace it with a new one, having done all the operations in the reverse order.

Does not drain water

If after the end of the washing cycle in the tank there remains water, then there are problems in the drain system. Possible causes of breakdown:


In case of sucker, extraneous objects (threads, hair and other garbage) can clog a filter, impeller of the pump, and in the most severe cases and the drain hose.

Zasor elimination begins with the cleaning of the filter. To do this, they throw the front panel and drain the water (through the drainage tube or opening the filter lid and substituting a flat dish). Unscrew the lid completely, remove the filter and wash it under a stream of water.

You should also unscrew and rinse under the pressure of the drain hose. Having put it in place, you need to make sure that he will not pour it anywhere.

washing, machine, does, rotate, drum

Through the filter hole, you can inspect the impeller of the pump. To do this, check its integrity and crank with the help of an improvised tool. If the impeller is not tightened with garbage and fluctuates freely, you can make a trial launch of the car by putting the machine on the “Rinse and Supervisor” program. If the impeller is faulty or the problem is not in the blockage (the water still does not merge), then you will have to disassemble the pump.

Checking the pump malfunction

If measures to eliminate blockage did not help, then most likely the problem is in the pump. To replace it, you need:

  • Disconnect the machine from the electric network and water supply.
  • Turn the unit to the side and remove the lower plastic panel.
  • Disconnect the pump from adjacent hoses and remove the terminals.
  • Check visually the integrity of the part, the serviceability of the impeller, the presence or absence of the play, call the part by a multimeter.
  • If damage is detected, replace the part with a new one, collecting the circuit in the reverse sequence, conduct a trial launch of the machine.

If the part is in good condition, but the machine still does not download water, perhaps the problem lies in the control board. She must transfer the command to the drain at a certain moment of work.

The drum does not spin

In LG washing machines, the drum is connected directly to the engine, so the most likely reason is such a malfunction. the failure of the Hall sensor, which is responsible for the speed of rotation of the motor. Fixing a breakdown in the LG washing machine with direct drive can be like this:

  • Unscrew the drain and bulk hoses, remove the fork out of the outlet.
  • Remove the mounting bolts holding the back wall, remove the panel, pulling it slightly the top;
  • They twist the central bolt, holding the drum on the other hand to ensure the emphasis, remove the engine cover;
  • Unscrew the bolts located in a circle and remove the stator, pulling on themselves;
  • Disconnect the terminals and remove the Hall sensor, squeezing the fasteners holding it.
  • Replacing the part with a similar one, collect the car in the reverse order.

The failure of the tachometer (Hall sensor) is evidenced not only by the stopping of the drum, but also by the characteristic crack that appears when the machine is launched in operation.

Causes of the drum malfunction

The reasons why the washing machine drum does not spin, there can be a variety of. They can be divided into three main groups:

  • A variety of drive malfunctions.
  • Charter of the energy system.
  • The creation of mechanical forces that impede or make it impossible to rotate the drum.

The procedure for conducting independent repair depends mainly on the correct determination of the problem (so to speak, diagnosis). The reason why the drum does not spin in the washing machine may be electronics. Equal probability can become a problem of carbon brushes of engine. Or the drum stops because the wire from the women’s bra.


The machine can be completely serviceable, but not start the drive of the drum rotation. This nuisance causes excessive linen load. The fact is that modern machines, for example, LG brands, burning, are equipped with a underwear sensor. They simply will not begin to wash, squeeze or perform any other action from which the program begins.

To come to life, it is enough to unload part of the linen or a large heavy thing from the tank. Everything can be washed in several tricks. Washing will take more time, but its mode will be completely safe.

The overload is undesirable for cars that are not equipped with a mass sensor. The drum during work, especially when the squeezer occurs, can grumble very much. The case begins to twitch, the vibrations do not allow the engine to gain rated power. The drive cannot rotate the drum with the desired number of revolutions, as a result, wet underwear gets from the machine and other problems arise.

The drum jammed

The jamming of the drum is a very difficult problem. It will inevitably require a long and painstaking repair, since it is often very difficult to get to the lock point. To do this, sometimes you have to disassemble the entire body.

The drum can most often be jammed in compact washing machines of a vertical layout. The drum of such units has closed sashs. During the washing, the following occurs:

  • Due to the wear of constipation or pressure on their elements in parts of the linen from the inside-the load doors open directly during the rotation of the tank;
  • The structural elements rest against the case, and the drum jams.

Getting an extraneous subject

The thing that falls between the wall of the rotating tank and the case is capable of:

  • jam the drum;
  • cause a significant increase in resistance to the shaft of the drive;
  • deform the structural elements of the tank and make them unusable.

To avoid problems, each thing must be placed inside the machine neatly, you need to strictly observe the order of launching washing. It is useful to pour liquid agents into the tank not at the end of the laying of linen, but in the middle of this process.

The procedure for removing an extraneous object depends on the design of the machine and the size of an undesirable element. The most difficult option of action implies a partial disassembly of the machine body to get to the lock point, or pull out the item.

Bearing malfunction

The bearing unit, as it fails, creates two problems:

Due to the friction of the elements of the bearing group, a metal powder is formed. It quickly oxidizes and goes into the shaft of the tank in the form of reddeners. It is they who allow you to understand that bearings are out of order. Their wear causes a drop in the revolution of the drum, the machine immediately begins to work incorrectly. For example, it may stop squeezing the linen properly.

The extreme wear of the bearings leads to a situation when, when trying to start rotation of the tank, the machine starts to buzz. With a small shock, the horizontal or vertical drum starts to rotate. In this case, the bearing block must be changed immediately.

The drum rotates with the hand

If the drum rotates with the hand, but when starting with regular means, the machine refuses to work, it is always about a break in control or functional circuits. If we consider the washing room, launched using mechanical relay, check the state of contact groups.

In automatic units, the refusal of starting rotation during the free course of the drum means a wiring break. Perhaps the heating se soldering points were fired, and the system refuses to work. Or for some reason, there was a break in one of the wires, for example, due to an excess and local overheating. Another possible option is a high or low network voltage, which is why automation refuses to run the drive.

Automatic Washing Machine. Not Spinning well problrem / LG Top load

The drive belt in the engine broke

The electric drive transfers rotation to the drum shaft using a ring belt. Over time, it can dry and crack. And at one point, due to a jerk of the load, it is torn. Repair is not difficult.

You need to buy a complete belt by looking at its marking on the outer surface. Or pick up the wedge similar in length and configuration. The new belt is installed in a regular place and stretched using the shock.absorption group of the engine.

Damage to the software module

Despite the undoubted reliability of electronics, the software control module may fail. The cause of the breakdown may be water spilled on the upper surface of the case. With problems with control electronics, the machine may not gain liquid, set the incorrect engine speed, violate the program of the program or unexpectedly interrupt the washing.

Serious problems in the power circuits of engine control always mean a complete refusal of the software control unit. In this case, his self.diagnosis system determines the problem. An error is displayed on the display, or a certain combination of diodes is on fire. For the repair you will need the help of a qualified specialist.

Wear of coal brushes

The main consequence of the wear of coal brushes is a decrease in the area of ​​mutual contact of groups of elements through which engine currents flow. As a result:

  • the drive is warming;
  • Excessive sparking is formed;
  • It is impossible to transfer sufficient power to the engine;
  • With a critically large wear of the brushes, the drive does not start.

Reasons for the lack of rotation of the drum

Failures of washing machines can be divided into typical and rare, as well as technical, domestic and mechanical. If the device was used intensively, so to speak, at the limit of capabilities, and there was no high.quality regular preventive service with it, then with a high degree of probability. technical problems were hated. They are usually associated with large or complete wear of details and nodes. In this case, without a qualified car repair master, it usually does not do.

With the rest of the causes of breakdowns, you can try to figure it out, and sometimes. and cope with them yourself.

If the underwear is laid and flooded with water, and the tank does not rotate, then in order to conduct the initial independent diagnosis to begin with the following actions:

  • Try to cancel the execution of the program, and then transfer the device to the program only pumping. It is required to free the machine from the water.
  • If this fails, that is, the drain program does not start, you should turn off the device from the power supply by pulling the fork from the outlet.
  • Next, drain the water from the chamber. This can be done through a drainage hose, removing it from the point of connection to the sewage system and lowering along the floor into the set capacity. Or, in order not to move the washing machine. use the simulator tube, which is located near the drain filter on the front side of the device. If there is no such tube, then the filter itself is unscrewed, and the water is drained into the substitute capacity.
  • Make linen from the washing chamber.
  • Next, independent diagnostics should be performed. First, try to remember at what moment the drum stopped moving. And secondly-check whether it is rotated by the effort of the hand.

The reasons why the normal rotation of the drum may be abused, there may be several. Let’s look at the main:

  • There is too much linen loaded into the machine. In the absence of rotation of the drum, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the number of things loaded into the camera. Modern washing machines are equipped with built.in weight determination sensors. If it exceeds the norms provided, then the launch program does not work or gives one of the errors on the display. Therefore, you must try to remove part of the laid underwear from the washing camera.

If after part of the things was removed, the car earned, then it means that it is serviceable. Next time it is necessary to take into account your error and not overload the drum, observing the recommendations given by the manufacturer.

LG washing machines

If the unloading did not help, and the drum still stands still, then you should pay attention to the points listed below.

  • An extraneous item that interferes with its movement fell into the drum. One of the symptoms is just that impossibility of a manually thunder threshold-the presence of some kind of obstacle is clearly felt.

You can often cope with such a problem, in the presence of some simple tools. Sometimes it is possible to free the drum from the rotation of the object, without resorting to complex manipulations. But often you have to dismantle the front panel of the device to get to the machine blocking the operation of the subject.

Calling the master to solve this problem starts from 700, depending on its complexity.

  • A fault of a drive belt. It is this part of the design that transfers rotation to the drum from the electric drive (engine). Belt wear, its weakening or rupture can occur both from the intensive operation of the device, and from its prolonged inaction. If the machine is not used for a long time, the belt material is dry and cracked.

In addition, the belt can simply fly off the pulleys, and it will be quite enough to return to the place. The replacement or installation of a belt on the axis can also be performed independently by dismantling the rear panel of the machine case.


During the operation of the washing machine, a gradual erasing of graphite brushes occurs, so they become shorter. Over time, the brushes decrease so much that they cease to tightly touch the collector lamella, which is why the engine power first becomes unstable, and then completely disappears.

Atlant washing machines

If the brush abrasions occurred, they will have to be replaced, and it is advisable to entrust this procedure from the master from the service.

  • The electronic control module was out of order, which is a fee, which can be called the “brain” of the washing machine. If the module does not give the command about the beginning of washing or one or another cycle of it, the drum will remain motionless.

Most often, the module fails with prolonged and intensive operation of the device, as well as due to frequent voltage drops in the network. The fee changes completely or is repaired if it lends itself to this. For example, the failed voltage relay for engine windings is replaced.

This type of work should also be performed by a specialist, since a certain diagnosis will be required here. (if you do not take into account the cost of the parts themselves or the fee to be replaced).

Most often, the electric drive burns due to high voltage jumps. Another reason is the ingestion of water due to the leakage. because of what, for example, an interval closing of the winding may occur. In this case, the empty drum will rotate, and when trying to turn on the machine to wash, the RCD will work, turning off the device. If the protective device is not installed, then in the apartment, most likely, it will knock out protective machines (traffic jams). Or the machine will be a considerable danger. the phase can be on the case.

Diagnosis and repair or replacement of the electric motor must also perform an experienced master excluding the cost of the engine itself or the necessary details.

The machine does not spin, but picks up water

The causes of the malfunction are also similar in such signs:

The solution to the problems is the same for the models “Samsung”, “Ardo”, “Zanussi”, “Oilsoecheme” and other brands. Immediately drain the water, take out your things and turn the drum with your hand. If it does not rotate, then check:

  • Drive belt. He transfers rotation from the engine to the tank wheel. With prolonged operation, he could worry, tear or just jump off the pulley. Disconnect the rear panel of the smell and inspect the belt. If he is a whole. put it on the pulley. In other cases, replacement is carried out.
  • Motor. Logical: if the engine does not rot, then the tank with linen will remain in place. Dismate the motor and inspect its brushes. They are made of graphite, so over time they are erased. Replacing them is easy to do with your own hands. It turned out that the brushes are in order? Then it is required to diagnose the engine, the ruling of the windows. And for this it is better to call the master.
  • Damage to the electronic board. She is responsible for the work of all systems in a washing machine. This is a serious problem that requires contacting the service center. Yourself you can only inspect the fee to check if there are damage, pogars.

The drum jammed in the washing machine

In the event that a jammed drum device cannot be rustled with a hand, it is probably an extraneous object interferes with him. Either bearings or other details worn out. Consider these problems in detail.

Foreign object inside the tank

Entertaining objects that fall into the gap between the tank and the drum can be out of order. They lead to problems. To avoid this, you should carefully approach the washing process. Try not to allow something superfluous to be placed in the machine with things in the machine.

Carefully check the contents of the s of your things before loading. Lower underwear, other small clothing items in a special mesh bag.

What to do if a foreign object is still stuck in the tank:

  • Determine its whereabouts. To do this, slowly scroll the drum, illuminating the gaps with a manual flashlight.
  • Remove the heater for free access to the subject.
  • Try to get a stuck through the formed hole. To do this, you can use the wire with a hook.

If the actions are unsuccessful, you will have to disassemble the tank of cars.

Motor drive belt displays

The drive belt can shift for the following reasons:

To find out, remove the back cover of the automatic machine and inspect it. If he shifted, then just put it back. Otherwise, it is necessary to replace the belt or bearings.

To make it easier to return the belt to its place, first put it on the motor, and only then. on the pulley.

District of bearings

The problem with bearings arises quite often, while the drum does not rotate or brakes well. The reasons may be as follows:

  • The equipment is in operation for a long time. The details simply worn out and need to be replaced.
  • You actively use detergents that eventually lead to the destruction of the seals. As a result, water from the tank begins to flow on the bearings, which begins corrosion.

The solution to this problem is the replacement of bearings and seals.

It will be difficult to eliminate the breakdown of the newcomer, because you will have to almost completely disassemble the device.

To replace the bearing, it is recommended to call a specialist.

Disclosure of the tank of the tank

This breakdown is characteristic of vertical loading machines. Opening the wings can occur both during spin and washing. Clinging to the heating element, they block the rotation of the drum.

To eliminate the problem, disassembly of technology is required.

Flapsed the start.up capacitor

In the Brightless models “Zanussi”, “Indesite” violation in the operation of the eardrum can occur due to a broken capacitor. Any detail of the technique wears out over time and, accordingly, leads to breakdowns. The same applies to the start.up capacitor. When breakdown, you need to buy a new. It is better to entrust its installation to a specialist.

LG washing machine spin not working | Lg top load washing machine not spinning | Drum not Rotating

In order to avoid repetition of breakdowns or the appearance of new ones, do not neglect the recommendations for the operation of household appliances. And if the malfunction still occurs, it is better to contact the master to eliminate it. Repair will cost much cheaper if you do it right away. Otherwise, the problem may become more serious.

Now you know what to do if it is bad, slowly twisting or even wedges the drum of a washing machine. Success!



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