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LG vacuum cleaner stopped sucking dust

Repair the LG vacuum cleaner with our own hands

Household appliances have firmly entered the life of almost every person, constantly helping and performing a number of daily affairs instead of him. It is difficult to imagine a house in which cleaning was carried out without the use of a vacuum cleaner. However, the frequent use of this device leads to a rapid failure of it. Usually, arising problems can be repaired independently, without contacting the service center. But for this it is necessary to correctly diagnose and know the mechanism of the vacuum cleaner. Below are the main methods of repairing LG vacuum cleaners. one of the most common brands of home technology.

Among the main reasons for the failure of vacuum cleaners, a shutdown or complete impossibility of turning on the device, overheating of the motor or lowering the absorbed ability is noted. As practice shows, the low quality of the mechanism itself does not always lead to breakdowns. Most often, these are elementary disorders of operation rules. Therefore, the cleaned garbage collection and the changed filter will be a prevention of the occurrence of the vacuum cleaner malfunctions and significantly extend the service life of the entire device.

What to do if the vacuum cleaner does not turn on from LG

The situation when the vacuum cleaner ceases to turn on can lead to many factors, but the most common of them are:

  • a clogged dust collector or filters. leads to the operation of the mechanism in a state of constant overload, which causes the engine overheating;
  • interruptions in contact. occur with damage to the cord or socket;
  • wear of parts and individual motor nodes.

Meeting with such a “behavior” of technology, first of all, you should carefully diagnose. And after clarifying the cause of the breakdown, make a decision on further repair.

Before the repair, you should make sure that the plug of the network cord is not connected to the outlet.


In order to understand why the vacuum cleaner does not turn on, it is recommended to use the way to exclude. The main actions must be carried out in the following sequence:

  • Check the working condition of the outlet.
  • Inspection of the network cord and fork.
  • This is followed by checking the degree of filling the vacuum cleaner and cleaning filters.
  • Motor pollution or failure of a part or an entire engine unit.


Each stage of diagnosis is accompanied by the following actions:

  • To check the outlet, the vacuum cleaner connects to any other outlet in the house and turns on. If the motor continues to “be silent”, you must go to the next stage.
  • When examining the cord and forks, external damage should be absent. On a fork. melting, and in the cable. bends.
  • Filters should be changed to new ones, and the bag is cleaned of debris and dust, rinsee under cold water, if it is plastic, not trepidation. In place the vacuumber can only be placed after completely drying out.

In the event that none of the above actions has given the desired result (the vacuum cleaner still does not turn on), then the reason lies in the engine breakdown. Such a malfunction is quite serious and its solution requires certain skills.

In order to get to the engine, it is necessary to disassemble the vacuum cleaner itself. This procedure consists of several steps:

  • The cover of the fireboard wiring is unscrewed using a screwdriver, and then the grid is removed for the seal and the electric block is disconnected;
  • take out a vacuum cleaner and unscrew all the visible screws of the compartment;
  • The engine is disconnected from the network wire, by compressing screw terminals.

First of all, after extracting the engine, it is necessary to conduct a visual inspection:

  • take out the brushes and change them if they are erased;
  • assess the state of the anchor collector;
  • with severe pollution of copper plates, cleaning with zero sandpaper is carried out;
  • inspection of bearings (the integrity of the separator, the absence of cracks is checked, lubricant is carried out);

Turning the bearings inside the nest with manual rotation of the anchor indicates the need to disassemble the engine.

When disassembling the detergent vacuum cleaner, it will also be required to dismantle the water pump, which is carried out by disconnecting the pipes for water supply.

What to do if the vacuum cleaner does not suck? We are looking for the cause of the breakdown

In the lion’s share of cases, the problem is fixable. Five problems and solutions in the table:

Cause What to do
Filled bag Clean reusable, change disposable
Clotted filter Clean it or change it
Damage to the device Change the broken
Blocks in the hose, brushes or tube Check traction without a “suspect” detail. If without it the device works in full force. check for breakdowns and remove “traffic jams”
Broken engine or battery Contact the repairmen

The vacuum cleaner is poorly drawn for one of these reasons. Help of specialists can only be needed when malfunctions. In other cases, a few free minutes and accuracy are enough during operation.

The right choice: which vacuum cleaner is better. wired or wireless: 3 points to “think”

Features of working with aquafilter

In vacuum cleaners with such components there is an additional non.Needle filter, which was mentioned earlier. In devices with such equipment, it is necessary to check more details for the presence of accumulated pollution. The rest of the vacuum cleaner with the aquafilter does not work for the same reasons that were given above. And malfunctions are eliminated by similar algorithms.

We inspect the components

We move further by exclusion and move on to the following possible reason that the vacuum cleaner began to draw poorly. the hose or brush was damaged. As for the hose, it may not be completely inserted into the case or damaged as shown in the photo. Bottom line. the vacuum cleaner does not pull or the thrust is completely weak.

vacuum, cleaner, stopped, sucking, dust

Brushes are checked by the level of pollution. Typically, they remains such garbage as hair and thin ropes. You need to remove all the pollution and check whether the thrust has appeared. You also need to make sure that the bribberry roller rotates freely and does not worry. Perhaps the bearing was just jammed, as a result of which brushes prevent the absorption of air. In general, it should be noted that an uncomfortable nozzle is very often a “culprit” that in the vacuum cleaner the thrust is weak. Typically, buyers of cheap Chinese technology are faced with such a moment.

Also try to clean the hose with a wire, perhaps somewhere inside the garbage interferes with the passage of dust into the bag, which can also be accompanied by the fact that the technique is buzzing or even very noisy, but does not suck the air. You can make sure that the cause of poor traction is a hose by turning it off and checking the quality of absorption by your hand at the exit from the body. If in this case the vacuum cleaner does not suck, only one possible malfunction remains. the motor.

Repair the engine

Well, the last thing that could be is the failure of the engine. This malfunction can be determined by touching the body’s body-it heats up strongly, which means that something is wrong. In addition to the fact that the motor is very hot and overheating, it can still turn off. Do not know what the reason is if the vacuum cleaner does not suck and disconnects?. Why is the craving and what needs to be done for repair!

First you need to remove the decorative protection of the case and use the multimeter to call all sections of the chain. Typically, the technique does not work due to the burning of the fuse. If this is true, replace it with a new one with exactly the same parameters. In the event that there is a break in the winding on one of the coils, it is better to go and choose a new vacuum cleaner, t.to. Buying a motor will be expensive pleasure. In addition, contact on one of the wire connections may simply break. Here the repair will not be difficult, especially if you are “friends” with a soldering iron.

If the problem is that the vacuum cleaner does not pull and turns off due to the engine brushes that you decide to replace, be careful when connecting them. Incorrect connection of brushes can cause a vacuum cleaner after repairing, but blows dust.

That’s all the main causes of malfunctions. Finally, I would like to note that if you have a poorly absorbing a vacuum cleaner with a water filter, you need to act by analogy with ordinary equipment. The only difference is that instead of a vacuumer, you need to wash the aquafilter properly! We hope that now you know what to do with any deterioration of traction or its complete absence!

We diagnose the malfunction

Before thinking about the repair of a broken, at first glance, a vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to diagnose and find out the possible reasons why the vacuum cleaner is poorly absorbed.

To perform this action, special skills are not needed and you do not have to be a real professional in the repair of home household appliances.

The initial causes of poorly absorption of the vacuum cleaner can be as follows:

  • a bag for collecting dust filled more than necessary;
  • The filter was clogged;
  • The engine failed, as a result, components were damaged and the main functions are not triggered.

Damage to other components

If you conducted the initial diagnosis and found that the vacuumber and filters are normal, then you should think about the malfunction of other components. such as pipes and rods. They can simply become polluted.

Pipe cleaning is carried out with soft and thin wire. For this:

  • This complete part must be disconnected from the vacuum cleaner.
  • Further. putting the metal cord into the inside, clean the hose from pollution.

Важно! Если ваш пылесос плохо всасывает и причина скрывается в штанге или трубе, тогда во время уборки вы будете слышать характерный громкий гул.

During the cleaning of your device, take five minutes to clean the brushes and roller. This will improve the condition of the equipment, cleaning will be more careful and faster, and its service life will be longer.

We advise when deciding why the vacuum cleaner does not absorb dust, what to do in such a situation, to pay attention to each component part.

Engine breakdown

The last reason due to which absorption can become unsatisfactory is engine breakdown. To take up the inspection and repair of this part of the unit should only if there is at least some understanding of the device of electrical appliances. To inspect the engine, you need to remove the lid from the vacuum cleaner housing. Using a multimeter, you will have to study the work of all components of the motor. If the fuse is broken, which is the most common cause of engine malfunction, it should be replaced by whole. If there is a cliff in the stature, then it makes no sense to repair the mechanism. In this case, you will have to replace the entire device completely.

Most of the reasons for the poor absorption of the vacuum cleaner are quite easy to identify and eliminate with your own hands without contacting the service. Although this will take time, the reason for the output of the household device is to eliminate without spending funds from the family budget, and this is already a significant plus.

Diagnostics of equipment and elimination of problems

To find the reason due to which the vacuum cleaner does not pull, the equipment must be disconnected from the electric network and conduct a visual inspection of the device. Mandatory, you should check the correct settings in choosing a power mode on the vacuum cleaner control panel. If the drop in power is not associated with a change in the settings, all components should be carefully disconnected in order to inspect them for damage and pollution. After performing the diagnosis of the product, further actions should be aimed at repairing the breakdown. Methods of eliminating a malfunction must be selected depending on the type of problem.

Cleaning the filled garbage collection

A container filled with garbage is a common reason for reducing the absorption of dirt and poor cleaning quality. Why the vacuum cleaner does not suck the dust well, what to do:

  • Free the reusable bag from dust.
  • Wash it in warm soap water if necessary.
  • Rinse thoroughly and completely dry.
  • Set in the same place.

Paper bins designed for one.time use, after filling with dust, must be changed for new products. After cleansing or replacing the dust bag, the work of the equipment should be tested. If the cleaning of the container has not brought the desired result, you need to examine the unit filters well.

Checking filters

Worn or clogged filters often lead to a decrease in traction. And if the vacuum cleaner stopped sucking, what to do in such a situation? To eliminate the malfunction, the cause of the fall of absorption, the exhaust filter must be washed with warm water, removing dirt from cells with a brush with soft bristles. If the part has never changed, then it will need to replace it. The thin cleaning filter should also be removed from the device, rinse with clean water, dry well, installed back.

Examination of the nozzle and hose

If everything is in order with dust bag and filters, you need to check the correctness of the corrugated pipe to connect the unit housing, as well as examine it for damage. If cracks are found on the hose, damage to the brush, worn components should be replaced with new spare parts. Poor absorption of dust can be associated with a suction of a suction hose or nozzle. In such a situation, the spare parts must be cleaned from garbage, and then check them for air cross.

Why does the vacuum cleaner not absorb, but works: reasons

When the device’s power is reduced, touch the vacuum cleaner body. If it is too hot, then the engine works under load. When revealing the technique, it must be turned off and not used until the cause of the problems is clarified. To determine the malfunction that promotes a strong heating of the unit and a decrease in sucking power, it is necessary to perform simple actions:

  • Check the work capacity of the equipment after detaching the hose. If the case has stopped basking, the cause of the malfunction in the pipe or brush;
  • inspect the input hole located on the case, for the lack of large garbage and other extraneous objects;
  • test the performance of the device after extracting the vacuumber;
  • If the equipment on continues to heat up, it is recommended to clean the filters from dirt or install new components.

In a situation where all components are checked, and the equipment continues to warm up, the problem is the malfunction of the motor. To repair the vacuum cleaner motor, you need to completely disassemble the case and change damaged parts.

note! In case of violation of the integrity of the winding on the coil, the problem can only be eliminated by the purchase of a new household device or engine.

What can be done independently

What to do if the vacuum cleaner turned off right during cleaning and does not turn on, or when it does not turn on after storage? First you need to understand what happened. The algorithm of actions (and it must be performed sequentially) will be one for all devices, regardless of the type of vacuumber, whether it be a container, bag or aquafilter.

  • Check the power source. If there is electricity in the apartment in principle, try to include a vacuum cleaner in another outlet. Perhaps the breakdown did not happen to him, but with the outlet.
  • View the cord and plug of power for ruptures, excesses and other defects. The fork should not be melted, visible damage in the connection with the cord or it should not be on it.
  • The next probable problem is the vacuum cleaner. If it is clogged, a protective shutdown may work. Shake the vacuum cleaner or change the bag. View the hose, perhaps it is clogged with large garbage.

If the vacuum cleaner did not come to any of the stages of diagnosis, the matter is in a broken or burned engine. In this case, only masters from the service will help, who will test the device on professional equipment and repair it.

How to extend the service life of a vacuum cleaner

According to statistics, the most common problem with vacuum cleaners is a breakdown of the motor. And the most expensive repair. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the engine engine does not overheat during operation.

The vacuum cleaner should not work at the limit. Depending on the degree of pollution of the room, it is necessary to take a break in operation every 20-25 minutes until the device is completely cooled. Only after that can you continue to work. Large areas will be removed only with interruptions.

Be sure to monitor the cleanliness of vacuumboards of any type: clean containers, and change disposables before they clog “to the edges”. Overwhelmed by garbage, they do not pass the air to the engine. The motor begins to work hard, trying to stretch the air yet.

In addition to the main vacuumber, it is necessary to periodically care for all the filters installed in the vacuum cleaner. They should be cleaned in time and periodically changed.

The vacuum cleaner filters need periodic cleaning

In more advanced devices models there are sensors and protectors of protective shutdown for overheating. If they are not, a critical increase in the temperature of the device can be the last for him. Therefore, it is important to immediately disconnect the device as soon as it warms up, and even more so if the smell of Gary appears (it may appear from overheated dust inside).

The reasons for disconnecting the vacuum cleaner

Modern technique (especially not the most budget models) has an electronic filling and combines several functions. Different components or parts can fail. However, there are several of the most common malfunctions that lead to the fact that the vacuum cleaner does not work.

Important! Most often, the equipment is spontaneously disconnected if the electric motor overheats.

The motor. the most important component of any vacuum cleaner. has its own load limit. If the temperature inside rises to a critical level, electrical insulation is damaged. Overheating reduces the life of the motor and increases the risk of short circuit. link.

The reasons because of which the vacuum cleaner may not be turned on:

  • Long work. Household appliances are not designed to work at maximum power for a long time. Modern vacuum cleaners are able to regulate the force of absorption on different surfaces and with varying degrees of pollution. Manufacturers recommend always set the correct mode to optimize the load on the engine.
  • A crowded vacuum cleaner. A large amount of garbage interferes with the normal passage of air flow. As a result, the device is forced to work at the limit of its power, and this leads to overheating of the motor.
  • The clogged hose. Garbage (especially large) can get stuck inside a corrugated hose or telescopic tube for absorption. The resulting blockage interferes with normal operation and increases the load on the engine.
  • Damaged hose. The vacuum cleaner hose is made of rather fragile plastic, which can crack under pressure under pressure. If an excess hole is formed in a flexible pipe, the force of the input flow of the air is reduced.
  • Dirty filters. Several types of filters are installed in vacuum cleaners (for preliminary and for thin cleaning, as well as to protect the motor). If at least one of them is clogged with dust, the air will hardly pass through the “insides” of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Broken button. Over time, the inclusion button located on the case wears out, and the electrical contacts cease to work as it should.
  • Party interruptions. The problem can be hidden in a faulty outlet or in the damaged cable of the device itself.

Most. but not all. of these problems can be eliminated right on the spot.

Diagnosis and elimination of problems

The engine overheating does not occur immediately, and the planning problem can be seen in advance. Often the vacuum cleaner is shutdown is preceded by a drop in absorption power: the device collects dust worse, and the incoming air flow weakens. The sound with which the vacuum cleaner works may change.

Some models are equipped with special fuses (thermal switches) intended to protect the equipment. If such a vacuum cleaner is overheated, the device simply will not turn on. However, in budget devices there is usually no such function.

Important! Advanced vacuum cleaners are additionally equipped with sensors that signal the person about the high temperature in the engine.

vacuum, cleaner, stopped, sucking, dust

If the absorption power falls, you need to turn off the equipment and try to find out the reason. First of all, you need to check the hose and vacuum cleaner, then make sure of the cleanliness of the filters.

Sometimes a vacuum cleaner stops turning on suddenly. In this case, you need to make sure that electricity comes to the device. To make sure the outlet, just connect another electrical appliance to the network. Then they examine the power cable of the vacuum cleaner: there should not be creases or violations of the integrity of insulation on the wiring. Frequent problem. grinding the wire at the junction of the fork.

Important! The smell of burnt rubber is a bad sign indicating the burned isolation.

If the vacuum cleaner does not turn on and at the same time smells of burning, then either the wiring is damaged, or the electric motor is out of order. It is unlikely that you can cope with such a breakdown on your own, and you need to contact the service center.

vacuum, cleaner, stopped, sucking, dust

Engine repair is an expensive procedure that takes time. Not everyone can sort it out with your own hands. knowledge and experience are required, as well as suitable spare parts.

The test of the vacuum cleaner filters

Usually, in the vacuum cleaner there is a rear filter (after.time, in the place where the air comes out of the vacuum cleaner) and the pre.engine filter (usually located in the compartment for the bag). Try, alternately extracting one or the other filter, check whether the absorption power increases. If you find that the power after extraction has increased. So, the filter is clogged or worn out and must be replaced.

Filters should be removed only with a vacuum cleaner turned off.

Washing washing and reusable filters

Some filters are “reusable” and their manufacturers allow washing the filter under a stream of warm water for the purpose of cleaning. Carefully read the instructions for your vacuum cleaner. Perhaps there is additional information on the flushing of the filter. Do not rinse paper filters, as they can soak and lose filter properties.

If the flushing of the filter did not bring satisfactory results, then most likely the filter is worn out and it needs to be replaced.

High-quality HEPA filters can not only visually maintain the room clean and protect the internal details of the vacuum cleaner from wear, but also clean the air of the smallest particles, microbes, microorganisms. The service life of filters, according to the recommendations of producers of vacuum cleaners, usually amounts to 6 months and can be reduced depending on operating conditions.



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