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LG refrigerator how much watts consumes

How much electricity does the refrigerator consume per month

How much electricity does the refrigerator consume? This issue is especially often closer to the end of the next month, when receiving accounts for electricity from utilities. The refrigerator is a rather powerful unit. It is considered the main consumer of electricity for two seemingly rational reasons:

  • In its dimensions, this is the largest electrical appliance in almost any house;
  • In contrast, for example, from the TV, microwaves and other electrical and household appliances, it is connected to the mains continuously.

In fact, these two factors, today do not have so much affect the level of electricity consumption. And far from always the largest amount of watts per hour and even in a month consumes the refrigerator. Everything is somewhat more complicated than it might seem. First of all, the amount of energy consumed does not matter in an hour, a month or year determines the so.called energy consumption class. Let’s get acquainted with him in more detail.

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Energy consumption classes

Refrigerator. electrical appliances, constantly working, storage of foods an integral part of food consumption. Lost a man of an indispensable unit, freezer. meat, food supplies would have deteriorated in a short time. The situation will determine an extraordinary campaign with a meadow. Selpo calls! Energy consumption (in any quantity) refrigerator is a natural process, to resist the fan means to go against the wind, to subject the quality of food of degradation. Ultimately. uncontrolled.

It is necessary to calculate the power consumption by the power consumption, in parallel with the resulting data you can plan the family budget, cut the overtime energy consumption by electrical appliances: toasters, electric teapots.

Today, science has introduced the concept of energy efficiency class. The parameter due to physical quantities will determine the relative costs of energy resources by the aggregate. Existed earlier: “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “F”, “G”. Marking is used standardly. Want to know the numbers, preceding the purchase, see the information on the colorful label of the device. Graphic designation with multi.colored horizontal stripes covering half the spectra rainbow (red. green).

Modern definitions are formed by the following numbers:

  • Class A, percentage: less than 30%;
  • Class A, percentage: 30-42%;
  • Class A, percentage: 42-55%;
  • Class B, percentage: 55-75%;
  • Class C, percentage: 75-90%;
  • Class D, percentage: 90-100%;
  • Class E, percentage: 100-110%;
  • Class F, percentage: 110-125%.

Letters A, B, C, D, F, G are the values ​​established by the European standard, adopted by developed countries. The percentage indicates the ratio of the energy consumption of the refrigerator to the standard (the outdated border di-e device). We decided to purchase a refrigerator abroad. see the format indicated on the packaging of the goods. You can determine the approximate indicators of energy consumption. The value is relative. Refrigerator voluminous energy.intensive small.sized.

Ask LG. How much space do you need around your fridge?

The absolute value shows the graph annual consumption. Get monthly expenses by dividing. We orientate. 325/12 = 27 kWh (275.38 = 145 metropolitan).

How Much Wattage Consumed by Solar Refrigerator and Cooler

Today it is difficult to find class G systems (mainly exotic: gas, thermoelectric). The indications of the declared format exceed 125%. Such refrigerators eat energy with scoops. Make up material resources for payment of services. Think about buying and finding the lowest class. Saving with such units is hard.

refrigerator, much, watts, consumes

Energy consumption class

Modern classification involves the use of alphanumes of energy consumption. Distribution by groups is represented by the letters of the Latin alphabet from A to G.

For convenience, they are marked with a graphic indicator of the corresponding color. Class E, F, G industry no longer releases, since the refrigerator power consumption does not meet the requirements of the time. She is too high.

The most economical category is indicated by the letter “A”. Less voracious devices have a “” sign, one or more. Groups are distributed by dividing the actual value into a normative indicator. The actual value is obtained as a result of experiments.

The second parameter is obtained using the calculation using a complex formula. It uses multiple parameters, such as the volume of chambers, the temperature, the applied technologies, the climatic class, etc.P.

The result of the calculation is obtained as a percentage of the relationship of the actual value to the calculated. That is, it shows how the actual power of the household refrigerator exceeds the calculated.

Energy consumption class Calculated value, % The color of the graphic designation
BUT Up to 22% Green
BUT 22-33% Light green
BUT 33-42% Yellow-green
BUT 42-55% Yellow
AT 55-75% Yellow-brown
With 75-95% Brown

The rest of the classes have red designation. The table shows that the units of the subgroups are the most economical. They consume about 130-180 kW per year.

While class G units are able to consume 900 kW or more. The difference is obvious.

The power of freezing refrigerators

The freezing power in kg/day is measured. Different devices have various power and technology of freezing, therefore, for example, the Indesit brand can cope with 30 kilograms per day, LG will cool up to 17 kg of food for the same time period, Bosh and Atlanta 20-22 kg. In the instructions, the parameter is marked with an X and three. It can be found on the information line pasted on the refrigerator.

refrigerator, much, watts, consumes

The class of economy is usually understood as a conditional indicator, which characterize the consumption of the electric energy refrigerator. To designate this class, the title Latin letters were accepted: from a and ending G. The following three classes have recently been added to the old 7 classes (a, a and a). The efficiency of these classes is higher than a. So the power of the refrigerator in kW hours a year for the LG brand belonging to class A is 350-360 kW per year.

The values ​​that are given for these letters, the average consumption of the power of the refrigerator is determined. This, so.called medium.consumed refrigerator power for the class D refrigerate unit is taken in 100%. Regarding this class, the energy expenses measured in kW per hour, for class A is 55% less, for A 65, A. 85 and A. 95%. For convenience, manufacturers of refrigerators distinguish all the classes in question in color. Differences between classes in electric energy, which they consume significant.

The video describes classes of the economy of modern refrigerators: from A to D in the order of reducing economy. It is also said that the stationary cooling system is more economical compared to No Frost.

Energy consumption class: how to calculate the benefit

Household manufacturers mark the goods indicating energy efficiency. Color labels with red, yellow and green stripes are known to everyone, but what this gradation means and how the purchase of new devices will be reflected in electricity accounts?

In fact, the unification of European household appliances (CECED) and the Russian Association of Household Production Production Products (Aprittech) is constantly raising the bar of requirements. Modern household appliances should be more economical and spend a minimum of electricity. So, if in the recent past the market represented many devices with a class of energy efficiency from B to G, now devices below class A are considered if not obsolete, then clearly lagging behind technical progress. and more often on the instruments we see class A, and, and recently and a.

And how the refrigerator looks against the background of other household consumers of electricity?

I must say right away that despite the constant inclusion in the network, the refrigerator does not make “general weather” of consumption. Yes, he “takes on” a lot, but still there are devices with much more consumption.

The championship in this matter should probably be given to electric heaters if they are used in a house or apartment if necessary. High consumption is also given by air conditioning systems. The three obvious leaders include an electric stove if it is the main device for cooking.

for popular refrigerators

And still, even among other devices, the refrigerator is not particularly issued by high consumption. As a rule, you have to spend more on lighting, especially if there is no complete replacement of incandescent lamps with economical LED light sources.

Interestingly, in terms of expending refrigerator for today’s pores, even more economically a regular personal computer. And if the apartment uses an old TV with an electron beam tube (kinescope), then it will also probably overtake the refrigerator on energy consumption.

Approximate energy consumption with basic household appliances, kilowatt per month, taking into account the average time of their work.

By the way, the diagram is not shown, but it will be interesting to find out. Those little “harmless” charges for gadgets per month also wind up a lot. about 10 kW.

So scare the consumption of electricity with a refrigerator. does not make much sense. Subject to the recommendations for proper installation and operation, this device will not become a determining link. And if you need a hint of ways to save electricity, then it is recommended to look for them in another place.

We are looking for ways to save electricity.

If the owners began to alert the amounts given monthly lac in the month, it is just right for them to analyze the consumption and think about whether there are acceptable ways to achieve a more economical expenditure. Questions of how not to pay for the electricity of excess, without violating the laws, the separate publication of our portal is devoted to.


The dimensions of the refrigerator play the main role in choosing it. It is difficult to place a large unit in a small room. Therefore, the first thing they pay attention to is volume, that is, the size of the apparatus.

The buyer must take into account the number of cameras. In a small kitchen, single.chamber. In it, the freezer is built into the general department. Differ in small sizes, efficiency, easily integrates into furniture.

The most popular is two.chamber. They separate a freezer with a temperature of. 18 0C and a cooling department, where the temperature is maintained at 2 7 degrees Celsius.

Refrigerators have different sizes, from medium to large ones, the height of which exceeds 2 m. Industry produces three.door units. But these are piece goods, usually ordered by catalogs.

When buying a refrigerator, it takes into account that units with an increased volume spend more electricity.

A way to calculate electricity consumption by a refrigerator

Calculation for household refrigerators must comply with applicable standards and rules.

This method is not suitable for industrial facilities, for example, supermarkets where refrigerated chambers are installed for several hundred cameras. Since there is no way to constantly control the consumption of electricity during the day. Here it is necessary to calculate the consumption of electricity in separate chambers.

Determination of the daily energy consumption.

The daily electricity consumption is the amount of electricity that is consumed per day. For household refrigerators, this method is suitable.

First, the daily thermal load on the refrigerator is determined, and then the daily electricity consumption:

  • Thermal load on the refrigerator: w = v x tp x p x n x k, where: v is the volume of the refrigerator, l; P is a coefficient showing how much m3 of air occupies 1 m3 of the chamber; N is the number of cameras in the refrigerator; K. the number of hours per day.
  • The needs of the refrigerator for electricity: w = w1 x k1 x i1, where: W1. daily consumption of electricity by refrigerator, kW/hour; K1. the coefficient of using the power of the refrigerator; I1. power of the refrigeration unit, vt.
  • Daily electricity consumption by refrigerator: W1 = W / N, where n is the number of cameras in the device.

By this formula, you can calculate all the electrical energy consumed by the refrigerator, which has one common chamber, which contains food for a long expiration date.

The refrigerator has the power specified in its passport.

The Atlant refrigerator contains three sections for freezing products (freezing and two refrigerators).

In order to determine the amount of electricity that consumes the refrigerator, you need to know how many products are in each section.

Suppose that products are installed in the freezer department, the mass of which is 8 kg. The temperature inside the chamber equals18 p.

The calculation of the amount of electricity can be performed as follows:

  • The power of the refrigerator is 1 kW.
  • At the same time, one section (refrigerator) works 10 hours a day.
  • In one shift, which lasts eight hours, the refrigerator runs 40 minutes.
  • If the refrigerator has three sections, then in one shift it consumes 1040 = 400 W or 0.4 kW.

note! To determine the daily electricity consumption, another method can be used.

Here, the thermal load of the device, the daily energy consumption and the power consumed by the device in the mode of operation are also determined here, and based on these data calculate the power necessary to maintain a given temperature.

In this case, the resulting value must be multiplied by the coefficient, which is determined by the formula: tp = t1 t2, where T1 and T2. the temperature in the chamber when turning on and off.

The coefficient value can vary from 0 to 1. For rooms with a large area in the formula, the coefficient of 2 is used.

The influence of third.party factors

In addition to direct, there are indirect factors affecting energy consumption indicators. To exclude them, it is necessary to create optimal operational conditions for the device. The features of the latter are mentioned in the manual.

  • temperatures in the room where the refrigerator is installed;
  • chamber workload;
  • timely maintenance;
  • door opening frequencies.


An acceptable working environment for most refrigerators. 20 ° C. If the thermometer column drops closer to 0, then energy consumption will increase to 1.5 times. Strong heat also negatively affects efficiency. At 30 ° C, the refrigerator will consume almost twice as much energy than it should.

Camera load

Manufacturers strongly do not recommend loading equipment, which is called “under the eyeballs”. over, it is better to place the products evenly, and not put them in one compartment, especially if they are room temperature.

refrigerator, much, watts, consumes

Timely maintenance

Here we are talking mainly about defrosting. If the device is not equipped with an automated system of removal of talus ice, then regular cleaning is extremely important. The snow crust in the chambers significantly reduces heat exchanging qualities, thereby increasing energy consumption.



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