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Launch of the boiler Navien Smart current

Maintenance of Navien gas boilers: Installation for installation, connection and configuration

The South Korean manufacturer Kyung Dong Navien offers the Russian consumer a wide range of boilers of different capacities and variations of execution. The equipment is adapted to the specifics of the work of domestic communication networks and to local weather conditions. Reliable and functional units are quite reasonably in demand.

They buy mainly wall models from us, attracting compactness and economical consumption of gaseous fuel. The technique presented for sale is Russified, due to which the setting of the Navien gas boiler is made without any problems. And it works “perfectly” in various modes.

We will talk about how the home heater is installed to prepare the coolant and hot water. I’ll tell you how to configure it depending on the period of the year. Here you will find valuable recommendations, following which you can significantly extend the working resource of the boiler and prevent failures in work.

What are the advantages of Navien Ace boilers

Navien Ace. a double.circuit version of a wall boiler. It is equipped with an open combustion chamber with a natural release of combustion products. The advantages of Navien boilers are eloquently indicated by the instructions for their operation. they work even in those conditions under which the equipment of competitors fails.

… Did you know? To increase the service life of Navien boilers, they are made of stainless steel, since the stainless steel has a fairly high thermal conductivity.

Among the main advantages of Navien Ace boilers, it should be noted:

  • universality;
  • simplicity of management teams;
  • compactness;
  • In production, high.quality anti.corrosion material was used;
  • fully electronic, Russified control system;
  • compliance with high European standards (quality, comfort, safety);
  • reliability and resistance to various conditions (voltage surges up to 30 %);
  • the ability to work in an openly emergency environment (low gas and liquid coolant pressure, low.quality gas, unstable pressure in the water supply system);
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • environmental friendliness (mainly carbon dioxide is released);
  • acceptable price.

Important! In the case of voltage jumps in the mains in the unit, the SMPS function is triggered, and the boiler continues to work uninterruptedly.

Operation of Navien gas boilers

The place for the installation and permanent operation of the gas boiler is selected taking into account the following points:

  • The unit hung on the wall should be removed from other household appliances to a distance of at least 60 cm;
  • a room with a placed device is equipped with an effective ventilation system;
  • Suspending electricity socket is located no closer than 30 cm from the boiler housing.

To connect it at the installation site, you will need to bring a separate fishing line for a power trimmer. Since the power consumed by him (and hence the current in the circuit) reaches a significant size, turn on the device through a conventional adapter or with the help of extension cords is prohibited. According to PUE, the branch for the unit must meet the following requirements:

  • power voltage. 220 volts 50 Hz;
  • The section of cable cores is selected based on the power of the mounted equipment (at least 2.5 cm of square);
  • The feeding fishing line for the trimmer is protected by a separate automatic and RCD.

In accordance with the current security standards, the gas boiler case must be grounded.

Trial on and off

For an independent launch of the boiler, a number of preparatory operations will be required to work:

If its fall is found, you should immediately turn off the boiler and check all the conjugation for the presence of leaks.

The first two operations are carried out according to the instructions attached to the equipment, where all stages of launch work are described in detail. When no deviations from normal modes were found, you can proceed to its daily operation.

The main blocks of the Navien 24 boiler and their functions

Before considering which malfunctions can have a gas boiler Navien Ace 24 k. Prostious or complex malfunctions, you need to figure out how it works. Navien Ace gas boiler has a closed combustion chamber and two circuits. Air entrance and the release of combustion products are separated from each other. The air is taken from the street, and the exhaust occurs on the street through a separate chimney. Therefore, before buying a gas boiler, the price of which is quite consistent with quality, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with it well.

The main blocks of the Navien boiler 24:

  • The main heat exchanger. Water circulates in the heating system passes through it, is heated and supplied to the circuit. When the DHW is turned on, a three.way valve is switched, and hot water is supplied for household needs. Water consumption is compensated by water from the water supply network, and the command is supplied to the hot water flow sensor. For accelerated heating of hot water, a modulating gas burner is installed. One of the malfunctions is the formation of scale in the heat exchanger. To repair the boiler, you need to remove the heat exchanger and remove the scale with citric acid. Removing the heat exchanger is quite difficult, you need to have a certain skill. In addition, if the boiler is under warranty, then such an operation will stop warranty service.
  • Fan. Its main purpose is to create an optimal mixture of gas with gas for normal and complete combustion of gas.
  • . The purpose of the built.in circulation pump is to ensure the movement of the coolant in the heating circuit.
  • Gas unit. Gas is supplied to the modulating gas valve, which carries out the commands from the control unit supply to the burner.
  • Three-way valve. Such a valve can work in two modes. mixing and dividing. It is established if there is a need to divide the fluid flow into two directions, or mix two streams.
  • Expansion tank. The expansion tank built into the Navien 24 boiler compensates for an increase in the volume of water when heated.
  • Air pressure relay (Dif. Relay). Pressostat (another name) is designed to control the operation of the boiler fan and the smoke removal process. Issues permission to work a burner.
  • Heating temperature sensor. Determines the temperature of the water emerging from the heat exchanger.
  • Roser transformer. Creates a high.voltage pulse to form a spark between the electrode and the gas ignition case.
  • Heat exchanger. Heating water from the water supply system for “recharge” when the water is turned on.
  • Burner. The electronic unit is controlled using a gas valve, gas is supplied to the burner for modulation in accordance with the laid algorithm.
  • Gas supply pipe with a holder. The gas tube brings gas from the controlled gas valve to the burner.
  • Control block. The electronic unit launches, controls, and in case of emergency, the gas blocks the gas and stops the operation of the boiler. The block is equipped with a LCD display, it reflects error codes. The instructions for the boiler is a gas-wall wall by Navien of the malfunction in the form of codes that are depicted on the LCD display.
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Launch of the Navien Ace boiler: Complete instruction

In this article, we will analyze the method of putting into the operation of the Navien Ace boiler. After reading the article and performing actions according to the instructions, you can easily cope with this task with your own hands.

Navien Ace. This is one of the most famous boiler models from the famous Korean manufacturer. NAVIEN. In addition to the low price, these boilers were simplicity and reliability.In addition, you can perform installation with your own hands without referring to specialized organizations.

We have prepared this material specifically for home masters who want to figure out how to enable the Navien Ace gas boiler. It is enough to perform the actions that we describe by steps, and you will definitely succeed.

So, how to enable Navien Ace and make it work.

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We draw your attention to the fact that the correctly executed launch of the boiler is Navien Ice. the key to his long.term and reliable work! So. Please give it the necessary time.

one. Before starting the boiler, it is necessary to check the correct installation of equipment.

The boiler to the gas line should be connected by a metal pipe with a cutting tap and filter.

котёл Navien подключение комнатного термостата на встроенный термостат Navien Deluxe

It is better to additionally check the tightness of the compounds for gas leakage (if the connection was performed by a gas supplying organization in your presence, and you are sure that they checked the compounds for tightness. There is no need for this.

Hydraulic connection of the boiler should be equipped with cutting off cranes. This will allow you to maintain and repair the boiler without draining water. On the reverse pipelines suitable for the boiler, it is better to install filters so that dirt from the heating system does not fall into the boiler.

Mandatory network filter and / or voltage stabilizer. This will help to protect the boiler in case of “shots” of the voltage and will avoid expensive repairs.

Before filling the system by the coolant, it is necessary to check the air pressure in the expansion tank. The pressure in the expansion tank should be in the region of 0.8 from pressure in the system (approximately 1-1.2 bar).

To do this: unscrew the screw on the front of the pump.

nine. The screwdriver we make several revolutions of the pump rotor. This simple operation will avoid the pump breakdown when the voltage is turned on. For example, the pump could be jammed, with prolonged storage by the supplier, and when turned on. He will just burn. Scrolling the rotor. We completely exclude this scenario.

ten. To fill the system, it is necessary to open the heating taps, the hot output tap and the cold water supply crane. To fill the heating system, it is necessary to open the feed crane, as a result of which the water from the water supply system. enters the heating system. When the pressure is reached in 1.5 bar, it is necessary to tightly close the tap tap, to avoid further growth in pressure.

Filling taper.mounted manufacturer. you can not use to fill the system, since with frequent use, these taps easily fail. So. You can put an additional crane between the boiler and a cold water eyeliner.

eleven. We turn on the boiler electric cord to the power supply network.

At that time. It is necessary to break the radiators using Maevsky cranes, and constantly nourish the system with a coolant. At the end of the fragmentation of the system. This switch is returned to its original position.

Run the boiler. It must be borne in mind that in the “winter mode”. The boiler works both on heating hot water and heating the heating system. In “Summer mode”. the boiler works only on heating hot water, heating will not heat up.It is imperative to configure the gas valve of the boiler under the static and dynamic pressure of the gas in the highway. Only certified specialists can perform these works.

fourteen. Using the switch 3 on the control board, we include the minimum operating mode of the boiler.

And, having released the counter.guide on the adjusting screw, we set the value of the gas pressure corresponding to the minimum level of modulation of the gas valve. Having achieved the required value, we fix the counterparty, and return the switch 3 to its original position. To withdraw a boiler from the minimum operating mode of the boiler.

How to turn off heating on the Navien ACE boiler: go to summer mode

In this article, we decided to tell you: how to make a shutdown of heating on the Navien Ace cat. In our instruction, the principle of operation of the control panel of the Navien Ace boiler is fully scheduled. After reading our instructions, you can turn off the heating with your own hands.

Due to its reliability and small price, Navien Ace boilers manufactured by the Korean company Navien, have become the most popular brand in Russia. Because of their modern design, Navien Ace boilers are considered the most compact wall boilers in the market.

In addition, their modern appearance will easily fit into almost any interior.

Ease of operation will allow both older people and children. Set up for yourself a comfortable heat level and hot water temperature. But with the onset of spring, people are increasingly asking one question “How to turn off heating on the Navien Ace boiler?”.

It is to this question, we decided to give an answer in this article.

We have prepared detailed instructions for Navien Ace: how to turn off heating, and / or increase heating of hot water.

Initially, let’s look at the control panel and what is on it:

one. There is a display on the control panel, it is there that the current operating mode of the boiler and the specified temperature of the heating and hot water system are displayed.

2.The icon in the form of a radiator depicted on the display means that the boiler is currently operating on the temperature of the water in the heating system (in batteries).

The inscription is the actual water temperature inside the radiators.

To install the temperature of the water in the heating system, it is necessary to click on the radiator key.

After pressing the key, using the keys, you can set the required temperature of the coolant in heating.

After choosing the required temperature, you will see flashing the image of the radiator and the inscription on the display will be replaced by “Trin”.

Upon achieving a given temperature, the boiler will turn off and start again when the water is cooling in the heating system.

There is a timer on the control panel. To go to this mode, you must click on the radiator key three times.

When exposing the time on the timer, you set the time for the boiler in a non.working state. After this time, the boiler will work for 30 minutes and will turn off again. This mode of operation will allow you to choose how much time on day, the boiler will work.

Navien Smart tok газовый котел управление со смартфона

By pressing the key with the image of the radiator, you can select the heating mode by temperature in the room.

Due to the presence of a thermostat in the control panel, it is possible to operate the boiler in air temperature in the room. I.e. the boiler will not pay attention to the temperature of the coolant in the pipes.

His task will be. Heating the air in the room to the temperature comfortable for the owner.

By pressing the image of the mixer, you can choose the temperature of heating hot water.

After that, pressing, the boiler goes into the “outside home” mode, or as it is also called, “summer regime”. In this mode, the boiler completely stops working on heating and switches only to heating hot water.

The temperature of hot water will be equal to the temperature that you set in the previous paragraph.

The minimum temperature of the coolant can reach 40 s, and the maximum. should not exceed 80 s.

Also, on the control panel, there is a key to turning off the boiler.

After turning on, it will light the burner (if it is necessary at that time), and will continue to work, performing commands of the last mode in which it was turned off. If the key icon lights up in red, this means a malfunction in the boiler.

To eliminate it, it is best to immediately contact the nearest Navien service center.

Well, we dismantled how the Navien Ace boiler control panel works. Now you know how to turn off the heating on the Navien Ace boiler, as well as a lot more. Thanks to this knowledge, you will never ask the question “Navien Ace how to turn off the heating”, and with the onset of hot days you will not steam in a stuffy apartment or house. If you have any questions. Feel free to ask them by phone. Or write in a chat on this page. Always happy to help!

How to go to the engineering menu of the Navien Ace boiler

In this article, we decided to tell you: how to enter the engineer menu of the boiler Navien Ace and select the values ​​you need. In our instructions, the principle of entering the engineering menu is described step by step. After reading our instructions, you can independently choose the values ​​you need.

Gas boiler Navien Ace. produced by the famous Korean company Navien. Due to its simplicity in use and relative cheapness, the Navien Ace boiler has gained great popularity in Russia. One of the amenities of this boiler. It consists in the fact that the remote control panel of the boiler is supplied regularly, that is, it lies in the box with the boiler.

On this control panel there is a display and keys for choosing a mode of operation.

You can choose the operating mode by pressing the radiator image. The boiler has the opportunity to maintain temperature in temperature of the coolant.

You can also set the operating mode of the Navien ACE boiler in terms of air temperature in the room where the control panel is installed. Such an opportunity is available thanks to the built.in thermostat in the control panel.

launch, boiler, navien, current

Upon reaching a given temperature, the Navien Ace boiler will turn off and will wait for a decrease in 10 degrees, from a given temperature. The hostage of the temperature is set by the manufacturer, and you can change it by going into the engineering menu of the boiler Navien Ace. In this menu, you can change the factory settings of the boiler operating mode.

To enter the engineering menu of the boiler Navien Ace, you must press the keys and

By pressing the keys and. you can increase or decrease it. The most optimal value is 10 s, it will reduce the operating time of the boiler. And therefore the amount of gas consumed.

To save the boiler settings, you need to click on the boiler shutdown key.

To move to setting up the pump and fan operating modes, press the key with the image of the radiator and the mixer.

In this menu on the display you will see the values: P1- Summer Pump output, F1- Summer fan run, P2- Winter run of the pump, F2-winter run of the fan.

Run is the time that the pump and fan work after disconnecting the burner. To configure all parameters, you need to select the desired mode and click on the mixer.

Temporary values ​​of the pump: p-40 (20 minutes of work), 10 (5 minutes of work). Temporary values ​​of the fan: F-4 (2 minutes of work), 2 (1 minute of work), 1 (30 seconds of work). To save the settings, click on the mixer key.

We draw your attention: the ACE boiler service menu is designed only for specialists. Try not to use this menu to avoid failures in the boiler operation.

If you have any questions. Call us, or write in a chat on this page. We will be happy to help.

Features of the operation of the boilers “Navien

Navien. domestic double.circuit boilers with open or closed top.end device are used to heating residential and public premises and heating water for household and technical purposes.

The control of the boiler is Russified and adapted to real operating modes of Russian engineering systems.

APS mechanism provides a stable fuel combustion process with minimal consumption. Dutyeva fan for supplying air and creating a working pressure of the gas.air mixture has heterogeneous operating modes and allows the operator to control the speed of rotation for the completeness of burning, preventing condensation.

  • Circulation pump;
  • universal heat exchangers for the heating circuit and DHW system;
  • safety automation;
  • expansion tank;
  • the choice of heating mode and a timer for stopping the unit;
  • Navien boiler, commissioning instructions.

The advantage of the use of the heating unit-the burner with the preliminary mixing of the gas-air mixture has a modulation range of 30-100%.

Weekdays of a service engineer or my clients Part 2.⁠ ⁠

I did not expect that after the first post, a subscription would be issued for me. I decided that I would write not only stories from personal experience, but also tell the basics and make posts with repairs. But they will be a little later. I will affect in the future various brands of both Russian production and foreign. With energy.dependent automation and no. Regarding the pile and solid.flower boilers. A rare thing and honestly encounter it rarely but aptly. Therefore, what advice I will not give. Otherwise they will say that hell with a pickaby advised and I don’t know how they will use it) we will start. Usually problems with heating equipment arise when it stops working. The client calls and says that the water pressure in the system grows and the boiler drops water. In further posts, I will describe the device of the boiler, its principles of operation and temperature regimes. There is 1 type of people who do not spare money and scores on the boiler, broke down.

History #2v 2015 I had a client, chickens do not peck money. I did him in 2013 and there were jambs on the work of controllers, but there were such that the street temperature sensor would disappear, and then it would appear. And so every 4 months. This did not steam the client, and I told me to score. Well, I scored. 14 years old he disappeared, then or a crisis, or everything worked like a clock. And then winter 2015 came. There were no colds, but still. The call was on weekdays. I am a Jacquent. Seryozha me. Good afternoon Sergey how old how many years. With. Hi, don’t talk about winter. Here I have a trouble. I. And what kind of trouble, does not warm? With. yes, water is dripping on the floor. Come, look. And I went. The road was not distant and was not much loaded. Upon arrival, I went into the modular boiler room of this type

Going inside, I saw that water is about 10 cm. She literally whips from the burner. How it has not been injected by the electronics remains a mystery. Когда в системе утечка то срабатывает подпитка основаная на соленойде и работает она по выставленному пределу на реле давления. She will pour it until it is a analysis. This is a kind of dry passage protection for pumps with a wet rotor. Photo of the valve.

After opening the boiler was such a picture. I don’t have a photo before. To put it mildly, it was not before that.

Here you can see how the body of the boiler burst. Kulibins brew this business, but with bad water this is enough for a year. And there is a lot of money.

The burner nozzle should be even and round. Here you can see how he was won. Water flowed through it.

The body of the boiler was flooded with water and calcium salts were visible. Erosion on the face.

The whole problem is that they did not follow the need, (chemical training) simply forgot to put salt in the tank. Raw water went into the system and killed a boiler. This is not the first case with this outcome. Most likely there was a leak in the system, which added raw water a little.

By the way, the Uzbeks walked along the puddle inside the boiler room, and no one hit no one. Himself rode like Mowgli along the walls and boilers to get to the assault rifle and controller.The following posts will be about the repair of the dual.circuit boiler Navien.

About advertising. I am not engaged in advertising, I describe the equipment that was and I have every day.I hope you are interested. It’s a pity you can’t have more than one post per day.P. S. The owner bought the boiler but already worse and easier.



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