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laser, much, enough

How many epilation procedures are needed to remove hair?

The most common question that patients ask. “And how many times I come to laser hair removal, so that forever?”. There is also an opinion that electric power sessions are needed less than laser. Let’s understand.

Keyword. growing. If the epilation procedure is carried out correctly, then all active growing follicles must die after one session!

Then the patient should wait for “sleeping” and inactive roots to “wake up” and repeat the procedure on new grown hair.

The most important thing. If you did not see the result after the first procedure (hair remnants. hemp. They should fall 7-12 days after the procedure and for 15-30 days nothing should grow: we have on the Alexander Candela Gentlelase Pro that way), change the clinic where you have been removable.

How the follicle of the hair is destroyed is not important. And the laser, and light, and electricity should equally effectively affect growing hair. Another conversation that electric power is longer and more often fraught with micro-ruble.

1) the number of procedures depends on how much “sleeping” hair has and what is the period of their update.

heredity and initial “hairy”

Patients of 18-25 years old have an active hormonal background, so you can repeat the procedures for quite some time. up to 5-10 times. age.related patients need less procedures.

Laser Hair Removal For Men Face and Neck Line

Areas of bikini, upper lip, knee.deep back side. The most difficult in terms of hair removal. With minor changes in the hormonal background, the hair in them again begins to grow.

If you have a Caucasian genotype, then in the bikini area. The largest concentration of sleeping hair bulbs.

2) it is important to withstand the correct interval between procedures.

Repeat the procedure more than once every three to four weeks does not make sense. During this time, hair follicles simply will not have time to wake up!

Where they advise buying 10 procedures at once with a visit frequency every 2 weeks of marketing tricks. We are engaged in medicine, not marketing games.

We will share the story of our patient:

The patient bought a subscription for 10 sessions of laser hair removal in one of the network clinics of laser hair removal. According to experts. This number of visits should have been enough to remove unwanted hair forever. After the first visit, she was appointed repeated after 10 days. After the second visit, they asked to appear after another 20 days. Then after another 30 days.

A week after the fifth visit (. ) the girl came to us on the contour plastic procedure and by chance complained that half of the 10 sessions had passed, and her hair grew up and they became almost more. To our question. “And why did it go to hair removal after 10 days, when there was no new hair?”, the patient said that she followed the instructions of the cosmetologist. We praised her. It’s really important. obey your cosmetologist!

And they advised the use of the remaining 5 visits with benefit: to come to the procedure only after the hair grows enough.

3) Patient phototype: skin color and hair color.

The better the difference in “brightness” between the skin and hair. the more effective the procedure, which means less sessions are required.

If your hair is dark, the skin is bright, but you like to sunbathe (by the way, 10-14 days before and after hair removal, this is categorically impossible!) and your skin is dark, then this will add 1-2 procedures to the course of hair deliverance.

Very blond hair will not remove either a laser or photoepilation (whatever they write there on an Internet). There is no melanin in the hair, namely, this pigment reacts both the laser and light with IPL removal.

The laser successfully reacts to the difference of 1 tone between the hair and skin. But more procedures are required more.

4) type of apparatus for epilation.

It is generally accepted that on the Alexander’s latest generation Alexander the course of the procedures is shorter for 1-3 sessions of epilation sessions. The reason is simple: Alexander’s radiation more effectively interacts with melanin.

But the most important thing is in another: it is important that the patient is not misleading and not deceived, selling instead of laser hair removal. Her “analogue”.

laser, much, enough

How patients are deceived.

Be sure to read our article about hardware deception in the laser hair removal market! You should know that!

Do I need to shave before laser hair removal?

About a month before exposure to the skin with a laser, you should not pluck the hairs, light them up or make depilation with wax. Just before the procedure itself, you do not need to shave, and this should be done 2-3 days before it. Thanks to this, hair growth is activated, and it will be possible to achieve excellent results. The best effect can be achieved if the length of the hair for laser hair removal is 3-4 mm, but if they grow much longer, then hair removal can become more painful.

Before performing manipulations, the skin must be well cleaned of cosmetics, lotions, deodorants and other things. Before the procedure, only a special anesthetic cream can be applied. In some cases, preparation for the procedure involves heating the corresponding area with a hot compress. Also, before laser hair removal, the cosmetologist should make sure that the patient’s eyes are protected from bright rays with dark glasses. Many people who want to get rid of excess hair are not only interested in what to do before laser hair removal, but also what should be avoided.

In this sense, most specialists of this sphere advise 2 weeks before the procedure to exclude the use of antibacterial and hormonal drugs, antibiotics. In addition, it is recommended a few days before the first session to conduct a test for the sensitivity of the skin to the laser. By the way, preparation before laser hair removal may include moisturizing creams: this must be done every day for a week preceding the procedure.

Due to such events, the skin will be easier to part with the hairs, its sensitivity will slightly decrease. However, sometimes anesthesia is used before the procedure. It involves applying a gel with lidocaine on a processed section. But to wipe the skin with alcohol a week before the influence of the laser is not worth it, because it will make it more dry, and thereby make it difficult to remove the hairs, enhance the painful sensations.

Laser hair removal. review

I was at 15 laser hair removal sessions:

And yes, the hair is still growing in all these areas

Nevertheless, all girls with dark hair, who are concerned about extra hair, I recommend at least try laser hair removal. Why? Because it works. But first things first.

After my unsuccessful experiments with breast augmentation, the problem with excess vegetation has become very painful for me. No, there was a lot of hair before, but one could live with it. Creams, shaving. it saved, yes, on a matter of days, but still.

But then in the Bikini zone, the hair began to go abroad of panties and I decided on laser hair removal. Not at once, there were many doubts, besides, I am a little shy, but then I thought that this is my only chance not to become completely yeti.

Technology and preparation for the procedure. Contraindications

Laser Hair Removal. How Many Sittings are Required?

How exactly the laser destroys the hair follicles and you can read about contraindications by deploying a quote, or on the Internet, where there is already a lot of information.

laser, much, enough

During laser hair removal, powerful light pulses of a certain range are used to suppress hair growth. They easily penetrate the skin, but are absorbed by melanin of the hair follicles, converted into thermal energy, heat the bulbs and destroy them, stopping hair growth. The energy and duration of the laser pulse is selected in such a way as to destroy the follicles, but to preserve the fabrics surrounding them.

It is strictly forbidden to do laser hair removal procedures for infectious skin diseases (herpes), oncological diseases, diabetes mellitus, with very dark skin or light/gray hair. Individual intolerance to the procedure is also possible.

The procedure will have to be postponed for a while in the presence of acute or chronic skin diseases, with fresh tanning or the presence of many moles in the epilation zone, with varicose veins and a tendency to form keloid scars. The session must be postponed if you are sick with colds, influenza, acute respiratory viral infections, allergies in the aggravation stage, in the presence of abrasions and burns.

I only note that there are different lasers, it depends on the type of laser, what hair color the laser will remove best in the skin color.

I chose Alexander: the most effective for dark hair on fair skin. The darker the hair, the better the result of laser hair removal, because it contains more melanin. A specific model of the device in the cabin that I chose. Candela Geantlelaase. In addition to Alexander, a diode laser is still popular, it gives a good result with various types of skin. Each studio will advertise its laser as the most effective, but we, smart girls, just need to understand which a specific person is suitable.

Preparation for the procedure also depends on the laser: in mine they asked to come with a length of the hairs of 3-4 mm, and when I looked through other salons, some demanded to come smoothly shaved. In general, this moment needs to be clarified. The general requirements include: do not sunbathe for two weeks, do not pull out or bleach hair for as long as possible (from a month or more).

Before the first procedure, I was given a filling form where it was necessary to indicate serious diseases or pills that I accept. Then there was a conversation with a doctor who spoke about the procedure and answered questions.

Then everything is trite: you undress, lie down, cleanse the skin and begin to make flashes with a laser.

In my first procedure, I decided immediately on a deep bikini, however, before the procedure, I drank a pill of an anesthetic with fear with fear. And in vain! Not to say that the laser outbreaks are pleasure, but I did not want to jump up and run away. In general, tolerant. Candela laser is equipped with a built.in cooling system: after the outbreak, this system immediately worked, and the skin did not heat up much. Almost all salons have an anesthetic cream for those who have a low pain threshold.

The most painful zones for me are face, for some reason knees, labia. A couple of times, with flashes on the upper lip, I let a mean female tear. It’s good that at this moment protective glasses are dressed on you, and the doctor does not see this. At the same time, armpits, pubis, legs. it does not hurt, and this is given that the power of the laser is increased every time.

It takes 3-5 minutes on the upper lip or armpits, on a bikini or lower leg 20-30. It depends on the master and his diligence.

After the procedure. EFFECTS

After the procedure, the hair will continue to grow and will fall out in two weeks. That is, you should not plan what you will do and you can immediately on the ball.

The main recommendations after the procedure include: do not sunbathe for two weeks, do not remove the hair with the root and it is advisable to refrain from deep peels for a couple of days.

Immediately after the procedure, in the cabin, the doctor immediately applies me to a soothing cream to the skin with panthenol. A similar cream should be bought if you are afraid of burns. I bought immediately after the first procedure, but took advantage of only once, when after hair removal, I had to walk in the sun for a long time, and I was afraid, suddenly, there will be consequences. But everything worked out.

For all the time I had one small burn of the mucosa near the edge of the lip. Passed a little less than a week. I was not offended at the doctor then, because she carefully removed all the hairs near the edge, other doctors, apparently fearing burns, sometimes missed there.

Choosing a master or salon / clinics

laser, much, enough

I did all the procedures in one salon, but the doctors periodically change (I was with three different ones). I chose it, reading reviews. Now I’m looking for a salon closer to the house, because my permanent moved, and get to it for more than 40 minutes.

Otherwise, the salon arranges everything: service, coffee when waiting, discounts, and trifles seem to carefully wipe the skin to the procedure, and then apply a soothing cream.

About masters. What depends on the master? Lots of.

How comfortable you will feel, and most importantly. how well he will do his job. Until I came across frank “freebies”, but to miss one or two hair in large areas-this happened to all three. I am not very offended, because I know what else I will come, but still. Also, it can also depend on the doctor how “low” he will go down the leg when the bikini is hair removal: of course, no one will fully process the entire leg, but some doctors, seeing one hair that is not included in the laid area, will remove it, others do not. I also had a small vegetation right above my knees, some masters are treated, others do not.

Laser hair removal hair removes forever?

With reservations. yes “. However, in order to really remove all hair, you need a cycle of procedures. Let’s briefly figure out why.

Our body hair tends to fall on their own. The thing is that the hair growing from one root has its own stages of life.

  • Anagen is the stage of life and active growth. In this stage of the hair, there is a connection with the root, nutrients come from the root, the hair grows.
  • Katagen is the stage of hair life when it dies and falls out. At this stage, the root is separated from the supply capsule and dies, the hair falls out. The body copies strength to start the growth of a new hair, usually from 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Telogen. stage of a sleeping hair follicle. The hair follicle is sleeping, nothing grows from it. Such follicles can “sleep” from 2 to 13-15 months.

Almost all of our hair that we see is the hair in the anagen stage: about 30-35% of all the hair laid down by nature (depending on the body). It is necessary to act on hair during hair removal precisely in the stage of anagen. only then will the energy of the light beam reach the nourishing area of ​​the hair and destroy it.

There is no difference between electro-, photo and laser hair removal: the principle of hair removal of any of these methods is the same. Impact on active root in order to destroy it. All these methods “kill” hair forever!

After all visible hair is treated with a laser, they lose their diet and fall out on their own on 5-10 days. There are certain rules of care after a laser hair removal session, for example, you can not pluck the remnants of hair.

Therefore, the answer to the question “whether the hair is removed by a laser?”You can formulate this: nothing will grow out of the murdered root. But there are sleeping follicles nearby nearby. Therefore, one session is not enough.

There are several reasons that lead to the fact that the hair after hair removal begins to grow stronger. Read our special article.

Does it hurt to do laser hair removal?

The procedure, of course, is sensitive, but at the same time tolerantly complicated. Diode laser Palomar Vectus combines advantages such as:

  • patented cooling contact system;
  • the possibility of fine setting up the parameters of the device using a special sensor individually for each client, depending on the structure of the hair and skin characteristics.
  • With increased skin sensitivity, analgesic cream can be used.

We successfully remove unwanted hair from such delicate and sensitive zones as, for example, the upper lip in women, a fishing line for a trimmer of bristles in men, an armpit area, a bikini zone and an inter.iconic zone.

Hair removal indications with a laser

To date, the main indication is the client’s desire, since hair removal with the same hirsutism due to hormonal diseases in the body is not paid by the state and laser hair removal is not included in the list of services for compulsory medical insurance policies. In many European countries and the United States, hair removal due to their excessive growth in diseases is paid by the insurance company.

All contraindications expire from the mechanism of action of the laser beam. Laser hair removal cannot be carried out in the summer and after sunbathing in the sun. The lighter your skin at the time of the procedure, the safer for it laser hair removal. Any skin diseases at the venue or general nature are a contraindication for the procedure, since they can worsen.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are another of the key contraindications for laser hair removal, since its safety for the fetus has not been studied, and milk in the milky glands can be trampled when the laser can be trampled, which will cause mastitis.

How much laser hair removal is enough

To say that laser hair removal is very cheap, it means to scream your soul. But against the background of the remaining inexpensive methods of hair removal, they are recognized as the most effective. Such epilation is also called permanent, because it gives a “constant” result, that is, removes excess vegetation for a long time. But before you sign up with the master, I still want to know all the details and weigh everything for and against.

The main subject of attention is how much laser hair removal is enough. I tried to collect the most frequent questions that forum visitors ask, and reviews on them.

Frankly, but today professional cosmetology does not have 100 % effective and painless hair removal techniques for a long time. However, laser hair removal only came to solving this problem as close as possible.

The result of complete impeccable smoothness after a laser hair removal will stay for several months, depending on the properties of your hair, then you can take single supporting procedures. It is important to note that the hair will become 70% less, they will be much more thin, bright and rare. It is easier to say, laser hair removal leads to the degeneration of hair into fluff, which is called a permanent effect of hair removal. In parallel with this, you will solve the problem of grown hairs and skin irritation.

How many laser hair removal sessions are needed?

I will briefly repeat what you probably know. During the laser hair removal session, there is an active destructive effect not only on the roots, but also on the hair papillae that nourish the bulbs. This is due to such a laser productivity, there is no trace of the hair. However, such an effect can only be exerted on the hair in the active stage of growth, which we have about 30% of the total number.

Therefore, to “wait” all other hair, you will have to repeat the procedures. The speed and intensity of hair each of us has its own, in each zone the hair grows differently, so it is impossible to calculate the duration of the course using the Internet. If we talk about average quantities, then these are 4-6 sessions (in men from three).

How many times to do laser hair removal to you will be determined in a cosmetic clinic or a center of hair removal. However, there are patterns here:

  • Men need less procedures than women.
  • People with increased hormonal background of procedures will need more.
  • The hair color of the hair will not be particularly fundamental, although it is traditionally believed that brunettes have a large amount of hormone responsible for “hairy” than blonde.

Some salons evaluate their work not by processing zones, but by the number of outbreaks of the apparatus. In some cases, this is convenient: if you have few hair, you do not have to overpay. However, before making a decision, it is worth considering everything well so as not to lose with laser hair removal.

And here you need to be careful and ask the master what area one outbreak processes. In different lasers, this indicator will fluctuate from 1 to 2.5 kV. cm. The number of flashes, in fact,, like the price of the procedure, depends on the quantity, color of the hair, their individual density and structure. For example, a bikini area will take from 30 to 175 flashes in size 2.5 square meters.cm, for cleaning hands- from 600 to 700 pulses.

How long does laser hair removal take?

By their power, lasers for hair removal can give out from several units to a hundred outbreaks within a minute. From this productivity and you need to come, calculating the time of the session. However, in any case, this is not very long. Suppose complete removal of hair from the legs will take from half an hour to 45 minutes.

How much is one flash/one procedure costs?

One Tip: Search, “where cheap”, no need. Inexpensive laser hair removal can just turn into an empty throwing of money into the wind. You need to look for the apparatus of the latest generation and the master with good hands, and there you can already monitor the promotions that the salon holds and wait for coupons with discounts. Believe me, after good laser hair removal, there are no dissatisfied customers!

In addition to substitution of the type of procedure, there are often falsification of laser devices!

“Left” and fake devices are sold to everyone indiscriminately, to work for them, sellers also declare that license and education are not needed!

Most of the “eastern” devices that differ in an inexpensive cost often do not provide the desired pulse power. What is fraught with? radiation does not reach the root of the hair or reaches, but there is not enough energy to destroy it. Therefore, the patient can go to both 5 and 10 sessions and not see the effect. Quite the contrary. Hair enhances its growth as a response to damage.

Examples of professional equipment at an adequate price (and then. used, cm. year of release, screenshots made in early 2019)

Asian analogue for “seductive” price

Sometimes unscrupulous “cosmetologists” deliberately underestimate the power of the apparatus to increase the number of procedures and only from the 3rd or 5th visit begin to work “as it should”. This is pure marketing or even deception, in no way to do with medicine.

Is it possible to do laser hair removal to pregnant women?

There is no single point of view in this matter, however, one of the contraindications of hair removal is pregnancy. The fact is that the procedure can cause pain, hormonal bursts, as well as provoke the appearance of age spots on the skin. The first during pregnancy is extremely undesirable, and the appearance of the pigment on the skin will simply make the procedure ineffective.

General contraindications of hair removal during lactation are not. But there is a nuance: if during the procedure you experience pronounced pain, strong excitement and excitement, it is better to refrain from LE for a while, t. to. The growth of adrenaline in the blood does not affect the favorable course of breastfeeding.



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