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Krups coffee maker cleaning from scale

Krups coffee machine cleaning from scale

Our service center will perform urgent cleaning of Krups coffee machine from scale on the day of handling a guarantee! Repair work is carried out on new modern equipment by experienced highly qualified masters, we use only high.quality and original details!

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The engineer will determine the exact price of cleaning the KRUPS coffee maker from Nakipia after diagnostics. These are not a public offer.

How long does the repair last?

As a rule, high.quality cleaning of Krups coffee machines from scale is carried out within a day. But a lot depends on the degree of pollution and damage to the device and the parts and type of device required for replacing the device. We are always ready to carry out urgent repairs and try to return the finished device as soon as possible without losing quality.

For all repair work, we give a guarantee. Its duration depends on the type of technique and the repair carried out. The guarantee for spare parts is provided by the supplier and is fully supported by us throughout the entire warranty period.

Primary diagnosis is carried out in any case, since even the most insignificant and understandable to the user damage to the device can carry hidden damage. We do not want it to be an unpleasant surprise for you after repair. In the case of repair work, diagnostics is not paid. Also, diagnostics are not paid in case of refusal of repair, if the device did not require disassembly of the device.

We use several categories of spare parts and always offer you to choose from. Not all devices manufacturers can provide original spare parts, but most of them provide. In this case, we recommend using the original. If the manufacturer cannot provide original spare parts or in the case when there is a need to reduce the cost of repairs, we will select spare parts, the production of which comes from original materials, but on third.party enterprises, or a quality copy with understandable and clearly agreed deviations from technology factory production that do not affect the properties of spare parts.

Nespresso Atelier. Descaling

After the diagnosis, the master agrees with you the cost of repairs, it will be recorded and cannot be changed unilaterally by us. Only after approval, do we begin to work. You always know the amount in advance, and when issuing the device there will be no misunderstandings.

When passing the device, we draw up a liquidation agreement where the details of the parties are prescribed, the estimated malfunction, the condition of the device, the equipment and the conditions. This document is signed by the parties, has the seal of our organization, telephones for communication and the address of the service center, where repair is carried out. After the repairs, we provide an act of work performed with detailed work and spare parts, as well as prescribed by the guarantee for them. We work only within the framework of the current legislation and comply with all the norms of workflow so that you can be sure of your security.

Coofeman Krups from Nakipi performs a branch of the Service Service Service Center

Sign up for repairs in advance. get a 10% discount!

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 20:00

How to pass: a brick high.rise building, a separate entrance from the side of the street, there is a parking

Free delivery by your device to the service and back! Our couriers will come and take your equipment to the service, after coordination and repair. They will deliver it to you back at a convenient time for you!

Need help?

You have a question about Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio S and there is no answer in the manual? Ask your question here give a comprehensive description of the problem and clearly ask your question. The more detailed the description of the problem or question, the easier it will be for other Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio S to give you an exhaustive answer.

Technical characteristics of Krups nescafé Dolce gusto genio s

Below you will find the technical characteristics of the product and operating manual Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio S.

Frequently asked Questions

You cannot find the answer to your question in the leadership? You can find the answer to your question below, in the section of frequently asked questions about Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio S.

The frequency of cleaning the coffee beam from the scale depends on the frequency of its use and the stiffness of the water. When using high stiff water, it is recommended to clean the coffee maker from scale once a month. When using low stiff water, it is recommended to clean once a quarter.

To clean the scooped coffee maker, it is recommended to use liquid agents on which there is a mark about the possibility of using them for cleaning a coffee maker.

The shelf life is indicated on the coffee packaging in grains. This shelf life is valid until the packaging is open.

The grinding greatly affects the taste of coffee. If coffee grains are crushed very finely. This will enhance the taste of coffee, with a larger capacity of coffee will have a softer taste.

Krups coffee machine decalcination

The decalcination of the coffee machine is a professional cleaning of a coffee machine from scale and other waste. We use professional detergents, which 7 times reduce the rate of pollution and the risk of breaking parts. Call tel. 7 (495) 649-87-98 so that the master conducts decalcination today, or leave an application for a consultation.

Before any repair work, we necessarily carry out a thorough diagnosis of your equipment, voice the final cost of services. With consent for repairs, the cost of diagnostics is not paid.

Masters repair coffee machines for more than 8 years, they are evenly distributed around the city, so that all problems are tired within an hour. Thanks to this scheme, it is possible to repair coffee machines on the day of circulation in 90% of cases. In 10% of cases, a rare spare part breaks, which is not in stock, and repair will occur within a week.

Experienced craftsmen and a large spare parts warehouse allow you to repair all popular coffee machine models. If you have questions, leave the online application, our customer work specialists will contact you within 2 minutes

We are confident as services and spare parts, therefore, for any service and spare part we give a guarantee up to 1 year. If you have questions, leave the online application, our customer work specialists will contact you within 2 minutes.

We help hundreds of people daily and repair dozens of coffee machines. We are pleased to read your reviews. Both good and bad. With the help of them we grow and improve!

A coffee machine broke? Need a consultation or you want to order repairs? Call us by phone 7 (495) 649-87-98 or contact the site.

Rating rating for removing scale in capsule coffee machines

Here you can familiarize yourself with the 6 best means from scale for capsule coffee machines (the list is compiled on the basis of reviews about their use).

How to descale your NESCAFE DOLCE GUSTO Piccolini coffee machine

krups, coffee, maker, cleaning, scale

Means De’longhi Ecodecalk DLSC500, 500 ml

Universal scrap removal in coffee machines. Environmentally friendly remedy made based on lactic acid.

Topperr remedy for cleaning coffee machines 3006, 250 ml

A popular and inexpensive remedy for cleaning coffee machines (including capsule) will carefully and effectively remove the scale.

BOSCH for cleaning from schedule Descaling

This labeling in the form of tablets quickly and safely for the device will remove lime deposits.

krups, coffee, maker, cleaning, scale

Nespresso for cleaning from scale

The corporate remedy for cleaning the capsule coffee machine from Nonspress will perfectly cope with the task of decalcination. To increase the efficiency of cleaning, the solution can be driven through a coffee machine several times (see. instructions).

Bosch from the scale for the TASSIMO TCZ6004 devices

Judging by the reviews, they effectively cope with their work to remove the scale for removing the scale for Bosch.

Top House Cleaner Coffee machine and coffee maker, 250 ml

The coffee machine cleaner was made according to the latest technology, taking into account the recommendations of coffee makers and coffee machine manufacturers. For one use, the product will completely remove the scale and lime deposits from the internal parts of the coffee machine.

Basic rules for coffee machine care

After choosing a suitable decalcinator, the problem of “how to clean a coffee machine” ceases to be so difficult.

If you want to clean the device without problems, then adhere to the next sequence:

  • Carefully check if there are coffee residues in the coffee machine, throw the used capsules and cake from the waste container.
  • It is necessary to pour into the tank near a liter of warm (not hot!) water.
  • Add the desired amount of the decalcinator to the water. The instructions for the substance always indicate how much it needs to be taken in order to clean about scale.
  • Then you can turn on the car.
  • Next, put a deep container where the bowl is usually located, open the crane, and drain about half a glass of the resulting solution.
  • Disconnect the coffee machine from the network, leave for a short period of time and turn on again, you do not need to close the tap until you need.

You will have to do this procedure (turn on and off) several times, according to this scheme you can clean the hydraulic system.

If you want to clean the part of the device in which the drink is prepared, then you need to prepare 2-3 cups based on a solution with a decalcinator, like ordinary coffee.

If you are the owner of an obstetric coffee machine, or a device in which you can brew ground coffee, then ground grains can not be filled up. In all other cases, this must be done. After the completion of the cleaning process, rinse the device again with clean running water and turn on the cappuccino to clean it and. After the final flushing, the car is ready for work again!

How to clean a coffee machine from scale with citric acid

Manufacturers offer a variety of means from scale, but they are all quite expensive, and you need to remove the lime plaque every month. Large firms, such as Delonghi, Philips, Bosh, produce branded cleaners for their household appliances. On sale you can find universal cleaners, both liquid and tablets.

It is impossible to use to remove scrap compositions designed to remove plaque from the surface of gas boards or shells, this will lead to a breakdown of the machine. The main active substance of most proprietary products is citric acid. Many owners of coffee machine clean their equipment on their own using a solution of citric acid, without causing harm to their technique.

Citric acid has a number of undoubted advantages:

  • Safety for human health and environment;
  • efficiency, it removes even an old scale;
  • lack of toxic fumes when heated;
  • accessibility, it is in any house;
  • low price.

All this explains the popularity of citric acid as a cleaning agent for household appliances.

The main stages of cleaning are the same as when using a store drug:

Let us consider in detail how to clean the coffee machine with homes, the instructions for maintaining household appliances will help us with this.

Removing scale

The main stages of scale cleaning coincide in different types of coffee machines. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the instructions, only instead of a special tool to use citric acid, previously diluting it in water.

If you have not cleaned the coffee machine for a long time and a solid layer of scale has formed, dissolve 50-100 g of citric acid in one liter of water. If you take care of the household appliance regularly, 30 % of the solution (proportions. 30 g of acid per 1 liter of water) is enough.

  • Prepare the solution, stir until the acid is completely dissolved.
  • Pour into the tank to the mark indicating the maximum possible amount of liquid.
  • Insert a container with a solution into a coffee machine, conduct a cleaning procedure, adhering to the instructions. If your technique does not have a function of automatic cleaning, pour the solution, wait a quarter of an hour, turn on the device by choosing the “cooking” function.
  • Turn off, remove the tank, pour the remaining solutions, rinse.

Almost all modern models have an indicator of the formation of scale, if you do not have such a function, clean the coffee machine from scale with citric acid every 1-2 months, depending on the frequency of using the household device and the hardness of the water.

The first rinse cycle

So that the remains of citric acid do not spoil the taste of coffee, the coffee machine must be thoroughly rinsed:

Fill the tank with clean water to the maximum mark, install it in the machine, select the “cooking” function without falling asleep coffee powder. The first rinse will take you 3-5 minutes.

The second rinse cycle

To completely get rid of citric acid, thoroughly rinse the tank, pour clean water, repeat the “cooking” mode without adding coffee itself. This is where the procedure for cleaning the coffee machine with citric acid is completed, the scale is removed.

Cleaning the collar unit, including from coffee oils

Any cereal coffee machine has a tender block (in the coffee coffee houses, its function is performed by a horn, in capsule capsule), which over time is polluted by particles of ground coffee and its oils. Coffee machines are divided into two large classes. with a built.in collar device (hereinafter referred to as the memory) and with removable (which is better. read in “frequent issues”).

Coffee machine cleaning tablets from oils. Suitable not only to Bosch, but to all.

Actually, the issue of cleaning is the cornerstone in this division. Removable item is possible (and you need!take and rinse once every 1-3 weeks under running water (from the tap), then let dry and install back into the machine. But besides this express washing, it is recommended to clean the item and coffee machine’s hydraulic tract with special pills for cleaning from coffee oils once for 200-500 cups.

And if for aggregates with a removable ZU this is still a recommendation, but I would not say that a strict requirement, then devices with non.removable BAS (jura, krups) must be cleaned by such tablets strictly at the request of the machine (it will definitely give a signal), otherwise they They will not last 100% for a long time.

With “pills for cleaning the coffee system” or “pills from coffee oils” (these are the most common names of such means) the situation is strictly the same as with the means for cleaning from scale. That is, all manufacturers scare that only their branded drugs can be used, although in reality they are all the same, and they can also be used “non.violent”. True “non.original” tablets from coffee oils harder to find. Of the original, according to tradition, the most affordable Bosch (in the package of 10 tablets: in Yandex.Market) and Melitta (in Yandex.Market). Of the “non.original” one of the most affordable (approximately 2 times cheaper than branded ones). Topper 3037 (in Yandex.Market). Spare options: Cafeedem, Cafiza tablets (in Tasty Coffee, Yandex.Market), cup.

Typically, the process is described in detail in the instructions, but sometimes manufacturers about the need for such cleaning are generally silent. For example, Delonghi does not say anything in any leadership. You can not carry out such a cleaning, but still worth. If the process is not described in the instructions, then you need to do this:

  • Make sure that your model has a mine and an appropriate program for cooking coffee from pre.ground grains, in short from ground coffee.
  • Activate the cooking mode “ground coffee”.
  • Throw one tablet of the product into a ground coffee mine.
  • Substitute a capacious cup for the dispenser and launch the etch of the Espresso of the largest possible volumes.
  • Pour water.
  • Repeat the two preparations of the espresso maximum volume from pre.soaked coffee without falling asleep ground coffee. The water issued by the machine is drained into the sink.

A pill for cleaning from coffee oils should be thrown into a ground for ground coffee

And if I do not have a shaft for ground coffee or the car does not want to start cooking with a tablet, without coffee?

Option for cars with a highlighted coffee ground washing button, for example, Delonghi

  • On the machine turned on, throw a tablet into a ground mine, you can grind/crush and fill the powder. In this case, then, before the last point in this instructions, go through the shaft with a brush to drop off the remaining powder if they remain on the walls.
  • Click washing, which is a separate button on the control panel.
  • When it flows from the car into a glass ml of 10-20, pull the fork from the network. Yes, right in the process of work.
  • Wait for 10 minutes.
  • Turn on the car, it will drop the rest of the tablet in waste, this is normal.
  • Rinse the same flushing (button on the panel) Coffee tract 6-8 times.

Option for machines without a selected button/flushing of the coffee tract

There are coffee machines (for example, Philips HD8649, HD8827/8829) without a mine for ground coffee. Also, some coffee machines with a mine have a sensor that determines the presence of coffee in this mine, and if there is only a tablet, not coffee, the machine does not start the cooking process.

This is the most difficult case. In principle, if you regularly wash the beast under running water, then this cleaning can not be done. But there is a “hack” with approximately half an efficiency:

In the case of a hack, we put a tablet from oils here

Dairy tract cleaning (circuit) in dairy machines

Another cleaning can be relevant for dairy machines with automatic cappuccatives, both with a built.in jug and a diverting pipe. Dairy tract cleaning, I also call it a contour.

In principle, if you clean the milkman/cappuccino regularly with the analysis (for each dairy machine, this is described in the instructions), then it can also do without this chemistry. Nevertheless, sometimes it is relevant: either they missed the cleaning, or the milk turned out to be the old, or that in the end the milk tract clogged and the foam is poorly beaten. The simplest solution is to clean a specially designed tool for this.

Here the situation, back, is familiar. Each manufacturer of coffee equipment produces its own company, which is made by third.party companies, and winds up the margin in accordance with greed. In fact, you can use any for any dairy machine. I am already embarrassed to repeat myself, but here the most affordable of the “brand”. from Melitta. For example, an analogue from Sako. CA6705. is usually without discounts for 1000 (in Yandex.Market). Delonghi without discounts a little cheaper-700-800

There are also non.violent analogues. over, I can give you a universal recipe for how to make a substitute at home. Dilute 1 tablespoon of baking soda on a liter of warm water and. ready! Pour the soda solution into the pan, disassemble the cabbage and soak it in it for a couple of hours, then wash it with running water.

But in general, it is better not to bring the cappuccino to the state where only chemistry will help him, as a rule, all parts of automatic cappucchicators can be washed in the dishwasher.

P.S. Have not yet bought a coffee machine, but have already thought about its cleaning? Some models (usually expensive) have a complete set of fully automatic cleaning programs. Read about them in more detail in my reviews.

P.P.S. By the way, capsule coffee machines also require cleaning from scale. over, at all at all. But from coffee oils the collar unit does not need to be cleaned. Yes, and 95% of the capsule have no dairy tract.

Denial of responsibility. Everything that you do with your coffee machine after reading this material, you do at your own risk. I do not bear any responsibility for the fact that someone misunderstood me here, I thought of something or it seemed to him. Plus I do not give step.by.step instructions for the treatment procedure for specific models of coffee machines, you do not need to ask about this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Please.

In this article, I used the photos of the authors of Nicholas LundGaard as illustrations (https: // www.Flickr.COM/Photos/NalundGaard/) and Pete (https: // www.Flickr.COM/Photos/Comedynose/) for licenses CC by-SA 2.0 (https: // Creativecommons.org/License/by-SA/2.0/) and cc vy 2.0 (https: // Creativecommons.org/License/by/2.0/)

There are questions or reviews? Ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев

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Hello. According to your advice, I already acquired the Jura ENA8 wife, there is no limit to the gift, it remains only to supply good coffee at crazy 🙂 The time is already suitable for the first decalcination, I bought Topperr for these purposes for these purposes. But the problem is that the instructions say to dilute 100 ml of funds in 2l of water. And in this model, the tank has only 1.1 l, respectively, 50 ml per 1l. But the main question is what: whether this concentration will be enough to remove the scale or will it be necessary to do decalcinations 2 times to drive away 100 ml of the means through the machine?) Thanks for the answer.

It is better to pour water as much as it is indicated in the instructions for the machine, and take concentration from the instructions in the product. Jura writes that it is necessary to pour 500 ml of water, therefore add 25 ml funds there, well, we put 30 ml. It’s enough.

Line of care

The most effective way, how to clean the coffee machine. capsule or usual. is the use of professional chemicals safe for health. They include organic acids that affect lime deposits and dissolve them. After their use, all parts are washed with clean water.

In the line of coffee machine care products:

  • powder products;
  • solutions for decalcination;
  • Universal scrap and oil plaque tablets or different for individual functions.

Powers and solutions can be used every month for prevention, and use tablets a couple of times a year to completely remove pollution.

Folk remedies

It happens that the machine gives a signal about the need, that it is necessary to conduct decalcination, and the necessary funds are not at home. Then you can use citric acid, dissolving it in water and the bay in the container before cleaning. Citric acid is weaker than a mixture of acids in professional means, so the flushing procedure must be launched 3-4 times.

Vinegar is also used to wash the parts of coffee machine. The used solution is also poured several times back to remove the scale efficiently.

Constantly using folk methods is not recommended. The best option is the alternation of chemistry and ordinary citric acid.

Scrap and oil tablets. composition and principle of action

The manufacturer produces two types of coffee machines. from scale and cleansing. The former of the first includes acids, as they are able to dissolve the lime layer. The composition of cleaning tablets includes substances based on soda that can dissolve oil coating, that is, vegetable fat.

The strip tablets are dissolved in water, and then poured into the container, after which the water enters the corresponding nodes and rinses the scale.

Clean the coffee machine from sediment, fats and oils

Cleaning pills do not dissolve, but are laid entirely in the compartment for ground coffee, the liquid from which is directed to the coil block and cleans it. If such a compartment is absent, the tablet is placed on the filter, and if the hob is removable, it can be washed with soapy water without pills.

Krups coffee machine cleaning the tablet takes a little time. a maximum of 10 minutes.


Instructions on how to clean the krups coffee machine with a tablet:

  • Turn on the coffee maker and press the button to go to the service menu.
  • Activate the cleaning function. at the same time, the appropriate indicator on the display licks.
  • If universal tablets are used that need to be dissolved, then a liquid is typed in the container and 1 tablet is laid. If cleaning is used, then it is laid in the compartment for ground coffee.
  • After the cleaning process begins, it will take place in several stages, each of which lasts 8 minutes.

If a signal appears on the display that it is necessary to add water and remove the liquid from the pallet, you need to fill the container again to wash off the remnants of the chemicals. After that, the coffee machine is ready for use.

How to clean a coffee maker from scale vinegar

Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent that removes a well.lime plaque and fatty remains, it is often used to clean the croffing coffee machine at home along with citric acid.

  • Prepare a solution for cleaning, add 1 part of vinegar on 2 parts of water.
  • Pour the solution into a water container, insert into a coffee machine, turn on the cleaning mode. If this mode is absent, select the “Cooking” function.
  • After turning off the household appliance, wait 15–20 minutes so that the scale is better to dissolve
  • Rinse the tank, type clean water, bring to a boil as you cook coffee. Drain the water, repeat the procedure.

During heating, a vinegar pair is very unpleasant for a person, open a ventilation window.


Instructions on how to clean the krups coffee machine with a tablet:

  • Turn on the coffee maker and press the button to go to the service menu.
  • Activate the cleaning function. at the same time, the appropriate indicator on the display licks.
  • If universal tablets are used that need to be dissolved, then a liquid is typed in the container and 1 tablet is laid. If cleaning is used, then it is laid in the compartment for ground coffee.
  • After the cleaning process begins, it will take place in several stages, each of which lasts 8 minutes.

If a signal appears on the display that it is necessary to add water and remove the liquid from the pallet, you need to fill the container again to wash off the remnants of the chemicals. After that, the coffee machine is ready for use.

Types of capsules

There are two common categories of containers on the market:


As a rule, most capsule coffee machines work with such, they are sold in stores and go as standard. There are a lot of them, some of them are compatible, but this does not always happen. It happens that the new models of one brand work with containers of another, and old models do not support the standard. Or something wrong with a specific coffee machine model.

Do not buy large packages until you make sure that coffee is really brewed in your specific coffee machine model.

    Nespresso is the most popular standard, many brands produce compatible containers. But at the same time, although Nespresso and Nescafé Dolce Gusto belong to one Nestle corporation, their microcapsules are not suitable for each other. Look for Nespresso or Caffeluxe words on the package, but remember that the new devices are usually not suitable for the old devices.


There are few of them in the market, and more often you have to order on the network. These are usually plastic containers where you can pour ground coffee or even tea. The only thing. they are not so sealed, so the taste and aroma are weaker. If you don’t feel the difference, you can use them.

Reusable capsules are intended for about 30 use, then they begin to deform.

Folk remedies

You can remove the scale in the coffee machine with verified folk remedies. Their effectiveness is proved by the experience of many users and experts.

Cleaning with citric acid

The method allows you to remove a fresh scale from a coffee maker that did not form a thick layer and did not acquire rigidity. The food supplement is safe for any plastic, metal and glass surfaces. To prepare the solution, you must use 2 t. l. acid diluted into 0.5 liters of water, which will allow you to get an effective and non.excessively aggressive composition.

Cleaning with citric acid allows you to remove fresh scale.

Cleaning with brine

The brine must be poured into the coffee machine and boil for 25-30 minutes.

After this time, the contents will need to be shaken and wait until it cools down. The method allows you to eliminate rust and sediment.



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