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Knou Frost refrigerator is constantly working

The refrigerator does not turn off: why and what to do?

Sometimes you can see that the refrigerator does not turn off for a long time, it constantly works. After some time, no changes occurred, the engine continues to work without stopping. This indicates a certain breakdown that caused an unnatural mode of operation. What are the factors leading to such malfunctions will be described later.

Even those who do not understand this technique noticed that the engine is working with a break. How much the refrigerator should turn off? The duration of the working and disconnected state is of different. This is affected by the set temperature of the internal chambers, and its surrounding air temperature. However, if the refrigerator does not turn off about seven or eight hours, you should pay attention to the mode of operation of the refrigerator. When intensive cooling or freezing is set, the engine may not turn off and work without stopping for a long time, and this will be the norm. It should be remembered: later models equipped with electronic displays, they independently stop after the specified period of time, returning to the normal mode of operation. As for the old refrigerators, they must be removed from the freezing mode with your own hands. Otherwise, the motor will work for a long time without stopping.

The error of the amateur

Often we ourselves are the reason for the misunderstanding why the refrigerator does not turn off or often turns on and rarely turns off. We ourselves, not wanting it, we operate the unit incorrectly, making the simplest mistakes. For example:

  • The free.cooling mode or Super Freeze mode is included in the freezer. Options for managing these modes. manual and/or automatic. The electronics should turn off the compressor after 8 hours, and manual control. it is manual: you can forget, and then the refrigerator will work until you yourself turn it off;
  • Summer heat. no reason to set low temperatures in all cameras. The refrigerator is assembled like a sealed device, and constructively can withstand a large temperature difference. But the wider the temperature spread inside and outside, the less often the thermallane will turn off the load;
  • Do not place too hot food in any department. Hot items will heat it, and the supercharger, respectively, will work even more intensively and less often disconnect.
  • The standard temperature regime recommended by manufacturers in the main refrigerator should not exceed 4 ° C, in the freezer the temperature should be held about about about.18 ° C and below (-20 ° C-22 ° C). In summer, it is recommended to set the temperature at 2 ° C-5 ° C.

Knock in the refrigerator

There are several reasons for the appearance of knocking in the refrigerator. They are mainly related to minor problems, which are easy to eliminate. Below we will tell you why the refrigerator knocks when working, turning on and off.

Fridge Stopped working, how to fix?

Curve installation

If the refrigerator is installed on an uneven or inclined surface, a knock may occur. This problem can be solved independently. To do this, it is enough to align the refrigerator, installing it exactly horizontally.

Any modern model of the legs or rollers hold on a screw thread. By twisting them, you can adjust the height. To perfectly set the refrigerator horizontally, use the building level. If it is not at hand, you can focus on the sound. if the knock disappears, then you did everything right.

Skew or deformation

A compressor distortion may have occurred, and it comes into contact with metal details. A knock may also appear with a curved tube, the deformation of which occurred during transportation. A knock in the refrigerator when the compressor is turned off or turned on due to increased vibration (in non-inverter models). He or tubes can knock on other elements.

You can solve the problem yourself. To do this, carefully examine the compressor and a copper freon pipe. If the compressor or tube is in contact with other elements, they are either located close to them, lay the gasket. A piece of any material is suitable, for example:


If the refrigerator is freely freezing, but suddenly after prolonged operation there is a knock, it is necessary to check the loading of the chambers. There is a high probability that they are very overloaded. At high loading, air circulation worsens, the temperature sensor can give out incorrect readings. Because of this, the compressor knocks in the refrigerator, as it has to work in high load mode.

To check whether this is the cause of the refrigerator’s knock, it is necessary to completely free it from products, pots, etc. P. If after that the knock has stopped, then its reason for the appearance was in highly loaded cells.

Problems with fasteners

If you just purchased a refrigerator, and when connected to the network, you began to publish a knock, check if the unit has been removed by transportation bolts and other necessary fastening fastening. Very often when transporting they fix the compressor.

In some models of LG refrigerators and other manufacturers there is a special type of mount. These are the stops that are installed between the body and the wall or other furniture. They extinguish vibration and reduce the noise of the refrigerator.

Compressor mounts

If your refrigerator has long been in operation and over time you began to notice a knock, there is a high probability that the landing fasteners that support the compressor weakened or worn out. In this case, it is necessary to replace rubber gaskets, and pull all the springs and bolts.

Temperature problems

The cause of the knock may be an incorrectly set temperature regime. Perhaps the switch is installed at the maximum. Because of this, the compressor begins to work at full power, highly vibrating. Because of this, an extraneous sound will appear, and the motor itself will begin to wear out quickly. There is a risk that it will jam it altogether.

frost, refrigerator, constantly, working

Heat sources

If the refrigerator stands at the stove, oven, heating battery or other heat source may also appear. This indicates overheating of the walls of equipment. The compressor continuous operation occurs to pump cold and cooling. In this case, it is necessary to install the refrigerator in another place, away from heat sources.

If there is no way or desire to push the refrigerator from the stove. it does not matter. You can solve the problem by shielding the heat emanating from it. About how to do this, read in the article “The stove is next to the refrigerator: is it possible to put how and what to protect?””

What can be fixed yourself

In most cases, to eliminate breakdowns, it is necessary to call the master of service. Some problems are associated with violation of the operating conditions of the unit and may, in some cases, be fixed on their own.

Malfunction after disconnecting electricity

Disabling electricity as a result of an accident on the line or with planned preventive work occurs quite often. After such a shutdown, problems with freezing and impaired temperature conditions of freezers are possible. On the display or refrigerator panels in these cases, a flashing sensor of temperature is observed. To try to eliminate the malfunction, you need:

  • Disconnect the refrigerator from the mains,
  • remove all products and objects from the refrigerator and freezer,
  • Fully defrost the refrigerator,
  • If necessary, wash and dry the inner surfaces of the walls,
  • Connect the refrigerator and wait for the normal temperature mode of the cameras.

Such a failure in the refrigerator as a result of turning off electricity easily explain. The reason for the failure is clear refrigerators programming. If there is a failure in the defrosting and frost cycle, then the refrigerator is disturbed.

As a result of turning off electricity, serious breakdowns can occur, for example, failure of a heating element or sensor. Such malfunctions to diagnose and carry out high.quality repair can only the master of the service center.

Malfunction in the form of ice intention in the freezer

The first sign of a malfunction is the appearance of water on the leaks in front of the refrigerator and the presence of ice under the boxes of the freezer. The appearance of water is a signal for the need for actions.

A possible cause may be a foreign object to fall under the back cover, which interferes with the thawing process.

In case of a malfunction of this type, it is recommended to call the master for repair, but you can independently perform the following actions:

  • open the back cover of the refrigerator,
  • When a foreign object gets in, the back wall will be covered with ice, so you need to get rid of the ice layer with a hairdryer,
  • Find and extract a foreign object,
  • Rinse the pan of the refrigerator,
  • rinse.

It is recommended to ensure that when the rubber tube does not occur during operation, since it is through it that water enters the tray.

It is interesting! Replacement of the seal in the refrigerator

Temperature setting problems

Samsung refrigerators have regulators to adjust the temperature regime. Depending on the model, the temperature regime of the upper and lower chamber may differ. Recommended temperatures, according to the instructions, are considered:

  • For the upper chamber 3 0c,
  • For the lower freezer.18 0C.
  • In many models, there are so.called freshness zones with a temperature rate of 5 to 7 0C.

Temperature adjustment occurs using the control panel associated with internal sensors. Two.chamber refrigerator Samsung Nou Frost is equipped with several sensors:

Each model of the refrigerator is equipped with a detailed instruction indicating the sequence of action that must be performed to solve a specific problem. With a violation of the temperature regime in the two.chamber refrigerator Samsung Nou Frost, the temperature indicator begins to flash. The reasons and the necessary actions may be different:

  • With frequent opening of the refrigerator door, the temperature can increase more than 3 0C, to eliminate the indicator blinking and restore a sufficient mode, close the doors tightly and give the refrigerator for 2-3 hours to go to normal mode of operation,
  • When malfunctioning the temperature regime, it is necessary to re.set up in accordance with the corresponding section of the instructions,
  • flashing can be caused by improper installation of an ice tray, in which case it is necessary to remove the tray and put it in the correct position.

What to do if the refrigerator does not turn off

If this problem is detected, then it is first recommended to conduct an independent diagnosis. It will be useful to defrost the device. With independent examination, special attention should be paid to the integrity of the seal, the fan and the condition of the capillary tubes. You can independently fix the seal and eliminate the software failure. Replace the thermostat or fan without special skills, most likely it will not work.

It is recommended to detect with the timer how often the device turns off and whether it turns off at all. It will take about 1 hour of free time to track work. Depending on the set deviations, the repair decision should be made.

Important! Without turning off, the product can work for no more than 6 months. After that, the serious wear of the engine makes itself felt, and it fails.

Conduct a defrost

If the device does not defrost for a long time, then it begins to work incorrectly. One way to solve the problem is to defrost. This method will help increase the efficiency of any product. If the atlant refrigerator does not turn off, then you can try to solve the problem by defrosting. To carry out the procedure, the following actions must be performed:

  • Disconnect the refrigerator from the network, having previously set the temperature of 0 degrees on the thermostat.
  • Extract all products. In winter, they can be placed on the balcony, in the summer. in the bag refrigerator.
  • Put rags or unnecessary towels under the refrigerator if the device does not have a special tank for collecting thawed liquid.
  • Wait for 5-10 hours while the ice is thawing. The process of defrosting should not be artificially accelerated.

Samsung top refrigerator does not require defrosting. However, the need for the procedure should be determined by the thickness of the ice fur coat on the back of the refrigerator and freezer compartment.

Defrosting should be carried out not only to increase the efficiency of the device, but also to maintain cleanliness inside the cameras. Refrigerators with the function of the know.free Frost are practically not required to defrost. old models require this manipulation at least once every 6-8 months.

If after defrosting the refrigerator did not work normally, then you need to continue to look for the main reason. You may require diagnosis in the conditions of the workshop. In any case, defrosting will temporarily solve the problem, since when disconnected from the network, the device will receive a break in operation.

Replace or repair the seal

If the seal can be carried out temporary repairs by restoring its structure. Holes can be filled with silicone or glue. The maintainability of the seal is determined based on the available damage.

As a temporary solution, it is permissible to change the door opening. This will stop the wear of the seal on the side from which the door opens. To outweigh the door, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Prepare the tool. A flat and cross screwdriver is required, a wrench.
  • Carry out the dismantling of fasteners.
  • Remove the door.
  • Fix the mounts on the other side. Absolutely all modern devices have fasteners on both sides. Usually they are hidden under a plastic plug.
  • Finally mount the door.

Independent replacement of the sealant is extremely problematic. Firstly, it should be correctly dismantled (it is extremely well glued). Secondly, exactly choose a new seal. Thirdly, mount in compliance with technology. The new sealant must be hermetically glued. Thus he will not let the cold pass.

Appeal for help to specialists

In case of serious malfunction, the best decision is considered to seek help from specialists. Masters who specialize in the repair of refrigerators will be able to determine the source and solutions to the problem as soon as possible.

You should contact the trusted companies. If the Indesite refrigerator does not turn off, and at the same time it is under warranty, then an appeal to the official service center will be a preferred solution. The only minus of the repairs under warranty is a long expectation.

Important! The cost of repairing the device depends on the complexity of the malfunction and the need to replace spare parts. If the repair can be carried out without replacing complex technical components, the total cost will be low.

Features of diagnosis

During the diagnosis of the refrigerator, the first thing you should check the most common causes. Then, after their exception, it is worth moving on to the rest. In order to make it easier, you can use one simple observation. It is worth paying attention to whether the refrigerator freezes is strongly freezing or, conversely, quite weakly. Depending on this, some breakdowns can be immediately excluded.

frost, refrigerator, constantly, working

If the frost is strongly and does not turn off, then it can be the on frost mode (supermority). If the matter is not in it, then the next step is to check the compressor and thermostat.

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The compressor usually “sticks” the relay. When typing, the compressor does not turn off, since the contacts have clipped and do not open the circuit.

When breaking the thermostat, the sensor is faulty. It does not transmit the signal, so the relay contacts do not open the circuit. Violations of control on modern refrigerators lead to the same consequences. Here is also a team to turn off the relay is not transmitted from the sensor.

If the device does not freeze much, but without stopping, then the case may be in the rubber seal on the door or leakage of the refrigerant. In the latter case, the compressor has to constantly escalate the freon to set the specified temperature values. It is obviously impossible to do because of the leak, so the engine works continuously.

Correct installation and its results

The cause of failures in the compressor can be the wrong installation of the refrigerator. The main task of this technique is to ensure the removal of heat from chambers. Therefore, there should be free air access to the evaporator.

Here are the basic rules for installing the refrigerator:

  • Observe the distance from the walls of the device to walls or furniture;
  • On the refrigerator near the stove;
  • Do not install the refrigerator close to heating batteries.

Through the back wall of the refrigerator, heat is removed from the inside. The colder the surrounding air, the better. Then the compressor will need to do less work. Accordingly, its service life will increase. And you will save on expensive repairs.

If you read somewhere that you need to observe the distance from the walls, ceiling, etc.D it is a myth. In addition to the manufacturer, no one will say how this or that device should work. 99% of the recommendations from the Internet sucks from the finger!

The minimum distance from the walls of the refrigerator depends on:

  • Thermal transfer of the evaporator:
  • Type of freon;
  • Inverter or not a compressor;
  • Transformation coefficient (COP);
  • Cold production;

These are only five factors on which it depends on how to properly place the refrigerator. We cannot consider each individual case. Therefore, we recommend using instructions or manual. There definitely will not be mistaken there.

Where does Freon disappear

Freons are a mixture of colorless gases that circulate in the refrigerator, cooling the chambers, evaporating and condensing back into the liquid. Unexpectedly detecting Freon’s leak is quite difficult, the gas has neither color nor smell. Most often, users pay attention to constant problems. They can be signaling:

  • Hook inside on the refrigerator;
  • The upper chamber does not freeze;
  • The rear wall of the freezer is swollen;
  • Inconsistent work of the compressor;

The two.chamber version of the refrigerator in Indesit is much more common than a single.chamber, therefore, these signs are mostly characteristic of this type. precisely, the refrigerator-brewer with the lower freezer chamber most often gives precisely such malfunctions when the freon leakage. The essence is in its device: the cameras are interconnected by a heat tube. According to it, the freon moves between the departments entering the refrigerator and the freezer. Due to the appearance of fumes on the pipe, corrosion is formed, which leads to a gas leak.

IMPORTANT! It is impossible to notice a freon leak by smell or color, but you should not worry, because for a person he is absolutely non.hazard.

Why does not turn off

When considering why the refrigerator is constantly working and does not turn off, it should be borne in mind that all reasons are conditionally divided into several categories:

fridge not cooling downside and Refrigerator low cooling fridge fan Not work How to check cooling

frost, refrigerator, constantly, working

In most cases, the refrigerator ceased to disconnect due to the malfunction. It can be fixed independently, or you have to contact the service center.

The door seal was damaged

When the refrigerator does not turn off, the reasons may be a violation of the integrity. This element eliminates the likelihood of warm air entering, which causes the temperature increase. The problem can only be solved by replacing the sealing material. Features of the procedure are as follows:

  • Before direct work, the most suitable material should be selected. Detailed information is indicated in the technical documentation, as well as on the Internet. Freezer and main camera have an increased degree of insulation.
  • The preparatory stage provides for the removal of old insulating material. To do this, you will have to work with a knife, the remaining adhesive compositions are removed by wet rags. The result largely depends on the quality of preparation of the base. Work is carried out after completely defrosting the device.
  • To fix the insulating material, special glue is used. Before glue, you need to place insulation around the perimeter, after which glue is carried out. At this stage, you need to monitor the correctness of the insulation location.

Damage to the door seal occurs due to mechanical exposure and severe surface pollution. Periodic cleaning allows excluding the likelihood of a defect.

You set this mode

If the refrigerator is cold and works without stopping, there is a chance that the corresponding mode was set. Modern devices allow you to set a low temperature. The features of this problem are as follows:

  • At a given too low temperature, the device constantly works even with high.quality insulation.
  • To check such a reason, it is enough to reduce the temperature to the minimum value. If the device stops constantly working, then you can set the temperature just below the minimum.

Do not forget that constant work causes large electrical costs and reducing the operational period. After defrosting, the refrigerator does not turn off for a long period due to the fact that a lot of time is required to reduce temperature.

High temperature in the room

Incorrect installation of the device causes its constant operation. If the refrigerator does not turn off, you need to pay attention to the points below:

  • Too high environmental temperature leads to heating the body. Therefore, the refrigerator works for a long period.
  • Surface heating can come from a working heat source. Placement near the batteries can lead to the problem under consideration.
  • Manufacturers indicate that the device should not be installed close to the wall. The lack of fresh air determines the heating of the compressor, which increases the temperature inside the main or freezer chamber.
  • The recommended ambient temperature is not higher than 25 ° C. A similar indicator is indicated by the manufacturer in the operating instructions.

As practice shows, room temperature does not lead to a similar problem. Old models are more sensitive to environmental temperatures, the correct installation of which should be approached with great responsibility.

The thermostat failed

It works without a break due to the wrong thermostat work. He is responsible for checking the temperature inside the chamber. Among the features of such a malfunction, the following is distinguished:

  • Damaged electrician causes a large current supply to the device.
  • Statement is tested by a multimeter test.
  • If the thermostat is damaged, it is replaced. The dismantling procedure depends on the features of each refrigerator model.

The refrigerator compressor does not turn on also due to the failure of the thermostat. You can choose the right sensor after studying the information in the documentation of the device.

Compressor breakdown

The compressor is responsible for reducing the temperature inside the main chamber and freezer. Defects made during its assembly, and prolonged work can cause a malfunction. If the refrigerator is often turned off or constantly works, you will have to contact a specialist. The reasons leading to a compressor breakdown are as follows:

  • Long operational period. All nodes of the refrigerator are designed for their service life, after which the main qualities are lost.
  • Factory defect. If the device did not last long, then there is a probability of installing a defective compressor.
  • Improper operation leads to problems with the compressor.

If the refrigerator is often defrosted, then the load on the compressor was increased several times. Therefore, experts do not recommend carrying out such a procedure unnecessarily. The refrigerator freezes, but does not turn off with the wear of this node; It is almost impossible to install it on your own.

A refrigerant from the system

Some problems can lead to a flow of refrigerant. It is extremely difficult to eliminate such a breakdown independently, in this case you have to contact a specialist. The reasons for the leakage are as follows:

You can carry out independent replacement of freon, but this requires special equipment. Know Frost is not sold in all stores.



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