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Knou Frost refrigerator does not cold

Repair refrigerators Knou Frost with your own hands

In the late 90s, refrigerators with the NOU Frost system were widely included in our everyday life. Durable, good quality, resistant to voltage drops, but like any technique, these units sometimes break. Unlike the crying system, in the know.free repairs to repair a lot easier. The fact is that the main breakdown of such refrigerators is associated with the failure of the automation, that is, either a sensor, or a fan or thaw, can also burn an electronic control module. I will say this, all of the above, it changes without difficulty, of course, if you have spare parts. Now I want to say a little about spare parts, or rather about their comparative cost and simplicity of replacement, firstly, many sensors are interchangeable, and secondly, the price of a sensor is not higher than the same thermostat, as for the control module, there are really fabulous here but this mainly applies to promoted brands, such as Bosch, Whirlpool, Liebherr and so on. In the refrigerator with the know.Frost system, Freon’s leakage is extremely rare, but if it happens, then it will cost it even cheaper than on a refrigerator with a crying system. The rest of the details, such as for example, Tenni thaws or electromechanical damper, also change without difficulty. Read about all this in this category

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Samsung no frost refrigerator and ways to eliminate them

There are two types of Samsung refrigerators with the NOU Frost system, in any case, I decided to divide them, that is how. The repair of each of them is peculiar in its own way and is largely different. Now let’s look at the first type, which is already more obsolete, we are talking about refrigerators with mechanical control. In these refrigerators, a mechanical clock is used, the thermostat turns on, it does not need to be confused here, this spare part, with a thermostat that turns off and turns on the motor of this unit. Running ahead a little, I already said that the engine is turned off using a thermostat. In general, I briefly listed almost all the details that guide the work of such refrigerators, the only thing, here we need to add the heater, the fan, the mechanical damper and the engine, the case and the condenser (heat exchanger, on Soviet colds, it is made in the form of an iron lattice and stands in the back ), I will not take into account. About the causes and the search for faults, I will tell you in the full version of the article, and now I’ll add a few words, about the electronic control system. In modern Samsung refrigerators, this type is now used. A distinctive feature of it is that there are no mechanical spare parts, all processes are guided by electronic sensors and the control module. If in the first type the damper was mechanical, then in these refrigerators it became electromechanical and controlled by a rugal, this is a kind, also a sensor. There is no need to be afraid of anything, everything is quite simple. Samsung does everything so that repairs can be done with your own hands. Click the button in more detail and switch to the full version of this article

The door is poorly closed

This may not necessarily be a visible gap. Even a minimum gap of half a million between the unit housing with a rubber door seal makes it impossible for the stable operation of the compressor. The heat constantly circulating through the gap in a circle makes the refrigerator constantly pump the freon and not turn off. Because of this, the refrigerator can make extraneous sounds. The reason may be:

Frequent reason why the refrigerator does not freeze. the wrong choice of installation site. On the back of the refrigerator is a capacitor. a coil, according to which Freon is pumped. Through him he gives heat selected from cameras. In some models, the capacitor is located in the side walls.

If there is no air access to the coil, or it is poorly circulating, Freon will not have time to cool. Because of this, there will be a high temperature in the cameras. It seems that the refrigerator does not cool. Possible reasons:

  • The back wall of the refrigerator is close to the wall of the room;
  • Equipment or furniture are located close to the side walls;
  • Immediately above the refrigerator are hinged cabinets or shelves.

To avoid problems. look at the instructions. It should indicate minimal distances, gaps from walls to other furniture items. If it is not, use these recommendations:

  • The minimum distance from the rear wall is 10 cm;
  • The gap between the side walls and other furniture items is 3-5 cm;
  • If the condenser is in the lateral walls-5-10 cm;
  • Distance from the top of the refrigerator to hinged furniture. 10 or more see.

Fluffy assistant⁠ ⁠

I have accumulated in my house a certain number of hours. I found some on the street, some went as an inheritance from my grandparents, Dad gave something. In general, a small set lay at home in a box. Some workers, some are not. It is a pity to throw it away, it is pointless to sell.

And so they would have been with me if I had not stumbled upon the post @go2288, about how he buys a watch on Avito (where I get spare parts for my watch). I respect people who work with their hands, and those who perform jewelry operations. I respect doubly. So I decided to fit this set of sentries to the master, and at the same time asked to see a couple of my hours for restoration. Some with broken glass, the latter stood up and subsided out of the blue.

As a result, today we met personally, the clock for spare parts was transferred, my watch was taken to work by Barter

Thank you, Picabu. It’s great that we can find useful contacts here!

TOP-5 of the most reliable Samsung refrigerators with the No Frost system

Samsung RT-46 K6360EF

One.compressor unit with dimensions 70 x 182.5 x 77.6 cm and a useful volume of 453 liters. where 342 l is the refrigerator compartment, 111 l. the freezer. A feature of the model is a stylish laconic design.

knou, frost, refrigerator, does, cold

low level of energy consumption;

silent in work;

the presence of a display;

Good capacity.

Samsung RT-35 K5440S8

Model with an inverter compressor, dimensions. 67.5 x 171.5 x 71.5 cm. Useful volume. 362 l. where 273 l falls on the refrigerator, 89 l is the freezer. Steel.colored unit with stylish design.

consumes little electricity;

There is a dry area of ​​freshness;

NOU Frost system;

good capacity;

Not a noise.

Samsung RB-30 J3200SS

Refrigerator with exquisite design, dimensions. 59.5 x 178 x 66.8 cm. Useful volume. 311 liters. where 213 l is the refrigerator, 98 l. the freezer.

good freezing power;

consumes little electricity;

convenient organization of shelves;


Samsung RB-33 J3420BC

Stylish model design will become a decoration of any kitchen. Refrigerator dimensions. 59.5 x 185 x 66.8 cm. Total volume. 328 liters. freezer. 98 l, refrigerator. 230 liters.

display control;

10 years of warranty;

Convenient location of the shelves;

you can adjust the temperature in the freezer.

Samsung RB-30 J3000ww

Model with a restrained exterior, dimensions. 59.5 x 178 x 66.8 cm. Refrigerator volume 311 l. freezer compartment. 98 liters, refrigerator. 213 liters.

high freezing power;


you can outweigh the door;

What to do if your refrigerator is not cooling | Samsung US

Almost silent.

Reasons for the lack of cold, their elimination

With the good operation of the freezer compartment, the reasons for the breakdown of the refrigerator can be very different. Both an ordinary temporary absence of electricity on the network, and a serious breakdown of the compressor, which almost always leads to a rather expensive replacement.

The simplest malfunctions of the unit

Before starting an analysis of the problem, you should make sure that the unit is connected to the electrical network, the serviceability of wires, extension cords, sockets, and in good supply of electricity to the room.

One of the perpetrators is a loose closure of the camera door for the user’s oversight. There is a constant intake of warm air from her from the room.

Cold may be absent due to the long period of the refrigerator functioning without planned defronts. It is worth turning off the unit, thoroughly defrost it and turn it on again in a day.

For the correct defrosting of the refrigerator, you need to turn it off from the network, open it wide, extract all the contents and wait for it to completely defrost. It is prohibited to accelerate this process in any way. Talus water is collected in containers and utilized

There are situations when the freezer compartment is filled with products too tightly, so that there is practically no free space. According to the rules of operation, this is undesirable, since the space for air circulation should still be.

When the products for freezing are close to each other and is tightly tamped, the entire power of the compressor goes to freeze its huge volume, and there are not enough cold for the rest of the cold departments.

It is better to freeze products in small parts. When freezing, it is not recommended to fill the freezer “to capacity”. this is fraught with compressor breakdown

The refrigerator itself can be incorrectly installed. close to the wall, when heat cannot be fully allocated, or near the heating devices. temperature detectors are lost. They give the compressor signals about the strengthening of its power, but cooling in the refrigerating chamber does not occur, because it turns into heat along the way.

This failure mostly happens if the freezer is installed inside the refrigerator. Such a problem is eliminated by a full.fledged prolonged defrosting of the entire unit, installed it away from heating sources, turning on on a standard, and not enhanced mode.

It is forbidden to have a refrigerator close to heat sources. This not only disables it, but also significantly increases the money costs for electricity

breakdowns in conducting systems

In order to understand the causes of more complex breakdowns, you need to know how the refrigerator works and how the refrigerator works. Only then will the origin of the malfunctions be clear. As a result, the right ways to solve the problem will be able to be found.

Capillary system. The culprit of the breakdown can serve as a mash in the capillary system due to the entry into the pipeline of foreign substances-moisture, oils, litter from the filter and other things that have become unusable and other.

Because of the blockage, the cooler does not reach the end-everything is in order with freezing, there is even ice form. And the products in the second cell do not cool. in this department heat.

Signs of capillaries blockage can be confused with a breakdown of a different nature. a malfunction in the work of the evaporator. To accurately find out the cause of the problem, analyze the temperature of the discharge system on the “condenser-compressor” section. If the heating there is insignificant or partial, and the cooling is fast, then the reason is in the block of capillaries.

However, there is an opportunity to correct the situation on their own: if the margin is simple, then the light tapping of the pipeline will move the cork from the place and the path for Freon will be released.

If tapping does not help, you need to contact a master who will professionally clean the tubes, install a new clean filter, replace the freon, remove unnecessary air from the evaporator.

First, the temperature between the compressor and the capacitor is measured, and then the decision is made to replace the capillary tube or on the possibility of its repair

Drainage system. A drainage system in refrigerators with a crying wall can clog. If one does not clean it for a long time, it may appear in it, which do not completely pass the melt water, it accumulates at the bottom of the camera and flows out.

Over time, the plastic cracks, and the water flows into the gaps and oxidizes the metal parts of the device, corrosion corrodes them, and the refrigerant begins to flow out. Clean the drainage system using a conventional pharmacy rubber pear. It is filled with hot water and poured into the canal with a sharp movement under the greatest pressure.

If necessary, this is repeated several times until the system is completely cleaned. Dirty merged water from a special tray after the procedure should be removed.

Refrigerators are produced with a small ruff in a drain hole. It is designed to regularly clean the entrance to the drainage system. The cleaner it is, the less chance to get a large blockage of the system

Another device for cleaning the drainage system can be a bicycle/car manual pump. If these devices are not available, or the blockage has settled very firmly, a long wire/wire will help.

The tip of the wire is bent into the loop and with twisting movements is inserted into the drain hole, while giving it back and forth. The duration of the procedure is about three minutes. You can combine two methods. cleaning with wire with a strait water.

You can check the result of efforts by testing the system. A little water is poured into the drainage tube and the drain rate is noticed in a natural way. If it does not leave, the cleaning procedure is repeated.

Why a lot of ice on the freezer evaporator LG Nou Frost

There may be several reasons for this ailment, but first of all you need to check the tennie, which is located on the freezer evaporator. You can check it using a multimeter and ordinary phon, the resistance of the heating element can be different and honestly, I almost never pay attention to it, it is important for me that the spiral is not in the cliff

Recently, my refrigerator LG No Frost (the freezer is at the top), stopped turning off. As it should, I dismantled the freezer and found a large cluster of ice, and Ten’s test showed its malfunction, he did not call. I work as an electrician and it seems to me that I can change it, but by walking on the Internet, I have never seen a rack anywhere for my model. I have such a question whether it is possible to replace any other heating water, because, as I understand it, the main thing is that it warms up the evaporator, that is, that the condensate flows into the channel for drainage of water

The main thing is that it is suitable for fasteners, that is, I sat in those nests where the old one stood. In power, they are almost all the same, I never pay attention to it. As for the wires, they can always be redone. In the video below, I explained in an accessible way how to replace the heating teti. True, the Samsung refrigerator was taken as an example, but this is not global, the heating element in such units changes the same way

Watch the video how to change the heating tick on the refrigerator know Frost

As you can see in the replacement of the heating element, although there are difficulties, but still you can do such a job with your own hands, it will come out much cheaper. The main thing here is to understand that only two wires are suitable for Ten himself, and the rest of the wiring goes to the fuse and to the control module. This video shows how I converted the wires, from one model to another

How to check the temperature sensors and tickles on the refrigerator LG know Frost

I already wrote above that there are two control systems in such units. On refrigerators with mechanical control, the thawing sensor performs the thermostat, and thermoresistors are installed on the refrigerators with electronic control or as thermistors are also called. The main property of the termistor, change your resistance when the temperature decreases or increased. I have chosen several questions thanks to which I will try to reveal this topic

Hello, a refrigerator does not work on my refrigerator, after opening the front cover in front of the evaporator, I found that the freezer is completely in the ice. I was recommended to replace the thawing sensor and check the heater. I checked the heater without difficulty, but with the sensor, I will not think a little. Where he is and how he looks, I found two sensors in one silicone packaging. I wanted to call them, but neither in Omma nor on megaoms they do not call. I have a refrigerator with electronic control, that is, I set the temperature with buttons

Photo of the LG No Frost refrigerator sensor

Yes, indeed, in one silicone package there are two sensors. One of them is a fuse, its resistance is almost zero, but the other (white), this is the thawing sensor, its resistance at room temperature is 13 kOhm

I ask for help in repairing the refrigerator LG No Frost. The very problem is that ice is constantly accumulating on the evaporator, I defrost every two to three weeks, depending on the time of year. Tenn checked, like a whole, in any case, the spiral itself is not in the cliff. I can’t check the touch sensor, or rather I don’t know its resistance, at room temperature it shows 6 kOhm, if it is heated, then the value remains the same. Is it right or not?

At room temperature, the resistance of the touch sensor should be about 13 kOhm, with an increase or decrease in temperature, the resistance should change. Judging by what you wrote, the sensor is not worthless

I was already tortured with my skiing, I constantly defrost. The refrigerator is old, the temperature is set by the thermostat, the whole problem is that a month after deep defrosting, the refrigerator chamber stops working again and not only the engine itself does not turn off on the refrigerator. In general, you have to defrost again for 2-3 days and only then does it start working normally

As I understand it, you have a LG refrigerator with a mechanical control system. To cope with your misfortune, it is advisable to change all the mechanics, that is, the sensor of the latch and the clock mechanism. Believe me, as an experienced master, replacing one of these details may not give the desired result. The fact is that each spare part has its own resource, in your case, they worked out this resource. Do not listen to those who will advise you to change everything separately, it is better to do everything at once and for sure. In the photo below, you can see a timer and a touch sensor

Photo of the latch sensor for the refrigerator LG NOU Frost with mechanical control

Photo timer for the refrigerator LG No Frost

Error Codes. Refrigerator

Error Codes Are Signals from Your UNIT THAT IT NEEDS YOUR ATTENION, IT Display as Letters and Are Found ON Digital Controls. The Error May Display Differently on Some Units Depending on the Model. The Most Common Errors Will Appear Starting with Either “ER”, “E” or “R”.

Depending on the Model of Your Unit, Your Error Code May Start of the Following Varis.

Select the Corresponding Error Code Below:

YOUR LG Refrigerator is Equipped with A Demo Mode or Display Mode. This feature disables all cooling in the refrigerator and freezer statements to conservation enta outplay in a retail store. When Demo Mode Is Activated, of F Willia Appear On the Control Panel.

To DISABLE DEMO/DISPLAY MODE: with EITHER Refrigrator DOOR OPEENED, PRESS and Hold the Refrigrator and Ice Plus Buttons at the Same Time for Five Seconds.

AFTER HOLDING THE BUTTONS FIR FIVE Seconds, The Control Panel Will Beep, and the Temperature Settings Will Display To Confirm That Demo IS Deactivated.

IS or 1S Error Code

IS or 15 Error Code Indicates a Problem with The Ice Maker Fan Motor Or A Disconniation of the Icemaker Sensor.

For this error code, unfortunatly there is no trubleshooting that can be Performed.

The Unit Will Require a Repair Service, Please Visit Oour Request a Repair Page.

CF Error Code

A CF Error Code Indicates that Feedback Signal is Less than 65 Seconds During the Fan’s Operation. This refers to the fan at the back, Bottom of the Refrigerator that Discharges Heat from the Condenser.

UNFORTUNATELY, theRERO No TRUBLESHOOTING STEPS to Resolve This Issue. The Unit Will Require a Repair Service, Please Visit Oour Request a Repair Page.

22 Error Code

A 22 Error Code Indicates a Problem with Compressor Relay.

UNFORTUNATELY, theRERO No TRUBLESHOOTING STEPS to Resolve This Issue. The Unit Will Require a Repair Service, Please Visit Oour Request a Repair Page.

67 Error Code

A 67 Error Code Indicates a Prince with a gap in the door or object in the Fridge Restricting the Door from Closing Properly.

UNFORTUNATELY, theRERO No TRUBLESHOOTING STEPS to Resolve This Issue. The Unit Will Require a Repair Service, Please Visit Oour Request a Repair Page.

Co Error Code

A co.error code on the display of the refrigegrator indicates a comunic Error Between The Control Board and the Display.

UNFORTUNATELY, theRERO No TRUBLESHOOTING STEPS to Resolve This Issue. The Unit Will Require a Repair Service, Please Visit Oour Request a Repair Page.

DH Error Code

A DH ERROR CODE CAN Display in Three Varis Depending On the Model of Your Unit.

A DH Error Code Indicates that Unit Spent than 1 Hour Trying to Defrost. During Defrost; The Unit Will Increase the Temperature at the Evaporantor To a Presset Temperature. IF THIS TEMPERATURAT Reached with 1 HOUR, The DH ERROR CODE Will Display.

Unplug The Refrigerator for 2 Minutes to Reset the Unit and Allow The System to Defrost Again.

If the error people, The Unit Will Require a Repair Service. Please Visit Oour Request a Repair Page.

DS Error Code

A ds Error Code Indicates a Short or Disconnection of the Defrosting Sensor.

This Error Canplay in Three Varis Depending On the Model of Your Unit.

F DS Indicates a Problem with The Freezer Defrost Sensor.

R ds Indicates a Problem with the Refrigerator Defrost Sensor.

For these Error Codes, UNFORTUNATELY THEERS No TROUBLISHOOTING THAT CAN BE Performed. The Unit Will Require a Repair Service, Please Visit Oour Request a Repair Page.

FF Error Code

A FF Error Code Indicates that Unit Has Detteded An Issue with The Freezer Fan. This can sometimes be caused by frost buildup.

How to Manully Defrost Your Refrigerator

Unplug The Unit and Remove All Food and Ice from the Ice Bin.

Leave the Doors Open and Wait at Least 8 Hours for the Refrigerator to Defrost.

Make Sure to Keep Towels in and Around the Unit to Soak Up Anter After The Frost Melts.

AFTER 8 HOURS HAVE PASSED, Use A Dry Towel to Remove Any Moisture that may left in Refrigerator and Freezer.

Plug The Unit Back in, Wait 24-48 Hours for the Refrigerator to Return To Normal Operation.

Make Sure the Vents Inside the Refrigerator Are not Blocked, The Refrigerator and Doors Are Properly Leeveled, and the Refrigrator and Freezer Doors Are Closed Completly.

knou, frost, refrigerator, does, cold

AFTER The Unit Has Automatically or Manully Defrosted, Follow The Steps Below To Prevent Future Frost Buildup Issues.

For French Door Units, Please Check The Gasket Alongside The Door as Shown Below:

IF your Notice Frost Buildup Along the Walls of the Freezer Compartment, The Leveling and Door Alignment of the Refrigerator Will Need to Be Checked. Prlease Visit OUR LEVELLING Instructions for Information.

If the IS No Frost Along the Walls of the Freezer Compartment, The Unit Will Require a Repair Service, Please Visit Oour Request a Repair Page.

FS Error Code

A FS Error Code Indicates a Short or Disconnection of the Freezer Sensor.

UNFORTUNATELY, theRERO No TROBLESHOOTING STEPS for This Error Code. The Unit Will Require a Repair Service, Please Visit Oour Request a Repair Page.

GF Error Code

A GF Error Code Indicates a Flow Sensor Error, Or Low Water Pressure.

IF YOUR ICE MAKER IS Overfilling with Water, The Flow Sensor That Determines How Much Water Is Flowing to the Ice Maker May Be Malfunctioning.

What to do if the refrigerator stops cooling

I figure out why the refrigerator does not freeze, and the freezer freezes, you need to carefully check the device for complex damage. The fan engine can break. burn the compressor or click the cooling system. Old models often murmur during work. For them, a murmur is a completely normal phenomenon, but if the refrigerator has stopped freezing, you need to look for the reason. This can happen if the oil filter is clogged and the capillaries were clogged along which the refrigerant is distributed.

A engine, compressor, lamp operate in the refrigerator, but it does not freeze

If the refrigerator does not freeze, and the freezer freezes, then the compressor will heat up hard and constantly work. A very high temperature is observed in the refrigerator. This may happen due to the fact that he was put there.

Refrigerator Not Cooling But Freezer Is Fine

To the situation where there is light, and the device does not work, leads:

Another reason why the Indesite refrigerator is not freezing is a problem with an electronic control board that has a complex device. They are mainly not repaired, but replaced. The same applies to the refrigerators of other models.

Search for problems on the example of Indesite, Atlant, Ariston, Beko, Bosch, Biryusa, LG, Whirlpool, Deo

Иногда белорусские холодильники Атлант, которые считаются качественными, могут перестать морозить. The reason should be sought, first of all, in a loose door, improperly installed to the toggle switch or freezing of the fan. The capillary or filter can also clog, the valve designed for thawing.

Determine why the refrigerator Ariston does not cold if you run the test mode program. In addition to checking the door, you should see if the temperature is set correctly in the chamber. If a fault code is displayed on the display, you should contact the master. In the models, Ariston Hotpointa does not always appear when the freon leaks appear oil spots. It so happens that in the refrigerator Indesit does not freeze the upper chamber, what is the problem, is able to determine the specialist. This can happen due to corrosion on the pipeline. As a result, the refrigerant begins to flow. If the fan is faulty, then the cold is incorrectly distributed through the cameras.

If the Indesite refrigerator breaks, then faulty parts are replaced only by original.

At the first signs of violation of the normal operating mode of the apparatus of the eyelid, you need to contact the master. If the refrigerator stops cooling, then the cause may be a bad seal, a breakdown of the air fan, a cut of the drainage hole or the failure of the air sensor.

If the refrigerator does not freeze in the two.chamber Bosch refrigerator, the first thing they do is check the door tightness. It can be loosely closed or dirt has accumulated on a sealing gum. If the reason is not that, you need to see if the temperature controller works. The cause of the malfunction sometimes lies in the fact that the start.up relay worked. which turned off the compressor. This happens when the inter.seal circuits and windings are broken down. In some cases, the oil tube clogs.

A sign of troubles of refrigerators of the turquoise is their continuous work, the mode is not supported in the cells, and when the compressor is turned off, it is very noisy. There is professional diagnosis and repair here.

The main malfunction of Virpool models, which leads to the fact that with the operating freezer, the refrigerator does not cool. this is a compressor breakdown. If an electronic control unit has failed, it must be replaced. It happens that the capillary system is clogged, then the new filter is installed and the capillary tube is changed. In the case of a blockage of the drainage system, moisture accumulates, which intends, and an ice growth is formed on the valves.

In the apparatus of the LG brand, the refrigerator wrestling ceases to freeze due to a malfunction of the defrosting function.

As well as due to the leakage of the refrigerant or as a result of the breakdown:

  • thermal relay;
  • thermal attewer;
  • electronic unit;
  • compressor;
  • electric motor;
  • shutters;
  • Express Cool fans.

Be sure to check what condition the door is in the state.

The most possible cause of damage to the refrigerator of the Deo is the flow of cooling gas. Sometimes he does not freeze because blockage occurs in the distribution system. If the device turns on, and at the same time you can hear a weak and barely audible noise, but a high temperature is observed in the refrigerator, which means that there are problems with the compressor.

Samsung samsung refrigerator errors codes

In view of the fact that different Samsung devices use different indication, I laid out all the codes.

  • 01. the sensor of the ice.generator works incorrectly, it is quite possible incorrect subtocation;
  • 02. lies the refrigerated camera sensor. Measure its resistance at room temperature, it should be about 6 kom
  • 03. it is necessary to measure the resistance of the sensor of the tickling of the refrigerator, it should be about 6 kom
  • 04. we check the refrigerator fan, here or the fan was covered or the wires broke off
  • 05. an ice.generator, a leveling device or ice outer does not work
  • 06. Check the serviceability and correct connection of the CoolSelectzone device. Without the idea of ​​what kind of crap is
  • 07. the sensor of external temperature was covered, or just forgot to connect
  • 08. failure in the operation of the temperature sensor of the freezer;
  • 09. Checking the sensor of the hover of the freezer evaporator and Ten himself, too
  • 10. you need to watch everything related to the fan
  • 11. Watch the contacts of the capacitor and the capacitor itself

There are also Samsung models on which the error code is indicated in another way

  • R5 or “02”. the sensor in the refrigerator came up
  • D5 or “09”. the most encountered error. Associated with the sensor of the thaw or the thaw itself, it is necessary to check both one and the other
  • F5 or “08”. the control module does not see the freezer sensor
  • E5 or “07”. the sensor of external temperature began
  • RD. air damper began not to work correctly
knou, frost, refrigerator, does, cold

And so in case of failure, any details you can calculate the breakdown, and if you have enough intelligence, then eliminate the malfunction. It should be noted that the NOU Frost system itself, both under the control of mechanics and under the control of electronics, is practically nothing different, that is, there is a heater, there is a damper and sensors. In this article, I could not describe all the breakdowns in the No Frost system, but with the development of the site, I think that there will be a lot of material about the repair of these refrigerators, so follow, a article will probably appear that will be useful to you

On my channel YouTube there is a lot of information on the repair of refrigerators with the NOU Frost system, you can also find out how to repair a washing machine or vacuum cleaner. Come in. Look, subscribe, like likes. The channel needs your activity

I have samsung know Frost with electronic control, everything works off, it turns off only it doesn’t turn on, shows the temperature what is set you only need to pull it from the outlet only then it will show the correct temperature and turn on

Typically, such a problem is related to the hits of the freezer evaporator. First of all, check the heater for a spiral break, the resistance should be about 200/400 Ohms. Be sure to check the sensors and thermal subject

Good day, I have a Samsung refrigerator Nou Frost with electronic control, the problem like everyone else, the upper chamber stops freezing, the lower works without interruptions, having dismantled the lower camera, I found icing of the entire system, defrost, replaced the temperature sensor, did not help, it works exactly a week and exactly a week and it works. Again, the same thing, everything freezes, rang the sensors of the rabbit, the external 6.8 kOhm, the inner 9 kOhm, tell me how to call the heater, or check its performance. thanks in advance

There is a very good statement “I didn’t notice the elephant”. you checked everything that is possible except the main. The resistance of the heater is about 280-400 Ohms. It is usually checked, you need to determine whether there is a breakthrough of a spiral or not, the ordinary light is checked in the same way. As I understand it, the problem is in the heater

Hello. Sorry for the anxiety, this is the problem. We bought a house, here is a refrigerator from the old hosts Whirlpool vs 601 IX. It seems to work fine, but when the compressor is resting, the freezer is freezing, and the refrigerator does not cool. What could be the problem? thanks in advance. We live in the village, the service is very far away

Firstly, the question is asked not where necessary. The site menu has an article about Whirlpool repair, if there is no brand in the site menu, ask a question in the general category, for example, repair of the Know Frost refrigerators or repairing refrigerators with a crying system, and secondly, I did not understand anything. How can freeze the freezer if the engine does not work?

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