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Knocks out the machine when the induction slab is turned on

When you turn on the slab, the machine is knocked out

If you knock out traffic jams when you turn on an electric plate or its oven, you must not only turn on the RCD, but, without delaying for a long time, try to figure out the reasons: if this is repeated regularly, you can break something serious and expensive in the stove, For example, control fee.

As a rule, the reason why the electric stove knocks out plugs is a malfunction of a plate itself, although there may be problems outside it. If the problem is in external wiring (RCD, rosette, power wire, no grounding), you will have to cope with them yourself. In other cases, we advise you to turn to professional masters, since inept access to electricity can harm your health, and the device will not be good.

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Inappropriate wiring

For greater reliability, we advise you to connect the plate into a separate outlet, better protected from moisture. And in no case do not use extension cords, adapters and the like.

In order to avoid damage to the slab due to voltage jumps, it is extremely desirable to set the RCD. At the same time, remind the electrician when he will install or change the RCD, so that the type of RCD is selected and its power is calculated. For greater reliability, it is better to install a separate RCD for the electric stove, as well as a separate wiring in general.

Features of the operation of a protective machine

To deal with the reasons for the operation of the circuit breaker, you must first answer the question of why this device is needed and what functions it performs. Features of the work AB are such:

  • The main task of the device is to protect the electrical wiring and household appliances connected to it from too powerful current that occurs for various reasons.
  • Installation of the device is carried out on a phase circuit, the gap of which occurs when the bag is turned off. If the machine has two or more poles, then when it is triggered, the zero circuit will also open.
  • AB can de.energize the network both when manually turned off, and in case of emergency, which can lead to damage to the elements of the chain.

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Falf in the control unit

There are many factors that entail the failure of the management board. Almost all of the above malfunctions and errors in the connection may affect the performance of this expensive node. The fragment of the heater to the case, the oxidation of the contacts from moisture and the voltage changes can lead to the burning out of the paths or elements of the central module board. Such a malfunction at home is not eliminated. The user will need to deliver the stove to the workshop or call a specialist from the service center, who can identify the breakdown of the control unit and take it to the repair site. In order to completely exclude possible breakdowns in the future, it is necessary to determine the cause of the module disruption, since its breakdown is a consequence, and the cause may be all of the above. Carrying out this complex of work. A fairly expensive procedure and on the slabs of old models is meaningless, since repair can cost more than buying a new device.

knocks, machine, induction, slab

A malfunction of household appliances

If the machine is often knocked out and at about the same period of time, it can be most likely to say that one of the electrical appliances is faulty. For example, if you notice that the circuit breaker is triggered when the washing machine, electric stove or water heater is turned on, turn off this equipment and see how the device behaves without electrical appliances. The trigger does not occur? You need to look for a malfunction in one of the connected “perpetrators”. We talked about how to repair household appliances with our own hands in the corresponding section of the site.

Quickly find a faulty technique by exclusion. Turn off all the forks from the outlets and alternately connect. On the device that is short, the circuit breaker under load will be triggered.

If you turned off all the equipment from the network, and the machine is turned off, then the matter may be in the wiring. What to do in this case, we will tell you later.

The reasons that the difavtomat is knocked out

The reasons why the difavtomat is knocked out can be divided into three categories. The first reason is a defect in the machine itself, the second is something wrong with the load, and the third is problems in the controlled line. The solution to the problem of finding a malfunction is to gradual localization of the electrical wiring areas. The correct verification algorithm will significantly accelerate and simplify the search.

Knocking out electrical wiring into operation

In the case of a new construction or overhaul of the dwelling, a new electrical wiring is laid and accordingly an electric shield is installed with protection devices from leakage currents and short circuit. After the installation and inclusion of machine guns, a malfunction manifests itself. The difavtomat knocks out either immediately or after connecting the load.

The defect in the device itself in this case is excluded, since it was checked when buying. The only thing to do is check the values ​​of the disconnecting and rated current of the difavtomat. They must correspond to the values ​​of previously calculated and specified in the scheme. The second reason can be excluded by replacing the load with an ordinary table lamp.

This is usually done on an already working power supply system. On the first wiring on the first time you need to start by checking the installation.

The differential automaton is checked by turning on the device in test mode. If it works, then it is working. The sequence of further actions is this:

  • Make sure the load is disabled;
  • Turn on the machine, if it is knocked out, then the incorrect connection of the conductors;
  • Make sure that the zero wire is connected to the upper contacts with the designation N, and to the contact l phase;
  • Check the lower contacts of the difavtomat for the correct connection of the wires from the controlled line;
  • Try to turn on the protection device.

Pay attention to where the zero wire comes from. He should go to the upper contact from the zero tire. The zero wire from the controlled line, coming from the distribution box, is connected to the lower terminal. If you knock it out again, then you should check the connections in it itself.

Check in the distribution shield

The most frequent installation errors occur in the camshaft, zero conductors are connected from different lines or the places of joints change. This is sinned by electricians who are used to working only with circuit breakers.

It does not matter to them which line the zero wire came, as they control the current on the phase wire.

For a differential machine gun and RCD, this is fundamentally, since they respond to the difference in currents in the phase and zero wires of the controlled line.

Having made sure of the correct installation in the camshaft, try to turn on the difavtomat. If the device is disconnected again, then you need to check how the wires going from the camshaft to the outlet are connected. Here, too, is often confused by zero and earthen wires. If everything is fine here, then the difavtomat will turn on and will control.

For particularly distrustful people who want to check the operability of the difavtomat, you can make the following. Indicator screwdriver needs to find zero in the outlet and connect it to the ground. Since no currents without load through the zero and phase wire flow, the difavtomat will not react in any way.

When the load is turned on, even a 100 watts table lamp, the device will immediately turn off. Since in the zero wire the current will be half as much as in phase (due to its partial passage through the earthen conductor), there will be a difference in currents.

And it will cause the operation of the electromagnetic dialect of the dipavtomat.

The reasons for disconnecting in a working power grid

The reasons for knocking out difavtomats in a working network are the same as in the newly introduced electrical wiring. When analyzing the situation, it is necessary to take into account the general condition of the electric network:

You need to find out if there is a local ground. On the last models of difavtomats on the front panel, an indication site appeared. It helps to determine the cause of the tribe of the difavtomat.

If when knocking out the device, the site did not go beyond the plane of the front panel, then this is the leakage current, if it comes out, then the device was a short circuit or overload. Maybe vice versa, you need to look at the instructions for this device.

Such an opportunity, of course, facilitates the search for malfunctions.

Checking the closure

If the differential automatic machine is triggered due to a short circuit, this is the easiest way. The device connected to the line as a load usually does not work. He also has fuses that are probably burned out, the case can be slightly smoked or a little melted wires.

If there are several devices in the line, then the faulty device is disconnected, and the difavtomat is turned on again. In this case, he must be controlled. When repeated, you need to watch how quickly it happened. If instantly, then somewhere else it closes.

Disconnect the load gradually. Removed one device, turned on the difavtomat, wait for the reaction.

If the protective device is under control, then the disabled device is faulty, if not, then turn off the next, until we see the serviceability of all connected equipment.

If everything is fine with electrical appliances, then with instant shutdown there is a short circuit in the line. First of all, a short circuit can occur in sockets and distribution boxes, in places of joints. How to check the network in this case?

It is necessary to find a blown wire and replace the entire site (part of the line from one place of connection of the conductors to another).


If the difavtomat is not disconnected immediately when the load is turned on, but after a few seconds or minutes, then there are clearly overload currents, but their values ​​are not sufficient for instant operation.

Therefore, the disconnection occurs due to the operation of the heat release. There are too many consumers on the line. This happens when several powerful devices are clung to one outlet through the tee.

It is necessary to remove part of the load, switch electrical engineering to other lines, if possible.

We repair the malfunctions qualified

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Independent repair of induction, electric and gas plates

Today, when choosing hobs to the kitchen, many prefer induction panels. This type of household apparatus is in great consumer demand due to the fact that when operating the induction stove, more electricity is saved and dishes are prepared faster compared to electrical slabs.

But even such a high.tech technique fails. Some breakdowns cannot be fixed without the intervention of an experienced master, but others are easy to repair at home.

Therefore, if the plate has stopped functioning, then the type of breakdown is first determined, and then a choice is made: give the device to the service workshop or independently solve the problem.

Types of breakdowns

Types of breakdowns of induction stove are both simple and complex. For example, the reasons for the partial inclusion of the product include:

  • Non.working socket into which the induction furnace is connected. To make sure of this, a deliberately working electrical device is included in it.
  • The supply wire burned down. This sometimes happens if the manufacturer for some reason installed a defective cable. For verification, a multimeter is used, which is nicknamed each core of the wires for resistance. Zero on the multimeter scale indicates that there is a gap in the cable. So, it will have to be completely changed. If the multimeter was not at hand, another cable is taken and install in the place of the old one to include the fork in the outlet. The earned panel indicates that you are on the right track to correct breakdown.
  • Non.working contacts. Quite often there are cases when they burn. In order to believe it, you need to open them, clean with alcohol and re.set in place.
  • Damaged fuse. This small element burns out when the voltage surges. And if on the line into which the power of the house is cut, there are voltage surges, then most likely this is the cause of the non.working kitchen appliance. In this case, the fuse is replaced by a new.
  • Non.functioning transformer. This is one of the most important elements of induction plates that is responsible for currents inside the coils. It is, like all other electrical parts of the plate, check the multimeter for the presence of resistance. The nominal value of this indicator is indicated in the product passport. If zero appeared on the multimeter display, then a short circuit formed between the transformer windings. If “infinity”, then a gap appeared in the chain.

The following is a list of frequently found defects of induction plates, which affect the functioning of the device.

The burner does not work

  • A rupture of the electric circuit on the section from the coil to the transformer located under the glass.ceramic surface. Usually either the contacts are burned or the connecting wire rupture occurred. In the first case, stripping is carried out, in the second, the rations of the wire or its complete replacement. If you solder the wiring to contact is difficult (there are no skills to work with the soldering iron), then you will have to carry the hob to the service center.
  • The coil was burned out. In this case, you should not independently replace the device due to the complexity of the dismantling and installation.

The induction stove does not turn on

Когда плита не включается, виной тому может быть транзисторы или диодный мост. In this case, it is not recommended to engage in independent repairs of the product. Better to take the panel to the workshop.

The device of the hobs induction surface is simple. Therefore, many inhabitants, naively believing that they will cope with the repair on their own, are armed with screwdrivers and other tools to fix the device.

The result is a disassembled design, which masters later collect. Therefore, limit yourself to check the outlet, fork, cable and fuse.

In other cases, let professionals deal with breakdowns.

Repair of an electric stove

Electric stove is the most powerful electrical appliance in the house. The functioning of the device is affected by rather serious operational factors:

  • Heat. This factor makes the insulation unusual, which simply dries.
  • High current strength leads to a breakdown switches.
  • Pollution that appear during cooking, fill the contacts, turning them off from the supply network.

But the device device and the connection diagram of fireproofs are not the most complex, so you can easily figure it out. As in the case of the induction panel, the outlet and cable are primarily investigated for their integrity.

If an electric stove operates from a network with a voltage of 220 volts, then the outlet is checked by the usual inclusion of another electrical appliance or lamp. If 380 volts are used, you will have to measure the voltage between all three phases. The same measurements are made on the terminals of the stove.

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If the device shows a lack of voltage, then the reason is in the supply cable that needs to be replaced.

Home electrical appliances, including electric stoves, are also equipped with grounding contours. If there is no one in the model you acquired, then you should definitely check if there is no phase on the body. For this, the voltage indicator is a single.pole voltage indicator.

Since the body of the plate is painted, the indicator joins the screws with which the assembly is carried out.

If the indicator showed that the phase on the case is present, then, then, some section of the circuit is pierced, and the voltage will beat the current when contacted with open unlawed details and areas.

How to repair Power Problem of Induction cooktop?

If the supply network is serviceable, no defects are detected, then you need to determine the scale of the breakdowns. It can be a burner (and not one), an oven (if any), indication, mode switches, etc.

  • To verify the good operation of the firewood and the oven, their heating elements and wiring are checked before the connection.
  • Work modes are checked for the presence of malfunctions at each mode. The process is long, because the burners (one) will have to be turned on at each mode, cool them, and then proceed to check the next mode. In this case, it is recommended to check all positions several times.
  • The lack of indication on the panel, which means that the burner works does not always indicate that there was a serious breakdown. Most often, a light bulb just burns out.



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