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Review of punching and embossing machines

Good afternoon, dear readers! One day every person who is engaged in scrapbooking faces the question of choosing a punching and embossing machine. Today I bring to your attention an overview of the most common punching machines. The most common machines for punching:

  • The machine can be mechanical (the shafts are driven by a handle) or automatic (runs on the mains);
  • The dimensions of the machine and the size of the work space can vary;
  • The machine can be foldable and compact or on the contrary take up a lot of space for storage and operation;
  • Some machines can be compatible with different knife manufacturers and some are not;

15 comment.

The Little Machine. (my goodness)) and your topic sounds like a review of embossing machines)))))))))) not for punching)

EUROMAC Punching Machine

Thanks for the review. But I don’t agree that Cuttlebug plates wear out very quickly. Compared to Big Shot, much less wear and tear in a year of use, and not even bent. And I use them often and a lot (3-4 times a week, 30-50 rolls at a time). And it doesn’t require an additional adapter for quality punching from a single roll, like Big Shot does.But I can’t find the C-plate in Russia. I use an old one from Big Shot.

Plate C will be on our website www.I will be back tomorrow morning! And a huge number of other novelties that we have received and handle today! Check it out)

Thanks, but that’s always the way, as soon as I spend the limit, so there is something that is about to need and want, so “can not”

I miss the financial details to be completely happy.

Marina, at the current exchange rate it makes no sense)) But, the last machine is incredibly budget!

Vika, thank you for the review. I have doubts about it, but still lean towards big shot))

And on the contrary, I give my bigshot to the studio for MK, and take home Evolution die-cutting tool from We R Memory Keepers. There and switch modes for different thicknesses and platforms compactly assembled, the storage space is many times less and thus does not dust!

It would be interesting to be about Xpress Docrafts

Girls two weeks ago just bought a baby Evolution, tell me a mat B, which in use is cut is possible to buy and replace separately?

I also purchased an Evolushin machine. After each use, all the time I turn the top mat, and at the end of the work I wipe with antibacterial wet wipes carefully on all sides and in different directions, and then put on top of this B-mat thick lower one. I turn a flat side to mat B and place a machine on top. In the morning, Mat B is smooth. Self-restoring occurs (like in handicraft mats. for cutting)

As the owner of a Big Shot and an Evolution, the Evolution is, of course, easier to use because of the ability to adjust the thickness of the plates. But the problem is that it is still unclear where to buy a plate for replacement. In 2 months of active use it bent like the big shot plates. By the way for some knives it is necessary to buy elongated plates for a beagle. And for knives with punching and embossing, also a silicone mat. As from this year there are beads for the size A4, but of course considerably more expensive than standard ones.

I also bought an Evolushin machine. After each use, I turn the top mat all the time, and at the end of the job, I wipe with antibacterial wet wipes thoroughly on all sides and in different directions. And then I lay the thick lower mat on top of this one. With the smooth side against the mat and place the machine on top. Mat B smooth in the morning. Self-repairing takes place (as in needlework mats. for cutting)

Chipboard machines for scrapbooking.392 items

From 191 ₽ 2 reviews Mr. Painter Scrapbooking Chipboard CHI-10 11.5 с. Buy
from 1,519 ₽ S4-651 Set of Knives for cutting, embossing and stamping. Buy
From 149 ₽ Laser wood punching “Hello”, 3,5×1,5 cm, 2. Buy
From 215 ₽ Paper Cutter Steel “Pie” 8,5×5 cm 5079550 Buy
From ₽ 239 ₽ Scrapbooking shapes Ovals 81×107 mm SCB 20022804 Buy
From ₽ 1,676 ₽ Set of Knife Knives for Cutting Out Around the World Build A Scene. Buy
From 169 ₽ SCB62000103 Set of chipboard cutouts Cooking D. Buy
From 2 919 ₽ Scrapbooking Knife Box with Christmas Tree A4 (21,0 x 29,7 cm. Buy online
From 566 ₽ Set of knives “Typewriter”, for punching Buy
From 200 ₽ Laser wood punching “Hello”, 5×1,7 cm, 2 pcs. Buy
from 191 ₽ Mr. Painter Chipboard for scrapbooking CHI-10 11.5 с. Buy
From 819 ₽ S2-224 Set of knives for punching, embossing and embossing. Buy it
From 280 ₽ Mr. Painter shaped hole punches.Painter CPB-16 Shaped hole punch. Buy
From 162 ₽ Mr. Painter Chipboard for scrapbooking CHI-10 11.5 с. Buy it
From 409 ₽ Punching Sheet Rectangles 69×107 mm SCB 200. Buy from
From 191 ₽ Mr. Mr. Painter Scrapbooking Chipboard CHI-10 11.5 с. Buy
From 439 ₽ Knife for punching steel “Balloon with Hearts” 1. Buy online
From 1 930 ₽ Hole punch shaped Mr.CPB-49 Mr. Painter shaped hole punch. Buy
From 1,676 ₽ Set of Knives for Punching and Embossing Borders 2 3 pcs. Buy
From 1 207 ₽ Tulip Petals Set Tulip Punching Form (Cutter). Buy
From 222 ₽ Notching knife “Ballerina Baby” 9,4х6 cm. Buy online
From 597 ₽ Knife for punching Spellbinders Typewriter (IN-. Buy
From 592 ₽ Mr. Hole punch.Painter MPB-63 Figure Hole. Buy online
From 449 ₽ 861-008-015 Punching form, Heart, 7878mm Buy
From 197 ₽ Seaside Laser Wood Cutouts, 5×1.7 cm, 2. Buy online
From 388 ₽ Tulip Die Cutter Set 6 Parts. Buy online
From 496 ₽ Pine Apple leaf” die cutting mold set. Buy ₽
From 1 061 ₽ Knife for punching “Holiday. Naughty or glorious. Buy
From 272 ₽ Knife punch form “Braided Heart”, 100×88 mm Buy
From 209 ₽ Punching shapes Square 107mm SCB 20022801 Buy
From 900 ₽ Mini Envelope 1″ Logging Knife Set, art. S4-. Buy online
From 331 ₽ Snowflake Die Cutter Form, 105×105 mm Buy
from 324 ₽ Mr. Painter Scrapbooking Chipboard CHI-10 11.5 с. Buy
from 900 ₽ A set of punching knives for “Tag Modern Circle. Buy
From 1 013 ₽ Knife set for punching Cage 2 (large) 1 pc Buy
From 570 ₽ Sizzix “Big S” embossing and punching machine. Buy
From 2 090 ₽ Knife set for punching letters N-Z 4,5 x 4,3 cm 13. Buy it
From 948 ₽ Set of mini Knives for Notching “Loops” Buy
From 860 ₽ Set of scraping knives “All sewn”, art. S2-207 Buy
From 200 ₽ Laser wood punching “Hello”, 5×1,7 cm, 2 pcs. Buy
from 436 ₽ Knife set for punching, art. GLD-005 Buy
From 948 ₽ Mini Knife Set for Punching “A-2 Stamps” Buy
From 496 ₽ Scrapbooking die cutter with embossed “Our. Buy it
From 2,051 ₽ Set of Knives for Knife-Punching Christmas Phrases 14.8. Buy
From 566 ₽ Set of knives “Improved pennant”, for punching Buy

The Scrapbooking Knives category for Moscow contains 392 products sold in 39 stores at ranging from 14 to 218376

How to make a laser punch?

There are several ways to make a punching. When creating felling blades can be used in a set with a manual machine or as an independent product. The first option is more convenient, and the second one is affordable.

The most technologically advanced way to make a punch is to use a plotter. But it has several disadvantages. First, the plotter cannot be called affordable equipment, so it is not always advisable to buy it for home creation. Secondly, it is necessary to allocate a special place for its placement, as the device must be connected to a computer to work.

often modern masters use this very tool for making notches. The reason. the optimal ratio of price and comfort of operation. To work you need only a few details: 2 plates of plastic, a knife for punching and raw material for its production. Before rolling through the shafts of a manual machine you need to make the so-called pie. To do this, place the knife with the cutting part upwards on one of the plates. Then place the paper or other material for punching, and put a protective plastic plate on top.

If you do not have a manual machine, you can create a punch out with the help of improvised means. Masters offer several variants. If you have knives for punching, you can use any hard object to extrude the decor. In this case, plastic plates are excluded from the cake, and the knives are fixed on the paper or other material with adhesive tape. You can make the notching without knives. To do this, you need to print out several blanks, and then cut them out and decorate them with a shaped hole punch or scissors.

Area of application

With the help of this uncomplicated design device you can make different kinds of three-dimensional images on paper or thick leather, and also make high-quality flat cutouts shaped figure. The advantage is the ease of operation and reliability of the mechanism.

First of all, it is used for making decorative elements from paper. Later they can be used for decorating cards, greeting cards, photo albums, etc.д. Similar elements can also be used during the educational process. Figures of complex shape help to develop spatial imagination in a child, contribute to a better perception of complex geometric shapes. The very process of making them can become part of the learning process, which can be done at home.

Additionally, the punching machine can be used in the following cases:

  • Making shapes from fabric. In the future, they can be used for sewing clothes, used as decorative elements;
  • punching and embossing on leather. This is the most labor-intensive process, which requires preliminary preparation of material. But the result is workpieces that will be as good in quality and configuration as their factory counterparts.

To perform the above operations, you need to know whether the particular model of the machine is designed for it. Therefore, before buying, it is recommended to get acquainted with the induction of the operation, to study the basic technical qualities of the device.

Specific requirements for the processing material are set out in the equipment data sheet. There you can see the maximum thickness and size of the workpiece for each type of paper, fabric or leather.

Materials and tools Scrapbooking Modeling Construction The First National Scrap Machine VSM-1 Metal

Very long dreamed of a machine for scrapbooking. My husband at one time told me a firm “no”, as this thing is not worth the money they sell it for and offered me his “original version” (here read. https://stranamasterov.ru/node/864052) After looking at my torment (one year!), spouse still decided that the classic scrapbooking machine is better, but did not buy at current prices. I just made it myself.

This is without platform: As you can see, this machine is more imposing than brand-name, respectively, more robust) Diameter of rollers is one and a half times larger than the American machines.

With a work surface: the platform is made of standard laminate

The bearings are self-centering, it allowed to assemble the machine without precise measuring equipment.

Special “thanks” to my husband for the handle. It doesn’t need to be twisted at all, it is equipped with a ratchet. which allows you to push the sandwich backwards.The progressive movement of the handle and supplies the machine in reverse

Such an impressive sandwich! The big gap between the shafts is due to the design, it was impossible to reduce it.

The bottom plate under the knife is thin plexiglass.

Provided a place to store the removable platform and sandwich:

In transportable condition))) Really, what can be transportation at a weight of 18 kg?

The width allows you to run an A4-size sheet.

Depth? or is it just the width? Never mind))) the third dimension:

Love, kisses and hugs to all!! I’m just euphoric

My husband will be happy to read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. So this time, thank you for your reviews as a family!

Bravo. That’s the husband, the golden hands. I can’t take away your ingenuity.

It turned out to be a super thing. Spouse well done, hands of gold.

Last time I looked at your machine.I wondered what I could make it out of.Mine does not refuse to buy.But I admit honestly, I myself am stifled by the greed to give almost two salaries for my “want” (and their-oh, how many).I understand that it is convenient, aesthetic.It would be good to make money, but it’s a hobby.Yeah, I’m also all about the school, the kids. And the materials, the knives. Anyway, I decided that my husband can make something like this himself.Been watching the video on the punching machines. Figured out the principle: the main thing, rolling between the shafts and knives.Org.Glass from the Soviet days was lying around.Yesterday we were just discussing that we should try to make it ourselves.And suddenly, you with your idea.My husband immediately showed your creation.He looked it over and gave his verdict: “Well done, man!A gorgeous machine!Powerful shafts!”So, your kulibin bowed for your ideas. Create for the soul!

Work really cool! Husband well done!

It’s done! That’s the dream of all women.needleworkers, regardless of the type of hobby. Big-shot in Russian! Grandiose.

GREAT! That’s my husband well done)) And I have a question for him) how much he appraises his machine)) for those who want to encourage her husband to such a feat) how much is our Russian big shot?)Certainly, the reliability is beyond a doubt.

(For the work invested in it is priceless)) Because I asked if he now agrees to do another one, he said no, although the second, of course, is not necessary to nurture a month and a half. The cost was a little less than 10 thousand, but some material was left, the pipe (from which the body welded). paint, plastic. Our machine. I think equals a big bighorn, which Pro. but not a standard one, it’s probably on sale for about 20.

Thank you very much for the answer) Yes, the big big big from 20 to 25 thousand)) Your car is another huge plus))) The master of maintenance is always close by)))) no need to look, no need to call)))

Super. Husband’s good. Hurry up and get the patent for the machine))))

Implementation of Putin’s program “Import substitution in the masses of needleworkers”.Your husband is very good with his hands.

I have no words, Natalia! (applause to the creator and flowers to the lady). I can imagine the size of your joy and the size of Mishka’s pride

Natasha, a monument to my husband in his lifetime! I admired his first work too, and this is just an indestructible machine. Ilya Muromets 1 ))) (Well, not the Terminator))).

Bravo to your husband’s capable hands! Well done, ! Well done!! That is the love of his wife.

Great. Half the country is drooling! Your husband’s hands are great!

Wow, what a powerful machine is it, it certainly will not break, I envy. We need to revive domestic production, the more so that the materials remain. To the handyman husband bravo.

But. In my opinion, the machine is not so expensive, because you do not have to buy a big shot:) Yes. and a lot of people exchanged small ones for big ones, and sold used ones for no money at all. And here’s the most expensive thing about it-knives.

Irina, the machine now costs 0 from 18-20 thousand and more. And I have a salary of 18 accrual. minus. I need to spend two salaries on this. I have kids on their own, and I can’t afford it. It’s time to buy knives, as hole punchers are not cheap, but you buy one by one and there are a lot of them.

Lyudmila, well, if you need a big car, it’s probably expensive. But a friend just recently bought a little one from Spell and she’s happy. Platform. Of course, it’s limited to 10.8 centimeters. (width). It’s about 7t. It cuts great, and the plates are more durable. I already told you how to get a piggy bank for your needs. For example, all the discounts do not leave in the purse, and shift in a jar. I personally with orders of the difference between the cost and the expenses left for the knives.

This invention.This is also the way out, except that such masters are not all 😉

Used typewriter.It means that soon it will be necessary to change the gears and bearings. And this is the most expensive parts, but still a master must be found with a machine tool. Who will be able to mill the same, as far as I know, they are there specially custom (me, of course. (I have not studied all the models, but I say that I read) So it turns out the price of a new machine. Then. I think 1-1.You can add 5 thousand for shipping.

Of course, brand-name ones have been and will be sold. My husband will not compete with them). But I am convinced that my machine 1) more reliable, 2) the big size. 3) cheaper.

Not the fact that soon to change the gears:) Yes, and now it is a well-established action. Delivery of my friend and I ( one city) by courier from Moscow cost 400. And yes, the big shot is not the only model.

As for your machine, of course it has a right to life. Creation of the husband. It means he lives and breathes the same air as you! It is great! And in general, any participation of the husband.It’s great!

If I count correctly, it turns out that the machine costs you 250 euros? Holy crap, what a rip-off(( I just looked at our online store only Big Shot gray machine with plates is at a discount.Price 93 euros! But I have to tell you right away that they only ship it in Estonia. It just killed me the difference(

Punching and Embossing Machines. 769 products found.769 items

The punching and embossing machine offers convenience, strength and durability. The ergonomic design allows you to solve any creative problem. The machine is suitable for materials such as paper, felt, foil, cardboard, cork, leather, non-woven material. In the set.

The knife allows you to create cut-outs from paper and other thin sheet materials, as well as create embossing and stencil patterns. They can be used later on for decorating cards, greeting cards, photo albums, etc.д. also similar.

Type of postpress equipment: punching machine

Type of postpress equipment: punching machine

Type: punching and embossing machine, material: metal, plastic, purpose: for stamping, punching type: for punching, magnetic, punching capacity: 1 sheet

Type: die-cutting and embossing machine, material: plastic

Type of postpress equipment: punching machine

Type: punching and embossing machine, purpose: embossing

Type: punching and embossing machine, purpose: for punching, embossing

The board is suitable for the Spellbinders Platinum punching and embossing machine Use it to create crease lines (e.g. for folding boxes) when working with Contour Steel Rule punching knives. Sandwich to create fold lines (sequence from bottom to top):. etc.

GoPress and Foil Embossing Machine. it is a fully patented concept for printing, stamping and embossing which can be used with most popular punching machines to make quality and professional invitations, open.

knife, punching, embossing, machine

Type: punching and embossing machine, material: metal

Type: punching knife, material: metal, purpose: for punching

12,7õ17,7cm. Rubber stamp set. Use for scrapbooking, cards, photo frames, gifts. PMA907187

Length of punch (mm): 30 Width of punch (mm): 40 Rounded corners: no Drive: manual

Superfax PF 50 Compact Office Folder The Superfax PF 50 Office Folder is a new desktop friction folding machine model that helps you reduce your paper folding costs

Sunlit punching machine for making impressions and fancy notches on paper, cardboard, fabric, chipboard, and other materials. Included 3 elastic mats. Size: 35.5 x 23 x 16 cm. Platform size: 37.5 x 24.3 cm

Type: punching and embossing machine, material: plastic, punching capacity: 5 sheets

Type of postpress equipment: die cutter

Type: punching knife, material: metal, plastic, purpose: for embossing, collection: geometric shapes, punching type: for punching, punching capacity: 3 sheets

Rubber stamp for making quality, fine prints.,Stamps decorate scrapbooks and scrapbook pages.,Each element of the rubber stamp is well-painted. Stamp has a smooth surface for use with a stamp holder.,Apply paint to the rubber stamp with sht.

This board is suitable for the Spellbinders Platinum punching and embossing machine Use it to create crease lines (e.g. for folding boxes) when working with Contour Steel Rule punching knives. Sandwich to create fold lines (bottom to top order):. pr.

Machine. mini it : handy size, extremely light weight, super portable size, compact for transportation, small footprint. Convenient to take with you even when traveling. Supplied with: 1 x machine. Mini for embossing and punching To Go#34.

Auxiliary die tool for punching out small punching stanzas.Material: steelSize: 20057, thickness of steel: 4mmFor choosing the desired item, check the box on the right, under the price, specify the quantity and putTo cartIf any item is missing from the list.

Type: die cutting and embossing machine, material: plastic, purpose: for embossing

Type: die punching machine, material: metal, function: for punching, collection: animals and birds, quantity in package: 2 pcs

Type: die cutter, collection: ornaments

If you are looking for shapes that help you create exquisite and sophisticated work, then your choice should definitely fall on the Spellbinders Shapeabilities series of punching knives. This wonderful typewriter will take you back to your school days or add Accent to your retro n.

Type: die cutting and embossing machine, material: plastic, cutting capacity: 5 sheets

Knife punching machines

Set includes 2 standard plates for Spellbinders Platinum. Size 15.4922,10cm. The plate is made of high-quality polycarbonate. Transparent plate gives you a clear view of the correct positioning. The beveled edge is designed for better grip of the plate by the machine during movement.

Set includes 2 standard plates for Spellbinders Platinum. Size 21.5931.11cm. The plate is made of high quality polycarbonate. Transparent plate gives you a clear view of the correct positioning. The beveled edge is designed for better gripping the board by the machine during movement.

Intended for Sidekick machines/ The extended blades are almost twice as long as the standard blades and differ from them only in length. Designed for knife notches that do not fit into standard plates in length, such as long curbs, and t.e Size: 6.5 x 325cm

Material: Plastic Brand: SIZZIX Thickness: 0.32 cm Size: 22.23 x 15.56 cm

Replacement Sizzix inserts, 2 Pieces. Size: 22.515.5cm.

Sizzix replaceable plates, 2 Pieces. Size:22,515,5CM.

Sizzix Refill Plates, 2 Pieces. Size: 22.515.5cm.

The plate is suitable for use with the Handmade 6″ punching and embossing machine. Provides unsurpassed results when working with embossing knives and boards. Size:15.3330.3cm.

The new powerful Platinum 6 punching and embossing machine from Spellbinders in a new size. Machine works with both thin and thick blades and embossing folders from various manufacturers.

Kit includes:. Machine;. Basic platform;. Two standard cutting plates: 15.522.09cm;. Embossing plate and mat: 14.721.3cm.

The new Platinums VersaCut punching and embossing machine offers unparalleled performance, strength and durability. Steel construction allows you to effortlessly cut up to eight layers of material at a time. Designed to tackle any creative challenge, the machine is suitable for a wide range of materials, from thin to dense, from paper and cotton to metal and wood. Don’t limit your possibilities anymore: punch out eight layers of material at a time; work with more than 40 types of material, including leather, chipboard, wood, metal, wool, etc.

Includes: Kit includes:. Platinum Embossing & Punching Machine Instructions for Use. Standard board for punching 15.4922.10cm. 2pcs Embossing Standard Board 14,7321,34cm. 1pc Yellow Brown Embossing Mat 14.6120.96cm. 1pc. Oversized punching boards are available separately, as well as a board for 3D embossing.

Scrapbooking Machine Models

Specialists know that in the domestic market there are widely available imported models of Platinum, Flutter Cutter and others. To understand which is the best machine for punching and embossing, you need to thoroughly and carefully review the most common brands and manufacturers. Hardly subject to doubt that the Chinese machines at its low cost will be inferior in quality to European samples.

Let us consider each of the abovementioned models separately, discussing their performance, main parameters and possibilities.

Spellbinders Platinum

If you purchase Spellbinders Platinum punching and embossing machine there is no need to buy Spellbinders expensive original brand-name knives, you can do with relatively cheap AgiArt or Fantasy knives. Quality of punching is invariably excellent.

The machine has a high productivity; its steel base allows the simultaneous punching of six layers. Its design is adequate for most creative applications in punching and embossing. Outstanding results are achieved with thin and dense materials, but also with thick paper, cotton, thick wood and even metal.

Platinum machines are equipped as follows:

  • punching machine itself;
  • manual;
  • Standard working platform;
  • boards for embossing and punching;
  • Yellow-brown embossing mat.
knife, punching, embossing, machine

When buying knives from other manufacturers for Platinum, you have to take into account their size. Only blades with a maximum blade size of 152.4 mm can be used. You also need to take into account the size parameters of the working table when buying a set of plates for punching.

These machines are compact, they do not take up much space on the desktop, but it looks very aesthetically pleasing. But they have some disadvantages: For punching of enlarged blanks you have to buy special notching boards additionally, which requires additional expenses. It’s also not always easy for a scrapper with a fragile constitution to carry them from one place to another at a weight of 4 kg.

Big Shot

Many users would argue that the Big Shot is the most popular punching and embossing machine among similar devices. The last model of this device is made in a pleasing to the eye white plastic color, very beautiful in appearance.

Weighing 3.4 kilograms the Big Shot has a multifunctional platform, one pair of blades for punching, and a detailed user manual on the device. Its important distinctive feature is that it is practically suitable for working with knives of almost all scrapbooking equipment manufacturers.

knife, punching, embossing, machine

The Big Shot works well with design paper and cardstock, thin metal sheets, and leather. To this list of materials should be added cork blanks, fabric and chipboard.

With a satisfactory quality of the obtained products to the disadvantages of Big Shot machine can be attributed the fact that it is not foldable and requires a significant amount of space for work and storage.

Prizm Spellbinders

The Prizm Spellbinders are very well suited for punching and embossing. It represents the latest project of American manufacturers, presented by the industrial company Spellbinders. Having a lightweight design, the scrapbooking machine is quite suitable for the use of a wide variety of S1 and S2 format knives.

Let’s list its obvious advantages over similar models of other manufacturers:

  • small overall dimensions;
  • low weight (816 g.);
  • Large width of the workpieces to be used;
  • Convenient location of the handle of the manual drive.

Kit includes: punching machine, instruction manual, base board, punching board, embossing board and mat for embossing.

This variant of the machine is suitable for those, who are engaged in cutting of products with small dimensions, who organize master-classes from time to time and take necessary equipment with them to the classroom. You can work with the Prizm Spellbinders and just work in the countryside, in the country house and during the vacation from physical labor in any place.

But for punching enlarged elements this machine needs additional cards, which have to be bought separately. But this does not outweigh all the other advantages of the machine. Let’s list them:

  • the platform of the machine unfolds, so you can store it in almost any box limited in size, on any shelf of the cabinet;
  • you can use any knife manufacturer to work on Prizm Spellbinders;
  • the range of raw materials includes up to 40 types of materials
  • Long service life due to reinforced steel construction and quality workmanship.

it is easier to buy Prizm Spellbinders in the scrap supplies stores. Once you are there, you can meet and even long ago discontinued used machines, the price of which will pleasantly surprise any buyer.

Sizzix Big

The Sizzix Big die-cutting and embossing machine platform consists of three parts which are mutually connected. The thickest is the bottom platform, the thinnest in the middle and the thickest on top.

The combination of platforms allows you to add to the construction of blades and punching sandwich materials to the desired thickness. Precise selection of the material package when running the material through the machine’s rollers results in high quality notching or embossing.

It is also very convenient for the user, that on the top of every platform there is a sign instructing the user about the correct way of folding the punching construction. There are two plexiglass plates in the kit that comes with the typewriter. They are transparent and placed at the top and bottom of the platform, thus creating protection from minor mechanical damage to the body of the machine.

Masters say that the concavity of the upper glass, over time, does not interfere with the work, but periodically replace it does not hurt. It was a dream come true. You can buy a spare set in Russia for about 600 plates, but to order them from America you will have to pay a lot more. But the price for the punching and embossing machine is lower in the country where it is made, in this case. in the U.S.A.

Review: Sizzix big shot die cutting and embossing machine. a very necessary thing for every scraper

Hello, fellow reviewers! I have a hobby, a friend jokingly calls it “elite”, it’s scrapbooking. I fell ill with scrapbooking relatively recently, in 2012. As I plunged into the depths of the hobby, I realized that I needed a punching machine. The studio where I studied had such a machine and I was well aware of its capabilities. It was a dream come true. In Russia at the time these machines were not sold. But if I want something very much, I get it. That’s why we ordered the machine through Amazon, because in those years there was no direct delivery to Russia. It turned out that the machine was ordered in November, but it got to me in March. To go along with the machine I ordered some notching knives, because we did not sell them either. When we took the parcel apart, my friend wondered: “Why do you need a knife with a deer?? I replied that I hoped to make cards for the new year)) This is what it looks like:

This is a classic model. Colors and prints change from year to year, the shape stays the same. The machine is mechanical. Remember the old washing machines had a wringer? This is exactly the same principle. Turning the handle, rollers rotate, under pressure from the paper are cut out of beautiful figures.

On the side there are stickers reminding of safety precautions:

Safety is simple, do not put your hand between the shafts of the machine. Honestly, it never occurred to me or the kids to shove their hands in there. But there must have been a precedent, so they put up such a warning. On the bottom of the machine is a label:

It says right on it that the machine is made in China. Handwritten production date. I thought it was a vendor sticker, but it turned out to be a manufacturer sticker. The Sizzix brand belongs to Ellison, an American company which is a major manufacturer of needlework products and die-cutting machines. This company has its own production facilities in China. Multiplatform and cutting plates come with the machine. These are absolutely necessary things, without them, the machine will not work. The multiplatform is made of different thicknesses of plastic sheets. Side view, its thickness is 1.5 cm:

The point is that it can be used to cut with thin blades

and Sizzix brand thick blades

All you need to do is to make a sandwich correctly from the multiplatform, the cutting plates, the knife and the paper. On the multiplatform itself, there are instructions on how to properly compose a sandwich. It is impossible to make a mistake.

The plates for punching are consumables. Over time from use they deform, bend and even crack.

The picture shows all the plates I have used since I bought the machine. From the old cracked ones to the brand new ones. The machine came with two plates. I bought new plates to replace them myself.

Now sell analog plates of domestic production, the Chinese also do not lag behind, but I still recommend the original plates. If you decide to buy a replacement for the analogue, check the thickness of the plates. They can be thinner than the native ones, which means you have to put extra cardboard or a metal adapter, which in the future could affect the operation of the machine. The thickness of the original plates is 3 mm:

In complete set with machines sometimes sell some basic knives, which of course increases its cost. I decided that I would buy the necessary blades myself as needed and based on my needs.On the photo is the knife with reindeer. It’s very thick, heavy, and very expensive.

So the sandwich with it will look like this:

Let’s remove the multiplatformer completely. We still have the cutting plates and between them we have the knife and paper.Also I bought the knives with floral ornaments. These are also Sizzix, but they are thinner, only 3mm.

Fold back the top sheet of the platform, put the cutting plates on it. Between the plates we put the knife with cutting surface on paper.

I also had the Poinsettia knives from Spellbinders. These are really thin metal shapes. And such thin knives are produced by the majority of different companies. They are thin, light, and relatively inexpensive. Thickness of this knife is 1 mm.

The “sandwich” for rolling with this knife looks like this:

When closed the blade is in horizontal position and you put the knife with cutting edge on the paper between two cutting edges.Some knives have the ability to emboss simultaneously with punching. But for this you will need to separately purchase a special rubber mat. 2 mm thick mat. The sandwich for embossing and punching looks like this:

Open the upper sheet of the multiplatform, put the cutting plates on it. Place the embossing mat between the plates, put the paper on top of the mat and place the notching knife on top of the paper with the cutting edge facing down. This is what you get after rolling, a carved poinsettia flower with veins along the petals:

With the machine you can do embossing on paper. Embossing devices come in two kinds: metal plates with engraving and plastic double-sided folders. I show embossing on an example of a plastic folder.

A sandwich with a plastic embossing folder is as follows: Fold back the top two sheets of the multiplatform. Place a cutting plate on top of the remaining part, a folder with paper placed inside on the plate, cover with the remaining plate and roll in the machine. For what I told long and tediously about the thickness of the multiplatform, knives, cutting plates and sandwiches? The thing is, if you make the sandwich thicker than necessary, it won’t fit between the shafts. Or it can fit with difficulty, but the machine will be damaged. It doesn’t happen in one go, but the consequences are very sad. Gears crumble, bearings break, shafts warp, I even saw a cracked frame once. The mechanism of the machine is simple, as I said above, is a metal frame, 2 shafts, 4 bearings and 3 gears. And the handle. This apparent simplicity is misleading.

So if you ran out of warranty card on the machine or it was not at all, on-site repair will cost a pretty penny. Gears will have to be ordered at a specialty store or find a master who will turn them by hand. The bearings are not standard size, they have an inner diameter of 12mm. Therefore, the bearings or buy in a store for 600 rubles each, or order them from Aliexpress. I know that they put standard bearings, but it is necessary to bore the shafts. If the frame is cracked, it is immediately throw out the machine or look for a craftsman who will make a new frame. Under warranty you have to send the machine to the service center, and the weight of the parcel will be more than 5 kg, it is also not cheap. In general the repair of broken BigShot is expensive and troublesome. So take care of it, keep the thickness of the sandwich. There’s one thing they don’t pay attention to. BigShot is not intended for commercial use, only for home use. If you think you’ll recoup its cost by selling the cuttings, you’re wrong. I talked to a scrapper I know who used to sell custom felling, and then she stopped doing it because the machine repairs eat up all the profits from selling the felling. Take care of your car. Lubricate gears and bearings. And it will last you for years. I have been using my machine for 6 years and it has never let me down. Now reread all written and realized that the machine has a lot of disadvantages. Its high price with inflation of the ruble, expensive consumables, expensive knives, and they need more and more. There is a lot of fiddling with felling, and sometimes you come across knives that are bad at felling. It’s expensive and time-consuming to repair. The machine itself is heavy, 5 kg, and a big, it needs a special place to store. It’s horrible! A normal, sane person would never buy one of these for anything. The more so that in the well-known social networking site they sell all sorts of cutting kits for next to nothing. But as a scraper and a person enthusiastic I really need this machine. It pushes the boundaries of my creativity. I just enjoy the process of cutting. And for fun as you know you have to pay:))) If you are just as enthusiastic about scrapbooking person like me, then feel free to buy this machine!

Flowers and leaves are cut with BigShot machine, Spellbinders “Poinsettia” knives and knives from MimiCut “Spring in the Shower” set.



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