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JBL EON One Compact Review. Jbl one compact pro

JBL Eon One Compact

The newest member of JBL’s distinguished Eon family combines battery-powered portability with a ‘grown-up’ PA sound.

In recent years several manufacturers have produced increasingly portable, self-contained sound systems that have found favour as live–sound solutions for solo performers and smaller ensembles, and as convenient stand–alone monitors in larger PA setups. With their Eon One and Eon One Pro, JBL took the increasingly popular ‘stick PA’ approach, successfully combining the compact column format with an integral mixer and, in the case of the Pro, battery-powered portability. Now the JBL design team have come up with a new product that takes the concept of portable, practical PA to a new level: the Eon One Compact.

Following a more conventional ‘box PA’ format, the Eon One Compact is a very small, very lightweight, self-powered, full-range loudspeaker that runs from mains power or internal battery pack, and incorporates a four-channel digital mixer, digital signal processing and extensive remote–control capability via the free JBL Compact Connect app. The Eon One Compact had only just been announced when we went to press, but I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one in advance, courtesy of the guys at Sound Technology here in the UK. I began by opening the box, ignoring the quick start guide, and switching it all on.

One For All

I always like to get up and running as quickly as possible and without having to churn through a ‘how do we get this thing to work?’ routine, so I removed the Eon One Compact from its shipping carton (the handle on the top makes for very easy lifting), pressed what was obviously the power button (green lights appeared), plugged a dynamic mic into channel 1 and started with the ‘one, two’ thing. Luckily the internal battery was partly charged so I had sound coming from the Eon One Compact less than 20 seconds after opening the box, and the first thing that struck me about this little speaker was the amount of output it produced — it’s a proper PA speaker, this one!

The Eon One Compact is an unassuming, neat, extremely compact speaker. It’s finished in an attractive non-shiny black and has the subtle curves of the larger JBL family members, with a strong black steel grille protecting the full face of the enclosure. Designed to be used either upright as a conventional PA speaker or on its side as a floor monitor, the controls are large, clear and easily accessible, whatever way it’s positioned (although due to the symmetrical cabinet angles it’s possible to lay it sideways with the control panel facing downwards and therefore not visible to the audience, should you have need to do so). The overall dimensions are 399 x 255 x 291 mm (HWD) and the Eon One Compact weighs a practically negligible 8kg, or a shade over 17.5lbs — I can pick this up with one finger no problem at all, and that’s with the battery pack inside as well. The small size becomes even more remarkable when you turn this thing up and hear how much output it can generate.

As with most powered speakers, the control panel gives a good idea of what it can do, so I’ll just take a moment to describe the physical interface, but it’s worth remembering that this unit is software-controlled too, and there are more features available when using the app.

Control Panel

The user controls and in/out connections are all built into a recessed metal panel on one side of the cabinet (or the top if it’s on its side), and everything is clearly labelled. The four-channel mixer has two XLR inputs on channels 1 and 2, and these are the combi type that will take XLR or standard jack plugs. Channel 3 is a standard jack input with a high–impedance input stage for the direct connection of instruments, and channel 4 is the auxiliary input, with a 3.5mm mini-jack connector (summed to mono), and which also serves as a Bluetooth audio streaming input and delivers a sum of Bluetooth and direct aux input signals (so it could be regarded as a five-input mixer but with four sets of controls).

As the Eon One Compact’s mixer is fully digital the controls are shared between the channels, and — as with any full-size digital desk I’ve come across — the currently selected channel is the one that is adjusted. Not forgetting that there are many potential users who are not yet familiar with digital mixing, the process is attractively simple: there’s a channel select button that cycles through all four input channels, and the one that’s selected is controlled by the rotary controls for channel volume, treble, bass and reverb, plus the mic/line sensitivity switch for channels 1 and 2. Channel 1 also has a phantom power option so that condenser mics or active DI boxes can be connected. It’s a pity that this is restricted to channel 1 alone, although you’d only need more if you were using two condenser mics. Maybe that’s something JBL will add as a future enhancement.

A useful feature that’s potentially very attractive for presentations or public speaking work is the built-in automatic ducker circuit. This allows the mic 1 and mic 2 inputs to act as the control side–chain for a ducker applied to input 4 (aux/Bluetooth).

For daisy-chaining additional Eon One Compacts there’s a standard jack pass-through output, and a headphone output is also provided. Finally there are a pair of USB ports for charging/powering media devices, one of which can provide a 2A charge.

compact, review

The rotary encoders are of a good size, well-spaced for easy access, and they feel secure and smooth. I like the green LED indicator rings around them, which makes them very easy to see in poor lighting (eg. most live venues!) so long as you remember that the top one is the master volume you can’t go far wrong. Having cycled through all four mix channels with the select button, a fifth press puts the unit into mix mode where (having previously adjusted the EQ, reverb and initial channel levels) the four encoders now become level controls for the four mixer channels. For a live performance where you might need to tweak the balance between mics and/or instruments, this is a great idea and very neatly implemented without the need for additional controls on the panel. The only thing to watch out for is that — again, just like most digital mixers — the encoders remember their last setting when the unit is powered off, and as they don’t have a finite physical range you can’t actually make adjustments unless the Eon One Compact is switched on. For example the user manual says, “Turn the master volume all the way to the left before connecting any inputs,” then tells you to turn it on, but in practice you can’t because there is no ‘all the way left’ because the encoder doesn’t do anything until you power it up. It really isn’t a problem though, as long as you remember to turn the master volume down before switching off, otherwise the unit will power up at full throttle if that’s where you left it last time. Just like your car radio.


compact, review

One major convenience of the Eon One Compact is that it can be powered either from a mains supply via a standard IEC connector, or it can run from its own internal battery pack. Battery technology is a rapidly advancing science, and applications like this are all the more impressive if you have worked with equipment that used less well-developed methods to free us from the hole in the wall. The battery pack inside the Eon One Compact sits inside a little compartment at the back, and is extremely easy to access and replace if necessary. The battery itself is slightly larger than a typical laptop charger unit and takes literally seconds to remove and re-fit, so (assuming that they are readily available and reasonably priced) it would make a lot of sense to carry a spare around if battery power is an important factor. I have already had cause to celebrate the battery facility during part of this brief initial road test (see below), and already I am very impressed by the sheer convenience and speed with which the Eon One Compact can be deployed if you’re in a particular hurry.

I’ve already alluded to the level of output delivered by the Eon One Compact in my workshop: it’s clear and strong with a nice firm, honest low-end that sounds very ‘attached’ to the mids and highs, if you know what I mean — it doesn’t sound like a kind of LF extension to the overall response but very much part of the sound package. That’s the best I can describe it, and having decided it would be up to the task I took it out to a live gig with my 17-piece Band and used it as a floor monitor for the singers. The setup was fairly straightforward, and all the Eon One Compact needed to do was to push out a good level of vocals, but as the singers are bang in front of 13 enthusiastic brass players the monitor really needs to cut through while maintaining really good quality. Having fully charged the battery I put the Eon One Compact on its side between the two vocal mics where it was unobtrusive, and needing to run only a single XLR cable and no power leads made everything neat and quick. Suffice it to say that the Eon One Compact delivered all that was needed and still had plenty to give. For such a small box it really does sound like a true PA speaker, complete with all the clarity and impact needed in such a situation, and closing with ‘River Deep’ with 13 horns at full bore didn’t present a problem. I then used it as a rehearsal PA on its own, and again it was more than up to the job (and I have to tell you we don’t hold off during rehearsals, either. ).

The third part of my initial try–out with the Eon One Compact involved taking it along to a local production of the musical Chicago, and instead of rigging it within the system I decided to keep it back as a problem-fixer if needed, especially as none of the Band were using in-ears. During the tech we didn’t have all the Band in, but for the dress run the pit was pretty full, and with a fairly big company on stage there were plenty of people to keep happy. After Act 1 I got a message from the pit to “sort out Keys 2”, who was having trouble hearing her own instrument especially when playing certain thin-sounding string patches in an often ‘thick’ score. I had only a couple of minutes to sort something out, so out came the Eon One Compact (still charged up from the previous weekend) and one cable from a spare stage–box aux out was all that was needed to provide a complete and virtually instant solution. It’s there right now, still showing plenty of battery level, and Keys 2 is now my friend. Things like that are the enjoyable side of doing live shows!


compact, review
compact, review

I’ve mentioned the control app already, and though it wasn’t available in time for this review, when it is it will be as a free download for both iOS and Android, and gives enhanced access to the digital mixer controls and allows for control of multiple speakers. As I didn’t get to use it, the best I can do is suggest looking in the user manual as there’s some good detail in there with some nice screenshots showing what it can do. In short, it adds a new level of user control, with the ability to control digital mixer values (EQ, effects and levels on each channel) and also to save the mixer settings so they can be recalled for a future show. Using the app, users can synchronise, stream content to and control up to four Eon One Compact units at the same time, thanks to the latest implementation of Bluetooth technology. Another important feature from a user point of view is that the software control and hardware panel settings reflect changes made in either domain — in other words, any adjustment to the physical controls will show up in the software, and vice versa. Don’t get the impression that you need the app to make proper use of the Eon One Compact as a stand-alone speaker though, because you don’t — but it will allow access to many more parameters, such as the effects settings.

In Short

I was fortunate enough to obtain a very early look at the Eon One Compact and I was very happy to get my hands on it. In just a few days I really have made good use of this versatile little box, and I’ve been impressed with its delivery every time I’ve used it. As JBL are a Harman brand, they have the advantage of in-house product and engineering teams representing some industry standard names, and the happy result is that the Eon One Compact includes authentic Lexicon effects, dbx EQ, and the ducking tech from Soundcraft mixers. With all this distinguished lineage you’d hardly expect them to produce anything below expectation, but with the Eon One Compact I think they have definitely raised the bar in this market sector.

I suppose the ultimate test is whether I would part with my own money to buy one — and the answer here is definitely ‘yes’, because in just three days of use, and without even really making use of its other capabilities, it’s delivered the goods sound-wise, and I can see how it would improve my own particular workflow in a number of situations. After a first look, I think JBL have come up with an excellent, small but powerful package that makes use of their considerable expertise to clear away the compromises often found in ultra-portable live sound products. I hope I can hang on to the EOC for a little while longer — especially until the app is fully released — and perhaps I’ll report back then! In the meantime, as ever, do visit the website for more information, and see if you can get hands-on with one of these at your dealer. In my opinion it’s definitely worth a closer look.


  • Powerful, honest, high–quality audio performance.
  • Ridiculously small and light — fits in a shopping bag.
  • Versatile, go-anywhere solution without mains power.
  • Very well-featured digital mixer with enhanced control options via the app.


  • Being picky, I’d like phantom power on both mic inputs.
  • An option to power up with master volume at zero might be handy in the app.

JBL EON One Compact Review

The JBL EON One is a small but mighty PA system that delivers 112dB of clear sound that fills the room. It comes with a plethora of easy-to-use features that make it a great portable speaker. With 120 Watts of power and a 12-hour battery life, you can keep the music going for hours. Here is our JBL EON One Compact Review.


One of the best features of this battery-powered speaker is its connectivity. It comes with an integrated four-channel digital mixer. The mixer has two XLR/1/4″ combo inputs, and both of them have phantom power, so you can use them to connect condenser mics or active DI box. The other connections are a dedicated 1/4″ input for any Hi-Z instruments, as well as a 3.5mm Aux and Bluetooth connection for streaming music from your portable devices.

The speaker also features convenient USB inputs, which can serve as charging stations for your devices. The outputs include a 1/4″ pass-through and a 3.5mm headphone if ever you need one.

compact, review

Easy Controls

With the JBL EON One, you can easily control the EQ, volume, and reverb using the back-panel controls, which are LED-lit. There’s also a built-in ducker that enables you to switch back and forth between music playback and voice levels, which is great for instructors or presenters.


Bluetooth connectivity allows you to steam and control the PA from your mobile device. While most speaker systems offer this, an extra-sweet feature on this one is that you can control the EQ on the auxiliary Bluetooth channel so that you can control your music playback.

EON Control App

The EON app, available for both iOS and Android, provides extra parameter controls and presets for the four-Band EQ, along with the Lexicon and DBX effects like reverb, chorus and delay, and an eight-Band output EQ. While all these are located on the back panel, the app gives you control from anywhere in the room.

Design and Portability

The JBL EON One is well-designed to be compact, lightweight, and easy to transport. It’s sturdy and easy to set up, as it’s mostly plug-and-play. The only setup difficulty seems to come when setting up the spacers at the base of the unit. They don’t slide together easily. Some users have used lubricant to get them into place.

Sound Performance

The JBL Eon One has a clear, rich sound that you can fine-tune to your liking using the bass and treble presets or other controls available through the app. Choose from the four bands of EQ for each of the input channels and the eight bands available for your mixed output.

The Delay and Chorus effects give you even more choices. The delay functions as an enhanced reverb feature and allows you to set the time and the level. The chorus feature enables you to set the speed and the level. Plus, for any of the three main input channels, you can select how much of the signal goes to the effects and set the level of return that goes to the main output.

As for the overall sound, the eight-inch woofer delivers like a champ. The low end goes down to 37.5 Hz, delivering deep, punchy bass for a PA system of this size. It sounds clear even at higher volumes and offers the highest volume in its class.

Considerations for Outdoor Use

The JBL Eon One is a compact PA system that does well indoors and for use during smaller events. In those situations, the volume is loud and clear. For outdoors, however, depending on the area you want to cover, you may find that the volume doesn’t carry as much as you need it to. For a large space or crow, you’ll probably need something with a larger subwoofer.

With this speaker, you can easily cater to audiences between 60 to 80 people outdoors, or 90 to 110 people indoors. But keep in mind that sound levels tend to decrease outdoors because sound reflections decrease, but even though the overall volume decrease, this system can still deliver good volume for venues between 60 to 80 people in outdoor events such as a wedding.

Battery Life

While the product description states that the swappable battery lasts for 12 hours, a more realistic number is six hours when used at high volume. Still, you’re getting reliable battery life. Charging time is under three hours, provided you are charging while the unit is off. Plus, you can get extra battery packs that can be swapped fast and easy without the need for any tools; that way, you can keep your event going. Another option is to run the PA system using the included AC cord.


This PA system is genuinely compact, which makes it portable and easy to set up. Even the XLR cables have their storage spot inside the unit for transport. You don’t need to lug around an extra heavy stand to lift the unit onto a pole.

Another plus is that the mixer is an included component, which lends to the already excellent sound. Because of the sound quality, along with the abundance of connections, controls, and effects, you’re able to DJ just about any event with style. For the price, you can’t beat it.

We have written a post about the Best Portable PA Systems For Outdoor Events, check it out if you are shopping around for a portable, compact PA system that delivers excellent sound and features.


As we mentioned above, an annoying factor to this system is the stickiness of the spacers, which don’t snap on and off as they should. The directions do not address this, and many users have taken to spraying them with lubricant to get them to move with less effort.

Also, while it has four inputs, the unit only has two outputs. We think that additional outputs would give the unit greater versatility.

Finally, keep in mind that the sound quality and volume are great, but only in its intended environment, which is indoors or for small to medium outdoor events. If you also play larger gigs, you may want to choose something else. Check our post about Tips for Choosing the Best Portable Pa System For Live Music.

What’s In the Box

Your PA system comes with everything you need to set up and go. The system is an all-in-one unit with a cable-free setup. It also comes with a standard IEC AC cable, a rechargeable lithium battery, and a standard manufacturer’s warranty.


Whatever you need a portable speaker system for, whether DJing, presenting at a conference, wedding event, or teaching, the JBL Eon One compact speaker system is a great choice, especially for the price. It may be small, but it delivers on sound. It works as well for speaking as it does for music playback and acoustic live performances.

Because it’s an all-in-one unit, there’s almost no setup time or messing around with cables. The app works well and gives you full control from your mobile device. Finally, the extra inputs let you hook up everything from a guitar and mic to external players.

JBL introduces the EON ONE Compact portable PA

JBL has added the EON ONE Compact to its line-up of portable PA systems. The EON ONE Compact is powered by a rechargeable battery and features a 4-channel mixer with Lexicon effects and Bluetooth streaming. If you want to make yourself heard anywhere, this is a new option worth looking at.


As a battery-powered all-in-one portable PA system, the EON ONE Compact is suited to all sorts of mobile applications and impromptu performances. Lacking the pole array speaker of the larger EON ONE, it packs everything in a compact enclosure that comes with a carrying handle and weighs just 8 kg / 17.6 lb. It can be placed on the floor (upright or angled as a monitor) or mounted on a stand. JBL claims that the battery lasts up to 12 hours and can be charged in 2.5 hours. The battery is removable without tools, so you can swap it out if you need more playing time.

The EON ONE Compact has an 8-inch woofer whose range extends down to 37.5 Hz, according to JBL. The company states an output level of 112 dB. You can combine two units in stereo mode, or stream music to up to four units simultaneously via Bluetooth.

compact, review

Integrated 4-channel mixer

The integrated mixer features two XLR/TRS combo jacks with mic preamps and phantom power, one 1/4-inch Hi-Z instrument input, and one 3.5 mm stereo aux input. The internal effects processor offers EQ, reverb, chorus and delay effects from Lexicon and dbx, according to JBL. There’s also an 8-Band output EQ. A ducking feature automatically lowers the music playback level when it detects speech input.

The EON ONE Compact can be controlled wirelessly from an app for Android and iOS devices. The app lets you save and recall mixer presets and control the effects.

Price and availability

According to JBL, the EON ONE Compact will be available in late October 2019 for USD 549. In this price range, it’s an interesting alternative to competitors like the Bose S1 Pro, Mackie Freeplay Live and others.


compact, review

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JBL EON ONE COMPACT Rechargeable 8″ Powered PA Speaker Bundle with Mackie Headphones Mic



Items included in this bundle

  • (1) JBL EON ONE COMPACT Portable Rechargeable 8″ Powered Personal PA Speaker/Monitor
  • (1) Mackie MC-150 Closed-Back Studio Monitoring or DJ Headphones w/50mm Drivers
  • (1) Mackie EM-89D Vocal Live Sound or Studio Recording Dynamic MicrophoneCableClip
  • (1) Rockville RVES05 Black Heavy Duty Tripod Pole-Mount DJ PA Speaker Stand

The days of sacrificing sound system power and performance for portability are over. The JBL EON ONE Compact packs a professional speaker, a full-featured, 4-channel mixer and Bluetooth control into our most compact battery-powered PA, weighing in at just 17.6 pounds (8kg). Sound your best in seconds with premium Lexicon and dbx-inspired effects and presets that you can customize right on your phone or tablet using the JBL Compact Connect app—no engineer needed. Presenters, fitness instructors and emcees will appreciate EON ONE Compact’s ducking feature, which lowers background music volume when speech input is detected. Peer-to-peer Bluetooth lets you broadcast music playback on up to four units from a single device. And with EON ONE Compact’s tool-free, swappable 12-hour battery, you’ll keep the party going long after the sun goes down. Whether you’re a singer/songwriter, DJ, presenter, fitness instructor, or you just want to enjoy amazing sound on the go, get ready to #PlayAnywhere with JBL EON ONE Compact.

Legendary JBL Professional Sound The EON ONE Compact may be small enough to carry in one hand, but its sound is big enough to fill the room. You’ll be amazed at the 112 decibels of crystal-clear sound produced across the entire range of this ultra-compact system, with uncompressed bass even at high output levels. Its 8-inch woofer extends low-end response to 37.5 Hz—nearly an octave lower than other PAs in its class.

An All-In-One Sound Solution With your loudspeaker, amp, mixer, and effects all rolled up in one easy-to-carry package. You’ll lighten your load-in while maximizing the value of your gear investment.

Pro Mixer Features EON ONE Compact’s 4-channel digital mixer is fully loaded with dbx and Lexicon-inspired professional effects including 4-Band EQ, reverb, chorus and delay; quick-recall settings get you sounding great, fast, in any environment.

Class-Leading Connectivity The EON ONE Compact offers more inputs than any system in its class. Two XLR/TRS combo jacks, one 1/4-inch (6.3mm) hi-Z guitar input and one 1/8-inch (3.5mm) aux input connect microphones, line-level instruments and audio playback sources; phantom power supports condenser microphones, and pro-grade preamps deliver full, rich sound from any microphone. Plus, a 1/4-inch (6.3mm) pass through lets you expand your system with additional EON ONE Compact units. Use the built-in headphone jack to rehearse privately or dial in presets before performances. Two high-power USB 3.0 ports allow high-speed charging of tablets, phones and select DJ devices.

Total Control At Your Fingertips The JBL Compact Connect app lets you sound your best in seconds by selecting and controlling effects and presets right from your phone or tablet. Bluetooth networking gives you the ability to sync and control up to four EON ONE Compact units from one single source for music playback.

Complete Portability With a PA this portable, you can be ready to rock at any moment. This ultra-compact, 17.6-pound (8kg) unit is designed to be carried effortlessly in one hand, with an ergonomic handle that’s positioned for maximum comfort. A built-in pole mount expands configuration options; illuminated ring indicators automatically align with monitor or vertical speaker orientation.

Long-Lasting Battery Life Play more sets or teach more classes, confident in EON ONE Compact’s 12-hour battery life. Swap out batteries in seconds—no tools necessary—and quick-charge batteries in just 2.5 hours. You can even charge up while the system is in use. (Additional batteries available separately.)

Stand Out and Be Heard Presenters, fitness instructors and emcees will appreciate EON ONE Compact’s ducking feature, which lowers background music volume anytime you speak to ensure your audience hears every last word, loud and clear.

Robust and Reliable Like every JBL speaker, the EON ONE Compact undergoes 100 hours of stress testing to ensure that it’ll perform flawlessly in real-world conditions. The system is encased in a light, durable polypropylene shell that’s rugged enough to handle your toughest gigs yet elegant enough to display in your home.

  • JBL EON ONE COMPACT Portable Rechargeable 8″ Powered Personal PA Speaker/Monitor
  • 112 dB output the highest volume in its class
  • 8-inch woofer with deep low-frequency performance down to 37.5 Hz
  • Ultralight unit weighs just 17.6 pounds (8 kg)
  • Set up quickly and easily using JBL Compact Connect control app presets
  • Sound your best with professional effects including EQ, reverb, chorus and delay
  • Balance your volume levels with built-in 4-channel mixer
  • Optimize your sound with 8-Band output EQ, customizable via presets
  • Stream music from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth to up to four EON One Compact units
  • Operate two EON ONE Compact units in stereo mode
  • Two pro-grade preamps deliver full and rich sound from any microphone
  • Connect microphones, instruments and playback devices with two XLR/TRS combo jacks, one 1/4-inch (6.3mm) hi-Z guitar input and one 1/8-inch (3.5mm) aux input
  • Phantom power supports condenser microphones
  • One-touch ducking feature automatically lowers music volume when speech input is detected, ensuring every word is heard clearly
  • Two USB 3.0 ports allow high-speed charging of external devices
  • Tool-free, swappable battery p provides up to 12 hours of playtime
  • Fast battery charging—just 2.5 hours
  • Two performance orientations: monitor and vertical; tuning and mixer displays automatically adjust
  • Headphone jack allows private monitoring for practice sessions and managing presets
  • 1/4-inch (6.3mm) pass through output allows system expansion with additional EON ONE Compact units
  • Convenient, built-in tilting tablet stand orients to front or back of system
  • Built-in pole mount expands configuration options
  • External battery charger option available separately
  • Ergonomic handle and even weight distribution make carrying the system a breeze

Whether you’re referencing your mix in the studio or producing your next track, MC Series Headphones allow you to take the Mackie studio sound, trusted by artists around the world, wherever you go.?

MONITORING ON A WHOLE NEW LEVEL: Whether you are tracking in the studio, mixing on your laptop, or even holding a boom on a set – having accurate, sturdy headphones are essential. Building on our studio monitor legacy, MC Series headphones offer the clarity and accuracy Mackie is known for in professional, closed-back designs. Choose between the high-performance MC-150 that is perfect for studio monitoring and DJs and the MC-250 for reference quality sound that is great for critical listening and mixing. Both models feature large 50mm drivers for clear, distortion-free sound with ergonomic headbands and ear pads for hours of listening comfort in the studio or on the go.


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  • Professional quality that’s affordable
  • Voiced for the stage, built for the road, priced for your wallet
  • Rugged construction
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  • Stage and studio
  • Excels at both onstage performance and studio recording
  • Great for vocals and instruments
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Rejects peripheral noise to keep your performance crystal clear

Included accessories:

This heavy-duty universal stand can be used as a Speaker Stand or a Lighting Stand! It’s sturdy steel construction adds to the quality and support this stand gives. The sturdy and expandable long tripod legs ensure that your speakers will be stable in any environment.

  • Rockville RVES05 Adjustable Tripod DJ PA Speaker Stand
  • (1) Stand included
  • Adjustable Height
  • Steel Construction with Nylon Clutch and Base
  • Black Color
  • Weight Capacity: 100 lbs
  • Adjustable Height Range: 71 inches
  • Base spread: 0-23 inches
  • Tube Diameter: 1.38 inches
  • Leg Diameter: 1.38 inches



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