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Is there a use from the humidifier

The reasons to buy a humidifier: a benefit that impresses

In summer the windows are wide open and the humidity goes in with the fresh air. Even air conditioning can not spoil the atmosphere, has a drying effect. And that’s because when it cools down, the humidity increases, and we feel comfortable. And it’s not the coolness that makes us feel good, but the normal level of humidity. The situation changes radically when the heating season comes. You do everything you can to keep warm. Some turn on the boiler, some heaters or even the oven. Enjoying the warmth, we don’t notice how the microclimate suddenly deteriorates, and with it our well-being.

Humidifiers in pregnancy

There is a misconception that the humidifier is harmful for pregnant women or nursing mothers. Actually, that’s not true. Here is what any woman needs to know about these devices:

  • You can only harm your body if you don’t control the humidity and the air becomes overly saturated with water.
  • When pregnant, ultrasonic models are best, they are safer.
  • Good air humidity makes for a better pregnancy.
  • Young mothers find this climate particularly helpful because they need lots of energy.

It is important to remember that humid air is not only good for the mother’s well-being, but also good for the baby.

What are the benefits of a humidifier?? Humidity is optimal in the apartment.

With the onset of the heating season the relative humidity in the apartment drops smoothly, the air becomes excessively dry. Windows and doors are closed and the humidity has nowhere to go. In summer the windows are open and moisture comes in through the open windows. Air conditioners themselves also dry the air when they work, they have a dehumidification mode, but when the air is cooled the humidity increases and we feel comfort not so much from a decrease in temperature as from an increase in the humidity in the air conditioned room.

Many people do not notice how the humidity in the apartment drops in winter, but fatigue, apathy, dry mouth and other symptoms of insufficient humidity in the apartment during the heating period is noticeable. Many symptoms are due to the fact that dry air provokes increased evaporation of moisture from the skin and mucous membranes in the nose and mouth. At the same time 70% of the body is water. The moisturizing cosmetics industry (moisturizing creams, moisturizing oils and moisturizing lotions) is only made possible by dry indoor air, a business built on the lack of humidity in the rooms in which we spend a lot of time.

Humidify your apartment at an optimum humidity level of 40-60%. In winter, the humidity in the room drops to 20% due to the heating system and closed windows, which is lower than in the largest Sahara Desert, where the average humidity is 25%.

With a heating source such as a heat pump, there are no problems with humidity in the air, as this equipment is energy efficient and uses low supply temperatures, which allows not to dry out the air in the house.

Maximum allowable relative humidity in the apartment in Odessa 65%. In coastal areas of Odessa can increase the humidity up to 75%. Humidification of the air above 85% leads to dampness and fungi on the walls. Household humidifiers can maintain relative humidity in the apartment in a wide range. So a properly tuned humidifier can create the optimum humidity in the apartment. Humidifiers can save you and your family from many health problems.

Humidifiers perform many health functions:

Combat fatigue and malaise.

Dry air leads to inadequate moisture in the eyes with tears, so eyes become fatigued faster, vision decreases. Humidifiers prevent the eyes from drying out, allow you to avoid red eyes due to evaporation of tears, allows you to save the secret of the lacrimal glands. In a room with dry air you get dry eye syndrome, as stated by ophthalmologists. Humidifiers are a must for those who wear contact lenses. Moist air does not irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes. So wearing contact lenses does not cause discomfort. When the eyes work dry, they overstrain themselves and become fatigued more quickly. Under normal conditions, a tear, as a strong antiseptic, fights viruses and does not let them “settle” on our eyes.

The body loses about 0.05 liters of water per hour through the lungs. In a room with dry air during the heating period in winter, humidifiers are designed to make up for the lack of water in the body and prevent aging.

Humidifying the air protects the immune system because the body needs fewer resources to produce secretions by the secretion glands. The body can divert resources to immune support, so humidifiers protect the body from infection. Many moms, watching their children have already noticed that dry air is the cause of frequent colds in children, and adults have already learned to cope with the lack of humidity. The function of humidified skin and nasopharyngeal mucous membranes is to protect the body from viruses. If the skin or mucous membranes are not sufficiently moist, the immune system’s physical defenses are lowered and the likelihood of getting sick is higher. Humidifiers are often placed in children’s rooms. Humidifiers can indirectly fight fatigue. Dry air does not allow proper breathing, because lung alveoli for normal functioning require wet lubrication, so dry air causes fatigue, loss of concentration. Without a humidifier the skin dries out, allergies to the skin can occur, and the skin ages faster. Without a humidifier, hair becomes dry and therefore brittle and appears lifeless. Thirst and dry mouth without a humidifier (makes you thirsty). Without a humidifier you feel drowsy and sluggish, unreasonably tired. The common symptom of a runny nose in the morning is insufficient moisture in the room. Dry air makes nasal and bronchial mucous membranes unable to cleanse effectively.

A humidifier is not only good for humans but also good for your home. Humidifiers keep parquet, wooden furniture, doors. In the winter the wood dries out and cracks appear. And in the spring, the wood swells up. These cycles are what cause deterioration.

Humidification is vital for house flowers. Most houseplants come from the subtropics and tropics, where humidity can be as high as 90%. A humidifier for flowers lets you slowly humidify the air in your room by evaporating moisture from the leaves of your plants.

Without humidification, dust does not settle in the room, allergies and asthma worsen. The benefits of a humidifier are obvious.

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Daikin has developed a revolutionary air purification system which is used in a new generation of air conditioners and air purifiers.

General benefits of humidifiers for humans

Humidifiers are intended to create a comfortable microclimate in the room. Doctors have long ago determined that excessively dry air leads to a deterioration of the general condition of the person and can provoke the development of viral infections. Do not exaggerate the importance of devices of such action, because they affect only one of the environmental factors affecting health and well-being. But the feedback from doctors unambiguously speak in their favor.

A humidifier creates a comfortable microclimate in the room

The cumulative benefits of humidifiers:

  • Maintaining a healthy indoor climate. To protect against skin, mucous membranes and internal organs problems that result from being in an environment with too much dry air.
  • Longer life expectancy for flooring, door frames and wood furniture. Excessively dry air makes the wood more brittle and reduces its service life.
  • Help houseplants thrive. By humidifying the air ornamental plants in the house will grow faster, look fresher and produce more oxygen.

Myths about humidifiers

To buy or not to buy a humidifier? What are the benefits and harms of this device? Reviews and doctors’ opinions about the device and its necessity? These questions are on everyone’s mind, who cares about his health And if with the benefit and harm of the device is more or less clear, here are the reviews of experts Let’s see what myths about the humidifier filled information field and what they say about this experts.

Myth 1. Humidifier causes angina

Humidifier itself does not cause angina. But humidity above 80%, yes. Optimal indoor humidity level of 45-60% for an adult and 50-70% for a child.

Myth 2. The unit is not up to the task

Of course, a humidifier is useless if it is incorrectly chosen. Choose the unit by power and match it to the area to be humidified. If it’s written in the certificate of the unit that it optimizes the climate of your living space of 15 sq.Myth 2 Myth 3: In a 25 square metre room, a humidifier will be completely useless.It will be completely useless for your baby.

there, humidifier

Myth 3. Humidifiers are dangerous for children

Only one type of humidifier is dangerous: a steam humidifier. A child can get burnt by hot steam. So it should be in an area out of the reach of small children.

Myth 4. A humidifier is not cheap

The unit itself is not expensive, but consumables (filters) can cost you a pretty penny. Yes, yes. There‘s no getting around it. The filters need to be replaced. Another question is at what intervals. Read the instructions and plan the budget in advance. Remember health comes first.

A humidifier and a baby

Humidifying the air is one of the main duties of good parents. After all, your baby needs optimal humidity control for proper development. But many parents give up on the device, believing it to be useless and dangerous.

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For normal human existence, the humidity level should be between 40-60%. This is observed in the summer period. When it gets colder, people turn to heating, which lowers the humidity level considerably. You can feel it for yourself: the appearance of cracks on the skin of the hands, lips become dry, the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth dry out, and you feel the general discomfort.

and more often there is a need to open windows to air out the room and humidify the air a little. Humidifiers are used to control the humidity in the air and to humidify the air when necessary. The most modern models of devices. Ultrasonic. They work according to the following scheme: ultrasound separates water droplets into tiny particles, which, when they hit the air, remain hanging in it under the action of Brownian motion.

Is it possible to catch a cold from the humidifier: the peculiarities of correct operation

To find out what is useful humidifier for the home, it is necessary to evaluate the positive factors. In addition to prevention and recovery of people, the technique helps to maintain the good physiological condition of pets. It prolongs the life of doors and other products made of wood, leather, fabrics.

To restore the furniture, which is cracked, you have to use the expensive services of experienced craftsmen. You can prevent damage with a good quality humidifier

Negative manifestations, as a rule, are explained by the wrong choice or errors in the process of use. It is necessary to carefully read the recommendations and official instructions of the manufacturer before purchase. Remember that promotional materials indicate the maximum parameters (the size of the serviced area).

It is impossible to catch a cold with a humidifier. However, it is necessary to timely clean the equipment according to the methods established by the rules. It is necessary to ventilate the room regularly, to maintain a comfortable temperature regime.

For safe ventilation of rooms window manufacturers offer a variety of specialized engineering solutions

Humidifier: benefits and harms, reviews, doctors’ opinions

Climatic appliances are designed to increase the humidity in the room, as well as to maintain comfortable conditions for human habitation. If we consider such an aspect of the devices, as a harm or a benefit humidifiers, do not forget that even the furniture, interior decoration and plants are affected.

The humidifier helps maintain a comfortable room environment

The benefits of using climate control technology for your room:

  • Excessively dry air negatively affects the condition of natural floor coverings. Without the right level of moisture, wooden or hardwood floors start to dry out. The surface of the flooring becomes brittle which causes faster wear and tear. A humidifier eliminates this problem.
  • Low humidity has a devastating effect on plants. Flowers and greenery in the house slow down, turn yellow and dry out. A humidifier keeps plants in optimal conditions that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also provide additional oxygen.
  • Wooden furniture and doorframes in a dry place can crack over time. Climate control technology keeps the wood in good condition, extending the life of the furniture.

Take note! These benefits can be categorized as secondary benefits.

Humidifier does not really create the ideal microclimate, because it affects only one part of the atmosphere of the room. the humidity. On the well-being and health of a person affects other factors, the totality of which creates an optimal environment for living.

Are Humidifiers Safe? A Quick Guide

Low humidity has a negative effect on indoor plants and wooden furniture

Humidifiers: Are They Good for You?

Pluses and minuses of a humidifier for indoor climate

Touching the subject of the advantages and disadvantages of humidifiers, it is worth noting that the same amount of water vapor can have a different effect on human well-being. The higher the temperature index of the air, the more humidity it will absorb. This can be traced back to a certain pattern. For example, if 1 m3 of air contains 2.5 mg of water and the temperature of the room is 1 ° C, then the relative humidity in the room is 50%, because 1 m3 of air can absorb not more than 5 mg of water.

During the heating season the air is heated to a temperature of 21°C, which lowers the humidity to 14%. This is due to the fact that the dry air can hold not 5, but 18 mg of water. In this case, a person feels the discomfort, from which you can get rid, replenishing the humidity to the required percentage due to the humidifier.

A centralized heating system in winter can warm indoor air to 21-24 ° C. Such a high indicator provokes its uncontrolled saturation with water vapor. As a result, it becomes difficult for a person to breathe.

At a room temperature of 21° C, the humidity is 14%

The cleanliness of the air environment also affects a person’s well-being. Various compounds accumulate in a closed space in gaseous form:

  • human waste products;
  • Polymeric vapors emitted by the finishing of the room;
  • gases formed during the cooking process;
  • harmful microorganisms.

Take note! Partly the device improves the situation (if we are talking about air washer Boneco Air-o-Swiss E 2441 A), but fully eliminate the negative impact can only thorough airing. A similar situation occurs in the case of allergy pathogens, as well as dust. To combat them you need radical measures: dry cleaning of carpets, wet and dry cleaning of the room, thorough washing and steaming curtains.

Components of a room humidifier

The harm and benefits of humidifiers: reviews by experts on common opinions

Some of the disadvantages noted by users are actually imaginary. Many of these common opinions are easily explained or refuted by experts.

Humidification of the air can provoke angina. if the humidity level in the room is higher than 80%, not only children, but also adults can fall ill with angina. Due to excessive moisture, mucus accumulates in the human respiratory tract, creating a comfortable environment for bacteria. The ideal figure for adults is 45-60% and for children 50-70%.

The centralized heating system does not let this value rise above 35% in winter time. A humidifier can make up for the difference. In summer, the use of air conditioners also contributes to dehumidification of the air, so additional humidification is also needed during this season.

The device does not help to achieve the optimal mode. in order to maintain certain conditions in the room, it is important to consider its area when choosing the device, as well as the power of the device itself. If the technique is designed to effectively treat a room of 15 m², its capacity will not be enough for a room of 25 m².

Humidity levels above 80% can cause respiratory problems

Humidifier is dangerous for children. the use of a steam device such as a humidifier Polaris PUH 2204 is dangerous because your baby can get thermal damage from hot steam. In this case, you can simply put the device in a place inaccessible to children or limit the purchase, for example, ultrasonic humidifier Electrolux EHU 3715 D or traditional. These devices are completely safe.

High consumable costs. the cost of consumables is high, but the frequency of their replacement in each humidifier is different. Before buying, you should carefully read the instructions and check the price of filters and membranes in different stores.

Real benefits and harms of household humidifiers

Despite many prejudices against humidifiers, this type of climate equipment is in high demand. Such popularity is due to the opinion of modern doctors.

Notice! From a medical point of view, air that is too dry is extremely harmful to human health. Doctors say that these devices are much more helpful than harmful.

A dry microclimate is more dangerous for a person than a wet one

The benefits of climate technology designed for humidification:

  • Regulation of heat exchange in a child. the body of young children generates much more heat than the body of an adult. But it is transmitted to the environment not through the skin, but through the lungs. Because of the dry air and severe loss of moisture in the baby’s body begins to clot the blood. In some cases the functioning of internal organs is disturbed. Dry air causes the formation of crusts on the mucous membranes of infants. They cause problems with breathing and can even block it completely.
  • Reducing the risk of catching a respiratory disease. when mucus dries up, all processes of neutralization of bacteria and viruses are blocked, which can lead to otitis, bronchitis, maxillary sinusitis and pneumonia in a dry room.
  • Reducing the risk of allergic reactions exacerbation. by purchasing a humidifier Electrolux EHU 3715 D, which is an “air washer”, from the room can be eliminated a significant number of allergens.
  • Revitalizing and rejuvenating effect on the skin: Exfoliation due to low humidity is eliminated, skin irritation and wrinkles are reduced.

Humidifier reduces the risk of allergic reactions

Humidifiers also support the human immune system and prevent dehydration.

Ultrasonic humidifier: harm and benefit

In many homes you can find an ultrasonic humidifier. The benefits and harms of this appliance depend entirely on whether it is used correctly.

The benefits of an ultrasonic unit

The ultrasonic humidifier saturates the atmosphere of the room with water. That is why it should be used in cases where the humidity is less than optimal.

Dry air is very harmful: it dries out the epidermis and mucous membranes. The water balance in the body is disturbed, and the body-air heat exchange system does not work properly. Breathing becomes difficult, neutralization of pathogens on mucous membranes is blocked. This leads to the development of infectious diseases, as well as asthma and bronchitis.

If you adjust the humidity level, all these consequences can be avoided. That is the most important advantage an ultrasonic humidifier can boast: the benefits for the whole body. Ultrasonic humidifier allows you to improve the overall well-being of the person. It also has beneficial effects on the skin, nails and hair. Dry air makes wrinkles more intense, and an air humidifier can help minimize that damage.

Atmosphere with a lack of humidity also causes damage to household appliances. The appearance of furniture and decorative coatings suffers, and for some types of wooden products it is especially harmful: they crack and dry out. Ultrasonic humidifier will avoid such effects, this is also its benefit.

In addition, the device has a benefit or indoor plants. Good humidity will provide excellent conditions for home greenery, improve the condition of stems and leaves, have a stimulating effect on flowering.

Another benefit of the device is that it can act as a filter that cleans the atmosphere of dirt, germs and allergens. This is relevant, we are talking about a modern multifunctional device. air conditioner or air washer.

The harm of the ultrasonic humidifier

An ultrasonic humidifier can do both good and harm. However, harm is possible in the case of improper operation. To understand what harm can come from the equipment, you need to know the principle of its operation. The functioning scheme is simple:

there, humidifier

The Hazard of Humidifiers- This Thing ALMOST KILLED ME

  • The working tank is filled with water;
  • water flows to the membrane of elastic material;
  • the membrane moves at an ultrasonic frequency;
  • The water is broken up into a finely dispersed suspension;
  • The resulting fog is discharged into the room and spreads throughout the room.

For maximum benefit, only purified water should be poured into the ultrasonic humidifier. Otherwise, all of the elements contained in the fluid will enter the human lungs, damaging the respiratory system. Also, salts will precipitate on furniture and plants, degrading their appearance and reducing the life expectancy.

To eliminate the possibility of damage from an ultrasonic humidifier, the device should be cleaned regularly. It is worth washing the working tank, the membrane and all elements that come into contact with water during operation.

And if long downtime of the ultrasonic humidifier is planned, it should be completely emptied and dried. In that case there will be no harm in the subsequent start-up.

Doctors’ opinion

The medical community firmly believes that low humidity levels are detrimental to health. However, in order to benefit, you must also keep an eye on the upper mark: too humid air can also be harmful. It is best to maintain this parameter in the range of 40. 60%.

Doctors confidently state that proper operation of an ultrasonic humidifier is not harmful to human health. Cold-related illnesses are also not the result of using an air humidifier. On the contrary, when you have an acute respiratory infection, you should be especially careful to make sure that the air is sufficiently saturated with water. This benefits the mucous membranes by increasing their barrier properties.



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