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Is it possible to use an epilator for armpits

Electrolyators. choosing in favor of smooth skin in intimate areas

For confidence and internal comfort, a woman should always know that she looks good and ready for any turn of events. An important role in this is played by smooth skin, including intimate areas. In such areas, dark and harsh hairs are often growing, the fight against which becomes a real test. One of the options for effective weapons on guard of smoothness and wellness is an electric epalator.

The epilator is the electrical device, the main purpose of which is the removal of hairs on the body by tearing them up along with the root. This result is achieved due to the tight rotation of several pairs of discs or numerous tweezers that when moving the hairs are clamped and they remove them from the skin. Usually, epilators have several operating speeds: rapid rotation is suitable for hard hair, which are not afraid of sharp jerks, and the slow will become optimal for thin and small hairs, which can simply burst, worsening the result of the procedure with aggressive pulling out.

Do not confuse the concepts of the epalator and the deputy. Many mistakenly believe that these are synonyms, but there is a difference and it lies in the scale of hair removal. So, if the first device provides pulling out with the root, then the second guarantees only surface smoothness, destroying only that part of the hair that comes out of the skin.

A feature of the armpits and zones of the bikini is a thin, sensitive skin on which thick and hard hairs are located. This creates difficulties in the process of hair removal: painful sensations, often growing hair, redness and irritation. For such a site, it is recommended to use methods that affect the structure of the hair, make it more subtle and weak, so that in the future the procedures cause only minimal discomfort and simply supportive. the epilator is also one of them.


How does depilation differ from epilation

The main difference between armpit depilation and a similar epilation procedure is that in the first case, the effect is only on that part of the hair that is on the surface of the skin. While hair removal implies the destruction of the base of the hair (follicular apparatus), which is responsible for nutrition and hair growth. Armpit depilation is not the reason for the absolute disappearance of the hair. Using this procedure, hair growth stops only for a short time.


  • Diabetes;
  • Reduced pain threshold of the body;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Violation of the integrity of the skin in the area of ​​armpits;
  • Aggravation of herpes;
  • Oncological diseases (cancer patients);
  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Individual intolerance to the components that make up the composition for depilation.

How to use the epilator for the first time

Each person has a different threshold of pain. Therefore, for one girl, hair removal is a painless process, for the other it is very painful. Unwanted hair is cleaned on the body from different zones. Each from which you need to correctly epile.

How to shave your legs with an epilator

On the legs the most painful zone for depilation is an ankle and an area under the knee. The rest of the limb area quickly gets used to pain. Therefore, during the first legs depilation, the pain ceases to feel 10 minutes after 10 minutes. Due to the fact that the surface of the leg is smooth and it is clearly seen shaving this zone easily.

Before hair removal, you need to cheat well and steam your legs to remove subcutaneous fat and exfoliated skin. After which you can proceed to epilation. Drive the on the device on from the bottom up with smooth movements throughout the region.

How to shave the bikini zone correctly with an epilator

Bikini zone is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. It is better to epilate with the use of analgesic cream or spray. It will help lower the sensitivity and make the procedure more pleasant.

To prepare the skin for hair removal, it is previously recommended by tweezers to pull out a few hairs from the bikini zone. This will give the body a signal that hair will pull out in this zone. If the skin is very sensitive, then after hair removal is treated with an antiseptic and a children’s restorative cream.

How to do armpits?

Axillary depressions are no less sensitive than the bikini zone. And also require additional care. In order to remove hair with a napshell painlessly, recommended, slightly pull the skin of the armpit, and smoothly walk along it.

If there are very long hair in the armpit zone, then first you need to cut them with scissors. Otherwise, the epalator will not be able to capture such a length. To relieve irritation from this zone, you can attach a couple of ice cubes.

possible, epilator, armpits

General rules for the procedure

All requirements, rules and recommendations on how to use the epilator are aimed at achieving the maximum effect with minimal pain. Especially for them it is worth listening to those who are performing epilation for the first time. So, what experienced users and cosmetologists advise?

  • Epilation of the legs, arms or any other areas of the skin is carried out after taking a hot bath. this is a mandatory requirement. Why? Water warms the skin, reveals pores, while the hairs are removed much easier, and the procedure itself becomes not so painful.
  • Before epilating the bikini or axillary depressions, you should treat the place with talcum or ordinary puffing for children. Thus, the epilized area is degraded, and the thickness of the hairs increases. The epilator will be much easier to capture them all that will significantly reduce the time of the procedure.
  • When using an epilator in sensitive places (deep bikini zones, armpits), pain is inevitable, especially in the first time. Special painkillers, for example, based on lidocaine, will help remove vegetation with an epilator without pain.
  • To prepare legs for the procedure, it is useful to make a light massage of the skin, for other places this technique works, but to a lesser extent.
  • The correct direction of the device is important during the procedure: the epalator must be moved strictly against hair growth. Thus, the hairs will break out, and not break around the root, and the hair removal will be much more effective. Compliance with this rule will prevent irritation and ingrown hair on the legs.
  • The length of the hair process should be at least 0.5 mm.
  • It is forbidden to remove the hair on the face with a regular epilator, for this it is better to purchase a laser device or a small photoepilator with ELOS technology. You can read about how to use a laser epilator in our article or watch videos.
  • You can not use moisturizers or lotions before epilating the selected area. Such cosmetics make the hairs too slippery, which is why the effectiveness of the device is several times reduced.
  • When hair removal, the area around moles, severe inflammations, irritations, burns should be avoided.

The manufacturer writes in the user manual about how to do the epilator properly by the epilator. It is important to observe all precautions, not to use the device in those skin areas where varicose veins or other vascular diseases are observed. Before you do hair removal, you should carefully familiarize yourself with all the information presented.

Contraindications and possible harm

The rules for using the epilator note several contraindications. Refuse to use the device is necessary:

possible, epilator, armpits
  • with varicose veins and vascular stars;
  • in the presence of wounds, abrasions, scratches and burns on the surface of the skin;
  • With numerous moles, papillomas and warts.

It is not recommended to use the device with increased skin sensitivity, especially if pain is almost not reduced even when using special gels and creams. Regular hair removal in this case will negatively affect the emotional state primarily. Strong skin irritations may occur. The constant use of painkillers is also a danger. Drugs can cause an allergic reaction or simply overdry the epidermis.

You can not use an electric device during pregnancy. Against the background of acceleration of blood circulation, a woman may increase the tone of the uterus. In the early and later stages of gestation, this situation often leads to a miscarriage or premature birth. The safest during pregnancy is a razor, and it is better to refuse the epilator and waxes.

Reviews of the best models

This small rating is based on the reviews of real users. So, we choose an epilator based on the possibilities of proven devices.

Rowenta Silence Soft EP5660

This model is equipped with a manufacturer with several technological innovations at once. The first is the innovative Silence system. She makes the epalator almost silent. This innovation was implemented in the form of a double case, the layers of which are sealed, which leads to the absorption of noise and vibration without their exit. If you compare with the devices of the same brand, but the previous generation, the difference is noticeable: Rowenta Silence Soft EP5660 is practically unable to hear.

possible, epilator, armpits

The second technology is a Micro-Contact Comfort, which provides a delicate effect on the skin, without irritation. For anesthesia, the device head is equipped with roller massagers.

The device is generous: the main nozzle has a floating head, there is a nozzle for peeling, shaving and a trimmer for grass. There is also a brush for the care of the device. Pinzets of patented geometry can capture a hair from 0.5 mm, in total there are 24 tweezers. The epalator has a backlight, 2 speed modes.

Braun 5780 Silk-Epil

This model has four nozzles in the kit. The main nozzle for 40 tweezers is designed using Close-Grip technology, which is aimed at capturing even super-short hairs. The point nozzle allows you to remove unit hairs, for example, on the face or gaps in other areas. There is also a nozzle trimmer for grass and a razor.

Braun 5780 Silk-Epil has a floating head, which is capable of passing as accurately as possible for any bend of the body. All nozzles can be washed from pollution. Nice bonuses will become a cooling mitten that helps anesthetize the epilation process, and the footbag-footcase. Also in the kit there is a brush for cleaning working nozzles.

Philips Satinelle HP 6420/00

The device from the popular Philips brand has a design not only attractive, but also ergonomic. Small, narrowed and rounded below the epalator is comfortable to hold in the hand. The nozzle in this epilator is disk. In one pass, it can remove up to 30 hairs. This accelerates and simplifies the procedure in general.

Philips Satinelle HP 6420/00 has two operating modes. The device is designed so that it can capture very short, thin blond hair and remove it with the subcutaneous part. The skin for a long time remains well.groomed, without vegetation on it. There is a brush for cleaning with an epilator. The device is intended exclusively for dry use.

Philips claims that this device is made taking into account the most stringent environmental norms.

Remington EP7020 Smooth Silky

This is a device from a reliable American brand, the name of which guarantees a certain quality. The working head of this model is under a small inclination, floating. Four nozzles are included with the epilator: the main one for hair removal is equipped with 40 tweezers, mesh for shaving, massage and special nozzles for working with sensitive areas. Nozzles can be washed in water. However, this epilator can only be used on dry skin.

Massage nozzle has a coating with scarlet faith. In the process of exposure, the skin calms down, inflammation from hair removal is removed, hair removal goes almost painlessly.

The epalator has two operating modes and convenient backlight, which does not allow to miss thin hairs. Non-Slip Tweezer allows you to remove very short hairs with a bulb.

  • good set of washing nozzles;
  • an ergonomic handle with an anti.slip coating;
  • massage nozzle with aloe vera;
  • backlight;
  • Stylish storage handbag in the kit.

Panasonic ES-ED70

Users called this model the best for caring for the bikini line. The manufacturer took care of the convenience of his customers: ES-ED70 has a mobile head and 4 nozzles in the kit. The main nozzle has 48 tweezers. In addition to it, a border guards, shaving nozzle with a removable crest, nozzle for delicate zones are included in the kit. Additionally, there is a brush for cleaning, protective caps and storage case.

This epalator can be used for wet hair removal, including foam. The model has 2 operating modes and light. Panasonic ES-ED70 is a wireless epilator operating from the battery. One charge is enough for 0.5 hours of work. You can restore the charge in just 1 hour.


I began to engage in such a procedure as depilation by an epilator since I had a Panasonic ES-Ed50-N. With the help of it, I remove the hairs not only on the legs, but also in the armpits. I used to do this with the help of a razor, once used cream, but it did not suit me, so it shaved for many years. After the epilator, the skin is reddened for some time, so this procedure is best done at night. By the way, when you carry out such a procedure for the first time, it hurts enough, then with subsequent procedures the pain is not like that, quite tolerant. Yes, and the hairs become less often and thinner, but if you start shaving again, they will become as before.I spend epilation a couple of times a week, it’s still better than shaving daily. And, as a result, the skin is smooth, without black dots.


http: // otzovik.COM/ReView_1034376.HTML

I used to have a razor in the armpits zone before. There is a long time ago, but I considered it an act of sadomasochism in other places except the legs. But recently I was tired of using a razor once a week and I decided to take a chance. Say that it hurts. nothing to say. Lidocaine slightly dulled in pain. About 15 minutes I managed with both armpits. The next time I needed a procedure after 2 weeks. At the same time, I noted that the hair has become thinner, less pronounced, and it has grown less.I will depict the armpits using the epilator further.


http: // otzovik.COM/ReView_633480.HTML

Nature awarded me thick, fast.growing, strong and healthy hair. Armpits. The results of wax depilation were more than arranged. But in the end, I found a number of minuses and began to look for a new way. They became laser hair removal. I have already done five or six procedures. So this is what I tell you: the hair is growing, but, firstly, there are few of them, secondly, they are weak and thin, thirdly growing more slowly. I recommend to everyone.


http: // IRECOMMEND.RU/Content/Komu-Lysuyu-PodMyshku-Zabud-O-Nenuzhnykh-Volosakh-Istoriya-Tom-Kak-Ya-Borolas-S-Hustym

My Armpit Routine for Clear Underarms

When a friend told me about laser hair removal, because this procedure with the required number of sessions can save my hair growth forever. I just caught fire to try this procedure!Still, it is simply unrealistic to get rid of hair growth in unwanted places, and never again resort to the help of a hated razor, from which I had irritation all my life. I signed up for the first laser epilation session. I decided to choose the zone as armpits. I thought: if everything goes smoothly, and I will like the result, then I will begin to process more extensive zones of unwanted hair.Today I have already five sessions behind me. Of course, this is not enough to get rid of hair growth completely but I hoped, and I have repeatedly told me, my friends and employees of the cabin, that five sessions should at least halve hair growth in the processed area. Yes, if hair growth has been reduced, only 15–20 percent, no more. Honestly, I was waiting for a more obvious result.


http: // IRECOMMEND.RU/Content/Pyat-Eansov-Lazernoi-Epilyatsii-Pozadi-STALI-LI-VOLOSY-KHOT-NEMNOGO-Menshe-Foto-I-Moii

Excessive hair growth in the armpits bothered me for a long time, I had to shave every other day. The hair was thick and black. Always dreamed of getting rid of them for good. I made armpits on the skin of 6 procedures. Every time it was very painful.Hair continues to grow, but not so dense.


http: // IRECOMMEND.ru/conte/Rasskazhu-Pro-Lazernuyu-EpilyatSiyu-Sosnovyas-Na-Sobstvenom-Opyte-Podmyshki-6-Protedur-B

To date, both depilation and armpit hair removal are familiar procedures for caring for their body for the vast majority of women. They are held regularly at home or in beauty salons. What method of struggle with excess vegetation in the armpits of the axillary depressions to give preference, every woman has to decide on his own. When choosing a method, it is advisable to analyze all the pros and cons of. A well.chosen method will allow you to effectively get rid of unwanted hair without the occurrence of unpleasant consequences.

Hello! My name is Xenia. IM 33 years old. I have been writing articles for online publications for more than three years. I am interested in different topics, but most of all I like the dedicated to beauty and health. Like most women, I am occupied by issues related to leaving for themselves, preserving youth, beauty and health. In articles I try to reveal the topic as much as possible, share my own experience and knowledge, so that the information is useful for readers. Therefore, cooperation with this publication for me is so interesting and important for me.

How the device works

Beginners often do not know what the epalator is and how to use it correctly. The epalator is a device that removes hair with a root, through the operation of several dozens of small tweezers. When the device is turned on, the tweezers begin to move with a given speed, capturing and tearing the hairs in the epilized zone.

Electro.axial allows you to get rid of unwanted hair for a long time, up to four weeks. The exact result will depend on the features of hair growth rate on the body of a woman.

  • simplicity of use;
  • universality (suitable for the legs, is used in the zone of bikini and armpits);
  • long.term result;
  • compactness;
  • Available cost.

You can choose an epilator for every taste and wallet. There are simple budget models with modest equipment, as well as multifunctional devices equipped with many nozzles, to make epilation of which almost painlessly.

How is the processing of the armpits zone

The disadvantages of the epilator are two. Firstly, the method is painful, and secondly, there is a risk of hair growing due to their removal. You can avoid ingrown hairs if you learn how to do the procedure correctly, but you have to endure the pain.

As a rule, pain is present only in the first two or three procedures, and then the skin gets used to. Particular discomfort is felt when switching from a regular razor or cream for depilation to use electroly.

Braun Silk.épil 7 Epa. 7181. review

Attention! This review contains information and conclusions made from personal use and not calling for an epilation procedure in any parts of the body.

Hello! Epalator or razor. or not one or the other. Or maybe resin, sugar or cream for depilation. Everyone chooses for himself where, how and what will delete “Extra hair”. And nature continues to prove to us that there is no “lichen hair” on the human body, making our struggle for the “bald future” endless! Still, not a single fiber is random.

  • “hairiness”. increased, by male type.
  • Hair growth rate. high in all areas.
  • hair color. from medium-rose on hand to chestnut and black on other.sites.
  • Hair thickness. Thin on the hands, thick and hard on others.sites.

Honestly, at first I was thinking about buying a photo epilator, t.to. There are very few positive reviews, but the price is high, I did not dare to buy such an apparatus.

I read a bunch of reviews, most fans found the new generation (Silk Epil) of Braun,

about 70%. Absolutely satisfied with the epilator,

These are the best indicators. If you compare manufacturers; or even Braun epilators between “outdated” models and a Silk Epil series with wireless use. Therefore, the question is: “What company will my first epalator be?”, for me was closed!

The next question that “tormented” my brain: “What modification to choose? With a bunch of nozzles? Will they come in handy? Or maybe with blades? Maybe with a brush for exfoliation?”And so on. They helped me to decide, again, the reviews of the girls! Many wrote that nozzles basically turn out to be useless and only increase the cost of the epilator! I followed this advice and bought “without bellows” Silk Epil 7 7181. What is very happy about!, He cost me 4850 !

Nozzle with massage wheels (very cool, I straight bastard, good massage is obtained!)))

Raising hairs. I don’t use it. maybe someday she will wait for her wings.

Cleaning brush. A very useful thing, napkins (they are idle), charging, instructions for use, storage bag (useful).

Equipped with a powerful built.in flashlight. Helps to see missed hairs a lot.

The epalator has 2 rotation speeds. Medium and high.

possible, epilator, armpits

6 epalator. Powerful, clamps the hairs well.

Can be used in the shower/in the bathroom. (I have never tried this function unnecessarily, I have never tried it).

The epalator itself is made of high.quality plastic, by the way it is made in Germany, which in itself pleases! Disassemble and assemble. easily!, without much effort.

SECTION 1. Stepping on the legs.

Description of the epilized hair: hard, medium density, long from 0.5 to 1 cm.

Sensations: quite painful, on a 10-point scale on 6-ku. Again, in different areas, the degree of pain Significant is different.

Consequences: redness and inflammation of the skin, burning sensation and numbness. The manifestation of red dots that completely disappear after 8-12 hours.



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