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Is it possible to use a water heater without grounding

Connection of a water heater without grounding

The water supply liquid is an excellent conductor, constantly in contact with the heater of the household appliance, regardless of the type (flow or accumulative). When the wires are fenced off, the destruction of the body of the heating element of the water contact with electricity, it is not possible to avoid electricity. Contact with the metal body of the boiler or contact with a stream of water from a faulty device is inevitably accompanied by an electric blow. Due to the fact that it is impossible to get out of the bathroom or shower-the exposure of the current becomes fatal. One of the effective ways to reduce the negative effect (in conjunction with the installation of protective equipment) is the grounding of the water heater.

Protection should always be without exception on security rules.

Grounding consists in organizing an additional wire or metallic equipment, the output into the soil of the current going through the body of the device in case of insulation violation.

Whether it is necessary to ground a flowing water heater

Prognate water heaters are non.storage (individual). these are small devices without the function of storing and accumulating water, there is no tank. The devices are small, compact, in the form of a box with nozzles and a control unit inside there can be a small vessel, segment, but only to heating running water properly.

Conditionally, the varieties of running devices include water heaters to the crane, as well as mixers, into which the electric heater was initially mounted. Often such devices are installed directly on the pipes near the washbasin.

The mandatory grounding of running boilers applies to fully, since there is a heater inside and there is also a risk of insulation violation. Devices, despite small sizes, have greater power (8. 13, 18 kW), can provide 3-4 water.cleansing points, are connected to individual power lines.

The running device is attached closer than other types of water equipment, in front of the parsing point, directly on the pipes to the tap, you can get a blow when opening the mixer, or using water from it.

Is it necessary to ground a storage boiler

Boilers with a water storage function, these are big tanks.

accumulative boilers of larger sizes than in flowing versions, some models are equipped with two heaters. The risk of negative consequences when contacting parts conducting current with a water heater housing is higher. Grounding is standardly mandatory, implied by default, however, as for all other types of electric electric heaters.

Boilers of indirect heating They can also be equipped with heating plants, in addition, they are supplied with recirculation pumps, so the described applies to the BKN in full.

Can you use without grounding

Connecting a hotel boiler to an electric network without grounding may not affect the whole on performance, but this is a violation of safety rules. There is a risk of current shock up to death.

When operating without protection, it is impossible to get warranty service. Therefore, grounding is prescribed by all safety and connection instructions.

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It is recommended to put the tank (under the ceiling, at a distance from the bath), where there is an accidental touch to the body, for example, while taking a soul, impossible.

The stages of grounding work

Regardless of the manufacturer’s company and the device model, the connection instructions contain a recommendation, if necessary, ground the device.

Grounding. a set of interconnected tasks. The preparatory stage is no less important than its very production.


The production of any electrical installation works involves the presence of appropriate construction equipment. A generalized list of necessary materials and building tools for organizing a boiler protective device:

At the preparatory stage, the specialist evaluate the electrical wiring of the object (the cable must have the corresponding section), the suitable material of the grounding conductors and the form of their location are determined.

Important! Regardless of the selected material, the elements of the circuit should be located at a distance of at least three meters. When choosing metal pins as grounding men, you can give the grounding contour the shape of a triangle (equilateral).

The completion of the preparatory stage of the work is the assembly of the grounding circuit.

Collection of the circuit

The most common elements of grounding devices are pin grounding heaters, which are interconnected in the circuit using welding. This option is optimal for grounding a boiler in a private house or in the country.

The choice of the material of the grounding conductor and the principle of the entire grounding process is affected by the construction component of the facility (private house, apartment or cottage). The apartment is grounding a water heater somewhat different.

Lack of grounding and potential risks

The main role of grounding is the discharge of the accumulated category. It always accumulates, water heaters are always in contact with water, their insulation is often covered with steam, and in general the device works with high my temperatures and capacities. The accumulated charge during discharge into a person can lead to burns, injuries, fires and fatal outcome, and if the network is old, then he can “shoot” not only in your apartment, but also in the neighboring.

The tanks and pipes inside the electric water heaters are made of “stainless steel”, it, being durable material, has a weak side. susceptibility to wandering currents. These “parasites” are systematically destroyed by the integrity of the tank, and microscopic gaps in the tank will eventually lead to leaks and from a solid shock, even vaunted protection of modern boilers will not save.

If you notice this problem in time, then the boiler can simply be thrown away, before the critical consequences on the onset of. But regularly throwing out an expensive boiler is a strange approach, because it is cheaper to make grounding once and save home appliances.

90% of residential buildings were erected in the last century, both in private and apartment buildings of that time grounding was not provided at all.

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It is possible to ground a water heater without construction work on the installation of the circuit in apartment buildings of a new building (since 1998). In housing built on old GOSTs, you will have to make changes to the wiring, install protective shutdown devices (RCD) or differential machines. In private houses, an installation of a grounding circuit is provided.

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Grounding installation circuit: square and triangle

In addition to protective action during an electric strike from an electric heater, the grounding circuit in a private house performs the functions of maintaining the performance of other electrical appliances used. The function of alignment of potentials is important (they are mistakenly called “wandering currents” in publications), which will protect against damage while a person’s touching two electrical appliances or with possible “current leaks” or dishwasher machines.

Correct connection of the boiler with the drive in the bathroom

The hulls of most storage boilers are made from sheet metal. In places of use of water, this is an additional electrical danger. The lesion of the current from such devices can occur in two cases:

To reduce the danger, they try to install the boiler in a place where the shower is excluded when taking the soul (under the ceiling, at a sufficient distance from the bath).

Put the boilers from individual protection machines.

Review of the best water heaters

Before purchasing a water heater, think through all the nuances of its use and select the most suitable.

Running water heaters warm the flow of water instantly, but only if one crane is open. If there are several cranes, the water will not have time to warm up. Protopotal water heaters are more suitable for private houses, since they consume a lot of energy and they need to organize a special wiring for them. In the apartment, this can not always be done.

The most popular are storage water heaters due to low energy consumption and large volume of heated water. It is not necessary for him to connect a separate cable. The volume of a boiler of 10-15 liters is suitable for washing and washing dishes. A 30 liter boiler is suitable for a lonely person. For a family of two people, you need a boiler with a volume of 50-80 liters, and for a family of 4 people. 50-100 liters.

Independent grounding of the water heater

When it comes to security, it is more reliable to do work yourself. over, depending on the place of installation of the boiler, the methods of security are slightly different.

    How to ground a water heater in a country house or in a private house? Regardless of whether the room is equipped with a standard “Earth” bus or not, to connect it to the electrical appliance will not be difficult. The soil is literally underfoot. You need to choose in the courtyard a place where earthwork will not be carried out in the future, and set the ground circuit. Dig a triangle with a side of 1 meter along the contour, score steel pipes (corners profiles) in the corners and connect them with each other using welding.

You will get a real protective ground that you use not only to protect against the boiler, but for the entire home. It looks like this: it looks like this:

Next, we start a conductor into the house, organize a shield with a terminal block for grounding electrical appliances. First of all, we pull the wire to the outlet into which the heater will be connected. If the case has a separate contact for the “Earth”. we connect it and its. In addition, the boiler must be connected through the RCD. After a protective shutdown device, an ordinary automatic machine is mounted, with a power current smaller than an introductory machine at the entrance to the house.

However, with such an organization of the “land” you should adhere to an important rule: when the boiler is warming up, you do not use it. After heating, disconnect it from the power (automatically, or pulling it out of the outlet), and you can climb into the bath.

If this method is also impossible, refuse to install a boiler. The water heater is included without grounding is unacceptable!

Stages of work

Before starting work, you need to prepare the following tools and materials:

  • Metal pin (3 pcs.): diameter. 1.6 cm, length 150 cm;
  • Steel wire: diameter. 0.6 cm;
  • Bolt (M10) with washer and nut. several pieces;
  • drill (peorator);
  • A drill with a winning tip: diameter. 0.8 cm;
  • inverter welding equipment;
  • machine for hiring parts;
  • a hammer;
  • set of wrenches.

⚡Non Grounded Electric ��Water Heater could cause �� SHOCK HAZARD!

Before grounding the water heater in the apartment, the device case should be inspected. As a rule, in the configuration to electric boilers there is a set: fork, nuts and studs with washers. It is necessary to check the electric network coming from the distribution shield located on the floor: all metal parts must be attached to the grounding system. After that, you can install a socket equipped with a grounding element. Then the cable is laid from the shield to the outlet. Copper cores in the three.wire wire should have a diameter of 1.5 mm. It is advisable to make a hidden cable laying, for this you need to pre.last walls or floor. If for some reason the wire cannot be hidden, then it can be pulled out in a special plastic gutter. The veins, at both ends of the cable, are disconnected for connecting to the terminals of the distributor and sockets.

When connecting the wire to the outlet, it is necessary to observe the color of the connected elements. That is, cable posts, must coincide in color with a wiring of a socket. Conductors connected to the distribution device are fixed using a special bolt. After all the connections are made, you should turn on the automation of the distributor and check the functionality of the outlet using the voltage indicator.

Grounding a water heater in an apartment equipped with a protection system is performed by connecting the wire to a special terminal located on a boiler.

How to connect a shower water heater without grounding

If the water heater does not have a terminal in its design for connecting the Earth, then water can only be turned on after de.energizing the device.

To use the water heater without “pulling out of the outlet”, a protective shutdown (RCD) or an automatic machine (differential) is installed.

Without going into the particular design of the devices, the principle of operation can be described so.

RCD (difavtomat) are connected by one contacts to the supply network, and on the other hand, the wires of the device-consumer are included.

The current from the phase through the heating element is returned to zero of the RCD, on any section of the closed circuit it is the same. If there is a leak in the circuit. in our case, through the human body to the ground. then the current at the location of zero will decrease, compared with the phase. RCD captures the difference and turns off both power wires. For guaranteed protection from damage, the characteristic of the nominal disconnective current of the RCD should be 30 mA. The parameter is indicated in the Passport of the RCD and on the case with the inscription “Iath 30ma”.

In some cases, you can organize grounding in houses with two.wire wiring yourself. To do this, an additional isolated one.core wire is laid from a floor shield to the apartment to the outlet, to which the flow heater is connected. The end of the wire connected to the tire in the shield is equipped with a tip, and to the outlet is enclosed. The outlet is changed to the model with the third, grounding, contact. In any case, the inclusion in the consumer chain of the RCD will never be superfluous.

possible, water, heater, grounding

Work and protective zeros are necessarily connected to different tires in an electric distribution shield. If there are doubts about the correct determination of the purpose of the tire, they turn to the electrician ZhEU.

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Popular reasons for the operation

Since any technique cannot serve forever, it must be periodically checked for faults. This is especially true for electrical appliances. In this case, check whether the RCD on the water heater will work, it is necessary about once a month. You can do this when pressing the “Test” button, which creates a controlled current situation in the device and if the device is regular, it automatically turns off.

Situations when it knocks an RCD periodically happen and there can be many reasons for this, but the most common relate to:

possible, water, heater, grounding
  • Damage to the insulating layer of a tubular electric heater. This occurs during the operation of the water heater, electric current, water and high temperature begin to gradually destroy the insulation of the heating element and the water begins to contact directly with electrical conductive parts. To check the tubular electric heater, it is enough to extract it from the boiler tank, clean it from scale and conduct a thorough inspection. If there are small cracks on its surface, then the insulating layer has become unusable and the heater must be replaced.
  • Current leakage. This can be caused by several reasons. For example, the boiler is connected to the old electrical wiring, the insulation of which has deteriorated over time and a short circuit occurs due to the exposure of the wires. Either when installing other devices or furniture elements mechanically (nail or dowel), the integrity of the insulating wiring coating was damaged. The reason may also be a poor.quality or erroneous connection of the RCD.
  • Closing bare wiring on the water heater case. If in a boiler without grounding a bare wire begins to contact the case, this can lead to the fact that the machine will constantly operate, and also increases the risk of an electric shock.
  • RCD is chosen not in accordance with the requirements of power and voltage. In this case, when the water heater is turned on, the RCD can periodically work, since it will not cope with the loads.
  • Malfunction of the protective shutdown device itself. The trigger could be worn out and with the slightest vibration may turn off. Or the test button began to sink.

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