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Is it possible to use a scratched multicooker bowl

Cup for a multicooker scratch

I can not be placed with the choice of multicooker, both firms of multiplex, maybe someone has one of them or was, maybe someone is familiar with this is the first, I don’t know what to pay attention to, tell me what is important for the multicooker? 1) Type of multicooker-skirrino types of programs Own recipe, steamed, baby food, warming up, languishing, stewing, frying, baking, yogurt, jam, legumes, pasta, rice, pilaf, soup / borsch / ear, porridge, milk porridge. high pressure the number of programs 33 (25 manual) Additional desserts, oatmeal, pizza, hot type of coating of the bowl anti.stick, ceramic functions preparation under pressure, preservation of the dish hot, multi.poll, delay in starting (time.

Generally gave me my sister multicooker.They don’t look in the gingerbread horse in the teeth.but still.I read here.that Polyaris is oh.I am sitting in disorder.I have long dreamed of a slow cooker.Yes, there was no way to buy.And here I have it.But I’m not fun.Who used the gumber garbage? Here it is a description of Polaris RMS 0506 Technical characteristics-Power: 860 W-volume of bowls: 5 l-LCD-display-modes: cooking/stew/steam/warming up-case: heat-insulated-microprocessor control-body material: stainless steel-color: white: white Features. 3D technology (uniform heating of food from all sides). 6 pre.installed programs: meat, meat on bones, soup, rice, porridge, legumes.

I want to buy a slow cooker for myself and the child. Tell me who has one or some other. How it is for you, as a program and cooking and how much they cost. POLARIS PMC 0512ADHARARIS POLARIS POLARIS PMC 0512AD multicooker.capacity: 5 l.Power: 860 W.Multifunctional display12 preparation programs-2-layer anti-stick covering of the internal bowl of Whitford (durable, resistant to scratches, safe for health).3D heating technology (uniform heating of food from all sides).Defense timer up to 24 hours (allows you to cook food for the appointed time).maintenance of a temperature of 24 hours.The tightness of the bowl provides safety.

Yesterday my next dream came true, we bought a slow cooker. I studied this creation for a long time, studied forums and opinions. The criteria of my choice was: the volume of 5 liters (the family is large), good power, at least 700, I did not want a completely super trumped.out bullet and not overpay for the name, the minimum required number of programs. There were several specific options for models, and in the end I took a completely different in the store. I do not regret at all, I tried it yesterday. First, the simplest potato boiled and steamed cutlets, her husband and Dasha were checked out. In the evening I prepared spaghetti “Nights of Venice” separate thanks to Linde for the recipe, did not exactly the same, but with her changes, there was pork and tomatoes in.

Anti.stick cuping safety of multicooker bowls

Recently, we began to get more and more questions from beginners and experienced “multicar” regarding the safety of their beloved kitchen assistant. which is better covering the multicooker bowl. And this is not surprising: we all worry about our own well.being, and even more about the health of our loved ones and relatives. If we are talking about the health of our children (and the slow cooker, you see, is very convenient for the preparation of “children’s” dishes), then you need to approach the choice of quality dishes with all responsibility.

Streams of conflicting information confirming or refuting the harm of anti.stick coatings, we are “treated” with the media daily. And manufacturers of household appliances tirelessly give us new and new portions of advertisements that convinces us to buy this particular, “Simple” safe multicooker. Frankly, to figure out all this unprepared consumer is not easy.

Therefore, we have collected for you some information regarding the coating of most cups multicoarc.

Anti-stick cover is any specialized coating of dishes (in our case of multicooker bowls), regardless of the chemical composition and manufacturer, which has certain properties: it has very low surface tension and low adhesion (speaking, it is “slippery”) and not It is wetted by neither water nor fats. accordingly, it does not allow food to pester the walls of the dishes. In English sources, it is designated as “non-stick”.

It so happened (and aggressive advertising played a significant role) that for our consumer the term “Teflon coating“Has become a synonym for anti.stick, but this is not entirely true, since the term” Teflon “means a well.defined composition, patented by Dupont Corporation, the basis of which is a polymer of tetraftoroethylene (PTFE, or in the English.language abbreviation PTFE). Other manufacturers produce their “anti.stick” dishes with other “commercial names” of protective coatings: Tefal (French manufacturer “Tefal”), Diamond Best (“Woll”, Germany), Hostaflon (“Akzonobel”, the Netherlands), domestic “steam “Adglast”. However, PTFE is part of all traditional anti.stick coatings without exception, regardless of the “brand” name that manufacturers use.

Immediately note: “”Politetraforoethylene“(PTFE) is the scientific name of this polymer. In Russia, it is more often used by its usual time from the time of the USSR The technical name “fluoroplast”. What do we know about this substance? PTFE is actively used in medicine to create cardiac stimulants and artificial blood vessels, in surgery, ophthalmology and dentistry. It is inert, does not enter into chemical reactions with acids, alkalis and solvents, and remains intact in the temperature range.70 to 260 ° C. Even if the particles of Teflon (from the damaged “to rags” of the coating) fell into the stomach, this substance is not digested and does not decompose, but simply excreted from the body naturally. In a word, in the indicated temperature range, this is one of the most safe substances for the human body that you can imagine.

However, recently, some experts have not been claimed by PTFE itself, but another component used in the production of Teflon. blood acid (PFOC, or in the English version of PFOA).

We will also dwell on it in more detail: for this, the substance really demonstrated (in experiments on laboratory animals) the oncogenic effect, as well as an increase in the risk of obesity and problems with the pancreas and insulin exchange.

However, whether there is actually blood acid in the finished coating? It is proved that this substance breaks up in the temperature range from 190 to 250 ° C. But the fact is that the process of sintering (compounds) of the anti.stick coating with the aluminum base of the pan occurs at much higher temperatures. about 420 ° C. So the production technology itself excludes the presence of this substance in the anti.stick coating. We also note that some manufacturers declare the refusal of the use of feather acid in the production of anti.stick coatings. but we will not exclude the marketing “intent” here, and there is no guarantee that the chemical compounds replaced it 100% are deprived of any toxic properties.

However, a particularly attentive and incredulous buyer may ask: is it possible to have residual quantities of pedoctanic acid in the Teflon (and similar substances)? And what will happen if the multicooker bowl is heated above 260 ° C. after all, in this case, the anti.produced layer will begin to collapse?

Theoretically, the residual amounts of PFOA can remain in the coating, however, firstly, there will still be many hundred times less than it is necessary for toxic effects on the body, and secondly, in order to release them, the coating should collapse.

As we have already found out, to destroy this coating, it is necessary to heat it to at least 260 ° C.

However, here the current and future owners of the multicoiks can be completely calm: no multico car modes provide for heating over 172 ° C. any heater is equipped with a smooth fuse, which simply burns out when the specified temperature reaches, blurring an electric circuit! Multicular manufacturers made sure that the device did not allow the heating of the bowl even up to 173 ° C. so heating to the “dangerous threshold” at 260 ° C is physically impossible.

So if the same frying pans with anti.stick coating still have an actual possibility of damage to the coating (for example, if you leave an empty pan on the stove for a long time), then the multicooker bowl without exaggeration is completely safe in this regard.

So, dear owners and buyers of multicoars, enjoy the preparation of your favorite dishes in this convenient and functional device. I hope we managed to convince you of its safety.

Gas stove

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The defective bowl of the slow cooker will come in handy for you

Do not rush to throw away the old defective bowl of multicooker, in which the protective Teflon or ceramic layer has become unusable. It will still serve you for many years as the second, but it will be used to prepare specific dishes.

The bowl will really come in handy for the preparation of meat or fish in foil (now it is not scary to spoil the Teflon layer) and any other dish requiring it in foil. In this case, you need to pour a little hot water into the bowl (why is water needed. Read below). You can also use it, for example, to warm up a ready.made dish in a pot. put in a multicooker bowl and chose the desired mode. You can, of course, warm up the pot and in the oven. But if you have a gas. then you, together with the pot, “warm up” and the kitchen (we do not use the microwave).

Specific recommendations (from my wife) if you just want to warm something in a pot, bowl or a cup and you are not limited in waiting time. Put the “heating” mode (temperature 60-80 degrees). If you need to quickly and hard to heat something in a pot, bowl or cup. Put the “double boiler” mode (temperature of 105 degrees), but pour the third part of a glass of hot water from under the tap on the bottom of the bowl. If you need to heat even faster and stronger, then you need to warm up in the “Frying” mode (130 degrees). At the same time, you also need to pour a little water into the multicooker bowl.

What is water for? Firstly, so that the slow cooker does not automatically turn off, “realizing” that something is happening wrong. Secondly: heating occurs faster, because it goes not only from the bottom, but also from a couple of evaporated water. voluminous heating. Thirdly, so that there is no unpleasant smell. Although they write that Teflon begins to decompose at 250 degrees, an experiment on heating an empty multicooker bowl in the “Frying” mode (which is 130 degrees) revealed the appearance of an unpleasant odor. So. heat only with water! Ideally, it would be nice to completely completely remove the Teflon coating, but this is a rather time.consuming operation.

Tips personally from me when I am at home, I like to eat between meals (pizza, chebureks, echpochmak, permiece, pies, cheesecakes, etc.P.), and naturally, I want to eat them hot, so for convenience I again use the old multicooker bowl. You can, of course, use the standard multicooker bowl to the heating of the listed snacks, but you yourself know how it is then uncomfortable to wash compared to the plate. Therefore, at the bottom of the old multicooker bowl, I put a flat plate that is perfect in the inner diameter of the bowl, and put a snack for heating on a plate.

DENIAL OF RESPONSIBILITY. In this information article, I listed the actions that I performed with my cup of multicooker and with my multicooker. You may not accept the above information or accept at your own peril and risk, this is your choice. I do not bear any responsibility for your actions with your cup of multicooker and with your multicooker.

What are the bowls?

The bowl can be considered the most important element of the multicooker, since it is in it that food is prepared. So that the food is safe and you can cook lunch for the whole family, you need to choose a bowl with a high.quality coating and the necessary volume.

Multicooker with cups without covering, t. e. aluminum are considered eco bowls. The cost of such multicoars is much lower than that of anti.stick instruments. In such bowls you can stew, cook, fry. They can be cleaned with metal brushes, scratch with forks and shoulder blades.

Ceramic coating bowls are increasingly gaining popularity. Ceramics is environmentally friendly, safe and durable material. In the process of cooking in a bowl with ceramic coating, very little oil is needed. this is another plus. Food prepared in a bowl with ceramic coating is useful, since ceramics does not enter into reaction with products, all the beneficial properties of products are preserved in ceramic bowls. A significant minus of these bowls is their fragility. Ceramics in no case should be touched by metal, for cooking, together with a slow cooker, you need to purchase plastic blades and spoons.

And finally the bowls with Teflon coating. Teflon is also anti.stick material. Many believe that the teflon coating is dangerous. Is it very difficult to say so is it very difficult. Teflon cannot be heated to high temperature, otherwise it becomes dangerous. But a good multicooker will never warm the bowl to the above temperature. Teflon is also afraid of contact with metal, it is easy to damage it with metal blades. Remember to use a bowl with a damaged Teflon coating is categorically impossible.

Instant Pot vs Crock Pot: Which Should You Buy

The main number of buyers gives its preference to curamic coating bowls, but the choice always remains for you.

What temperature should be in a slow cooker when extinguishing?

Features of the “Extinguishing” program: the default preparation time is 60 or 120 minutes; Heating temperature: 93 ° C (can vary from 90 to 95 ° C in different models); Cooking only with a closed lid.

It’s no secret that in a slow cooker you can cook almost any dish, and most of them will be tastier than dishes cooked on the stove. The baking is no exception, which in the slow cooker is magnificent and more tender. over, the assortment of baking, which can be baked in a miracle, is quite large and not limited to pies and cupcakes. Biscuits, casseroles, buns, cookies and even Easter cakes.

The multicooker creates simply ideal conditions for baking all kinds of casseroles, open pies, biscuits, cheesecakes, cupcakes and puddings. The process of baking in a slow cooker occurs at a lower temperature, more uniform heating and quite high humidity. All this contributes to the fact that the baking rises well, remains tender and does not overdose.

Baking from the multicooker has a lot of advantages, but the only lack of brown, t, in my opinion, is the only disadvantage.to. There is no heating element on the lid. The top of the pastries can remain almost white or light cream, which may encourage the idea that the product has not baked. An ordinary wooden skewer will come to the rescue. Having pierced the product with it, you can understand whether the baking is ready (the dough should not stick to the skewer).

And the light top can always be hidden with glaze, berries and fruits or ordinary sugar powder.

If the ruddy crust is important and necessary, then the pie or cupcake can simply be turned upside down, or turn over and tuck a little on the other side.

Crock Pot CPE300 Express Crock XL Multi Cooker

In a slow cooker, you can make pancakes, pancakes and cheesecakes, most importantly, adopt them to turn them over.

Mechanical steamer steamer.

The simplest, familiar to everyone from Soviet times. Unfortunately, I did not have a “Soviet” steamer, so I bought this in Ikea. It is glossy, costs about 300. But perfect for my purposes, protect meat from handling.

The pen in the center is not particularly needed, you can take any model of a double double boiler

At the same time, to create pressure, I pour half a glass of water to the bottom (to the “legs”), the water level does not reach the mesh, allowing pieces of chicken to stew in my marinade-sous.

I want to say that at the same time, sometimes the marinade is strongly attacked to the mesh (the chicken itself does not stick), but the cleaning of the steamer-jacket after cooking began to occupy a very indecent time. Then it occurred to me the idea to pre.place pieces of chicken in the sleeve, and only after placing on the “petal” to cut on top to exit steam. So that the chicken is stewed in its own juice, but not really boiled.

And juice with marinade remains inside the sleeve, washing everything is easier. But if there are no sleeves at hand, then in principle, you can do without it. And you can probably do without a sleeve without a steamer-shell-but in this case you will always be dependent on the presence of a baking sleeve in the house, and I love independence. If necessary, I will divert and scrapp, the main thing is that the product comes out good.

In total, you need to soak a grid-wrapper for a while, and then go through a brush, which is available in almost every household. In general, the sleeve is more for those who are more expensive than the consumable in the form of a sleeve.

How I now cook pilaf. Almost the same as always, only I take an additional large carrot. I cut it with thin slices and lay out the bottom of the old bowl them. On top I spread a layer of meat with onions (yes, now I have to fry the meat for pilaf in a pan, and before I fry it straight in the bowl), then rice (carrots are still put on a straw, as before) and put on the corresponding mode.

Who does not know: it is in the pressure cooker that the liquid for pilaf goes 1 to 1, because the pan is closed, cooks under pressure and the water does not boil, as in the case of ordinary cooking on the stove or simple multicooker without pressure.

After the pilaf is ready and the pressure is discarded, I mix well everything with a silicone spatula and let the pilaf brew. What happens to carrot slots at the bottom during cooking? But they, unlike rice, do not have time to burn. But at the same time, of course, they are very hard and then mixed with pilaf when mixed, not at all deteriorating its taste or appearance. The main thing is how to work with a spatula, poke the bottom with the end of the scapula, imagining that you will “chop” this carrot at the bottom into small pieces. Nothing complicated.

Diary of the group “Multicar. Miracle board for good and health!”:

You can cook, nothing terrible will not happen, and I met spare pots, but their choice is not rich (in the sense of models)

What can be? scratches are more affecting the adhesion of products, but in my way they formed several, and cooks perfectly, like the new one was.

If the goods were without defects (for which briefings are actually arranged), then the problem arose due to the fault of the buyer (not factory, not store) and what the law says about this situation?

I’m generally in shock. installed some kind of grill grill (it is all metal!) and immediately took out. and plus a couple more scratches. I’m enough right now!

can be exchanged, do not use. My friend and I bought yogurts, brought home, did not open it and. She had a top cover with a crack, a whole box. exchanged

For Redmond I bought a spare ceramic bowl for five liters. But she approaches the multicooker polaris, and I think to many. In our hypermarket “Real” is constantly sold.

And if the manufacturer writes that the bowl is suitable for certain models, and there is no mine in the list (Sori, I’m in these matters 0)

In general, this bowl in the store was declared as shift to the models of Redmond. I measured at home in my second cartoon “Polyaris”. One to one. In any case, you can always clarify with consultants in the hall, are there any restrictions on models.

There are bowls on sale with ceramic coating, I bought myself just in case, and now I often use both at once, I make a roast in one, and I cook it in the other soup.

I already shrugged my bowls myself either with leaves or something else. no one is sick, the taste has not changed the bowls of spare. Look at the Multivarka website.Pro, I bought it myself, pleased with the quality.

depending on how deep the scratch. Try to call the store and explain the situation. The main thing is not to pull. likely that you will not be dumped all the blame.

I also consider harm not what. But if there is an opportunity and desire.-It is necessary to change ! And we have no spare spots in stores ! I would also buy.-Without hesitation ! She took off one. I put another !Great !

Be sure to exchange. After checking in the store, they had to pack everything properly. So this is their fault.

possible, scratched, multicooker, bowl

If the bowl is scratched, then there will be harm, because the metal under the coating under the influence of products will be oxidized and oxidation products will penetrate the food. As a rule, metals used for coating are unsuitable for direct contact with food. And the fact that you do not feel extraneous taste and smell. Of course, there will be no instant poisoning, but the constant intake of oxides of various metals is also not useful.

Anti.stick and Teflon bowls

Teflon is an excellent material that will protect your capacity from handling. However, it is extremely easily scratched, so it needs to be carefully treated. Experts say that even if you use only plastic devices when working with Teflons. still in a few years you will notice certain traces and roughness on it. Therefore, often such devices are equipped with accessories in the form of silicone devices. tablespoons, blades, lapels. Using them, you minimize the possibility of damage to the bowl.

Anti.stick coating. a little more durable than Teflon. But it can also be damaged by inaccurate use, so the rules applicable to Teflon also spread here.

Yakshcho Vee knew the pardon, be caressed, to see the fragment to the text of it to rub Ctrlenter.



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