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Is it possible to use a microwave instead of an oven

Mini-patch or microwave-which is better and how they differ in 2022?

It may seem to the user inexperienced in household appliances that there are not so many differences between the microwave and the mini-stove (otherwise called a roster or mini-spiritual): they are really similar externally, compact and suitable for cooking dishes. However, in addition to the main difference. the presence of a full.fledged heating mode. these two devices have a whole list of distinctive features that should be taken into account before buying. In this article, we will try to answer the question reasonedly: what is better-a mini-patch or microwave in 2022?

The main thing to remember to the buyer: despite its compact size, a mini-patch is a real oven. Most often it is bought in cases where it is not possible to install a full-fledged plate with the oven in the kitchen-for example, due to limited space.

Thus, Roster is used for baking, frying to crispy crust and extinguishing dishes, which are subjected to intensive heat treatment using quartz or heat (tubular) heater. Simply, then the products in the chamber are baked under the influence of external heat: the heat from the heating element or streams of hot air (in case of convection). A list of recipes that you can master, having a mini-pitch in the kitchen, much longer and more diverse than in the case of a microwave.

It is expected that the temperature range in desktop ovens is much larger: this indicator varies from 40 ° C to 250 ° C, while in the case of a microwave oven, it depends directly on the power level and is often limited to 100 ° C. Among the advantages of rosters also indicate the economical consumption of electricity, but this applies only to modern models equipped with a quartz heater. Such devices really consume less electricity, while providing quick and uniform heating.

Another important point that distinguishes the desktop oven is the lack of radiation of electromagnetic waves. Thanks to this, any heat.resistant dishes, even metal, which cannot be done in the case of a microwave, can be put in a working chamber of a roster.

However, the mini-stove has disadvantages. Despite the fact that if there is a dexterity in it, you can try to heat or defrost the products, this is not included in the main functionality of the Roster: for example, there is a risk of accidentally fry the defrosted meat. In addition, if you do not plan to cook full.fledged dishes, then it makes no sense to buy a desktop oven. with the preparation of hot sandwiches or simple desserts (like a mug in a circle), any microwave model will cope.

  • is a compact replacement for a full.fledged oven;
  • Better suitable for cooking dishes with crisp and pastries than microwave;
  • a larger range of temperatures;
  • economical energy consumption due to the size and specifics of the heating system;
  • lack of radiation;
  • can be prepared in any dish resistant to high temperatures.

Types of Oven for Kitchen | Oven vs Microwave

To better illustrate the characteristics described above, below we will give several models of mini-attengies of 2022.

Good models of mini-stoves

This model clearly demonstrates the temperature range of desktop ovens: for example, here the minimum and maximum heating rates are 100 ° C and 250 ° C, respectively, with the possibility of accurate configuration. Which is convenient: even a spin can be installed in this furnace. with the microwave, this will definitely not be possible.

Volume 30 l
Power 1600 watts
Functions and opportunities grill, spin, timer, automatic shutdown
Control rotary switches
Dimensions (VHShHG) 29.8x50x31.2 cm
Price, ₽ 5 990. 6 299

On the example of this model, you can see how rich a set of functions is equipped with modern Rosters. As in the microwave, in this furnace there is a defrosting mode and programmed recipes for auto preparation.

Volume 23 l
Power 1700 watts
Functions and opportunities grill, convection, spin, timer, automatic shutdown
Control clock/button
Dimensions (VHShHG) 37.5x42x39 cm
Price, ₽ 11 290. 11 299

A large oven for as much as 32 liters with upper, lower and combined heating, which allows you to easily prepare both fragrant pastries in it and large portions of meat dishes for the whole family. The maximum temperature reaches 320 ° C.

possible, microwave, oven
Volume 37 l
Power 1300 W / 2 × 650 W
Functions and opportunities grill, timer, automatic shutdown
Control rotary switches
Price, ₽ 4 410. 5 926

Model with a capacity of 35 liters and a temperature range of up to 230 ° C, but at the same time with a gentle power consumption (only 1.30 kW).

Volume 35 l
Power 1300 watts
Functions and opportunities grill, timer, automatic shutdown
Control rotary switches
Dimensions (VHShHG) 30x50x36 cm
Price, ₽ 4 890. 5 790

A small roster of 18 liters, which is suitable for the preparation of hot sandwiches for breakfast, and if necessary, replace the microwave in terms of warming up. There are functions of the upper and lower grill, as well as the ability to combine them. Maximum temperature. 230 ° C.


The most obvious solution that comes to mind is the replacement of a full-size oven with a compact individual mini-stroke.

Such a decision has several obvious advantages: a mini-flower (as the name) takes less space. In addition, if necessary, it can be removed for long.term storage in the box and removed only as needed (that is, in the kitchen it is not necessary to allocate time for constant placement of another device). The most compact models barely exceed the dimensions of a conventional microwave. And at a price, such a device will be much cheaper than the oven.

The key minus of such devices is again compactness (reduced volume of the working chamber), as well as the fact that such mini-stoves consume a lot of electricity (this will be relevant for owners of gas ovens). Some difficulties may occur with cleaning such devices: modes for automatic cleaning of the working chamber are usually not provided here, and the materials used are often easily dirty.

Another potential disadvantage (to find out about which you can only start using the device) can be a high temperature of external elements (case, doors, handle, etc. P.). Unfortunately, the heat-eating in such mini-stoves often suffers, and therefore, the case or door can heat up to fairly high temperatures (sometimes you can even burn about them).

In most cases, mini-strokes are equipped with a standard set of accessories-we’ll enjoy (or pair), a metal grill, as well as a skewer and a grasp (if the device has a motor for rotation of the vertebra).

This accessory will be useful for lovers of chicken-grille and similar dishes.

Mini-follow-ups have two heating elements (upper and lower), which, as a rule, can be tuned independently of each other. The convection and rotation modes of the vertel are also turned on and disconnected independently, which gives the user wide opportunities to configure the suitable regime.

Standard type of internal chamber mini-follow

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As we see, the dimensions of the camera are not too large, but they are quite enough for baking not too large cake, as well as cookies, croissants and similar sweet products.

In general, if it is supposed to be prepared for one or two people or if it is actually important in the kitchen to save every centimeter of useful space, then such a solution can be an excellent replacement for the oven.

Mini-fucker Redmond RO-5704: Compact oven with convection, sovereign and lighting

The power of such mini-packs, as a rule, is from 800-100 for younger models to 1600-1800 watts for senior. Based on these numbers, you can quite easily imagine what certain models will be capable of: less powerful are better suited for cooking hot sandwiches, and if you are going to regularly cook chicken or large pieces of meat, it is better to pay attention to the furnace with higher power (It will be unreasonable to save here).

Six miniature cupcakes are the spaciousness limit of some models


Electric mini-fucked bbk oE5562MC. This oven with a microwave holds up to 55 liters and acts at a power of 2200 W. There is a well.established convection system. The equipment is supplemented with a comfortable grill. The furnace has dimensions 57.3×36.2×47.2 cm and is supplied with a grille, a skewer and we turn off with a disconnecting handle. The BBK OE5562MC model is equipped with four working modes. Heating within 100-250 degrees allows you to bake almost any dishes. The oven is equipped with a timer and a function of automatic shutdown after the set time. Comfortable cooking is facilitated by the presence of convenient backlighting of the camera and not a heated handle on the door.


  • Camera volume 55 liters
  • Power 2200 watts
  • Convection system
  • Convenient grill
  • The grille, twisted, baking sheet with a disconnecting handle in the kit
  • Four working regimes
  • Heating within 100-250 °
  • Timer with a function of automatic shutdown
  • Work chamber backlight
  • Non.heated handle

Features of the microwave oven

The main plus of the microwave is the speed of action. 1-2 minutes is enough to warm up the finished dish. The plate will remain cool, and if it heats up, then only due to the temperature of the food itself. In the microwave, you can cook oatmeal, quickly bake vegetables, cook some other simple dishes. Porridge will be cooked in a deep cup in 2-3 minutes, and the omelet is baked in a plate in 5 minutes. The use of the microwave reduces the time for cooking and warming up food and, as a result, electricity costs.

But this device has a significant minus. Preparation in microwaves occurs according to the principle of internal warming up and evaporation-this limits the possible assortment of dishes. In the budget microwave, the meat is not browned with a crisp, baking the pie will also not work.

complex devices are designed for frying and baking. combined microwave ovens equipped with additional functions.

Reference. High-quality microwave ovens are offered by the following manufacturers: Samsung, Gorenje, LG, HotPoint-Ariston, Redmond, Daewoo, Supra, BBK.


Based on the principle of action of microwaves, they can be divided into several groups:

possible, microwave, oven
  • Microwave acting due to microwave radiation. Most often used to defrost and heat the finished dishes. These models are most popular and are the most stable customer demand.
  • Microwave-patch with grilled-a combined device, additionally equipped with thermal emitters (quartz lamps or tubular heater). The microwave with the grill is aimed at a more complex menu. In it you can fry meat with a brush, fish, potatoes of fries.
  • Convection microwave. In such furnaces, streams of hot air are directed to the prepared dish, pumped out using special fans. Hot air circulation contributes to uniform baking of the product. If in a simple microwave the temperature does not rise above 100 ° C, then in the stove with convection mode it can reach 250 ° C. Similar microwave oven is able to replace the oven. Models with convection function are much more expensive than a conventional microwave, their dimensions are greater, and electricity consumption is significantly higher.
  • Inverter microwave. The microwave of the latest generation. The peculiarity of this device is that the radiation of its magnetron is controlled by electronics. In a conventional microwave, the magnetron works with constant power, its periodic shutdowns and inclusions lead to the rigid effect of the emitter on food and electricity surges on the network. Inverter furnaces are more economical, but more importantly, in them microwaves gently affect the processed product.
  • Multifunctional microwaves. The most expensive microwaves with grill and convection have various built.in programs, for example, defrosting with subsequent preparation, remember frequently used recipes, can be programmed to cook dishes according to their own “branded” recipes. The price of such furnaces is from 20,000 to 40,000


Advantages of the microwave:

  • high speed of cooking and warming up;
  • the ability to cook without adding oil and fats, which is important for adherents of a healthy diet;
  • the safety of vitamins and trace elements, since the heating of food occurs quickly and is limited to 100 ° C;
  • the lack of smells of food, which is important when using the microwave, for example, in the office;
  • the ability to heat the food directly in the plate, which is convenient, saves time and time to wash dishes;
  • compact dimensions and pleasant design, the ability to integrate in kitchen furniture or install on a bracket, which is relevant in small rooms.


Microwave radiation. There are no objective data proving the harm of microwaves to human health. However, an increasing number of people refuse to purchase this device in favor of more environmentally friendly devices. And someone just does not like the taste of dishes prepared in a microwave, they consider it “artificial”.

possible, microwave, oven

Using the microwave, the precautions should be observed:

  • You can not use metal dishes and dishes with metal spraying.
  • When using plastic utensils, you should be guided by the marking “microwave” or an icon in the form of three waves.
  • Do not heat the liquid in closed vessels, cook eggs, and vegetables in the peel and sausages must be pierced first.
  • It is forbidden to include an empty microwave.
  • With caution, water should be warmed up, because, having overheated, it can almost instantly boil even from careless movement.

Electric desktop mini-follow-ups: advantages, types of models and tips for buyers of online stores

Selection of kitchen selection of mini-breathing electric desktop

Mini-follow-ups today in popularity are not inferior to full-sized electric slabs. The price of a portable oven directly depends on its model, as well as on what functions it can perform. Outwardly it looks like a microwave, but her principle of operation is radically different. The basis is the effect of infrared radiation on products that are placed in the chamber of electrical mini-follow-up.

  • The advantages of mini-stoves
  • Types of desktop mini-strands
  • Volume
  • Type of control
  • Power
  • Convection
  • Additional functions
  • Tips for using mini-stoves

The advantages of mini-stoves

  • A mini-flood can become an alternative to the usual oven where it is not possible to use a gas or overall electric stove-in the office, at the country.
  • The mini-patch replaces not only the oven, but also the toaster, the grill.
  • Portable oven can fit even in the smallest kitchen.
  • If the oven is not used for some time, it can be removed, transferred to another place.
  • Compared to a conventional stove, it consumes less electricity.

Despite the fact that the mini-strokes have compact sizes in comparison with the dimensional electric stoves, in the issue of cooking they are in no way inferior to the last.

Types of desktop mini-strands

Important parameters that should be paid attention to when buying a desktop electric mini-follow.

Type of control

Mechanical. For those who are used to using the traditional and reliable way manual management. Will have to twist the handles of the thermostat on your own. Models are in great demand due to their reliability and maintainability.

Electronic. Have a more modern design, it is possible to accurately set the timer. The control of the oven is launched using an impulse. In price, such cameras exceed models with mechanical control.


The basic functionality of the oven depend on this parameter. The size of the chamber directly depends on the power, in different models it is from 600 to 2200 watts. Nevertheless, the capacity of 1500 watts will be quite enough to use all the capabilities of the oven.

Important! The more powerful the device, the greater its load on the electric network. When buying a spacious oven model in the store, it is recommended to check the reliability of the wiring in the house.

! Electric oven or desktop oven and its advantages


Thermal elements in the cell of convection are located on all sides in a circle. The fan built into the oven allows the heat to be evenly distributed throughout the entire space of the furnace. At the same time, dishes are better boiled and baked. The convection model has a higher price, but it has significant advantages over ordinary cameras:

  • Saves up to 40% of the time spent on cooking.
  • There is no need to wrap the products in foil, a baking film.
  • In such oven, you can separately adjust the work of the upper and lower heating. It is not necessary to include their simultaneous work if this is not necessary.

Tips for using mini-stoves

Small disadvantages in the design of desktop electric shows can be minimized if you adhere to some tips:

  • The door and walls of the oven can heat up greatly due to insufficient thermal insulation of the device, so the stoves cannot be installed close to the walls of the cabinets. During the operation of the oven, it is necessary to use grabbing so as not to burn yourself. It is recommended to choose models equipped with a double hardened glass door or a heat.insulating gasket. The outer part of such models is heated less.
  • Inexpensive models that do not have an automatic cleaning mode require delicate care. With manual cleaning of the camera, abrasive agents cannot be used. It should be cleaned with a napkin with any dishwasher.
  • Some budget models a year after purchase in the store begin to withstand the temperature poorly. The values ​​that are set by the thermostat may no longer coincide with the actual temperature inside the oven. This will lead to the fact that the products will not be cooked enough. To reduce the risk of acquiring a poor-quality model, before buying a particular model, it is recommended to get acquainted with reviews about it on the website of the online store.

! Telescopic guides in the oven Bosch, Electrolux Gorenje

The price of mini-spiriting depends on many components and, above all, on the type of management and additional functions.

A wide range of models at different is offered by the online store “M.””. Here you can not only choose and buy your favorite model, but also get acquainted with the reviews of other buyers.

Comparison of the main characteristics

Korting microwave ovens are quite capable of replacing the oven in the kitchen, where there is very little place. Such devices are unambiguously won by compactness. Когда условия стеснены, возможно, и стоит отказаться от покупки духового шкафа. But, of course, the latter due to an impressive size of the camera opens wider opportunities in terms of cooking.

A very large dish will fit inside. for example, a whole turkey, and even several foods at the same time. If a family is often prepared in the family and a variety of treats, the oven is better to find a place in order to effectively dispose of the resources to the maximum. After all, it is quite possible to put a pair of disgusting in the oven or prepare one dish, and the second in the meantime is heated.

Whether the use of glass dishes for microwaves in the oven is allowed

If there is an oven in the kitchen, then it’s hard to imagine a holiday or a regular dinner without a delicious casserole or pies. That is why in the arsenal of each housewife there is appropriate dishes.

Heat glass dishes can be used not only when cooking a variety of dishes, but also for storage of finished or raw foods.

The market presents many models of turbidity of ovens from different materials. However, those who have such kitchen utensils are often interested in sellers. whether it is possible to use glass dishes for the microwave in the oven? We will help you understand this issue, revealing in detail the features, pluses and weaknesses of glass products.

Features of glass dishes for the oven

SCHA dishes are suitable for the oven for only one simple reason. The material is chemically inert, that is, it does not react with food under the influence of high temperatures.

SCHA dishes are suitable for the oven, t.to. The material is chemically inert.

Thanks to this feature, heat.resistant glass dishes can be used not only in the preparation of a variety of dishes, but also to store the finished or raw food. In addition, glass has an attractive appearance.

The advantages and disadvantages of glass dishes for the oven

Initially, kitchen utensils from hardened raw materials were used exclusively in microwave ovens. However, over time, she moved to the entire kitchen space. Wide range of use are determined by numerous advantages.

  • The transparency of the material makes it possible to constantly monitor food in cooking.
  • The low level of thermal conductivity retains food warm for a long period of time. In addition, you can save electricity without preparing a dish. In a hot bowl, the products will reach readiness on their own.
  • The material is neutral in relation to temperature jumps. That is, you can wash in hot and cold water, without harm to the product body.
  • Heat.resistant utensils for oven are resistant to abrasive cleaning agents, which guarantees a long service life.
  • Dishes prepared in a glass of glass do not burn and do not stick to the bottom.

Dishes prepared in a glass of glass do not burn and do not stick to the bottom.

Along with the advantages, such dishes have disadvantages. Consider them in more detail:

  • Despite the wear resistance of such products, do not forget that it is still glass. With serious mechanical strokes, visible damage cannot be avoided.
  • From instant temperature jumps there is a risk of destroying the integrity of products.

With serious mechanical strokes, visible damage cannot be avoided.

From the above, we can conclude that there are much more advantages than disadvantages. That is why, many prefer glass tares.

Basic rules for using glass dishes in the oven

In order to properly operate hardened containers, experts recommend following several rules. These recommendations will help extend the life of the kitchen utensils and retain its appearance.

  • Check out the instructions for using dishes. It is offered for each model.
  • Do not place the product in an unheated oven.
  • When cooking vegetables and fruits, pour a small amount of liquid into the vessel to avoid sticking.
  • Do not fill cold water in hot containers so as not to expose it to thermal shock.

When cooking vegetables and fruits, pour a small amount of liquid into the vessel to avoid sticking.

Following a few simple rules, you can maintain the integrity of the design. As a result, each time you will get high.quality and delicious dishes.

Features of care

The long.term use of use and the pristine gloss of heat.resistant TAR can only be preserved if the correct care and storage is ensured. Consider the basic care rules, thanks to which the dishes will look like new.

  • It is recommended to ensure gradual heating and cooling of glass products, despite the permission indicated on the package to sharp temperature jumps.
  • When preparing, the outer part of the case should be dry, and the inner bottom and walls are lubricated with a thin layer of vegetable or butter.
  • As mentioned earlier, cold fluid cannot be added to the heated dish. The same rule refers to cool meat or vegetables. They should be at least room temperature.
  • Get out the heat.resistant dishes from the oven should be using special tacks.
  • Do not clean the surface of the vessel with metal cutlery and brushes with a hard pile, since microcracks over time lead to the formation of chips and deep scratches.

Get out the heat.resistant dishes from the oven should be using special tacks.

Additional Information! Washing glass kitchen utensils is much easier than metal. If pieces of food stick to the surface, soak the structure in warm water, and then remove the pollution with a soft sponge with a detergent gel.


Using the microwave, you should remember some rules for choosing dishes:

  • It is forbidden to install plates in the chambers, cups with metal elements, gold and silver rims, various patterns;
  • For microwave mode, heat.resistant dishes are used, for convection and grill. refractory.

For ovens, you also need to choose dishes from a certain material:

  • Forms made of heat.resistant glass are suitable for baking, the products do not burn in them, vitamins and useful components are preserved;
  • In heat.resistant ceramics, the dishes will remain juicy, fragrant;
  • Cast iron dishes evenly warm up food, such pots hold heat for a long time;
  • Silicone forms are intended for baking to prevent handling and sticking the dough;
  • Metal forms with anti.stick coating are rapidly warming up, convenient to use, however, are easily amenable to mechanical damage.


TOP-5 excellent microwaves that can replace the oven

You should definitely turn to the eminent German manufacturer, famous primarily for its advanced, excellent quality kitchen appliances, caso. It is believed that the microwaves of this brand, one of the best in the world. Thus, the inverter microwave oven with CASO IMCG 25 grill, in addition to having an elegant design, also has a very decent technical equipment.

The case of this model, made of high.quality stainless steel, has a black color, while the door is originally combined, matte aluminum looks successfully with black tinted glass. The door, with the help of an existing handle, leans back horizontally, as well as in the most ordinary oven. Despite the possession of large dimensions, which is 31x51x50 cm, the volume of the working chamber made of stainless steel is all the same 25 liters. The unit was provided with an attractive LED output for the interior, as well as simple and quite understandable in use, a touch control panel with a large digital display.

But the main advantage of the unit in question is considered the possibility of continuous heating of dishes, which is carried out by using advanced inverter technology. How does this happen? The ceramic surface of the bottom of the furnace reflects the generated microwaves, while evenly distributing them throughout the internal volume of the surface of the working chamber. Inverter magnetron with a capacity of 900 watts changes using a 5-speed regulator, and the high grill and convection power already provides the speed of preparing the desired product until fully readily cooked. Traditional Tenn is used as a grill heater, and convective heat can vary in the range from 110 to 200 ° C.

In addition to quite standard defrosting functions, both in manual and automatic mode, the unit has the ability to prepare a variety of dishes according to 14 built.in and 6 combined programs in microwave mode grill mode. Everything was fine until they approached the cost of this product, not everyone would like the figures on the price tag. And yet, there are complaints about large dimensions, with a small working area. If you are owners of a small catering unit, you will have to turn to other, less bulky copies.



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