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What can I take with me on flight: all the permissible hand luggage on the plane

For those who love to travel light and do not want to carry heavy suitcases, airlines offer an interesting and practical option. Now you can take a ticket with a hand luggage, which rushes into the aircraft interior and is placed either in the upper compartments or under the seat located in front of you. That is why the sizes of bags and suitcases in this case are strictly limited. After all, hand luggage should not only fit into the place in the place, but also leave enough space for neighboring things.

This option is indeed as convenient as possible for traveling light. After all, you can limit yourself to a small backpack, putting everything you need there, and calmly go into flight. You don’t have to put anything in luggage, complicating the registration procedure, and then wait for the issuance of your things and track them on the conveyor tape. Yes, convenient.

But what can you take with you, and what kind of things are included in a contented vague and very wide concept of “manual luggage”? Let’s deal with this issue.

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I think that almost every person, collecting things on vacation or business trip, thought about what you can take with you to hand luggage and what was not. If we fly to rest on vacation, we have a lot of things with us, and, as a rule, we hand them over to the luggage compartment, and in hand luggage we have a camera, or a couple of sandwiches.

And what to do to those who go on a business trip for a couple of days and do not want to take a suitcase with them, and even more so to hand it to the luggage compartment. It is much easier for such a person to take all things aboard the aircraft. If you have already asked yourself a question, is it possible to take a razor with you to hand luggage, then this article will be useful to you.

Dangerous razor prohibiting hand luggage.

According to the rules of transportation of things in manual luggage, razor is prohibited. A razor belongs to dangerous objects that can injure a person. When checking the suitcase, no one will allow you to take a dangerous razor or razor machines. But safe razor machines, you can take in hand luggage without any fears. No one will take away such machines.

Such a razor can be taken with you to hand luggage, almost any airline.

Are there any nuances about transporting safe razor in the aircraft salon? Yes, there is one very important point. With most airlines you will not have problems.

But there are companies that will not allow even safe razor machines to take with them to the salon. They will offer you to pack them and hand them over, or not to take with you at all. In other words, they will simply be taken away, and they will no longer be given on the way back.

Such a razor machine, with removable dangerous blades, is also prohibited for transportation in hand luggage.

So how is it better to do? Take a razor with you or not take? If you do not want to recognize the rules for the transportation of things in a particular company, then either immediately hand over in baggage, or get ready to give your thing to customs officers free of charge. But in general the easiest way to buy a razor already upon arrival, in the nearest store.

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If you decide to go abroad, fly on an airplane, then you need to carefully study the question of what is possible and what you can not carry with you on an airplane? This question also is divided into two more points: what can and cannot be taken in manual lusten, and what can and cannot be transported in the luggage compartment of the aircraft? Consider this issue, namely, whether it is possible to transport household appliances or not?

So, recently, some airlines have made luggage on the aircraft for an additional fee and therefore have to take everything you need in manual lusten so as not to overpay additional money if you do not have a weight of 23-25 ​​kg.

The permissible weight of your bag on the plane is 8-10 kg. And, as a rule, everything that needs to be accommodated can be accommodated, of course, if we are not talking about large household appliances. There is an opinion that this may not be one bag, but two or even three, if only they do not exceed the permitted weight. But in fact, I personally had a hand.made bag of 8 kg at the airport and a backpack with food and cosmetic bag was not missed and said that it should be one bag, and obliged to move everything into one bag.

Обман при лазерной эпиляции: лазер или IPL?

It is allowed to take small household appliances in hand luggage, such as: laptops, cameras or tablets need to be transported only in hand luggage. over, it is important to know that these items are not included in the total weight of 8 kg.

I flew several times on different airlines, the camera will certainly need to be carried through the scanner, but no one asks to open and see and see. Laptop may be asked to see.

Also, from small household appliances you can carry a hair dryer, a road iron, an iron for hair styling, a curling iron (if it is not pointed), a phone, a tablet, a mixer, etc.D., A double boiler and multicooker are also allowed. But it must be borne in mind that the hand luggage bag has a certain size, and if your electrical appliance goes beyond the norms (55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm), of course, someone will not allow it to make it.

Permissible and prohibited household appliances on an airplane

In principle, all these things, such as a curling iron, a hair dryer, etc.D. it would be possible not to take it, but if a girl goes on vacation, then she simply cannot afford to look groomed. So you have to study the rules for the transportation of baggage for hours, which is possible and impossible, for the sake of beauty and attractiveness!

But, despite what is allowed or prohibited, customs officers are different with a good and bad mood. All that you need is to feel easy, smile, and then it is possible, even if some things are not allowed or exceed the allowed size/weight, then you will still be allowed to put it on. Successful flight!

Preparing for the trip

one. A typo on the ticket? Not scary!

Buying tickets online, the passenger can easily make a typo in his name or surname. Often this becomes the cause of worries. whether they will let on a train on such a ticket. Do not worry! The main thing is to take a passport with you. If there are no more than two errors in the data (one is allowed in letters, one in numbers), you are required to skip. This is recorded in the telegram of Russian Railways /311 of 05.ten.2005 (TsLDV-2-59).

Keep in mind! Tickets for international trains are not allowed. How to determine whether it is necessary to urgently change the ticket? If you cross the border of Russia, demand a ticket with correct data, if you do not cross, you can leave a ticket with a typo.

If you forgot the ticket at home and at the same time arrived at the station in advance, you can try to restore it.

To restore the ticket, you must contact the duty station at the station and write an appropriate application. It will be necessary to show an identity document, namely the one that was recorded when buying a ticket. They will also take a ticket to you to restore the ticket. The whole procedure can take about two hours, so the solution is not suitable for all situations, but if time allows, take this opportunity.

And the easiest option is to buy electronic tickets and take registration in advance. In this case, you will not lose a travel document (it can always be found in the mail), and in some cases you will not even have to show a ticket at all.

2. How many kilograms of luggage can be taken with you?

Baggage restrictions are for many a “aircraft history”. But there are also restrictions on hand luggage (that is, in fact, all that baggage that we take with us to the car). One ticket can be transported up to 36 kg of things (up to 50 kg, if you bought a ticket for a sleeping car). If you take it tangibly more with you, a responsible conductor may notice this and not let you go on a train.

If you do not want to part with things, buy another ticket, you will get a formal right to carry another 36 kg of baggage on it.

There are also luggage on trains, which is rented separately, there are also certain restrictions here. No more than three baggage items can be presented for one ticket, the total weight of which does not exceed 200 kg, while everyone should weigh no more than 75 kg.

Important! These restrictions are relevant for one ticket. If you go together or three, then, accordingly, according to your travel documents, you can carry two (three) times more hand luggage and baggage (total).

Go earlier or later? You are welcome!

Having a ticket in your hands, you can leave a little earlier or a little later.

In the first case, there is no problem at all. the main thing is that there are places on the train serving in the same direction at an earlier time.

If you want to leave a little later (or late for the train, which also happens), then the issue can also be solved. Within 24 hours after the departure of your train, contact the station office, present a ticket. and you can purchase another with a minimum surcharge. If you do not plan to buy another ticket at once, you can return part of the money spent on the ticket (but not the entire amount entirely: the price of a reserved seat will be deducted (fees for your place in the car) and fees).

At many stations you can visit the toilet for free, and on the rest of the ticket. a pass to the station toilet

Since 2020, toilets at many long.distance rail stations have been made free. But this is relevant only for those stations whose territory is under the jurisdiction of the Directorate of Railway Stations.

If they want a fee for the toilet, show your ticket. You are obliged to skip you without payment, because it is already included in the price of a travel document. If the harsh “cashier of the toilet” does not even miss the ticket, refer to the charter of railway transport.

Customs rules for taking drugs on an airplane

The main rule is that it is forbidden to transport narcotic and psychotropic substances. At the same time, not all drugs freely sold in Russian pharmacies can take with you abroad freely.

In the risk zone, when passing customs control. antibiotics, strong painkillers, sleeping pills and motions from motion. First of all, under the official prohibitions of most countries, potent substances fall as part of some drugs, such as phenobarbital, chlominamic maleat, codeine, pseudo.ephedrin, chloroneamic maleat, diazepam.

The permitted volume of medications transported on the plane is very conditional. for its own use while traveling. As a rule, if the number of packs of drugs in the baggage is more than five, customs services may have questions. In order to protect yourself from fines in case of suspicion of small wholesale and confiscation, you will enlist documents confirming the need for medicine in these volumes.

I tried an Epilator Hair Removal Device for 3 WeeksMy Experience, Results, Will I Continue?

All tablets and drops transported on the plane should be in factory packaging (no need to pour pills in mini-containers for compactness).

Be sure to check the shelf life of medicines. Expensible tablets and liquid medicines (especially in large quantities. for example, with a margin for a month or more), can be classified as dangerous and prohibited to the collection.

Customs restrictions do not apply to the transportation of drugs in internal flights, however, the norms of transportation of liquid agents in hand luggage, the requirements for packaging and expiration date are preserved.

possible, plane

Prohibited medicines on an airplane: Country restrictions

Customs prohibitions of different countries may differ, including being wider than in Russia. So, the UAE does not allow the transportation of drugs, which includes codeine. When crossing the boundaries of the European Union, Canada, drugs with melatonin fall under the ban.

Corvalol and Valocordin are prohibited in Lithuania; nimesulide (active substance in an analing “Nise”) is not allowed to import into Germany. In a number of countries, the depodation (Analgin), including the EU, the USA, Asian states, is prohibited under the ban.

Especially attentive border examination of drugs in Australia. At the stage of flight planning, it will be necessary to prepare and take with you recipes for absolutely all drugs, including those implemented in Russia without restriction and medicines in the recorded baggage.

Preparations with very distant drugs may come under restrictions. An example from the FTS website: in a Russian tourist acquired by a Russian tourist in the PRC of tea, a potent substance was discovered for weight loss. Sibutramin, prohibited for import into Russia; As a result, an administrative case was instituted.

The additional difficulty is that the list of limited to the proceeding and prohibited drugs is constantly expanding, before the flight, in any case, you will have to clarify the information on the customs website of the country of appointment (and transplants).

We will not list the entire list of controlled substances, the transportation of which can turn into troubles for passengers. Download a full list of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances subject to control at the entrance to the Russian Federation, as well as to the Republic of Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia on the website of the Federal Customs Service.

To transport insulin before the trip, you need to issue a special document. a diabetic passport.

possible, plane

Registered medicines on an airplane

You will need: you will need:

  • The actual prescription (or conclusion) from the doctor, prescribed addressed to the patient, indicating the name of the narcotic (psychotropic) substance shown for use for medicinal purposes, its dosage is the daily norm;
  • A check for a purchased and taken medicine (confirms the origin of the drug);
  • It is desirable. translation of the recipe into English (quite enough for most directions).

Passengers with such drugs pass through a red corridor. they must fill out a customs declaration.

Elektriwas transport in hand luggage

You can take an electric brood in the salon on certain conditions:

  • The transport of an electric razor is allowed without packaging so that there are no questions with declaration and regarding the price.
  • If the electric brood is intended for someone as a gift, then you need to save the purchase check in order to present it to the customs officer.

Recommended volume

As for cosmetic products, the volume is installed only on liquids: 1 capacity. not more than 100 ml, the total volume is 1 liter. Any amount of cosmetics (within the permissible weight of luggage) is allowed in baggage, exceptions are high pressure cylinders, flammable substances. It is better to take only the most necessary in the salon.

Passengers who often have to fly are faced with different situations at airports and an airplane. Reviews about the requirements for air transportation are both positive and negative, which is quite natural. Most of the passengers say the following:

  • When passing a pre.flight inspection, it is better to comply with all the requirements, since, otherwise, the security service has the right to prevent the passenger for flight.
  • Exceeding the limit of the volume of liquids, the presence of explosive substances and piercing-cutting objects is really very strictly controlled.
  • Violation of even a slight rule can lead to the most sad consequences.
  • Airport employees offer a sufficient number of ways to preserve personal belongings prohibited for transportation instead of disposal.

You can find out the new rules for the transport of hand luggage, from the video presented below.

possible, plane

There are not many restrictions on the transportation of cosmetics on the plane, so remembering them and observing will not be difficult.

Is it possible to take medicines and tablets to hand luggage on this on our website.

Which is prohibited from transporting both hand luggage and baggage

There are substances that relate to such that they cannot be transported under any kind, this list includes the following:

  • Poisonous substances and toxins (mercury, strychin, arsenic, brutsin, etc.), various antifreeze are prohibited for transportation; kart
  • those substances that cause metal corrosion, various salts, peroxide, lime, polyester salts;
  • solid substances that quickly ignite (phosphorus, phosphoric calcium, colloidal cellulose);

And, of course, it is forbidden to transport radioactive substances, as well as magnets and magnetized objects.

What can and cannot be taken to manually in 2022: lists from airlines

Hand luggage on the aircraft of the Ural Airlines:

Other norms and restrictions apply to the transport of hand luggage on the plane: they relate to products, liquids (including alcohol), individual medicines, are determined by the customs rules of countries. The following materials on the tourist are devoted to the listed aspects.RU:

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