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Is it possible to store a fur coat in the freezer

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Caring for a mink fur coat at home: basic rules, how to dry, store and care

And in conclusion. a few secrets to preserve the mink fur coat in excellent form:

  • Fur coats perfectly absorb odors, so do not spray on the fur toilet water or perfumes. The aromas over time mix together and form a single unpleasantly smelling composition. Getting rid of such a smell will be very problematic.
  • Try to wear a white fur coat from the mink so that such substances do not get on it: tonal base, cream, lipstick, etc. All this is very destructive for fur.
  • At the end of the season, place a fur coat on your shoulders in a fabric cover. The fabric should not pass sunlight. It is better to put a light fur coat in a blue bag so that the fur does not turn yellow.
  • Keep a fur coat in the dark so that the sun’s rays do not cause yellowing.
  • In the summer, a fur product in the fresh air should be ventilated.
  • Proper care also implies special protection against moths. Do not process the fur coat with aerosol means from moths so as not to damage the fur and not provoke re.cleaning. Lay out a few naphthalene tablets in the closet, they will cope perfectly with the task of protecting from insects.
possible, store, coat, freezer

At all times, humanity considered mink fur the most status, rich and fashionable. Products from it are very beautiful. In addition, they are worn for a very long time. With proper care and neat wear, a fur coat can last at least 10 years.

Great mink coat or luxurious mink manto is the limit of dreams of many women. If you have already managed to fulfill your dream, bought clothes made of mink, then try to maintain your wealth in proper form. To do this, you only need to follow the elementary rules of care.

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Storage of a mink coat in the summer

The ideal option to maintain a mink fur coat intact and safety is to give it to a special refrigerator in the warm season in the warm season. It supports the optimal temperature for 0-10 degrees and air humidity in the region of 50%. If there are several fur coats in the wardrobe, then it is advisable to buy such a home cabinet. But if this is not possible, then you need to know how to properly save a fur coat in an ordinary cabinet.

General rules

The main thing for mink is darkness, coolness, space. The thing should hang on wide shoulders. All accessories and jewelry need to be removed from her. From time to time, the cabinet must be opened and ventilated.

On a note! It is impossible for Naftalin, chemicals and their derivatives. This will significantly affect the quality of the fur. The mink also does not tolerate the cedar, you can not store a fur coat in a closet from this tree.


Fur coat needs a lot of space. It is impossible for the fur to be suppurated. Nothing should be constrained by the product. Once every 2 months, the fur coat must be taken out for ventilation.


You can not use covers of polyethylene fur coats. The thing in them will simply suffocate and lose its attractiveness. A suitable option. breathing cotton or linen cover

You need to pay attention so that the case does not paint the fur

Protection from moths

Since the mink is a good treat for moths, then if you do not protect yourself from these pests, the fur coat may not live up to the next season. In stores you can purchase many substances that scare away any insects. It is better not to use aerosols, they can ruin the fur. To protect against moths in the s of the product and on the shelves of the cabinet, you can place special Sasha with the smell of lavender, geranium. You can independently cook bags filled with dry lemon zest, dry geranium or lavender.

How to properly care for fur products with fur coats and hats at home and not only (mink from muton, sable, chinchilla, rabbit, karakul)

If you have a long fur coat model, not short and you often have to drive a car, you do not need to turn on the seats heating. Fur does not like high temperatures Regular heating can lead to unusual fur coat. Any natural pile can dry out and become dull and begins to break off, and overdred fur crumbles and break.

To avoid bulging fur, as well as pinched it with a car with a car where you are sitting, you need to buy a case for smooth fabric or genuine leather is the best option.

If you have a long fur coat, unbutton it to the waist, thunder the pile in the direction of growth and only then sit down without thinking.

How to tell the difference between real and fake fur

Is it possible to store a fur coat in the freezer?

Mink fur can deteriorate from increased dryness and exposure to sunlight. In addition, the fur coat is forbidden to keep next to other things. It should be borne in mind that a white fur coat may turn yellow under the influence of adverse factors.

To save the product, it is better to use a special freezer. Such a storage protects the fur coat from the effects of the sun, damp, moths, high temperatures. Of course, you can just put the fur coat in the freezer. However, it is much better to use a specialized refrigerator. In such places, special care is ensured behind the fur coats.

The product is handed over for the summer time, and with the advent of winter. they take. The fur in such a freezer breathes, since air is supplied to it, which blows the product. For preventive purposes several times a month, lowering the temperature regime. This avoids the appearance of moth larvae.

In special storage facilities, you can create ideal conditions for fur

Main problems

A fur coat from any natural fur is a rather delicate product that deteriorates in violation of socks and content rules.

Damage to moths

The main problem that the owners of the fur products faces is a moth attack. A fur coat spoiled by this pest becomes completely unusable, because the brood completely eats the fur, and massive bald spots are formed on the surface. It is impossible to eliminate the problem, it is really only to prevent.


It is known that it is best to store a mink fur coat in a vertical position, because creases can form in a folded form. It will be difficult to smooth a mink fur coat at standard home, but you can try. Heat and steam will help get rid of the problem, but you should not hope that the procedures for one application will be returned.

You can steam a mink fur coat at home above the steam. It is enough to draw water with a temperature of about 50 ° C into a bath and hang fur clothes above it. You will have to close the door to the room and leave in this position for 1 hour. If the creases are minimal, you can try to smooth out the mink coat with a sponge moistened in water, in the direction of the villi.

You can also use the steamer. But we must remember that high.quality devices that work efficiently are expensive, and cheap options can damage the fur. Such a service that allows you to restore the appearance is offered dry cleaning, so if a problem arises, you can contact specialists. By smoothing a mink coat on his own, an inexperienced owner runs the risk of ruining it.

The drying of the mezra

Owners of a mink coat may also notice the drying of the leather part of the skin. Often this problem occurs if the product is stored in a dry room, ignoring the recommendations. Restore the structure of the mezra will help with the solution:

  • In 1 liter of warm liquid, stir 50 g of sodium salt and 1 t. l of food vinegar.
  • The product is poured into a bottle with a spray and apply to the inside of the clothing.
  • Leave a fur coat for 2 hours.
  • Mark the problem areas.
  • Hang a fur coat on the balcony, and after drying out in the closet, placing on the shoulders.
possible, store, coat, freezer

Yellowness or loss of color

Bright mink may turn yellow over time. This problem also arises with prolonged wear, so white fur coats are considered exclusively as an output option. It is unlikely that it is possible to restore the shade, but it is realistic to refresh the mink fur coat. To do this, you can wipe the pile with a swab moistened in 3% dining vinegar.

Attention! If the dark fur has lost its color, it will not work to restore it. The only method is staining, but you will have to entrust a fur coat to professionals.

When storing a fur coat, the owners must comply with certain rules, adhere to the recommended temperature range, maintain air humidity. When ignoring these standards, the fur product is quickly deformed, will lose its appearance and will become unusable.

Home storage of different types of fur

Depending on the type of fur, the care rules may vary significantly. Having taken care of the general parameters of temperature and humidity, it is worth paying attention to some nuances.

  • Muton. Even durable sheepskin products will lose shine and gain a musty smell if it is too warm in the closet (above 8–12 ° C). Before placing a fur coat in the case, you need to carefully inspect the thing. Any pollution, not eliminated on time, will be practically unleasable after a few months.
  • Mink. Very capricious material that is easy to damage without observing the rules. Choose soft shoulders and a cedar cabinet. This tree breed reliably protects from moisture and scares off mol with a specific smell. Before putting a mink coat for storage in the summer, give it to dry cleaning.
  • Nodria and river beaver. Very wear.resistant fur, which with proper operation will last more than a dozen years. The main secret is to dry clothes well and prepare a dry, cool place.
  • Raccoon, fox and chinchilla. They differ in the fact that cuts are easily formed on any model. Make sure that the clothes are well straightened and nothing can deform it.
  • Rabbit. Soft and delicate fur requires the same storage conditions as the mink coat. It is important to prevent the tearing of the pile and the appearance of moths.

Your fur coat will look new even after a few years if you find the perfect place to place it for the summer months.

How to store a fur coat: simple secrets

There are several simple secrets and recommendations on how to save the mink product until the next season so that it does not lose a neat appearance and does not worry.

Preparation of a fur product

If you are looking for a way how to properly store a mink fur coat at home, then it is initially necessary to devote time to proper preparation of the product.

Carefully clean the product from dust and dirt. To do this, shake it several times intensively, and then walk on a special brush both on the external and inner side.

If the mink surface needs to be cleaned of the bodybirth, use improvised means for this: talc, starch or flour. They are good absorbents and quickly absorb excess fat.

It will be enough to apply a bulk product for half an hour, and then shake off or shit with a soft brush. For the prevention of pollution, hand over mink things into dry cleaning at least once a year.

After cleaning the fur, the mink thing must be well ventilated and dried. To do this, hang a fur coat on your shoulders and leave for several days in a dark cool room with good air circulation. The hanger is better to choose wooden, suitable in size, so that the sleeves do not deform during the storage.

Altering a Thrifted Fur Coat (the internet told me I couldn’t do it)

At the end, fasten the buttons and s, remove the accessories and place the mink product in the cover.

Choose a good cover

Often the owners are faced with the question of which case to keep a mink fur coat. First of all, when choosing, you should pay attention to the material, it should pass the air well. Cotton and linen cases cope with this: they create an air gap around a fur coat and retain fur qualities.

Polyethylene bags are categorically not suitable.

It is also recommended to choose a dark.colored cover, preferably black, and for a bright fur coat of blue. In addition, the case material should not be painted.

Summer storage

When the cold season ends, you need to decide how to store a mink fur coat at home at home. First you need to choose the right storage location. A spacious cabinet or dressing room is suitable for this.

To avoid the creases and scuffs of fur, the product should not in contact with other things. Then take care of the correct temperature mode in the room: the air should be cool (the best option is from 0 to 10ºС), and humidity is within 45%.

So that the fur does not burn out, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight. The storage location should be well ventilated, and once every 2-3 months, take out a mink coat for several hours closer to the windows or to the balcony for ventilation.

If you do not dare to keep the fur coat at home, place it in a special freezer chamber, where the necessary temperature regime is maintained and other rules for storing the mink product are observed. This service is offered by many dry cleaners in the summer. When asked about whether it is possible to store a fur coat in a home freezer, the answer is negative; Food freezer is not suitable for this purpose.

Storage of a mink fur product in the winter period

There are several rules for caring for fur in winter. Firstly, it is necessary to dry the mink coat well after each sock, t. to. High humidity negatively affects the state of fur. Do this at room temperature, far from heaters and batteries.

Secondly, the mink product should “breathe”. If, due to weather conditions, there is no way to go outside, you can hang it on the balcony, choose clear frosty days for this in winter. In no case should you constantly store the mink thing on the balcony: it will dare and lose its attractive appearance.

You should also adhere to the simple rules of operation of the mink product: do not wear a bag on the shoulder, but on a collar of accessories. Because of this, a pile falls over time, propelled rods form on the surface.


Proper cleaning and caring for a mink fur coat can be provided by independently using proven methods. But even the most positive reviews about the use of folk remedies do not guarantee that the fur coat will not be spoiled. Therefore, it is better to observe the main rules of operation and prevent the product damage.

It is undesirable to use mink pods for cleaning mink fur. You can not wash and dry the fur things on heating devices, it is better to use a hair dryer. Combing the pile after processing is recommended by a comb with small cloves.

If the mink coat is dusty, you can carefully clean it. To do this, it is necessary to spread a wet sheet on a flat surface and lay out a fur coat on top. Then slightly knock out the product from the wrong side. After that, shake and hang on a hanger.

Alcohol removes traces of lipstick and foundation well. You need to moisten a cotton pad in the liquid and remove contamination from the fur.

The recommended option for caring for a mink pile is professional dry cleaning. Fur products recommend at least 1 time per year (at the end of the season) to dry the cleaning of a natural fur coat.

Conditions for the proper storage of a fur coat from natural fur

Features of storage of a mink coat in the summer

In the hot season, you should especially remember and vigilantly monitor the temperature regime for natural fur pile, and also avoid sunlight. Remember that from elevated temperature dark fur burns out, and yellow spots are formed on the light.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in storing her fur beauty and now you know how to properly store a fur coat from the mink of the house. One has only responsibly approaching the storage and operation process so that it retains its original beauty and luxury for many years.



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