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Is it possible to remove the gas water heater

Gas water heater is designed directly for heating water for the bathroom and kitchen. The first and most important factor that affects the life of the heater is the water, that is, the coolant. In different regions the water hardness can vary greatly. The harder it is, the less will the heater last. Therefore you should not buy too expensive model, because it will not serve for a long time, especially if the water is fed into the speaker system directly from the water supply or a well on the property. you can put a special filter or water softener to extend the life of the.

Another factor is the operation itself and following all the recommended rules. Otherwise you can expect a constant failure and the lack of hot water.

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The gas water heater can serve for 12 to 15 years

The final point when using a gas water heater will be its manufacturer. Today the market is full of Chinese, European and domestic brands. Each of them is good in its own way. When choosing is worth to be guided by expert advice, taking into account the budget and the possibility of future replacement.

On average, the gas water heater serves 12 to 15 years if you follow all the rules and regulations.

Typical mistakes when replacing the water heater

Often when installing the water heater in a new place is not respected lateral distance of 150 mm from the wall or other surfaces and objects.

Too close a distance to the gas faucet will make it difficult to service it, will be a reason for refusal of commissioning

Excessive heat accelerates the wear of the heat exchanger, promotes the formation of scale, leaks, reduces the life of the gas device. with instructions for repairing the heat exchanger.

Many errors are due to the use of unauthorized gas hoses, or their improper connection. The desire to save on the price of such an important element can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Exposure to gas is known to greatly accelerate the drying out of rubber. If it is not designed for use in the gas line or poor quality, the hose quickly cracks, causing unacceptable gas leakage.

Sometimes, in an effort to give the most aesthetic appearance to the kitchen interior, the speaker is placed in hinged cabinets. Such an arrangement, in addition to overheating the speaker itself, can lead to more severe consequences.

Installation of the gas water heater in a closed cabinet will interfere with the normal temperature operation of the appliance

To improve air circulation, the partitions at the bottom and top of the column should be removed. If the mandatory 3 cm clearance and the protection of non-combustible materials on the sides are not observed, the heating of the cabinet walls can lead to their charring and ignition.

With the best ideas for camouflaging the speaker in the kitchen that do not violate safety requirements.

Replacing the gas water heater in the apartment: reasons, order, practical recommendations and major mistakes

The presence of a gas water heater in apartments is a good help at times when there are problems with the hot water supply. In addition, the use of the column is much cheaper in cost than the consumption of water from central systems. But after a certain period of operation it is necessary to replace the equipment, so users need to know how to change a gas water heater.

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Like any equipment, gas water heaters need routine maintenance. It is understood to be cleaning of scale formation, checking the main assemblies and connections for integrity, as well as checking the gas tap for leaks. With proper maintenance and timely repair, water heaters can last up to 15 years. This figure is considered the standard norm for the use of the column. After the expiration of the specified period, experts recommend replacing.

Required documentation

If a new water heater is installed to replace an old one, these documents are required:

  • A copy of the project from the Housing and Communal Department, showing the location of the column, the features of gas and water supply, as well as smoke removal.
  • Passport for a new water heater. If the unit has not yet been purchased, you can simply specify the model.
  • Chimney condition report.
  • Statement to the gas service of the need to replace the equipment while keeping the previous installation location.
  • Application for permission to work on the gas main.

Replacing the gas water heater

There are cases where a gas stove is not allowed in a dwelling where a stove is permitted. We are talking about multi-storey buildings over 11 floors.

Rules for installation of new and replacement of old boilers are given in the regulations documents:

  • 42 SNiP.01. 2002 Gas Distribution Systems;
  • SNiP 31.01. 2003 “Multifamily Residential Buildings”;
  • SNiP 41.01. 2003 “Ventilation, heating, air conditioning”.

Do not give permission in the case of a studio-type conversion, when the layout combines room space with the kitchen, as well as in housing without a kitchen and communal housing.

Replacement intervals

Previously, standards required that flow heaters be reinstalled after 15 years. Government Decree 20 of 1997. Determined that the columns must be replaced at the end of their service life. This period is specified by the manufacturer of the units, it is calculated from the date of manufacture.

The owner is responsible for the condition of the gas water heater, compliance with the term of operation. The time of replacement is not separately stipulated, but the need arises if the gas engineer at the next inspection will document the loss of performance and the impossibility of repair.

At what faults it is necessary to change

Annual maintenance extends the operating time, the integrity of the device affects the quality of water.

Replace the old equipment with the new one when the following malfunctions occur:

You can also apply for a replacement if the owner wants to replace the old model with a more advanced.

Who has the right to carry out the work

Any work on the gas supply, piping, installation of tees, placement of valves, the alarm is performed by the gas service of the city, district. Can connect another organization that has a documented right to perform hazardous work.

Before start-up, the gas workers are invited to inspect the work done and draw up a certificate. If unauthorized tampering with the installation and connection has occurred, the organization that sold the unit will not put it under warranty.

necessary documents

The easiest case is if you need to replace the unit, and put it in its existing location.

The documents are submitted to the gas service with the application:

  • A copy of the project, where the location of the water heater is marked, the features of ventilation, plumbing and gas supply;
  • technical certificate for the new unit;
  • an inspection certificate for the chimney;
  • Proof of ownership of the work area.

If the replacement is combined with the relocation, the gas company orders the technical conditions, the project based on the conditions of the apartment or house.

Registration of the column after replacement

When the heater is installed and connected to the gas and water mains a certificate of commissioning is drawn up. A representative of the gas service is invited for registration, which makes the necessary papers.

The drawing up of the act is combined with the first start-up of the unit. At the same time technical inspector checks:

Hatches in the chimney are checked in private homes. In most cases, gas systems in homes have been commissioned without such features. When replacing the speaker, holes must be arranged for the inspector to allow operation.

Acceptance of work

Prior to 2007 the replacement of gas equipment made only a notation in the project documentation, but now you need to activate the actions of installation. Accepting the work inspector, he determines the compliance and endurance of all installation standards, checks the distance from the socket to the heater, takes into account the height to the ceiling, from the floor, the type of wall.

If the smoke from the device is taken to the chimney, examine the presence of artificial draught in the hood so as not to get the products of combustion backflow. The inspector checks the compliance of the diameters of the gas outlet and the outlet of the heater.

Fraudulent actions

If you tamper and start work without a certificate of acceptance, the installation is considered unauthorized, and under the terms of the contract between the gas supplier and the user, the owner will be fined.

If as a result, the health, life of others, their property is damaged, the landlord, who allowed unauthorized connection and replacement of the device, is subject to criminal liability.

Fraudulent installation of a gas water heater and gasification of a house, cottage, apartment bypassing the gas meter is punishable by a fine.

How to replace the old gas boiler with a new one

Gas water heaters fail over time, leading to the need to replace them. When dismantling old and installing new equipment, take into account the nuances described in the regulatory documents on the replacement of the gas water heater: SNiP 42-01-2002 (SP 62.13330) and SP 42-101-2003.

The penalties for violating the rules are getting stricter all the time. Before you start the work, it is better to ask the neighborhood inspector for an explanation.

How to Remove a Water Heater

Replacing the gas water heater on your own can cause accidents, fines and long-term disconnection of the house or apartment from the gas supply.

Actions when replacing a gas water heater

There are two ways to solve the problem. Unauthorized replacement of the water heater is subject to a fine of 10000-15000 (Administrative Code Ch. 7 п.7.19.) If an illegal change of the gas supply system caused property damage or loss of life, the punishment is increased to criminal liability and imprisonment up to 5 years. The consequences are serious enough not to try to perform the replacement yourself.

Better to use the official way to replace the gas water heater. In this option, you need to take into account the nuances described in SNIP and SP, related to several aspects:

    Who can do the work on the connection;

Who has the right to change the water heater?

By itself, the dismantling of the old and the connection of new water heating equipment is not difficult. It may seem that to change the gas boiler by yourself is the best and most cost-effective solution, especially taking into account the of specialized companies to perform the work. The benefits are obvious, if it were not for one but!

If it is necessary to formalize the installation of a new water heater in the passport of the device is stamped on the commissioning and an act of the works is drawn up. Without these documents it is unreal to register the connected equipment. Accordingly, the replacement of the gas water heater itself is possible, but only if there are no plans to further legitimize the connection. And the restrictions apply regardless of the type of property, in a private or in an apartment building.

The gas water heater is replaced by the Gas Service or any other construction company that has the appropriate license and permit to carry out high risk work. The cost of the work varies depending on the region and the value of the equipment and is 3000-5000

Another argument in favor of bringing in professionals is that the company that sold the water heater will not put it under warranty if you connect it yourself.

How often do you need to replace your column??

In the instruction manual, attached by the manufacturer specifies the estimated service life. The timing is affected by the quality of water, the presence of a filtration system. In an apartment building, the gas water heater has an average life of 10-12 years. In a private home, which has its own well, the operating time can increase to 15 years.

Time of replacement is not stipulated. The criterion, indicating the necessity of re-equipment, is the loss of functioning of the heater. On the defect draws the attention of the gas engineer during the next inspection (the rules require annual maintenance of gas water heating equipment).

How to replace a gas water heater with your own hands?

Your decision is final and not subject to appeal. the replacement of the gas water heater is necessary. If it is a replacement, it is clear that you had a water heater and you do not need a new project of the location of the gas appliances in your apartment or house. Although if you decide to move its location from the bathroom to the kitchen (and rightly so, by the way, you will do), then you can not avoid a meeting with representatives of the gas service, because you will need to make adjustments to the existing project. The worst thing you can think of is solving everything yourself, and we’ll tell you in this article why that’s a bad idea.

The price of the issue

Appeals to the service center at the state gas station with the question of replacing the column is classified as a comprehensive service on a fee basis.

This development of the project. the gas supply, the location of the gas meter and the column itself, the location of flue channels and their compliance with building standards.

Development of the project by the service center of the state gas service center costs from 100

Installation work for the project is estimated from 162

In total, the entire replacement procedure will cost from 262

How to save 4 times the cost?

You can replace the gas water heater can not only a newer model, but also an electric water heater. The law does not prohibit apartment owners to refuse gas-fired water heaters.

To do this, you need to contact your local gas service. The owner of the apartment writes an application for the waiver of the gas water heater. In addition, you will need to provide documents proving ownership of this housing, as well as a valid contract for the supply of gas.

Employees of the state gas service come, disconnect the heater, put a stopper on the pipe, make a seal this point of gas supply. If in the future it will be necessary to remove the supply, then it will be necessary to make changes in the project documentation. The service of connecting and disconnecting the gas is paid.

After that you can proceed to the installation of the electric water heater. For its installation does not require any permits.



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