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Is it possible to connect a gas stove yourself

Rules for installing and connecting a gas stove

Gas equipment is still very popular in our country, as gas is cheap fuel. When buying a new gas stove, special attention should be paid to the correctness and security of connecting to the gas line. The life and health of people depends on it. Whether the connection of the gas stove with your own hands is permissible, and how to do it correctly. we will consider below.

Gas household plate belongs to the segment of devices of increased danger. As a result, according to regulatory requirements, any intervention in their design, including connection, is included in the field of regional and local supervisory authorities. These are gas services, as well as companies that have a special license allowing the relevant list of work.

The list of operations that the representative of the supervisory authority should do, include:

  • maintenance and repair;
  • installation of gas consumption meters;
  • replacement of equipment components;
  • Primary and secondary equipment connection.

The list is incomplete, but with the domestic use of gas stoves, it is sufficient.

Equipment owners are not forbidden to independently connect or maintenance of the device. When fulfilling one condition: gas launch and the first launch of the plate should be carried out only after the representative of the supervisory authority examines all compounds and other points of possible fuel leaks. And will give permission to start and further operation of the device.

If the owner of the apartment wants to replace his stove, such a job can be done on your own. But be sure to notify the supervisory authorities about this. All devices prepared for operation or already used (and other equipment) are recorded in the prescribed manner. Employees of the gas service once every six months check the compliance of the list of devices and the correctness of their connection.

Important! If the owner of the slab installed it on his own, he must invite the representative of the supervisory authority before the use of the equipment. He checks the correctness and security of the connections, records a new flow point. For self.connection without this procedure or transferring a gas pipeline, a fine is entitled.

possible, connect, stove, yourself

How to connect a gas stove in the kitchen?

The answer to the question of how to connect a gas stove is actually lying on the surface. You just need to replace the old metal pipe, which is brought to the plate, a flexible hose of the corresponding length. However, there is one thing, but!

Replacing a gas hose. the process is very responsible and requires special knowledge. In this article, I want to inform you about some of the intricacies of replacing a gas hose, primarily with security. There are no guarantees that a specialist who has a certificate and relevant knowledge will do everything according to the procedure and safety precautions. Therefore, all the information set forth in this article is exclusively advisory and cannot be used as an example for independent work. Let’s see what you need to connect a gas stove when using a flexible hose.

The following tools will be required to replace the gas hose:

Move a Gas Range or another Heavy Appliance without scratching your Flooring!

The optimal solution for replacing the hose can be a stainless hose. There should be special gaskets in the kit with the hose:

possible, connect, stove, yourself

You will also need a special thread, which is wound on the initial part of the hose at the junction site with a gas supply pipe.

Connecting a gas stove to natural gas How to connect a gas stove yourself

To start the appropriate work, you need to block the gas supply pipe with the appropriate crane. Often it is yellow:

Next, it is necessary to measure the number of threads that will be required to wind the initial part of the gas hose:

Attaching the hose to the gas pipe and to the gas stove should be done carefully, a reliable tool, with good lighting of the place of work:

But you should not do this. And if after the work of the master you see something like that, then know that the hackist visited you:

Well, that’s all, today we learned how to connect a gas stove. I highly recommend that you call a certified specialist, and when accepting his work, take into account the Комментарии и мнения владельцев set forth in this article.

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Features of work in the apartment

We remind you how to connect a gas stove in the apartment officially. You need to go to the gas supply service and sign the contract.

  • Certificate confirming that you are the owner of the apartment.
  • Certificate that housing is registered.
  • Technical certificate.
  • Previous slab service agreement.
  • Subscriber book, if there is.
  • Passport on the stove and counter.

Further papers are transferred to the service where you will fill the contract for the provision of the gas supply service. Then get a permit to connect.

When they connect a gas stove in the apartment, the service is obliged to check the condition of your equipment twice a year.

If you connect a gas stove in a private house, the owner has two options:

In the latter version, you can connect a gas stove on your own. Or hire the masters. And here you need to carefully come up, study the rules of connection, it is reasonable to choose all the details.

Stages of self.connection of the gas stove

Is it possible to independently connect a gas stove in the apartment? Yes, but first contact Gorgaz, and be sure to provide them with all the necessary documents. Remember that you will need special equipment. Carefully study the subtleties of independent connection of the gas stove. Conditionally, the process is divided into the following stages:

  • Preparatory work.
  • Dismantling of old equipment.
  • Installation of a new device.
  • Checking the correct connection.
  • Exploitation.

So that you know how to connect a gas stove in the apartment with your own hands, carefully study the instructions offered by specialists.

Choosing a place

The manufacturer of the equipment indicates the recommended distance from the walls and partitions of the kitchen furniture. This information is indicated in the instructions or technical documentation. There you will find the basic rules for installing a gas stove in the apartment. The most common mistake of beginners is that they do not take into account the height of equipment placement. The height is calculated in accordance with the distance from the ceilings. You especially need to be neat with kitchens in which there is a sloping ceiling. The material of the ceiling also affects the height of the location.

Quite often, natural ventilation does not cope with the removal of combustion products. Therefore, experts strongly recommend that you install hoods.

Preparation of tools and consumables

Before installing a gas stove, you need to disassemble and dismantle old equipment, as well as prepare a list of special equipment and all kinds of consumables. The optimal set of tools:

  • Key set: gas, divorce and wretched;
  • ball crane 1/2 ’. provided that replacement is required;
  • FUM tape;
  • Screwdriver Set;
  • hose of the corresponding diameter;
  • concentrated soap solution.

Of course, that the process of installing electric and gas models will differ significantly. Give preference to the proven equipment manufacturer. Little.known companies can produce equipment with a short operational period. Popular brands, on the contrary, produce high.quality equipment. For example, gas models of Hephaestus showed themselves from the best side during use.

Dismantling the old stove

Replacing the gas stove will not be difficult. The main thing is to adhere to the basic provisions of step.by.step instructions, while observing safety precautions. The dismantling algorithm for outdated technology for the subsequent installation of a new slab:

  • Crush the tap that controls the gas supply.
  • Check if you managed to block the crane, try to set fire to the burner.
  • Unscrew the locknut and drive the coupling on the omission.
  • Move the equipment from the wall to push the equipment.
  • If the new equipment is installed not now, but in the near future repairs will be held, be sure to put a special plug on the crane.

Old plates connected to the gas pipeline with a metal pipe are much more difficult to dismantle. It is hard to remove the nut and the coupling due to the paint. Therefore, the eyeliner is cut off with an angular grinder. Residues are dismantled using a gas key.

Crane replacement

Often before installing a new gas stove you have to change the crane. You need to do this as quickly as possible and accurately. After dismantling the old crane, the gas will get from the pipe into the room. It is important that after removing the old valve, elementary safety regulations are observed: there was no source of open fire, the windows were widely opened.

Before you start installing new equipment, you need to prepare several additional devices:

  • a small piece of fabric. from it it is necessary to make a temporary cork that will plug the gas pipe. Be sure to moisten the fabric with water;
  • A new ball crane. before installation, transfer it to a closed position, and also dismantle the handle to facilitate the installation process;
  • Prepare a set of wrenches, as well as a special sealant that will be applied to a threaded connection.
  • Open the window as wide as possible, and even better. the window. This is necessary to ensure proper ventilation.
  • Unscrew the tap from the drop, and then insert a wet rag into the pipe opening as quickly as possible.
  • Be sure to remove the remains of the old sealant from the threaded connection, and then apply a new.
  • Remove a rag from the pipe, which performed the functions of the cork, and then wind up a new crane onto the thread. Tighten the valve with a key.
  • Make sure that all elements are connected hermetically. Apply a concentrated solution to the united areas. If bubbles appear that are inflated, then this indicates the absence of proper tightness, respectively, there is a gas leak. Unscrew the valve to apply an additional sealant layer to the thread.

The crane is replaced, which means that you can go to the installation of equipment.

Installation of a new slab

As mentioned earlier, the installation of a gas stove in the apartment with your own hands is carried out only in cases if you have a certain experience in carrying out such work, as well as special equipment. In other situations, it is better to entrust such difficult work to professionals.


Most masters provide materials for work. However, if the owners want to independently choose the necessary consumables for connection, they can contact specialized stores. The list of necessary details is stipulated with the master in advance.

Typically, the list of consumables includes the following.

    Ball crane. Preferably brass, made for use in systems with the supply of liquefied and natural gas of medium and reduced pressure. Previously, when connecting the plates, petal cranes were used. At the moment, they do not comply with the established standards. After a long service life, the part must be replaced.

Additionally, a soap solution is prepared for testing. Enough average saturation. The liquid is applied with a brush to the mounting places to check the tightness of the system.

If the gas gas source becomes a liquefied gas cylinder, a device that stabilizes pressure is necessarily installed. This is necessary to extend the equipment service life. Plus this is one of the safety measures.

Previously, the practice of connecting a gas stove was widespread through a metal pipe. Now it practically does not find application. Such a procedure requires more means, time and skills from the master. The disadvantages of this method play a role:

  • Impossible. Move the stove to another place due to the rigid mounting system.
  • Pipes with a greater degree of probability will need to be made to order, which will be much more expensive.

We proceed to the installation

First of all, you need to very carefully read the recommendations of the manufacturer on installing the plate. The manual must indicate the recommended gap, which must be left between the wall and the stove. If you install with your own hands, follow all the tips of the manufacturer in severity.

Gas stove installation circuit

The plate on special legs should be installed in a specially designated place for it. To set it as much as possible horizontally, use the water level. Twist the legs until the stove becomes exactly. The legs are not supplied to some plates in the kit, so they will need to be replaced with pieces of wood or other lining.

What you need to cook in advance?

  • New hose. If the old hose in your apartment has become unusable, the first thing is to replace it.
  • Get up also with a divorce, lacture and gas key at number 10. If you do not have these tools, lend them from your neighbors.Gas key
  • You also need a screwdriver.
  • Prepare soap solution and anointing in order to check the quality of the work performed.
  • The seal on the hose is necessary for sealing. Professionals note the highest quality FUM tape and Loquyt 55 thread. They perform sealing perfectly, in contrast to the linen seal.

When everything you need is prepared, you can start connecting a gas stove. To do this, the old stove needs to be turned off and moved away. Be sure to redraw the gas and check it by turning on one of the firewood. We will start replacing the crane.

possible, connect, stove, yourself

Then you should act as quickly as possible, but this should not be to the detriment of the quality of work. Take the old rag, moisten it and unscrew the old tap. Be sure to first open the window! Quickly plug the hole with a rag. At this time, you need to clean the thread on the tap and wind the seal. Now you need to quickly connect a new crane. Do not be afraid that the gas comes out. Nothing terrible will happen, because the room is ventilated. But this does not mean that you can lose precious seconds. It remains to screw up a new crane on the seal.

When choosing a hose, we recommend stopping on a rubber. It will allow you to move the stove a little within one to five meters, while it will not be so hard, as in the case of a hose from other materials. And its life is close to ten years. When buying, be sure to see that the hose is covered with a metal “wrapping” and has yellow marks.

Rubber hose for a gas stove

It is this hose that we will connect to the gas riser. On the fitting of the hose, you need to wrap the seal as tightly as possible, then screw it into the crane, which we replaced on the gas pipe. The second end of the hose should be with a mesh that comes in the kit. Now it remains to decide on the thread. For 3/8, you will need to install an adapter, but for 1/2 the adapter will not be required. Use the shutter to overlap the gas, and then connect the hose.

To check whether you managed to connect a new stove, open the gas and spread the connection place with a soap solution. If bubbles do not appear on them, congratulations, you succeeded!

This is how you can connect the stove on your own. Only at first glance it might seem that there is nothing complicated in this process. In fact, this is work for professionals and those who know about working with gas. Objectively evaluate your strength to connect the stove yourself. Did you have the experience of installing the slab? What tips and recommendations can you share with us and our readers?

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Where can you turn for help

You have acquired a suitable model for you, but you absolutely do not understand how it is connected. Where to contact the gas stove connected by professionals? There are several options, each of which you can use:

  • Installation services are provided by stores engaged in the sale of gas equipment;
  • organizations with permission to work with gas systems. At the end of the installation, you will be issued a certificate confirming that the installation of the equipment is performed in accordance with the norms;
  • Calling a specialist of a profile organization that controls the gas supply process of your home.

It is more rational to contact the profile service precisely. According to the law, employees of such organizations should record changes, as well as make an appropriate note in the technical passport. A gas stove should be connected by a specialist who has a work permit in this area. Therefore, it is better to refuse private contractors services. They will not issue a certificate. Because of this, you can further run into a big fine.

What the regulatory requirements are talking about

The current legislation clearly defined the circle of persons admitted to the performance of work.

Connection connection diagram and meters installation

The activities of gas services directly applies to the connection of equipment, measures for planned and emergency repair, installation of meters and other manipulations.

note! With and independently connecting the plate, its operation is possible only after examining the connecting units by the specialist in order to identify the leak, and the official admission of equipment into operation.

Each gas device is registered in a specialized organization, so that in the future it undergoes a scheduled inspection that guarantees the safe operation of equipment.

Safe work with gas equipment. what to take into account

Safety precautions when connecting equipment operating on gas are to comply with the following rules:

  • Before turning on the burner or oven of the plate, it is necessary to perform a visual inspection of the equipment, make sure of its serviceability and the absence of leakage. this is evidenced by a specific smell in the room;
  • The premises of the kitchen where the gas stove is installed is equipped with a ventilation hood;
  • If the operation of the device is not supposed for a long time, then the gas tap is blocked. When dismantling the slab, the pipe should be sequenced and sealed by gas service workers.

The assortment of stores presents a lot of traffic hoods of various types and sizes. There is something to choose from a specific kitchen, taking into account the features of its layout and kitchen furniture. Yes, and install this device yourself. is possible for most good hosts who can use the basic set of home tools. And to help there will be a special publication, in which it is just a step.by.step how to connect the hood in the kitchen with your own hands.

There are a number of rules that should be observed during the operation of the gas stove:

  • It is impossible to independently repair equipment without owning professional skills and knowledge;
  • You can not arbitrarily change the design of the equipment;
  • The work of the plate should take place under control;
  • You can not use the stove as a heating device, lighting gas on the burners;
  • It is necessary to limit access to the slab of young children and incompetent family members.


The process of connecting and registering gas equipment occurs on the basis of a package of documents that the owner of the housing provides a gas service specialist. This includes:

  • certificate of personality of the owner of the premises (passport);
  • Family certificate;
  • title documents for a dwelling;
  • residential registration certificate;
  • Documentation for equipment and counter;
  • Subscriber’s book;
  • payment receipts;
  • Service agreement.

Installation of a gas stove

All work begins with an external inspection of the device. there should not be traces of serious mechanical damage on its surfaces. If there are one, it is quite possible that internal compounds were also injured. it is risky to use it, so an examination may be required. Better yet, return such happiness to the store, if the battle is not your fault (and you can prove it), and replace it with a new.

Table 3. Installation of a gas stove

Steps, photo description
Step 1. unpacking We pull out all the removable parts from the gas stove. bars, comforts, baking sheets and transport containers. If the comfort is still sealed with tape, then they can be made as it is. At the back of the slab, we find a pipe for connecting a gas hose. It is necessary to remove the plastic transport plug from it. Carefully study the instructions. if the configuration provides a rubber gasket with a mechanical filter, then find it and install it on the input. This simple device will protect an expensive device from garbage.
Step 2. Installation of the hose We take the prepared hose, put a paronite gasket in the nut, wrap the thread of the pipe of the fum with a tape of 5-6 turns and perform the installation. First, we twist the nut by hand, and then make an update with a divorce key, fixing the gas pipe with a key with a gas.
Step 3. mounting the hose to the stove There is no catch on modern plates. the connection is performed simply through the nut. Also install the gasket, wrap the seal and carefully tighten everything.
Step 4. checking the tightness of the compounds Make a soap solution, which then foam with a sponge. We coat with foam on all sides threaded joints on the pipe and gas stove, and look if the bubbles are inflated where. Naturally, first, the gas tap needs to be opened. If the leak is discovered, then try to reach the nut a bit. If this does not help, then redraw the gas, unscrew everything and check. Perhaps you forgot to put the gasket, or maybe in the nut on the hose there is a crack. the place where the bubbles appeared in the first place.
Step 5. test launch of the stove If everything is in order, then we move on to testing the operation of the equipment. We ignite all the comforts alternately. Everything is working? Perfectly! We push the plate inward and check its position using a bubble building level.
Step 6. adjustment of adjusting legs If the stove is not on the horizon, then the adjusting legs will help to align its position. we unscrew them until the necessary testimony reaches and make sure that the stove is confident without staggering.

Advice! Soap solution is a thing, of course, useful, but professionals use special devices to determine the presence of leaks. gas analyzers. For a single installation, no one will buy it, so be extremely careful.

We also recommend that you call an employee of the gas service after installation so that he checks the correct installation, and makes all the necessary changes to the operating documents for the gas device. If this is not done, then with a planned check, you may encounter penalties.



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