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Is it possible to close the washing machine with a facade

All about placing a washing machine in the kitchen

If there was no room for a washing machine in the bathroom (hereinafter referred to), the easiest way to place it in the kitchen. After all, there is already all the communications. a pipe supplying cold water and a sewer drain. You just have to find a suitable place, choose a model of the right size and, if desired, integrate it in a headset or install it under the countertop. In this article, we will tell you how to do it correctly. for no harm for the interior and ease of operation for cam.

Pros and cons of the washing machine in the kitchen and tips for its use

Placing a washing machine in the kitchen is most often a forced measure that has its pros and cons of. Let’s start with the pluses.

  • In addition to the fact that you free up space in the bathroom, you form an additional work surface in the kitchen. Another bonus for a large family is the opportunity to start washing at any time, regardless of whether the bathroom is busy or not.

However, transferring the machine to the kitchen, you need to be ready to come to terms with some inconvenience:

  • The noise of the car during push and drain will interfere with communication during the meal and drown out the TV.
  • The smell of washing powder and other detergents is not very appropriate and useful where food is stored, and households eat and rest.
  • To wash dirty things, you will first have to look into the bathroom (or other room where the underwear basket is stored), sort and load everything you need into the basin, take the desired portion of the powder along the way and only then proceed to the kitchen.

However, all these inconvenience are not critical and completely solved. Here are some tips that will help you quickly get used to the kitchen-poster.

  • So that noise and smells do not interfere with you during gatherings in the kitchen, try to start laundry washing at night/evening time or in between meals.
  • Washing powder is best stored either in a closet in containers with a dense lid (say, under a sink), or in another room (in the same bathroom, for example).
  • So that the powder does not wake up past the tray, simply replace it with a liquid for washing, which, by the way, always dissolves completely.
  • So that the car is noisy as little as possible, well adjust its legs.
  • If you equip your kitchen from scratch, try ceramic tiles/porcelain tiles, not a laminate or parquet board. After all, firstly, she is not afraid of possible leaks, and secondly, it minimizes the noise of the machine during washing.

Advantages and disadvantages of the washing machine in the kitchen

Consider the advantages of installing a washing machine in the kitchen.

  • Liberation of space in a cramped bathroom.
  • If the family is large, and the bathroom is constantly busy, after installation in the kitchen you can use the washing machine at any time.

The placement of the washing machine in the kitchen has its disadvantages:

  • The noisy machine does not allow to communicate normally at dinner or drowns out the sounds of the TV installed in the kitchen.
  • The smell of household chemicals is not very appropriate where the food is prepared and the products are lying.
  • Before washing, you still need to go to the bathroom to pick up dirty things. Everything you need is sorted, folded into a basin, the powder will have to be taken with you constantly if the detergent is not stored in the kitchen.
possible, close, washing, machine

To get rid of inconvenience, you can use several tips:

  • Night washing helps to get rid of smells. You can load linen when there is no one in the kitchen.
  • The powder is stored in tightly closed containers, it is better to put it in the next room.
  • So that the detergent does not wake up, you can use liquid mixtures for washing.
  • To reduce the noise level, you need to configure the legs of the machine.

When arranging a kitchen from zero to the floor, ceramic tiles are placed. Parquet or laminate is not recommended if a washing machine is installed in the kitchen, since such flooring is afraid of leaks.

Where is the best to install a washing machine

Washing. The machine in the kitchen is most often installed near the sink. This is the most convenient location, the minimum length hoses leading to the water supply and drain are used. If the machine is installed far from the sink, some parts will wear out faster, since it will take more power to distill water over long distances. Will have to choose hoses up to 5 or 7 m long.

Options for installing a machine in the interior:

  • Installation for a countertop without a door;
  • Location behind facades and under the countertop;
  • Built into the cabinet;
  • Stationary location.

Choosing a place for installation

Installation rules for built.in technology require a competent connection of communications. In this regard, it is most convenient to mount a washer in the kitchen or in the bathroom. near the water supply for water, sewage for draining. If installation is performed in the corridor, you must first make a system wiring, and then install the cabinet. A separate laundry room can only be equipped in large houses/apartments. Basic rules for choosing a place of installation:

  • The best option is a bathroom. You can realize the idea in several ways: remove the bathroom, put a shower and a vertical pencil case under its place in its place (the cabinet material should be moisture.resistant), mount the corner structure with additional modules, shelves, install compact equipment under the washbasin. the shells are mounted in a countertop or installed above;
  • rational idea. installing a washing machine in the kitchen. In a spacious room, the cabinet is mounted separately. In a small room, a dryer and a car on one side of the line, a dishwasher, microwave, another kitchen appliances. on the other hand, the central part. a sink, hinged cabinets for dishes are made. Another option is the installation of the front car in the end of the headset;
  • A practical solution. installation of a closet with a washing machine in the hallway (corridor). If the room is narrow, built.in furniture is suitable for the entire length of the “short” wall. functionally and simply. The square corridor will be equipped with a wide straight or narrow corner structure so that the opening of the cabinet does not interfere with entering/leaving the room. In the hallway, the unit is covered with facades, otherwise the car looks inappropriately, unattractive;
  • The situation without an alternative. installing furniture in the toilet. It is not difficult to imagine a separate car in the bathroom, but the cabinet is a serious matter. There are few solutions. a cabinet for a compact equipment in the corner, you can install the upper cabinet above the washing machine and hide different accessories on the shelves, utensils for the toilet, detergents, household chemicals.

Despite the fact that washing machines are difficult to fit into small rooms in the dimensions, the equipment is well placed in furniture with the built.in installation version. This allows you to free up space, carefully arrange the power unit, use the space with maximum benefit. It is important that the cabinet can be made for any size of the equipment, give the product an interesting appearance, organically enter the room in the room.

Niches for linen

Each housewife is interested in the issue of practical, compact placement of household appliances. But we must not forget about the details-somewhere you need to add dirty linen, put detergents, store bath and toiletries. It is customary to leave such things in the bathroom, so the niches for linen will be equipped in this room. To compactly place the washing machine and the functional elements of filling the cabinet, you can make the design as follows:

  • mount the vertical cabinet of the pencil case, in the lower part of which to install the equipment, and use the upper module under the built.in basket;
  • Equip a horizontal cabinet for a cabinet, the shells in this version are cut into a countertop, one part of the furniture (left or right) is used as a niche for linen;
  • The suspension model of the cabinet in which the equipment is installed on the floor can be equipped with a capacious niche for the basket. Still, it is recommended to close it with doors.

Of course, you can equip the built.in baskets in the kitchen or in the hallway, but in the first case, things will be additionally soaked in the smells of food, and in the second one should not combine clean outerwear in the corridor compartment next to niches for storing dirty linen and home textiles. In addition, baskets outside the bathroom look untidy.

Installation of equipment in a cabinet is an ideal solution for small rooms and spacious rooms. Washing machines do not create such a heavy noise when operating if the units are located behind closed doors. You can equip a bathroom, kitchen, hallway or toilet with furniture furniture. Making products on individual sizes allows you to carefully place units with vertical and horizontal loading.

Is it possible to close the washing machine with a facade

The main minus that occurs if we embed an ordinary washing machine for the door. This is less convenient access to the powder loading capacity. The powder tray will partially be under the working surface. It is necessary to make sure that the tray will be extended enough.

When closing the ordinary washing machine to use two doors. You can, of course, order a wide door and install it. But this will cause problems during operation. It often will have to open what is necessary to load things and dry the device. A large heavy door for a long time will be in the open position. Over time, this will certainly lead to its sagging and breakdown of the loops. In addition, an open door measuring 700 mm in the middle of the kitchen is simply unsafe. Judging in the process of cooking, you will have to go around it, you can stumble.

In this case, it is necessary to take into account the depth of the countertop and have a supply of at least 15 centimeters compared to the machine. So, if the standard depth of the kitchen countertop is 60 cm, then the machine should be bought in size not more than 45 cm. This will allow it to “hide” it under the countertop and easily install hinges for doors. They can be fixed directly on the side panels of the cabinets between which we put our device. Under the countertop 40 cm deep, an option is possible only without doors.

Do not forget about vibration. It will definitely be present. Small gaps should be left between the walls of washing and neighboring cabinets so as not to damage them. If the legs of the machine is thoroughly adjusted, the vibration will be within normal and does not harm the rest of the kitchen furniture.

The use of the Harmosk door will also be a suitable option. It takes up little space in the open position and is convenient to use.

So, you can install a washing machine in the kitchen. If you are limited in funds and buy a separate device, it is better not to close it with the facade. Economic class kitchen, which already has a regular refrigerator and stove, will not suffer from such a neighborhood. And if you create a cuisine of dreams on a design project, then try to allocate funds for the purchase of built.in equipment specially designed for these purposes.

Features of repair and replacement of fasteners

All installation work on connecting water must be done with the supply of the apartment (house). There is an introductory crane in most residential premises. In the same place where it is absent, the cut.off is made for the entire riser or in the well.

No repair work cannot be carried out while the machine is included in the network.

Going for new details of the door attachment, you should take with you the old knot. Even on the same machines of different episodes, discrepancies occur. Sometimes it is millimeters, but it is not possible to replace.

When repairing the drum or doors, you need to check, at least superficially, the remaining nodes, open and clean the pump filter, check the heating element for the scale.

Installation, connection, fastening and current minor repair of nodes on the shoulder not even too sophisticated. As a rule, for this, a fairly tasty key, screwdrivers and accuracy. Here, as elsewhere, it is important not to overestimate your strength. If the breakdown is obviously related to the electric part or electronics, it is better to resort to the services of a specialist.

Features of choosing a cabinet for a washing machine

The most important point in size is the dimensions of the niche for technology. They should exceed the size of the machine body by 2 to 5 cm. In the back will you have to retreat 10 cm. This will ensure normal air circulation. Also, the furniture will not suffer from vibrations in the regimen regime. On average, the height of such a device reaches 90 cm, and the width with a depth of 60 cm.

It is also taken into account whether the car will be closed with sash. If so, then there should be 2. One large door can tear out furniture loops. This will still take depths for the thickness of the material. In this regard, built.in embossing options are ideal. They provide loops for hanging the wings. But, this may make it difficult to fall asleep powder. In this case, rash it into the drum. This technique is allowed by most manufacturers. Also consider that some materials can create the effect of insulation. This is not particularly desirable.

No matter you buy a cabinet in a store or design on order. You must buy equipment earlier. This will allow you to avoid all difficulties with subsequent alterations.

Washing machine outside the doors of the headset

The washing machine in the kitchen can be built into any closet or cabinet. The presence of doors will protect the surface of the device from pollution and reduce the noise from the washing room. If necessary, you can provide blocking the cabinet doors in which a washing machine is built (install a lock).

Important: the washing machine has a large weight and should stand directly on the floor. Therefore, even when inserted into kitchen furniture, the bottom of the kitchen cabinet is removed, and the legs of the washing machine are installed on a hard floor.

Built.in models of washing machines have a minimum of design jewelry. They include minimal vibration (so as not to loosen the kitchen furniture standing nearby). When installing a built.in machine, it is necessary to withstand the distance. Between the walls of the kitchen cabinet and an automatic machine should be up to 5-10 cm of free space.

Models of built.in machines with loops on the edge of the outer plastic box are produced. After installing the washing machine, a decorative door is mounted on these loops.

An economical option for the location of the washer in the kitchen. in the corner for the sink. Traditionally, corners are the most unclaimed space of the room. Therefore, it is recommended to install bulky and large furniture items in them. In the corner of the kitchen, it is convenient to place a vertical loading machine.

Advantages and disadvantages of location in the kitchen

The installation of a washing room in the kitchen is, as a rule, a forced event that has both its advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantages include the fact that the beneficial space in the bathroom is released in this way. You can also additionally organize the working surface. Another advantage. you can use the washing machine at any time, regardless of whether the bath is free or not.

But, setting the washing in the kitchen, you need to prepare for certain inconvenience:

  • To wash things first you need to go to the bathroom (or another room in which the basket for dirty clothing is located), please beg and transfer the necessary to the basin, take the appropriate portion of the washing tools along the way and only then go to the kitchen.
  • The smell of detergents is not very appropriate and useful in the room in which food products are located, and all members of the canopy take food and rest.
  • The noise of the washing machine when draining or spinning interferes with the conversation, muffles the sound of the TV.

But the inconvenience that appeared can be solved well. There are a number of recommendations that will make it possible to get used to the kitchen-stirre:

    You can store either in the cabinets in sealed containers (for example, under the sink), or in another room at all (for example, in the pantry).

  • So that extraneous sounds and unpleasant aromas from the washing machine do not interfere with eating, you can start washing dirty things at night or in between eating food.
  • If the kitchen is equipped from scratch, you can organize a floor of tiles, and refuse a laminate or parquet. Since ceramics are not afraid of likely leaks, and at the same time reduces the noise of the washing room when spinning.
  • So that the washing machine does not make it so much noisy, install it clearly on the horizontal level.
  • So that the washing powder does not scatter periodically past the container, just use liquid substances for washing.

Ways to install washing

There are several options for installing a washing machine:

  • Full installation in the headset.
  • Partial installation in the headset (for example, under the countertop and door).
  • Separately standing from the kitchen set.

Complete installation

By acquiring a built.in washing machine and mounting it in a kitchen set, you can completely disguise the washing machine behind the facade, organizing the complete unity of the surfaces. With this method, the interior of the kitchen will be more attractive, while the room will visually increase. If the room is small, then it is advisable to use this particular option for placing a washing machine.

Disadvantage of built.in models: a small assortment, more expensive cost, you need to unscrew the door and take out a machine out of the box if you need to repair the device.

The difference between built.in models and ordinary ones is that the first is not the side and upper protective wall. The hinges are located in front, where the facade is attached.

possible, close, washing, machine

You can also integrate the washer into the end of the kitchen set. In this case, you need to choose the width of the washing machine about 62-65 cm.

That regarding devices with the upper laying of linen, they can also be installed in the headset, but this is performed in a slightly non.standard way. under the opening countertop, for example, under the bar counter.

  • Ideally, the washing machine must be installed near the sink and dishwasher (regardless of whether this model is built.in or not). This facilitates the connection to communication systems, and also simplifies the convenience of operation. So you can organize a kind of “wet” zone in which detergents are stored and there is constant access to water. In general, you can build up the unit in any zone, the exception is only a slab for cooking.
  • It is advisable to entrust the installation in the kitchen set of the specialist.
  • It is necessary to make the box so that the plum filter is constantly in the access zone, and not completely covered with the facade.

Partial installation

You can install a regular washing machine with the front laying of linen in the kitchen set. The most important thing is to choose the right model suitable in size. It is very simple to do this, since all sizes are standard and most often easily placed under the countertop.

How To Clean Your Washing Machine Filter

Most often, the height of the countertop is in the range of 85-89 cm, and the height of the washing machine is usually 86 cm. If the device is slightly larger in size than required. nothing terrible, the manufacturer is probably the ability to install a washing room and a removable panel is located on the equipment.

To remove it, you just need to twist several bolts from the back. So the height of the equipment decreases by a few centimeters. And to protect the washing machine from possible leaks and dirt, the top is closed with a decorative plastic sheet or polyethylene is covered.

There are several ways to disguise the washing machine under the countertop. without a door or with it.

Installation without a door is characterized by ease of installation. All that is required is to choose a washing machine that is suitable in size, and install under the countertop. If the equipment requires repairs or it needs to be transported, you can easily get equipment from a niche.

But due to the fact that the facade part of the washing device is visible, and there are small cracks near the case, the interior will turn out not so attractive, unlike a full installation. At the same time, the open part of the front panel and the gaps between the case require constant support of the washing area in cleanliness and order.

  • So that the washing machine located under the countertop looks presentable, it is best to choose it under the color of the kitchen set (the assortment of this technique is small, but you can still choose) and the most close to the size of the niche made.
  • Do not forget that if the washing machine is installed near the wall, then the countertop must be fixed to it, and not just put on the washer cover.
  • An ordinary washing machine can be decorated with vinyl stickers.
  • In premises in a rustic style, Baroque, equipment can be disguised as a beautiful curtain selected in the color of the interior.
  • The most successful color of the equipment is white or gray (under stainless steel).


Also, the washing machine can be completely hidden behind the cabinet door, if you select a technique of 46-52 cm deep. In this amount, equipment can be placed in a niche and organized the required distance for a drain hose. But during the choice of the model, it is recommended to measure the depth not taking into account the size of the case, but along the door of the washing machine with the most convex areas.

  • To organize access to the filter, you need to make sure that the basement of the kitchen is easily removed and set back.
  • The best thing is that the door can open more than 100 degrees. It is easier to lay linen in the drum of a washing machine and get it from there.
  • So that the container for filling the washing powder does not rest against the loops of the door during the opening, you need to provide a small gap from the corresponding part of the washing machine.

Stationary installation

If the kitchen space is already equipped, then the washing machine can simply be placed in the nearest free area near the sink. If the room is small, it is best to purchase shallow equipment (46-52 cm) or a completely small-sized model with vertical laying of linen.

If necessary, the washing machine can be installed in the distance from the working part of the kitchen room and even divided the curtain.

Is it worth it?

In this case, the question arises whether it is possible to install a washing machine in the kitchen or in the corridor. Some people initially plan it in the kitchen, considering this a practical solution.

Before starting installation, pay attention to a number of factors: the pros and cons of this solution, methods of designing a device in a kitchen interior, installation features, how is the connection process occurs.

The installation of a washing machine in the kitchen has its advantages:

  • Saving space in the bathroom.
  • Eraser is always in sight. The emergency breakdown will be noticed faster.
  • Walked clothes do not remain in the drum for a long time. If they often forget to hang washing, then in the kitchen more households will remember this.
  • You can install a full.sized machine.

In each individual case, these advantages will seem controversial, so it is worth making a decision based on your specific situation. In addition, the machine has significant disadvantages in the kitchen:

  • It is problematic to install a machine with a vertical type of boot type.
  • Doubtful aesthetic appearance.
  • The machine gets dirty during cooking.
  • It is inconvenient to store powder and dirty linen.
  • Extra noise in the kitchen.

The nuances of the installation

often, the issue of installing a washing machine in the kitchen is not so much convenience as saving space. Hopelessness makes you seek exotic ways to resolve this issue. But this is not a reason to despair. If you make some efforts, you can beat the washing machine as an interesting interior element. In general, the washing machine in the kitchen looks stylish. There are enough examples where it complements the design of the kitchen, is harmoniously combined with another household appliances.

The washing machine in the kitchen is made built.in or standing separately. The first option is more expensive than the second and choose much less often. If the budget allows you to make a built.in equipment, then, as a rule, the area of ​​the apartment allows you to place a washing machine where it is supposed. Separately standing under the countertop, or separately from kitchen furniture. Sometimes the equipment is closed with facades so that the kitchen fat does not settle on the surface.

Before putting a machine in the kitchen, decide on the place and provide all possible little things that can interfere with the installation or normal operation of the device. When installing a washing machine in the kitchen, you need to pay attention to some features.

  • Do not connect the machine directly to the usual drain under the sink. Then the flow of the pipe can not be seen immediately. Water will have time to seep to the neighbors from below, spoil the flooring of the kitchen or other rooms. It is better to make a special discharge from the back wall. Then the leak will be visible almost immediately.
  • Some models of washing machines have a for falling asleep powder somewhat in.depth than the main facade of the device. So the countertop can partially or completely close access to the basket. This problem is also relevant if it is supposed to close the machine with the facade. As a rule, they strive to put the equipment deeper to hang the loops for doors. The farther the machine, the less likely to fill the powder.
  • Когда машинка оформлена внутри мебельного гарнитура, ее иногда закрывают снизу цоколем. However, it must be remembered that below in a special there is a pipe for residual drainage. If you need to use it, you need to easily dismantle the basement.
  • When choosing a place in the kitchen where to install a machine, remember that you can not put it near the kitchen slab. First, it will quickly pollute. Secondly, high temperature contributes to breakdowns.
  • Between the countertop and the lid of the machine, leave a small gap. If there is an imbalance, vibration and rattling, the device will not hit the table.
  • Consider the depth of furniture and cars. You can not place the technique close to the wall, leave a place for pipes. If the facades are hung, the loops should not scratch the case of the machine.

Design and color

If you do not want to worry about how the built.in washing machine in the interior of the kitchen will look, choose a model that is completely hidden in the closet. When buying it, its design and color will not play absolutely no role, and these devices do not differ in a particular variety.

If the washing machine is designed to be built under the countertop, design and color become one of the main selection criteria. Fortunately, modern manufacturers offer models for absolutely every taste.

Standard devices of white, gray or black colors no longer surprise anyone. Therefore, manufacturers began to produce washing rooms with more original color solutions. For example, bright red, pink, yellow, blue, green. Some brands offer washing machines decorated with painting, patterns and even whole paintings. True, these solutions are not suitable for every interior style.

possible, close, washing, machine

The change and construction of the case underwent. A standard round hatch is no longer interesting, so in some models it is triangular or square. The case of absolutely transparent material equipped with color backlight can be considered quite unusual. And if it’s a pity to spend money on exclusive models, you can improve the appearance of the built.in washing machine with your own hands. using a painting, mosaic and other decorative elements.

Advantages of built.in AEG washing machines

The main advantages of AEG washing rooms: high energy efficiency and assembly quality, quiet work, a tank of high.quality modern polymers, a wide selection of modes and programs, many useful functions.

Most models of built.in AEG washing machines are equipped with a drying function. At the same time, the capacity of the devices is quite large: 7-8 kg for washing and 4 for drying. Condensation drying system. fluid is assembled in a special tank.

Some washbasins provide a function of processing of a steam linen, which allows you to get rid of allergens and residues of washing powder in fabric fibers.

Built.in devices are highly efficient to push. The maximum speed is 1400 rpm, so you get almost dry underwear from the tank.

The list of programs of built.in AEG washing machines includes special modes for woolen and silk fabrics, a manual washing option, several cotton and synthetics programs with different water temperature, ökopower (a cycle lasting 59 minutes with economical water and electricity consumption), fast mode (20 minutes ), anti.allergenic program.

Fuzzzy Logic technology reduces the consumption of water and washing powder, as well as optimize the washing cycle. Foaming will help out if you accidentally added too much powder. Excess foam is pumped out with a special pump, and clean water is added to the drum.

The function of monitoring the imbalance allows you to avoid excess vibration during the squeezing. The system automatically distributes laundry throughout the drum volume.

The Aqua-Control system protects against possible leaks, blocking the water supply. AEG washing machines are equipped not only with a bulk hose with an electromagnetic valve, but also by a special pallet.

Built.in AEG washing machines guarantee careful attitude to things. If your choice is the highest quality household appliances, pay attention to the models presented in our online store. As a Partner brand, we offer them at a favorable price and provide free delivery to any regions and also provide an official guarantee.



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