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Is it harmful to put magnets on the fridge

Is it possible to hang magnets on the refrigerator?

There are a huge number of forums on the internet where this topic is still being discussed to this day. People continue to debate about the effects of common magnets on the refrigerator. The main arguments lean towards the fact that they have a magnetic field that negatively affects the electronic components of the device.

Let’s try in this article to collect all necessary truthful facts, they will help us to make correct conclusion about damage of magnets.

How do magnets affect the refrigerator?

It is not a good idea to put ferromagnets on the fridge, and it is true. Therefore, all popular manufacturers of these appliances (LG, Atlant, Bosch, Samsung) in the instructions indicate this.

But many pseudoscientists and various sites have strongly promoted the topic of the harm of magnets. In fact it is not necessary to be afraid of it strongly. After all, the harm of ferromagnets is heavily hyped, and accordingly, many of the arguments about harm are not considered true.


A lot of people hate clutter and you are probably one of them if you are reading this. When you go online to admire all those beautiful images on home design websites, kitchens always stay looking pretty. There may be a bowl of lemons on the table or a towel, but you’re unlikely to find a kitchen where the refrigerator is decorated with magnets.

Now there are mostly steel refrigerators that are huge magnets. You might think it would be cute to put a few magnets on them, but it’s not. The Reasons?

All because it looks messy, creates a sense of disorder. Also similar negatively affects the condition of the products inside the fridge, if the equipment itself is old.

On the plus side, many magnets spoil the coating of the refrigerator. In addition, some people believe that they are charging negative energy to the food inside, which we then consume, as a consequence we absorb this bad energy.

Create a cozy and clean kitchen without cleaning

Once you take all these magnets off the fridge, your kitchen will be noticeably cleaner and prettier.

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Instead, you can try making a cute board in a corner of the kitchen where it won’t catch the eye of guests. This board will serve as an object on which you can attach stickers, to-do lists, drawings of the children. Such a technique in the design of the kitchen will really make it nice and homely. Plus, you won’t need to clutter the refrigerator surface with unnecessary decorations.

What are the magnets on the fridge

These souvenirs are one of the most common advertising media. In addition, many people bring such presents as a memento of their travels. Most often they are made of vinyl, because it has qualities such as:

Не пугайтесь, это вовсе не жертва своего любопытства и беспечности хозяев! Это магнит на холодильник “Застрявший котик”

In addition, when working with this material, there are virtually no restrictions on the design that can be created. Any image can be used, including a logo or photos. The picture is laminated to keep it safe. There are also volumetric designs made of plastic or any other lightweight material. Widespread option of making and more functional products. room thermometers on a vinyl base, for example. With the help of magnetic tape for the fridge you can make a home information center, attaching photos and notes.

Paintwork destruction

One should not forget about the aesthetic component. Magnets which are hanging on the door for too long time can negatively influence the quality of the paint coating. As a result, dark or yellow stains can form under the magnets, and even corrosion, which definitely will not add luster to the appearance of the refrigerator.

The potential dangers of a magnetic field should not be neglected, and people with any medical devices in their bodies should stay away from magnets altogether.

Magnets spoil the fridge

Some meticulous scientists of the planet investigated and found out that boron and neodymium magnets can disable electric devices. So the placement of such decorations in the future can provoke a breakdown of the unit. Especially it concerns advanced refrigerators with electric panels on the doors.

In theory, such a remark is true, but in practice it’s not so terrible. If you do not decorate your fridge with 5-kilogram magnetic pancakes, there is nothing to worry about.

The only harm that magnets can do is damage the surface if used carelessly. So from time to time, remove the magnets and wipe down the surfaces of the refrigerator. And also re-hang the decorations, so that there are no light spots and traces of rust on the doors.

Magnets are bad for health

To finally lower the magnets in the eyes of mankind, scientists started a rumor that these nice ornaments are source of almost lethal danger to humans. By creating a magnetic field, they poison the food stored in the refrigerator and everyone who is in the immediate vicinity. So, when you buy another magnet, you buy a time bomb that will sooner or later destroy you.

It, certainly, the exaggerated statement, but approximately so believe magnetic opponents. The matter is that the magnetic field coming from a household magnet is so small and weak that it is unable to have any pernicious effect.

For that matter, the television set in front of which we sit for hours, music speakers, and other electrical appliances emit much more harmful magnetic waves. But for some reason no one has ever had the idea of throwing away their TV and replacing their favorite soap operas with books. The culprit, according to the law of the genre, the magnet, like that cookie, which always leads to acute poisoning after the party.

To rule out fears, ask the seller about the composition of the magnet alloy. Boron and neodymium are considered dangerous elements that could theoretically cause health problems (especially in the case of cardiac patients). But iron and ferrite are absolutely harmless, because the magnetic field of these elements is very weak. The “good” magnet can be distinguished by its distinctive dull color.

A common hobby

It will not be a secret that really many people collect magnets. This is a good way not only to decorate the fridges, but also to keep memories of the vacations spent in different countries of the world and travels. But it happens so that the equipment has been working for a long time, and then at some moment it starts to malfunction. And here the question arises for many people: can it be because of the magnets??

Such interest is quite justified, because the repair or purchase of a new refrigerator is quite expensive. And no one wants to throw money away. Therefore Jury Mihajlovsky has decided to understand all from a technical side of a question.

Is there a risk?

According to the physicist, magnets are generally safe and can not cause failure of household appliances. But here we need to consider their power, which is of key importance. If we are talking about ferritic magnets, they create a very weak magnetic field that cannot harm your refrigerator.

But today there are on sale neodymium-iron-bead magnets, which have high power. They can be distinguished by their gray color. And they are able to disable the electronics of household appliances, which will eventually lead to a breakdown. Therefore it is not necessary to decorate your refrigerators with such magnets, no matter how beautiful or valuable they are to you.

Myths about the harm of refrigerator magnets

The theory that magnets disable refrigerators has a scientific basis. Magnetic fields can indeed disrupt machinery. But there are a few important points that adherents of this theory don’t take into account. The magnetic induction vector (simplified. the magnetic field strength) of the usual decorative magnetik is negligibly small. Not enough to disrupt the operation of a massive appliance like a refrigerator.

The black magnets that we put on the fridge have a very weak field

But if to hang on the body of equipment a couple dozens of magnets? Here already here the structure of the refrigerator itself comes into play. All the important parts are located closer to the back of the case. The field of the magnets attached to the door won’t reach the internal parts.

Most likely, the myth about the influence of magnets on the fridge has appeared because of electromagnetic valves, which are present in the construction of some models of appliances. This detail regulates the temperature in the chambers and really can be switched off by the magnetic field. But the power of decorative magnets is not enough for such an effect.

One more reason, which does not allow people to decorate the fridge to their taste, is omens. It is believed that you can not hang images of people, animals and places on the door. allegedly they will pass their negative energy to the food in the refrigerator. And the nature of the depicted person or the history of the area does not even matter. According to those who adhere to this superstition, even a picture of Mother Teresa will spoil the energy of the products.

But the image of fruits and vegetables on magnets superstition welcomes

Real reasons

Despite the easily refuted myths, the magnets on the fridge can do quite real harm:

  • People with pacemakers should not be too fond of decorating kitchen appliances. The abundance of magnets on the fridge can indeed lead to a breakdown of the heart stimulant;
  • fridge magnets (at least massive ones) should be avoided by families with young children. A curious child may try to get the colorful decoration off the door. And then a large ceramic or plastic figurine can fall and painfully hit the baby on the head;
  • Removing or moving the magnets can scratch the refrigerator door. This is especially common with small decorations.

Don’t be afraid to decorate your refrigerator because of omens and unfounded theories. It is better to pay attention to the real reasons why you should give up decorative magnets.

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About the general harm of magnets

First of all, it is worth noting that the magnets placed on the door of the refrigerator, especially harmful in the case if they hang on old-style equipment, as it is not equipped with additional protection. The negative effects of such items manifest themselves primarily in the fact that magnetic fields begin to penetrate the refrigerator and affect the food. Is it worth believing that magnets hung on the doors of modern appliances do not pose a threat? Yes, it is true, in which case they should not be feared.

Do magnets harm the health of the occupants of the house?

The abundance of magnets, hanged on the fridge door, often negatively affects the human body. In particular, experts in the field of medicine strongly recommend to remove such ornaments from the kitchen those who have small children living in the house. over, it is advised to abstain from placing such decorations to people who have problems with the heart and blood vessels. Also their placement is not recommended in those houses where people with pacemakers live, because exposure to magnetic waves adversely affects the operation of this device.

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Oh, those storytellers

As for science, indeed, magnetic fields can theoretically interfere with the operation of machinery. But in our cases, the strength of the magnetic field is so insignificant that such a huge and powerful device as a refrigerator will not even notice it. Souvenirs brought by us from resorts are equipped with black magnets with a weak field. And even if you stick on the wall of the fridge with a dozen magnets, the device will not be anything. Do not forget that all the main parts of the appliances are located near the back of the cabinet. There is no way the field can get there!

Curiously enough, many of our fellow countrymen (and not just!) believe that it is not a good omen to hang beloved souvenirs on the fridge. precisely, it is not a good omen if a face of the person or animal is depicted on a magnet. And it does not matter if there is a picture of your mother or a nice playing kitten. They say that such magnets transmit negative energy. And the food will spoil faster, not be useful. But such people, as you yourself are well aware, will bypass half a block, just not to cross the road, on which a black cat crossed in front of them. Of course, you should not take such opinions seriously.

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According to superstitions and recommendations of feng shui experts, you can only attach pictures of something edible like berries or vegetables to the fridge. But an animal, a figurine, a human face, or a landscape will send negative energy to the device and fill the supplies inside with it.

harmful, magnets, fridge

The harm and safety of refrigerator magnets are often debated. To make up your own opinion on the matter, it is useful to know the different points of view.



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