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Ironing system Laurastar how to use

Laurastar Lift Original Red : A new way of ironing

Ironing system Laurastar how to use. Popular models ^

Comparison of ironing systems Laurastar

Ironing systems are the best choice for those who want to optimize the ironing process. And we will tell you about the features of these devices.

To date, the Swiss manufacturer Laurastar produces three episodes of ironing systems.

The first series is E, consisting of two devices; Second series. S of three devices, the third episode. Smart, also consisting of three ironing systems.

Technical characteristics of Laurastar Magic Evolution

Below you will find the technical characteristics of the product and operating manual Laurastar Magic Evolution.

Frequently asked Questions

You cannot find the answer to your question in the leadership? You can find the answer to your question below, in the section of frequently asked questions about Laurastar Magic Evolution.

Wet the fabric in vinegar and put an iron on this fabric for half an hour so that vinegar is absorbed into spots. Then remove the stains with a damp cloth.

Unfortunately, we do not have a guide for Laurastar Magic Evolution, available to Russian. This leadership is available to English.

The ironing system Laurastar

We use Laura for a long time and quite often, and in general are satisfied. I contacted Vernadsky in 2011, the guys quickly fixed everything and for relatively acceptable money. Now again she began to live her life. So, I called, and they tell me that the service is only in Izmailovo, as the creation of Daria told me at the other end of the wire with a fairly Honor voice. I certainly understand that this Virgin does not repair the systems, and is unlikely to delve into them (if at all in what. it delves into something), but you are working in the service center! Where is the respect for the client? Of course, I want to know how much repair can do, but my desire in no way allows you, as a representative of such an organization, with rudeness in the voice to increase the tone for the client. By the way, as it turned out later, they have delivery, which I learned about on the site, and not from Madame. I am very disappointed. I still remember how friendly girls were on Vernadsky. And here it is Pros: the car is good, justifies yourself- disadvantages: want to get preliminary information, get on the site. Lady on the phone is not up to you year of release/purchases: 2009

I called them now in the service, regarding the repair of the iron itself (I burst the tube inside the iron, leading steam to the sole). The girl vigorously called the work on the phone and 250 per piece of the rubber tube. For my request to sell me only a pipe (collect. I can disassemble it myself :-)). They answered with a refusal. But ask for such a simplest job 2500. I will tell you a clear overkill, and Diamert divorces. Work there for 5 minutes. In short, do not try to buy this slag! No quality, expensive service, the cost was formed not based on the real cost of production, but probably based on the costs of marketing promotion and the creation of a “professional technique”!.Pros: the first year works in the very least-disadvantages: it does not last long, you don’t have its own money, the service will pump out money from you with excellent appetite! Year of release/purchases: 2009

Worked for 6 years, then suddenly so broke that I had to change literally everything. After the repair, he refused to work correctly. I had to carry it to the service with an interval of 2 weeks. I conclude: the quality does not correspond to the price, the service is unprofessional. I am very sorry that I got involved in repairs, which has already approached 17,000 (!), and if you add the cost of a backup iron, which had to be purchased in connection with endless repairs. And even more! With this money you could buy a new steam generator, go to an expensive restaurant in the center of St. Petersburg, and to buy orthopedic boots for delivery to children Pluses: while working, there were no minuses. minuses: I broke for wow to pump out money from me until I dare to take it to a landfill! Year of release/purchases: 2011

I have been using the model Laura Star Medzhik 4 for more than 7 years. My observations. 90% facilitating work. And 10 % out of 100 %, what you do not really want to iron. I am a professional tailor. And when there was a similar model of the steam system at work, the work was reduced by 50% instead of 8. my working day I worked for 4 hours. And I was able to study at the evening faculty yet. After such results, naturally only a system for the home! The choice fell on Laura. Decature of the fabric before work is perfect, you do not even need to wash it before work, so that it will sat down as it should. What I read here is that there is no sleeve. So look at the instructions for ironing that it is simply not needed! True, when I sew a jacket, and when a ready.made jacket is not needed at all. 1 time changed the sole of the iron and then recently. Only pluses. I do not see minuses. The only thing I can say and this is not a minus, but simply progress went uphill and 3, 5 bar is already not enough, there are already steam generators and with 6 bar! But I would leave the ironing surface Pros: 1. Crystick in 1 minute, 2. Throughrs tightly sticks, 3. than 2 times less time for ironing, 4. Iron quality. Cons: 1. Average steam pressure year of release/purchase: 2008

ironing, system, laurastar

We plan to replace the ironing board. In 2000, we were presented with Laura Star. Everything is just super. Until now, everything is excellent, only change the covers on the board. Once contacted a service cere. Clean the iron. Now I want to buy something more modern in the model. I write because I read the previous negative review. Most likely, the buyer was simply unlucky. I have been using for 14 years and I can not even imagine ironing without this board. Laura Star Best ironing system Pluses: it strokes perfectly, serves for a long time. disadvantages: we have a very old model, we need to take a look at it when it is to be detonated to add water. But this can be called a minus with a stretch year of release/purchase: 2000

Ironing board, collided with service and was very disappointed! He was simply not done when I called to express my indignation, it turned out that I have to do everything myself and most likely I use it correctly. I’m interested in how to use an ironing board correctly?) and why then do I need a service center when everything needs to be done by yourself. G. Zhi Gribanova, who, as I understand it, is a close relative of Gene Dr. Gribanov, I advised me to deal with my own board myself! So this is the impression of the service)) Apparently when you give a car for repairs there, too, they are advised to repair the car themselves, and in the restaurant the soup is boiled yourself)). pluses: excellent ironing quality. minuses: lack of service, rudeness and not professionalism of employees year of release /purchases: 2013

We bought this miracle of technology, thought that things for that kind of money should serve for a long time and efficiently. Firstly. The quality of the ironing sucks. Secondly, it broke immediately after the guarantee ended. This is such a miscalculation of the manufacturer? Specifically about the breakdown. Fireworks from sparks. By a happy chance, I was almost killed by the current. So I think how to sue this manufacturer Pros: you think that you bought a good thing. cons: deadly year of release/purchases: 2013

I have a big family. I am stroked daily at least an hour. I bought two models. Over time, the system clogs, you need to clean. I agree with those who believe that the service is inconvenient and expensive. However, after Laura I tried other systems, some were much more expensive, and regretted that she did not buy Laura for the third time. I want to try to fill the filtered water (previously poured simple water as managers advertised), I think that this will significantly extend the operation of the system Pros: strokes perfectly, there is a vertical steaming, and in the latest models it is possible to add water during ironing. minuses: uncomfortable service, high price

Chips on choice ^

If you decide to give preference to the Laurastar brand, you will make the right choice anyway. Even a slightly outdated model, Magic Evolution II, fully meets all the requirements for ironing systems.

New ironing systems GO, S4, S5, S6, S7, PULSE, PULSE Anniversary Edition, Dream Pulse, Smart Pulse with the release of each new model incorporated more and more useful functions. Because of this, the price of them increased in proportion to their capabilities.

Starting with the Laurastar Pulse model, a pulsed supply of hot steam was introduced, which made it possible to make the ironing process even more efficient. When making a choice between these models, focus on your requests and the cost of the unit. Often, most of the capabilities of the steam system, we do not use this.

In general, if the for ironing systems seem overstated to you, pay attention to separately purchased steam irons for vertical ironing, often a good result can be obtained with lower costs.

We also advise you to pay attention to the wireless irons from the company Tefal, this is one of the most balanced solutions.

Stry clothes with the Laurastar steam generator!

The device is extremely simple in operation. If you have a Laurastar steam generator, then first you need to bring it to the working position. Thanks to the slight weight and modest dimensions, it is easily placed in standard storage departments.

The installation of the Laurastar steam generator is very simple. It just needs to be put on the floor or other even surface. For the convenience of users, the product is equipped with a long steam line, so it is easy for them to manage people with different growth.

Laurastar: Swiss quality and professionalism

Laurastar has been producing a high.tech vicinity for more than 35 years, designed for professional clothing and textile care at home. The quality of the brand products estimated more than a million buyers in 40 countries. The manufacturer received many international awards for technological development and exclusive design:

  • Innovation Oscar (1990.),
  • Medal at the Lépine contest (2001),
  • Reddot Best Design (2002.),
  • IF Design Award (2003.),
  • Technology Innovation Award (2012.),
  • Good Design (2013.) other.

Today Laurastar is a synonym for impeccable quality, functionality, ergonomics and original design.

Laurastar Lift steam generator. review

I want to say right away that my situation promoted me to write this review. When I chose a steam generator for myself, I did not find a single sensible review about this steam generator. That is why, I tried to talk about this device as much detail as possible. If there are any questions. Ask, I will be happy to answer.

I thought about buying a steam generator after two years of daily ironing of cotton shirts. Our iron was steam, quite powerful, but already tired. I replaced the shirt three times, spending at least 20 minutes on it. The last straw of my patience was the day when the iron flowed on my new dress, leaving on it a large indestructible spot. In addition, that evening I stroked the shirt for 30 minutes. Say that I was furious. nothing to say.

I firmly decided and stated that we are buying a steam generator. And I don’t care how much it will cost. Because to endure such torment for at least 25 years, I was not ready.

That evening I set to search for and choose the best option for myself. I began, of course, with the steam generators of Tefal, Philips and so on.

During the search process, I came across iron stations of MIE, but quickly threw them away, t.to. The reviews are extremely controversial. The analysis of the market steam generator continued for a week, until we decided to go to Mvideo and touch the candidates live.

Consultant we came across the most magnificent. Within half an hour, he told us that the difference in the power of the issued steam, the constant supply of steam and pressure in the station is not very different in practice. This is a kind of coefficient in the cost of models. I tried to sell us an iron for a long time BORK firms (I know a lot of interesting things about it. I’ll tell you in the following reviews). But then my husband drew attention to the ironing system of Laurastar. And a young expert of ironing installations suffered. He told a lot of interesting things about this model, but the main thing is that we learned for ourselves that this manufacturer patented the system of these installations for a nth number of years and that these systems are already considered semi-professional. In the end, he added, they say, if there is money, then of course it is better to take this model.Returning home, we decided everything for ourselves. There was no desire to buy this device in Russia. A little effort in the search, and this is a miracle of technology in my house.

Let’s move on to the characteristics of this unit.

I have a red station. They are still in white, black and pink color. White and black are 3 thousand more expensive, t.e. 39990.

Do not confuse this model with Lift model. the difference in the price of which is about 9-12 thousand, t.to. The model is more expensive in the impulsive supply function of the steam.

This model has the following characteristics:

The sole of the iron aluminum

Moisturization system:

Anti.capel system

Steam blow 200 g

Vertical steaming

Protection against scale

Self.cleaning from scale


Steam pressure 3.5 bar


Nozzle for delicate fabrics

Water filter


Temperature adjustment. 2 modes


Ind. lack of water

Inclusion indication

Ind. readiness for work

Ind. filter replacements


Electronic control type/mechanical.


Power consumption 2200 watts

Water tank:

Removable tank d/water

Adding water during ironing

Water tank volume 1.1 l


Holder for a hose

Stand for the iron

The length of the hose 1.9 m

Plastic case material

Network cord:

The length of the network cord 2.3m

Setter cord compartment

Dimensions, weight:

Dimensional dimensions (HSS) 452828 cm

Weight 5.7 kg

Safety system:

Automatic shutdown after 10 minutes

Heating time:

Heating time up to 3 min.

So, steam pressure in 3.5 bar against the background of competitors may seem insufficient. But! It is worth considering the fact that 3.5 bar. This is a constant supply of steam, not a day off. T.e. In this model, pairs are constantly undergoing such pressure, in other steam generators there can be 7 bar, and in the process of ironing drop up to 2 bar. After we ordered this steam generator, we were lucky enough to try in the case of the congendor of Philips, which has a steam supply capacity of 6 bar. And I can confidently say that Laurastar is not inferior, and perhaps even exceeds other steam generators in this characteristic.

Steam blow in 200 g. It also copes with highly crumpled cotton or lying fabrics perfectly.

This model has another distinguishing feature that bribed me. The aluminum sole of the iron. Here at least kill me, I will still be convinced that an iron with a lot of weight smoothes the fabric better. And the thermal conductivity of aluminum is higher. About how ceramic soles of irons crack during strikes, I think you don’t need to tell. The sole is cleaned with ease of wax pencil for 10.

Laurastar Lift steam generator. review

Our life every day is getting easier and easier in terms of housekeeping. In the market of a lot of equipment to help the hostess. Ordinary irons are a thing of the past and steam generators are replaced.

This is the Swiss.made steam generator Laurastar Lift.

For me, perfect. Red bright color, compact convenient design.

All cords, hoses are conveniently attached to the base. The iron has its location on the same basis.

Water tank opposite the iron on the same basis.

In general, everything is in place, you do not need to look for the rooms of the steam generator in the rooms.

I note. that is quite heavy in weight.

Unlike ordinary heavy irons that need to be pressed on the fabric, the Laurastar iron smoothes and steams any things without effort.

smoothes vertically hanging fabrics and helps make final strokes.

The steam generator heats the steam twice, so there is practically no moisture at the exit in it.

kills 99.999 % of bacteria that remain in fibers even after washing.

You can choose one of 3 temperature values ​​for different types of fabric. The configuration also provides a Teflon nozzle that reduces the temperature of the sole.

Water tank with a volume of 1.1 liters is easy to remove and fill during ironing.

Information from the official site of the manufacturer. Is in the public domain.

Analysis of characteristics in practice.

I have been using a steamer for two months. Ironing almost every other day. Children )).

A light iron that smoothes without pressing ❌ there are fabrics (for example, synthetics, where it was not only necessary to press, but almost all the weight of their body to lean on the iron);

Vertical steaming ❌. Practically does not steam. An example of a curtain of dense organza, a shirt with synthetics in the composition. A doctor’s dressing gown. The iron stapel, cotton steam. Lenon, silk. But the back of the medal is that. Sometimes traces of steam jet remain on things. Strips straight out on the fabric. Very noticeable on blankets.

Dry couples ️. But, for me, this is the other way around. Sometimes you have to moisten a thing to smooth out.

I can’t check the disinfection of fabrics, but I believe, because a strong and hot stream of steam up to 150 degrees.

Temperature adjustment ️ You can adjust the temperature.

Constant steam pressure.️ The pair is very powerful and hot. Traces of steam jet remain on some fabrics remain.

Water tank ️, which can be replenished during operation.

Compactness and ergonomics. ️ A comfortable handle, easy to endure.

From the pluses again: the fabric will never burn, it will stick. does not leave white brilliant traces (for example on costume fabric) due to an additional nozzle on the iron.

The price varies from 34990 to 49990 expensive very pleasure. You can buy in retail or their household appliances on the official website of Laurastar.

I do not recommend the purchase, given the high cost and not one hundred percentage of all the promises of the manufacturer. Bought precisely for vertical ironing. But not all types of fabrics smoothes. I think the reason is a dry pair. An ordinary iron is much better smoothes curtains, shirts, synthetics.

The steam generator is very good in vertical smoothing of delicate fabrics. But for this a lot of analogues at times Leshevd.

All profitable purchases and more money for these purchases ️ ️ ️

Cleaning steam generators Laurastar

Steam generators are washed according to the same principle as ironing systems. Only the procedure will be a little different. The container must be filled with hot water, and then turn on the steam generator.

Water will immediately begin to flow into the boiler itself. After that, you do not need to use the steam generator as intended. Just shock the device so that the boiler walls are thoroughly washed with water.

After that. drain the liquid, taking out the cork at the bottom of the boiler.

Laurastar S. Ironing System



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