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Installation of a gas hob in a countertop

How to install a hob

For many reasons, modern housewives are increasingly preferred to use hobs with electric or gas connection. Unlike a traditional kitchen slab, this product is much more convenient in choosing a place of accommodation and during operation. Such a panel is installed separately from the oven, has the possibility of an autonomous connection and occupies a little space in the preparation zone.

One of the important arguments in favor of the hobs is the ability to independently install and connect, inserts into a countertop of any type. We will tell you in detail how to establish a hob, taking into account all the rules for the implementation of this kind of work.

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How to connect a gas hob with your own hands correctly

To connect the hob to the gas line, you need a gas key, screwdriver, pliers, hose and FUM tanks.

The length of the gas hose should not exceed 3 m, the connection of pieces of the challenge is not allowed. It can be with a fabric or metal braid.

Sylphone bouncers that differ in wear resistance and long service life are very popular. Rubber sleeve is purchased in case of emergency. When buying a gas hose, be sure to check for a certificate.

One end of the withdrawal is connected to the trunk. Another. to the plumbing corner of the hob.

It is tightly fastened with a nut and sealed with a fum tone or used flax and gas paste. Winding is shut on clockwise. Flexible hoses must contain sealing rings. They are planted with their hands, after which they are tightened with a gas key.

Reference. Experts recommend connecting a bonding hose not directly to gas valves, but through a plumbing lining and a fitting.

If you need to attach the hob and oven simultaneously, use two eyeliners. These actions are consistent with the gas service. Specialists of this organization make a gas pipe wiring.

After attaching the hose, the tightness of the connections is checked. They are smeared with soapy solution. Unscrew the valve and let the gas. If there is no foam, then everything is done correctly. If soap bubbles appear on the joints, then the gas is blocked. A nut is twisted in a problem place. And check the tightness again. The process continues until the foam ceases to form.

After that, the connection should be checked by the gas service employee. It draws up a conclusion indicating the date of visit, brand and serial number of gas equipment, such as eyeliner. Before its arrival, the hob is not recommended for the operation.

Then they alternately include all the burners of the device, check for work with different adjustment modes. Materials are used for ignition. In any of the modes, the fire should not go out. If when changing the regime, the gas supply intensity does not change, they contact the service center. This indicates a possible marriage of goods. After checking the firewood, install the bars for dishes and begin to use the device.

How to connect a hob to a gas cylinder

The gas cylinder is installed at a distance of 0.5 m from the hob and 1 m from heating devices. To normalize combustion, it is connected to the device through the gearbox. Output pressure and throughput are selected for the parameters of each model.

The gas cylinder is connected to the stove using flexible rubber hoses for combustible hydrocarbon. Connection is performed through a fitting with a screw clamp by strengthening. The same fitting is installed on the panel pipe, squeezing it with a clamp.

The length of the flexible hose should be no more than 150 cm. Also, a metallphone hose is used for connection. When connecting several cylinders, a connecting ramp is used.

The stages of connecting the hob to the cylinder are the same as when connecting to the gas line. The difference lies in the refinement of the device, providing a more effective combustion process.

Typically, two types of nozzles are included with a household appliance. Some are designed for trunk gas, they have a larger diameter of the hole. Others. to join the cylinder. By default in the panel installed nozzles for the gas pipeline. If necessary, they are changed using the keys in the kit.

Replacement is carried out in two ways depending on the design of the plate. To do this, remove the burner body and look inside the landing sleeve. If a nozzle (hexagonal head with a hole) is visible at the bottom, then it is twisted with a 7 or 8 mm end key. A new one is screwed in its place.

When a cone with a hole is visible inside, remove the top panel of the slab. To do this, unscrew the bolts from all sides. The nozzle in this case does not get out. it is pressed on the stuffing box seals. To get it from the planting fitting, they unclench the mustache of the compressive coupling. Then move the nozzle down with the supply tube. The nozzle is taken out, and a new.

After refinement, the panel is installed in place, aligned, fixed and attached to the hose. On the valve of the cylinder is wound up and tightened the gear nut. If you use a flexible hose, it is put on a fitting and squeezed with a clamp. If a bell tower is used for the connection, then the fitting is unscrewed from the gearbox and screw the threaded adapter of the required size into it.

installation, countertop

After collecting the entire connection, the connection is checked for tightness using soap solution. To do this, the valve is opened on the cylinder, the reducer is set the right pressure by the gearbox regulator. If there is no foam, everything is done correctly.

How to install a gas hob with your own hands: step.by.step guards

The installation of a gas hob includes the following stages:

  • marking of the countertop and drank holes;
  • sealing the cut and fastening of the countertop;
  • Preparation of the panel for installation;
  • connection to the gas line;
  • installation and fastening of the hob;
  • testing tightness and performance.

Consider in detail each of these stages.

The marking of the countertop and drank holes

Before installation, they study the instructions for the device for the device. It indicates the size of the cut and describes the marking process. It is made in two ways. To form a circuit, the panel is applied to the countertop and circled.

Or use a more accurate and reliable method, calculating and marking the place of mount:

  • On the countertop, the boundaries of the internal space of the cabinet are marked in which they plan to integrate the equipment.
  • Then find the center of the hole in which the panel will be installed. To do this, draw the diagonal lines from the corners of the surface.
  • Through the center (intersection of two diagonals), a parallel and perpendicular edge of the line of the line is carried out. They mark the dimensions of technology.
  • Direct lines are drawn on the marks. Thus, they get a rectangle that is equal to the size of the built.in device. It is circled by a marker, erase the extra markers.

Then cut holes. Why drill holes that are wider than the cutting canvas at the corners of the mark. They insert a saw of an electrician and produce a saw from the corner to the corner. To avoid chips, the edges are pasted over with masking tape. And so that it does not fall and does not break the countertop, it is fixed with clamps.

Advice. After cutting, check if the hob is good in the hole.

Sealing a cut and fastening of a countertop

So that the edges of the countertops do not crumble, they are emphasized, cleaned of dust and treated with adhesive composition. A sanitary silicone is suitable for woody stove, which protects the edges from moisture. It is applied with a spatula. To prevent the effects of high temperatures, use thermopholus or reflector from aluminum tape. After which the countertop is fixed on the cabinet.

Preparation of the panel for installation

Then the hob is prepared for embedding. Jicks are inserted into the technological holes. The scheme of their installation is indicated in the technical documentation and glued at the bottom of the technique. Fix a plumbing corner with sealing gasket.

Gas line connection

Connecting the panel to the gas line is performed in two stages. First, the hose is attached to the gas pipe. Flexible (sylphon) sleeve is attached through a plumbing shock or fitting. They wound flax clockwise on the carving. Then it is smeared with gas paste to compact the connection. A sealing ring is inserted into the hose nut. Parts are first connected with the hands, after which it is tightened with a gas key.

installation, countertop

At the second stage, the hose is connected to the plumbing corner mounted on the panel. It is previously passed through the hole in the countertop. When mounting, linen winding and pasta are also used.

Two eyeliners are used to connect the hob and oven and oven. The use of the tee in this case is not welcomed by representatives of gas services. They insist on wiring a gas pipe. This reduces the number of threaded joints, while the tightness and safety increases. Cutting cranes are installed on both bouncers, separately for the oven, separately for the panel. If the tee is used, then one general crane is preserved.

Reference. All actions related to gas equipment are required to be coordinated with gas services. This will avoid fines and alterations.

Installation and fastening of the hob

Installation strips that are included in the kit are attached to the panel and install:

  • The cut is laid by the sealant from the kit;
  • insert the hob and level it;
  • The fasteners are tightened with below, clinging them to the countertop;
  • with a knife, cut off excess, protruding seal.

After that, check the reliability of fixation and proceed to the commissioning.

installation, countertop

Testing tightness and performance

First check the tightness of the compounds. They are covered with soapy solution, gas is allowed and observed. If the solution does not bubbulate, then there is no leakage.

Check the eyeliner for the tightness of the gas service employee. He will draw up a conclusion and make marks in the gas book. In it will indicate the date of installation of a new slab, brand and serial number. It is not recommended to use the stove before its arrival.

After checking the tightness of the connection, proceed to the variable turning on the burners.

Reference. About a minute from the capes of new equipment will exit air, then gas will go.

For ignition, you use matches (not a lighter) or special piezoelectric devices. Burning should be uniform, without interruptions and flashes. The color of the flame is bluish-purple, without yellow and red glimpses, height-no more than 2.5 cm.

After the check, install the bars for dishes and begin to operate the device. If the technique is equipped with electric lighting, then it is connected to the network.

What experts advise when connecting hobs?

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Connection tips

The process itself is how to connect the hob to the mains, is quite simple. The following tools and components will be needed:

How to install built in hob. kagandahan ng built in hob or cook top vs. gas stove

  • A shock drill that is attached to a drill of a certain size to drill the wall.
  • Plastic inserts.
  • Fixing screws for the container.
  • Roset installation screws.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Knife to clean the ends of the crimp wires.
  • Insulating tape.

In general, the plan for how to install the hob is safe and should look like this:

  • Connectors can be connected directly through the terminals of the plate. To get access to them, disconnect the lid on the rear surface, remove the safety device.
  • We focus on the color marking of the wires and the shade of connected terminals. A single.phase network requires the use of a red wire with a membrane.
  • Using a fork with a grounding terminal requires connecting a yellow-green wire.

A competent and safe connection preliminarily requires information about the parameters of the network set in your housing. From these technical parameters, the connection algorithm is selected.

Connection of a gas hob.Official installation with a guarantee

Installation in the countertop and connecting a gas hob. the task is not as simple as it might seem to be a non.professional. A comprehensive approach is needed here: a gas equipment specialist should also have the skills of an excellent carpenter.

When installing a gas hob, you need to take only two steps:

  • Select and buy a suitable model.
  • Call specialists of the company who must have a permit for the installation of gas equipment in residential facilities.

Pay attention to the stages of installation and connection of the gas surface:

  • First, a hole of the desired size is cut in the countertop. The width and length of the opening should be neatly fitted under the panel.
  • Modern gas panels have the function of electric lighting, so you need to install a grounded power outlet. these works should perform a professional electrician.
  • The gas panel fixed in the prepared opening is connected to the gas line (or to the gas cylinder, if you live in rural areas).
  • The master checks the tightness of the eyeliner and tests the serviceability of the gas stove in different modes.

Whatever actions are carried out with gas equipment, they must comply with installation requirements and safety regulations. Therefore, we recommend that you contact only verified organizations. Pegaz has all the necessary official licenses and certificates that you can find on our website.

Installation and connection of a gas oven often occurs simultaneously with the connection of the gas hob (surface). By law, Mosgaz may require an additional gas crane. When contacting Mosgaz, you will have to not only install an additional gas valve, but also pay for welding work. All this will come out at about 25-30 thousand.

Since welding will take place right in your kitchen, that is, the risk of damaging wallpaper and furniture.

Yes! Our company proposes to solve this issue by installing a special gas tee and the use of dielectric hoses. This will significantly save your money, and your cuisine will remain intact and unharmed.

Be careful when choosing a company installing equipment related to household gas.

According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the work related to the installation of household gas equipment is entitled only to organizations with appropriate permits and tolerances.

If you need proper installation in compliance with all norms and requirements. contact us!

Pegaz has all tolerances and permits for installation work with gas equipment. We have honest prices, without cheates and overpayments. Having completed the installation, we give you a receipt by which you pay for the work. All services are provided with a guarantee, a corresponding mark is placed in the warranty card.

Installation of the hobbal panel of oven cabinets

Always ready to help with the choice of a good hob and ovens.

for installing a hob

Name Units. Izm. Price,
Installation of the hob PCS. 950
Installation of the hob (on ready.made communications) PCS. 950
Installation of the hob (without communications) PCS. 1150
Drinking holes under the panel in the countertop PCS. 600
Connection of the hob PCS. 400
Unlocking the hob system PCS. 8200
Replacing the hob PCS. 1250
Dismantling the hob PCS. 600
Calling an electrician For free
Diagnostics (when providing services) For free
Diagnostics (in case of refusal) 600
Departure of the master For free
Minimum order 1990

We do any work!Call 7 (499) 390-53-90 or leave a request.We will definitely help solve your problem!

Basic for services are recorded in the price list. The final amount will be called the estimate after familiarizing themselves with the equipment model and the type of connection, as well as determining the complexity of installation work. The agreed price of installing the hob in the countertop is entered into the official agreement. Preferential categories of the population and regular customers can count on the provision of a personal discount of up to 10%.

Is it possible to save?

The company “Gazotechnik” carries out work with the provision of a guarantee. This means that the price of connecting the gas hob will pay off by the owners by saving on the repair or replacement of equipment, which will inevitably be required with independent installation with errors. Expensive equipment needs a professional approach during installation. only in this case it will delight you for a long time and the manufacturer warranty conditions will be extended to it. In addition, the complex process of coordination with Mosgaz will cost more and take a lot of time and effort. this can be avoided by trusting the problem of the problem for experienced masters.

Employees of Gaztekhniki are highly qualified specialists, professionals in their business with all tolerances and permits for work related to the connection and installation of gas columns. We will help you with the choice of the model of the column and consult for free by phone: 7 (495) 240-80-77

Gaztechnic has all tolerances, will perform a professional installation of gas states, taking into account all the requirements, norms and rules (including those set forth in SNiP).

Let’s install the gas column on the day of circulation! We provide a guarantee, carry out technical support. We carry out installation and connection of gas columns of various models.

We will replace the old column with a new one, carry out all the installation work and connect new equipment. Important: when replacing the old column with a new one, approval with inspection authorities is not required.

Our company has been working on the market for more than 10 years. During this time, we have formed a team of professionals who have all the tolerance and licenses necessary for this work.



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