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Indesit wiun 81 how to clean the filter

How to open and clean the filter in a washing machine Indesit

The design of an automatic washing machine assumes the presence of filters. One of them is a metal sieve installed at the inlet of the filler hose in the machine. This mesh protects the equipment from getting into pieces of rust, large impurities that are present in the water. However, when asking specialists about washing machine filter cleaning, most people are not referring to this detail, but to the pump drain filter. About how to remove such a filter in an Indesit machine and clean it, we will talk further.

How to clean the filter in an Indesit washing machine

Not only the quality of assembly affects the longevity of the technique. Of great importance are preventive measures that the user takes. This includes cleaning the systems, parts and components of the appliance. How to clean the filter in a washing machine ” Indesit “, every owner must know. And if the instructions don’t provide details, here are step-by-step recommendations.

The manufacturer has provided two filters for the washing machine. drain and fill. Both are designed to protect the machine from foreign objects. The inlet strainer-grid traps large particles in the tap water. And the drain protects the pump from small objects during operation.

Every user manual specifies the mandatory cleaning of the Indesit washing machine filter.

Not all users adhere to the rules, so they get failures in the SM, reduced drainage speed or no water pumping at all.

Прочистка фильтра WIUN81

What does the filter look like and where is it located?

The drain filter is also considered a drain or trash filter. It is a kind of plug, which is screwed into the bottom of the washing machine. To find out where the filter is in the washing machine Indesit, look down the housing.

In the lower right corner you will notice the hatch. There is a pump protection behind it.

How to remove the pump of a washing machine Indesit with your own hands: repair tips

Undoubtedly, the washing machine is our first assistant. Without her as without hands. But there are situations when it needs help itself.

If in the process of washing the machine makes a buzzing sound, which was not there before, and at the same time the water does not drain, it is time to help her. Probably few people want to scoop water out of the washing machine that suddenly refused to drain it.

Troubles and repair of washing machines Indesit

Washing machine Indesit Wiun 81. Periodically bad spin. Now it takes the powder from the container with water, like, twice passes the water through it and that’s it. Standing and thinking. Clicks a relay and stands idle. Drain the water. But it does not start further and does not get water into the tank. It was advised to check the pressostat and the tube that goes to it. Could not figure out how to get to the end of the tube. To make sure it was intact. Goes along the edge of the tank to the bottom. Took the rubber band off the door and wrapped it in the tank. Т.к. They said you can see the tube on the edge there. But I couldn’t see or feel anything. It was also suggested that the tank be removed because there may be contamination under the tank. How to take it off? And is it possible to do the cleaning without removing the tank? Just blow air into the pressostat to check it and you will hear the contacts click?

The motor relay is probably clicking. The belt is in place? Motor is turning? Motor brushes “sticking out” of holder more than 10mm? Pressostat checked? The “empty tank” signal sends? Tube has 2 ends. One on the pressostat and one on the extraction chamber. Carefully put the washing machine on the back wall. The extraction chamber (plastic cylinder) is inserted in the pipe from the tank to the pump. At its other end is a hose to the pressure switch. Brushes on the motor, easy to remove the motor. If you put it on its side, you will also see, but it is necessary to remove the holder from the motor, otherwise you will not measure the length of the outlet.

In operation Indesit washing machine Wiun 80, after starting any program all indicators go out except the “washing with soaking” and all, nothing else happens, the door is closed.

If the soak light is on, it is malfunction (error) F01. Most likely a breakdown in the electric motor.

I have a washing machine Indesit Wisa 81 (4.5 kg). During the washing process the speed, rinse and door lock icons began to flash simultaneously (it flashed very quickly), and the sound was as if the machine was trying to pump water or scroll the drum, but not constantly humming, but cyclically trying to do something. I unplugged it, checked that the drum spins freely, waited 15 minutes, plugged it in again, the washer filled the water, spun the drum twice, and again the same thing happened. Please advise what it can be?

If the spin and rinse indicators are lit and the “lock” indicator blinks, it is error F10. The water level sensor or control module may be defective or there may be a breakdown in the water supply solenoid valve (WSC).

The Indesit machine Wiun 102 (3,5 kg) starts the washing, switches to the rinse mode and can not finish it, the speed does not pick up, the motor does not untwist at high and medium speeds, the spinning does not occur, the pump regularly drains water into the drain, the heating element works. What can be? Why The Washing Machine Does Not Finish the Washing?

If the appliance heats and drains water, the cause is probably the brushes wear and tear of the electric motor. Check the wear of the brushes, and if they are less than 2 cm, they must be replaced with new ones.

I have a washing machine Indesit Wisa 61, in general, the washing stopped in the middle, the water remained inside, I had to drain through the bottom filter. Now I turn on, first of all all lights are lit for 2 seconds, as usual, then I put any program, starts to flash red light lock the hatch, but the door does not lock and the start button on the machine does not respond, does not start, no sound, just stands and blinks the hatch lock light. Please tell me if it is the LOS or something else? I took the LOS, disassembled to see if there is nothing to break inside, it looks intact.

May be a failure of the UBL (hatch locking device) or the control module. LCR can be checked by installing a functioning LCR as there is just a thermal plate, which may not work due to heat, to check it in another way is not possible.

The problem of the washing machine Indesit Wia 81. After washing, leaves a little powder, and the conditioner almost does not take away, I open the tray, and in the compartment for the conditioner is water diluted, the water pressure is normal before it all worked, but it all started a couple of days ago, advise what could be the reason? And how to fix it?

Most likely the water inlet solenoid valve is out of order or the filter screen in the valve is clogged. Water intake valve only works for washing water and not fully open for conditioner.

Indesit Wiun 104 washing machine, blinking lock and extra rinse button. What Problem Could Be?

If the “lock” light is on and the extra rinse is blinking, it is F01, which means there is a problem with the electric motor.

The washing machine Indesit Wiun 82 (CSI). It began to run for a short time and stop after 2-3 seconds, in any program. When replacing a new UBL (burned from the inside, also traces of burning over the UBL). The sunroof is not blocked, the indicator light is on. What it could be? I could not find anything on the error display.

If the LOS was really on, you need to look at the control circuit on the module. Triac, resistors, diodes, are between connectors.

In operation Indesit washing machine Wiun 104, not new. Drum does not spin freely when turned off, as if clamped. I am afraid to connect it, check it out. Can’t see any transport screws. What do you recommend??

If, transport screws are removed and drum is blocked, then perhaps 2 things: something got between the tank and drum and prevented the drum from rotating; bearings are worn out and destroyed, now the remnants of the bearing blocked the shaft. Also, we recommend that you check the drive belt and the electric motor.

Washing machine Indesit Wia 100. First stopped draining water. Replaced the pump. Checked by way of, draw and drain, everything was working. Decided to do the laundry, the water came in, twisted a couple of times and stopped. Restarted the program, turned it on, the machine went through the washing cycle normally. The rinse cycle was stuck. When starting the program, the washing light is on, but nothing happens, if you just turn the switch, then after a few seconds, the dial and draining mode will start. At the same time lights “rinse” and “spin”, blink, and very often blinks the door lock. From what I have done. Pump replaced, motor brush replaced. Tested the thermostat, FET, everything is working fine, looked and cleaned the filters and hoses. raised the drain hose above 50cm, checked the board. did not work.

You have already replaced almost all the parts, I hope you at least checked them with a multimeter and megger before replacing them. If Rinse and Spin indicators are on and the lock is blinking, it is F17 (hatch lockout error).

Faulty washing machine Indesit Wiun 80. Start light stops blinking when washing mode is on. The washing machine washes. Drum rotates normally in washing and rinsing modes when emptying. But in the spin mode, the drum just rotates, does not gain a turn, the laundry is still wet.

If the power motor stops spinning during the spin cycle, the following conditions may cause a malfunction: The appliance is not draining. Drain pump is broken; if there is water in the machine, the motor simply can not spin with it. brushes or belt wear; problem with the control module or the revolution sensor (tacho generator).

The washing machine Indesit Wiun 105 cis. Help to determine the error code. I couldn’t find this one in the error code table. Or maybe I do not understand something. Indicators blinking. “spin speed”, “fast wash”, “door lock”. Did you change the heating element. But the problem remains. For example, on the 9th program: washing goes on, the rinse light comes on, nothing happens for a minute, and then the lights start blinking.

Installed and connected washing machine Indesit Wisa 81. After washing stopped making a characteristic click, which reached the end of the washing and the red light at the end of the wash light does not flash (as is supposed to after a click), and after returning to zero the handle does not go out the red light, lit constantly, have to unplug from the socket.

If after the wash cycle is complete, the hatch lock indicator continues to blink, the cause could be a malfunction of the UBL (Door Locking Device) or control module. Also, check if the water is drained at the end. If not, that is why the hatch does not open. In this case, you need to diagnose the drain pump.

Can you tell me why the Wiun 82 does not turn on the indicators when plugged in and then after 15 min. On: the hatch button light and the revolutions are on, but the washing machine does not work, and the buttons are flashing rapidly.

If the revolutions and lock indicator blinks, it is error F01, which is related to the lack of rotation of the drum.

Indesit Wiun 105. Not enough power to turn the drum, humming. Started the wash, the process went on. After some time I came and see that the machine in rinse mode can not turn the drum. Turns the drum one fourth of the way, rumbles and can not go further, then it removes the voltage from the motor and it returns to its previous position. In the other direction the same thing. Increases the revolution after a few times and seems to speed up. But at the same time it sounds like a ratchet. Removed the motor, found a missing lamella on the manifold. Repaired the lamella with copper plate, poxypol and soldering iron. Sharpened the brushes too, because they are crumbled a little without the lamella. I sharpened the new lamella as much as I could (I have no lathe). But I still got the ratchet sound when I install the brushes, but it is not so bad. No step to the touch though. Run it and ran it a few times. Then I did it again. Thought the lamella had fallen off. I felt it with my finger. in place. Removed the motor, the lamella is in place. I soldered the wire to the blade again. Put it back. At some point I heard the click and the blade broke off again, clearly from the overheat. I got the cycle right, but it was sparking, smelled like burnt, and the manifold was obviously very hot. Interested in this: from the symptoms, it looks like it’s just the motor. I’m confused by the fact that it stopped working before the lamella fell off again. Although I understand that the collector is not perfectly round and the brushes are not lapped, so there was sparking and heating. But this could be a malfunction of the control unit? Either everything is working or it is not working at all?

The lamella doesn’t just fall off, it’s most likely shorted out (resulting in severe overheating), replace the motor and all will be well. One in one winding is enough, the others may be normal, but the motor will not work.

Installed and connected washing machine Indesit Wia 101. Water spurts out through powder compartment during rinse cycle. What can be the cause?? Drain filter is clean. Tried to run, as soon as water started pumping, it started spilling out through the trough. And the filter, for example, in the form of a grid, is not in this spigot?

Lump of powder stuck in the nozzle. Clean the one at the top (tank tray). There is no mesh in the socket. The socket needs to be taken off and cleaned well. Access to it through the top (with the lid removed) and in the front, through the manhole cuff removed from the front.

Washing machine Wiun 81 csi. When switching on, all LEDs light up and go out, and the red lock blinks constantly, the hatch lock does not work, when you press the start button, the red lock goes out, the hatch lock works.

Most likely a malfunction in the UBL or control module.

The machine Indesit Wisa 101, by the end of the wash does not spin and does not drain, flashing indicators of spin speed and dirty laundry. When switching mode to spin, water goes out and spins as it should.

If indicator of spin speed and dirty laundry lights up, it is error F12 (no communication between module and indicators). Most likely a malfunction in the control module.

In operation washing machine Wiun 100. When you press the Start button you hear the door locking sound and the door locks but the door lock light does not come on. The washing machine does not start to fill with water and the washing process does not start. The hatch can then be opened only after turning off the machine for 10-15 minutes. Water flowing into it, the pressure is normal, no additional indicators light up. What may be the problem?

Most likely a malfunction, either in the control module or in the heating element (water heater).

Wiun 103 washer. It’s leaking from underneath. Took it out, took off the back cover, removed the top panel. I disassembled the dispenser, looked, everything is fine, put it back together. Checked all the hoses, nozzle, tank for mechanical damage. everything is normal. Decided to take 2 stools, put the unit on them. Put a bucket in the bottom, threw a jacket and turned on the wash for 30 minutes (did not put on the back cover and top hat, so that there was an overview and the opportunity to find the leak). And so passed about 20 minutes, the washing machine in working order took in and took out water, everything worked like clockwork. And now, when turned on 3 mode “spin”, a while ago, the working machine began to pour a jet at the moment when it silences for 10 seconds and with the drum not spinning begins to drain. And through the open back cover I found it leaking. As I understand it, during shipping, there are 4 bolts screwed in to fasten the housing to the drum. Naturally, when the unit is brought to the house, the bolts are unscrewed and turned on and it runs in perfect condition. But here’s the paradox, we have it pouring out of the two bottom bolts. Please help me, tell me what to do?

Over tightened the screws or screw in the wrong screws. Now you have to seal the holes. You can screw in holes suitable screws lubricated with sealant.

Indesit Wisa 101 washing machine. I turn it on, the hatch lock blinks, I select any program, function, the program LED is on, but the lock goes out, and the hatch is locked, what to do?

It is very important which lights are lit when the power LED (lock) is flashing.

In operation, the washing machine Indesit Wiun 105. Last night I threw things in the wash, put it on normal mode, still washes, I turn it off and just put it on spin, and it still continues to wash and the water is not drained. The things can not get out.

The causes of such work in a faulty drain pump. The water is not draining and in order to avoid leaks, the hatch does not open. The first thing to do. Drain the water through the drain filter. Then disconnect it from the power supply for 30 minutes. Most likely, after these manipulations, the hatch will open and you can get the laundry.

Indesit Wia 80 (5 kg load). Turn it on, runs in washing mode for about 10 minutes. Then stops, starts flashing lock, rinse, spin, simultaneously pumps water. Disconnect from the mains, turn on after 20 minutes, the same cycle happens. By the way, the drain pump has been cleaned.

If the spin, rinse and lock are flashing. The problem is F03. Most likely the problem is with the water heater, if it is good, check the temperature sensor.

Problems with the washing machine Wiun 81, in operation for 1 year. The problem is the following, after washing in any program the washing machine stops after switching on the “rinse” mode and the “lock” and the “rinse” function selection indicator (next to the “Reset” button) starts blinking. What to continue washing, you need to turn the lever to the program “rinse” and then it will continue to rinse and spin, but directly from any program does not happen rinse or spin. What’s the bug when the lock blinks and the extra rinse function?

If the lock and extra rinse lights are blinking. It is error F01 which means there is a defect in the electric motor.

Washer Wiun 102 (CSI) stops during the rinse. Replaced the drain pump because water got inside, where the armature. stator, in the vertical backlash of the impeller. After one successful wash, the everyday washing (30 m) of the washing machine.), in other programs (intensive, 60gr., cotton 90gr.) The defect is repeated. stops before rinsing, the rinse indicator on the control panel lights up and the “start. pause” button starts flashing. Manually start everything and keep it running. Checked the brushes on the motor. Ideally, removed the heating element. resistance on the terminals is 29 ohms, the resistance of the temperature sensor at room temperature is 22 kOhms, pressostat tube is not clogged, the contact clicks when lightly blowing into the pressostat itself.

Most likely you need to reflash the memory chip located on the control board.

Indesit Wisa 61 after washing begins to spin and stops, starts flashing “800-400” and “lock”.

If the speed indicator and the lock light are blinking. there is F01 error, it means a defect in the electric motor.

In operation washing machine Wiun 81. After the wash, it won’t open, the “rinse” button blinks when pressed. The washing machine does not work in any program, there is no water in it, it is locked and the lock indicator light is on. When disconnecting and de-energizing the lock still does not open.

If the hatch lock is not removed even by unplugging it, then for starters, try draining the water through the drain filter and try unplugging it again. If this does not help, then failed LCR (device locks the hatch) and will only help mechanically disassemble the top lid and unlock with either a screwdriver, or through a cable unlock.

Indesit Wiun 82 (csi). Has been running for 7 years. Problems began 2 years ago, in the washing mode, poured water and after a couple of seconds to drain, put the valve on the drain. has helped. Filled with water, then the pump turned on for 2-3 seconds, then stopped for 10 seconds and then the program. Now it behaves like this: it fills up with water, the pump turns on and with it the bleach indicator and the hatch lock (blinks often), it stops responding to everything except “plug out of the socket”. In the rinse mode it starts, but before the first drain, that is, when the drain is turned on. Indicators, by the way, drains water normally, pump inside is clean. The spin cycle is the same, but if the drum (and therefore the motor) is rotated while the pump is running, the spin cycle goes on and to the end of the program. In the washing mode similar Focus does not pass. Boards are clean, visually damaged. burnout, no.

Check error F01. motor. The length of the brushes must be at least 15 millimeters. If not, replace the motor triac. Remove the motor to check separately on the table. Protein all the lamellae collector pairwise (the norm is 2-4 ohms, if somewhere will be 10 or more motor for replacement).

Как почистить фильтр на стиральной машинки INDESIT WISL 82

Indesit Wia 102 washing machine (4 kg) has an electric valve always on, because water is always flowing from the drain hose. In the end it does not fill with water.

You must check the solenoid resistance of the water valve, it should be 2 to 4 ohms., if the resistance is lower or higher, the water valve must be replaced with a new one.

Indesit washing machine Wiun 103 in operation. After washing turns on the rinse, then starts to drain the water, turns on the spin at low speed. The spin at low speed and the pump runs (drains) endlessly. After a while you hear an attempt to switch to a further mode, but nothing happens. The wringer and pump can run indefinitely.

First, you must check whether the machine is emptying the water, without emptying the water spinning will never start and the drum can rotate very long, try at this point to drain the water through the drainage filter and if the spinning is finished, it may be the fault of the drain pump.

Washing machine Indesit Wiun 100. When the spinning starts in any program, it continues indefinitely. Can spin at 1000 rpm all day. When I set the programs “spin” or “gentle spin” separately, all goes correctly. FUEL is normal, no blockage on the level sensor. Pressostat did not change itself. Pump is normal. Firmware?

Indesit Wiun 81 washing machine. The machine has stopped starting the washing program after a power outage. Now, after starting, the lock indicator lights up for a few minutes, then it starts making noise, and the lock and extra rinse indicators on the panel flash alternately. Disassembled it to check the control module. There was some soot on it, but after checking it, it turned out to be serviceable. Besides the module, there is soot on the phase wire of the lock (the entire wire is black up to the lock), but the lock works properly when turned on (it seems). So, what is it and what kind of error is the washing machine trying to tell me?? Should I try to replace the lock or is it not the issue??

Take a tester and check all the actuators.

Wiun 105. Does not turn on, after a few minutes begins to blink red light on and with less frequency leftmost light on the button selecting the spin speed. Doesn’t respond to anything. Apparently error F08. Checked the heating element, water temperature sensor. I took out the arkadia control box, it has traces of oxide, I cleaned it, the error has not changed.

F08 error. The appliance does not heat the water. Check heating element by measuring the resistance and the water heater “breakdown to ground”. Also check the pressostat and water supply valve. Module defect is very unlikely with this behavior.

Indesit Wisa 81 with any washing program immediately switches on rinse and drain. And so on without end. It’s stuck. What to do?

The defect may be caused by a damaged control module or heating element (water heater).

Malfunction of the washing machine Wiun 102. Stop pumping water. Water drawer starts a couple of times and that’s it. Silence. Washing mode does not turn on. But it works fine in rinse, spin and drain modes.

If water comes in while rinsing, the water shut off. Solenoid valve of water supply, consists of two parts. The first one pours water for prewash and main wash, and the second one. on the rinse. Most likely, its part failed and now you need to replace the valve for a new one.

Wiun 103 Washing machine. I press the “start” button, everything works, everything turns on, I select the washing program, then the temperature mode and start the unit by pressing the “start” button, a small buzz is heard (probably rumbling water pump) for literally 2 seconds, and then silence, washing just stands and nothing happens (although it must continue to take in water). Checked in different modes, spin works, drain works, but the water intake probably does not work, and I can not understand why.

Wiun 100. Can not locate the error code. Only one LED (clock) blinks, but also the lock blinks very quickly. The main problem: I choose any mode, the lock is blocked, for a second, the selected mode starts, the relay clicks and everything stops. The lock then opens only after unplugging. I waited for 15 minutes without turning it off, the pump started working and two LEDs blinked.

F02 error. Malfunction in the motor.

Hello, I can not fix the problem with the washing machine Wiun 82. When switching on any washing program, the washing process begins, then the water drainage goes, to activate the automatic rinse mode, the water drainage is complete, the drum unwinds, and then it spins to infinity, without switching to the rinse mode. What can be the problem??

indesit, wiun, clean, filter

Faulty washing machine Wiun 102, occasionally going into rinse mode, stops at what can not drain the water, and the motor is noisy. When you turn off and turn on the machine again, it refuses to drain the water, although the motor continues to hum. When problem first appeared, lights blinked 500/1000 rpm, heavily soiled laundry and padlock. Please advise what kind of fault it is? Sometimes the appliance finishes the whole cycle without any problems in rinse mode. The filter is clean and so is the drain hose.

Wiun 100 machines draws and empties water only in one function “cotton, normal washing 60”, the other programs are working properly. What to do?

In your case, the cause may be the following: a failure in the control module. Just restart the machine by unplugging it for 30 minutes; water level sensor malfunction; TEN (water heater) failure.

Clean the drain filter of the washing machine Indesit with your own hands. Instruction Photo

If you began to notice that lately your device began to work much worse, then most likely the problem arose due to clogging of the washing machine filter, which is designed to protect the construction from ingress of unwanted parts.

Now it is time to find out how to clean the washing filter on the machine indesit, as well as whether it is possible to do it with your own hands without the help of workers of the service center.

Features of cleaning the drain filter in the machine

To clean the drain filter in the washing machine Indesit, you need to do the following manipulations:

  • First you need to remove the filter. It is easy enough to unscrew: you just need to take the notch, which is on this part of the automatic washing machine firm Indesit, and turn it counterclockwise.
  • If the part is fixed with a bolt, it must be removed with an ordinary screwdriver.
  • If the part is stuck, and in the usual way it can not be removed, then place the washing machine on its side, unscrew the pump from it, and after that remove the working element, which should be cleaned.
  • At the end of the disassembly the remaining water flows out. After that you can clean the hole where the part was. It is necessary to remove all debris, pull out small items that often fall into this part of the washing machine Indesit.

Limescale removal on the heating element

A hard fouling on the heating element indicates that it is time to clean the heating element. Scaling of the water heater is due to dirty or too hard water, presence of large quantities of mineral salts in it or as a result of frequent use of the machine in hard washing modes.

Citric acid is the most commonly used to clean the heating element. How much acid should be added depends on the extent to which the heater is overgrown with limescale. Usually, for a machine that is designed to load five kilograms of laundry, it is enough to use five packets of acid. 4 bags are poured into the powder cuvette, and one into the drum. Then washes at high temperature without any laundry. It is desirable that the temperature was 95 degrees.

At the end of washing, the scale usually “comes off” and the main thing is to make sure that it does not clog the drain system. It is desirable to carry out such cleaning once every two weeks, not more often. Sufficiently relevant, although less popular method of cleaning the heating element. cleaning with acetic acid.

In such cleaning, it is important to ensure that the aggressive medium does not damage parts of the machine, especially its rubber parts. Vinegar copes with the scale on the heater much faster than citric acid. Fifty milliliters of acetic acid should be poured into the powder container and performed the wash, as in the case of “limonka”.

Special chemicals

In stores of household chemicals sold a huge number of special agents to combat scale and mold. Their main advantage is that they are highly effective. The means are divided into those in which the contaminated part is soaked and those that are poured inside the machine.

  • Frisch Aktiv is a German product that helps get rid of limescale, dirt and mold. It is valid only for minor soiling;
  • Sandokkaebi. an inexpensive South Korean product, perfectly cleans any parts made of plastic. hoses, nozzles;
  • Dr. TEN. a product with an affordable price, used when the machine, including the cuvette, is not too dirty.

How to clean & replace the filter on a Washing Machine (Indesit)

All such products are used in the same way. the required amount is poured into the tray, the wash is started at maximum temperature without items. At the end of the wash, the machine is rinsed.

In complex cases, when the contamination is strong, more aggressive preparations are used, such as:

Manual cleaning

Manual cleaning. the easiest solution, without the use of special agents and chemicals. Performed as follows:

  • The contaminated item should be removed from the machine ;
  • Rinse in running warm water until all traces of dirt are gone;
  • Mould and dirt are removed using a brush with a relatively stiff pile (so as not to scratch the surface) with which to clean places with dirt;
  • After cleaning the part is rinsed again in water and put back in its place.

The manual or mechanical method of washing machine cleaning is used in the initial stage of contamination, when the dirt or plaque is not yet too much. ingrained mold or deposits have to be cleaned with special preparations.

Washing and drying machines

Indesit WISN 81 washer wouldn’t start.

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