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Indesit wisl 105 error codes

Keep these instructions in a safe place. It must be in

The washing machine has been tested for levelling the top cover-

2 When transporting the washer-dryer at a later date, or when transferring the equipment or moving it to a new location, the top cover must be level-

The new owner of the equipment is not allowed to play with

The appliance is designed so that the user can become familiar with the operation of the appliance-

Carefully read the manual: it contains the following information-

Keep this manual handy for easy reference on how to install and operate the washer dryer

Unpack the washing machine.2. Check that the appliance has not been damaged

Unpack the washer-dryer and fold it down so that it cannot be unpacked horizontally during transport. If it is found on the-

Do not connect the machine if it has been damaged. contact an Authorized Service Center

Do not allow children to play with the packing materials-

Save all the parts: you will need them if the washer is damaged. don’t connect the washer and don’t try to rewire it

the subsequent transport of the washer-dryer-

Do not allow children to play with the packing mats-

Unpack the washer-dryer on a flat, solid surface so that it will not touch the walls or furniture-

Unpack the washer-dryer in an upright position on the floor so that it won’t touch the walls, furniture and oven

the level of the top cover of the housing, from-

The horizontal inclination must not exceed 2°.

Properly aligning your equipment will help

To avoid noise, vibrations and misalignment during operation-

If the washing machine is on a floor covered with carpet, it will be difficult to install it-

Make sure that the base of the machine is elevated above the ground and that the water pressure is within the operating range of the bucket

carpet. Otherwise it will be difficult to ventilate-

Connection to the plumbing and electrical-

Make sure the hose is not kinked or crushed.

The water pressure must be within the range of,

the lengths shown in the Technical Specifications table (See.

If the length of the water hose is-

If your appliance is still not working properly, call your local Approved Dealer

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Deciphering features

The Indesit Company (formerly Merloni) is not new to the market. Its washing machines under the names Ariston and Indesit more than 20 years, please the users with their functionality and affordable prices. Every year the technique is improved, and together with it the system of definition of malfunctions simplifies. Models manufactured before 2000 have the EVO-I control system. The error can be identified by the blinking of the display, which is quite simple. Power light flashes several times depending on the problem and then briefly pauses and repeats the action. For example, five times glowing at short intervals indicates an error with the code F05.

Indesit washing machine error codes without a display are manifested by the flashing of a certain combination of indicators

modern Indesit models have EVO-II control and display the error in a different way. If the machine is equipped with a display, the error code is displayed in letters and numbers, after which the symbols can be deciphered and the cause of the malfunction easy to find. In budget appliances without a display, such as WISL 82, WISL 102, W105TX, IVSB5105, etc., You will have to determine the problem by the display of a group of glowing lights, which are listed below:

You can tell by the marking next to each light bulb which direction you need to look to find a solution to your problem. The following hints will be helpful to the user who wants to determine the fault correctly:

  • Error codes F01-11 are valid for Ariston and Indesit washing machines from the 2000 series.
  • The values F01-F12 indicate the errors in the Indesit Evolution series.
  • Symbols F01-F15 are used for washing machines with drying mode.

Here is the description of Indesit washing machine error codes from the EVO-II series without display, their symbolic meaning and a short description of the problem.

Indicator lights (for machines without display) Error code Deciphering
KH4 F01 Short circuit in the triac drive motor occurred
KN3 F02 The tachometer does not give signals of motor operation
F3, F4 F03 Temperature sensor defect detected
KN2 F04 Water level sensor reports the opposite process (tank full and tank empty)
KH2, KH4 F05 After the signal to drain the water, the level switch does not indicate an empty tank
KH2, KH3 F06 Error in control panel operation is detected
KH2, KH3, KH4 F07 There is no power supply to the heating element
KH1 F08 There is a problem with contacts of heating element relay
KH1, KH4 F09 Machine memory has malfunctioned
KN1, KN3 F10 No information from the pressostat on whether the washing machine tank is empty or full
KH1, KH3, KH4 F11 Power is not supplied to the discharge pump
KN1, KN2 F12 Loss of communication between controller and indication module
KH1, KH2, KH4 F13 There are problems with connection elements of temperature sensor
KH1, KH2, KH3 F14 Dryer heating element is broken
KN1, KN2, KN3, KN4 F15 Dryer heater failed
No indication lights up F16 The drum of the washing machine is stuck (only for vertical models)
LED4, KH4 F17 There is a problem with the door lock
LED4, KH3 F18 No communication between the control unit and the processor controlling the electric motor (only for machines with asynchronous motor)

Error codes of Indesit washing machines

Modern washing machines manufactured under the Indesit brand are equipped with a system for detecting and diagnosing malfunctions. What is it? When the installation can not perform work in normal mode, it stops the washing and gives a signal of malfunction.

Modern Indesit washing machines have a special display

The easiest way to decipher such signals is by the code that appears on the display. However, not all Indesit washing machines are equipped with a display. In such popular models, as Wisl 82, Wisl 102, W105tx, Iwsb5105, it is necessary to recognize the nature of the error by the blinking of indicators.

For those who are first faced with the need to decipher the information codes of their home assistant, the task may seem overwhelming. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to identify a malfunction, using the tips provided by the appliances. In our article we will list the main error codes of Indesit washing machines, tell you what they mean and how to fix some of them on your own.

The codes that indicate different malfunctions will be the same for all models of washing machines manufactured after 2000, regardless of whether they are equipped with an information display or not. In models without a display, it will take a little more time to decipher the code, because it will be necessary to “read” it from the signals of indicators.

First of all, let us list the malfunctions and corresponding codes, and then we will present the scheme of code recognition according to the signals of indicators.

Indesit washing machines error codes

Indesit washing machines are traditionally popular in Russia because of the combination of affordable price and a strong brand. Cheapness has a downside. the need for frequent requests for repair. The good news is that this technique is very maintainable. Ease of construction allows you to do much, if not all, with your own hands. So if you see the error code on the screen. do not rush to call for service. The detailed guide on error codes of Indesit washing machines by Samodelkin will help to define the problem. To order spare parts for its elimination can be found here.

If you know which part is the problem, buy it from Samodelkin. Spare parts for washing machines Indesit cheap, with a quality guarantee, fast delivery across Russia. Free of charge consulting.

The given error is more often appears in old models (washing machines without display, for example PWSC 5105 W, PWSC 6108 S, IWSC 5085 and others) and is characterized in some cases by the lit indicator “Additional rinse” and in other. by the lit indicator combination “Spin” and “Lock”.

The washing machine program does not start (no drum rotation).

  • Check the mains voltage.
  • Thoroughly inspect the socket and cord.
  • Perform a reset. disconnect it from the power supply for 15. 20 min.
  • If after switching it on again an error occurs, the motor must be removed from the washer-dryer and its parts and components must be checked by a specialist.

Users of older models (Indesit IWB 5083, IWB 5103, IWUB 4085) may display this error in the form of lighted “Quick wash” indicator or flashing “Extra rinse” light.

Washing machine does not start washing, drum does not rotate.

Malfunction of the electric motor. Control module receives erroneous data from motor.

  • Reset the appliance by disconnecting it from the power supply for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • If the error is not reset, disconnect the machine from the sewer and water supply and carefully inspect the contacts of the electric motor and the tachometer for damage.

In older Indesit washing machines (electromechanical: WISE 87, WIXE 10 CSI, WIN 81 EX), the indicators “Turnovers” and “Quick Wash” light up or the “Turnovers” and “Extra rinse” flash.

Washing machine stopped working immediately after program started. There is no water heating in the washing machine.

  • In the initial phase, try the “Rinse” programme to check that the washer-dryer is operating correctly.
  • The heating element relay must be checked for damage.
  • Inspect temperature sensor contacts and check wiring from sensor to control board.

The Superwash and Soak LEDs of electromechanical washing machines (WIUN 100, PWE 8128, WI 81) are activated when this error occurs.

The amount of water in the tank is not regulated (either too much or too little). Probably a burning odor.

Water level sensor (pressostat) malfunction/breakdown.

  • Check that the water supply is open (the water tap is open).
  • Check if the inlet valve (fine filter) is clogged.
  • If the above actions didn’t clear the error, check the water level sensor (pressostat).

In electromechanical washing machines (WIA 102 CSI, WIXL 83, IWD 6105 SL), if this error occurs, the “Super Wash”, “Extra rinse”, or “Soak”, “Spin” lamps light up.

The washing machine is not draining.

Drain pump malfunction/breakdown. Water level sensor malfunction.

  • Thoroughly inspect the drain filter and check for blockages. Try also turning the drain pump wheel, it should spin with force.
  • Also check the sewer system for blockages.
  • If the error is not reset check the water level sensor (pressostat).

Indesit electromechanical models (WIUL 103 CSI). IWSC 4085, WIL103) have this error indicated by flashing “Extra rinse”- “Soak”, “Fast wash”- “Super wash”, “Iron”. “Dirty laundry” lamps.

Washing does not respond to button presses, washing does not start, LEDs are blinking randomly.

The washer-dryer’s control panel malfunction/breakdown.

  • Check the mains voltage.
  • Thoroughly inspect the socket and power cord of the washing machine for damage.
  • Try resetting the washing machine by disconnecting it from the power supply for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Perform a complete serviceability check of all washing machine buttons.

Users of electromechanical models may notice that the “Soak”- “Extra rinse”- “Turns” indicators or “Turns”- “Super wash”- “Fast wash” lights are blinking

The washer-dryer fails to draw the necessary amount of water.

Water level sensor malfunction (no proper signal).

  • Check if the water tap is open and the water pressure in the water supply system is correct.
  • Check the water inlet filter for blockages.
  • Call in a specialist for complete and thorough check of the heating element and pressostat operability.

In electromechanical machines, the “Fast wash” light is on and the “RPM” indicator blinks when this error occurs.

No water heating in the washing machine, the washing program is not finished.

Thermal sensor or heating element breakage. Control module malfunction.

  • This error is critical and must be immediately disconnected from the mains.
  • If this error occurs, it is necessary to call a qualified technician to open the washing machine and determine the exact breakage of a particular part of the washing machine.

In electromechanical models (WIN 101 EX, IWSD 4105), this error is indicated by the lamps “Delayed Washing” and “Extra Rinse” blinking or by the indicators “Revolutions” and “Spinning” flashing.

The washer reacts in no way to the given commands and does not turn on.

  • Try to reset the machine by disconnecting it from the mains for 15 minutes and then switching it on.
  • To determine the cause of the problem it is necessary to remove the microprocessor from the control module and check its functionality, to do this use the services of a professional handyman.

If this error occurs, users of electromechanical models (WIXXL 126, WIUN 103, WISN 100) may notice that the “Extra rinse”, “Revolutions” and “Latches” indicators are flashing.

Washing machine drew too much/low amount of water.

after the water has been filled and the water level sensor signals “empty tank”.

  • The washing machine needs to be reset, disconnected from the mains voltage for 15 minutes and then switched on. The program may have malfunctioned.
  • Try and check the fine filter (filter screen) for blockages.
  • Check. That the water tap is open.

In outdated models of Indesit electromechanical washing machines (WITL 62 EU, WISN 101) this error is characterized by flashing of lights “Extra rinse”-“Spin”.turn on the “Speed” or “Delayed”, “Quick wash”, “Extra rinse” indicators.

The running program was stopped after the start of the wash program. Water and spinning do not proceed.

  • Reset the washer-dryer by disconnecting it from the mains for 15 to 20 minutes. Maybe a malfunction has occurred.
  • F09 Check the drain filter for blockages. Clogging detection indicates drain pump failure.

In an electromechanical model of an Indesit machine, this error could be indicated by the “Superwash”- “Delayed Washing” indicators lighting up or the “RPM” light flashing

The washing machine does not start the washing and does not respond to pressing the buttons and starting the programs.

Communication between the indicators and the control module is broken.

  • It is possible that the machine has stopped working, for this purpose it is necessary to reset the washing machine and disconnect it from the power supply for 15-20 mins during the initial stage.
  • Try and hold down the ON and START/PAUSE buttons simultaneously to reset the control module.
  • If the error has not reset, check for damaged contacts between the control module and indicators.

Users of electromechanical washing machines may see burning of indicators “Delayed Washing”. “Super Washing”. “Extra Rinse”

After the end of washing program the washer-dryer does not dry the laundry

Breakage/failure of temperature sensor.

  • In order to eliminate this problem, the temperature sensor or the cable from the temperature sensor to the control module must be replaced.
  • Also need to check the control module if the error is due to a faulty control module.

In electromechanical models of the automatic machines this error could be indicated by the “Delayed Washing” lamps burning.”Superwash”-“Fast wash”.

Washer does not dry the laundry. The laundry is still wet after a wash.

Damage of wires, connecting heating element with the control module.

For non-dryer washing machines: control module or display module malfunction.

  • Disconnect the washer from the power supply for 15-20 minutes to restart.
  • If the error is not reset, disconnect the power supply, remove the heating element and check its function, as well as inspect the wiring for damage.

In depreciated models (electromechanical without a display) indicators “Delayed Washing”, “Super Washing”, “Quick Wash” or “Additional Washing”, “Spinning” are lit.

Washing has been completed, but the washer-dryer does not start.

No contact between drying relay and heating element.

If the washer-dryer doesn’t have a dryer, the control module or indicator module must be broken.

  • Try to restart the washing machine: disconnect it from the mains for 15-20 minutes to avoid program failure.
  • Check the serviceability of the heating element of dryer, check the contacts that connect heating element with the control board.

In electromechanical models CM users may observe burning of the lamp “Lock”.

Washing does not start. or stops working in the middle of the program. Drum does not rotate.

If this error occurs in washing machines with vertical load, it means that incorrect data were received from the drum parking sensor.

In front-loading washing machines, the appearance of this error means a malfunction in the control module or in the display module.

  • At the initial stage, it is necessary to switch off the washing machine and check the drum rotation by hand. If the rotation does not occur, try to remove the foreign object interfering with the movement.
  • Inspect the locking sashes for wear/deformation and breakage.
  • Make sure the hatch is in place when opening the machine. It may be the one that opened during the wash and blocked the drum.
  • If the above actions do not succeed, the following will need to be replaced/repaired: drum parking sensor, hatch locking device, control module.

In models with electromechanical control this error is indicated by flashing of “Spinning”- “Delayed Washing” indicators or lighting of “Spinning”- “Extra Rinse” indicators.

Program doesn’t start, washing doesn’t start.

  • Check that there is power in the room
  • Try opening the door yourself and inspect the hole for the hatch tongue for foreign objects.
  • Carefully check the door for a jammed cuff, which could prevent it from closing.

If this error occurs, on electromechanical models, the “Spin-up”-“Quick wash” light is on, or the “Extra rinse”-“Delayed wash” light flashes.

No reaction of the washing machine to any commands.

Control board processor malfunction/breakdown.

  • Try to reset the washing machine system by disconnecting it from the power supply for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Check the power supply voltage and inspect the wire and plug for damage.
  • Check if the door is closed tightly.

If the above steps do not resolve the problem and the error remains on, the control module must be repaired/replaced.

The washer-dryer is not taking in the amount of water necessary for washing (too little, too much, or no water at all)

The faults and how to fix them

The plug is not inserted into the socket or is inserted poorly and does not make contact.

Start/Reset button was not pressed.

The Start/Reset button has not been pressed.

The drain hose is positioned lower than 65 cm or higher than 100 cm. from the floor

The end of the drain hose is submerged in water (see. с. 3).

If the drain hose is built into the drains, be aware that on the top of this-

In the event of a “siphon effect”, the machine can simultaneously

drains and fills. To prevent this effect of stopping the program, press the Start/Reset button (-

The anti-siphon valve has been installed on the washer-dryer.

The selected program does not allow for draining. for some programs see “Automatic water drainage” (Start/Reset)

Programs need to be manually drained (see s. 6).

The “Easy Iron” function has been added to complete the “Easy Iron” function-

Press the Start/Reset button (See. с.

Drain hose is pinched (see. с. 3) or clogged.

The drum was not unlocked when the washer-dryer was installed-

The washing machine is not perfectly aligned (see. с. 2).

The clearance between the machine and the wall/furniture is not enough (see. с. 2).

The inlet hose is loose (the nut at the end of the hose is loose)

the gasket is tight and not correctly installed (see. с. 2).

Detergent dispenser is clogged with detergent residue

The drain hose is not properly secured (see. с. 3).

Switch off the machine and remove the plug from the power outlet,

Wait for 1 minute and switch the appliance back on.

If the problem persists, contact an Authorised Service Centre

Use of detergent unsuitable for automatic machines

How to determine the error code in washing machines Indesit

front loader washing machines.

If the machine still does not run properly after checking,

Contact an Authorized Service Center for assistance. (see. с. 12)

Customer Service

Before you call an Authorized Service Center: Make sure you can’t repair the problem yourself (see “Service Center” on page 31). с. 11).

Rerun the programme again to check that the machine is working correctly.

Otherwise call your Authorised Servicing Centre at the number given in the “Operation Manual”

Do not use the services of anyone not authorised by the Manufacturer.

When carrying out repairs, request the use of original spare parts.

When contacting the Authorised Service Centre, state:

number of the warranty document (service book, service certificate, etc.).п.);

machine model (Mod.) and the serial number (S/N) indicated on the information plate are-

The washing machine’s rear panel.

Indesit machine errors

The tables show the interpretation of light signals on the front panel in the Indesit washing machine errors.

Indesit IWUB, IWSB, IWSC, IWDC without display.

Indesit IWUB, IWSB, IWSC, IWDC without display. Indesit IWUB, IWSB, IWSC, IWDC without display.

Indesit WISL, WIUL, WIL, WITP, WIDL without display.

Indesit WISL, WIUL, WIL, WITP, WIDL without display. Indesit WISL, WIUL, WIL, WITP, WIDL modes of operation without display.

Indesit WIU, WIUN, WIN, WISN without display.

Indesit WIU, WIUN, WIN, WISN without display. Indesit WIU, WIUN, WIN, WISN without display.

Indesit machine errors.

Error F01

Cause: Probably the power cord to the washing machine is damaged. Or faulty socket. Probably also the voltage is not correct in the electrical system.Detailed description.

F02 error

Cause: Probably the tachogenerator is broken. Or laundry overloading, it is also possible drum rotation bearings are out of order.Detailed description.

F03 error

Reasons: Malfunction of the temperature sensor. Faulty heating element. Wiring to the sensor or heating element is broken.Detailed description.

F04 error

Causes: Most likely a faulty water inlet valve or blocked water inlet tap. Probably also the water level sensor (pressostat) is defective.Detailed description.

F05 error

The causes: The drain pump must be broken, the pump filter or drain hose is blocked. Probably also the water level sensor (water pressure switch) is defective.Detailed description.

Error F06

Control buttons do not respond.

Causes: Probably a fault in the buttons on the control panel.Detailed description.

F07 error

Water level sensor malfunction.

Causes: Probably the water level sensor (pressostat) may have malfunctioned. Probably also the inlet valve is defective or the water tap on the water mains is blocked. Detailed description.

F08 error

The washing machine is heating water arbitrarily.

Error 09

Faults appearing in memory block on control board.

Causes: Probably a defect in the control unit. The voltage in the mains does not correspond to the necessary one. Detailed description.

F10 error

Reason: Error showing a general problem with the water. Water not coming in or not going out. You need to see at what point the error appears.Detailed description.

F11 error

Causes: Most likely a drain pump is out of order, there is a clog in the pump filter or drain hose. Probably also the water level sensor (pressostat) could be defective.

F12 error

Loss of communication between display board and control unit.

Reasons: Possibly a wiring problem or indication board or control unit is defective.

Error F13

Malfunction of the drying temperature sensor.

The cause: short circuit in the sensor of the drying temperature. Faulty wiring to the sensor is also probable.

F14 error

The causes: Probably failed heating element of dryer or its sensor.

F15 error

Washing machine does not start drying (for machines with dryer).

Causes: Faults related to heating resistor. Relay to turn on the heating element or control unit or wiring to heating element defective.

F16 error

The drum does not rotate (in washing machines with a vertical load).

Reason: The drum door could be open. Malfunction of the drum parking sensor.

Sensor malfunction

Incorrect information about the water temperature, received in the control unit. the consequence of a breakage or short circuit in the circuit of the temperature sensor (hereinafter also. NTC). Another reason for such a malfunction in an Indesit washing machine can be a stuck relay that controls the operation of the heating element (hereinafter also. the heating element). In such a case, the liquid is not heated and the temperature remains constant.

Water temperature sensor in Indesit washing machines

One way to check the sensor is to measure its resistance. If it is working, the multimeter should read approximately 20 kOhm. Also check for continuity in wiring and functionality of connectors from the control module to the sensor. In addition to replacing the sensor, an option to troubleshoot the Indesit washing machine is to update the firmware that has been flashed in the non-volatile memory of the CM.

Troubleshooting common faults

Most Indesit washing machine faults can be resolved yourself. In case of failure of electronics, first of all, de-energize the machine for 10-15 minutes by pulling the plug out of the socket. Then restart the washing programme. To eliminate more complex damage you will need a minimum set of tools: pliers, cross-head and flat screwdriver, as well as a multimeter.

Replace the mains filter

Usually the surge protector is located under the top cover of the SM, the mains cable is connected to it. This unit is beyond repair and must be replaced immediately. Such malfunctions of Indesit washing machines can be eliminated simply, but no one will guarantee that the newly purchased filter will last long.

The surge protector to prevent interference in the 220V mains

If the washer-dryer is in the bathroom, high humidity is detrimental to the filter contacts. To waterproof the contacts use silicone sealant. It is necessary to apply it on cleaned dry contact pads. After this the filter assembly will last a long time.

Troubleshooting of the heating element

Heater damage is indicated by codes F07 or F08 on the display or CM indicators. To check and replace the heating element you need to open the back of the machine.

Heating element is located in the lower part of the tank; there are two supply wires with terminals and ground wire

Disconnect the heater terminals with wires and check it with a multimeter. Good part has resistance between 25-40 Ohm. Other values suggest that the heating element must be replaced. After unscrewing the central fixing nut, gently remove the heater by rocking it from side to side. After that apply soap solution to the rubber gasket of the new ТEН and install it in the groove.

Installing new bearings

Noise, clattering and other noises during spinning indicate that the tank bearings need to be replaced. This kind of failure Indesit washing machines are performed by qualified specialists, because it requires a complete disassembly of the unit.

Replacing Bearings in Tank Cross Bracket

Special tools and skills are required to knock out old bearings and press in new ones. The packing must be replaced along with the bearings.

Troubleshooting control unit problems

Italian manufacturer’s ECUs are not designed to withstand the high humidity common in bathrooms. From the impact of moisture affects primarily contact pads connectors circuit boards.

ECU board with connectors where pinholes are clearly visible

Repair of ECU functionality requires knowledge in the field of electronics, that is why such malfunctions of Indesit washing machines should be eliminated by experienced masters.

I want to note that this article does not describe problems with water drainage from the SM. such problems are the same for all brands of machines. The main causes are clogged drain filters and damaged pumps. No special skills are required to clean the filter or replace the pump, this work can be done on your own.



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