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Indesit iwsb 5085 control unit

The first washing cycle

delivery set), which is attached to the faucet (figure.).

It is not recommended to use extension cords for the

1 Do not use an extension cord for the drain hose, if necessary, it can be

building up with a hose of the same diameter and length

Warning! The equipment must necessarily

The machine is connected to the mains by

Two-pole outlet with grounding contact (socket

does not come with the machine). The phase wire must be

Is connected via automatic mains protection circuit breaker designed for

maximum current (operating current) of 16 A, and having a

If available near the alleged installation

The most expensive, but most effective, wax strips have a grounded outlet that has a grounding point

If the plug does not fit the outlet, it should be replaced with a 3-wire copper wire

4 The power outlet shall be grounded with a minimum of 1.5 kV. mm (or with aluminum conductors)

mm (or with aluminum conductors meeting the minimum 2.5 kV wire size requirements). mm), finalization of the electrical network is not

as described in this section of the manual. If the plug does not fit the outlet, it should be replaced with a

3 Grounding in a separate conductor not to

To rewire the electrical system, it is recommended that

use a wire type PPV 3×1,5 380 GOST 622379.

Other grades of cable may be used, providing

3 other types of cable can be used, provided the socket is grounded in accordance with standards of safe operation and electrical safety

machines.Before connecting the machine to the mains make sure that:

the socket and wiring meet the requirements of at least 2.5

the line voltage and frequency are as shown in the following table

The socket outlet is grounded according to safety standards

Обзор стиральной машины Indesit IWSB 5085

The installation of a separate earthing conductor, not less than 1 5 kV, as described in this section of the operating instructions, must be carried out according to.

If the plug does not fit the outlet, it should be replaced with a plug with a diameter of at least 2 mm

a new one, corresponding to the socket, or replace the power supply

cable. The cable should be replaced only qua

the safety requirements of household appliances with high power rating, width 59.5 cm, height 85 cm, depth 40 cm. Do not use adapters, double and

more sockets and extension cords (they create a risk of

fires). If you feel that their use is not

If it is necessary, use only one extension cord,

that meets the safety requirements.Equipment connected in violation of

safety of high power domestic appliances,

The safety requirements of the appliance described in these instructions are potenti-

The manufacturer is not liable for damages

The following applies to the use of the machine:. Personal injury and property damage, if caused by failure to-

one cycle of operation is necessary

washing with detergent, but without laundry

program at 90°C without prewash.

width 59,5 cm height 85 cm depth 40 cm

Check the nameplate on the machine for technical data

max pressure 1 MPa (10 bar)min pressure 0.05 MPa (0.5 bar)drum capacity 40 l

Control programs according to EN 60456

program 2; temperature 60°C; for a load of up to 5 kg.

The machine conforms to the following European Community directives:- 89/336/EEC of 03.05.89 (electromagnetic compatibility) and subsequent modifications- 2002/96/CE- 2006/95/CE (low voltage)

indesit, iwsb, 5085, control, unit

Keep these instructions in a safe place. It must be in

complete with the washing machine in case of sale,

The machine conforms to the following European Economic Community Directives

apartment so that the new owner of the equipment can

Read the manual carefully: it will tell you how it works and

Read the manual carefully: it contains

The following pages contain important information on installation and use of the appliance

Safe operation of the washing machine.

Unpack the washing machine.2. Make sure the machine has not been damaged

during transport. Upon detection

Retain all parts: you will need them

in case of subsequent transport of the washing machine

Do not let children play with the packaging

Place the washer-dryer on a flat and

sturdy floor so it will not touch the walls,

After positioning the appliance, check the level

The horizontality of the upper cover of the housing, the deviation

Proper alignment of the equipment will help

avoid noise, vibrations and shifting during operation

If the washer-dryer is on the floor covered with a plastic cover, check the level of the cover and the underside of the washer-dryer

carpet, make sure that its base is elevated

over the carpet. Otherwise the ventilation will be

Ensure that the hose is not kinked or pinched.

The water pressure must be within the values,

Do not overtighten the hose and hose connections as shown in the Technical Data Sheets

If the length of the water hose turns out to be

If the level is too low, call your Authorized Service Dealer

Never use hoses that have been in the wrong state

How much does it cost to have the services of specialists?

Lack of experience in repairing appliances is a reason to contact a professional.

Only a professional can repair or replace the circuit board. You can find a craftsman by advertising on the Net or in the newspaper. Perhaps some of your relatives or acquaintances have already used similar services.

The part itself will have to purchase separately. If there is an opportunity to restore the board, the master will take it to the service center, as it is impossible to perform such repairs at home.

To reduce the risk of meeting with fraudsters, you need to familiarize yourself with the reviews that other customers have left. Honest master will definitely give a guarantee for the work performed and certify everything with documents.

Overview of Indesit washing machine malfunction and how to fix it with your own hands

A reliable and useful assistant in the house washing machine. And its breakage is a big problem. You can buy a necessary instance of a washing machine in the appliance store, but none of the models are protected from breakage.

The appliances can be damaged after 5-6 years of operation. It is common because the technology is used intensively and has its weak points.

The most common faults of the washing machine:

After identifying the problem, do the Indesit washing machine repair with your own hands.

  • the drum does not spin;
  • creaking, rumbling and other noise during spinning
  • dilemma with heating, water intake and drain;
  • the appliance leaks when draining;
  • the appliance does not start;
  • the blocker on the door does not work;
  • spinning does not work;
  • bad smell from the machine.

Troubleshooting and methods of elimination

The wall drain hole is not equipped with a plunger to release air.

If, after the above checks, the malfunction does not

it has been eliminated; turn off the water tap; turn off the water tap

the drum does not spin;. contact the washing machine and contact the Service Center.

If your apartment is on the top floors of a building, there may be

there are phenomena of siphoning, so the washing machine does not

continuous water inlet and outlet. To fix this anomaly in the

Special valves against siphon phenomena are available on the market.

The selected program does not allow water to be drained: for some

The program needs to be activated manually.

The drain hose is bent (see. “Installation”).

The drum was unlocked at the time of installation of the washing machine

The washer-dryer is not level (see. “Installation”).

The machine is wedged between the wall and the furniture (See. “Installation”).

The water hose is not screwed on tightly (refer to “Installation” on page 31). “Installation”).

The detergent dispenser is clogged (procedure for cleaning it) See. в

paragraph “Maintenance and Care”).

The drain hose is not properly secured (see. “Installation”).

Switch the appliance off and disconnect the power plug from the mains socket,

Wait for 1 minute and restart the machine.

If the problem persists, call the Service Department.

The detergent is not suitable for washing in the washer-dryer (on the

the package must read “for washing in washing machine”,

“for hand and machine washing” or similar).

Excessive amount of detergent was placed in the dispenser.

Indesit washing machine repair and operation

Indesit iwsb 5085. Doors lock has failed. Replaced the lock and exploded triac Q018 Z0607. Water comes on, then pump comes on and drains endlessly. Top (horizontal) row of indicators blinks. Only switched off with a plug out of the socket. Peripherals are normal. I noticed that the factory triac was soldered in the wrong way (turned 180 degrees). I soldered it in properly.

On these modules UBL circuit is tied to motor circuit, check all. These triacs soldered 180 degrees to the illustration on the board, if you have a simple UBL, according to the figure soldered into another triac, under the “quick” lock.

Indesit iwub 4085, replacement of the UBL was done with the original UBL. The drum is working. it’s fine, the motor is intact, there is a darkening on the electronic control board, but that’s probably from the belt.

If the UBL is new, very strange and needs a diagnosis of the CMA, t.к. The blinking lock. means that the OBU is broken.

The machine win 102, begins to fill the water, then starts flashing indicators of the lock and dirty laundry. It does not start the wash, but starts to drain the water! What it may be?

Blinking lock and dirty laundry light on, indicates error F04. Most likely a faulty water level sensor or faulty control module and need to reset the processor.

Indesit ws84tx washing machine in operation. Apparently, over time, the packing has worn out and as a consequence, the bearing began to knock. Decided to open, if possible to repair (by this time the unit has been without work for about six months). I didn’t have any problems getting to the crosshead to remove, but I only removed the crosshead with a puller (it looks like the bearing had time to corrode). And the outer ring of the bearing remained in the cross, but the inner ring had to be removed separately from the shaft. The shaft is clean and smooth, but on the bronze sleeve (at least, very similar to the rusty metal) there is a groove from the oil seal. Is there sense to continue repair with such development on a shaft? And if so, please advise in what order? The packing was: ROLF 35 52/65 7/10.5. Bearing: SKF 30x60x37 BA2B 026298 633667.

Bearing (code 26298) 30х60х37. Polish the bushing, it will work (if you assemble it normally). Press the bearing. 2. Insert the stuffing box in the cross. Put the spider on the reel shaft and fasten it.

The washing machine Indesit ws105tx, works only cycle washing, flushes the water and does not go to any more cycles (rinse, spin), it can be opened if you manually set the end program. After that and the washing does not work immediately, can only turn on after a few hours and then everything repeats. I must have explained incorrectly, the hatch locks when I press start, but after stopping the machine, I manually flip the program selection knob until the cycle is complete and the lock clicks back to open the hatch.

Most likely, the water supply valve has failed. The valve consists of two parts. one supplies water for the main wash and the other for the rinse. So, it supplies water for the main wash, but not for the rinse, and the unit does not go to the next mode. If the valve doesn’t work, you need to replace it with a new one.

Trouble with the washing machine Indesit Wiu 80. After switching on washing mode, a small amount of water is poured (powder is not washed out of the box) and the door lock indicator and 3 other indicators (rinse, spin, spin speed) start blinking often. After that, the washing machine does not respond to any buttons. It can be opened by manually setting the end of the program, only helps to unplug the appliance from the mains. Or it’s the control unit?

In your case, the blinks are “lock”, “spin”, “rinse” and “revs”. it’s an F11 error. Most likely, the drain pump is out of order and needs to be replaced.

The machine iwsb 5085, description of the problem. It pours water, the drum rotates a couple of seconds in one direction, stops, then two more times, for a couple of seconds, in the opposite direction and silence. Lights are lit as it should be, the programs are switching, but in any program, the drum rotates 3 times. No error message when switching on. Drum spinning easily, check tachometer. Working. The problem was solved by replacing 4 resistors, (tachogenerator circuit), after a few weeks of proper operation, the lock indicator began flashing, the washing machine does not work, the lock is not blocked. Probably F01 error. I will look at the triac.

It makes sense to check the motor for breakdown, for example. Brush length, condition of the manifold, connector. Check the off-circuit timer.

Indesit iwub 4085 cis. The machine was washing and then turned off. When switching on, an error message pops up. I can’t figure out what is the error code for this model and the electronic module. Checked the heating element, NTC sensor, trigger, power supply in the module. Removed the module and display panel and connected separately, the same error lights up. Please tell me what is the error and what to check next. All horizontal lights are blinking, and 3 (9h) and 4 (12h) (from top to bottom) are constantly on.

It seems that the error is F12, (when all the horizontal lights up, the spin and drain light up). Re-flash the module (for starters. minimum). If it does not help. module replacement.

in use iwub 4105 cis washing machine. And here’s the problem: I turn it on, start any washing cycle, it gets water, but the washing does not start. All buttons light up and blink about 3-5 times per second. At the same time, I hear a sound, as if the drum is rotating. Although it is not really spinning. Turned on rinse cycle. Machine started working but the spin cycle kept repeating itself but without noise. It just blinked on all the buttons. Can you tell me what it may be?? How do I fix it??

If all lights are blinking, it may be caused by a leak in the case. Leakage can be due to a broken control module, motor or FET.

Indesit ws105tx. At low speed, in washing mode, or the beginning of the spin, the motor can not spin the drum, but at high speed, 800 or 1000, spinning without any problems. What is the problem? How is the speed control on this model?? What voltage should be on the brushes and stator in wash and spin modes?

Take out the brushes and measure the length. Probably a short circuit in the stator.

The machine ws 84 tx stopped rinsing, and the laundry is wrung out, everything is normal. Tried re-starting the rinse mode, it won’t even draw water, and then I just wanted to run the “quick wash” program and it stopped drawing water at all. What to do?

The washing machine stopped rinsing because it can not get water in. This is the root cause. The most common causes: defective inlet valve, which opens for water inlet; defective control module; the pressostat is out of order. Sensor that controls the water inlet level.

Indesit IWD 71051. After washing, started spinning and stopped. All buttons and error F11 are lit. Checked. no garbage. Maybe the drain hose is clogged? If the pump, how much will it cost with the cost of the pump?

Error F11 means a fault in the circuit of the drain pump.

The machine Wiu 81, when you turn on the washing program (any), it takes about 20 seconds to get water and stands up, the drum does not spin, but the heater heats. If I add water manually through the tray, it recovers and continues to wash until the 2nd cycle, then I also have to manually add water or else it stops. The last cycle pours itself, and no need to refill manually, the washing ends by itself. What checked: both valves are intake of water is serviceable, the heater is serviceable (29 ohms on the multimeter, the body does not ring), the tachometer is intact, the pump is working and the brushes, too, the collector on the motor clean, fee visually in order; condensation, diodes proezvodil normal. But I could not test the diode pkc 136.The multimeter shows 1 in both directions, but it seems to work. The pressostat is suspect or the control board is suspect (maybe the firmware is faulty). The pressostat itself seems to work 4-pin, single-chamber. The three modes work, if you blow manually and check (empty tank, full, overflow) everything is normal. The potentiometer, which sets the program works properly and resetting works.

You have checked everything possible. If the water does not come to the end, it is either in the pressostat (water level sensor) or in the control module. The module can burn out and so that all microcircuits and capacitors will be intact, check the valve for short circuit on the wires and the control module with the microcircuits to the pressostat.

The machine Indesit iwub 4085, stopped working. After washing, plugging the cord into the network, it does not react at all, the light does not turn on and the other lights are also not lit, as if there is no electricity, the socket is functioning, checked. What can be?

If the washer stops working when plugged into a working outlet, you should check the power cord for kinks or breaks, and check to see if the noise filter has burned out.

Trouble with the washing machine iwsb 5105. The drum does not start when washing, rinsing or spinning. spins. Seems like the water just pours in and out. I turned it on without checking and it just kept running for an hour and a half with only the laundry underneath getting wet. Opened the pump. Didn’t help (it somehow fixed the situation when it wouldn’t start at all). I think the pressostat is defective. When rinsing, I also noticed that the water does not come on, although it spins. In general, the problematic model. Although new (more than a month). It originally stopped when I switched to rinse and ran until I turned it off, so I change programs manually every wash. first wash, then rinse, then spin. But it doesn’t bother me much. At the moment I am concerned about the problem with the drum.

Drainage, but no apparent pumping sound. Just once, to check, take the drain hose out of the drain and lead it to the tub, sink and do one wash.

Washing machine ws 105 tx. There used to be noise when the drum was spinning in spin mode, then it started making noise in wash mode too. Turned on mode 7, the water poured, but the drum does not rotate, you can only hear the quiet humming of the motor. I drained the water, tried turning the drum by hand. spins in 10-15 cm increments and everything stops. Tried to rotate the drum with the backlash in the longitudinal direction. Turned the drum by hand, but it still refuses to wash, water poured, drum does not rotate, but you can hear the quiet humming of the motor. What may be the reason?

Probably a broken belt or bearings, time to change.

Indesit Ws84tx washing machine, the second water inlet valve stopped working. Start the program runs normally, after the fill water, then pause, should turn on, refill, but it does not happen.

Trace the wires, where the connector of the valves is, and on the tracks look for not working elements of the module.

My machine has this problem while it is washing all is fine, when it starts to rinse, the lights start blinking. Then it does not turn off and blinks while unplugged, then plugged in and continues to blink without doing anything. Tell me what the problem may be?

If the lights are lit delayed laundry, dirty laundry and lock, then it is the error F12, which means a loss of indication between the module and the command buttons. The cause may be either in the wiring or in the control module.

Installed and connected washing machine Wiu 100. When it reaches the “spin” mode, it turns off, during the rinse, does not rinse practically, after it turns off, the indicators of the lock and speed (500/1000) blink. Please advise what to do?

If the RPM indicator 500/1000 is on it means error F08. Either the heating element or the control module is defective.

In operation Indesit washing machine Wiu 61. The washing starts, takes in water, but washes with long pauses of 3-5 minutes. Water doesn’t drain, even when changing the program to drain, but you can almost hear the drain pump work. Checked the filter, removed a couple of coins! Please advise what the problem could be.

Drain pump in the washing machine is out of order. Check it is very simple, measure the resistance. If the pump resistance is outside the limit of 160. 200 ohms, then the pump is broken.

The machine iwsb 50851, water is pumping, but the programs are not activated, and the first indicator light flashes.

If the first light is on it means the error F08. It is a problem with the water heating system. Most likely, the heating element is burned out, after filling the water can not heat up and the fault code is lit.

Washing machine Indesit iwsb 5851. Starts to fill and in 15 seconds drains the water. All horizontal indicators and the upper vertical one, where it says “3h” are blinking. If I use the “rinse” or “spin” modes, it does them all without any problems. Could you please advise what is the error code??

Slow water intake, then clean the inlet valve strainer.

The washing machine iwub 4085, does not turn on, that is, when you supply power and press “start”, there is no indication or other reaction, the previous wash completed normally, after which the unit is not included 5 days. Disassembled and inspected. Power through the input filter comes to the control unit. code 21501264600 from it like that, does not go (but not sure, since there is no diagram). Turned all the connectors, all contacts are dry, not oxidized, no traces of water. The washing machine is new, warranty expired 2 weeks ago. Question: How can I verify if the control module is working correctly / not working properly? What can be done with the block (I read that it is reflashed). My further diagnostic steps if the problem is not in the control unit.

Turn on the CMM and wait 10-15 minutes, if F12 appears, the module needs to be reprogrammed.

Washing machine ws84tx with laundry drum does not spin, but the cycle is completely empty.

Most likely, either the brushes of the electric motor or the drive belt are worn out. The contact is no longer sufficient, and the power of the rotor is not enough to rotate the drum with the laundry.

Indesit iwsb 5085, while turning on the power, the circuit breaker in the panelboard tripped. Turning it on again gave a quiet noise, in the form of a pulse in the arcadia module. Inspection showed that the triac did not work, because the relays did not work, after replacing the triac the water valve came to life. Water pumped, but immediately triggered the water drain and the top row of lights flashed and sort of dimly flashing 3h.

Top row shows that the washing machine does not work. Check, measure, triacs don’t just light up. This is the consequence, look for the cause. The error is shown in a vertical line, count up from the bottom of the 5 indicators.

Faulty washing machine IWB 6105. Transported, installed, does not turn on. You hear a soft squeak when you plug it in.

During shipment, one of the pins from the noise filter to the control module could have been blown. Check it. To access, simply remove the top cover of the washing machine and check all the pins.

Washing machine Indesit iwub 4085. Very noisy when spinning. And last time I did another spin very many stones or limescale came out. What it could be?

As far as we understood after rocks and limescale removal the noise during spinning did not stop? The most likely cause of the noise. drum shaft bearing wear. You need to replace it. If it is really the bearing, after a while the machine stops squeezing.

I have a question, the “Start” button and the first button (with the pointer 3 hours) are lit simultaneously. What to do?

If the power light is on and the drain light is blinking (3H), there is a problem with the water heater and it needs to be replaced.

Installed and connected the washing machine Indesit Wiu 82. When you plug in, the inlet valve knocks at a rate of a couple of times per second, water starts flowing right away. Door locks, no lights on.

Most likely the water valve is defective. Valve solenoid failed.

Indesit Wiu 80, in the washing cycle the machine switches off, the indicator light goes out. What can be the reason?

If such actions occur in 5-15 minutes after the start of washing, the cause may be in the failure of the heating element. To avoid a short circuit in the wiring and fire, the appliance resets the program.

Washing machine iwsb 5085 cis, changing the drain pump. I ask for help in choosing a replacement pump. It says Askoll M231 and 34 watts. Terminals for connector. But in the catalogs M231 for some reason with separate terminals. His terminals are the same as mine, and the key is in the same place. But the power is not 34W, but 30. The water does not drain every time. I think it’s the pump. Not critical to such a difference in power?

You can use any voltage you want. You don’t have to rebuild it, just rewire the coil and ignore the power.

Disassembled the iwub 4105 washing machine, reassembled it, connected the motor terminals incorrectly (backwards), then turned on the program and the motor does not work. Rearranged the terminals correctly, the engine works, but not properly, turns for a short time and stops when it should be running all the time. It gets water in and out. What is the problem?? Also removed the upper counterweight. Tried to do the laundry with the clothes, the machine started bouncing.

You burned the SMD speed control current limiting resistors on the ARCADIA module. Contact a professional.

The washing machine Indesit iwsb 5105, when I turn on, the four upper green LEDs are blinking, plus the two outer LEDs are lit. Does not respond to buttons. EDT0117 board.11. Checked the output voltage from the sub-module, it’s 12V. Checked both capacitors in the PSU, they are normal. Is it a firmware leak or defective element base? Test procedure does not start 9h (9h) is lit. You need a programmer for this?

If 9h is on, it is F08. But with the lock. F09.

Washing machine Indesit ws105tx. You put, for example, the first mode and it can wash without switching for 5 hours, until you notice and do not switch yourself. This problem with all modes of washing, but not all the time. Sometimes the programmer starts to run in a circle without stopping until it is unplugged. In operation for about 10 years, of repairs only replaced the bearing and twice cleaned the drain pump.

Must disconnect the hot water and check if the heating element is really heating the water. Check for self-drainage.

Washing machine 789 W, when working there is a chemical smell inside and there is smoke, what to do?

Most likely, there is a problem with the wiring. We do not recommend to use with this malfunction.

Indesit iwsb 50851. In washing mode, gets water in, immediately flushes water out, top row starts blinking and “start/pause” blinks yellow. In rinse mode, draws water, spins, drains after about 5 minutes, starts flashing, stops spinning and pump periodically turns on just right.

Horizontal row, shows the washing machine is not working. In the vertical row only the bottom button blinks? Then error F01, with all its consequences.

The washing machine iwsb 4105 in operation. When starting the wash cycle, “start” and “wash” indicators light up and the “hatch lock” indicator blinks. Washing cycle doesn’t start. What can be the problem?

Most likely we are talking about error F04 (signal input overflow and empty). Either the water valve or the pressostat (water level sensor) is defective.

Indesit washing machine iwsb 6105, there was a short circuit in the network. Changed the heater, the lock, it worked, but in the process stops, and all the top lights are blinking.

If all horizontal indicators are lit, it is error F09. Most likely the control board is broken.

The washing machine worked yesterday, and today when you turn it on, not even the lights are on, I checked the voltage is coming to it and then went to the board. What to do??

If electricity reaches the control board, through the surge protector, it is most likely in the control module. We recommend to check it. Try also to turn off the unit for 20-30 minutes to reset the processor.

Indesit iwub 4105 cis. All warning lights are blinking and the lock is constantly on. On examining the module a burnt component Q018 was found. Marking, unfortunately, can not read. What to replace? What else to check if it has pulled something else.

Q018. This is a triac control LOS. Its marking is Z0607. Check the three SMD diodes around the resistor at the bottom of the board. The LOS is definitely a substitute. Or a short in the connector or harness to the LOS.

The washing machine Indesit Wiu 102, light indicator “spin”, turn off and on, nothing changes, does not wash, does not take on water, immediately begins to spin. What to do?

If the spin indicator light is on and the lock indicator blinks, it means error F01, which is connected with a malfunction in the engine.

Faulty washing machine iwub 4085 cis. After turning on the washing it makes 3 turns and gets up the hatch lock works, a quiet clicks are heard 1 time per second, what is the reason, tell me?

If only the door lock blinks, then the problem is in the LCR (door locking device) failure. Check that nothing is blocking the closing of the hatch. If not, it is necessary to diagnose and, if necessary, to repair the master. Also, try disconnecting the appliance from the mains for 20-30 minutes to restart the processor.

Indesit Wiu 82. Water drum full, stops only when unplugged. When filling with water, the drum does not rotate and no light is on. And the water can be drained only through the hole which is located under the lid. What’s the problem? Please advise whether you can fix it yourself?

Look at the water level sensor, there is a tube going to it, blow it out. Take off the top cover, you’ll see everything.

I have a machine Indexit WI84X. It just goes crazy on the first and second wash modes. That is, heats the water up to 90 degrees, and then the knob just spins and that’s it. Won’t let water in on mode 3.

Most likely a failure in the operation of the drain system.

Washing machine IWB 6085. During the wash heard a strong rattle, and the clothes appeared white plastic shavings, I use it about 5 years. Please advise what may be the cause and whether repairs are possible at home.

Grinding noise may be due to bearing wear. Replace the seals and bearings.

The iwub 4105 washing machine in operation. When you turn on the water is filled and it lulls, that is, the laundry light and the door lock is lit, but the drum does not spin, and you can not hear the sound of the motor. On other programs does not respond, until I unplugged it, then turned on to drain the water, the pump works. What can be the problem?

What exactly the lights are on will tell you exactly what the malfunction is.

Model WS 84. Washed overnight on the program “5” (with a stop before spinning and transferred to the spin manually). In the morning, the program switch went in a circle, and the light blinked (ready to turn off). When I took out the laundry, there was no water in the machine, but the laundry was not squeezed out. Today, turned on again, the power light turned on, the lock was locked, but the washing did not start. I turned the programs knob to the point of “Stop”. The washing machine has stopped and the door is unlocked. Tried 2 more times to start the wash and everything repeated the same way. Question: what is it related to??

This may be a problem with the programmer (control element). Also the heating element or the inlet valve can be damaged.

Repair costs

Name Price
Main services
Master visit free
Master trip outside the Moscow Ring Road 40 /km. from MKAD
Diagnostics free
Simple repair (class 1) from 500
Repair of medium complexity (class 2) from 900
Overhaul (class 3). complete disassembly from 2500
Removal from a hard-to-reach location from 400
Removal of foreign objects (without disassembly) from 500
Foreign object removal (with disassembly) from 1500
Adjusting the drive belt from 400
Tank (including mounting/dismounting) from 1800
Closing of the drum flaps (complete disassembly) from 2500
Electronic module from 1500
Timer from 1500
Drainage system cleaning from 1400
Unlocking and opening the hatch from 500
Dryer cleaning from 1400
Closing of the drum flaps from 1200
Disassembly of shipping brackets from 200
Pressostat from 900
Hatch handle, drum pulley from 900
Tank (without dryer) from 3000
Manhole cuff from 1300
Whole drum from 3000
Bearing and oil seal from 3500
Drying coil, drying fan motor from 1000
Fill valve from 900
Drain pump or pipe from 1300
Door seal for narrow machines from 1400
Electric harness from 1400
Line filter, capacitor, buttons / keys, power cord 600
Drive belt from 700
The rear tank lid from 2500
Bottom or front counterweight from 1900
Timer, electronic module, display unit, ROM programming from 1300
Drying timer, drying temperature sensor, constant temperature thermostat from 800
Temperature control sensor from 900
Motor / motor (removal and installation) from 1300
Support, cross from 2400
UBL from 1100
Sunroof, sunroof hinge, sunroof key from 700
Shock absorbers, springs from 900
Upper counterweight from 900
Filling hose from 500
Drain hose 600
Tank (with dryer) from 3500
Control knob from 500
Door seal for machines with dryer from 1500


Price for work only, without spare parts. Depending on your budget, you can choose either an original part or an inexpensive analogue.

Buy on credit (6)

Interest-free period. Up to 100 days. Credit card issuance. free

Cash Loan in Sovkombank: Amount of loan. 5,000 to 100,000; Loan term. 12 months; Interest rate. from 12% per annum; Age. From 35 to 85 years.

Amount of the first loan: from 4 000 to 15 000 ; at repeated application: up to 30 000; Term of the first loan: from 1 to 30 days; Interest rate: up to 1% per day; Required documents: Citizen’s passport (data only, no scan);

Joymoney Short Loans (main product):

Amount of loan. from 2 000 to 10 000 p.Loan term. 16 to 30 days;Interest rate. 1 % per day; Age. From 22 to 70 years ;

Washing machine Indesit IWSB 5085: faults

Indesit IWSB 5085 washing machine doesn’t turn on? The instructions in such a case say that there may be no contact between the plug and the outlet. It can also be caused by a damaged cord or a lack of electricity in the house.

The washing doesn’t start. The reasons for this malfunction may be such factors:

  • The hatch of the device is not closed tightly;
  • the on/off button was not pressed;
  • the start/stop button was not pressed;
  • there is no water in the house;
  • water faucet was blocked.



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