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Impulse heating of the induction slab deficiencies

Induction stove for moonshining

Many details play a role for the moonshine. And high.quality induction stove is not the last place here. Compared to standard electric plates, it has a high efficiency. The heater has even higher efficiency, however, this solution also has disadvantages. The heating element is subject to precipitate inside the tank, and the induction type plate in this case is much more convenient. It will avoid the formation of a thick congestion.

If you compare the induction stove with the usual one, then it is much safer. The excellent choice options for those who are in search of a slab without a timer are the KT-107 and KT-108 models. In the first case, we are talking about the most simple tiles without unnecessary additional elements, and in the second case, about a device that has button control and cereal handle. Thus, with its help to establish exactly the power that is necessary is not difficult. In the event that moonshine is cooked only from time to time, a double.grade slab may well be enough. If we are talking about buying a KT-1-5 plate with a glass-ceramic surface, then it will allow you to cook moonshine on one side, and on the other to cook food. The KT-104 model compared to it has a much smaller carrying capacity.

Double.grained slab is ideal for installing a rectangular tank, which is which strong acceleration of initial warming is possible. KT-105 with a single glass-ceramic surface is suitable for solving such a problem more than KT-104, which eats a gap from plastic between the burners. Double-grader slabs KT-104 and KT-105 are easily built into the countertop. The stove can be based on a special side, which is on the sides.

Induction stove for moonshining

What you need to know before buying induction

In the induction stove, the principle of operation is simple. To warm up, the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction is used. Its essence is that when the intensity of the magnetic flux moving in a closed circuit, an electricity occurs. It is used to heat. From a scientific point of view, the plate is a type of transformer.

The primary type winding is a coil along which a current with a frequency of 25 to 100 kHz is coming. It is built under the glass.ceramic surface. Secondary type winding. dishes that is installed on the burner. At the time of its contact with the hob, the circuit closes, and induction currents appear. They are aimed at the secondary winding, so they heat the dishes and products that are in it.

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Heating occurs very quickly, within a few seconds. over, the hob remains cold. Only that part of it is heated, which is in contact with the bottom of the container. The intensity of heating of each burner can be adjusted. On sale you can find three types of induction hobs.

The advantages and disadvantages of induction stove

The main advantages of equipment of this type include:

The efficiency of such a device reaches 90%, while in a traditional gas stove it does not exceed 60%, in glass.ceramic. 50%, and in electric. 30%.

Very high efficiency: about 90% of all the released heat heats directly food.

This concentration allows you to save time: the pan is buried faster than on an electric stove, therefore the dish is cooked faster. If the plate works a shorter period of time, then the energy is spent less.

Reducing time costs for cooking.

It is achieved due to the fact that the cooking process begins immediately after installing a pan or pan on the stove.

If you accidentally put the fork on an active burner, it will remain cold. Therefore, even the stove turned on will not harm children and pets.

The induction stove consumes much less electricity than a standard electric stove.

One of the main advantages of the induction stove is its efficiency.

According to their cooking technology, induction plates save not only time, but also electricity. The stove consumes energy several times less than any other.

This is due to the fact that the heating of the configuration of the pan allows you to choose the optimal mode that provides minimal electricity consumption. That is, the plate is automatically adjusted to the diameter of the bottom of the pan and heats only the necessary area of ​​the coating. The stove will not start working without dishes on it.

over, if the pan or pan is empty, the stove will also not turn on. By the way, heating objects, the diameter of which is less than 12 cm, is blocked by a special sensor. Therefore, if on the stove they accidentally left a spoon, fork or knife, they will not be heated and the dangers will not be burned.

In the process of cooking, the device heats only the bottom of the dishes, but not the burner, so if food gets on the panel during cooking, then it does not burn and liquidated by a napkin or soft sponge without much effort.

The induction stove does not get out of excess heat, so there is no increase in air temperature in the room.

How to use the FKR300 sealing machine direct-heat Plier portable impulse sealer

Automatic shutdown of an unused device.

If you remove the pan from the stove, then the equipment is turned off. This ensures the maximum safety of its use.

This is especially important for those catering enterprises in which cooking is performed before the eyes of customers.

  • Sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation;
  • The need to use special dishes;
  • The fragility of the glass.ceramic panel.

It is worth remembering that the desktop induction plate compared to gas and electric has a higher price.

It is possible that you will not be satisfied with a specific sound accompanying the work of the induction stove. In some cases, users do not withstand this buzz and noise, it interferes with it.

What to do?

Unfortunately, if the induction stove poorly heats the dishes, then most likely you will encounter expensive repairs or the need to purchase a new device. The only situation when the problem can be solved independently. This is a selection of incorrect dishes. For the repair of the slab, it is best to contact certified specialists. into a repair workshop. It is not worth resorting to the services of private masters, since they very often install poor.quality spare parts and do not provide a guarantee for work performed. We recommend that we consult with an understanding specialist and choose the model of an induction stove that will quickly heat the dishes and have an increased level of reliability.

SMEG is one of the world leaders in the production of premium household appliances for home and kitchen. Thanks to many years of history and the experience of engineers, all induction slabs “Smeg” have a phenomenal level of reliability. In their production, exclusively high.quality components are used, which makes it possible to significantly extend the life of the devices. In addition to high reliability and rich functionality, SMEG plates have an excellent design that has been gaining prestigious awards for many years. All these factors allow SMEG slabs to fit perfectly into any interior and become a place of attraction of attention in the kitchen.

Features of electric models

Trps with an electronic type of heating have many varieties: tennium, rapid, halogen, hi-light (with tape heater).

As for the rapids, they, unlike all of the above, can be not only glass.ceramic, but also enameled. The burners of such devices are cast.iron pancakes of different diameters. These plates have few advantages. This type of heating is outdated and is not practical, but such models did not stop releasing such models, since many buy them, because only gas is cheaper.

Although, if you compare the rapid cast.iron plate and gas, then the second is better. Firstly, while a cast-iron pancake is warming up, the water on the gas burner will already boil. And secondly, the consumption of electricity does not justify its functionality, already scarce. Therefore, if you want to purchase an electric version, it is better to pay attention to more advanced glass.ceramic devices, since they are released in an improved version, have a higher energy efficiency class and heat up much faster.

Advantages and disadvantages

Since the price of electric stoves is much lower than induction, many users prefer them. Choosing between such devices, you should pay attention to many factors:

  • price;
  • manufacturer;
  • power;
  • %Efficiency;
  • energy efficiency class;
  • protection against electricity difference;
  • functional;
  • design.

Modern models can look good and cost very cheap, but you do not need to flatter yourself on such pleasant offers, since most likely you have been presented with a poor.quality device. It is better not to save on such an acquisition and pay attention to a more expensive segment, because manufacturers of inexpensive plates use low.quality spare parts that wear very quickly. And it will be expensive to fix such a device or at all, because there are no suitable details. It also happens that glass is cracking, which will come out in cost, like half of this stove. In such cases, owners of cheap models do not repair them, but sell them for spare parts. To avoid this, do not skimp on a good brand and provide yourself with a perfectly working reliable device with a long operational period.

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In addition, large trademarks assign points of service repair, where the user can apply for warranty and after.warranty service and get high.quality services using branded spare parts and components.

Surface and design

The design of an electric stove depends on its type. Tena devices will always be glass.ceramic or made of hardened glass. Outwardly, they are similar to each other and induction, but rapids can also be enameled.

Of course, the new generation differs not only in functionality, but also by the appearance. They look modern, stylish, restrained, without unnecessary details. And caring for them is identical to induction models. With the exception of a stove with cast.iron pancakes. Its corps part is enameled, and the care of such material has long been known to everyone since the time of old gas furnaces.

The enamel is very whimsical and it is sometimes difficult to wash it, because pollution is driven into the structure, unlike glass or glass ceramic. It cannot be cleaned with abrasive agents. I have to wait until the stove has cooled, and then soak outdated spots in a soap solution for a while and carefully remove it with a soft sponge so as not to damage the enameled surface.

Quantity and size of fireplace

The number of heating areas is determined, depending on the number of residents in the house. One or two people are enough compact slab with three or two burners. And three or more people need full.sized (four), or even in an extended device for five fireparents.

Manufacturers produce stoves with burners of different sizes, from small to very large, so that it is possible to cook in dishes of different diameters. Also, modern electric and induction devices can have an extension area so that the user independently adjusts the heating under the shape of a pan or pan.

The choice of the oven

Now many plates have a combined design. For example, the hob can be gas, and the oven is electric. Such models are produced because electric shows are many times more effective than gas. She evenly distributes heat, which means that she prepares a dish much better. And if the dish can burn in the gas oven, and inside remain raw, then such an electric likelihood excludes such a probability.

In addition, modern models are equipped with innovative technologies that allow you to prepare not only evenly, but without the participation of the user, in various modes. For example, grill, steamed dishes and more. And besides, they are equipped with self.cleaning functions that make it possible to forget about the troublesome and time.consuming washing of the oven.

TOP-11 rating of desktop induction plates 2021-2022

Place Name Price
TOP-6 desktop induction plates per 1 burner
one Oberhof Ein S11 Find out the price
2 Endver IP-51 Find out the price
3 KitFort KT-113-1 Find out the price
4 Galaxy GL3054 Find out the price
5 Redmond RIC-4601 Find out the price
6 Zigmund Shtain Zip-554 Find out the price
TOP-5 desktop induction plates for 2 burners
one Ginzzu HCI-241 Find out the price
2 KitFort KT-105 Find out the price
3 KitFort KT-104 Find out the price
4 KitFort KT-109 Find out the price
5 IPLATE YZ-QS Find out the price

The induction stove is a portable mobile panel, which is both in operational characteristics and, according to the principle of action from full.sized analogues, is very different.

The surface of the plate is made of glass ceramics. There is no heating element under it, but there are electromagnetic coils responsible for creating a magnetic field. They, in turn, provoke the emergence of induced currents.

The power lines change, the formation of currents that pass through the dishes and heat the food occurs. This is the main feature of the tiles, since the hob does not heat up. In this case, the minimum amount of energy is required.

Another feature: a unique security element. When creating the device, a minimum diameter of the item was provided, which is able to heat up (most often. at least 12 cm).

And if you are a fan of cooking coffee in a Turk, you should purchase a flat metal disk. an adapter that will heat up. The presence of it, by the way, will allow the use of existing dishes, and not buy a new.

Simulation of temperature distribution in water-cooled induction heating coil Comsol Multiphysics

If you want your device to serve you as long as possible, take care of it correctly.

After each cooking, wipe the surface with a soft cloth or sponge using a liquid gel to wash dishes. No tough funds! Make sure that moisture does not get into the body during washing. otherwise the device may fail. The fan and air intake can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

By what principle the induction stove works

The induction plate belongs to the electrical group, respectively, works from the mains. But it has a completely different way of heating dishes:

  • The heart of the panel is a standard reel with a core and a winding wire winding. It is covered with glass or glass.ceramic. This is the panel on which the dishes are installed for cooking.
  • The current supplied to the coil creates in the turns of an electromagnetic field of high.frequency type. It is this field that produces the so.called induction current.
  • When a ferromagnetic alloy is installed on the stove, it closes the chain. That is, in this case, the dishes acts as a current conductor.
  • In it, under the influence of induction current, the movement of electrons begins. And any movement is the release of thermal energy. That is why the dishes itself begins to heat up, and accordingly heats the contents.

Now about ferromagnetic alloy. This is the metal to which the magnet can attach. And this is cast iron and steel: ordinary or stainless. Therefore, aluminum pans and ceramic pots will have to be forgotten.

TOP-13 rating of the best induction plates for moonshining 2021-2022

Place name price
TOP-13 best induction plates for moonshining
one IPLATE YZ-T24 Find out the price
2 KitFort KT-107 Find out the price
3 Galaxy GL3053 Find out the price
4 KitFort KT-108 Find out the price
5 Endver IP-51 Find out the price
6 Redmond RIC-4601 Find out the price
7 Caso Comfort C 2000 Find out the price
eight KitFort KT-102 Find out the price
nine Steba Ik 23 Find out the price
ten Steba Ik 60 E Find out the price
eleven KitFort KT-113-1 Find out the price
12 Galaxy GL3054 Find out the price
thirteen Steba Ik 55 Find out the price
  • Of great importance when choosing induction tiles for preparing moonshine at home is its useful coefficient (efficiency). The higher this indicator, the more heating energy will be spent directly on the preparation of the drink. Their efficiency is 40 % higher than that of ordinary electric and gas plates, which ensures high efficiency of use.
  • Power level. For a capacity of about 40 liters, an induction panel is required, the power of which is at least 2 kW. The best option is a device with a power indicator of 3.5 kW. He will cope with heating much faster than a traditional electric stove on which to do the same will be more difficult and longer.
  • Mechanical stress resistance. A tank with a mash usually holds at least 10 liters, and more spacious containers are often found. Their weight is significant, which means the selected tile should be quite strong and stable. The best choice is a device with a panel covered with glass ceramic.
  • The accuracy of the temperature regime. This parameter directly affects the quality of the final leaking product. In this case, the use of the impulse regime can ruin the result of distillation. This remark does not concern direct distillation (distillation), but in the case of the use of the rectification method, problems may arise. For the manufacture of homemade moonshine and other strong drinks, it is extremely important to maintain a stable temperature at a strictly defined level. Many modern plates operating on the principle of induction are able to allow the user to set the temperature with high accuracy, and maintain it at a given level. They are much more accurate than traditional gas or electrical plates models.
  • Automatic timer. Convenient in that it independently turns off the heating of the slabs after the temporary interval set by the user expires.

When choosing induction tiles for the manufacture of moonshine, keep in mind that an induction stove requires a special dishes with a perfectly even bottom.

It is not difficult to check the suit for suitability. if the magnet sticks to it, then there should be no problems. Otherwise, together with tiles, you will have to purchase a new container that meets the requirements.

Comparison of induction and electric plates

Characteristics induction stove electric slab
Suitable dishes Special dishes with ferromagnetic properties Dishes with a perfectly flat bottom
Heating speed Almost instantly From 7 to 20 minutes
Efficiency About 90% About 60%
Economy Consumes less electricity, costs cheaper Consumes a lot of electricity
Security The hob is safe for children and animals Presents the danger of fires, burns
Noise Quite quiet sounds, buzz Silent
Care Fluids and food are easily removed with a damp cloth Pollution is difficult to do
Control Automatic environment, sensory regulation Mechanical or sensory inclusion and regulation

Based on the above table, we can conclude that a modern induction stove is a choice in the direction of convenience, safety and functionality.

Of course, the hob is also suitable for use, but it will not save the time and patience of the housewives as the induction stove will do.



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