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If the machine does not drain water

Because of which the washing machine can poorly drain the water

There may be many reasons why the washing machine does not drain water at all, but the result is one-the impossibility of the device to carry out the next stage of washing. Such a malfunction occurs quite often, but you can solve this problem even independently, without the need to call the corresponding master. But for this it is necessary to identify the reason, which is why the water does not merge.

When such a problem appears, the first thing to do is not try to find the cause of the malfunction, but to remove all the water and things from the drum of the machine. If this is not done, then an unpleasant odor may also appear, from which it will be very difficult to get rid of.

What to do if the washing machine does not drain water

When dissatisfied with the work of household appliances, there are two ways:

Each housewife will be able to partially diagnose the machine. It will still be needed. After all, the master who came to the repair will ask what the problem is and how they learned about it.

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Стиральная машина не слить воду. исправлено

  • Check the settings of the washing machine, the correct combination of the selected mode and options. If the mode is selected without spin, the linen will be wet after the opening of the drum. When washing volumetric things from stiff materials, they can roll into a lump and not push them to the end. When choosing an additional rinse, the phase is strongly delayed. In the “wool” mode, the drum is idle for a long time, or it may seem that the machine was hanging. The method of correction is to change the settings, remember the right ones and not be scared anymore. the machine is serviceable.
  • Check the network. A fork from a socket can be pulled out without a hostess’s knowledge. Disconnecting electricity can provoke a car stop. If the light blinked and washing did not start again, the machine costs full of water, does not merge, you need to press the Start button again. Not all models have a continuation of the operation after a short absence of light. Electricity can be disconnected from overloading the circuit on which the outlet for the washing machine is located. you need to check the machines.

If there is food, the settings are true (a small child can easily delve into them), which means that the malfunction is in the car, not the hostess.

How to drain water from the Bosch washing machine?

And you at least once cleaned the drainage filter? If not, then the probable cause of the problem is the blockage of the part. The filter protects the pump from garbage: small details of the wardrobe, coins, hair, threads. The spent water passes immediately through the filtering system, and then pumps through the pump and goes into the sewer.

In Bosch production machines, including Bosch Max 4 models (Maxx 4). The filter is hidden in the lower right corner, under the loading hatch. Here’s what you need to do to drain the water and remove the blockage:

machine, does, drain, water

At the same time, water will merge from the tank, and you can get linen. Remove dirt from the landing hole and check the pump impeller.

Blocking the part by extraneous objects leads to a stop stop. After that, proceed to inspection of internal details.

Cleaning the pipe

Everything that passes through the filter grid enters the pipe. The element goes in conjunction with pomp, so consider how to get to the pump. Most of the Bosch models are removable, but the transverse bar interferes with access to the details. Therefore, do this:

  • Pull the plug out of the outlet, turn off the car from communications.
  • Cross the intake valve.
  • Remove the submarine tray, pressing the latch in the center.
  • Twist two bolts from the back and move the upper cover from the body.

Below under the tank is the unit of the drain system.

Lay the rag and squeeze the cloth of the pipe. Remove the element from the seat and clean it from the blockage. You can completely disconnect the pipe from the machine and rinse with warm water.

Replacement of the pump

The path to the pump has already been passed, it remains to check the node for serviceability. When the washing machine works, the pump can both buzz and not make sounds, but not pump the liquid. If the impeller is not blocked, then it is worth calling the electronic winding.

When breakdown, buy an original node precisely for the Bosch Maxx washing machine or other model. Installation is carried out in the reverse order.

The video shows how to get to the pump through the dismantling of the front wall:

Checking the level sensor

Pressostat (aka level sensor) serves to measure the amount of water in the tank. Когда деталь выходит из строя, то может посылать модулю неверные сигналы либо вовсе не срабатывать. As a result, the control system does not give a signal to turn on the pump.

To check the press, connect the phone to it and blow it into it. If clicks are heard, then the work part. If silence, replace the press.

The malfunction of the level sensor is a rather rare breakdown. But with the exclusion of other problems, it is worth checking the press.

All elements are checked and cleaned, but the car did not launch normal operation? What to do? Probably the problem with the firmware of the control module. Many users complain of such a problem in the washing rooms of the “Bosch” Russian assembly. Of course, you can’t reflash yourself. Therefore, you need to call the master. Repair will take no more than 20–40 minutes.

As you can see, most problems with a lack of drain are solved without contacting the service center. How to avoid malfunctions? Follow simple rules:

  • Carefully check things before loading into the drum.
  • Once every one or two months, clean the drainage filter.
  • Follow the correct connection of communications.
  • Set the voltage stabilizer.

Many users neglect the last point. and in vain. Once by installing a stabilizer, you will protect the washing machine and other equipment from the voltage drops.

How to check and replace the pump yourself

The process of self.checking and replacing the pump is carried out as follows:

  • The machine is turned off from the power, water is drained from it.
  • Open a hatch or a lid covering the pump’s drain valve.
  • The valve is removed from the pump.
  • Having unscrewed two self.tapping screws, the pump is pressed inside the housing.
  • Having put the machine on the side and unscrewing the bottom, they get access to the pump, after which the drain pipe and the sewer hose are disconnected from it.
  • The “snail” is disconnected from the dismantled pump. a plastic part with two pipes.
  • The impeller is re.examined, cleaned of threads and fibers.
  • In the event that the impeller is spinning very tightly or at all jammed and does not rotate, with the help of a building hairdryer, the motor body is heated, extracting a rotor (magnet in a plastic membrane) from it with a impeller.
  • The rotor is cleaned of dirt and moisture, update its lubrication and two of its supporting bearings.
  • The rotor is installed back into the motor body.
  • The installation of the pump is performed in the sequence, reverse its removal.

In most cases, the process of inspection of the dismantled pump is completed at the stage of checking the rotation of its impeller: the pump, in which it jams or spins very tightly, is most often replaced by a new.

Causes and signs of a malfunction

How the user can understand that there was a malfunction:

  • Pay attention to the first signs of a breakdown. For example, water merges slower than usual.
  • The washing machine does not drain water at all.
  • The washing cycle takes place as usual, but when it reaches the drain, the system freezes.
  • The machine drains water through one wash.
  • After draining the seas does not begin.
  • After the main washing, the water merges, after rinsing. no.

You can also notice a loud noise: the car will buzz, as if draining the spent water.

  • The wrong regime is set.
  • The drain pipe, hose, sewage.
  • The pressure sensor failed.
  • The drain pump broke.
  • The electronic board burned out.

Possible reasons, verification and elimination

Before any repair manipulations, you should remove all the water from the drum, remove the linen and turn off the device from the network.

Remove the protective panel under the pump, remove the filter, evaluate its condition.

Sometimes the blockage does not occur in the filter, but in the pipe located behind it.

Rinse the filter under a stream of warm water, remove large garbage

The pump works on the pump. If it breaks, when the machine is turned on in this part there will be silence

The pump is actually cannot be repaired, it is changed to a new.

The failure in the washing program is monitored by error code. It is displayed on the device panel, in different models it may differ

Repair or replacement of an electronic module. Read how to replace the module yourself

Can be tracked even at the stage of the water bay in the drum. The sensor does not track the amount of the fence and does not determine that the liquid is enough

If you need spare parts for self.repairs, purchase them from us: a broadest assortment, fast delivery in Russia and a guarantee for everything.

Identification of the causes

If the washing machine does not drain water, there may be several reasons:

  • The drain hose was clogged, which enables the drain of water into the sewer. Also, the hose can be twisted or extended. First of all, it is necessary to check its position and the presence of garbage inside;
  • The drain filter clogged. In the process of washing, small beads, buttons, coins, paper can fall into the filter. Therefore, before loading linen into the machine, you need to turn out your s. To check the filter, just open the lid on the front panel;
  • The drain pipe is closed, located inside the case. You can check it yourself, but if you doubt that you can cope with this task without prejudice to the machine, it is better to contact specialists;
  • If the washing machine does not pump out water well and at the same time buzzes, most likely, the pump is broken that is responsible for pumping water. The electric pump usually consists of several elements (two pipes, impeller and electric motor) to get to them, you need to put the washing machine on the side and remove the lower tray. First of all, try to twist the impeller, perhaps an extraneous subject prevents it from rotating it. The elimination of other malfunctions is best entrusted to specialists.

Когда возникают сбои в работе стиральной машины, в первую очередь необходимо убедиться, что установлена ​​правильная программа. The next steps should be the disconnection of the device from the mains and check the hose and siphon. If everything is in order with them, you need to go to the filter inspection.

Quite often the cause of the breakdown lies in the malfunction of the pump. Check it yourself is not so simple, so you should call a specialist.

The reason that the washing machine does not lower the spent water is often violations in the operation of the pump

During operation, any equipment may fail. However, it is required to take into account the features of the machines depending on the brand.


The company’s products are a sample of technical art, but non.compliance with the operating instructions can lead to a breakdown of equipment. Often users face the problem of draining water.

If such a situation arises and the cause of clogging the filter, it is necessary to use the emergency drain, clean the filter, disconnect and carefully inspect the drain hose, and then start the machine again. If the malfunction was not eliminated, the master should be called.

machine, does, drain, water


The operation of the machine depends primarily on how it is used. If the technique is old, and the drain filter was cleaned irregularly, of course, malfunctions in the drain system may occur. But if, even three years have passed since the purchase, you need to pay attention to the problems that are characteristic of the products of your “manufacturer.

Caps can occur in the operation of a drive belt, pump, engine brushes, tachogenerator or control module. Also, problems with the Indesit machine can occur due to a very long or incorrect connected drain hose. Please note: its length should not exceed 3 meters.

What to do if your washer won’t drain (Bosch Axxis models only)

If the problem cannot be detected independently, perhaps the control board is faulty. In this case, it is necessary to send it for repair.


Often, the owners of old models are faced with the problem of draining water, who are more than 10 years old. Before moving on to resolving the issue, the unit should just restart.

If the reboot has not given the desired result, the reasons may be hidden:

  • in blockages;
  • In a malfunction of the pump. She could burn out;
  • In the press.start. water level sensor. When it fails, the technique can “freeze”;
  • in the control module. This is the most unpleasant case, because without the help of specialists the unit will not be able to fix the unit.

The cause of poor water drain can be clogging of the drain filter

What to do if the machine from the Korean manufacturer began to work with failures? To begin with, it is worth conducting an independent inspection of technology, adhering to a certain plan:

  • check the pump, filter and nozzles for the presence of blockages;
  • thoroughly inspect the pump to determine if there are electrical or mechanical breakdowns;
  • test the press.settings of the help of a multimeter;
  • In conclusion, pay attention to the control module and wiring inside the case.

Following the plan, you can understand without the help of the master why the drain in the washing machine does not work. According to the same plan, you can act during the inspection of the machine from the company “Atlant”.

Problems in the drain can occur with malfunctions of the press starter (water level sensor)


The Italian Candy manufacturing company is constantly improving its products, but breakdowns in the washing machines of this brand still happen. The most common complaint is problems in draining.

The causes of such malfunctions are similar in that they arise in the technique of other brands. However, while checking the Candy washing machine, you should be careful and carefully turn the handle so as not to tear it off. Some models have a screw, which is a means of additional protection.


It is important to remember that many models of washing machines from Zanussi have a vulnerable place. a drive belt, which is quickly stretched. It is he who can cause water that water does not merge (if a mechanical drain pump is installed in the typewriter). The belt should be examined immediately after checking the drain filter.

In what cases the nuisance is not related to the breakdown of the machine?

First of all, make sure that the problem with the outflow of water is caused by a malfunction of the technique itself. There are frequent cases when the reasons why the washing machine does not drain water are banal, for example:

  • You have chosen the wrong laundry mode. Many modern devices have a delicate washing mode for thin fabrics that are very susceptible to deformation. Sequin in this program either not at all, or is performed at very low speeds. Some manufacturers even introduced the function of completing the washing with water in the drum. It is intended to protect linen from excessive chino. due to the fact that the clothes after washing remain in the water. If you find that you have chosen a delicate washing mode for your clothes, just start another program or, at the end of the main process, additionally click on the control panel “Excre” button.
  • There was a blockage in the sewage. If the washing machine does not drain water, the causes may be in no way related to the device itself. Sometimes the device does not let water out of the tank because in the sewer system there was a blockage formed and there is simply nowhere to go. We, of course, do not offer to check the cross.country ability of pipes in the house. It is possible to exclude (or confirm) the presence of a blockage in the sewer, simply disconnecting the drain hose of the washing machine from the drainage system, lowering it into the sink or toilet, and then turning on the squeezing mode. If the water flows freely, then the problem with the drain of water is in no way related to the work of the technique itself.

If the sewer pipe is formed in the sewer, the washing machine will not be able to drain the water


Nothing forever, any technique once breaks. The main thing is not to panic and reason sensibly. After all, it is always worth checking simple nodes on your own so as not to throw money down the wind. And if the problem is in electronics, then there is nowhere to go, you have to seek help from professionals.

We hope that the information set forth in today’s article was useful to our respected reader. Any questions, if they stay, can be asked in the discussions below. The editors will be happy to respond to them as soon as possible. There you can share your own experience in the repair of washing machine vehicles, this will be useful to novice home masters. Write, communicate, ask questions. And we, according to the already established good tradition, offer to watch a very instructive video on today’s topic.



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