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If the air conditioner is dripping on your neighbor’s windowsill

In the height of summer heat they fight with the neighbors’ leaking air conditioners

The height of summer heat. The sun is shining outside, but the water drops are drumming on the window sill. Our grandparents would say in this case: it’s raining mushrooms. And we, modern people, will say: the air conditioner is installed incorrectly at the neighbors from the upper floor. And the worst part is that it is extremely difficult to cope with this plague.

This “conditioning” problem, it turns out, “brought to the condition” quite a few residents of apartment buildings in the capital. With the beginning of a hot summer season people in masses turn on the full capacity of their split-systems to keep in their houses the desired coolness. However, the comfort of some does not guarantee quiet living for others.

“For me, this “Chinese torture” of constantly dripping water has been going on for three years,” complains Maria Mitina It all started when neighbors on the top floor have an air conditioner and they have fixed its outside unit on the wall under the window. As a result the condensate drops, formed while the device is working, are beating on our window-sill all day long. It is impossible to open a window: the splashes are flying into the room. But even the closed shutters do not save from unpleasant “gifts” from the neighbors from above: the glass is covered with small drops, and most importantly. this relentless, quite loud drum roll of drops outside the window! During the daytime you don’t really notice it because of the business, the noise in the city, but at night As if it were not bad, our bed is beside the window, and it is very difficult to fall asleep to such accompaniment I tried to talk to the owners of air conditioner, I asked them to do something, to prevent the condensed drops to our window sill, but they simply ignored my entreaties. I even appealed to the district policeman, but he said that it is not his competence to solve such domestic disputes”

Are “smart” imported climate devices programmed to drip unceremoniously on those who live on the floors below?? Certainly not. As specialists explain everything is in a wrong installation of a conditioner’s outer block.

“When such a unit operates in room cooling mode, condensation occurs on the fins of the heat exchanger,” explained Vadim Sidorchenko, master of climate systems Moisture flows into the tray, and then through a specially provided drainage pipe out into the street and freely drips down. In that situation which Maria is complaining of, the condensate drain from a conditioner is made incorrectly, with violation of technical and operational characteristics. To put it simply, masters, who have installed an air conditioner, have forgotten or were too lazy to lay a drainage pipe far away from the wall of a house. That is why the condensate drips on the window sill of the lower floor. The exploitation of such incorrectly mounted device not only creates the inconveniences and discomfort for the habitants of the downstairs apartment, but can lead in future even to the damage of the house facade Meanwhile it is rather easy to correct the situation. You just need to call a master from the firm, which provided a conditioner installation, and ask him to lengthen a drainage pipe. In theory, during the warranty period such work should be done for free. And even more rightly the owners of the air conditioner themselves when installing it should be concerned with the problem of proper drainage of the condensate and make sure that the masters have done everything properly.

Alas, in practice such kind of care of the owners of new split-systems and meticulous approach of masters to the installation of such household appliances can be met not always. Judging by the remarks in social networks, now there is a real epidemic of dripping air conditioners in the city. People complain of the noise of the drip, which prevents them from sleeping, and of the constant wetness on the balconies, and of the spray flying into the rooms And almost all Internet complainants report complete failure of negotiations with their neighbors, dripping on them. In the best case, they promise to take measures and do not fix anything, and in the worst case. they simply send the walkers to hell: saying that this is purely your personal problems.

What to do, where to look for protection from such air-conditioning plague?

The first thought. to try to appeal to the Moscow Housing Inspectorate. However, the communication of the “MK” correspondent with this city service did not give reassuring results.

“Previously, in accordance with the city laws, citizens had to agree with us on the installation of air conditioners and as a result, if they were installed incorrectly, the neighbors could write a statement on which our inspectors would check and gave the owner of the device an official order to correct all mistakes. explained us in the press service of the Moscow Housing Inspection But recently new rules have been established according to which we do not agree with these issues. From now on installation of air conditioners in the apartments is considered to be in the category of owner-occupant relations”.

Another straw, which you can try to grasp in this situation is the HOA or the management company. Maybe to write a statement to them, so they would come and deal with uncooperative neighbors? Alas, the remarks left by citizens on social networking forums suggest that the effectiveness of such appeals is practically zero. Checking this, the correspondent of “MK” himself tried to contact several CCs and ask their specialists to protect them from the air conditioner drip. Such “signals from the population” did not arouse the same enthusiasm. In one case I heard: “Well, bring your application, but it is unlikely we can help, it’s better to talk nicely with your neighbor. And I was told by three other managing companies: “It is not our competence”!”

The upstairs neighbor installed an air conditioner

Was absent for 2 weeks. I come and it turns out that the neighbors from above installed an air conditioner. I usually have a window open, and now I can hear that noise. Unpleasant noise! Outside, on the wall of the house, some part.

conditioner, dripping, your, neighbor

Oh, we had that problem.4 years ago the neighbors hang an air conditioner from the side, 2 years it was fine, the 3 th year apparently it went bad or for the same need maintenance, so I have walls began to rattle when it was on. I went to them, asked them to re-hang or fix it, then argued, even called some noise surveyors. no point. Then they stopped turning it on, and the next summer, hung it on the other wall.doesn’t make any more noise or vibrate.As I understand it, it’s a big problem, and it’s hard on yourself and the children

We get drips from our neighbors four or five floors up. We just put a plank on the windowsill and put a cloth on top. and we sleep peacefully 🙂

Patients. There’s a whole thread full of stiffs and bigots around here 😉

Patients. There’s a whole thread of stiffs and bigots in here 😉

The tolerance you say, we live on the second, the first non-residential room, the server room, hung up the air conditioner. The compressor comes on every five minutes. Well, this thing is definitely buzzing higher than normal, those in the non-residential area don’t care, because they work there. And in our apartment at night, the feeling that the bed vibrates from the low-frequency. Those who write about envy go away, I do not want an air conditioner, I live fine without it, especially in the room with a one-year-old child, a room of 10 square meters, the air conditioner in it. But that doesn’t mean that it’s because of these gan. I’m not supposed to open the window to air it out. And all people who are here are bitter, I sincerely wish that they were surrounded by such kind neighbors in life, that they would do repairs around the clock, they have a humming condenser, the eternal beatings and the like, for it is good to talk about other people’s problems until it does not affect you!

Yeah. It amazes me when you read it. The man asked a question, wanted advice and help. And here are egoists and idiots, but with earplugs in their ears all night long engaged in private life). Advice to the author. You shouldn’t write here about what’s troubling you.

You have to install it properly. To think not only of my own comfort, but of other people’s as well. Yes, it disturbs, (dripping air conditioner) Yes, it makes noise. Yes. Since when do I have to sleep with earplugs and close the windows in my apartment?? Your recommendations do not suit me, live like that and teach your children.

In a case of such a problem turn to the ATI _ housing inspection, write a statement on your neighbor and let him hang the air conditioner on his wall at the level of the top corner of his window with a branch of the pipe into a drainpipe. It’s the only way and no other way. Literate people do so. And Zhil.The inspector’s office can help you.

conditioner, dripping, your, neighbor

It’s not fair to the author. It’s really stressful. Yesterday our neighbors installed an air conditioner. Until today I had no idea how noisy they are. But you can not do anything about it.

I don’t know. I guess I’ll just go to the plumber’s office. By their own forces it’s all fine, a rag to put the board, but have you thought that then these same idiot neighbors from above will smoke and get into your upholstery and everything will catch fire. Who’s going to be responsible?? No, the one who installed it and let him bother, or should have thought before installing.

The neighbor above us has installed an air conditioner. It’s like I’m under a power line all day. and it’s really disturbing and annoying. I would even say it pisses me off! And the smart guys who advise to buy air conditioners and live with the windows closed, I bet they put up a humming box themselves.

I know what you mean. It is winter, the neighbor from above two days ago put something not understand whether over the bedroom or in the hallway near the toilet. the toilet wall on the hallway side shakes literally if you press your hand, and to hell with the sound that’s been buzzing in the bedrooms all day, it’s in the middle of the house. There’s nowhere to go, there’s a kind of vibration on the floor and on the walls. My teeth hurt like hell, my head hurts, and I’m already thinking about putting a bed in the kitchen. and you don’t know what to say to them? I can’t complain? about the barely perceptible vibration? You can’t put it down to a toothache and a headache. I’ve been trying not to be home all day. The vibration is kind of unnoticeable, but after 10 minutes my teeth are all aching and my head hurts. I try to sleep with the TV on and my ears closed, but still the vibration is like a train passing by, you wake up. All my teeth hurt, my head hurts, my face is white, I’m already afraid of getting sick. And what are they complaining about?? I think the sound is low, even if it is constant, and the vibration can not be proved, some low-frequency sound. What can they put on the toilet wall like that?? and at night there’s a bump, bump, bump like it’s twice as powerful. I can’t take it anymore, I might as well sell the house. And so the neighbors are ugly, they didn’t say anything when their 3 sons are home! ♪ they were playing soccer, what do you know, kids ♪. But the kids have grown up, continue to make noise, and it can be tolerated, but it is a constant squeak squeak and vibration, which hurts my teeth and headache is not possible to endure purely physically. If it wasn’t for the cold, I’d leave it in the kitchen, but it’s a bit chilly there, we only heat the bedrooms well. But that’s not the solution either. I don’t know what they can put in there? And obviously they don’t mind the vibration, so it’s directed downwards, towards us. I can’t take it anymore.

Destruction of the vitreous body. Flies in the eyes

I don’t know where you live, but it is actually forbidden to hang air conditioners on the facade without special permission, because the facade. it is a facade, it should be beautiful, not overgrown with ugly boxes. Try complaining

They will immediately give you a certificate that a seriously ill veteran-sick patient lives in the apartment and needs an air conditioner vitally. And in general after the fires in 2010 when 10 times more people died because of absence of conditioners than in other similar periods all the bans on installation of air conditioners were canceled and rightly so.

How to divert exterior water dripping from a window AC unit duct away from the home’s structure

The author should go to hell. To pay attention to all sorts of fools and live in the heat.

The noise from the outdoor unit is actually no more than normal. So either install an air conditioner or be jealous MALORY.

For me, it’s more annoying in the summer with motorcyclists at night. dogs, driving under the windows. Now I live with the air conditioner and don’t care.At least I sleep peacefully.

In Germany, the author, this would be impossible.

In Germany they build houses with air conditioning right away.

We have the whole city with air conditioners, our house is no exception, no one complains, in the heat without it, no open windows and fans do not help. I also have windows on the road and cars. Dust, you can’t open the window!

Just the author has no personal life, so she freaks out, and it’s not in the “condo”) heh

A cheap one, especially wrongly installed with no vibration mounts and proper drainage (when condensate clatters on the window sill) is very miserable. My previous neighbors managed to put it on the end wall and the vibration of the working condo hit me straight on the head (the bed was adjoined to the headboard of that wall). What to say freaks. The people I sold my apartment to, I told them to knock down the walls, let them listen

Housewives, where do you keep seasonings in bags?

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The neighbors noise in the air conditioner: what to do, the noise disturbs, judicial practice

Conditioners are installed everywhere, including in apartment buildings. The device cools the air and provides a comfortable environment for citizens.

But the operation of the equipment is often associated with noise, which annoys the neighbors and disturbs their rest. This provokes domestic conflicts, which often end with a complaint to the authorized instances.

Causes of the noise

There are two main reasons why the air conditioners are loud and break the established norms of silence. In serviceable condition, most models function quietly, otherwise there would be a ban on the use of equipment at night. Therefore, noisy operation of the equipment is most often caused by breakdowns.

  • Problems in the functioning of the indoor unit.
  • Clogged outdoor unit.
  • Nonobservance of operating rules.
  • Untimely or low-quality service.
  • Installation errors

Even qualitative equipment installed with observance of installation rules can vibrate and create unnecessary noise. Badly tightened fixing bolts or allowing another small mistake leads to malfunction of the air conditioner and leads to an increase in noise in the process of its work.

Other reasons for noise pollution are installation of overcapacity equipment, which is characterized by loud operation or installation in the immediate vicinity of neighbors’ windows or balconies.

What to do?

Before taking measures it is necessary to ascertain whether the working air conditioner breaks the established rules about observance of silence. Noise norms are defined in the “Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for living conditions in residential buildings and premises”.

Depending on the region, the permitted noise level during the day (7 a.m. to 10 p.m.) should not exceed 40-55 dB (equals loud conversation). At night, as well as on weekends and public holidays. not more than 30-40 dB.

You can independently measure the noise level with the help of special noise-measuring instruments or programs installed on your PC or mobile gadgets.

Another option. to use the services of private professionals who have the license to conduct such activities. By the results of the check they give you an official act. Measurement is done on a paid basis.

Exceeding the established norms of silence. a violation of the provisions of the Federal Law-52 of 1999 “On Sanitary and Epidemiological. “On the Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare of the Population”. Perpetrators can be held liable.

Conversation with neighbors

It is necessary to try to solve any conflict in a peaceful way, that is why it is reasonable to talk with the tenants of the apartment where the noisy conditioner is installed. As practice shows, most domestic conflicts are resolved already at this stage.

It is necessary to explain to your neighbors that the work of the equipment disturbs the peace of other people, creates unbearable conditions for living etc.д., Then you should politely ask to eliminate the reasons of the noise (to repair the conditioner or to reinstall it).

If the neighbors do not make concessions, you can write a written complaint and send it by registered mail. For greater effect, the paper connected to the other tenants, who are also disturbed by the work of technology, or attached the results of measurements of noise.

The claim is drawn up in free form and signed by all the victims. It is important to write a requirement to eliminate violations, a warning of a possible appeal to the authorized bodies, as well as the period within which the neighbors must take action (for example, 20 days).

In apartment buildings, air conditioners are most often mounted on the balcony bars or under the window. If it is installed near the windows of the stranger’s apartment without the consent of the owners, the owners of the premise can apply to the administration of the company and the representatives of the company will oblige the neighbors to re-install it.

Facades of multi-storey buildings are considered common property of all residents (Decree of the State Construction Committee 70 of 2003).). Therefore installation of any equipment should be done with the consent of other owners.

Do not try to damage the air conditioner if you have not managed to agree with the owner. It is a direct violation of law and you automatically become a delinquent. Even obvious illegal actions must be suppressed only with the participation of authorized bodies. As a last resort, go to court, as the last instance where you can achieve protection of their rights and legitimate interests.


If you are unable to resolve the conflict independently, the victim has the right to apply to the territorial office of the agency and submit an application.

The document shall be prepared in writing and shall contain full name and contact information of the complainant, information about violators, a detailed description of the circumstances of the incident and requirements of the check.

Based on the application, an authorized employee will visit the apartment of the citizen who complains about the violation of silence and use special equipment to measure the noise level.

If a violation is confirmed, a preventive conversation is held with the neighbors, and if they refuse to comply with the legal requirements, the representatives have the right to bring the perpetrators to administrative responsibility under Art. 6.4. CAO


If the noise from the air conditioner is disturbing at night, at the weekend or on holidays, and the neighbors don’t react to their remarks, it is reasonable to turn to the police. In the daytime you can yourself visit the district police station or a district IAB office, where you can write a statement.

At night you should call “02”. Arrived police officers will take a statement, talk to other neighbors who are also dissatisfied with the work of technology, and hold a preventive conversation with violators.

In case of aggressive behavior, the perpetrators can be detained and taken to the IAB. Complaints on the facts of non-compliance with the silence are considered by neighborhood inspectors. The decision is made within 10 days from the moment the complaint is registered.

In the neighbors noisy air conditioner: what to do, disturbing noise, judicial practice

In some regions of the Federation it is hard to imagine a comfortable existence in summer time. That’s why many apartment owners in apartment buildings install air conditioners.

The special system normalizes the temperature and provides comfort to the owner. But the noise from the equipment can disturb the neighbors. Consider what to do if your neighbor’s air conditioner is noisy.

What to do?

In accordance with the law, every citizen has the right to a comfortable rest. The law regulates the norms of noise and vibration. In addition, the installation of an air conditioner unit on the wall of the house is possible only with the consent of the meeting of owners. Unauthorized installation of the device is prohibited.

Legislation of regions independently sets the period of daytime and nighttime. However, the noise standards to be observed during this period in the country are the same. Noise level during the daytime cannot exceed 40 decibels and noise level at night cannot exceed 30 decibels.

As practice shows, the main causes of noise from the air conditioner are:

In addition, if installed incorrectly it is possible to get condensate from the air conditioner on the balcony or windows of the neighbors. This can also cause discontent among the citizens.

The procedure for resolving the conflict:

The law forbids citizens to dismantle their neighbors’ equipment which disturbs your peace of mind. The issue must be resolved solely within the framework of the law.

Conversation with a neighbor

If you are disturbed by noise and vibration from a neighbor’s air conditioner, you must inform the owner of the equipment. Probably he just does not know that his conditioner disturbs you.

In addition, there are situations when due to mistakes in the installation noise is directed to some rooms and does not get in other rooms. So it is possible that only you are disturbed by the noise. In the process of the conversation you do not have to be rude and threatening. It is necessary to calmly explain that the noise from the equipment brings discomfort.

Of course communication does not guarantee instant correction of the situation, but one should not underestimate this stage. Not less than 30% of citizens meet their neighbors without waiting for additional measures.

Appeal to the police

Call the police if the noise exceeds the limits at night. This situation is popular with inexpensive Chinese models. They make loud noise even at rest.

If the situation is repeated on a regular basis, write a complaint to the district police. He will visit the violator and make an administrative report and have a preventative conversation. than 50% of neighbors repair or dismantle equipment after talking to the police.

Contact Rospotrebnadzor

Self-measurement of the noise level is good for information purposes. In order to go to court, the result of a specialized expertise is needed. The specialists not only measure the noise level but also write up an administrative protocol in case the permissible level is exceeded.

The procedure is performed on a fee basis. The applicant orders a visit of a specialist and pays for his services. The main disadvantage of this situation is the impossibility to measure during the night time. Specialist visits citizens’ apartments only during working hours.

Appeal to court

If calling to account repeatedly has not given results and a neighbor has not dismantled or subdued an air conditioner, it is necessary to protect one’s rights in court. In 2020, there is already judicial practice of forcing neighbors to dismantle equipment.

In order for the court to satisfy the applicant for removal, it must be proved that the working equipment creates noise and vibration, which disturbs the applicant. A prerequisite is the availability of the results of the examination.

Besides, the outside unit of the conditioner is fixed on the bearing wall. According to the legislation the bearing walls belong to the common property. Therefore, in order to use it for personal purposes it is necessary to obtain the consent of the owners.

The neighbors are disturbed by our air conditioner

We live on the 9th floor, our neighbors on the 6th floor are disturbed by our air conditioner. Constantly complaining that it’s dripping on their balcony and it’s annoying. We’ve already turned the pipe both ways so it doesn’t drip on them. Even though I can’t see them from the outside. I wanted to go down there today to see where it’s dripping, but it’s raining. They wrote a note to us that they would complain, that they did not want to fight but we do nothing. Does anyone know what their rights are or ours? I’m sick of it. No one is dripping, but they’re just flooded.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев Off on

We also had an air conditioner flooding the 2nd floor tenants. My husband bought a long hose, connected the air conditioner hose and the one he bought, it’s a long hose. And it is already on a long wooden stick away from the balcony. Started dripping on the trees without reaching the house. Do it, it’s not that hard if your husband’s hands don’t grow out of his ass.

Everybody has a drip we are in the middle of 18-storey building the air conditioners drip on the outside unit from above ours drips to the people downstairs no one has killed anyone yet another thing annoys me. half of the building has such units that they drip right to the entrance door and when you go outside, you are sure to catch a drop in your forehead ((

Until yesterday, I also suffered from a drip from the upper floors yesterday postpvili I think whether anyone will complain.

That’s just today I thought that pisses me off the condo from whom drips on our window sill in the kitchen, 24 hours a day we have rain.

Of course it’s nerve-racking. But does the 9 to 6 always come through so clearly?? It’s windy and everything. Make the pipe longer Yes, they said already)))

I’ll explain how our neighbors did it We had trees cut down and large branches fell on their outdoor unit air conditioner, (the condition was horrible), the neighbor went to write a statement to the building and the police, and they both refused And said that he can even impose a fine. Т.To without permission was installed.

I certainly think it’s nonsense, but in the end the neighbor just bought a new one and installed it again.

It’s like a permit from the building manager’s office. (So as not to spoil the appearance of the building, something like this.) Check with the people who service your home.

And my husband says that you just put a tube in the hose.

You know, I understand your neighbors. When the window is open and the rattling of the air conditioners from upstairs drips onto our outdoor unit, it’s really annoying! Trying to sleep and constantly shuddering from the incoming droplets.

We had a drip from upstairs, too, so I asked the guy to do it.

What do you have to do with that? We’ve done it this way and that, and let the pipe go along the wall and fasten it. Why they’re the only ones that get dripped on

I live on the 2nd floor, my neighbors have an air conditioner on the 4th floor, they have a weird tube, it’s loose back and forth, not fixed or pulled to the side like other neighbors have. It’s weird and sometimes I ask them to move it too, it’s really dripping on my low tide, it really pisses me off, especially at night when it’s puk-tuk-tuk constant on the 3rd floor maybe not dripping, but our low tide is wider than the 3m (we have plastic windows and the low tide is wide, and the 3rd floor is standard) but we peacefully resolved this issue, t.е. When the pipe is moved away again (maybe the wind blows it away), I just call them on the intercom and ask them to turn it the other way)

Where to complain about a constantly dripping air conditioner from above

What to do if the neighbor‘s air conditioner disturbs

To keep it from spreading to the walls, rubber gaskets are used during installation. Sometimes masters forget to put them. Fasteners in contact with the wall reinforcement, well transmit vibrations.

The mounting holes should be a certain distance from the edge of the plates, where the thick metal rods go.

A pipe for the drainage of condensate must be derived not on the neighbor’s window sill, but to the side. otherwise it will be impossible to get rid of the sound of droplets. You can cover the problem area with a rag, but it is not the best solution. At night you will still hear the “spring drip”, even if it is a little bit muffled.

What to do if your neighbor’s air conditioner is noisy and they don’t take any steps to solve this problem? The first thing to do is to find out if it is an offence and where to complain. All rules are regulated by law 2-F3 from 30.03.1999.

According to this document it is allowed to make noise on weekdays from 08.00 to 21.00, on weekends and holidays from 10.00 to 22.00. The only exception to this rule is New Year’s Eve. The daytime level should not exceed 40 dB, and the night-time level. 30 dB.

A wide list of disturbances falls under the ban, including the sound of household appliances. If the negotiations are fruitless, you can contact the police. There will be a police squad at the “scene of the crime” and they will write a report and send it to the police station. The offender will be interviewed.

If it has no effect, the offender will have to pay a fine. When it becomes clear that it is useless to fine the violator, you need to contact the managing organization. Then the question will be resolved by a court of law. Failure to comply with court orders threatens eviction.

The tenants can file a collective complaint with the organization. Representatives of this organization will conduct an examination with special equipment that measures decibels.

In case of exceeding the admissible norms the act is drawn up, which is a legal document and serves as a ground for starting a lawsuit. You should not sue without the results of the examination, obtained in the technical survey.

To win the case, you need incontrovertible evidence that the loudness level recorded by the meters was exceeded. Though there are cases when the case can be won even without technical conclusion from the air conditioner of the neighbor disturbing your sleep for several nights in a row?

Sometimes the noise is unbearable, especially in the middle of the night, when in the silence you can hear every rustle. The situation is aggravated if the windows face a quiet green courtyard, summer is in full swing, and only an open window saves from the stuffiness. Unfortunately, there is no way you can shut off the appliance yourself.

Even obvious violations must be corrected according to the law. Otherwise, the victim himself becomes the offender. It is strictly forbidden to dispose of someone else’s property without the owner’s consent.

The consent of the tenants of the house is necessary. Without it, the installation is considered illegal. There are cases when the absence of a complaint can result in the forced removal of a noise detector.

The law and judicial practice, if the noise from the air conditioner disturbs the neighbors

If your neighbors have installed a noise source next to your window without your consent, you have the right to assemble the building’s homeowners council to solve the problem.

In the case of disagreement of the other tenants a collective complaint is drawn up. Many people think in vain that talking to their neighbors will not fix the problem.

In this case, it is important to competently convey information to the offender about what the scale of the conflict can acquire.

  • First try to solve the problem peacefully. talk to your neighbors, whose air conditioner is disturbing your peace.
  • In most cases, a personal conversation can eliminate the problem.
  • If after a face-to-face conversation the intruder does not cooperate, proceed to concrete actions. call a police squad.
  • If even in case of a fine the tenants continue to disturb the peace contact the managing company.
  • Residents of the apartment building have the right to write a collective complaint, after which experts will come to the place of violation and conduct an examination.
  • In judicial practice, proceedings on the grounds of violations of the regime of silence or the illegal installation of air conditioning are not uncommon.

For example, in 2015, a resident of the Krasnoyarsk region won a case through the court, ridding himself of the disturbing under the window neighbor’s air conditioner. The resident of the house installed an air conditioner, which caused disturbance to the neighbors. On the request to remove the equipment, the owner of the air conditioner responded negatively.

Then the plaintiff has addressed to the HOA where it was found out that a conditioner was installed without a common agreement of the owners. After appealing to court, the victim was denied the claim without any specific evidence of violation of law.

  • However, the plaintiff appealed to the regional court, which sided with the man.
  • The neighbor was obliged to remove the air conditioner and was accused of illegal installation of the equipment.
  • To turn off or remove the annoying noise source on your own is not recommended.

The neighbor’s air conditioner is dripping on the window sill

Here is a letter, and probably this woman is not alone with this problem. Unfortunately, with the arrival of the summer heat to the capital this urban problem took on a mass character. Air conditioners dripping on the neighbors below have become a widespread phenomenon in the capital.

Look at the facade of any high-rise building. It is like a fly infested with these cooling devices. After the smoke in 2010 the city authorities have removed all restrictions on the installation of household air conditioners.

When this unit works in a cooling mode in the indoor unit located in the apartment, there is condensation. The formed moisture flows along the fins of the heat exchanger in a special tray, and then through a drainage pipe is taken out into the street and freely drips down.

How to Fix Wall Air Conditioner AC Water Leak

In a case described in a letter a drainage of a condensate from an air conditioner to a street is made incorrectly, with violation of technical and operational characteristics. The operation of such a unit can lead to further damage to the facade of the house, lower balconies, the canopy of the entrance and personal property of citizens.

And the questions of relations with the neighbors on the issue of water, dripping from the air conditioner on the balcony or window sill, and the possible damage to the whole house remained unresolved. That is why if from above the air conditioners water is dripping and gets on your window ledge or somewhere else, there is nobody to complain.

You can, of course, write an application to the HOA or the management company. They should be responsible for the objects that are located on the facades of buildings.

Inform in the application about the breach of the technology of installation of the conditioner by your upper neighbors, in particular, about the moisture drainage from the conditioner. Note that this has led to contamination of your windows and the facade of the house, as well as the inability to live comfortably because of the noise of dripping water. Maybe something will come out of it.

In theory, the engineering services are obliged to respond to your application and issue a prescription to the careless tenants of the apartment building. Those, in their turn, should eliminate the defects with the drainage of the dripping water into the street and provide the operation of their air-conditioner in accordance with the technical requirements and the construction norms and regulations.

If the neighbors air conditioner drips on the ledge or window sill: what to do, where to complain by law

The sound of falling drops, at first glance, can not hurt anyone, but if it is prolonged, you can go crazy. This sound can still be quite loud and disturb your sleep.

The damage to the communal and individual property, contamination of the windows as a result of water penetration also has not been canceled. And all because of the neighbor’s air conditioner and its condensate, dripping on the window sill, balcony or close to the visor.

The air conditioner of the neighbor from above drips and disturbs the sleep. what to do

The air conditioner of the neighbor from the upper floor, from which water is constantly dripping at night, can mean that it is faulty or installed not quite correctly, that is, without observance of certain rules and regulations. There are two ways to combat this problem:

  • To determine whose air conditioner gets on your nerves and disturbs your life. To go up to the owner of the equipment and explain his problem. You can offer such a solution as the diversion of water by attaching a pipe to the place where the liquid is dripping. An adequate person will not see anything difficult and will agree to make a small change.
  • In case if a neighbor is inadequate, who does not care about everything and will not do anything, you will have to complain to specialized structures.

If an air conditioner floods a neighbor’s balcony

The method of combat is similar to the above described. First we talk, and if it doesn’t help, we turn to the authorities.

We study the law

Legislation contains various norms that directly or indirectly relate to the installation of air conditioners and their operation.

Paragraph 3.5.8 “Rules and norms of technical exploitation of housing” establishes that the placement of such unit on the wall of the house is prohibited without permission, which can be received in a management company or in the HOA.

From court practice we can see that such permission is given only if all building regulations and tenants’ rights are observed. Simply put, water dripping from an air conditioner must not disturb other neighbors.

The Constitution says in Article 17.3 that in the exercise of their rights and freedoms they must not violate the rights and freedoms of others.

In this case the neighbor has the right to install an air conditioner with permission, thus improving the living conditions in the building. However, the equipment must be fixed so that other tenants do not suffer because of it.

Falling droplets can create a strong noise when they hit the surface. It all depends on the height and surface where the drip is. Therefore, it is worth mentioning the legislation of the subjects, namely the laws “on silence”. After all, if it is not possible to apply other norms, you can try to punish the neighbor for excessive noise.

Courts, according to court practice, refer to another norm, which can be applied. This norm is fixed in the Civil Code According to article 304 of the Civil code, the owner or other person, who legally occupies the lodging, can demand the removal of violation of his/her rights, even if it is not connected with deprivation of ownership.

Where to complain about the neighbor‘s air conditioner

A conversation with a neighbor is a good way to solve the problem peacefully, however, it is not always possible to solve it so easily.

If the owner of the air conditioner is not persistent, one has to complain to the management company or the HOA. It is them who allow the installation of such devices. It is best to apply in writing and wait for a reply. If nobody gave a permission, the conditioner will be dismantled and the problem will be solved.

There are cases when permission is given, but there are no checks for compliance with the law. As a consequence, there are violations of the rights of tenants. In this case, there is no point in complaining to the HOA or the management company.

It is better to apply to the prosecutor’s office or the court on the matter. There will be some checks and if there are some violations of rules and norms the prosecutor’s office or the court will oblige the owner of the conditioner to eliminate them. This variant of actions will be also suitable when your neighbor has installed the equipment without your consent.

It is also a good idea to call in if the air conditioner makes excessive noise in the form of droplets.

Consent to the installation of air conditioning

Let’s mention some case law! In some judicial decisions, placement of such a device on the facade of a house is not classified as alteration (redevelopment). However, in other court decisions. refers to.

Therefore, we attached a link to download a sample consent of neighbors to carry out redevelopment (installation of air conditioning).

It is not too difficult to deal with a neighbor’s air conditioner and everything can be solved at the stage of negotiations. However, if the talks did not bring results, then you will have to write a couple of complaints and possibly visit the court, but you will not have to spend money to install the window ledge.

Someone else’s air conditioner is dripping on your window sill: is there any way to solve the problem

Disputes between neighbors can arise because of the air conditioner. In an effort to make their conditions comfortable, people create serious problems for those living below.

If the external duct of the device will be constantly dripping water, knocking on the window sill, damage the wall and finish, it is unlikely that such a circumstance will please someone.

Why does the conditioner drip on the window sill?

  • When air conditioner is operating condensate is forming which is coming out through the hole of drainage system in the outside unit.
  • If the end of hose or opening of drainage system of outside block of conditioner is over your window sill then condensate will drop on it, causing you inconveniences.
  • Unscrupulous craftsmen often put the outdoor unit next to the window opening.

It is easier for the workers to pull the condensate pipe. Quite often installers do not lead the hose long enough. There are cases where the drainage tube is not put at all. In this case nobody cares about comfort of neighbors and possible damage of a house facade.

What must be done

  • To stop water dripping on your windowsill, your neighbors should call the installers who will put or lengthen the drain hose and take it outside the front of the house.
  • A pipe for condensate drainage is usually led to the nearest drain or fixed so that dripping water will not cause any damage to the building walls and the property of the neighbors.
  • Installers can run a drainage hose over the canopy above the window or drain the condensate into the sewer.

Only the owners of the air conditioner can make changes in the construction of the outdoor unit. First try to solve the problem peacefully. Talk to the owners of the apartment with a dripping air conditioner and ask to lengthen the drainage hose.

Neighbors may offer to put a container under the dripping water or put an absorbent porous material on the window sill to eliminate the drumming. Whether this option is acceptable is up to you to decide.

What to do if your neighbor ignores your requests

If your neighbors ignore your requests to eliminate the drip, file a complaint with the appropriate authorities. Management company is responsible for the appearance of the building’s facade. When filing a complaint with the building management company, make Accent not about your own inconvenience, but about damage to the walls of the house.

Write a letter to the head of the building administration stating who you are complaining about (name and address). Describe the problem and request that the neighbor be held administratively liable. At the end of the complaint write that you are warned about the responsibility for false report under Art. 306 of the Criminal Code, write the date and sign it. Give the document to the secretary of the management company.

Representatives of the managing company after receipt of the application will come out with a check, the result of which is the prescription to the neighbors to eliminate violations.

If the employees of the management company failed to solve the problem, apply to the Statement filed in person or on the website Gosuslugi to the senior police commissioner of the police department of the Department of Internal Affairs with an indication of whom the complaint (name, address, contact details).

In the statement describe the problem, making an accent on the damage to property and disturbing noise. Ask for appropriate measures to be taken. The employees will react to your petition by organizing an inspection to find violations.

If you can’t solve the problem, go to the court in your place of registration. In spite of the court proceeding’s duration, the case is usually solved in favor of the plaintiff, because the defendant has not received a proper permission to install the split system from the management company.

How to solve the problem?

If you are tormented by your neighbor’s dripping air conditioner, there are several options for solving the problem.

The most obvious option is a personal request. It is not necessary to quarrel with your neighbor, it is better to ask him politely to correct the situation. Talk to each other, explain yourself without a scandal and call the police. The more aggressive you are, the less probable that they will hear you.

If the peaceful way did not help, you will have to be patient. And also with paper and pen. The first thing you can do. to write to the HOA. According to the law they are responsible for the air conditioners installed on the facades of the houses they service. In writing, report that your neighbor has violated the installation technology, condensation damages your property as well as the facade of the building, and the noise from dripping water interferes with your comfortable living.

In the best case, the HOA will respond to the application with an inspection and will oblige the neighbor to fix the problem. In the worst case. they will ignore it or send you a note, and your neighbor’s air conditioner will continue to drip on your windows. What to do in this case?

There is only one solution. to file a complaint to the Chief Housing Inspection. Describe the same problem as when you applied to the HOA. Also indicate that the HOA did not take any measures. With a high probability your neighbor and the HOA will receive an inspection which will result in either the installation of a proper condensate drainage system or a complete removal of the air conditioner.

You are unlikely to ever be treated in a humane manner again. Be prepared for that. You have to live with this person for many years in the same entrance hall. Try to solve the conflict personally. Contact the HOA only if neither the neighbor nor the HOA took any measures.

If the neighbor’s air conditioner is dripping on your windows and things, you can solve the problem through the HOA or the HMO. The last option is especially radical, use it if all other measures have not helped. The best option is to negotiate with your neighbor in person, without complaints or services.

If you have struggled with your neighbors before, who allowed the wrong installation of the air conditioner, share your experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. It will be useful for many readers of our site. Good Luck!

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