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How to wash the refrigerator to remove a bad smell

How to wash the refrigerator inside to destroy the smell

Quickly get rid of an unpleasant odor in the refrigerator in several proven ways. But in order to eliminate bad amber, first you need to understand where it came from.

Even with the neatly use of the refrigerator, its owners often face the appearance of an unpleasant odor inside. You can distinguish several main reasons for the smell in the refrigerator, along which a stench begins to come from an open or even closed device, and there is a need to wash it:

  • Zasor of the drain hole. If garbage or pieces of food falls into the small hole at the posterior wall of the refrigerator, meltwater stops using the refrigerator chamber qualitatively, and the blockage itself begins to rot, there is an unpleasant stench.
  • Runned products. In the corners of a tightly loaded refrigerator or on its doors, vegetables, fruits, open sour.milk products or canned food are often licked, they quickly spoil and begin to stink.
  • Bad ventilation of the device chamber. Even fresh products in the refrigerator make a variety of smells. Normally, the internal ventilation system removes them, but if it works poorly or breaks, an unpleasant amber.
  • Small leftovers of food on the walls. When using the device, drops of liquids and pieces of solid foods inevitably fall on its walls. If you do not bother for a long time to wash the pollution, then the food remains begin to decompose and stink.

Often the appearance of an unpleasant odor provokes an incorrectly set temperature. If the refrigerator in the refrigerator is too warm, some products deteriorate faster than the required. They may seem fresh in appearance, and the owner of the household appliance does not come to the idea of ​​conducting an audit and washing the device, so the source of the stench remains a mystery for a long time.

What to do if the refrigerator is an unpleasant odor

In general, the stench from the refrigerator can be eliminated only in one way. the household device must be thoroughly cleaned and washed. Namely:

  • unload all products completely;
  • Disconnect the device from the mains;
  • extract all vegetable boxes, products for products and containers on the door from the device camera;
  • Wipe the walls of the device from moisture, as well as clean the drain hole;
  • Wash the shelves and boxes thoroughly, wipe them dry and put back.

Important! To get rid of an unpleasant odor and prevent its appearance in the future, it is recommended to wash the refrigerator at least once a month for ordinary devices, and three times a year for devices with the Nofrost function.

It can be difficult to wash the refrigerator, since some smells manage to absorb too much into the plastic walls and shelves of the device. In this case, washing the device with clean water and wiping dry is no longer enough, you need to use special and household methods to remove contaminants and smells.

General sink

The first and main way to start is a thorough washing of the refrigerator. Without it, even the best absorptions of smells will save only from the consequences, and not from the problem itself. Disconnect the refrigerator from the network, lay out and at the same time review the products, put them in a cooler bag or on the balcony.

With a soft sponge, all the walls, take out and wash the shelves with a tray, clean the joints and seals with a brush. You can take a regular soap solution or special detergents (delicate and without abrasives). Thoroughly dry everything and wipe with dry towels, so that there is no water left anywhere in the corners.


Distude vinegar with water in half and wipe all the surfaces after you wash them with soap. To protect your hands from an aggressive solution, put on household gloves. After processing, open the window in the kitchen and dry the refrigerator with an open door so that a characteristic sharp vinegar smell leaves.

Ammonia destroys bacteria, removes extraneous smells and washing the remaining spots. To make the solution, into a liter of water, pour a spoon of ammonia and mix. Soak the sponge in the liquid, wipe all the contents of the refrigerator and ventilate.

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What to wash to eliminate smells

Baking soda. After you got rid of the main fat with the help of washing dishes and thoroughly washed it away, rinse the refrigerator again with soda, it perfectly eliminates not only dirt, but also smells.

Citric juice or icom acid solution. Lemon is also quite known as a cleaning tool and as a smell fighter. A solution of lemon juice or a cheaper option. citric acid will be an excellent tool to rinse a clean refrigerator.

Vinegar. Less aromatic composition is a solution of vinegar 1: 1 (acetic acid is enough for one teaspoon for the entire container with water). After washing, it is recommended not to immediately use the refrigerator, but to let it disappear in the off state.

Ammonia. The most extreme chemistry of all of the above, but the most effective. After rubbing the walls of the refrigerator, it is recommended to ventilate it all day.

Professional tools. Folk remedies are not always able to remove an unpleasant odor from the refrigerator, especially if he has long “settled there”. Therefore, it is better to purchase a professional tool that effectively and quickly cope with this ailment. Smelloff neutralizer in the kitchen completely removes the smallest molecules of the “aroma” from the stains and the depths of the surfaces.

This tool does not belong to chemical, since it does not contain aggressive substances, is completely safe, does not require the use of personal protective equipment during processing and leaving the premises for the duration of drying out.

  • Remove all products from the refrigerator and turn it off from power supply;
  • Wipe the resulting water and clean the spots on the surfaces using a damp cloth;
  • Remove all removable parts and process them separately separately, leaving them until completely dry;
  • Apply the product to absolutely all dry surfaces, distributing it, including corners, recesses for shelves, handles;
  • Leave until completely dry with the door ajar, and then ventilate. We draw your attention to the fact that the neutralizer does not need to be washed off with water after drying.
wash, refrigerator, remove, smell

How to protect the refrigerator from smells

Rye loaf. The food set in clean refrigerator again begins to eliminate the results of your labors and give neighbors on the shelf with its smells. An ordinary black loaf perfectly absorbs these smells, so housewives recommend laying a piece on each shelf of the refrigerator. The same natural absorbent can be given by a number.

Potato. Capable of absorbing the excess and cleaned half of the potato, due to the large content of starch. With a slightly smaller activity. apple.

Lemon peel. As already mentioned, citruses smell well and fight the rest of the smells. However, make sure that these products are lying on the shelves do not act the opposite and do not rot. Therefore, instead of pieces on shelves, it is better to put the skin of citruses.

Coffee. Well, you can find out about the ability of coffee the other smells in any steamer store. It is recommended to put a saucer with ground coffee or coffee grounds in the refrigerator.

Baking soda. Not only washes the refrigerator well in a dissolved state, but then it can serve as an absorbent in a dry state. It is put in the refrigerator in the same way on a saucer. Change it enough once a month.

Activated carbon. Probably the most famous of these absorbents. One saucer with a dozen crushed coal tablets will also be enough on the refrigerator.

Salt, sugar or rice. Their small amount will also be perfectly drawn excess moisture and smell.

��Refrigerator Cleaning Bad Smell Evaporator Pan

Sawdust or granules for feline toilets. Owners of pets are well aware of their absorbent properties. The latest remedy is chemical, and if you are not against chemistry in the refrigerator, you can buy a special tool for absorbing odors in the refrigerator. There are even ionizers among their assortment, they also protect products from decay. It is also not recommended to overdo it with Ion, therefore it is better to sometimes give a vacation to these devices.

Store food in containers. over, as we already wrote, preferably not in plastic. And, of course, regularly instill an audit in the refrigerator and get rid of the products that lose the freshness in a timely manner.

Why does an unpleasant odor in the refrigerator appear

An unpleasant odor appears due to spoiled or too aromatic food. If nothing is done, he can linger for a long time. First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the source of the stench. overdue products. The rest-remove the Kholodnik bag, so that during cleaning to maintain their freshness as much as possible.

Another reason is the blockage in the drainage hole. Occurs in refrigerators with a drop system of defrosting. If the crumbs or pieces of food get there, the hole will be salted and it will smell unpleasant. Can be eliminated with a cotton swab or brush. Then dial water in a syringe and clean the channel with pressure.

Sometimes “amber” appears due to a rubber seal, which actively absorbs extraneous smells.

New units also have a specific aroma of lubrication, metal, plastic. you should not be scared. Before use, the refrigerator must be washed with the products below.

The mold smell appears when ventilation works poorly, the temperature is incorrectly configured (too “hot”) due to high humidity.

How to eliminate the smell from the refrigerator: General rules

Before cleaning, remove all the products from the refrigerator and turn it off the mains.

Acetic acid

Dining vinegar is mixed with water in equal proportions, wiped the chamber with a rag moistened in the solution, wiped dry. This method is dressed for a rubber seal, it will crack and will fail.

Baking soda

The method will not solve the problem with old smells. Suitable for hygienic cleaning. In warm water (4-5 liters), 1 cup of soda is dissolved and the inner chamber, shelves and seals are treated. After cleaning, you can leave a saucer saucer to maintain freshness.

Juice or citric acid

Lemon juice or powder acid cope not only with persistent aromas, but also with yellow spots. One acid bag is enough for a small 5-liter bucket of warm water. You can remove in two ways: a rag moistened in the solution, or spray with a spray gunner.

Laundry soap

Natural soap. g Igienic and simple remedy for smells. For cleaning, prepared a mixture of warm fluid and soap chips. Moisten the rag and wipe the inner camera and doors. After processing, wash off the product with clean water and wiped dry.


Ammonia wins even persistent aromas. If there are spots or pieces of food inside, they are removed with a wet rag. Then all surfaces are methodically wiped with ammonia and leave the kitchen unit with an open minimum for at least 12 hours. Otherwise, the smell of ammonia will remain in the cell, all the products will break through it.

Chlorine bleach

Chlorine must be used as a last resort if everything is very running. For 5 liters of water, one tablespoon of the bleach is enough. After disinfection, the refrigerator is washed with clean water and the doors are left open for a couple of hours. Do not forget to put on gloves, respirator and ventilate the room! Vapors of chlorine harm human health.

Hydrogen peroxide

It destroys mold itself, spores of fungus, putrefactive bacteria. For processing, take a 3%solution, moisten the sponge, wipe the inner and outer surfaces. Attention: peroxide has a whitening effect, not to use for dark models.

Bactericidal lamp

Ultraviolet device kills harmful microorganisms and fungi. They are the main sources of the unpleasant odor. Rinse the camera with clean warm water, put a lamp at a distance of 1-2 meters and processed for half an hour.


For disinfection and elimination of stench, severe “artillery” is used in the form of diluted medical alcohol or strong alcohol. Wet a cotton pad or fabric napkin, wipe all surfaces, including a rubber seal.

The reasons for the unpleasant odor in the refrigerator

Even good owners sometimes face the fact that in their refrigerator begins to stink. The source of the problem is not always easy to find. often the causes of the smell from the refrigerator are as follows:


  • poorly washed food containers;
  • the remains of food on the walls of the refrigerator, which got there by chance;
  • mold; device. problems in the ventilation system;
  • incorrectly set temperature regulations;
  • The refrigerator is new. production standards were not observed, and there was a strong smell of plastic; in the hole for draining melt water.

Finding out the cause of the unpleasant aroma, we proceed to its elimination.

How to quickly wash the refrigerator from the smell inside

It happens that immediately after the acquisition of the refrigerator, a specific aroma is present in it. Many buyers report an unpleasant odor of plastic. Do not assume that it will disappear after a while. So that fresh food does not soak in, the unit is washed inside and out before turning on. To do this, use water with soda or dishwasher. Before turning on, all parts must dry. An unpleasant odor can also come from a condensation tray. In some models, it is hidden by the rear panel of the refrigerator. In this case, it must be taken out and thoroughly cleaned.

During operation, the device requires regular washing. In old models on the walls, a thin layer of hoarfrost quickly forms. When its thickness reaches 1 cm, it is necessary to defrost and hygienic cleaning of the refrigerator. The unit is disconnected from the network and wait until, as a result of thawing, all ice will turn into water and drains into special trays. It is important to make sure that the water does not fall on the electrical parts of the device.

ATTENTION! Cleaning the ice mechanically, acting on the walls of the freezer with hot water or air from the hairdryer is prohibited. This can damage the electrical appliance.

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The emergence of new technologies simplified the process of caring for the refrigerator. But even devices with the No Frost system need high-quality washing 2-3 times a year, and the unit with a drip defrust-every month.

Whatever the grade, the principles of cleaning in it are the same. The refrigerator is turned off, the products are removed, shelves and containers are pulled out and cleaned. All surfaces are wiped with a rag moistened in a solution of water with a drop of detergent for dishes, and then once again ordinary water. The drain hole should be cleaned. Before loading products, the unit must dry completely and ventilate for 1-2 hours. All food containers and pots are thoroughly washed out. Food from stale food.

If the smell appears after storing too aromatic products (garlic, fish, etc.D.), improvised cleaners come to the rescue:

How to Clean the Fridge to Avoid Bad Smells.

  • A solution of vinegar with water in a ratio of 1: 1;
  • water with lemon juice;
  • ammonia for wiping already cleaned surfaces;
  • a solution of baking soda in warm water (from 3 to 6 tablespoons per glass);
  • A weak solution of potassium permanganate eliminates the rotten smell well;
  • The fish aroma is removed by wiping the surface of the refrigerator with beer;.

How to remove the smell of rotten meat from the refrigerator with folk methods

The unpleasant “aroma” of rotten meat products deserves to the list of the most persistent. it can be very difficult to get it. But this does not mean at all that the only way out is to buy a new refrigerator. First of all, simple folk methods will help to get rid of such a smell. such as washing with soda, vinegar, household soap, ammonia or solution of vodka with the addition of lemon juice.

The only negative is that these funds do not work instantly: to obtain a positive result, you should be patient and make a lot of effort. In some cases, the equipment will have to wash in several stages, so for the next couple of days you should not buy a large number of products, because each time before processing all the contents will have to be removed from the refrigerator. The procedure is repeated after 2 days, or even more often. until unwanted smells completely disappear.

wash, refrigerator, remove, smell

How to remove the smell of rotten meat from the refrigerator with vinegar

If the meat accidentally faded in the freezer, the vinegar will help to wash the terrible smell. experienced housewives deservedly consider it one of the most effective means of quick response. Vinegar is mixed with water in equal proportions, after which the resulting solution is thoroughly wiped with the walls and shelves of the refrigerator. After 15 minutes, the unit is washed again with clean water. You can also moisten a napkin in vinegar and leave it in the freezer for a couple of hours.

How to remove the rotten smell from the refrigerator with mustard

Natural and absolutely safe absorbents include dry mustard powder. Just like soda or activated carbon, it is poured into a plate and put in the refrigerator.

How to remove the smell of rotten meat from the refrigerator potassium permanganate

This method was popular in Soviet times: in a bowl of water, you need to dilute a pinch of potassium permanganate (aka manganese). The resulting solution is well washed with the refrigerator from the inside.

wash, refrigerator, remove, smell

How to remove the smell of rotten meat from the refrigerator with citric acid

Dilute a bag of citric acid into 0.5 liters of fluid and carefully treat all the inner surfaces of the refrigerator unit. Instead of citric acid, citric juice is also used. it is mixed with vodka in a proportion of 1:10.

How to wash the refrigerator from the smell of rotten meat with household soap

The laundry is rubbed on a coarse grater, the resulting shavings are dissolved in hot water. Wipe the shelves, walls and containers with a warm soap composition, wash everything after half an hour with clean napkins. This method is suitable for breeding a slight smell of rotten meat.

How to remove a rotten smell in the refrigerator with soda

Cleaning the refrigerator from the smell of rotten meat will help soda: 2 st. l. Diluted in 1.5 liters of warm water. The resulting solution is applied to the walls, wiped the shelves with it, after 20 minutes soda is washed off with water. It is also scattered on a saucer and put in a refrigerator on. soda absorbs any unpleasant aromas well. If the smell is too strong, you need to make a more concentrated solution of 3 t. l. powder and 1 t. water. A tangible effect will have a wiping of all inner surfaces with a thick gruel prepared from 6 t. l. soda diluted in a glass of water.

Advice! To quickly remove the disgusting amber, soda is poured into a half of lemon or orange, from which the pulp is pre.removed from the foul meat products.

wash, refrigerator, remove, smell

Often soda is replaced with rice or chopped backbone of black loaf. you can keep them in the refrigerator for several days.

How to remove the smell of rottener with ammonia

An effective tool for removing an unpleasant rotten smell will turn out if 10 drops of ammonia are diluted in 1 liter of water. The rest of them washed the refrigerator in the same way as vinegar.

How to clean the refrigerator from the smell of rotten meat using specialized means

Faster to remove the smell of spoiled meat from the refrigerator will help special absorptions of unpleasant aromas. they are sold in supermarkets and household stores. Make them on the basis of coal, so that such drugs perfectly absorb any extraneous smells.

Smell absorbers for kitchen equipment there are several types:

  • Balls filled with silica gel. a rather budget option, sell them several pieces in packaging. To clean the refrigerator, one thing is enough, the rest should be stored in hermetic packaging, since when in contact with the air, the ball gradually loses its properties.
  • The absorbers filled with granules of activated coal. vegetables and fruits leave fresh as a bonus as a bonus.
  • With helium. for greater efficiency, manufacturers add hoods from citrus and seaweed to them. When evaporating, unpleasant aromas are very quickly absorbed, and also perfectly refresh the air in a closed space.
  • Mineral salt crystals. this substance excellently removes any non.appropriate odors, moreover, the whole crystal is very practical. Once a month it is washed well with water to remove the spent layer of salt, after which the surface of the crystal is again ready for use.
  • Ozonators not only excellently eliminate the rotten smell, but also completely destroy dangerous microorganisms, further preventing damage to meat products.

The choice of a store absorber, which will help quickly remove the disgusting smell, if the meat accidentally stuck in the refrigerator, depends solely on the features of a particular household device. any of these products performs its functions 100%. They place it so that there is enough free space around crystals or balls, otherwise the aromas of food stored in the refrigerator will go to them.

For a large unit, it is worth acquiring several absorbers, evenly distributing them on the shelves from above to bottom. The tightness of the packaging and the release date are also important. it is better to purchase an absorber that got to the store shelves no more than six months ago, since even in a sealed form it gradually loses its properties.

Comment! Instead of the finished product, a pharmacy activated carbon is quite suitable. a small plate with several tablets should be left in the refrigerator for a day.

Also in stores you can find a whole arsenal of powerful chemicals that will derive a nasty rotten smell once and for all:

  • ORO FIX 02012, “Odorgon”. potent neutralizers of unpleasant aromas. After processing by any of these drugs, the refrigerator doors should be tightly closed.
  • “Feedback”. an undeniable advantage of this tool. it can be used in rooms with pregnant women and young children.
  • “T Spist House”, “Frau Schmidt”. absorbers of unpleasant aromas in the form of an egg, the first has a strong antibacterial effect, the second is absolutely harmless, as it contains only natural coal crumbs.
  • Filtero. special filters that quickly absorb extraneous smells inside the refrigerator.

The causes of an unpleasant odor

To eliminate the unpleasant odor, you need to find the reason for its appearance. These can be technical problems or improper storage of products. Check if there is no pollution and spoiled food in the refrigerator, if the drain hole has closed.

Technical problems

Technical malfunctions lead to an increase in temperature inside the cooling chamber. Because of this, products spoil faster. Frequent causes of damage to the refrigerator:

  • Loosely adjacent the seal to the door. warm air penetrates into the camera.
  • The drain hole was clogged-the performance of the unit has decreased, which increased the temperature.
  • A compressor, a fan or other node failed. the equipment does not work at full capacity and cools the products poorly.

It is easy to get rid of blockage in the drainage system yourself. Disconnect the refrigerator from the mains, clean the drain hole with a wire or rinse with a sprint with hot water.

If the refrigerator smells of burning, turn it off and consult a specialist. This happens when:

  • The fuse in the Nofrost system is burned out;
  • contacts diverge;
  • the engine breaks;
  • The contacts of the temperature sensor are melted;
  • there are problems in the work of control board.

Getting rid of the smell of Gary in the refrigerator will not work. You need to fix it or replace it.

Incorrect storage of products

Unpleasant odors also appear due to the fact that products have deteriorated in the refrigerator. Carefully monitor the expiration dates, store dishes in a tightly closed container and follow the rules of commodity neighborhood. Do not store nearby:

  • cheese with vegetables, smoked products or fruits;
  • raw products with finished;
  • fish with salads, snacks, grapes and a loaf;
  • sausage products with fruits and vegetables;
  • bananas with citrus fruits and tomatoes;
  • Fruits with potatoes, carrots and cabbage.

Improvised remedies for cleaning the refrigerator

Do not rush to arm with aggressive household chemicals. When deciding how to get rid of an unpleasant odor in the refrigerator, do not give up improvised means.

Prepare the refrigerator for the procedure: free it from the products, turn it off, de.energize and, if necessary, defrost. Wash all its inner surfaces and seals with a special tool or soap solution thoroughly. Clean the drain hole and proceed to eliminate the smell.

A solution of vinegar

Try to neutralize an unpleasant odor with a solution of 9% vinegar. Dilute it in water in a ratio of 1: 1 (5 st. l. per 100 ml). Do not exceed the recommended proportions so as not to damage the enamel and plastic structures of household appliances.

Put on gloves, moisten a soft tissue in the solution and wipe all the available surfaces inside the refrigerator, including rubber seals, a pan and a drain hole. Avoid getting the product to metal parts. acetic acid can damage them. Shelves and containers are more convenient to extract and process separately. Rinse the refrigerator with clean water, wipe dry with a rag and leave it open until the smell completely disappears from it.

If the unpleasant odor has not yet been absorbed into plastic, and you do not want to turn off the refrigerator, use the methods easier:

  • Place a container with vinegar solution in the camera and leave for several hours;
  • Spray the vinegar solution on empty shelves and a door, and after a few hours remove with a damp cloth;
  • Moisten a cotton pad in vinegar and put in the camera for a day.

Soda food is an effective natural adsorbent and disinfectant. Dissolve 2 tbsp. l. product in 1 liter of water. Put the mixture in the refrigerator, remove it in a day. If the smell is strong, treat all the parts of the refrigerator with a solution of soda, rinse them with clean water, wipe it dry and ventilate. To enhance the effect and prevent the return of an unpleasant odor, put a container with soda powder on the shelf.

Citric acid or lemon

Citric acid copes well with unpleasant odors, yellowed spots on plastic and food pollution. Squeeze lemon into warm water or pour a bag of citric acid into it. Wash the camera part with the resulting solution, rinse with clean water and wipe with a dry rag. Leave the refrigerator open for several hours so that it is ventilated.

Laundry soap

Wash the refrigerator with laundry soap. Prepare a solution of several liters of water and halves of a bar of soap. Drink a sponge in it and carefully treat the walls, doors, drain hole and tray. Remove the shelves and boxes and wash them in the bathroom. Clean the surfaces of soap with clean water, wipe and ventilate.


Ammonia neutralizes smells, eliminates fat spots and traces of glue. Desters bacteria. Put on rubber gloves, add 0.5 t. l. Foods in 200 ml of water and treat the resulting surface of the refrigerated chamber with the resulting solution. For convenience, use a spray gun and a sponge. Remove the residues of ammonia with clean water, wipe dry and ventilate the refrigerator.

Please note: ammonia evaporates ammonia, which can cause a burn of the respiratory tract and poisoning. Do not exceed a safe dosage and work in a mask.

How to eliminate the smell in the refrigerator: professional and “folk” aromas absorpers

One of the effective measures to cleanse contaminated air is the use of different different absorbers. These can be small professional tools specially designed to refresh the air due to tightening the flows of air masses and removing unpleasant fumes. Today, the market is most often offered:

  • balls with silica gel (often they go directly complete with equipment or can be purchased independently in the same store);
  • absorbers in the form of bags with components based on activated coal;
  • gel absorbers with refreshing extracts (usually citrus fruits or mint);
  • Cleaning air absorber-zonators on batteries.

If at the moment you do not have them, and it is necessary to refresh the air as soon as possible, the wise housewives came up with a number of substitutes. It has long been believed that extraneous smells absorbs a piece of rye loaf, left on a saucer inside the refrigerator at night. Other options are a grilled and coal coal or a cup of ground coffee in the oven (you can use the most inexpensive product).

When you need to refresh the air and get rid of the mustache in the lower compartment of the refrigerator chamber (where vegetables and fruits are stored), housewives recommend taking a sheet of thick paper, crumple it in a ball and place it in a box for 6-8 hours.

For prevention, it is advised to use such natural “fresheners” as:

  • baking soda (a small amount of powder must simply be poured into a glass and put into the chamber;
  • Activated carbon (several coal tablets can be wrapped in a small fabric or gauze bag and hung on a shelf or door);
  • oat or rice cereal (it is best to pour them into a small cup);
  • raw potatoes, peeled from the peel (put it on a tissue napkin that will not miss moisture, or a piece of foil);
  • sugar (it can also be poured into a bag);
  • lemon or orange (from the fruit you can cut off 2 quarters and put it into different shelves).

Important: measures using absorbers can only be used as a prevention after thorough cleaning and elimination of air pollution sources, but not in the form of a single independent means.

New technique: how to eliminate the smells of metal and plastic

Regardless of whether the newly made refrigerator smells or not, it must be ventilated for a couple of hours, opening all the doors. During this time, he will acquire room temperature.

Since food will soon be in contact with it, all parts must be thoroughly washed with a soap solution or dishwasher washed. It is better for the first washing not to use hard abrasive products that can scratch the surface.

At the end, a new closet with all its details (shelves, doors and boxes) wipes dry. You can additionally wipe the surface with a napkin moistened in an alcohol solution. This will help eliminate the remaining stains from washing.

Household chemicals

It is important to figure out how to wash the refrigerator inside, because there are many cleaning and detergents. Some contain aggressive substances and can ruin plastic.

Sano Refrigerator Cleaner. This is a special spray for washing refrigerators with a soft effect. It is necessary to spray the product on the inner and outer surfaces and immediately wipe them with a rag. The spray does not require washing off and does not have a pronounced chemical smell.

Whitish ice. This is an antimicrobial and antifungal spray that will help eliminate strong pollution. It is sprayed to the surface and hold for 5-10 minutes, and then thoroughly washed the surfaces with warm water. The product is very strong, so when working it is better to put on gloves.

Tortilla. Tortilla. edition of washing refrigerators. It contains natural components and has an antibacterial effect, therefore it effectively copes with harmful microorganisms and mold. The spray removes pollution 1-2 minutes after application, eliminates unpleasant odors and does not require washing.

Rules for maintaining cleanliness in the refrigerator

Periodically defrost the refrigerator according to the instructions of the manufacturer, taking into account the type of cooling system and the loading of the device.

Do not forget about the importance of daily care. Regularly:

  • clean the outer surface of spots, fingerprints, dust;
  • wipe the refrigerator handle to eliminate microbes and bacteria;
  • Follow the freshness and expiration date of products.

In order not to often defrost and wash the refrigerator due to unpleasant odor, carry out prevention-use store accessories or improvised means.



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